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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 11, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A. Weat Lier tight Mist probably mixed with freezing rain Ami Snow. The High Point Enterprise Hiigli Poi ii Tim Omer of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 56�?no. To Mem ded associated phys j High Point n. C., monday a it for noon March la 1910 Complete Nea Servic e Price five Cen peace Hopes High Baltic nation a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 4r a a a a allies ready to give finns immediate Ai House quizzes Chambe Lainon sending troops makes it Clear that no help has been asked German Raider comes to grief London mar. i great Britain and France have informed Finland that they Are ready a to proceed immediately and jointly to the help of Finland with a fall available resources if Tho finnish government should ask for a further Aid a prime minister Chamberlain told Tho House of commons today. Loiter a statement from i office said that a tile prime minister desires to make it Clear that no Appeal for further Aidha yet been received from the finnish government Chamberlain refused to answer j air Force gunners. A question w Hether Britain a a a proposing to Send troop to Finland a and a Elf so. Are they preparing to violate the neutrality of Norway and Sweden in doing Waltl lit Uri no on War a to whether further British French help for Finland tile Ville already Are sending material aids would he tantamount to going to War against Russia. Chamberlain said a we have not arrived at that new soviet demands reported to b More lenient toward Finland mor red successes reported near Vii Pur Welles hears British views yet asked by labor Leader Clement Attlee for a statement on the run Ian finnish negotiation. Chamberlain said a the House will be aware that both the French and British governments have sent and Are continuing to Send material assistance to Finland. This has been of considerable value to the finnish forces a a a his majesty s government and the French government have already informed the finnish government they Are prepared in response to an Appeal from them for further Aid to proceed immediately and jointly to the help of Finland. Using All available resources at their avoids peace i of show asked if he could say anything regarding the question of Settle l Elf stale sceptical of great Britain s attitude London. March it.�?�?�/? in an atmosphere that was Friendly j hut unmistakably sceptical. Sumner Welles today explored great Britain s official attitude on War j and peace Aims in talks with National Leader. The United state my tary of state disclosed that the memorandum inane Poult it Paris outlining Atn Reichan desires for free world Trade and a rid i dance of fear in the peace to i come after the european War. I had been Given to other govern j of Itta he had visited Welle reiterated that he had brought no proposals of any kind j to Europe and. Refusing to express views on anything even the appearance of London he re pealed that his report was for ment of the russian-1 Inni a ton Jjo of a rodent Roosevelt Only. Filet Chanberlain Aid a i am afraid i have no information which is sufficiently reliable to give the House at the present moment a replying to a question about the earlier disclosure of the russian approach to Britain with tit proposed peace terms for Finland Chamberlain said a it would he untrue to say that the British government had been asked to mediate hut there a an occasion on which the soviet ambassador mentioned certain terms which i government would he prepared to offer to Finland and his majesty a government did not feel Able to pass those terms on to John Monk Saunders hangs self in closet of Home Foht Myers. Fla. March la do the body of a Man identified by neighbors As John Monk Sanders. Hollywood screen writer was found hanging in the closet of his Winter cottage at fort Myers Beach today. Coroner Roy it Merton who examined the body. Said there a no doubt that Sanders committed suicide he said no inquest was necessary. Two. Mint Liers die when plane crashes in fog attempted soviet drive across ice of Gulf repulsed Helsinki mar. up a with Finland in anxious i suspense regarding peace negotiations in Moscow the finnish High command announced today that the invading red army continued attacks on the Shore of Vii Puri Bay i a and met with Success in a few Tho communique covering yesterday military activities. Indi rated plainly that hostilities were a Jerman Heinkel bomber reportedly sighted while attempting a raid on British continuing even a finnish pre j shipping met this end on the Northeast coast of England after she was crippled by Royal a or Risto Hayti and three aides j were in Russia discussing a pos j Sale cessation of hostilities. Between the City