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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 12, 1939, High Point, North Carolina To unite or fight last labor Day Secretary Frances Perkins tackled labors disunity. A month later she suggested that five clo ers five Al cars and three outsiders see what could be done to create a Unity. But labors leaders wanted no kibitzer. A dismayed miss Perkins conferred with them secretly to find out what they did want and would do. And this week Al vice presidents Matthew Woll Harry c Bates and t. A. Rickert and Cio president John l. Lewis and vice presidents Sidney Hillman and Philip Murray called on president Roosevelt. He told them a you Are All experienced negotiators. At least 90% of the actual membership of both factions Al and Cio desire peace. I am counting on then negotiations sought by miss Perkins and sponsored by the president began. Cio makes an offer Lewis immediately proposed that Al and Cio hold conventions in april to adopt a Basic plan. That plan As he outlined it would Call for representatives of Al Cio and the four Railroad brotherhoods to meet this Spring in Washington s Dar Hall with president Roosevelt presiding to form an Acle american Congress of labor. He suggested further that the j acl bar both himself and Al j president Green from office give j Green and Frank Morrison of Al life pensions equal to their present pay. Elect one of the Railroad Broth j Erwood men As its president give Al and Cio equal representation on its executive Board and Avail itself of the u. S. Labor departments conciliation Bureau in mediating jurisdictional arguments. Al turns it Down Al immediately vetoed the Cio j suggestion and charged that Lewis j was a a embarrassing the president. Then Daniel j Tobin teamsters head who previously had refused to participate decided to sit in. He was afle a candidate for the Post of Secretary of labor in 19112. He holds the biggest bloc of votes in the federation and of late has been i an outstanding advocate of peace Between the Union Powers. Wednesday the negotiators met with miss Perkins and agreed that i they should hold another session i Friday night in new York to con j Sider Cio s proposal and any other suggestions that might be offered. A life is full of surprises a re marked miss Perkins. Divided Union there Are two United Auto workers unions now a one led by Homer Martin which held a convention this week in Cleveland and another headed by r Thomas which will meet in Cleveland on i March 27. Delegates to this week s Conven j Tion elected Martin president severed connections with Cio. Slashed j expenses by reducing the number of Union executives and voted to j bar communists nazis and fascists i from office. Martin estimated that More than j half of 200,000 workers in Good standing favor his faction but Thomas called such figures phoney. Immigration Issue the House judiciary committee i looked for a Pigeon Hole this week i in which it could dispose of a Resolution calling for impeachment of j labor Secretary Perkins for allegedly not enforcing immigration Laws. The House rules committee meanwhile heard chairman Diek Stein of the House immigration committee charge that millions of aliens were being smuggled into the country. How Dickstein said some ships hire More sailors than they need then let the men go ashore in u. S. Ports and not return. The rules committee okayed an inquiry. 3-Day week s debut Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal miners went on a three Day week last monday a reduction which gov Arthur ii James a native of the hard Coal Fields declared was necessary to a a stabilize the Market a and daily wages which average $6 for All Anthracite mine jobs remained the same. Bituminous producers meanwhile. Considered a four Day week. And Congress received a report from chairman Percy Tetlow of the bituminous Coal commission estimating that $37,000,000 would be added to the nation s annual soft Coal Bill if minimum prices were fixed on a basis of production costs. Oriental picket line five Hundred poker faced chinese women and children recently picketed Oregon docks handling scrap Iron bound for Japan. Longshoremen at Astoria respected their picket line. Result the port embargoed scrap Iron destined for Japan. Then the chinese moved Inland to Portland a River port and picketed another Dock. Again longshoremen would t pass the picket line. Portland a ministerial association supported the longshoremen after employers demanded a conference. Copyright. Td39, of feature service j of fare i or Ronnest am x you Fellows standing on the Bottom ? hold both hands our i of the water. Tilt Ehi nor 11 coming in if i tuft still Navi that in Lukre n run attn a a in Theel or come on in tit wok i Duca Jilani the world this week signs of Spring and peace Are seen by the cartoonists Holladay in the pay now look at the Birdie Hai per in the Birmingham age i Jerald is the water really warm a Elderman