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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers ending cooler More data on Page 5-a 88th year a vol. 76 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon March 16, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation. 1121719 classified ads.85-2177 All other departments 8i5-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c in i major Force in government Campaign Money lobbyist s big weapon for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Minibike monsters q. I thought there was some kind of Law that preserved peace for citizens of there Aren t any i think we should All band together to get some made. We live in a development where there Are three Short streets. There must be at least ten minibike besides the ones that Are pushed across highways and brought in because our paved roads Are not state supported and sheriffs won t come out. The riders Start from six years old on up. Some can t touch the ground without leaning the Bike Over. You have to Stop your car if possible because they Don t even look up while Riding. They ride through your Yards your gardens and anywhere else it will travel. Their motors Start winding up when there is no school at seven in the morning and Don t Stop until dark. It does t matter if you be had serious surgery or work third shift or have been up All night with a sick child have a death in the family or you re just Plain nervous and desperately need some peace and quiet. There is not one licensed Bike or Driver and if one were hit and injured the parents who put them on them would be ready to sue and fight. All i have read concerning these bikes Are to take out warrants. Well who can afford the time to take out to or 12 warrants in Case someone wants to go to court we ought to have better Protection than that i do think it s terrible to spend most of your life s earnings to pay for a Nice Home and Yard in a Nice development and not be Able to enjoy it. Not everyone can afford to buy 20 acres and set a House in the Middle. I appreciate your lending an ear. Butner bound. A. If an action line tally were kept on things that plague the Public most minibike would rate As the number one abomination of the age with dogs running for running dogs a close second. The fact your roads Are in a private development does not alter the fact they Are Public roads As they Are dedicated to the City or county for Public use. They Are then off limits to any unlicensed Driver of any motor vehicle. If you can t get the message across to the children or to their parents Call the sheriff again. You won t need to take out a warrant if they re breaking motor vehicle Laws a Only if they re trespassing on your property and wont listen to reason. Cd problem o. What can a boy do that has cd and is there a clinic in High Point thank you. Anon. A. The Guilford county health department at 936 Mont lieu has a cd clinic every wednesday at i p. In. A a odoriferous Kitty 0. Could you please help me i be never written anyone for help before but i be never needed it As i do now. I have a male cat a pet but he does t stay in the House. The other Day he got in and hid behind the Couch and wet my carpet. The odor is terrible. I scrubbed the carpet with cleaner and i know it is clean a no Circle or anything but that odor is awful. I be sprayed with Lysol and All the sprays i can find but nothing helps. I m having a party in about two weeks and i can hardly Bear to have anyone in my House. Please help. No cat Lover in Thomasville. A. Lets first outline the emergency procedures of old Tom strikes again. Take a Roll of paper towels and absorb every bit of the moisture pressing with the weight of your feet until there is no More to soak up. Next take a solution of >2 pint of warm water and i Teaspoon of Neutral detergent sponge it on or use a Brush and soak up All that with paper towels. Then take a solution of a a cup of White vinegar mixed with 2a cup lukewarm water. Add a Small amount and blot thai quid. This step usually kills any odor remaining. If the unspeakable deed remains undiscovered or Isnit treated immediately chances Are it will affect the color of the Rug and the odor will linger. You could try the detergent and vinegar Steps and of these do not help sergeants has a Spray product that a supposed to kill the smell. You can find it where pet supplies Are sold. If that does t do it get the air Wick out and Pray for mild weather so you can keep the windows open during the party. A a re action q. I really sympathize with the lady that made a complaint in your March 7th column of being constantly called upon to work for different drives however she should undertake the task of being chairman of one of these drives and s e the other Side of the Coin. All that you get is no no from Block after Block and everybody must be Given the privilege of donating and it is a hard Job and if Only women that have not helped previously would come Forth graciously it would certainly make it easier for All. Thank you. A former chairman. By g. C. Thelen