of Vii Puri. Threatened from the rear by i Shore attacks Aud the duo set River near the Tenter of the j Manuel Helm line the finns re i pulsed Many local attack the communique said. Six red tank i were reported destroyed. Tried to Advance the russians tried to Advance i across the ice of the Gulf of i Finland a but were forced to re treat Quot said the communique. The russians were said to have attacked All along the manner Helm line to Taipale at the Eastern end Aud to have been repulsed. The finns acknowledged that the russian had captured at Island in the Pukalani archipelago in Lake i Idoga this by i Moscow i. At Kuli Alajoki. Northeast of Laise Ladoga there is an All Day Battle in which a Over s thousands russians were stated to have been killed russian attacks were said to have been repulsed i i 11 farther i North near Khmo Aud Satin. The finns said they had repeated their bombing and Tea Chine gunning by air of russian j column advancing across the ice and islands of the Bay of Vii Purl. More air activity russian air activity was reported to have increased. Helsinki had five tire alarms today. On the second russian i planes were sighted flying High. I anti aircraft Are was heard but no bomb explosions. As peace talk filled the nor i was officially denied that the foreign affairs committee of the finnish parliament had in Alit Way approved the russian peace proposals. Finland appeared to he teetering Between peace and continued War. First official disclosure of peace talks in Moscow suggested that her defense of Independence was almost Over. Then within a England refused to act As Baltic peace mediator Pope Pius receives special nazi envoy von Ribbentrop a visit indicates Hitler seeking pontiffs Friendship Rome mar. �?foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop of Germany visited Pope Pius Xii today after an audient with King Vittorio Emanuele. Further political conversations with Premier Mussolini were to follow later in a Day of intense activity which of already hat been Ninou need London March a or a at Britain was disclosed today to have refused to convey to Finland soviet russian a peace terms of an onerous nature and there after Sweden became the go Between. Russian ambassador Ivan Mai sky it was said approached r. A. Btl ter foreign undersecretary with the terms on february 22. Foreign office circles said they would have left Finland a helpless and defenceless a and the British government informed Finland later it had refused to act As intermediary. Terms recounted the terms were said to have included a cession of territory covering i Ake Ladoga. Vii Puri the whole of the karelian isthmus islands in the Gulf of Finland now occupied by soviet troops the Western half of the Rybachi Peninsula and a Long lease of Hanko As a russian naval authoritative sources said similar terms were submitted to Sweden about the same time and she conveyed them to Finland. A source close to the British government asserted Sweden apparently had a not the same scruples As ourselves about agreeing to mediate on such terms. The russian demands London sources said did not include cession by Finland of the Peta Amo Region in the far North. Wild retain i Teet Finland would be permitted to retain her outlet to the Arctic sea in this Region As Well As its famous Nickel mines at nearby Salmi Jarvi these sources said. It was emphasized there were a no compensating commercial or territorial factors in the terms submitted by Mai sky. The impression in government Circle Here was that the present russian finnish negotiations in Moscow were opened on the basis of the same terms. Authoritative sources reiterated the British governments desire to give Finland a expanded and ample Quot assistance. U ill it Eti in to Rome he said he expected to see j Premier Mussolini and italian foreign minister count Galeaz i to Clano when tie returns to route on his Way to the United i states but Doe not plan to visit Ireland or revisit Germany. He j is to leave for Rome by Way of j Paris. Thursday. A private audience with King servers found to indicate two things i. Adolf Hitler is making a Friendly gesture toward the Vatican. 