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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High to j it Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Friday March to 1939 weather North Carolina Cloudy tonight and saturday with occasional rain somewhat warmer in extreme West portion tonight and extreme West extreme North portions saturday winds Hatteras to Jacksonville moderate Northeast and East winds and partly overcast weather tonight and saturday occasional rain Over extreme North portion Sandy Hook to Hatteras a moderate North shifting to Northeast or East winds increasing by saturday. And overcast weather tonight and saturday. Rain saturday and Over extreme South portion late tonight. Charlotte Mardi to map a official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Inin the principal Cotton growing area and i whirr h i of All station h. A a .�8 38 00 . M a of Augusta. J j Ujj Birmingham. 78 f a in. 72 52 of Charlotte. J g Chicago. 80 a a 2 2 or Fott .38 28 00 kans Ile. A 42 .10 Galveston. A a 82 Jujj Greensboro. 3 Hatteras. 88 2 a a s Hlatt e Rock. Jas pm and be a. 70 52 of is is amp. 2 so Mobile. 78 38 a a a a re a a 2 a san Antonio. A j8 san franc Taco. M a Spartanburg. La 2 no Tampa a. 88 a a Washington. 74 56 of Wilmington a 78 a w no Force Between for and War claims Bone continued from ism i cd Tai w Ould be operative in any referendum. A a if the people want to pay the Price of War of they want to vote for it. Even god can t save them from their stupidity Quot Bone retorted. The committee debate was Horn of a suggestion from Stephen Kanahe Buah former chief investigator for the Senate munitions committee that Congress act up a Public commission to consult with the president on foreign policy. Ii Foshen Bush said these was a general lath of understanding of what the nations foreign policy is. This question he Caid was involved in the proposal being considered by the committee to spend $5,000,000 for Harbor improvements at Guam a step considered in Nome Quarter As Likely to anger Japan. Senator Gillette cont need that such a commission could have no official Powers. Walsh said to thought that from a practical standpoint foreign policy now rented in the hands of the president and the state department. Meanwhile a $38 ,#00 naval Public works Bill authorizing 4 4 projects won unanimous approval of the House naval affairs committee. In studying the Guam project the Senate naval committee ought new information on whether Japan has prepared some of her mandated islands in the Pacific for emergency military use Carolinas i Hie show. I Are i to s i it in Holt a a strange taxi of or. A Lead a Porky Pic Daffy Duck a Loc Paloska t Mordy Novelty Rialto it Charles Starrett in a Tsoi j ii or Arizona Quot Schoch elected chairman of municipal Board of election registration Rooks to open april i filing headline for candidates april la or. A. A Beittel kiwanis speaker Guilford collage professor tolls of hangers to democracy Arch a Schoch local attorney was elected chairman of tile High Point municipal Hoard of elections at an organization meeting of the new Board held Here this morning a it 4. I. Beittel of Guilford at la of clock. College addressed the kiwanis the oath of office was admin-1 club at its meeting at noon today estered to or. Schoch and j. F. At the Elwood hotel. Powers the other democratic or. Beittel told his audience member by n. M. Cate Justice that he Felt there was no serious of the peace. Danger of communism invading the third member of the. America at the present time. But Hoard Willis Slane Republican j that fascism could make inroads on a european tour at this time far More easily today. Was not present. Or Powers was Revenue department s representative to Aid filers of income tax a representative of the infernal Revenue department will in at 100111 a Joi of tile local kist office on tuesday March i i for Tho purpose of aiding local citizens in filling out i Hen income tax returns it was Learned today from postmaster s. A Clark who received word to that effect from c. It. Robertson of Greensboro collector of internal Revenue. By persons who wish Aid in the filling out of their income tax Blanks May Call by room 200 on March i i and Assis Tamee will lie gladly Given. Named Secretary. Louis j. Fisher Secretary of the Guilford county elections Board which chose the members of the local Board at a meeting in Greensboro tuesday of till week gave the new organization preliminary instructions for the biennial municipal primary and general election which will he held Here this Spring. Germany with its sober and sensible population became a fascist nation As the result of Post War