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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a word edgewise consumer face to face with inflation 4a monday March 4,1974 a turn of Justice s wheel indictments of seven top White House and presidential re election committee executives gives encouraging evidence that the wheels of Justice Are still grinding albeit slowly. The nations wish for speedy conclusion of these matters is unlikely however of realization. President Nixon bespoke National sentiment though in rather grim language when he said through an aide a the indictments indicate that the judicial process is finally moving toward Resolution of the matter. It is the presidents Hope the trials will move toward a just he was quite proper too in pointing out that the charges against the seven Are just that they Are not convictions and the presumption of innocence obtains for these High officials precisely As it does for any person charged with an offence against the state. A reminder is perhaps necessary that criminal charges against the likes of John Ehrlichman Bob Haldeman and John Mitchell May be Only the Start. The grand jury which pondered the Basic evidence against these defendants remains empanelled even though it has already completed its Normal 18-month term. In addition to its open indictments it handed to judge Sirica a sealed secret report which May contain More sex projecting the news Plosive findings than those already announced. The order by judge Sirica for All principals in the Case to abstain from Public comment is in Accord with Legal requirements for fair trial but the nation will no More remain silent or free of speculation than it does in cases of More overt crime vis. Oswald Hauptmann Loeb Leopold and or. Shepherd. Nor will it probably deter those persistent of ten rude microphone thrusters who mob everyone coming and going from Federal buildings for the Benefit of the evening television audience which winces at the sight of such Lack of restraint. Those of us who believe As the grand jury obviously does that there have been efforts to subvert Justice a there were so Many diametrically opposed statements of a a fact during the watergate hearings a must continue to wonder How the president soberly sworn to uphold the Laws of the land can continue to withhold the evidence that might either convict or exonerate those once suspected now charged with criminal offences. In this context the plea of the right to a protect the institution of the presidency simply fails to Wash. Or. Nixon himself still remains the primary barricade to the execution of Swift Justice. Heart research by Mary costello editorial research reports Washington a cardiovascular diseases a diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels a kill More than one million americans a year and Are responsible for More than half of All the deaths in this country. It is estimated that 27 million persons in this country suffer from one or another of these diseases which besides the toll they take in human life and Well being account for More than $40 billion a year in medical expenses and lost income. These statistics underline the fact that heart research has a Long Way to go. Despite considerable Progress including the development of life saving drugs and new surgical and diagnostic techniques there has been Little change in the Over All cardiovascular death rate in the past decade. Particularly alarming has been the increase in heart fatalities among younger men and women. Or. John Mills chairman of the presidents panel on heart disease summed up the problem facing heart research when he said a in these incredibly Complex Phenomena which we Call heart state of ignorance is extremely High our state of knowledge relatively heart researchers have suggested a Host of risk factors that May Lead to one of the three major cardiovascular killers heart attacks strokes and hypertensive disease. The most publicized of these factors Are cholesterol and other fatty substances in the blood cigarette smoking heavy Coffee drinking sedentary living emotional stress family history of heart problems and air pollution. Medical experts disagree on just How risky the various risk factors Are however. Some studies show that High cholesterol foods primarily meat and Dairy products can cause or Worsen a heart condition. Others indicate that they have virtually no effect since about 75 per cent of the body a cholesterol is produced within the body primarily by the liver. Similarly the american heart association warns that the a heart attack death rate among men is 50 to 200 per cent higher for heavy smokers than it is for nonsmokers. For those who give up the habit the death rate declines almost to that of people who have never heart specialists at the University of Minnesota came to a quite different conclusion. A while the incidence rates were higher among heavy smokers than among men who had never smoked a the Minnesota researchers reported a the men who had stopped smoking tended to be the most coronary heart disease prone of the other researchers have come to equally contradictory conclusions about the dangers of heavy Coffee drinking alcoholic consumption and emotional distress. Even the exercise in moderation school is questioned. The late or. Paul Dudley White considered for years americans Foremost heart specialist insisted that regular exercise was vital to heart health. In contrast or. Peter j. Steincrohn contends that a exercise is will pay you no dividends in health. In fact overexertion is More Likely to harm than to the major concern of cardiovascular research in this decade will Center on surgical techniques like pacemakers a a bypass operations a Patch boosters and implant heart related disease in America probable causes. Heredity 09 tension and effects Mort than on million Statha a Yaar 27 million Parsons effector by cardiovascular ailments almost $40 billion a year in medical a Penata and lost income by John p. Roche King features Syndicate week in week out we have been exposed to statistics about the increase in the Cost of living Complete with bar graphs and Black lines running off the top of the charts. Maybe it is just my no mathematical Bent a i got through my math class in the 10th Grade with a 66 a but somehow these impressive diagrams did no to penetrate. Partly too it is the Impact of looking at that Wacky Dow Jones Index which seems to drop on Rainy Days and leap upward when Venus and