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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina J Pui cd l a a f Lonj to by Forres Cates Well its happened again. Another crop of sprouts has found itself a Mark of identification making me All the More aware of my own deprived youth. The thing this new crowd has is called i done to have to Tell you what that is because if there is one ounce of red blood in your veins you already have Eye Strain from looking at naked hides traipsing Cross your television screens. I Don t mean just one or two naked hide but whole Bunches with both ladies and gentlemen inside running around the nations campuses right in front of the police and everybody. Of course being past the streaking age by any definition of the word i am not taking a position for or against this new Art form. It does recall to my mind however one of my mothers famous old sayings to which i resort in time of great stress. She used to say a everybody to their own tastes said the old lady As she kissed the cow a which also applies to loping through the cacti in the Buff i figure. But i do think that it is unfair that the Young people today Are Able to reach Heights in identifying themselves that were denied the youngsters of 30 years ago. Before streaking there was crowding into a Volkswagen started i suspect by the Volkswagen people to boost business to see who could cram in the most people. H e never could have done a thing like that in my Day a and not just for the reason that nobody had a car of any kind to Croud into much less a Volkswagen. Boys and girls did t get that close except maybe in the driven Between intermissions when the car windows were fogged. And before car getting into there was protesting which allowed students to raise All sorts of hell on Campus including busting the Dean in the Mouth As Long As they could think up a Good reason for being angry. Either protesting was too hard or they got tired of punching out the Dean but anyway the kids finally gave up protesting except at Home. In another Era students established their identity in the adult world by swallowing live Gold fish. I am sort of glad i missed that one because i have trouble swallowing a dead Oyster much less a live fish. But anyway i have to admit that even swallowing fish was better than what my generation is remembered for a just those Damn Peg legged pants and Brown and White Saddle shoes. Being in the news reporting business i naturally have an interest in current events which of course includes streaking. But you certainly Are not going to catch me out on no Campus waiting for no coed to Streak or do anything else naked. There just ainu to no Way that i could convince anybody that i u As a reporter doing his Job and not just a run of the Mill dirty old Man. What has happened Here with this streaking business is that another meaning to a word has been added to the dictionary. Its like the lady at the grocery store was telling me the other Day. Seems she and her husband had joined the biking fad another bit of to foolishness by purchasing a two seater Bike. She was telling a Young male customer about How much fun they had had on the Bike the previous weekend. A we just streaked All Over town a she gushed. She of course had not reckoned with the new meaning for the word the customer almost went into hysterics. However you May feel about coeducational nakedness you must consider that it could be worse. Like in the news account last week about the Chap with the strange taste. He accost women in the Park and asks for the time when the unsuspecting victim raises her Arm to look at her watch the scoundrel grasps her hand and bites off her Finger nails. Now that is Tacky. Allen Jay Pat the Allen Jay school Pat will meet monday at 7 30 . Election of officers will be held in addition to a joint meeting with the Community residents to elect two members of the school advisory committee. Needlework the High Point arts Council is holding an open House today for an exhibit of needlework which is on display in the arts Council office in the North Carolina National Bank building during the month of March. The exhibit is being sponsored by the arts Council and the old needlework shop. A meeting of the tar Heel needlework Guild will be held at the arts Council office March 14 at to a in. Demonstration programs about needlework will be Given by mrs. John Entwistle on March 23-24 and by mrs. Ginnie Thompson on March 26. Some 30 pieces of original and interpretative needlework Are displayed in the exhibit. Trinity reunion Trinity graduates of the Trinity High school class of 1964 Are planning a reunion this year and any graduates students United by Streak week Bottoms bared at High Point College by Cathy Packer a Enterprise staff writer student apathy died last week on the High Point College Campus. And while it will probably Bloom again soon the students definitely will not forget a the week of the a for one time the whole school is together. For one time the dorm is empty a observed one retired pc Streaker. A Why you can to get anyone to go to a concert it is the opinion of four streakers a two male and two female a that streaking is the Best thing that