conditions he added. After War problems made the German people desperate. Thy shunned democracy because the allies who had imposed tremendous hardships on them represented democracy. They found it impossible to carry on under the regime that had prevailed prior to the War As a re judges and registrars for Tho suit group opposed group and it precincts of the City will be hatred bullied a Strong foothold selected by the Board one week played a prominent role in to before the Date of the primary a Utica movements set by Law at april 18. The Freist movement he added. Chairman Schoch announced had capable leaders and attracted that registration books will be the working people. When the opened for the primary on april 4, to remain open through april 17. Books will be kept open at polling places yet to be designated on the two saturdays occurring within that period. At All other times they will be Kepi at the Homes of the registrars. One week after the Date of the primary that is april 25 the books will reopen for registrations for the election. They will remain open during this second registration period one week. Candidates for office Are required under election Lawn to file on or before april la the chairman said. The election will be held May 2. President Hacha fires Premier to halt move t hit Micil from Page i Hora ousted with him. Economics minister Jan Ruzsinski and labor minister Ferdinand Dur Chan by. Also were under police supervision although none yet had been arrested formally. Andor Henke German charge d affaires Here was reliably said to have informed or. Frantisek Tia Lutusky foreign minister of the reiterated government that Germany regarded the Slovakia Issue As purely Czecho Slovakia a Domestic concern. Martin Sokol chairman of the slovak parliament reached Prague from Bratislava and consulted immediately with czechoslovak Premier Rudolf reran and would be to keep Karl Sider slovak representative in the Central government. Slovak affairs were carried on by minister Josef Teplansky pending return of the newly appointed Premier. Steak who was called Back from a journey to Rome where he was going for the Coronation of Pope Pitts Xii Prague authorities said Radi Ells appeared to he gaining headway with their demands for Independence and that it was necessary to dispatch troops Ami police into Slovakia. The Prague government spokesmen said they were bringing the situation Well under control. Professor Alois Tuka. I Aller of the slovak Independence movement and a no Mach chief of i the slovak Quot propaganda service. Were arrested. Premier designate Sivak was appointed by the Central government in the belief by would promote the objective of a Central government living at peace with the slovaks. Sivak was in route to Rome to the Coronation of Pope plus Xii Aud was not at once informed of the sudden turn of events. An official statement declared that during the last few Days Mach with the Aid of unruly elements took advantage of weakness of the Tiso government to Start a propaganda Campaign directed against Unity of the czechoslovak Republic with the idea of an Independent Slovakia. Slovakia since the Munich agreement last september has had an autonomous administration in local matters but the czechoslovak National regime at Prague controlled the administration of International affairs. A or Hacha or Elded upon direct action toward ending difficulties Between the two governments last night after extended negotiations failed to clarify the situation. A presidential decree explained there were no changes in the Prague government and that even the slovak representative in the Central government. Karl is Dor remained in office. Anti czech and anti jewish demonstrations were reported in Slovakia last night. At Malacca the demonstrations were raid to have developed into attacks on jewish shops. In other slovak cities they were confined to Trent displays. Edgar Allan Roe once lived on boiled dandelions for nine Days when he was out of funds. Palace theatre Salem Street Ujiro Tabu. Thomasville Comini tomorrow renegade Ranger a huh Ako i a born a Al o in 4 and comedy Las 1 i pcs i ii tax a illegal traffic a hich Mir Carlisi Kani Iai a Charuk admission Adi its 15c 2 for 25c children. Jolt. Exc let s a Rda the fascists ultimately took Over the government they first destroyed parliamentary procedure and then banished civil liberties. Later they began step by step the building up of militarism. In America Liberty has been a tradition for 150 years but there Are certain things occurring today that Are thought provoking and which must be Given serious consideration he said. One is that after six years of the new Deal Many