Mercury Are in the proper configuration of course i realized when i paid the Bill at the supermarket that it seemed to be growing out of proportion to our purchases. Yet i still Hadnot internalized the True meaning of economic trends. Then it hit me in an Odd Way. Shortly after we had returned from our weeks shopping and As i was putting away the canned goods. Mariah the Himalayan cat who permits us to live with her and her Consort Shamus joined me in the Back Hall. She is a great Fri skies fan and indicated that she would appreciate some. So i got Down the Coffee can where we keep them and poured some into her dish. As i did so i saw the Price on the Bottom of the can 89 cents. Having just bought some More of the same Brand of Coffee i reached Over and checked the Price $1.29 and More this triggered a general exploration. For example few Tafiti r in egyptian a Tny in Iii urn depicting the courtship of ant Horn and Cleopatra we purchased a Pound of Salt pork which is used to Garnish the swordfish it would be illegal for me to take across the state line. We done to have swordfish that often so the Salt pork lasts quite a while indeed there was a remnant in the ice Box a term which hopelessly dates me. The Price Label was still on that piece and it read 79 cents a Pound. The new piece was $1.29 a Pound. Next Rice a an astronomical jump. And finally pretzels where comparison was easy because the new Price had just been put on Over the old 35 cents to 45. Roaring with indignation i passed the information to my wife who looked at me in a pitying fashion inquired a what else is new a and suggested i should do the shopping More often. She also noted that we had been Lucky that Day the store actually had Rice and toilet paper the latter limited to one package of four Rolls per customer. I was born without an apocalyptic chromosome but i confess that a toilet paper shortage gives me the visions that maybe the world is coming to an end. I remember 1946-47, when food prices were sky High but even then toilet paper was in abundance. This sent me Back to take a fresh look at the inflationary statistics. Sure i already knew that Between january 1973 and january 1974 the Cost of living Index had jumped almost to Points a but that was an abstraction. Now i realized that in Stark terms i had taken a to percent Cut in income. In other words just to stay even americans should have gotten a to percent wage boost last year. And now the economists Are talking about a 12 percent Cost of living increase in 1974. In comparison wages Only went up 7 percent in 1973. To take a different slice in terms of real purchasing Power i will receive less Money than i invested when i redeem some u. S. Bonds purchased to years ago. Wheel greasing with the Zeal of a convert i began bugging economist friends to find out what the government is doing. I even went through the masochistic exercise of Reading the solemnities of the presidents Council of economic advisors. The net result of my inquiries was that a since the government economists can to even agree among themselves on the nature and source of the problem a nothing is being done. Except on a purely and hoc basis such As the recent Price Rollback on diesel fuel to appease the Independent truck Driver a fall they re doing a observed a knowledgeable Friend a is running around with a grease gun lubricating the wheels that the political consequences of this appalling inertia Are far More significant than watergate. Or. Nixon could emerge from the investigations smelling like a Rose. Henry Kissinger could convert Brezhnev to capitalism. But the republicans in the House and Senate May after november caucus in a Telephone Booth. Senator soaper if for nothing else Henry Kissinger ought to get some sort of Honor for surviving in Washington. Most of our problems could probably be solved by common sense but it would have to be made compulsory. One of the Saddest victims of Energy crisis is the girl whose collection of free Glass tumblers from the filling station was terminated at three. Daytime to has More game shows which gives the housewife an equivalent of All that nutty football and basketball at night. There is much to be said for putting All the ingredients on the food package. On the other hand there Are occasions when we feel wed just As soon not know. Washington merry go round big Oil s High handedness boomerangs table artificial hearts and particularly on methods of preventing diagnosing and treating heart disease. Heart surgeon Alton Ochsner maintains that the artificial heart will remain a last resort and doubts that any drug discovered during the next 50 years will eliminate the disease. A the key word is prevent a he wrote last year a because a breakthrough in this disease is not entirely in the hands of Medicine but in the hands of the victims until medical science can find a Miracle drug to provide Safe and total immunity against cardiovascular diseases heart research will of necessity concentrate on prevention. The suggested methods of prevention a proper diet no smoking moderate exercise and avoidance of stress a will seem mundane to Many and perhaps not Worth the Effort and sacrifice required. Sceptics will Point to the often contradictory research findings on these hazards. But at least for now those concerned about their coronary Well being will have Little Choice but to avoid those foods and situations which research deems or believes dangerous. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington in a confidential letter the embattled president of the american Petroleum Institute api has warned Oil company executives that they had better make peace with the Little people in the Industry. Apis Frank Ikard As mouthpiece for the Oil Industry in Washington bluntly scolded the corporate chiefs for their insensitivity to the problems of the jobbers distributors and retail dealers. This High handed attitude he warned was making life difficult for pro Industry legislators in Congress. A clearly a Ikard wrote a it has become politically popular to take potshots at the Oil Industry a in fact it has almost become a political necessity to do so. Right now the Congress a or a Large segment of it a is in a punitive he continued a unfortunately one of the biggest problems we face Springs from right within our own Industry. Scattered All across the country there Are literally hundreds of highly vocal and very angry jobbers distributors commission agents and retail they Are