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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1939, High Point, North Carolina / thursday March 16, i Mothe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page nine Sec athe Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Tennis expert horizontal 1,6 pictured Champion Tennis player. 11 smell. 12 to worship. 13 College girl. 14 Strong taste. 16 to assault. 18 vivid describer. 20 musical a note. 21 remedy for All diseases. 26 pertaining to genesis. 30 summoned Forth. 32 pertaining to old age. 33 domesticated. 34 to undo a setting. 37 kind of pottery. 38 to disperse. 40 to Delegate. 44 pertaining to the Teeth. 48 default. 49 heavenly answer to previous Puzzle body. Altar. 51 beast. 52 she is u. S. National Champion. 53 she is also u. S. National # Champion. 55 Small Inlet. 56 writing Tablet 57 pertaining to the Sun. Vertical 2 diving Bird. 3 part of roman month 4 signal system. 5 noun termination. 6 evinced. 7 paid publicity 8 instrument. 9 to boast. To smooth. 12 she in the English Tennis tournaments. 15 she is a performer. 17 be silent. 19 horses neck hair. 22 Kava. 23 name. 24 hop Bush. 25 to elicit. 27 finish. 28 Cravat. 29 sick. 31 Star shaped Flower. 35 North Africa 36 and. 38 Stem. 39 pictorial Puzzle. 41 turkish title. 42 Johnny cake. 43 to impel. 45 god of Wisdom. 46 big. 47 Region. 49 shake. 50 to total. 52 South Carolina. 54 senior. A dramatic serial. 6 lbs. Doc a Uncle rays Comer a 4 Story by Tom Horner Harrison in Hollywood a a a love comes to a Swapsie Maxie Rosenbloom with a Wallop she so a strict by the class a avers the pug who turned matinee idol overnight by pall Harrison Nea service suit Correl he a Lent Hollywood. March 16 a it love in Bloom for Rosenbloom the great thespian night club proprietor and pugilist ups and admits to this correspondent that a Earl cd by High Clas society got has knocked him loopy and any Day now he expects to take the count before a Justice of the peace. However a delicate reticence has fallen upon Swapsie mule Rosenbloom and he will not Tell her name not even to astonished Hollywood men who have seen him with this goil and Are tired by curiosity. He says Only that a he u strictly the class you in nest and not Bee Yudy Ful but still a looked and Onney 22. He has met her Mother who is crazy about him. And her old Man. Who la a character and has wads of dough. One thing that attracted Rosenbloom right off was learning that she was t after his Money. After All. Maxie is a simple soul who wants to be loved for himself alone. Gazing pensively at the ceiling of his studio dressing room hands clasped under his head and his feet on three pillows he told of the Miracle that ban come to him. Quot we was Gonta get married a his sunday a he said a but i Nucy know her about six weeks. She says she hollered me All the Way across the country. I think maybe she seen me in a movie and ii Pitcher crazy like so Many goals. But she done to care if in a famous see and she done to care about Movin pitchers. What she does like is pitchers of me which she has been collection for years. I Don t believe this at first so she says honest Maxter come Over to my Houne an i show a Quot so i go Over an she s got a whole room fulls pitchers of me. Think of that a a v m a in s modest Quot Here s one i would no show Rosenbloom dug from a pocket a much creased Page from a photo Magazine. It showed him on a rubbing table Unla cing a shoe. Very moist and Niu Aeu Lar. A boo kit the Best Pitcher of the month and i Ain t got on no Cloes i did no to know they was taking it or i d a put on san it no. Imagine�?T1 Eaid the modest Man. Quot a n y w a a we been Goin around together some and she never seen a studio so i says a come out a have lunch wit an she All excited an says til be there at 9.�?T but i says nah come at 12.�?T Quot so last week i say Honey lets you and me get and she says we was Gonta Elope to Yuma but cast of characters Alan Warren a ambitious Young country doctor. Emily Warren a alans wife. Eric Kane a construction Engineer. Or. Farrell Alan a elderly associate. A yesterday Erie takes Emily to a party when Alan is called on an emergency Rae. As Alan leaves he drop its a letter. It is from St. Lamia and or. Peterson. It is four Days old chapter Xiii the letter burned Emily s fingers seared her heart. Mixed emotions of anger of disappointment surged through her leaving her trembling. She fought Down an impulse to scream strove valiantly to keep Back her tears. Without a word she turned placed the letter on the mantel resting it against Alan s pipe rack so