2 a he is seeking Italy a views on the possibility of an Extension of the european War either by the British French allies or Germany herself. The German Diplomat arrived at i the Vatican City at 10 50 a. In 14 45 a. Hi., k. S. T. J and a few minutes later he a ushered into the presence of the pontiff for a private audience. The germans appointment with Mussolini the second in As Many Days was set for 5 p. Rn., after a preliminary conversation with foreign minister count Galeazzo Clano at 4 so saw Clano yesterday too. Dinner tonight the Only social event arranged for the visitor a a dinner to be nazi scuttling will be probed slate department seeks details of incident off coast of puerto Rico Reich to Lessen danger to scandinavian ships it agrees to policy to relax action continued on a Tui George it at Buckingham Palace a a we he fir it., a a a a he rn., i Veteran Eastern senator Washington myrrh la. I pm a the state department today sought details of the scuttling of the 5.8mt-ton German merchant a on Ribbentrop m8n Hannover which was reported overtaken by a British Cruiser Between puerto Rico and the j dominican Republic Well within j the Western hemisphere neutrality tone. Conflicting report of exactly what occurred caused the department to look for precise information before taking any position in the matter it was expected however that if the British admiralty san a nou Cement of the scuttling Cor Ary of the second Busy Day. President Roose Elf personal it Jaq end 24 years of service Vest Igustor spent in the British capital. Formal talks with prime Washington. March it minister Chamberlain and for a the retirement of senator Fred Elan Secretary lord Halifax a it Rick Hale a Meson will end j responded to the facts is Ascer to follow. A record of family service in the trained by the state department discussing the possible results Senate stretching Back 88 years one of three courses might be of the conferences the London i his Grandfather served in the taken depending upon where the Aill. ? to i pres was polite hut Frank. Their j Senate during the civil War. freighter was sunk comment a summed up by the it father a a senator during the j Manion official Dally mail Spanish american War and Hale if the scuttling occurred closer a the visibility was decidedly i entered the Senate during the to the dominican Republic than poor and glimpses even of the j world War. He w ill not he a to puerto Rico the Republic officers indicted for bootlegging new Vork March la. A t,pi�?4 sergeant of new Lark state police a former sheriff of Rockland minty the game Warden of the county and 40 of Liers were indicted today in what the government described As a million Dollar Bootleg conspiracy. Former Nili Riff John e. Cook of Haer Traw Frank Manton also of Haverstraw. Who a Cooke a Deputy Harold j. It inn a state trooper and Everett Knapp the county game Warden were among those indicted. Cook who a sheriff from 1984 to Dwa i Deputy and the police sergeant wets alleged to have been on the payroll of an illicit liquor Syndicate which defrauded the government of in liquor taxes through the operation of it illicit stills in Rockland and Dri Inge counties. Oslo. March la. I a the newspaper after Noaten said today it had Learned on the highest authority that Germany had agreed to a policy which will Lessen the War danger to scandinavian shipping the first step in this was tile reported agreement by Germany not to attack norwegian shit which do not sail in convoys presumably to British ports or which journey Between Neutral ports. The scandinavian nations generally and Norway in particular have suffered heavy shipping losses through the War at sea same treatment conference still in Progress Odds 2 to i for Success Stockholm mar. La. Up a Scandinavia held hic Hopes today that a pea agreement would be reach Between Finland and soy Russia in their three and on half month conflict. Newspapers were Unar j Mous in expressing belief the la peace agreement was be at hand but there was no it inflation that a decision a rally had been reached. The finnish delegation we went to Moscow last week a i ported this morning to have i for Boma with the peace Cartons by Way of Stockholm. The men failed to arrive i swede concluded they still w j conferring in the Kremlin. The belief was erne i informed qua question of peace or Contin War now a final decision and the. I nou Neemen can be up. Any time. Axis Guarante the possibility that Gertie and Italy might guarantee a r Man finnish peace a report meanwhile in the stand Nav pre. Finland a negotiators were s really assumed to have a i guarantees and it a exp that the finnish Public fearful a a finn la would or on Assurance against renewed Viet attack of the present to tie Are ended. Report of a to Ibl Fin swedish norwegian defense or however were regarded kept by in lamented qua some observers said ternary guarantee Finland wet want with a peace sen Lent would tie a demilitarized z along the revised Frontier w full Opportunity to reconstruct a defences. I. A new karelian isthmus b Der leaving Vii Puri on the f dish Side but placing a Large i of the manner Helm line in r Mian territory. Asks i if islands 2. Retention by Russia of i by in the Gulf of Finland but Hanko port on the souths tip of Finland and the far no pm Peta Amo area remaining Finland. Her than a Juliun guarantee. Report maid would be in add menu swedish Public opinion a immediate future Are Apt to be Ali fax entertains tonight lord Halifax will entertain the american undersecretary of