or. Associated press writer Washington apr countless strings entwine Washington lobbyists with the Federal government but none More compellingly than Campaign Money which the lobbyist often has and elected officials generally need. For Dita Beard celebrated Washington lobbyist of International Telephone amp Telegraph corp the sum was $400,000 reportedly pledged by an itt subsidiary toward financing the 1972 Republican National convention. The question now being raised in Senate judiciary committee hearings is whether there was a connection Between the alleged pledge and a subsequent Justice department decision to abandon prosecution of three antitrust cases against itt. For Harold o. Lovre the american trucking association lobbyist it was $4,500 for the 1970 re election of rep. Gerald r. Ford the Houre Republican Leader. In this Case said Lovre. A former South Dakota congressman it was personal a we came Down to Congress together. He a a of they did no to help fill Campaign purses said rep. Chet editor s note the word lobbyist conjures up images of Anonymous Power brokers of whom the Best is none too Good. Who Are these people what do they do How do they operate Here is a report from the a special assignment team. A Olifice d-calif., a the Power of lobbyists would be practically the lobbyist is a major Force in the . Government. As an ambassador to Washington from an interest group or business he also is an accepted fixture along the corridors of Power and generally an honorable one. Yet nagging questions remain about the Campaign dollars at his command. We Here asks rep. Richard Bolling d-mo., does the legislator draw the line in dealing with lobbyists a do you or done to you accept what purports to be a Campaign contribution or what purports to be a fee for a speech plus expenses a Bolling asked. Quot what is its real meaning Quot we Are not talking about bribery. We Are talking about influence that is almost subliminal. You done to know you Are being there Are citizens today who associate lobbyists with bribes High living and nefarious ways. In fact All but a handful of the several thousand Washington lobbyists Are regarded by the men who Deal with them As honest hardworking proponents of a cause or interest. Quot lobbying is a much misunderstood process sometimes abused and often carrying bad said rep. Charles e. Bennett d-fla., former chairman of a House select committee on ethics. A lobbying is nonetheless a vital part of the daily interchange Between the people and their government. A put simply it is the representation of a groups interests before governmental bodies and it is not of course for anything that is other than Good for the rep. Olin e. Teague d-tex., values lobbyists for their expertise. These lobbyist educators As Teague views them include lawyers businessmen Public relations men. Former government see Campaign on 2-a Nixon to give bus plan Washington a the White House announced today president Nixon will go on radio and television at to pm. Tonight to outline his recommendations on the school busing Issue. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon will speak for about to minutes to outline recommendations which will be contained in a formal message to be sent to the Congress Friday. The White House said earlier Nixon would not go on Public television or make any speech on his recommendations. Ziegler said the president changed his mind after finalizing details of his recommendation at Camp David my. Ziegler said results of tuesdays Florida primary election in which voters overwhelmingly endorsed a constitutional amendment against busing and in which anti using candidate George Wallace won the democratic preferential voting had nothing to do with the presidents decision to make a television speech on busing. Nixon went to his Camp David Retreat tuesday night to work on details of the legislative package which he will propose to Congress Friday and a general statement on his position on busing. He conferred there with top level Domestic advisers. List of destroyed files promised Gfa eff to newsmen a wire photo Washington api Harold s. Geneen president of International Telephone amp Telegraph corp has promised to provide the Senate judiciary committee a most of files purposely destroyed in the company a Washington office two weeks ago. Ailing itt lobbyist Dita Beard has been quoted As saying her Washington files were shredded by itt Security agents from new York after columnist Jack Anderson published a memorandum allegedly written by mrs. Beard that has delayed Senate confirmation of atty. Nate Richard g. Kleindienst. The memorandum resulted in the suggestion that the out of court settlement of three antitrust suits against itt was connected with the conglomerates financial pledge to san Diego in the City a efforts to obtain next Summers Republican National convention. Geneen. Who is to return to the witness stand today and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell wednesday denied the settlement w s connected with itts financial commitment to the California City. The committee is in Mecklenburg s invalid ruling liquor by drink Law hailed by dry forces Raleigh n c. A dry forces in North Carolina hailed today a ruling by the state supreme court that will prevent the legalizing of liquor by the drink in Mecklenburg county at least until the general Assembly acts again on the Issue. This came As the court ruled unconstitutional a local Law under which Mecklenburg a voters had voted approval of liquor by the drink. Allen Bailey the Charlotte attorney who led the anti liquor forces said the courts ruling simply confirmed his feeling that the act was unconstitutional. 