that he would be sure to see it. Then she faced Erie. Quot that Sall he thinks of the greatest Opportunity hell Ever she said bitterly. Quot he does no to even read it Quot Quot Don t be too harsh Erie said. Quot he a been Busy night and Day. He probably stuck it in his pocket hurriedly and forgot All about it he. Quot done to try to defend him. There no excuse Jot absolutely ignoring an offer of a Job that will pay him twice As much As he earns Here. It s just that he does no to care. He does no to care about his future he does t care about me a Quot now now tries tone was soft and soothing. Quot in a sure As soon a Alan has a Little More time hell consider the offer probably accept it if it would make you a ooh. No he won t. He s perfectly Content to stay right Here in Sumner being just a country doctor. It does no to matter to him that i have to go to parties alone sit Here at Home alone for Days and nights never seeing anyone Nev Erer knowing anyone never doing anything but answering that Telephone and sending him away from me. Quot i Don t matter. I m just his Emily a Chin was quivering. Quot the Only thing he Ever thinks about Are his precious patients. I Bate every one of them i hate Sumner. Sometimes of. Erie a she could keep Back the tears no longer. Sobs Shook her. Eric a Arias were around her and she was crying her faces pressed into the yielding blackness of his coat. Quot there there a he said. He stared Over the soft curls that crowned her head into the dancing flames. He wondered if she could feel his heart pounding if she could sense the electrifying thrill the nearness of her sent coursing through him. Gently As if consoling a child who had bruised a Finger he talked until the sobs grew fainter and fainter. At last she raised her face to him. Her lips were close to his. Tears shone in her eyes. There was an instant of tense silence then Quot you re a Darling Erie and in a just a spoiled brat and in i need a handkerchief a Quot ill say you do a he laughed As he handed her his. She wiped her eyes. Quot my makeup is control regained Emily was once More herself. Quot give me five minutes and i be All right. There la be no More tears i Promise you. Well go to the party and laugh and have she hurried up the stairs. At the top she paused. Erie was still standing where she had left him. Staring into the fire. A a a Quot Erie if you insist on giving away tricks or. Farrell Ami i just have to beat Alan s laugh was Hearty As he added up the score. The four Emily Alan Erie and or. Farrell a were seated at the Bridge table the night after the Maddox dinner party. Quot Eric a not keeping his mind on the cards or. Farrell broke in. Quot what a wrong son worried a Quot frankly yes or. Erie answered. Quot about the Quot what a wrong with the weather forecast says warmer a or. Farrel replied. A after this Snow a Little warm weather should be Quot it probably is to everyone but me a Erie said. Quot personally i d like to have it stay cold for a while he noted the unasked question in their eyes and went on to explain. Quot it s about the dam. We had a heavy snowfall Here but farther North it was a record breaker for this time of year now. If we get rain and warm weather All of this Snow will run off rather than soak into the ground As it would do if the thaw was Quot and what has All this to do with your dam a Emily asked. Quot it May make or break it a Erie said simply. Quot you see we built a diversion dam about a half mile upstream before we. Tarted work on the main dam. This diversion dam is Little More than a pile of Rock and Earth. Right now it is backing water a mile upstream. Its taking about All the pressure it can stand and if the River Start to Rise it May go out. A if it does and All that flood comes pounding Down the Gorge the new dam May go out too. We be got Crews working Day and night�?24 hour a Day pouring gravel into that diversion dam sandbagging the top we re doing everything we can to save it. Every available Man in the county has been put to work. If the thaw will hold off for to Days More Well make it. Sumner and the lowlands Are in no particular danger right now a he added noting Emily a alarmed expression. Quot the River below the dam is now and can carry a Good sized flood without much trouble. Some of that Low country right around the dam might get a few feet of water but no one lives in there so there Little danger. We anticipated Quot but you did no to anticipate a flood a Farrell asked. Quot we thought we had a Erie said. Quot we checked data on the River for years Back and built accordingly but we had no idea