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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm data on i More Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Cail us circulation 882-1719 90th year a no. 66 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon March 7,1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c allocation by Simon no. To get j 00% March Gas Supply Washington a Federal Energy chief William e. Simon announced today he is ordering gasoline distribution to insure that All states receive at least 85 per cent As much gasoline this month As they had two years ago. Simon said however that states with better than Normal supplies would not have their supplies reduced toward the 85 per cent average this month. Any additional supplies required for some states will be drawn from gasoline inventories Simon said. Simon added however that beginning in april he would Start equalizing the distribution aiming for a spread of no More than 5 per cent above or below the National average in any individual state Supply. Simon also announced that he is considering eliminating the practice of closing gasoline stations on sundays which is still a voluntary measure requested by the Federal Energy office. He said the sunday sales might be encouraged once More in recognition of the needs of the recreation and vacation Industry As Spring and summer approach. And Simon offered the nations governors a Choice Between assuming authority to allocate gasoline supplies within their states or leaving it up to the Federal government. Simon said Alaska Kansas Louisiana Minnesota North Carolina. Texas and Wyoming All will receive too per cent or More of their March 1972, gasoline Supply Levels this month a we will be carefully assessing the Supply situation in such states a Simon warned. A in april no state will have an allocation fraction above a maximum of 95 per Simon said that before the adjustments which he is ordering for March initial estimates showed wide differences in state supplies expected for this month. He said figures on previously expected state supplies for March ranged from As Low As 61.7 per cent of the 1972 level to As High As 110.7 per cent and the National average was 84.3 per cent of March 1972 Levels. 31 million gallon increase promised Washington a a Federal grand jury today indicted former White House aides John d. Ehrlichman and Charles w. Colson on a charge of violating the civil rights of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Also indicted on the same charge were watergate conspirators g. Gordon Liddy Bernard l. Barker Eugenio r. Martinez and Felipe de Diego. The indictment charged that the defendants engineered the break in of the Beverly Hills office of Raleigh a gov. Jim Holshouser said today North Carolina will receive in March nearly 31 million Gallons of gasoline More than was available in february. Holshouser in a statement released by his office said new allocations announced in Washington today by the for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is Conj Dettl pose understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Day care centers q. Where can i obtain information about opening up a Day care Center mrs. M. M. A. You May write the Day care licensing Board p. O. Box 1190, Raleigh . 27602. Hell Tell the truth q. My Nephew Arch Deal of Tampa Fla will be on Quot to Tell the truth soon. He jumped parachuted from a plane 40 times on his 40th birthday. As this program is shown at the time the station chooses can you find out for me when this will be on Channel 12? thank you. Mrs. W. S. A. Xii tvs promotion assistant Karen Campbell writes that they do have the show featuring or. Deal and will air it on March 26 on Quot to Tell the truth at its regular 7 30 . Time. Elderly canines q. I read the article about Quot of dog tray about a dog at the age of 20. We had a dog part Fox terrier who has been dead two years. He died at 214 and this can be verified by or. Nelson Mccoss a veterinarian Here in town. He cared for the dog from 6 months to 21 years. Elliott Abels 712 w. Farriss. Q. I have a dog that is 23 and is there an older one in the United states anon. Woman. A. There May be one still slowly scratching his fleas while we feebly scratch our head wondering How one could Ever find the answer. A sour tree q. I have a Lemon tree and it is pretty and i want to know How to fertilize it so it will Bear Lemons. . A. The encyclopedia of organic gardening gives this information. There should be generous amounts of compost in the soil or if you Are not re potting it replace the top Inch with humus Rich material. Humus is organic matter that has decomposed and broken Down into Fine particles. Fruiting plants do Best in full Sun the Ideal temperature is 55 to 60 at night and 65 to 70 during the Day. It is Best to keep air As humid As possible then give water amply at the roots when the surface soil begins to dry. Water Spray top growth at regular intervals to increase humidity and keep the Plant clean. A Horticulturist Ira Carter suggests the following for Lemon tree care. When new growth begins pick a Nice Day take the