1 Quot we re pleased but really not said Marse Grant editor of the biblical recorder the Baptist state convention residence must be proved student voting ruling made by Noel Yancey associated press writer Raleigh. N. C. A the North Carolina supreme court has ruled that College students in order to Register for voting where their schools Are located must convince local election officials they consider their College residence Home. The courts ruling came As it upheld a decision wednesday in Wake Superior court that an 18-year-old Meredith College freshman from Tarboro has become a resident of Raleigh and is entitled to vote Here. The court said the facts in the Case of Katherine Inez Hall would have justified Superior court judge Coy e. Brewer in ruling that miss Hall was not a resident of Raleigh and a therefore not eligible to vote in but instead a the found that plaintiff had abandoned her former domicile and acquired a new one in the court said. A the facts he found Are binding on this court and they support his judgment that she is entitled to vote in Wake the supreme court in an opinion written by associate Justice Susie Sharp stated that its decision applies Only to the Hall Case and that it a is in no sense a class a whether a particular student is entitled to Register and vote in the town where he or she is attending College must be determined by the rules As Laid Down by the court and applied to the facts of each individual Case a the opinion said. A the fact that one is a student in a University does not entitle him to vote where the University is situated nor does it of itself prevent his voting wrote Justice Sharp. A the May vote at the seat of the University if he has his residence there and is otherwise qualified. A an adult student May acquire a domicile at the place where his University or College is situated if he regards the place As his Home or intends to stay there indefinitely and has no intention of resuming his former Home. A if he goes to a College town merely As a student intending to remain there Only until his education is completed and does not change his intention he does not acquire a domicile she added. A the presumption is that a student who leaves his parents Home to enter College is not domiciled in the College town to which he goes. However this presumption is rebuttable a in the Hall Case. Justice Sharp pointed to evidence that her father pays her Bills she returns to her parents Home at vacation time and keeps much of her personal property there. The Justice said this evidence would have justified judge Brewer in ruling that miss Hall was a temporarily sojourning in Raleigh for the purpose of attending College that she had not abandoned her domicile in Tarboro and that she was therefore not eligible to vote in but she said the High court was bound by judge brewery a finding of facts that miss Hall see student on Page 2-a publication. A we Felt we had a really Strong Case. A of Grant said a this Issue will be before the 1973 general Assembly once again. In order to get it settled lets have a statewide vote on liquor by the drink and get it settled once and for All. County by county Yotes will merely drag this Issue out for years to court action in the Mecklenburg Case began even before the referendum in which voters approved mixed drinks. This came when Superior court judge w. K. Mclean ruled that parts of the local mixed drink Law were unconstitutional. But the court went even further ruling that the entire act is unconstitutional. A we hold. That the Mecklenburg act is a local act regulating Trade and therefore void a said the High court in an opinion written by chief Justice we Illiam h. Bobbitt. Judge Mclean also had ruled that provisions of the act violated a constitutional provision barring local acts regulating Trade. However he said mixed drinks could be sold in publicly owned buildings such As the Charlotte coliseum although not in private restaurants and clubs. The supreme court said judge Mclean a erred by the implied holding that a municipality or other governmental unit of Mecklenburg county might become a licensed restaurateur under the Mecklenburg act. Obviously such a result was not intended or contemplated by the general Assembly. A moreover the provisions relating to the Sale of liquor by the drink at licensed restaurants located in civic centers and auditoriums Are so interrelated to such sales in restaurants located elsewhere As to preclude the Mecklenburg act would have permitted the Sale of mixed drinks in certain convention centers social clubs and Grade a restaurants seating 50 or More persons. Liquor would have been serviced in miniature bottles. A unquestionably a Bobbitt wrote a any restaurateur who elected to Purchase sell and serve alcoholic beverages in the manner prescribed by the Mecklenburg act would be embarking upon a business venture for gain or profit. What s inside amusements. 