persons feel they cannot be their Way out of the nation s manifold problems. Another Factor is the unbelievable poverty which exists in the wealthiest country in the world. With All the experimenting or. Beittel said. The National debt has increased by leaps and Bounds unemployment and poverty still exist. In America today a continued there Are several political organizations which while they May not represent a great Deal of Power at the present time May someday prove of considerable significance in the scheme of things. A multitude of despair about the future of democracy prevails today the speaker said. Dislikes and prejudices prevail in America. Too. But there Are certain Steps that might be taken to prevent fascism from taking a permanent foothold in this nation. One step would be to find an adequate solution to today s economic problems. Another would tie to counteract the prevailing attitude that preparation for War is a necessity. A third step would he to preserve personal liberties and a fourth the United states out of War. Democracy i always endangered during a War he declared. The program today was in charge of John Siceloff and to. H Kearns. Guests included s. A. Larder of High Point Paul Bun by of Jamestown John d. Rodey of Charlotte and Kiwan Lan a. P. Mulligan of Greensboro. A new kiwanis Flag was displayed for the first time at today s meeting House turns Down lift in advertising continued from Page i Neill amendment said that a if there is any class poorly paid by the state it is the National guard this is a meagre selfish and unjustified Mcneill urged a a let a not Short charge the defense boys we May need them most any Pickens of Guilford assailed the proposed in crease contending a Elf there a a place we can Cut without hurting anybody it s Here. House members a they favor Economy but they done to on any of their pet projects. The Anions then approved without change the allotments in the appropriations Bill for the utilities commission insurance commissioner labor department Industrial commission and conservation and development departments. The Senate passed 27 local Hills in a hurry us it cleared decks to Start action on lie biennial Revenue Bill passed in the House yesterday. The Senate elections turned Over to a sub committee with instructions to report Back tuesday. The House passed Hill to Rcpt a1 Absentee voting Laws for primaries and tighten regulations in general elections. The Gro a will also make clarifying change in a Bill to permit split ticket voting. A House judiciary committee favourably reported a substitute till i which would prohibit transportation of More than one gallon of whisky into dry counties and make Possession of More than a gallon Prima Facie evidence of having whisky for Sale. Commercial a n d Industrial Banks locked horns before the Senate banking committee on Hills to give Industrial Banks the right to do commercial banking business. The Industrial banker favored u Bill giving them More commercial banking privileges than those proposed in measures backed by the commercial Bankers. No action on the measures was taken. Upon motion of representative Ward of a Raven tile House speaker who is occupying a chair on the floor during consideration of the appropriations Bill by the committee of the whole Ralph w. Met Donald a former legislator who barely missed winning the gubernatorial nomination in i 0a6. Was extended the courtesies of the House Many members arose and applauded As representative Bryant of our a in presiding As chairman of the committee recognized Mcdonald. Does no to say whether he wants More continued from Page one the chief executive has Homes in both counties. He said that the 30,000 Al ens Cut off the Rolls in accordance with restrictions imposed by Congress in the last Relief Bill had been replaced by citizens who were on the waiting lists. Those erroneously on the Rolls. He declared Are there for several reasons including 1. Persons who Nave received income through family connections or from some other source after the first qualified for Relief and who have not notified officials of their Independent income 2. Those who Are working and have failed to report thai fact to the spa. 3. A Small percentage of persons who get on the Rolls through making false statements. Or. Roosevelt declared that the Rolls were constantly being gone Over in an Effort to eliminate those persons who should not be on them. Or. Roosevelt has asked for an add tonal $150,000,000 to operate spa until july i by has indicated the figure might be changed in the Light of latest reports. Senator Byrd a discussing the subject with reporters. Said a there is Only one place that any Money can be saved this year and that is in the Large expenditures not represented in the regular budget such As Byrd pointed out that most budget estimates already had been presented to Congress and that from a practical standpoint thic made it More difficult to obtain reductions. He indicated nevertheless tha Economy advocates later might propose a Blanket percentage Cut. The difficulty that or. Roosevelt would encounter in any attempt to reduce Relief expenditures was highlighted yesterday by a statement from col. F. C. Harrington. Spa administrator that unless Congress grunts ? 