of the poet a first sign of Spring upcoming sunday March 12 Coronation of Pope Pius Xii girl scout week begins. Tuesday March la sen aka labor committee meet f riday March 17 St. Patrick a Day. Supreme court Justice pier it butlers 73d birthday. President and mrs. Roosevelt 34th wedding anniversary. Abroad Spain s gory Road to peace revolt amp counter revolt in Madrid an ultimatum from Spain a Caudillo Francisco Franco demanding unconditional surrender of the Madrid government expired last sunday. Zag another revolution and soon people Gandhi a fast Mohandas k. No need the to which Means then his follows a Mahatma i Quot w there w As no surrender. Instead the a counter revolution. This week s first rebellion was staged by six Caballeros who set themselves up As a National defense Council to replace Premier Juan Grin and his Cabinet. Negr Inera of his ministers and a Pasi Onaria Dolores Iba Ruri communists spark plug fled France. Diego Martinez Barrio to was in line to succeed Manuel Ana As president already was in Alice loathe to take office eager his latest feat was fast by which he won forms in rajkot a a f mile state with a Popup too Northwest of Bomi there Are More than states like rajkot in i merits. Princes More a Hie to t bikes. Gandhi a wife was Amant j 011 eel for civil cd Isoiah in acc i Kot. When the puny pundit his hunger strike her to him a Back to jail. By to sets were closet Las re to Sec the War end. T m a that c sextet that took Mac Hio was d him ? More in j l ref n v i a i to y Gen. Segismundo c r officer in the army i a Spain wants pea Amado. A he de of and hour Cal re Savee toned Gen. Jose Mia Madrid from capt j a who u r e 28 1 Faro Bijj it 10�?to if til hic ii of 61,. A Simi no a a move turning inc 4 j., Oliai announced a was men of Good there my Honor we want p realized a t i v e with maximum rapidity Moron i Iai was left of the loyalist Para a. In Sailor a a a a acc Tho i Ditorra prov from and w As interned hat Tunis. A British by the Hutao n Raj leade i. Ired at Candia to help is run for their lives Tea was willing it App Jareo to e sent surrender Madrid if franc o would i wish his master would t All him Home now cracks in China the rising Sun Flag was hoisted a ast week Over the yellow sea port of Waichow. This week Muddy men strove to carry that Banner to More ports on the 3,100 in lie Long Yangtze River and bombers blasted communist strongholds in the were something be done. The Viceroy for India got Busy. Soon rajkot a 29-year-old Prince was reported to have weakened and freed his political prisoners. So Gandhi took a Glass of Orange juice. Cristea amp Calinescu or. My on Cristea 69. The greek orthodox cd army a Tom communists reply re were no comm it ional defense Cour Dill were communist Ding Madrid a s week s second r Ira Lively speaking live Blanc mama Dreame Premier of the try last november. But tin Premier Armand Calinescu to a one eyed lawyer educated in France has been More Active lately. He was a Holdover from the late anti semitic Premier Gogats Cabinet but he Bas cracked Don on rumanian a fascistic Iron guard. And when or. Cristea died this week King Carol immediately made Calinescu Premier. Dionne indifferent Washington society women have been deluding the British embassy with calling cards in the Hope of being invited to see the King and Queen w Hen they come to America. But when Canadas papa Dionne was urged recently to take his quintuplets to Toronto to see the Royal couple he grumbled that the King and Queen ought to visit the Nursery. Crency rights yet. The British government meanwhile prepared to Send an army across the Channel to the continent if necessary a the next War. Economy note the Duke of Northumberland 26, British Bachelor is moving from j his 200-room Castle to a 20-room House to save Money. India and America do things differently simultaneously there was an economic Battle. Japan forbade use of chinese dollars. Britain a Chancellor of the exchequer. Sir John Simon then announced that two British Banks had contributed $25,000,000 to a $50.-000.000 currency stabilization fund set up by the chinese government. Tokyo meanwhile kept an Eye on Moscow. There have been several More skirmishes recently on Manchukuo a a Frontier. And with Japan s quarrel with Russia Over fishing rights still unsettled it soon w ill be time to fish. Latin american dept. Brazils and americans a Mutual desire for cooperation a president Roosevelt observed this week has been shown by foreign minister Aranha a visit to Washington. Credit to help Brazil buy u. S. Goods was reported arranged during his one month visit. Brazil simultaneously quit Selling oranges to Germany rather than accept More a compensation Marks for them. Idyllic isolation from mountainous Jungles of British Guiana and Venezuela or. Paul a. Zahl 29, of Union College at Schenectady n. Y., has returned with giant ants some Are two inches Long and talks that rival Gulliver a. Or. Zahl saw waterfalls