11a Bridge Ioc classified ads. 2-9d comics 10a crossword Ioc editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports my television 9a women s news Sec. B weather 5a Vest gating the charges at the request of Kleindienst. Meanwhile Anderson gave newsmen a copy of a statement in which sen. Marlow w. Cook r-ky., alleged that the columnists Secretary and mrs. Beard were frequent drinking companions. Anderson wrote Cook that the allegations made to a closed session of the judiciary committee tuesday were a so wildly inaccurate that it is difficult to imagine How you got the facts so Anderson said his Secretary Opal Ginn had met mrs. Beard Only once. A spokesman for Cook said the senators staff is a rechecking our sources As a result of Andersons denial. In other action wednesday committee chairman James o. Eastland d-miss., said he would Send a six Man subcommittee to Denver on monday to interrogate the 53-year-old mrs. Beard who has been hospitalized with a heart ailment since shortly after the Anderson columns appeared. Sen. Phillip Hart d-mich., will head the subcommittee which also will include democrats Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts and John Tunney of California and republicans Marlow w. Cook of Kentucky Charles Mcc. Mathias of Maryland and Edward Gurney of Florida. Nixon leaves for Moscow May 22 Washington api pres ident Nixon will go to Moscow May 22 for talks with soviet leaders on a visit expected to last about a week the White House announced today. It will be the second major presidential trip in an Effort to enhance world peace and to promote Nixon Saims of a diplomacy of negotiation rather than confrontation. The White House said Nixon might leave a bit earlier for Moscow in order to make a rest Stop on the Way because of an eight hour time difference Between the United states and Moscow. But he is due to Start the official visit in Moscow on May 22. Wallace could help democrats some feel by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Washington a it democrats need Alabama gov. George c. Wallace in their Corner if they Are to unseat president Nixon according to several Southern officeholders. And they said if such an Alliance requires Liberal elements of the party to Bend Wallace s Way on some issues they must do it or write off the South. The assessments came in interviews and statements from several governors and senators wednesday after Wallace won the Florida democratic primary with 42 per cent of the vote. South Carolina gov. John c. West said Wallace a could Well do for the democratic party what sen. Strom Thurmond did for the republicans a in 1963, campaigning for the presidential candidate throughout the Region. Georgia sen. David h. Gam Brell said the governor a has now become a National candidate with populist oriented issues. Gambrell said Wallace a has a Good Chance to go on to become nominated at the convention unless the party leadership accepts the issues that he is making As being their cause rather than exclusively his sen. James b. Allen of Alabama said Wallace s Victory made him either the candidate or the Kingmaker of the democratic convention in Miami Beach next july. A if Wallace does not win the democratic Allen said a the will certainly have considerable influence in deciding who sen. Ernest f. Hollings of South Carolina said Wallace s Victory pinpoints the issues bothering americans and the democrats had better a learn a lessons from the Alabama governor. Wallace a Campaign was chiefly anti using. His speeches also criticized the plight of the average american who faces increasingly High taxes. A being against busing that destroys a Community is not racist a Hollings said. A a that a Clear to the fellow running the filling station. A a it a not Clear to the National even Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said Wallace a has gained considerably As a result of his Victory and. In my opinion he is a Force to be reckoned with. He is campaigning on issues of concern to the people like tax West noted that Nixon won the presidency in 1968 with less than a majority of the american electorate. The governor said he thinks whoever Wallace supports will inherit most of the governors support which in his 1968 third party bid was nearly to million voters. A if we can come out of the Miami convention with a working democratic majority and Wallace still in the party a West said or. Nixon in deep West said Wallace is not Likely to support president Nixon s re election bid because the gop s image a closely associated with big business is alien to Wallace s populist Campaign

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