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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A Ciuci j Toj Loihl h1uh t i Telmont can try of Huwy High Point North Carolina Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family my chief boy scout Riz Ontal pictured Gay scout Ocial. A fume. Resented self. Lait of a i Nice. Blockade. I roup of Volo assist. Heel. Ensure of Tea negative. To is an or artist id an author litter Herb husbands id wive Balsam Rist Ruments. Form of Quot no a i lower perfume. Crowned read avenues. To Chew pronoun. Answer to previous futile is a Ime Maili my Isis to Iriks Fasiska. Maw Sagaia a amp Sam a o Coa i wow he Fiffia 0 i biotin Tiftz i<9 inane l i 45 snaky aah. 48 spiral Marine shells. 51 by 53 driving command. 55 sword combats. 56 Ozone 57 he was the or originator of the boy scout in America. 58 he is the most prominent of the boy scouts pm. Vertical 1 Metal Mold. 2 to conform. 3 knot. 4 pressing tool. 5 symbolic Banner. 6 brought up. 7 Aurora. 8 toward sea. 9 part of eyes. 15 Palmyra. 17 period. 18 to alarm 20 Attar. 22 particle 23 rental contract. 24 Beach. 25 soaks flax. 26 fish eating mammal. 27 routine study 28 Purser. 30 card game. 33 upright Shaft. 35 to wound with a Dagger 37 greek god of War. 39 musical exercise. 41 plural of this. 43 to add to. 46 self. 47 rumanian Coin. 49 Mongrel. 50 sick. 51 fruit pastry. 52 to do wrong. 54 half an pm. 56 advertise ment. S Sej As a a afer v sir is serial Story $15 a week by Louise Holmes copyright. I�40. Inca ten vice. Inc it i is .v2e� or r r t f i la _ a i to a is a p in a v is Tel f5tb55---- h h a a a a a a a a a a Quot Quot Quot a umm a my Arrison in Hollywood cast of characters Ann Brown orphan Daugh ter of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly City. Paul Hayden a Stock room boy with ambition. St e v k Claybourne a wealthy Playboy. Clara Brooks a dime More counter girl. Irene Temple soviet Debutante. Saturday Ann finds Clara s apartment a Garish unattractive place but Settle Down to Enjo it the company it afford. Florabelle Aho Ann her glittering Well furnished room explain that a former Fiance bought her furniture. Ann can Hare Nice thing too. Florabelle it if she want them knows How to manage. Ann ponders her advice. Chapter i Ann had Ion to bad when Clara came in. A have a Good Lime Quot Abe asked. Earn a Good living the women keep House. They have children Nice clean Little kids they use thick White towels and Linen napkins they have Christmas Trees and presents if they get sick a nurse comes to take care of them. Done to you see what i mean Clarmin it a a vague picture in the bark of Ann mind. This pleasant living an undeveloped dream. It shimmered in the distance no far in the distance that she was Able Only to sense the outlines Clara settled herself comfortably. Annas w ords had not awakened one spark in her consciousness. A that May be Fine for some ,�?T.�?T she said sleepily. A pcs girl in the 10-cent store Don t want kids clean or any other she stirred restlessly. A gee. I wish Paul Hayden would give me a break Jishe was asleep. Ann arose Early the following a a pretty Good. A Taw a keen morning. Cista. Accustomed to picture but we could t get anything to eat because Sam was broke. I done to think 1 11 go out with him any she said getting out of her clothes. A Why Don t you like him a Ann remembered he kits on the stairs. A yeah a i like him All right bul a has to support hts old lady. Data dabbed cold Cream on her face. A what difference Doe that make a a a a in a not hitching up with any Guy who a got to share Hla pay Check a a there it was again every girl searching for a by a baud. Ann reasoned a but you done to have to standing St the stove while she drank a cup of Muddy Coffee a amazed even faintly displeased to find a Lable neatly set. She ate in Ber Bathrobe grumbling meanwhile. A Why do you go to so much trouble. Ann Quot she asked. A i Don t mind. I la Wash the dishes while you dress and we can go downtown together Clara said. A a Geek that Good Riding to the City on the Al they discussed the girls on the third floor. Neddy and Teddy piloted elevators up Aud Down in the Sampson building they danced every night of the week. They were the not popular girls my Roosevelt it sure Slot machine movie i turn out to be successful attractions by Imi i. H Xerri it it a serf irs staff it War re Poi ii it it. To Odd March 4- Takeff Jimmy Roosevelt i Fly confident regarding i it movie venture Nickel not machines w Hick will three