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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear and cold until wednesday 88th year a no. 65 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning March 5, 1972 112 pages Call circulation. 1121719 classified ads.1152177 All other departments -2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25e for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every desperate q. Can something be done about a husband thit gets drunk every weekend and raises or cat gets of much trouble jumps on his wife and he makes so much trouble that we can t rest or do anything and have tried everything in the Book and nothing will help in t there of kind of lawyer that i can get to see about thas i have tried All i know to do and he said i could move out of the House with seven kids Quot and you know please put an answer in the paper soon a you can As i need help. Thank you. A. If he wants help there Are Many avenues open to him in the county the Guilford county mental health clinic the Jamestown alcohol education Center alcoholics Anonymous. If its causing you concern understandably and you want help for yourself and the children Call the Guilford county mental health clinic at 888-9929 or 882-4523 with some identifying information. They will set an appointment with an intake worker then with a counsellor who deals with problems resulting from alcoholism in a family. If you want constraints on him. You can initiate that procedure with the clerk of court. The opinion of two doctors saying he needs commitment is required. 9 in it18 is old enough q. I would like to know when your father Dies and he heft insurance and you Are the beneficiary would you set the Money if you Are a girl when you Are is or do you have to wait until you Are 21 and this is very important that i find out. Anon. A. A lawyer says at 18 unless it is set otherwise in a will or Trust. We Hope dads in Good health. A improvements on Way o. We Are truck Driver and Are wondering Why the shoulder of the roads has not been painted White on the highways and Rural roads of Davidson county. Our Lister county Randolph has All their roads panted that Way and some of the other counties Are joining in on it. We were wondering Why that was t done in Davidson county. It is a hazardous condition and we heard the tax fund was paid by All of . There were about 25 truck Drivers talking about it and that is Why i called. . A. In reply to our inquiry. Division Engineer k. L. Horton. Jr., of Winston Salem says you Are Correct the edges of the pavement in Davidson county Are not As Well marked As they would have them to be. They have he says planned to improve the situation during the coming painting season and will Mark the Edge lines and cent Erlines of As Many roads in Davidson county As they can consistent with All the other traffic control work to be performed within the division. Ieie Ieon being intestate q. Is it tru that the stat of North Carolina would Roc Oiva Ono third of our property in the absence of a will in the event that either my bus band or i die thank you. A. If you done to make a will selecting your beneficiaries and How they will share then the state makes the decisions by Laws providing for the disposition. If you or your husband died leaving no children or other descendants half would go to the spouse and half to the parents or Parent if Only one survives. If there is one child half would go to the spouse and half to the child. If you have More then one child then one third goes to the spouse and the remaining two thirds Are divided among the children. The Only Way in which it might revert to the state is in a Case where an unmarried Man or woman or a widow or widower Dies leaving no children or other descendants no Brothers Sisters parents grandparents uncles aunts or other collateral Kin. Then the entire estate passes Over to the University of North Carolina. A no time soon 0. I live in the 300 Block of Centennial and i was just wondering if you could find out when the City will Widen Centennial All the Way out to 68. Mrs. . A. There Are no immediate plans to Widen Centennial North of Richardson Street although future plans Call for widening the entire length says r. V. Moss City traffic Engineer. Only the Block Between Washington and Richardson is currently being widened. In Alabama Home q. What is t h e address of governor George Wallace of Alabama As it is very important. Thank you. A. Governor George c. Wallace Montgomery Ala. 36103. Ieie i reaction q. If the Church group trying to sell old magazines for scrap paper would like to have mine they re Welcome to them. Will you please have them Contact me through action line mrs. hit enemy in North Saigon a . B52 bombing raids moved from the Central Highlands to the Northern Region of South Vietnam saturday in an attempt to smash another reported enemy buildup. The planes headed North after five Days of saturation raids in the Highlands where an enemy buildup was reported in the area where the Borders of South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia join. The Saigon command has launched a 10.000-Man spoiling operation in the Highlands Region but in three Days has reported Little Contact with enemy forces. The bombing raids in the Northern Region were aimed at Bunker complexes storage areas and infiltration corridors from Khe Sanh in the Northwest Corner to the a Shau Valley about 60 Miles to the South. The South vietnamese air Force also was Active reporting that one of its a37 Jet bombers knocked out a Light tank and heavily damaged another in Southeastern Laos about eight Miles from the vietnamese Border. The South vietnamese operation in the Highlands was launched thursday morning. The Campaign aimed at preventing an enemy offensive in the Region includes infantry Ranger and armoured units. The Viet Cong radio saturday night quoted a North vietnamese foreign ministry spokesman As saying . Planes bombed and strafed several villages wednesday and thursday in Quang Binh province the southernmost in North Vietnam. A the North vietnamese foreign ministry sternly condemns these new crimes of the United states and actively demands the United states Stop immediately