to times As High As Niagara and discovered an Indian tribe living blissfully without Ever having been visited before by a White Man. Fun Wihry sex the Cleveland Plain dealer a when Gandhi wants something Ile just sits Down and Waits for it we done to papal Coronation the outside Balcony of St. Peters was chosen by Pope Pius Xii As the scene of his Coronation this weekend. Not since 1846 has such a ceremony been held out of doors. The new pontiffs first address to the world was a plea for a that peace Sublime gift of heaven w hich is desired by All honest souls and which is the fruit of Charity and As papal Secretary of state he visited the United states in 1936, and this week he gave his Benediction to the american people in audiences with William Cardinal of Connell of Boston and George Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago. Beck s business Ever since Joseph Beck an artillery officer became foreign minister in 1932, Poland has behaved like a world Power despite its precarious position Between Germany and Russia. When Czechoslovakia was carved up Poland got a chunk. Since then the foreign ministers of Germany. Italy and Rumania have gone to see col. Becky and soon he is going to London. Recently Rome a press a declared Poland As Well As Italy and Germany ought to have colonies. Rumania asked the colonel to consult the British about admitting both Poland s and rumanian a jews to Palestine or other suitable spots. And talk of further surgery on Czechoslovakia to give Poland and Hungary a common Frontier was revived. Leipzig s big fair for seven centuries the worlds merchants have gone to Leipzig fairs and they have come to be Germany a business barometer. This year for the first time there Are no jewish exhibitors. But propaganda minister Goebbels boasted As he opened the 1939 fan last sunday there Are 9.800 exhibitors of compared to 4.253 in 1914. Visitors could also see if they bought Goebbels newspaper his idea of Good nazi Humora a sketch of a scantily Clad girl. History does t help arabs have based their claims to Palestine on secret letters exchanged w Ith the British 24 years ago. Those letters were published recently a but the arabs. British and jew s remained deadlocked in their peace pow wows in London. This coming week Britain is expected to suggest a a final in Short. Indicted nine persons for supplying fake u. S. Passports to european spies. Executed a naval officer in France and a naval employee in Italy for espionage. Started a new descendants of the american revolution organization opposed to racial prejudice. Granted partial custody of the former Barbara Hutton s son Lance to is father count Haug Witz Reventlow. Chosen u. S. Ambassador to Peru Laurence a. Stein hard tas ambassador to Russia col. Edwin m. Watson to succeed James Roosevelt As a presidential Secretary Daniel w. Bell to be assistant Treasury Secretary Harold d Smith to be budget director. Died sex attorney general John g. Sargent Delaware a sex gov. Robert p. Robinson Maryland sex sen. William p. Jackson Frank w Stearns Friend of Calvin Coolidge Leroy w. Baldwin financier Tracy i. Drake Chicago hotel builder Herbert Mundin British film comedian Bob Hague shipping executive Samuel t. Bledsoe Santa be Railroad president. Quotes sen. Henry f. Ashurst Quot what Are words but wind Quot or. And mrs. Samuel Cann of Buffalo on their 50th wedding anniversary Quot to have a Happy marriage you must keep two bears in the House Bear and at Home unexploded bombs when moving recently a Chicago Safe Deposit company found a Box in its vault contained four bombs. Authorities said gaunt German born Reinhold Faust 74, had intended to terrorize world War meetings w Ith those bombs but had been jailed on another charge. So it was alleged he had thrown away the key but kept up rental payments on the Box to guard his secret in court this week Faust declared he w As a a Little fanatical during the War but now is a thoroughly and charges against him were dropped. On matrimonial seas pre Spring plunges into Matrimony have been taken by Hedy Lamarr film Star with Gene mar key waiter Ursula Parrott novelist with Alfred c. Schermerhorn literary agent and Donald Ogden Stewart humorist with Leonora Winter sex wife of the late Lincoln Steffens. Toby Wing dancer has been mrs. Dick Merrill since last june the flier admitted this week. Clark Gable was divorced tuesday by his second wife and Carole Lombard was expected to become the third mrs. Gable. Children save lives a we have the highest death rate from appendicitis of any civilized country a or. Mont r. Reed of the University of Cincinnati told surgeons meeting this week in Atlanta. It could be Cut in half he continued. And in Cincinnati it has been reduced by teaching school children that a doctor should be called to treat abdominal pains. Common boils and carbuncles cause Many deaths too w Hen not treated or. George h. Bunch of Columbia s. C., warned. Flag goes Home a civil