minute picture to no customer and Lobley ers How can it miss he and it a imagine being Able to double feature in six min n Oil Mote legitimate Eit ii he of Prodoc lug Phil re i nil.m1 4.m-.i i roo#-1 it in rely behind the it a 11�?an Eglit Ball Nam Hohr Wurr plan for film the Bat a require Boches in the role of to coloured Are to. A lid lie won t be available ire next a ii Prouty definitely has left Fox and hts accustomed a the papa in the Jones by picture although for awhile after the Pili a Lim cd the Hiudt hoped a d in. Two endings were pie-1 for the current Lone fam ilm on their own one use Taase he staged the it it i eliminate hint Lorn Hethe next one of their has been suggested. Id he titled a life without or a i Ai to Dilis ii m or St x let e uni a san la is it iter in a Trail or to Allna Vav me n Nelt ollege foot Ball players who Are supposed to look Mort like gobs should. Two of Lillian Russel la a four husband Are not represent Jed in the pie lure. Being made i about her life and one of those omitted la Harry Braham who really discovered and lifted her to Fate. Done task me Why. I somehow i can t quite Ste chair let Laughton As Benjamin Franklin hut that what hell he in i the filming of Carl Van Doren s biography. Lore truth than Wisecrack a Tartin description of tile common. Hollywood j Triangle % girl in love with an actor and the is tor la love i with . I done to Knoy about the merits of the Case. But it s Gratifying i to know that do amoeba got i up spunk enough to accept ads i pension rather than Plav a role i he did no to like. His career had reached the Point where night club comedians were opening their gets by Rushing out on the floor and announcing Folk. I j hat a it a picture without Don an he a a a Xvi vis u is \ if 4 do financial a Kex ass at this writing. A gone with the wind has grossed about ii 1,000.800 and is expected to turn within the year. The staggering Revenue is due not Only to the High prices but to the feet that literally millions of people who ordinarily Don t go to movies have turned out for this one. There May he a Tarry a jut. Bart Iii Ami an so Awa it. To. Mort. With him Quot. Do quoth Quot a a a a �0? a Gay. In a not tin my Lim. Quot cd the. For Cliris out the. Ii had re Quot Quot la v�?�0?. into Quot of. I us i a a Myrtl. I to mr., Roo oct. Guy ilk. Hay-1 i a a la the. Den a a mean the penitent Quot what to about i Quot re a Quot Annaa . A4 activities might have been on the a aria. That hat a la. A it a cd a proper am the girl. In the. Tora Quot up 1 for it he Law in i i on Oon. Of the. on. A. A a he a a Quot von a a _ i est. Cute in a serious mood he a iring a play for Nim. Ann thought Fri Over. Perhaps Paul had reason for his wariness. A listen Cista a a she asked Why do you and All the other girl want to get married a Quot what als is there for a to want a a live never Mem a 9 had said to Ann. Cheated at cards Adf double crossed a he advised her to do likewise. A sure he a in the Clara a saying. A the winged a top in a hold up. Myrtle was going to have a baby and they needed Money a she spoke quite calmly. A where is myrtles baby a a it was born dead when he got a ooh the poor a yeah a too bad. That a Why i wish Paul Hayden would fall for me. He in t the kind to get mixed tip with the tops or rope Home roaring drunk every saturday night. Head be Square Paul Hayden a eclat a in be got a Dale to go to the movies with Paul a my lord a i thought you hated a the brought me Over to your plate last night he carried my a Well ill be darned. Al tis girls have been treating him like the King of Sheba. You come along and give him a Tongue lashing. And he takes you to a movie. I la be Ann changed the subject. A Tell me about Florabelle. She showed me her apartment last Quot swell dump. I done to see Why she does no to marry one of her swell a she must have a Good Job a Ann suggested. A Saleslady at the Dressy Shoppe. Get 115 a Quot but she has Lovely things Clat a a Telephone and radio How does she do it a Clara shrugged Ber plump shoulders. A she gets a commission on sales she says. She has first Choice when they Mark clothes Down she says. Most of her duds have been returned or have something the matter with them she a have you met any of the meal Anne who take her out Quot Ann was keenly interested in the new life into which she had dropped. A they never come for her. They Send taxi then a ashes All right in t she a a fat As i know. Matter than the rest of us a that a Clava giggled. A i know one of her boy friends. He