Ever hit the Campus. Why do they run around in the dark without clothes a a it a for our own enjoyment. Its crowd psychology. Frustration. Ifs and perhaps because All the a a big schools did it. The streakers agree it has been a proud week for pc. A for a school like High Point is incredible a one said. While their streaking turnout Only reached Between 30 and 35, compared with hundreds of streakers at some of figured that they were streaking at a definite disadvantage. First of All. There is no sense in trying to disguise yourself with any sort of mask. According to the streakers there Are no adequate disguises on the Small pc Campus. Everyone knows everyone else. Everyone knows they streaked. But they Are proud Happy and in a thursday afternoon interview plotting. One Young Man seemed to be the head of the streaking movement. He was Busy planning the Friday night Streak a right after the Moose Lodge dance. It was to be the grand finale of streaking there. Earlier streaks sprouted up independently and then merged. After several nights of streaking the sport is getting a bit old they admitted but while the girls had retired the Fellows were certain they could get a a psyched for Friday. A it s a lot harder for a girl to get psyched one explained. But then her one night streaking career was marred by getting locked out the larger universities they 0f the dormitory a without Wilson quickens Campaign Pace who have not been contacted or who have any information concerning the other graduates Are asked to Contact Barbara Lockhart 431-3316 Jill Hill 431-4772 or Barbara Mizzi 431-2044. Rte classes set Asheboro classes in decoupage and antiquing will begin this week at Randolph. Technical Institute. The decoupage class will meet monday from 6 30 . To 9 30 the class will last seven weeks. The antiquing and Tole design class will meet tuesdays from 6 30 . Until 9 30 ., and also will last seven weeks. Classes will be held at the Home of the instructor mrs. Helen Rich of 1632 Shamrock Road ext. In Asheboro. First Aid course Lexington a course in a Standard first Aid and personal safety will begin wednesday at Davidson county Community College. The red Cross approved class will meet each wednesday from 7-10 . For five session in room 20 of. The Sinclair building. The course is designed to meet All conditions in compliance of occupational safety and health act standards for employees or supervisors knowledge of safety and first Aid procedures. Persons completing the course will receive official red Cross certification. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer Henry Hall Wilson who is seeking the democratic nomination for the United states Senate seat now held by sen Sam j. Ervin jr., moved his Campaign for recognition among the voters into a higher gear this weekend. An eight Page tabloid newspaper Section extolling Wilson and his past ties with the White House during the administration of president Kennedy and president Johnson was to appear in several North Carolina newspapers today. Reportedly prepared by the Washington political advertising and consultant firm of Allen and Hamilton the tabloid Marks the Start of a Strong advertising Effort by Wilson Over the next two weeks to increase his name recognition among voters. Less than two months from the May 7 primary election Date. Wilson a move portends a faster Pace of political Campaign activity in the coming weeks. The major political Battle is Between Wilson. Atty. Gen. Robert Morgan and former congressman Nick Galifianakis for the democratic nomination for the Senate. Each will be politicking in Raleigh next saturday when democrats gather for their annual Jefferson Jackson Day dinner. Sen. Henry Jackson of Washington regarded As a contender for the democratic nomination for president in 1976, will be the principal speaker. Republicans were left without a major primary election Battle for the Senate nomination when state sen. Hamilton Horton of Winston Salem withdrew his candidacy just before state rep. Cases set for court this week judge Sammie chess or. Will preside next week in High Point Over a criminal session of Superior court. The Calendar contains cases against 49 defendants and has cases set through thursday. Among the cases on Mon Days docket Are John Roberts charged with murder John Quick assault with intent to commit rape Maggie Little accessory after the fact of assault with intent to commit rape Robert Walton Childs manslaughter and Michael Parrish first degree burglary. Tuesdays Calendar shows Geraldine Christine Miller charged with murder Richard c. Robbins rape and first degree burglary Steve Hopkins Charles Lee Cannon Benjamin c. Hopkins and Hubert Teal jr., All charged with armed robbery. The most serious Case on wednesdays docket is Helen Viella Phiffer charged with murder other cases on next weeks docket include forgery larceny and breaking and entering. William Stevens of Lenoir. Announced his. Stevens is expected to win the Republican nomination handily in the primary Over two other lesser known candidates. Below the Senate races candidates Are beginning to stir in their campaigns for the general Assembly boards of county commissioners and sheriff. Legislators