state at dinner. Tomorrow he will lunch with sir John Sinton Chancellor of the sex of tinted on rage Loo Germany holding Back on peace statement candidate for re election in no j might notify the president of pan vember i a who acts a Liaison official a Twenty four year in the sen a for the 21 american Republica in ate la Long Bald the dealing with neutrality questions i i finnish Force Anil were soft spoken new englander and consultations among the Rem to "1r russian army Photic Hose speckled Gray suit matches j Public might then begin. Meting with undiminished fury i bristling hair. A it will he j if the ship was sunk closer to ?4ii la us better if some younger Man take puerto Rico the United state j Iliah a dared might notify the president of i on one aide the finns were Panama i of Ihu to soviet Russia had Nam or. Both governments might act her Price on the other they together. I teemed that red army bombers in any Case the notification a a in had bombed civilian Pupil would envisage an eventual protest to the belligerents. Moscow radio hinted it might be far from ended. Perplexed finns gathered that the Moscow negotiations might have hit a Snag. On one Side was the surprising _ new. A of a. i Over Charlotte High school legation on the other report crude russian fug Waves my Sharon Springs ka., March apr two Ami flier a j. Devereux Myers Aud corp. Maurice e. Melvin crashed Iii Dame Iii the wild fog shrouded Hill country Southwest if Here last night and Weir killed. Myers body nits buried under the glowing wreckage and a almost cremated. Melvin a thrown Clear hut i Baxly a badly turned and Iii clothe Wert seared away. My ers it a Jet. The ship a ail \-17-a Type sort Iii up Low Wing attack monoplane. Enro Ute from Albuquerque a my a to i Ory Field Denver their be Myers radioed the Trinidad colo., air Mirt a turn by mile due West of Trinidad. We re hitting soup and in a turning a a soup is flying men s language for fog. Herlin March 11.�? it the prevailing impression in Berlin today a that Germany would Mark time on atty move of her own in connection with tile Fin Nash russian peace Alk pending definite word on he co Ursa of the Moscow negotiations uncertainty and silence characterized the Berlin visit of per Evind former president of Finland. He a reported to have had several a a private conversation with germans but with no top rank officials. Ii i. Tit to Rome in finnish quarters it was said he Likely would go on to Rome for talks with Premier Mussolini but the time of departure was undecided. Adolf hitlers Quot on to let Oryx speech yesterday in Observance of germans memorial Day contained no reference to the Fin Nash Russlan situation. It was rather a proclamation of Undy the Zeu Ghaus military museum whose Wall were lined with tanks and guns and other trophies of the polish Campaign. A your Only reply can he the greatest pledge of ail times on to Victory a Pale governor Grants reprieves to Durham negro murderer lations. Terms of the russian proposals were not disclosed and the finnish announcement made Clear continued on la be two Charlotte. March Abs the Flag of red Russia Wared Over Central High school Hen Early today. It a the work of a prankster and. When he took it Down. Janitor k. Ii. Fra Man did not even notice that Lite a acid White cloth Quot carried crudely drawn Hammer and sickle in fact lie turned it Over to an assistant who began using it for a dust cloth. It was regarded probable her that the same treatment would to any safeguards to finnish be accorded swedish danish and Curtly contained in a peace a possibly ail Neutral shipping. Under the new agreement the after Noaten said ships bringing j any new attack on Finland Coal to Norway Are in no rate event of a settlement it was Fen to be attacked and the cargoes amounts to a tacit guarantee of ail ships not moving under Convoy of they a comply with International Law a will he cheeked before any action is taken against them. The newspaper said that orders to this effect already had been sent to All German Subj situation Marine commands. The Ger j resentment Man Promise was said to have been Given to the Halvorsen. One of Norway a leading shipping men and former president of the norwegian shipowners association. When he visited Berlin recently to negotiate with the Admiral a on behalf of the association. The opinion Here is that Germany s move was prompted by strained relations with Norway Over recent numerous sinking of norwegian ships. Germany previously had warn continued on Page two Raleigh. March 11. Up a us Vernor Hoey Gate a 80-Day reprieve today to Archie Clifford Stevens and j. B Murray sen tended in Durham county to be executed Friday for murder. Paroles commissioner Edwin Hitler looked paler Ami More j a Jujj Saj j respite was granted solemn than usual. Gray uni-1 q0 permit further study of the form