a our postman a simply Raga Over Florabelle. He never gets anything but an icy state but be keeps coming week after week. Sometimes Florabelle lets him in and sometimes she Clara laughed merrily. The girls parted at the Corner of state and Dearborn. Anns heart Sang. It was fun to live with Clara to gossip no the trip to tin City. She had a Date to go to the movies with Paul Hayden. It was a Beautiful world. Paul called in the afternoon. Mrs. Pringle raised her eyebrows As she handed the Telephone to Ann. A a it a a Man a she mouthed silently. A hit breathlessly Ann said Quot Ann a a Paul a a a aha the ambassador of the elves. What a new in fairyland a his answering chuckle deep Aud satisfying a a in be got inside information tha Mickey mouse is staging a riot at the a sounds Quot that out oui Way. I la Call for you bout 7 if a Alth huh a perfect. Ill have time to change a a be seeing a the remainder of the Day had Rose coloured frill. Ann Sang at her work. She halted and laughed with . Pringle. Quot who is it Ann a the older woman asked. A Paul Hayden Stock Man at the 10-<ent Quot your kind a it a a Subtle compliment. Quot he Nice i like Quot done to fall in love with him. It would do uni e Ray s Corner Island. Has volcanoes with Odd names the family doctor in the Pacific Ocean not far from new Guinea is an Island which has volcanoes with Odd names. It is called new Britain and is under control of Australia. New Britain is not a Little a Rock jutting from the sea a a it has nearly As much land As Holland. It spreads but in very much the shape of a Crescent Moon and a a length of Ahdout sum Miles. The main Volcano in new Britain is named father and i 7.-500 fear High. It has erupted in modern times. Another Large Volcano 1 known As the Mother. One morning in 1a70. People in new Britain rubbed their eyes when they looked out Over Blanche Bay. It contained an Island which had not been there the Day before the Island had an area of Only a few acres hut it was a wonder to have it Rise out of the sea. That Island had been made in the same Way As quite a number of others a Volcano had erupted the night before and had thrown up enough lava and ashes to produce the Island. Besides the father and Mother there Are four a a child volcanoes in new Britain. The smaller volcanoes Are known As North son South son North daughter and South daughter. About 68.000 people of native race live in new Britain. They Are dark skinned almost Black and have a a grizzly Quot hair. Many natives have been cannibals and it is suspected that some of them carry on the practice to this Day. White men Rule the Island but there Are Only a few Hundred of them. They live together in the Little City of Rabaul. No a Britain is narrow being hardly 30 Miles across. Yet there a not Many White persons who have crossed it. Fear of natives is one reason but More important is the Mountain a a backbones l v Faw 1 in i imm i Nim raining men of Nevi Britain wearing High hat. Which run almost the Whol length of the Island. The a a backbones has Steep sides and it to hard for a person to climb it. Bold travellers have made their Way into the wilds now and then however and pictures have been taken of the natives. One such picture shows a group of men wearing extremely High hats. The hat Are Cone shaped and May make one think of a dunce these hat Are made of bark. They Are worn when the men take part in a dance which has something to do with their religion for trave Section of your scrapbook. I of you want a free copy of the leaflet entitled a background of european War Send me a 3c stamped. Elf so dress Ted envelop in Caer of thit newspaper. I it a be Ray. Tomorrow Thailand. A you re not bettering yourself Cataract will not respond to any takes a a. Ita r by marrying Soma Man who my Ano More than you of medication applied to eyes a bettering myself a what do you mean a blk. Morhi6 Fishbein 1 the patient sees around the cat a a done to you want something bet editor journal of the american ter than this. Clara a medical association and of a what in the world is the May a Hygeia. The health Magazine str with this term. A Cataract a refer to Ann tried to plaid som Condlon to which that 1#bb of people live pleasantly. The men the Fye become Mouded. The this minute a a Hov. Xio Ani no Start Reading Lens is a crystalline substance is used to focus Light on the Back of the Eye. A Cataract is not a film growing Aero the Eye. It is a physic St change in the tissue w Ohleh is like the frosting of a Clear window in