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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing colder More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 68 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon March 8, 1972 78 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads.815-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c# sunday 25c in a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. A helping Eye q. In my desk i found this address Quot new eyes for the needy inc., Short Hills new Jersey 07078.&Quot Are they still in need of old Eye glasses i Tave several pair in Good frames if you can think of any place i can donate them. Mrs. B. A. This organization still welcomes them arid the local Pilot club collects and ships them there. Mrs. Mary Lane who is currently the clubs Community services chairman asks since she is Seldom Home that if you or anyone who has some could drop them off at action line desk in the newsroom she can collect them Here. A rodent Refuge o. The residents of Foust Avenue Bethel drive Prospect and Progre a Are calling about the rats in a Dempster dumpster at a business. We see the rats going in and out where they probably serve their lunch. They have now infested our Homes and we would like to know if the manufacturer should t put something out to kill the rats so they would not get in our Homes. Thank you so much. A. This is an area of Many businesses and the Public works department asked if you would please Call them and name the business where the rats Are proliferating around the dumpster. be glad to Check it out. A a lifelong licenses q. Would you put in action line if anybody who is Over 65 years old has to have a License to fish outside of their county thank you. Anon. A. The regulations state that any resident 65 years of age or Over May obtain a lifetime Hunting and fishing License for $10 of upon application to the wildlife commission in Raleigh showing satisfactory proof of age. Applications for lifetime licenses must be made directly to the commission on forms available at License agents and the commission office. Any resident 70 years of age or Over May obtain a lifetime Hunting and fishing License without any charge at All by following the same procedure and filling the same forms. A a a checking on parking o. Would if be possible for the City of High Point to put up a Quot no parking Quot so in in the too Block of Hoskins Street. With the temporary Detour around Kivett and Washington people Park on both sides in the too and 200 Block of Hoskins some of them with the front or rear end sticking out in the Street and it is almost impossible to get through there on saturday or sunday due to the heavy flow of traffic. Thank you. . A. The traffic engineering department reports they Are looking into this and will take whatever action is necessary to relieve the congestion. A or two time Winner q. Has Richard Petty Ever won a Daytona race s m. A. Yes the Daytona 500 in 1964 and again in 1966. A a a 15-30-40-Deuce o. Is there anyone in High Point who gives ten Nis lesson at night for two people i would like to know the nights and the Cost. Or. B. A. We suggest you Call the Tennis coaches at High Point College and the two High schools. They can give you names of their players who Are qualified to teach and who a probably be glad to have a Chance to earn a Little extra with a Racket. And when summer comes the Parks and recreation program will include free group lessons. It in in adolescent gunnery 0. Can a boy of 14 get into a shooting club and is there a club around High Point thank you. Anon. A. There Are clubs for adults but Benny Phillips says he knows of no such club a minor car. Join. The Myca says the same. In in in an immediate problem 0. I May have a dog that has rabies and this dog is a pet of my Little girl and i Don t know any Way i can take this dog to put it to sleep and she loves the dog so much and i know she would just have a fit. Where can i take this dog to be put to sleep in High Point and where is a place in High Point i could Purchase my daughter another dog thank you. A. Call quickly the Pound master through the police department or the sheriff if you live in the county and have him take the dog to a veterinarian or the county animal shelter on red Road for observation. If the dog has the disease either the vet or the superintendent of the shelter can put him to sleep. If the dog has some other ailment a vet can treat him and your Little girl will still hopefully have her pet. Any one who wants a dog need Only read the ads in the newspaper or Call the Guilford county humane society or choose from the Many waiting at the shelter for a Home. We Hope you Are aware that a bite from a Rabid animal can be fatal unless treatment is immediate so done to let your child or anyone unprotected near the dog until the observation and diagnosis Are completed. Sen. Hinkie takes applause of supporters a wire photo muskies showing Between extremes an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a political writer Manchester. . Apr sen. Edmund s. Muskie s showing in the new Hampshire presidential preference primary is neither the Clear Victory the front running Democrat sought nor the major political blow his democratic rivals claim. It is rather the first instalment in a Long arduous season of primary contests and it will be eclipsed in a week by the verdict of the voters in Florida. However Muskie appears to have suffered an unexpected blow in the selection of the democratic National convention delegates from new Hampshire. His managers had expected to sweep those contests but partial returns showed Muskie supporters leading in Only la of 20 races. Sen. George s. Mcgovern the Man who got the biggest boost in new Hampshire was leading for the other nine delegates. Muskie