Plant outside and about 3 or 4 times at 30 minute intervals give it All the water it will take provided the Container has holes for Good drainage. This will flush out the soluble salts that have built up Over the past year. Then let it stand three to five Days to dry out. All Citrus like an acid soil about the same As azaleas. A pm of 4.5 to 5.5 is Best. Mix and apply a soluble fertilizer such As is used for azaleas and camellias something like a 27-7-7 Azalea special. You la need about three to four times As much nitrogen As phosphate or Potash. If you can to find this you could try a dry fertilizer like 10-5-5. Use one teaspoonful to a 6-Inch pot every two weeks or for a 12-to 14-Inch Container about a tablespoonful each two weeks. To get the acid soil the Plant desires use a Teaspoon vinegar to one quart of water and water with this about once each week til you get the desired pm or you can use aluminium sulphate. Use one ounce to two Gallons of water and water every week or two. Usually about three or four waterings will bring it Down sufficiently and then just occasionally every couple of months. Do this feeding just during the growing period. Around the last of August or in september the feeding should cease until the next growing season. Federal Energy office would put 14.1 million Gallons into North Carolina above february a allocation of 168.5 million Gallons. Holshouser said the increase plus an estimated 16,8 million Gallons reserved under an emergency allocation at the end of last month would push the states available Supply for March to 199.4 million Gallons. Most of the emergency allocation has not been delivered he said. The governor said the additional increases meant that for March North Carolina would have 105 per cent of its gasoline Supply for March 1972, the base year for Federal programs. The Feo said North Carolina was one of seven states with too per cent or More of its March 1972 Supply. Wholesale Price Rise subdued Washington a wholesale prices took another big leap Forward in february but the increase fell Short of soaring rates of previous months the government said today. The Bureau of labor statistics said that wholesale prices jumped by a seasonally adjusted 1.2 per cent last month the smallest Advance in four months but a highly inflationary rate nevertheless. The increase pushed wholesale prices 20.3 per cent higher than a year earlier an extraordinarily Sharp Rise for any 12-month period but still below record Levels. The february increase lifted the wholesale Price Index to 152.7 of the 1967 average meaning that it Cost $152.70 to buy the same volume of wholesale goods that $100 purchased in 1967. The increase Means that Consumers will be seeing Many of the rises at the retail level in the weeks ahead. About 70 per cent of the february increase was traced to Price increases for fuel primarily gasoline and residual fuels metals farm products and processed foods and feeds. In january wholesale prices Rose by 3.1 per cent the second highest monthly increase on record. Charles Vav. Colson governors ask Nixon removal by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington a governors of both parties say the country would be better off if president Nixon is impeached or resigns because his personal problems Are creating a crisis for the rest of the country. Several of those attending the Winter meeting of the National governors conference called outright wednesday for Nixon a removal by one Means or another including for the first time a major figure in Nixon a own party. Others said their problems of Long gasoline lines unemployment and angry voters Are not going to be solved until the question of Nixon a future is settled. Even Nixon a friends among the governors talked in the corridors of the convention hotel of a watergate Cloud Over Washington that is making it difficult to face mushrooming emergencies. Gov. Francis w. Sargent of Massachusetts a prominent Republican led off the surprising barrage against Nixon by saying things would be better if Nixon leaves and vice president Gerald r. Ford takes Over. Quot the necessity of going Forward with impeachment is Paramount and it should go Sargent said. A the Only Way to solve the malaise and scepticism in this country is for this to be resolved. Quot i done to think impeachment would upset the country a Sargent told newsmen at the conference. Quot and i done to agree with the suggestions that vice president Ford be up to the Job. Asked if this meant he thought the country would be better off with Ford As presi Dent Sargent said a reluctantly i would say Massachusetts was the Only state in the nation in which Nixon failed to carry in the 1972 election. Gov. Jimmy Carter of Georgia although a Democrat recognized that Nixon carried 70 per cent of the vote in his state in 1972 but said he still was for Nixon a ouster by any Means possible. Quot in a for impeachment if there is not a quicker Way a a Carter said in an interview. Quot however impeachment would bring out the facts while resignation would not. Quot i have great respect for the office of the presidency a Carter said. Quot that a Why in