150.000.000 by april i he would he forced to begin drastic reductions in Relief Rolls. Mav he itt million he said that the More thai 3,000,000 persons now on the Rolls might have to be reduced to 2.000.000, and that even of Congress voted the $150,000,000, the reduction would have to go Forward at the rate of 150,000 a month. One of the leaders of the Economy movement. Senator Harrison a miss said after a conference at the White House yes t Cid a that or. Roosevelt was a in thorough sympathy with of Fotis to reduce government spend ins if it could he both Harrison and rep. Cooper it i who accompanied him said or. Roosevelt had indicated he planned to cooperate in every Way possible to help Busine. Harrison said there was a flank Exchange of views at the meeting which also a attended by Secretary Morgenthau and undersecretary Hanes of the Treasury. Revision of business taxes was discussed thoroughly Ali Hough Harrison made it Plain that no decisions were reached. He said he doubted that then would be any attempt this year to increase the $45,000,000,000 limitation on the National debt a proposal which Economy advocates expect to make the focal Point of their fight to reduce expenditures. Harrison expressed the View that any shifts in the tax Structure designed to encourage business must be made with the goal of maintaining revenues at their present level. As Congress gave attention again to Relief costs. Senator Barkley of Kentucky the democratic Leader i edified that the Senate would act shortly on the Byrnes Hill to reorganize Public works and increase social secur try payments. Senator Byrnes d-8cactive Iii the Economy bloc and chairman of Hie unemployment committee is author of the Legisla Hon which would create a new Federal department of Public works and require the Stales and their subdivisions to Bear one third of the Cost of federally aided construction. Sex German convict goes on trial for killing u. S. Dancer for profit Versailles March Ion a Eugene Weidmann former German convict marched sol Lens into court today and went on trial for his life charged with the murders of an american dancer. Jean de Hoven of Brooklyn and five other persons for profit. Several women relatives of those he is accused of killing sobbed As Weidmann who Lias confessed five of the playing entered the courtroom. Jammed into the room Wen i t Black Robed lawyers five Rod Robed judges 40 prospective jurors. 84 newspapermen and 150 Spectator judge edouard Laem in presided. First hand impressions of Germany Given by h. Jarrell local attorney Nom Louring fur pc writes Home of his impression of Germany and its treatment of Lite jews first hand impressions of nazi Germany and its be moustached fuehrer come to High Point in a letter written from Nuremberg on february to by Harris h. Jarrell High Point attorney now touring in Europe to the editor of the Enterprise. The letter follows a to the somewhat trite express Sion that a fool and his Money will poll democrats on process is accelerated when he Quot i Townsend pension plan travelling in foreign countries. A i appreciated your request for Washington. March to a word and am delighted to Honor up a poll of democratic go if by this meandering at Burem Gleeman on the Townsend old Berg the town at which emperor ago pension plan was ordered to Charles v ordained that every pm Day by House leaders a a Possi Perot should hold his first diet. J Hie prelude to calling it up for this May be an historical reason a vote. For the gathering Here each year s file democratic whip rep Boot the nazi part Congress. I think land a pay said his assistants that there Are not Many expert would begin checking next week Knees in Europe which provide a on sentiment for or against the More satisfying a thrill than ones scheme which contemplates Ini first walk through the most me position of a 2 per cent tax on die a i of the cities of Europe All transactions to pay for old with ifs old Palace which has been age pensions up to $200 a month standing for More than 1100 years if the poll shows a sizable malts Cathedral and streets Reminda