surgical treatment of Cataract the Lens is removed. It becomes necessary therefore to if Vou think Alaska a desert Wear eyeglasses which help to de place the alaskan Railroad focus the Light properly on the collect $3 every 60 Seconda in Retina at the Back of the Eye Revenue on it traffic. After an operation. An absurd Odd Angle on the for Many year a1 sorts of current War Ridden world is that so called medical treatments for nazi germane focal Center of in Cataract have been promoted to ter National turmoil is shipping Public. Today people do not song Birds to America. And for operations As much a they those Birds or Bein sent there used to. But nowadays Medicine at a rate of. Dollar s Worth every a a Vance. So rapidly and there Are a Many remarkable discoveries it try Lim on Mlo Iii Quot it a �?~�?T"�?op1 cac Laad to a ,0-, he the. Drop in. A a a Quot a �h�1oti� thin they p a a Quot of a a a a Quot it re Quot a or. Ahn cry Wood a. It fit hit Boron. To Villi to j a Quot i Hoo i i t j a i ago. Electricity and various kind Ini m i. Quot of a top off Blini a de to catch of i. Common ill m la p of f we a a a pm they were seeing better. Some flapper Fanny by Sylvia i if a a for cute or my newer it. V a Aga u t sat Ess. Go seconds. Japan Fig Huoi to grab off world markets is manufacturing buttons at a Speed of 5.000 a Minnie that Means they make More than 80b buttons in the time ii takes to snap your fingers tone second the american a Oast guard Bureau is getting a big demand possibly because of War menace for j nautical and aeronautical Chart and is issuing in average of two a minute Stop Reading. The words you ars about to look at in the split seconds that they bit your eyes. Form a new kind of reporting thie wiil take sixty seconds to read while you Are Reading these Facia the Verenta they describe Ere actually taking piece. What happens in one minute on Eartha world la in motion ,. Destiny unfolds itself charlatans drop drugs into the a a lot of Good she laughed. A what do you mean a a the a a woman a the wont hate you. Listen Anne a or. Pringle was not Clever. Life had sapped her until she was 1 the Mere hell of a woman. She groped from her store of experience to find advice for the girl. A a you re meant i for better thing. You re not like she spread her hands in a comprehensive gesture. A Don t spoil your chances by falling in love with a Man who i will pull you Down to hts level Arad and things that i vision and keep you there is improving. But of course j i won t. Mrs Pringle Ann the dilation Wear off. And the told her seriously. A i m going patient realizes that he has been j on Jet Bow ill get a there i victimized. Mckenney on Bridge Aesop a fables on playing cards told Story and moral in rhyme by we. F. Or Kenney americans card authority Don t know. But there Mutt he a Way and in be got to find to be continued How can i in today it can be said with certainty thai no one la Able to cure a Cataract with drop or with medicament applied to the Eye. Usually the person who is treated in this manner is Given some Good medical advice about i diet and living which tends to. Make him feel Benet. It y ran prepare Good frequently the eyeglasses can tend a Feak Quot be changed to advantage during the time when the patient is by Anne aah making up his mind to Hae an operative procedure. There is an advantage in having the patient come regularly for inspection so that the Progress of the Cataract can be determined. It is not desirable however for a patient with a Cataract to Wai until he has become completely Blind before having an operation. There to no evidence that any of the Vitamin now known is specific in stopping the growth and development of a Cataract or in curing one. The rate St which the cloudiness increases varies with every patient. Sometime there May be a Little cloudiness which will remain Static for years before it becomes sufficient to cause real Eye to dilate the Pupil. Then distress. A. Pound the Steak Well Roll it in flour and Fry in a tablespoonful of very hot lard. When it a browned add i j cups of Bolling water and let boil for two or three minutes. The result will be a Nice tender Steak and plenty of Gravy. Q. How can i remove lipstick k stains from White linens a soak with vinegar full strength. Of the stains Are in coloured material use half vinegar and half cold water. Q How can i easily remove so Tew and nails which Are rusted into Wood a drop a Little hot paraffin on them and after a Short time they can be very easily removed. An