a so disgusted with the Way Nixon has disgraced republicans Daniel j. Evans of Washington and William g. Milliken of Michigan both said i in a peach in ent procedures new York apr should move Forward so the financier Robert l. Vesco country can learn the whole has been pictured As yearn Story of Nixon s possible in ing for a diplomatic evolvement in the watergate passport and hoping a secret so a governors on 2 a $200,000 contribution to president Nixon a reelection Campaign would earn it for him. The government says he was shooting for far higher amusements.5d stakes. Bridge.4d in return for the classified ads6-11d contribution an indictment comics.10b says that former atty. Gen. Crossword.4d John n. Mitchell and sex editorials4a Commerce Secretary Mau financial2a Rice h. Stans impeded a obituaries.2d securities and Exchange sports1-5c commission fraud i Vestiga .4d Tion into Vescor a multimillion women a news17b Dollar financial Empire. Weather.3a Harry l. Sears one time Ehr Juchman Colson Ellsberg break in indictments heard or. Lewis j. Fielding a with intent to search for conf i d e n t i a i information concerning Daniel the burglary took place on sept. 3, 1971. When Ellsberg was under indictment in connection with the leak of the Pentagon papers. The grand jury also indicted Liddy on two counts of refusing to testify before a House committee. Liddy already is serving a sentence for contempt of court for his refusal to testify before a grand jury. Liddy was sentenced to serve a maximum of 20 years for his role in the june 17, 1972 breaking at democratic National committee Headquarters. Ehrlichman also was charged with one count of lying to Fri agents and three counts of lying to a grand jury about the activities of the White House special investigative unit known As the the indictment alleged that on july 27, 1971 Egil Krogh or. And David r. Youngjr. Sent a memorandum to Ehrlichman which discussed a request to prepare a psychiatric study on Ellsberg. Krogh has pleaded guilty to a single charge of violating f welding a a civil rights and is serving a six month sentence at a Federal prison at Allenwood. A. Krogh agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors. The indictment also alleged that on july 28, 1971 e. Howard Hunt or. Sent Colson a memo which discussed a proposal to a obtain Ellsberg a files from his psychiatric the indictment alleged that on aug. 31, 1971 Colson arranged to obtain $5,000 to finance the break in. Baker de Diego and Martinez allegedly entered John d. Ehrlichman some republicans question Nixon offer Washington a president Nixon has offered to give sworn testimony in writing or in a White House interview to Speed the House impeachment inquiry. But some congressional republicans questioned whether he would be open enough. Nixon told a television radio news conference wednesday night he will sur Render to the House judiciary committee All tapes and documents made available earlier to watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski besides making himself available for questions. Although Nixon labelled his offer As Quot very forthcoming a he hedged at promising to provide other evidence the panel might seek. And he said it would be improper for him to submit to Cross examination. Rep. John Rhodes of Arizona the House Republican Leader said it appears Nixon a has opted for disclosure and but he said a every relevant fact and piece of evidence simply must be furnished to the judiciary committee if we Are to have any Hope of resolving this Vesco s ultimate goals said High Republican bigwig in new Jersey returns to the witness stand today for a third straight Day of questioning As a key government witness in the trial of Mitchell and stans. He is expected to detail the actual payment of the $200,000 to stans on april to 1972. Mitchell and stans Are accused of conspiracy perjury and obstruction of Justice. Under a Grant of immunity from prosecution As a co defendant in the Case Sears testified wednesday that in late 1971 and Early 1972, a Bob had on a couple of occasions said that he wanted to be a very substantial contributor. Quot he specifically indicated see Vesco s on 2a chairman Peter Rodino d-n.j., comment. But rep. Robert Mcclory r-111., said of a formal letter from Nixon lawyer James d. St. Clair responding shortly before the news conference to a committee request for data a i done to think its satisfactory. It does no to appear to be when Nixon outlined at the news conference his offer of at least limited cooperation he declared Quot i believe that that will serve the he expressed Strong opposition to letting the committee go to the White House and a Paw through it on a fishing continuing watergate inquiries dominated the 39-minute session with newsmen Nixon a second in nine Days. But the seemingly relaxed president dealt with these other major topics a it would a not serve a useful purpose at this time to discuss prospects for a lilting of the Arab Oil pm see some on 2a Friday Odd Day under the Odd even License plate plan tomorrow is an a a Odds Day. Most gasoline sales will be limited to cars with License numbers ending in i. 3. 