and for Good All acts violating the sovereignty and Security of North the radio said. American warplanes flew a protective reaction Quot strikes Over the North on those Days against air defense systems and radar Sites. The . Command has a policy of not commenting on enemy radio broadcasts and therefore did not address itself to the charge that the planes bombed and strafed 35 injured itt matter grows As political Issue witness is sick Coffee shuffle sen. George Mcgovern d-s.d., his Finger caught in the handle of a paper Coffee cup struggles with the cup change and his Finger As an unidentified Man out of camera Range reaches to shake his hand during a Campaign Stop saturday at a Plaistow. N u., department store. New Hampshire a first in the nation presidential primary is tuesday. A wire photo Washington a Senate inquiry into an out of court settlement of an antitrust action against the giant International Telephone and Telegraph corp. Is gathering political overtones and could become an election year Issue. The reported locating saturday of a missing witness did Little to Clear the air. The Senate judiciary committee began a special hearing thursday into columnist Jack Andersons allegations that itt received a favourable settlement after it had pledged $400,000 for the Republican National convention in san Diego next August. Deputy atty. Gen. Richard g. Kle Dienst requested the hearing saying he wanted the air cleared before he succeeds John n. Mitchell As attorney general. Earlier the committee had Given unanimous approval to Kleindienst a nomination and so reported to the Senate technically the special hear ing which is to be resumed tuesday is not a reopening of the nomination hearing. This would come Only if the committee were to withdraw its report to the Senate something it has yet shown any sign of doing. Republican members of the committee insist that denials by Kleindienst and former asst. Atty. Gen. Richard w. Mclaren that there was any link Between the antitrust settlement and the convention finances pledge have satisfactorily answered Anderson s allegations. And they want the inquiry concluded promptly. But democratic members have questions they want to ask of Mitchell and if she appears of Dita Beard an itt Washington lobbyist. A memo reportedly prepared by mrs. Beard for her Boss w r. Merriam is the Keystone of Andersons assertions that there was direct link Between the antitrust Case and the itt contribution pledge. Candidates in final drive for votes in first primary by Mark Ethridge Iii associated press writer with the showdown two Days away a but one of the nine Bausted candidates were in new Hampshire saturday seeking votes in tuesdays first in the nation presidential primary. The Lone candidate missing was president Nixon who has said he plans no campaigning until after this summer s Republican National convention. A delegation of top level republicans including new York gov. Nelson Rockefeller toured the state on the presidents behalf Friday. Three other presidential contenders meanwhile were in Florida campaigning for the states March 14 primary. The democratic front runner. Sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Belfast bombing takes two lives Belfast Northern Ireland apr a bomb ripped through a restaurant packed with mothers and children in downtown Belfast saturday killing two women and leaving 135 persons injured police said. At least 15 of the injured were in critical condition. The bomb exploded without warning in the Aberbom restaurant crowded with women taking a break from saturday shopping. About 200 persons were in the restaurant and adjoining bar. On the floor above about 300 were enjoying the show at an afternoon cabaret club. The explosion threw the City Center into chaos. Victims ran screaming from the wreckage covered with blood and dust. An hour later the less seriously injured were still being ferried away to four Belfast hospitals. The blast shattered windows along the Street which was crowded with shoppers. A Soldier who was on the spot said a it was absolute carnage. I saw a woman with no legs and raw Bones sticking through. There were children in there the two dead brought the Days total to four and the Northern Ireland t Otal since guerrilla War started in August 1969 to 263. Earlier in the Day a Man was found hooded and shot three times through the head on the outskirts of Londonderry Northern Ireland a second City. Police said he was apparently a former member of the Ulster defense regiment National guard. They theorized he had been assassinated by outlaws from the Irish Republican army which is battling to end Northern Ireland s ties with Britain. Maine spent part of the Day campaigning in Manchester and Nashua telling voters that a the whole country is watching to see if you believe in in its latest poll of new Hampshire democrats the Boston Globe reported saturday night that muskies strength was at 42 per cent a Sharp drop from the 65 per cent he scored in the poll five weeks ago. Sen. George Mcgovern registered 26 per cent with 20 per cent undecided and the rest shared by other candidates. Political observers feel Muskier bid for the democratic presidential nomination would suffer a setback if his vote total disc significantly below the 50 per cent Mark. At his Nashua Campaign Headquarters Muskie told to English testing new cigarettes London a Imperial chemical industries Ici is testing a synthetic cigarette product it Hopes will satisfy smokers who worry about their health. Scientists for the company have mixed four parts of a secret Wood pulp product with tobacco and Given it to mice. They say indications Are the result is acceptable. If the firm decides to Market the product it won t be for two to three years. So far Ici and Imperial tobacco have spent $10 million on it. Supporters a if we All apply ourselves we re going to get a commanding Victory next he took half of the Day off from campaigning to prepare for a debate sunday with Mcgovern and three other new Hampshire democratic rivals. Meanwhile Mcgovern was campaigning in Plaistow near the Massachusetts Border where he said a we think we Are closing the Gap real he said he sensed a a Strong upward surge in support for