appeared to be scoring Little better than a standoff in the separate Delegate selection balloting. The 20 new Hampshire delegates will have 18 nominating votes to cast. The 11-9 Muskie Edge was based on 38 per cent of the anticipated democratic vote As the slow count proceeded today. If that outcome stood new Hampshire would add Little to the Muskie game plan in which the Maine senator is entering almost every contest in Hopes of gathering the magic 1,509 delegates that it will take to nominate when democrats Convene in Miami Beach fla., july to. In that Effort the crucial contests Are ahead. Muskie Hopes Are High for a major Victory in Illinois where 170 delegates will be at stake in a March 21 primary. A More impressive new Hampshire showing could have provided a psychological boo get in the Delegate collecting Effort. It also might have helped in Florida where la democrats Are in the race and where Muskie strategists fear he might finish third behind Alabama gov. George c. Wallace and sen. Hubert la. Humphrey of Minnesota. Florida polls rate Muskie and Humphrey in a tight race for a second place finish behind the favored Wallace. And now Muskie must seek votes far from his new England base in Florida and in Illinois and in Wisconsin on april 4. Muskie remains the Man any other Democrat must beat to gain the nomination. But the bandwagon Days fashioned around the pre primary endorsements of democratic leaders and officeholders Are Over for now. The senator from Maine has 23 More primaries in which to try to bring them Back his rivals have that Many opportunities to Stop him. Heated exchanges itt suits key tests Mclaren Washington a Richard Mclaren former head of the Justice departments antitrust division said today the three suits against International Telephone to Telegraph corp. Together were one of the several key tests of the Nixon administration s policy toward conglomerates. A a there were three or four or five key cases a Mclaren said in a heated reply to sen. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. Quot if we got All three itt suits before the supreme court that would have been a key Mclaren made his comments during the fifth Day of hearings in the special investigation by the Senate judiciary committee into accusations made by columnist Jack Anderson of alleged improprieties by Justice department officials in the handling of the itt Case. What s inside amusements so Bridge in classified ads 7-11d comics 4d crossword 9c editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 5c-8c sports 1-4c television 7d women s news Sec. 6 weather the Multi billion Dollar suits were settled out of court. In a series of columns last week Anderson linked the settlements with itt s purported pledge of $400,000 to the Republican National convention in san Diego next August. Acting atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst asked the committee to reopen the confirmation hearing on his nomination to be attorney general now before the full Senate so he could answer the Anderson charges. Mclaren appointed a . District court judge in january became testy when Kennedy continued to ask him Kleindienst and Felix Rohatyn an itt director for details about the Justice departments seeking of an Extension from the supreme court for the filing of its Appeal in the suit against itt for its acquisition of Grinnell corp., a manufacturing concern. The Justice department had lost the Case in a lower court. The questioning by Kennedy on the Extension request occupied much of the time of the hearings during the last three Days. Quot i be answered that question before a said Mclaren several times. Kennedy continued however today to interrogate the wit isee itt on Page 2-a in close . Vote Muskie Battles for delegates by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Manchester nil apr sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine Winner of new Hampshire Sladoff democratic primary grappled with sen. George s. Mcgovern today in an unexpectedly tight Battle for control of the state s delegation to the democratic National convention. Muskie captured the presidential preference balloting with a solid 48 per cent As counting neared an end Mcgovern ran a Strong second with 37 per cent. But Only a handful of votes separated Many of the Delegate candidates. The final result is almost certain to remain undecided until All ballots Are tabulated. Tie situation recalled that of 1968. When former president Lyndon b. Johnson running As a write in candidate edged former sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy in the preference vote but came to grief in the Delegate contest As Mccarthy captured 20 of 24 delegates. Some kind of split delegation seemed certain this time. Muskie despite failure to achieve the majority sought by his managers called the outcome Quot a Good solid he told a news conference Quot we deliberately sacrificed the possibility of a maximum showing in order to have some resources Lett for the other Mcgovern enhanced his presidential credentials with a Strong second place showing that he said would give him a big boost across the country. Quot its both a moral Victory and a political Victory a he said. In the Republican primary president Nixon swept the preference contest and captured ail 14 gop delegates. Early tuesday evening. Muskie backers led for All 20 democratic Delegate slots. As the night wore on Mcgovern supporters moved closer toward a possible split of the delegation which will decide later How to split its 18 convention votes. With 42 Lier cent of the vote counted the tally stood Muskie ii Mcgovern 9. By new Hampshire Law delegates who run pledged to a candidate must vote for him until released by the candidate or until he is out of the convention contest. Ail the Nixon delegates Are pledged to him. In