that there might be such a blizzard in March or that it might be followed by Rains and warm weather. Not in to years of weather records did we and anything that parallels it. Quot but done to let me bother you with my troubles a you have enough of your own. And anyway we re going to beat this River Snow or no Snow thaw or no thaw. Well have that diversion dam sound enough to take to times All the water thie Snow can give us. A we need is a Little time and a Little More cold Quot you had me worried for a Alan said. Quot i had a life sized picture of Sumner floating downstream in a flood of debris. In a sure Emily would look Moat attractive Riding a Chicken Coop like those pictures one always sees of Quot no doubt about it a Farrell a Hook with laughter at the mental picture. Quot Emily you a look adorable even on a floating Chicken Quot accompanied by my three charming men of Emily joined in the laughter. Quot i suppose you ail think you a be handsome matinee idols even in Noah a a a a alone in his hotel room Erie Kane gazed at his reflection in the Mirror and cursed it softly but fervently. Quot you can to even play Bridge with her. She bids hearts yours does a flip Flop. She plays a Diamond and you stare at the one on her Finger. You fool a he stretched full length on the bed. Stared at the ceiling. He could close i eyes and see her face. That funny Little Grin that started at the Corners of her Mouth then spread Over her lips. Her lips Lovely perfect kissable. The Way she included him in her retinue Alan. Farrell and him. Her slave. The Way she wrinkled her nose. The Way the Telephone Bell jangled him out of his reverie. It was Baker his assistant Engineer calling from the dam. Quot Yea. Got More gravel on the track should be there by morning. Well Damn it. Man. Keep them doing something. You be got 10,000 sacks up there. Fill Mem up. Throw them Over on the far Side where the water will hit first. A Quot How % that trestle holding keep those gravel trucks rolling Over it. Get men with shovels in there. Done to let that Stone pileup on it. It la never hold it. Pull All the men off the Concrete and Ste i and put them in there too. Ill be up first thing in the morning. Okay. Hell you can sleep tomorrow. he unstressed slowly crawled into bed. The dam was enough of a worry without adding Emily Why should he be worrying about Emily Warren Abe a another Many a wife Quot you re a fool. Erie Kane a he told himself. Quot that was All Over years but was it Quot you re crazy All right. And you re in love with Emily Warren a to be Ponti need the oceans and Ocean life Ixo Pilot fish and Wolf fish Sharks sometimes kill More Ash than they can eat. This is believed to be one reason Why the Pilot fish often swims behind Sharks. It wants to eat the food which is left Over the Pilot fish is Only a foot or so Long. Its custom of following Sharks has been observed Many times and explains the name sailors saw the Little fish in the position of a Pilot to the shark despite the fact thai it stays close to Sharks the Pilot Ash is Seldom of Ever eaten by the big Ash. Howl of two Odd Ocean fish. Like Sharks Pilot Ash often follow Ocean vessels if Lun garbage is thrown overboard there is a Good Supply of food for any Ash that May be near. It seems that Pilot Ash Alto eat Little animals known As barnacles which often gather on the Bottom of a ship. Another interesting Ash is the Wolf Ash also called it is found near the coasts of Norway Greenland and Iceland also in the North Pei a. Wolf Ash Are noted a being Quot fierce a and there have been reports of them attacking people swimming in the sea. They grow to a length of ave or six feet and their Mouths Are armed with Sharp Strong Teeth. These Teeth Are used to. Crush the shells of oysters crabs and other animals on which they feed. Several kinds of fish Are named after Birds. There Are Parrot Ash sea Robins and sea Ravens. Parrot Ash have rows of Small Teeth which have grown together to a form a kind of beak. With this Quot beak they bite off pieces of the seaweed on which they live. The sea Raven is an ugly look ing Ach about two feet Long. It is fairly common off the coast of new England and Eastern Canada. The sea Robin is also Small. It has a Reddish Brown color on its body which no doubt explains its name. An interesting fact about the i sea Robin is its custom of crawling along the Bottom of the sea. There Are ans under its body just behind the lower jaw which serve is Quot legs Quot of a sort. They not Only help it move but also dig Down a utile into the ooze and Lay Bare Sfa All animals hiding there. For