Barren of insignia offer a Man try conditions of the men. De a Sharp contrast to the glib a their new death Date a set As Terling uniforms of his audience. I Mwasi. Fuehrer Roosevelt discusses enlarged farm benefits with congressional group swedish assistance should a Aion arise again. There was growing indicate of anger in Sweden and Norw meanwhile Over tile attitude the Western Power toward i role of Scandinavia in the final appeared at roil pal t i r to in Klyr Over accusations the i coat tailed on a k. Ult a a Perley facing extradition Silver shirt Leader goes before District of Collun Hia court tomorrow Barkley say no derision ? will be made i Nti Iii underlining the fuehrer a declarations was an announcement j yesterday by the High command a that a tenth of great Britain s j Tanker Fleet had been destroyed. Authorized sources said there Quot i to vol no flit ii in a reported plan for Italy and Germany to guarantee the finnish stale after peace has been restored Between Moscow and Helsinki. They declined to comment on foreign minister von Ribben Murray and Stephens were con a the question of additional tax doted of the robbery slaying of j is to finance enlarged benefits a. M snipe at a Durham to it for banners was discussed at a Bacco warehouse september 22, j White House conference today i ass. I Between president Roosevelt and congressional leaders. Senator Barkley Tob the majority Leader said tile Propri Atlon committee. Offsetting previous appropriation econ Troitte taxes Are filed homies the increase boosted the farm fund to about the billion w Arrington March 11. I a i Dollar level. Tug struggle against Germany strop audience today with Pope enemies a a imperialist England pin Xii and on repeated Conand facts Between German officials a the world desire our Disso and monsignor Cesare Orsenigo the fuehrer told 600 in papal Nuncio to Berlin in recent \ it d guests in the courtyard of week. Photos Short coh use Raleigh March i to police officials and identification experts from Charlotte. Winston a in. Wilson. Raleigh Tarboro and other places started a five Day Short course for police photographers at North Carolina state College today. A Story of democracy Quot will be found on Tope i Bree. Barkley s reply apparently presupposed Senate approval of the increase advised extra Reven e tile president repeatedly has remanded Congress that any appropriation tor farm payment beyond his budget should be a question came up a in a general i companies by extra Revenue. Way Quot at the regular monday morning Parley of Senate and House leaders at the w Hite House. No decisions were made Barkley added. The Senate Leader said he Felt confident the House would approve the 8309,793,584 addition j made to the agriculture approx plication Bill by the Senate a Bat Kiev said today however that there probably would he no decision on the tax question until March 15 income tax returns were in and a More Complete picture of Revenue thereby made available. Attending the conference at the White House today in addition to Barkley were vice president gainer. Speaker Bankhead anti House majority Lender Rayburn. Barkley said that the discussion also touched on such items As the Hatch politics Bill he National labor Hoard inquiry and other congressional problems but i fjan a Ninotti ago Washington March la. I a William Dudley Pellet whose Silver i Region has of denounced by the Dies commit tee As fascistic is sched tied go before chief Justice Alfr a. Wheat in Federal distr court tomorrow for a hearing determine whether he should returned to North Carolina. North Carolina authorities they want Heller for a violator of probation. He has been Fie under 12,600 Bond fixed Short after District of Columbia poll took him into custody Here mor he declined to give details. Lavs aside Saj i Arkle at the Capitol. She Senate appeared ready to Lay aside its squabble Over the Hatch Bill to further prohibit previous political activities in order to take up the i farm appropriation Hill. Senator Mead a. N. A suggested that pending legislation to broaden the Hatch act be rewrite k entente suspended John c. Conliff. Or. Special assistant to the United states Ai. Torney said Colley had been con Vin eel of violating North Caro Lina so Blue sky Law Hilt a execution of his sentence from one to two years had to suspended for ave years on Cor Aln probationary conditions. J was charged he added that a Orr of these conditions had been Vic ten to provide Merit systems for state employee paid partly front lated. Federal funds. J Conliff expected the hear the pending measure would to he conducted As scheduled to forbid political activity by state Morrow he said t. Edward o employees who receive part of their j Connel attorney for Pelley a Ion. Of Page two j often extradition

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