Are already looking anxiously toward and. Joum ment of the general Assembly by april i so they can return Home to Campaign in the primary races. All of the incumbents in the Guilford county legislative delegation of seven democrats and three republicans Are candidates for re election. No primary will be held in Guilford county for the state Senate. Each party has three candidates for the three Guilford Senate seats. Both democrats and republicans will have primaries however to select each party a seven candidates for the state House. Eight republicans Are seeking the nomination to the state House while the democrats have to candidates in the House primary race. One of those democratic candidates Mark Mcdaniel or. Of High Point last week took Issue with a proposal by state sen. Phil Godwin Democrat of Gates county. Godwin has introduced a Bill to require newspapers to print the replies of people who have been a a assailed in the news or editorial columns of a paper. A this legislation is dangerously Radical because ostensibly it looks fair but in reality it could be used to intimidate the press from see Wilson on 3a her clothes a and by being surrounded in a car with five other female streakers by a crowd of spectators. She laments the double Standard at pc which she considers another disadvantage of the Small school. A everything happens so fast a she continued. There is no embarrassment As Long As you keep running a but girls can to keep up without bringing up the a a in a obviously not the most modest person around but it was embarrassing when people followed me into the courtyard and i was. Locked according to these streakers who wore Only Tennis shoes for better traction. The Only problems were caused by spectators. They reported entire families with Small children driving to the Campus to watch and cruising police cars spotlighting nude students posed on top of cars. There were complaints from nearby residents about the noise and a massive traffic Jam but they done to feel those things were their fault. They merely want to be left alone to a a a harmless Streak without any ruckus a freshman cited last weekend As the most Lively one he a seen at pc. A senior said there Hasni to been so much excitement since Ai panty raid held her freshman year. Changing warrant wording not intended to harm rights by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer chief District court judge e. D. Kuykendall or. Has said that there was no deliberate intent to a jeopardize anyone a rights when a magistrate and two Guilford county deputies changed the wording on a search warrant after it had already been served. Judge Kuykendall who. Supervises the magistrates said that upon learning of the incident he began an investigation and interviewed the parties involved. He said that he Learned through the interviews that. A on Jan. 9, 1974, at 3 10 ., a search warrant which had been prepared by magistrate s. M. Mattocks who went off duty at 4 ., was delivered to Deputy sheriff k of Leonard a that thereafter at or about 3 55 pm. Officers Leonard and Grady Bryant served the warrant and obtained a certain Quantity of drugs from a 1969 Chevrolet automobile belonging to Jimmy Wayne Motsinger a thereafter at about 7 20 p a return was noted on the warrant and delivered to the magistrates office. The executed search warrant was returned to magistrate i. B. Walker in High Pont who had come on duty at 4 . A deputies Leonard and Bryant searched the car with the warrant which was issued by magistrate Mattocks but which did not contain an addition to said warrant made by magistrate Walker to include the car. This addition was made after the warrant had been served and search made a i have concluded that such action with particular reference to the magistrate was improper and that it was done either through inadvertence on the part of the magistrate who was not informed according to my in formation that the warrant had been served at the time he made the addition about the car or through a Lack of knowledge As to the consequence of his act. A a i further conclude that there was not any deliberate intent on the part of any of the above a that is magistrate Walker or the deputies to jeopardize anyone s rights although i am of the opinion that since All of them were experienced in Law enforcement and procedures they should have known better than to attempt to justify any actions by an addition to a warrant which addition did not originally appear thereon a this does not constitute any excuse for altering in any Way by any magistrate a warrant signed by another magistrate nor does it constitute any justification for any magistrate altering any warrant in any manner whatsoever after it has been served. The preferable practice in a matter such As this is to Start Over and prepare a new warrant before it is served regardless of the amount of typing and trouble which May be involved a i do not have administrative authority Over any Deputy sheriff which is the province of the sheriff of Guilford county nor Over any assistant Public defender nor assistant District attorney. This office however does have administrative control Over magistrates. Notwithstanding that fact this