the democratic contests the la delegates who appear to be won by Muskie Are pledged to him and the other nine Are pledged to Mcgovern. The increasing Chance of a split return in the contest for delegates further clouded the showing of Muskie As he headed for a Tough contest in Florida next week without the overwhelming new England sendoff that would have strengthened his bid for the White House. Muskie battling Mcgovern and three other significant challengers fell Short of the absolute majority in preference voting that his managers had set privately As a new Hampshire goal. Muskie however said Quot i think i did very Well indeed despite what he had termed Quot a virtual drumbeat of venom from conservative publisher William Loeb a Manchester Union Leader and the need to spread his resources by running in All 24 presidential primaries. Asked about Mcgovern s claims. Muskie said Quot i be never known a moral Victory that won a both Muskie and Mcgovern planned to leave Here by chartered planes today and after stopovers in new York and Washington respectively to head for Florida where Alabama gov. George c. Wallace Humphrey. Mayor John y. Lindsay of new York and Jackson among others Are already campaigning for next tuesdays primary. The Early new Hampshire returns. From the Industrial cities of Portsmouth and Somersworth on the Maine Border gave Muskie a 2-to-l Lead Over Mcgovern. But his percentage dropped when the returns came in from Manchester the states largest City. There muskies total lagged in the Wake of the attacks by Loeb and his own see Muskie on Page 2 a bomb explodes on empty plane by Lee Gould associated press writer Las vegas. Nev. A despite two searches and the presence of armed guards a bomb exploded inside an unoccupied trans world airlines Boeing 707 jetliner Here today. It apparently was part of an extortion scheme which has triggered a worldwide bomb threat against Twa jetliners authorities said the bomb planted in or near the cockpit exploded at 3 55 a.m., about seven hours after the plane arrived nonstop from new York with to passengers and a seven member Crew. It ripped a huge Hole in the front fuselage hurling debris for too feet at Mccarran International Airport. Law officers and Twa officials said they Felt the bomb was one of those a mysterious extortionist has said he planted on Twa jetliners in order to get $2 million in Ransom from the airline. Trained dogs sniffed out a bomb tuesday in a cockpit of a Twa jetliner in route from new York to 1>fs Angeles after the plane returned to new York. No other bombs have been reported found no one had any idea How the bomb got aboard the plane Here. It had been searched from nose to Tail before leaving new York and upon Landing in Las vegas said Charles Wyre. Twa general manager in Las vegas. In addition two deputies guarded the four engine 707 and three other Twa jetliners of which were parked together in a loading area about 300 Yards from the main terminal. The other planes were not damaged by the blast. One Deputy was inspecting the plane from the outside when the bomb exploded and he said Quot it sounded like Wyre said some Twa workmen had been in the plane to clean it but discounted any speculation one of the men or an imposter planted the bomb. Quot they All know each other and work together and they Wear identification he said. Fri and sheriffs department investigators refused to talk about the bomb. But Wyre said Quot we done to know exactly where the bomb was but it appeared to have been in the Back of the cockpit or close behind the there Are two restrooms behind the cockpit on the right hand Side the same Side of the explosion. Wyre said the door i Sec bomb on 2-a with protective Armor. Bomb squad member carries explosive device found in Twa Airliner at new York s Kennedy Airport tuesday a wire photo genocide scheme sets off big squawk by Carl c. Craft associated press writer Washington apr a Heno cide a the congressman cried Quot a fowl deed about to take Wing a Chicken hearted concoction by Bird Barons a its also known As an egg Market control Bill. But. Quot plucked Down to Bare facts a rep. Paul Findley r-111., told the House tuesday a Bill being written by the Senate agriculture committee Quot is nothing More than a scheme to use the lethal authority of government to Force up the Market Price of eggs by killing hens. Quot imagine the ducking Ralph Nader and his raiders will give Forth when they hear of genocide. But loud As May be these ducking a Findley said Quot they will be smothered to nothing in Feather flying fury when gals of women a lib discover this ugly a ultimate in male chauvinism. Quot they will surely ung Irdle their sharpest clawing for those who would Slaughter Only female chickens doing nothing not even harmless painless Vasectomy to the males the real perpetrators of production. Surely they will Bare their beaks and demand Roost Vereide instead of the Senate agriculture committee is due to meet thursday to work on a Bill setting up a National egg Board which would devise a program to submit to a producer referendum a committee aide said. When the Price of eggs fell below the Cost of production for at least three months the Board would Issue temporary Chicken Slaughter orders to Cut flocks and drive up egg prices the aide said. Findley said his understanding is that after a decision by the advisory Board the Secretary of agriculture could mandate a Cut in laying fowl with a $5,000 penalty for each violation. Quot in truth the Bill would set up an egg poly Able to get the feds to Man the chopping Block with penalties of violators set at $5,000 a cackle. With antitrust immunity the egg poly could engage in a premeditated conspiracy to raise consumer prices with hardly any fuss and feathers a he added

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