a Ralty of democrats against the Ful of by gone Ages plan and leaders believe it will a yesterday in Dresden i Wasja Poland said a the next logical invited into the Home of a dres a Tep will be to bring the Bill Beden jewish family. It is unique fore the House _ that i should Dine for the first time in the Home of a member of 1 hic ago prod be that race not in my own country Chicago. March up a but in Germany of All places f butter 939.049. Unsettled Cream much pleasure and knowledge my specials <93 score 22%-% have been attained by my visits a a 92 22 4 extra firsts 90-in the private Homes of the eng 21% firsts 88-89 2 in Hillsman the Dane Etc. I might seconds 84-872 21 standards say that i learn More from these f90 centralized carlot 22%, visits than in the so called a night �?of8 21"39, steady prices in spots of the various cities. C hanged. A ruthless decrees Vuncannon asks commission for Public hearing Gity employee discharged March 7 Paul Vuncannon discharged Highfi Point City employee today filed notice with the civil service commission that he would ask for a Public hearing in the matter of his discharge made effective March 7. Wade p. Lien Frow Secretary of the commission said today the commission had granted the hearing hut had not set a Date for it. He indicated however that it would probably be set for sometime during next week. Employed As a truck Driver in the department of Public a it works or. Vuncannon was removed by Sam ii. Strickland department head after he was arrested on four warrants three charging assault and one malicious damage to personal property. The civil service Law gives an employee Laid off removed or suspended from his Job the right to be heard before the commission. Skeleton found in fire remains Raleigh. March to. A a it a hours afer an Early morning fire destroyed a filling station near Here on the Raleigh Rocky mount Highway a charred Skeleton found in the ruins remained a mystery today. Graham Stevens. 29. Who lives near the station reported finding the Bones a Little after i of clock. Deputy she Iff Joe Partin named Clyde b. Hildreth formerly of Raleigh As station of Frater. But Hildreth was reported seen at another station on wa8 Forest Road some two hours after the Blaze. Hildreth lived at the station and his car was parked behind in ducted at red Hill Church saturday afternoon at 3 of clock by Rev. E. W. Jones Wesleyan methodist pastor. Burial will follow at the red Hill cemetery the body will be carried to the Home this afternoon. George w. Wade passes at his Home High Point route three George w. Wade. 74. Died last night at 7 50 of clock at his Home High Point route 3, Greensboro Road after five Days illness. Or. Wade was born february 22, 1865. His wife. The former miss v. Leonard died in 1910. There Are no near relatives surviving funeral services will be con ease monthly discomfort Check the a its with a smile / Don t cry i a Don t Loos Timo i Tan rack should quicks re lib it to Dock Koc Kacho and similar aches due to function periodic paint try it f0 2 Stanback Oom not leave you j itt e by a upset a i might say a word about my jewish hosts who Are native Dresden ers. Or. Lotsch was. Until april of this year a wealthy manufacturer of Felt hats employing Many aryan labourers. As you will recall the Nuremberg Laws of september 1935 ostracized politically and socially All the jews and these have been supplemented by ruthless decrees ostracize no the members of this race economically with All the humiliation and suffering attendant to such persecution. A i discover that my Host was compelled by these decrees to sacrifice his business and real estate including i residential Manor at less than 60 per cent of their value and that he can to soon get All the Purchase but must wait for triblets from the nazi officials for the next to years. The lots chs Are temporarily occupying a Small portion of their former Home and Iii it i noticed a desperate Effort to preserve their cultural life by retaining a massive bust of Beethoven their huge piano and the violin of my Host s Young daughter. Who gave concerts All Over Germany at the age of five. Press critics i observed idolized her. This same girl of today is not even allowed to attend a Cinema and is of course excluded from concerts. Opera and even musical so h Tooji n g. A one can read of these crimes against the innocent hut to see and be in the midst of the victims whose Only crime is that of being born jews moves one to actual tears and emotional excess. Quot Dresden has been called a the German Florence and is another City of palaces museums and galleries. With reference particularly to the housing of Raphael s 81s-Tine