War Veteran a Spanish War Veteran and a world War Veteran from now a returned a Flag to Alabama this week. It had been Alabama a Banner for three months after the state s secession from the Union in 1861. Then a Yankee swiped it. And Iowa a legislature voted recently to return it. Those Crooks in the w acc of allegations that there was gambling and traffic in liquor and narcotics inside Ohio a Penitentiary came charges this week that the convicts also have been making phoney Money acting Warden Amrine reported 900 counterfeit dimes had gotten out. If you read a the world this week Quot regularly you should be Able to answer these questions 1. Why did the supreme court outlaw sit Downs 2. When Are the Philippines to be Independent 3. To what Empress was a baby girl born recently 4. Are there Many More arabs than jews in Palestine 5. What new York senator has proposed a National health program each question counts to. A score of 60 is fair so Good. Answers to these questions were in the text of this Page last week. To spend or save last year the u. S. Senate voted 49 to 42, for governmental reorganization but the House walked 204 to 196. It was a spectacular fight and this week the new Deal renewed it in the House and won 246 to 153. Highly controversial parts of last years Bill had been left out of the proposal this year but it still would authorize mergers eliminations and shake ups in the executive Branch of the government by the president when not objected to by both houses of Congress within 60 Days. The democrats supporting it dubbed 135 Federal departments containing about 500 bureaus a a a Frankenstein monster overdue for surgery. Republicans retorted that it was a a Franklin Stein setup and fought vainly for Amend ments that would have Given Congress More control Over the operation. The business Battle meanwhile from tropical water where the u. S. Navy was split into opposing forces to test its strength last week commander Inch of Roosevelt had plunged into Washington shot political Waters where his economists were split in a test of Power. The Federal Reserve Board recommended a greater Public exper Dit rest and there was talk of ran ing the $45,000,000,000 limit on to National debt. But Senate finance commit chairman Harrison a foe of the theory that the government is spend its Way to Prosperity chairman Doughton of the Hon ways and Means committee urge tax modifications to help Priva Industry. And vice president Garner and elder statesman Bernard Baruch loomed behind the congressional Economy bloc. The president had Many visitors. He re examined his estimate of a lick needs and was reported will to have Congress finish up the to on hand and go Home Reasonar Early. A does it contribute to recovery Treasury Secretary Morgenthau asked of everything. And con Merce Secretary Hopkins declare a any Assumption that we Dor each unit c 1 = $12 1916 1919 1930 now this Chart shows approximate How the direct v. S. Public de per person has gone up and Dou a and up. Mean to aet to promote Reeo Vei is either inspired by polities o Type of cynicism that i can the defense debate before turning to governmental reorganization the House a passed a $499,857,000 army approx Brillion Bill and received a request from the president for $110,000 line More for rifles tanks Etc. An Arr expansion Bill passed previous by the House was passed this we by the Senate 77 to 8. After my oratory. The Senate amended however to hike the number planes authorized from 5,500 6,000 and to limit the manufacture Erst profits. A naval airbase Bill passed to the House minus provisions Foi proving Guam was the next sense item on the Senate Sprog am and Admiral William d. I easy chief of naval operations and owners pleaded this week for the gust improvements to help aviation the president simultaneously frowned on both the neutrality Law and the idea of taking a vote Lefoi declaring War. The neutrality has not contributed to peace a i May have been partly response for War threats he opined and Senate committee hearings on plan to Amend it were promised shortly. The birthday boosts the first u. S. Congress in new York in 1789, waited throughout March for a quorum. A nation had been born in a a crisis of peace in that a horse and buggy age Quot i Roosevelt noted in a sesquicentennial address last weekend and the latter phrase he added is not derogatory but explanatory that Congress when it finally met. Wrote tile Bill of rights. Thoro rights said the president still exist. A what the people really want they generally get a supreme com t Justice Hughes declared. And Republican Senate Leader Man rejoiced that a vital policies Are hammered out on the anvils of legislative but where democracy has been a snuffed out a the president declared religious Freedom has suffered too and this nation earn by its passiveness a blend encouragement to those who today persecute religion or deny it a

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