nature Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of till illustrated Leavet Quot your body at work a Send me a so stamped return envelope in care of thin newspaper Uncle Ray. Tomorrow sea otters. Mellen in on Lirida or by us. E. Mckenney Secretary amerkan contract Bridge league opening Lead makes or Breaks grand slam bid on Freak hand lessons n English the family doctor by w. L. Gordon word often misused do not confuse aught and naught. Aught Means anything naught Means nothing. Quot they have failed to do aught for themselves and naught can remedy their often mispronounced Siegle. Pronounce Spe Shiz. I As in it or Spe Shez bother a a in he. Often misspelled caricature car not Char. Synonyms announce assert proclaim inform declare report Tell. Word study Quot use a word three time id it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword Efful gently brilliantly radiantly. Pronounce the u As in up accent second syllable. Quot the actress was Efful gently Bennett. Difference in blood groups no bar to having children Side glances a a How about Hie movies tonight its one of those family thin i decide i done know her Well enough so we re Gonta Walt a while. Quot what Kalmia life would she have with me in la pitchers this year and having to be at my night club from 9 until 2 and Back at the studio at 9 in the moral no i Tell her so but she say she done care. It ainu to so much that i Wanna get married but i want some kids. Nah i done to care about no boys i like Little Goila Little goals wid curly hair. Quot she says she likes Mem too. Anything i say. You think she loves me a a a Maxie has been in love with strictly High class goals before. Once he was fond of the daughter of a Canadian Champagne King. But she turned him Down by declaring that her father expected her to marry a title Rosenbloom argued indignantly. A you wont and no title better la mine. I m the Light heavy weight Champion Quot he Isnit of championship Caliper now being a Little too Busy to do much training. An amazing thing about Rosenbloom is that he has followed his tortuous routine for More Thau a year getting no More than four or live hours sleep a night and he s overweight for the ring. Never Mokes or prints except when a picture script requires a cig Aret. Movie actresses find him amusing but he does no to care much about them. He likes old Fash inned girls preferably ones who can Cook. Anyway he dislikes women who use lipstick ays it always gets on his Collat. By or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of my gds the health Magazine Many extraordinary letters Cornu to All those who write regularly for the newspapers. Often we wonder just How Many Leader gather the full importance of the advice that is regularly offered. Here for example is a letter that just came to this column rear doctor t an a he hated and wife Harve Chi Idle ii under these conditions wife a blood is three husband s blood is four. In they Xith have to match or does the Matching of the blood have anything to do with having children now the Only Agures relating to the blood that might apply to this question Are those having to do with agglutination of the blood corpuscles and those concerned with the a amp user main test. In the Case of the Wass Ermate test which is the Basic tent for syphilis the figures would probably have been Given As three plus and four plus. While people with either three plus or four plus Wassermann tests could have children they ought not to have any until every possible attempt had been made to cure the syphilis. Children born of syp Hlll parents Are Likely to show the results of such infection. In Many instances the presence of such to Section not controlled by proper treatment would probably result in loss of the child before the natural time of birth. As i have frequently explained in these columns each of us May he classified into various groups according to the reaction of our red blood cells to the serum or Auld matter of the blood of other persons. With various classifications there Are various numbers of groups. While these groups or classification May be inherited to some extent they Are not apparently related to Fertility or sterility. Thus people of various classifications May marry and give birth to children. It is possible however by the use of these classifications to determine under some Circum Sta is the paternity of a child. The groups Are also important in relationship to the transfusion of blood. Obviously one could not transfuse the blood of one person into the veins of another of the blood corpuscles of one would be agglutinated or