office will Issue a memoranda to ail magistrates prescribing procedures to be followed in the future with regard to writing of such As a result of the altered search warrant charges against Motsinger which resulted from drugs being found in his care were nol be changing on 3ah g h p 0 i n t n t e r p r i s sunday morning March to 1974. Page 2a zooming rears Are just Plain ugly the morality or immorality of a a streaking does no to bother me because i done to even think about it. Frankly i belong to the seeming minority of people who Are tired of picking up the newspaper or turning on the television and seeing Bare Bottoms on Parade. Right or wrong moral or immoral the zooming rears Are just Plain ugly. In be always held to the theory that if everyone went around nude then the forbidden wonderful attraction would become people in clothes. As it is advertise that a Bunch of students Are going to run naked around the Campus and the professors townspeople and alumni flock in Masse to see the sights. One College official remarked that if people turned out for basketball games like they be turned out for the streaking the athletic program would be in great shape. Another spokesman at Elon College said she had never seen so Many alumni return to the Campus As when the students announced a streaking. Maybe i have a warped sense of humor but i can to for the life of me see anything humorous in the. Streaking. Conversely when i think of them a Wordin the flashes through my mind All lit up sick. I think that anyone Over four and a half who finds a great Delight in running around nude in a Public place is some kind of sick. Second in line for being crowned with this term Are the people who run out to the campuses to get a Good look at them. Personally i would rather see a Parade of nude two year Olds. There is really something fetching about a j baby a Bottom. But a string of adults supposedly trying for the same effect sorry but there s no comparison. I had a very interesting conversation with someone concerning the streaking. The person thought like Many other people that the streaking Are just an indication of Spring exuberance among the collegiate. He thought that they were fantastically funny and refreshing. I made the comment that i did no to see How there could Ever by another arrest for indecent exposure if these students Are allowed the privilege of running around Stark naked. A but a he protested a a there a a difference. There a nothing indecent about the students streaking around by Faye Marks with Nice spontaneous thoughts beforehand. He said that i twisted things around like most women. It s the old game of changing the rules of society to fit the occasion of you Uke the occasion then anything goes teachers and students. And there lies the Crux of the matter to me. Of College students set this precedent and example the Junior High and senior High students Are going to want to try it too. So where do you draw the line As officials of Junior High and senior High schools according to him indecent exposure is indecent Only when its done with malice aforethought when the person has indecent thoughts beforehand. Supposedly the people arrested for indecent exposure plan it mean it in a lewd manner and should be punished. He went on further to say that showing one part of the body in that manner is surefire indecent but that there is nothing indecent about being completely nude in Public. Its exposure he says but not indecent. His reasoning then i said lies in the fact that anything is Okay if it is done spontaneously a it s Okay and All right and can attest there Are enough a lot of fun. It would probably if you wanted to think about it make looting after a fire Okay. It would be done spontaneously if no one thought of stealing the merchandise before the fire. It be like someone breaking into a place with the intention of stealing the person i had the conversation with you might have guessed lives at my address. We share the same name but hardly Ever the same opinions. But it makes life interesting far More i would think than being married to someone who echoed my every sentiment he hastens to say that he does no to approve of the streaking but says that he still put them in the same classification with indecent can and do i agree with the school principal who suspended a Junior High school student for streaking through the gym in front of problems connected with keeping the schools smoothly operating now without having to contend with naked students running around too. Would you suspend a student for the Possession of marijuana but clap and laugh when he runs through the Halls in the nude you can agree with my husbands Point of View if you want to but maybe you a better not voice your opinion if you done to. He a still glancing the blows of the angry women who Are mad about his review of the movie a the Way we he said that Robert Redford was pallid and that there was no intensity of emotion in the movie. That statement in spite of the fact that women i came out in tears and some sobbed outright j he did t like Robert red Jford. He did no to like the movie. Now there s indecency Hor you a

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