him in the primary. Accompanying Mcgovern were Ray Schoenke. A guard for the Washington redskins in the National football league and mrs. Valeria Kushner whose husband has been captive in Vietnam for four years. A Elf Richard Nixon is reelected. He will be a prisoner for another four years a mrs. Kushner told Mcgovern volunteers in Salem. Campaigning in Manchester the states largest City another democratic candidate Indiana sen. Vance Hartke said he thinks the country should clean All its Rivers within five years. Hartke said that Muskie had contributed no new ideas during the Campaign and that he is just a a warmed Over Muskie. Mcgovern Hartke. Los Angeles mayor Sam Yorty and Edward Coll. A Connecticut Antipoverty worker will have a debate sunday night televised Over the new Hampshire educational network. It will be carried by educational outlets in cities across the country. \ w v in in heading Whitener Odyssey Page 3-a a rated horror Page 2-a Davidson head Start Page 1-d editorial. Women a news sports television Page 3-d entertainment pages 2-31 obituaries classified pages 5-181 committee reports welfare nutrition conflict by Austin Scott associated press writer Washington api the staff of the Senate select committee on nutrition reported saturday president Nixon a 1969 commitment to put an end to hunger in America is clearly endangered by parts of his Wel fare Reform package. The report specifically criticizes a plan to phase out the food stamp program if Congress passes the presidents welfare Reform Bill with its guaranteed annual income of $2,400 a year for a family of four. Food Stamps have become a a the primary weapon for com batting malnutrition among the nations poor families a jumping from three million participating persons three years ago to about la million now the report says. It recommends that food Stamps a be retained until every needy family and individual has Access to combined income and food stamp support equating or higher than the poverty line a which by one government yardstick is currently $3,940 a year for a family of four. Poor families could also be Hurt by a a a Cash out provision of the welfare Reform package which would allow states to substitute Cash cranial for the phased out food Stamps the report says. In at least 42 states the income allowed by the welfare Reform package is substandard even of extra Cash Grants Are allowed instead of food Stamps the report finds. A a in those states families Are clearly being put in the position of sacrificing food expenditures to other Basic needs such As heat clothing trans and health care a it housing por tation says. But it and the a a cashing continues in 19 state District of Columbia out food Stamps would Cost a total of about $400 million. Those states could save Money by granting neither food Stamps nor their Cash equivalent the report said adding that if they do a a then the position of families regarding nutritional adequacy will be Many times worse than is True under present programs a a a the findings of this staff study Are extremely important a said committee chairman sen. George Mcgovern d-s.d., a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination. A there is no justification for going Back on one National commitment an end to hunger in order to fulfil another the Reform of chairman James o. Eastland d-miss., attempted to subpoena mrs. Beard last week but was unable to find her. On saturday an itt spokesman said mrs. Beard had been located in a Hospital in Denver. He gave no indication of Why she is there what her condition is or whether she would be Able to appear As a witness. Earlier saturday the san Diego Union quoted rep. Bob Wilson a Calif. As saying he talked with mrs. Beard on wednesday the Day after the memo was published and she told him she had been to new York itt had put her on leave and she was a going to get out of the paper said Wilson asked her where she was going and was told a i have no idea but where i am going they wont be Able to find me. And i won t be Able to talk to Mitchell who stepped Down March i to run president Nixon a re election Campaign is to testify tuesday. Kleindienst witness found Denver Colo. A Dita Davis Beard the International Telephone l Telegraph co. Lobbyist who purportedly wrote a memo linking an itt political contribution with settlement of an antitrust Case was in a Denver Hospital saturday. Her physician said she was seriously ill with a heart condition. Or. Dave t. Garland an osteopathic physician said mrs. Beard. 53, was admitted to the Rocky Mountain osteopathic Center Friday night. Two Fri agents reportedly were at the Hospital waiting to serve on mrs. Beard a subpoena issued by the Senate judiciary committee. The committee is holding a special hearing into allegations that itt received a favourable settlement of an antitrust action against it after it pledged $400.-ooo for the Republican National convention in san Diego next August. Richard g. Kleindienst nominee for attorney general appeared before the committee last week to deny that he knew of any connection Between the settlement and contribution. Garland said mrs. Beard had become his patient on the recommendation of another patient after the lobbyist arrived in Denver thursday flips kills 4 persons Southsea England a a hovercraft ferrying passengers to this coastal resort overturned in Gale whipped seas saturday throwing men women and children overboard and trapping others in the Cabin. Four persons were killed and the 22 others aboard survived. It was the first fatal Accident involving a hovercraft in British Waters. The dead were identified As a girl about 7 years old two women and a Man. The survivors Clung to the S.D. of the overturned 48-foot vessel until they were carried to safety by Royal air Force helicopters or Small boats. Some of those rescued had escaped entrapment in the hovercraft Cabin by breaking out windows. Tie Craft flipped Over on its Back after hitting a huge wave about a Quarter of a mile off Southsea a Clarence pier. Rescue Craft converged on the scene As distress rockets flared aloft and helicopters buzzed overhead. Divers went Down to Cut their Way into the Cabin

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