clumped together by the Auld material of fhe blood of the other. Modem etiquette look and learn by Roberta Lek q. What would be a Good Toast for ii guest to offer to his Host a. Quot to a real Friend a Tov a1 entertainer a Sterling companion and a regular fellow our q is there a definite Rule about sequence of pages when writing on folded note paper a. One May write on pages one and two one and three or one and four hut not on one three two and four nor one four two and three. Q. What does Crouton mean and How is it pronounced a. It is a Small piece of bread toasted or Fried Crisp used in soups in garnishing Etc. Pronounce Kroo Tong. Of As in too o As in or accent last syllable. By a. V. A trim n 1. What proportion of the world s inhabitant Are christians 2. What is the Legal definition of a Village 3. What i the largest Village in the United states 4. Who said Quot right or wrong my country a 5. What fraction of the entire area of the u. 8. Does the Basin of the Mississippi River embrace answers 1. About one third. 2. A Community incorporated As a municipality and governed by a Board of three or More trustees and a president locally elected. 3. Oak Park. Ills., with a population of 63,982 1930 census. 4. Stephen Decatur. 5. Two fifths. How can i ? by Anne amm Ley q How can i make an attractive hanging Vine out of a Sweet potato a. Place the Sweet potato in a hanging Basket containing pure Sand or Sand Loam. And water it occasionally. It will produce dark Green leaves that resemble a variety of Ivy. Q what can i do with a Tablecloth that has begun to Wear along the creases where it is always folded a. Cut about an Inch from one Side and one end. This will cause the creases to appear in different places and the Tablecloth will Wear much longer. Q. How can i judge the Correct height of a Gas flame a. The Correct Gas flame is a Clear Blue. Of there is a yellow tinge Gas is being wafted. Sometime it would seem that the fates control the Deal in freakish and unusual Are the problems of bidding and play because of extraordinary holdings. Today s hand resulted in Many headaches for the players in a relent duplicate game with Tho Puin divided equally Between the a a 7 6 a a a 8 7 6 5 a none a j 10 4 3 a none i a k j 5 4 3 a none i v i r 2 a a a j to w Fern a 2 765432 s a a 98 a q 5 2 dealer a 98 7 a 10 9 8 a a 109 4 3 a none a acc duplicate a. And s. Vul. South Hest North East i a a 5 a 6 a a a 7 a double pass opener a. 16 where bidding had followed More conventional lines South played the hand at six hearts. He was Able to make the contract despite his two apparent losers As West could make no Lead that would not sacrifice a trick the Diamond lend permitted an Jimrae Date Ruff and discard of Declarer a losing club an a club Lead would give a free finesse. Of course the seven Diamond contract was Defeated two trick where a heart was opened by North As the needed entry to establish and run the Spades did not then exist in Dummy. Vanillin Rackers can you perform As a missing persons Bureau locating six people in the following four statements 1. A u. 8. Senator and an Avia Tor explorer whose last names could describe a familiar winged creature. 2. A movie actor now in new York whose last name could be a military command and to rather seasonal. 3. A former notre Dame football Star and his namesake who wrote dramas. 4. An actress whose last name suggest a noted University. Players seated South and West. This was the bidding which re suited in Success for West As Oil piously his hand had no defense i against South s six heart contract to prove that the age of my Acle has not entirely passed the grand j slam Rommel was made with the opening Lead of the Spade Ace i that card was ruffed and Dummy had just enough Trump entries to establish Spades for club discards. Contract problem donation in next Issue South bid two Spades North two no Trump South three hearts. Should North bid three Spades or four hearts a j 0 76 v j 10 4 2 a 876 a 42 a to 8 v 876 a q j to 9 a a k q j n w e s dealer a 3 2 �53 a 542 a to 9 8 7 6 5a a k q 5 4 a a kq9 a a k 3 a3 duplicate a. And s. Vul. Opener a k. 16 flapper Fanny by Szivi. Coe. I Jav a Mimer my. V. Ate u s sat off. Today lenten question were any of the new testament Mary Ever in Rome fewer than i per cent of the Childre Nln London a elementary schools Are poorly fed. If not accompanied by a Gale Zero temperatures and Drifting powdery Snow a storm is not a blizzard. A his studio Gays he s Only to years old but ill bet he a 15�? did you see his Teeth in that last closeup a

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