Madonna. Saw Hitler a i planned to visit in Berlin Only two Days but remained there All of last week. It is the most dynamic and modern City of Europe. With Broad avenues handsome buildings and magnificent monuments. In the capital i saw Adolf Hitler at the 1939 International Auto Schau and am constrained to say that he is older but better looking than photographs of him. A has mellowed his appearance but has made Little impression on his mind. Der fuehrer remains the fanatic but dynamic Leader of the third German Reich. Also at the Auto Schau was a Der k. I. Of wag no a which Hitler had specially manufactured for the Ordinary German. It retails from about 990 retch Marks. Or about $375 $250 outside of Germany As a result of unfavourable foreign Exchange on th1 markit resembles the Austin. A the foreign policy As you know is dynamic and somewhat successful a it has its parallel at Home in the Gigantic Highway projects and fantastic architectural schemes. Unemployment has been converted into an actual shortage of unskilled labor and All Germany is a veritable construction shop of which Berlin is probably the Center. The capital of Germany is practically being torn Down and rebuilt according to the nazi plan. A Germany is enigmatic and will remain so As Long As Hitler is Iii Power because he. And Only he. Knows what is to come next this fear inspiring Leader of the German people is the chief executive legislator chief Juthe and prosecutor. To the nazis and there Are millions he is the incarnation of the germanic spirit a by the Way i had a most enjoyable and enlightening discussion with associated press Loris p. Loch tier and left him feeling that he probably know More about affair in Germany than any other writer in the nazi country. As you will recall a certain Well known newspaper columnist of the feminine sex wrote that she Dorothy Thompson had interviewed Hitler and that he would never he. Accepted by Hindenberg As Chancellor but Loris Loch Lier chief of the Berlin Bureau of a. A. Wrote no such nonsense lie is a practical political observer wha has been Here since 192 and apparently has the inside track As far As news from Berlin is concerned Berlin is destined to play a tremendous part in the future of our civilization Hitler is evidently in the Drivers during 1 938, there was a total of 32,000 motor vehicle deaths in the United states. This represents a total of 76 4 0 lives saved Over 1937. Every Day a amp a prices Are Low of super markets 114 East Washington St. 1300 South main Street hundreds of Thrifty women who used to shop around town for week end specials now buy a of their food needs at a amp Puper markets because oar prices Are Low every Day. This Low Price a ohcs of ours is offered to american housewives in the belief that More Low prices raise ii Vine Standard a and better ii Vins is the american Way in Aap super markets you la find 1,500 items All of them priced to save you Money. We can do his because of the efficient Way we operate our business. Co into an Aap super Market today visit every department see the Fine Quality meats fruits and vegetable coffees teas and canned food by the hundreds a Heck their pm prices and youth convince yourself that von can save at an Aap super Market remember prices Are pm every Tov at Aap sick size oranges 2 Doz. 25c we of cooperating to help growers Market Biggen crop strawberries 2 pints a a a 25c by k picked St inks celery 2 for. Carrots 2 Bunches Mhz t Obi Krs seed potatoes 150 bag a s3.00 9c 9c mild and Mellow Coffee 8 of clock 3< 9 2 29 lax toilet soap 4 25c Cleanser Octagon 2�?9c Ann Page Gelatin deserts sparkle 3 pkg 10c Ann Page assorted extracts Bot 17c a 15c Iona Cocoa 2 can Gorton a Pumi flakes 2 c�?o�25c Clit it a s baby foods 2 cd a 15c i it a a by i4t food 6 cd is 25c Ann a re Tomaio juice 3 17c bed Devil Lye 9c Blue Star matches 6 boxes 15c fast a napkins05c sunny Field Oats is 8c Iona Bartlett pears 2 so 25c Octagon soap powder 4 a Atlantic soap flakes amp 10c Cosby or Golden Bantam Ann Page with pork. Tomato sauce Sun Nyfield High Quality 3 24 a amp a Corn Beans flour powder Cereal buckwheat cd did 0 of Nill blended peaches is 2 a amp peaches no 2 can Ann Page baking sunny Leld Rice or wheat sunny Field p. Our sliced or halves 10c 17c 69c 13c 5c 25c 25c 29c 2 cd 27 c 16-os cans la. Bag 12-oz. Can pkg 4 12-oz. Bots. Ige. Cans or Indk stir round Steak la. A a sliced boiled Ham la. Country style pork sausage la. A a a Sun Nyfield Bacon la. A Home killed fryers la. Pork shoulders la. A 25c 35c 13k lie 23c 15c these in rices apply to out lit Hast Washington Street Ani Iboo South main Street stores

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