5. 7 or 9. Nation will survive streaking psychologists and searched Fieldings office. Both Barker and Martinez served about a year in prison for their part in the watergate break in. Martinez. 49, was released on parole this morning from the Eglin air Force base Federal prison facility in Florida. Barker 55, was released on Jan. 4 pending Appeal after serving one year and 19 Days. The latest development in the watergate cases came after president Nixon had moved dramatically on wednesday to Blunt the Impact of the coverup indictment. A special grand jury investigating the break in at the Beverly Hills calif., office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist was believed ready to return indictments. Last Friday a Federal grand jury indicted seven former administration and Campaign aides on charges they conspired to Block the investigation of the watergate break in. It also gave the judge a secret report which sources later said dealt with Nixon s role in watergate. The defendants included three former White House aides . Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman and Charles w. Colson and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. Ehrlichman recently rejected an offer from special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski to plead guilty to a single charge of violating the civil rights of or. Lewis Fielding. Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Part of the offer would have been a commitment from Ehrlichman to become a government witness in future watergate cases. Egil Krogh jr., former Boss of the White House investigative unit known As the plumbers pleaded guilty to the same charge and is serving a six month sentence at the Federal prison farm at Allenwood a. Krogh agreed to Tell the prosecutors All he knew about the plumbers. The president sought to seize the watergate initiative wednesday with a courtroom announcement by his counsel James d. St. Clair that he would give the House impeachment inquiry All the material he had turned Over to Jaworski. Then he held a news conference wednesday night at which he denied he Ever had authorized payment of hush Money or an offer of executive clemency to the original watergate break in defendants. A i know what i said. I know what i meant. I know what i did a Nixon said. At his news conference the president repeated what St. Clair had announced in court earlier that he would give 19 tapes and More than 700 documents to the House inquiry would answer written questions under oath and would submit to an interview under oath by ranking committee members to answer any additional questions they might have. By the associated press what is there about today a students that leads them to undress and Romp in the nude across campuses stages basketball courts and other Public places those practitioners of a a streaking who be slowed Down enough to be quoted say its the fun and excitement. Cheap thrills. Quot those in be talked to say its a thrill All right but i Call it cheap a says or. Shelly Duval a member of the University of Southern California psychology department. Quot it would seem that streakers Are violating a fairly Strong set of norms for sure and that can always be exciting if you get away with it. As far As i can see its harmless a he said. Or. Zev wanderer a 41-year-old psychologist who directs the Center for behaviour therapy in Beverly Hills calif., says part of the reason for the Success of streaking is that it is self assertive activity. Quot in a generation where the Way to be Impact Ful is to be either a music Star or very talented or a thief an alternative for the student is to run around naked a he said. A it s a relatively easy Way to gain Fame and but wanderer says educators should not just laugh it off. Quot i think it s significant that this is taking place in colleges because by the time our kids reach that level they be had it with very regimented conformist school systems a wanderer said. Quot its a message to the schools that these kids ought to be in alternative open schools where kids can be themselves without having to run around Robert Ardrey an evolutionary Behaviourist from Rome explains the fad As a fulfilment of one of Many a Basic needs. Quot in today a affluent society and welfare state the need for Security has largely been satisfied so boredom sets in a he told an audience at a Junior College in fort Worth Tex. A its opposite is William Joldeson a philosophy professor at the University of Missouri said streaking is just a form of the rites of Spring and is As old As the greeks. A it s just innocent exuberance a Joldeson said. A one Good blizzard and the whole thing will come to an whatever the reasons of the younger generation for their wild running in the Buff motives were simpler 56 years ago when retired California Appeal court Justice Fred r Pierce took a bar bottomed dash near sorority Row. Pierce now 74, said he was kicked out of Stanford University for to Days for his run in the nude and Why did he do it to win a $5 bet with a fraternity brother. Fred r. Pierce 1918 Streaker

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