angry Ikard said because the Oil companies Are not listening to their problems or answering their questions. Quot we can twin this fight a he declared a with a Large and very influential segment of our country battling against us instead of with he called upon the Oil moguls to court the Small operators and to persuade them to join in a a grass roots Campaign to keep Congress from a taking punitive actions which could cripple the entire he warned that the a next three to six months could quite literally decide the future of the free Enterprise Petroleum Industry. A Man William Casey is quietly trying to alter testimony he gave a House committee on the disappearance of 34 boxes of itt documents from the Sec. The boxes contained embarrassing references to former vice president Spiro Agnew. Sex Treasury Secretary John Connally and other High administration figures. After the House Commerce committee demanded the documents from the Sec they were mysteriously spirited away and locked up at the Justice department. The committee held hearings to determine who was responsible for the abduction. Casey and Ralph Erickson then the Deputy attorney general blamed each other. So heated was the dispute that Casey told the committee a Erickson had to be telling a lie. Lets get this Clear or. Erickson is lying in any Erickson of course maintained he was telling the truth. The transcript of these smoking remarks were sent to Casey now an undersecretary of state for correction of grammar and punctuation. But instead. Casey wrote in modifications to make it look like he had not called Erickson a liar thus changing the entire tone of his testimony. When rep. Harley staggers do. Va., the committee chairman Learned of Casey a efforts to rewrite history he had copies of Casey a recommended changes sent around to committee members so they could decide what would be allowed. As for Casey he told us he called Erickson a liar a in the heat of the argument and wanted to soften his remarks because a i probably thought id been too after we called him he quickly wrote staggers that a if the committee wishes to let the testimony stand i have no Foo threat american Farmers Are approaching the planting season for their third year of agricultural Boom with a widespread shortage of tractors. Demand has so far outstripped Supply that a number of manufacturers admit they Are at least a year behind meeting orders. While some experts insist that the shortage will not Cut into crop production others Are sure that the farms will not be Able to grow As much As they otherwise might. A there Are optimum conditions for planting a said a spokesman for the John Deere company the nations largest manufacturer of farm equipment. A Zifa a Farmer misses the optimum time he will not get As High a yield when it comes to with american Farmers adding Between 15 and 40 million More acres to their croplands this year to Cash in on soaring prices at the supermarket and to meet the heavy foreign demand the pressure on them to grow the most per acre is greater than Ever. Experts put the blame for the tractor shortage on other shortages such As petrochemicals needed for tires Metal castings that used to be produced by foundries now closed by Federal safety rules and complicated parts like double axles that cannot be made easily or quickly. With the nation and the world facing More food shortages the tractor squeeze is the biggest of a number of problems facing Farmers. Other major problems include shortages of fertilizer baling wire and Fence posts. And Farmers problems usually bring higher prices for Consumers. Letters to the editor Oil spokesman says Anderson Nader wrong Casey scared former securities and Exchange commission chair to the editor i would like to take Issue with a Jack Anderson column that appeared recently in your newspaper. The column claimed Industry taxes Are much too Low and profits Are much too High. In both cases the charges Are unfounded. On taxes Anderson cites As evidence a draft study of the Oil Industry by Ralph Nader. That study would have the Public believe that certain Oil companies paid Only 1.7 per cent and 1.3 per cent of their profits in Federal income taxes. Nader uses the old a dapple ii Orange trick of comparing . Income taxes with world wide income. By so doing both the study and the column Are being less than honest with the Public. Any High school student knows you should figure world wide taxes on world wide income or Domestic taxes on Domestic income. A recent study by the Petroleum Industry research foundation inc. Shows the effective Federal income tax rate for the Domestic Oil Industry was 25.6 per cent in 1972. On a world wide basis the . Oil Industry had an effective world wide income tax rate of 58 per cent in 1972. That is the total world wide tax Burden of the Industry in 1972, was 58 cents out of every Dollar of income. Or. Anderson attempts to imply that the Mineral depletion allowance and the foreign tax credit Are a tax Breaks available Only to the Large Oil companies. He knows that virtually All Mineral extracting industries have the Benefit of the depletion provision. In addition any american company a or individual a who pays income taxes on foreign earnings can credit foreign tax payments against . Taxes. Otherwise they would be subject to confiscatory double taxation. Messes. Anderson and Nader Are equally off base in their comments on taxes and royalties paid to the saudi arabians and other Middle East governments. The fact is that the companies pay both taxes and royalties. They get a credit Only for the tax payments just As in this country and deduct the Royalty payments As an expense just As in this country. The Anderson column also misrepresents the Oil profit situation. The fact is that Oil Industry profits Are still below the average for manufacturing company despite improvement in 19 a decade of Sun orig returns is one reason it proration for new petrol i reserves has not kept i with increasing consult Energy needs. The Mon needed to explore f produce refine and d tribute Petroleum is in Mous a on the order of i billion per year. This Moi must come from private vectors and from comps profits slowed Back into i business. Yet in the Midi of the Energy crisis a Anderson and or. Nae seem preoccupied we reducing profits at the a it time this Money is needed Fine More Oil and Gas for i american people. Robert r. He american petrol i in Titi

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