interesting deck of card appeared in England some year ago telling Aesop a a fable in rhyme and illustration on the face of each card. On the King of dubs for example was the fable of the a lion and in which the mouse demand the Mon daughter in marriage for saving the King he meals from entanglement in a snare. The engraving show the mouse being accidentally crushed under the Paw of the lion daughter with a verse and appropriate moral. Hate is a Well timed hand. In a re it ent tournament most South player failed to make Ihler contract of three no Trump one Declarer made la however by winning the first Lead with the Queen of hearts then leading a Small Spade playing the nine from Dummy. East won the Queen and returned a heart. Declarer won and led the six of Spades. West played the seven and Dummy s Jack held the trick. A Small club was led and the Queen finessed West won with the Queen and knocked out the King of heart. Another club ass �753 a 108 a 9 8 5 a k863 a a 4 k94 a j 10 3 duplicate a and w Vui. Roo la wee North rut i a Pas i a Pas i n. T. Pass 2 n t. Pas set. Pass pass pass opening a j. 6 was led and the ten finessed. South cashed the Ace of clubs. West discarding the ten of Spades this gave the Declarer a perfect count on the hand. All he had to do was to Lead a club and throw East in la less forcing him to play diamonds. Cranium crackers lessons in English by w. L. Gordon and such bargains Patty you la simply swoon whet you Ste the dress i got for practically nothing in other reasons too. Such is it length one pair of newlywed. Bought ticket for a honeymoon act Nim e depart men Eleanor Powell sad Merril Pyn music end act director nth have something o Tell their f i lend atty Day now. It Spring on the Campus and built Valier a Given i fraternity pin to Patricia Dane. Ton never see Nancy Kelly without Irving gumming. Jr., or Ann >4herblan without Bruce i Bot. Vivian Leigh and Lawrence Olivier say Wain to he married on British soil maybe in Nassau after their Amerin literature the titles mentioned in today test Are typically american and representative of some of this country Foremost writer. After each work insert the name of the author 1. A the Gold bugs. 2. A the Deirala Ytry. 3. A trip Van Winkle 4. A the Scarlet letter. K. A poor Richard s Almanack answer on Man and Page modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q. Isnit it permissible to use the words a a refusal or a a refusing when not accepting an invitation a. No. You May a a regret that you Are unable to come hut you should never there is quite a distinction. Q what Doe a weak handclaps indicate a. Some people claim it indicate a weak character. A tour Mig Ether. I firm. Hearty handclaps is sym it could t let mood f Nemmo a it by who turned misogynist a few Day ago. Is having data again. And Artie Shaw who j a bounced i retirement As an reheat Leader and married Ana Turner because he wanted it Settle Down is organizing 8 i Man women in Russia Are at Ither band. J tending classes in railroading. Q. Should a Man raise his hat when offering his seat to a woman in a Streetcar or bus a. Yes. It is the courteous thing to do words often misused do not say a i have no Hopes of going say i have no Hope of often mispronounced ameliorate. Pronounce Meiyo rat e As in me. O As in no unstressed. A As in rate. Accent first syllable a a often misspelled palatable cent first syllable. A the child a petulance was due to three persons taken in raids Davidson officers Sciss Hickey Root at three stations spent to the Enterprise Thomasville. March 4�?a wholesale raid by nine Davidson county deputies Over the week-1 three a end resulted in the arrest of i synonyms hinder Tver in three operators of filling stations 1 Ped retard delay obstruct on the Thomasville High Point j pre eat hamper Highway just on the outskirts i Ord study i be a word of Thomasville. The three opera three times and it is yours tora. Reid Moore Arthur hed d-�1 a increase our vocabulary Rick. And Julian Kennedy were mastering a be word each Day. Chat gee with violation of thep0 to p. A a prohibition la a for the purpose of Sale. A Quantity of approximately four pint a found at the Reid Moore station and approximately a Case of assorted whiskey was found at earn of the other two places. The a flying Squadron of Davidson county officer raided the three place simultaneously with deputies Stone. Beck and header raiding the Moore station deputies Green Graves and meat hum raiding the Hedrick place and deputies Kennedy Myers. And Phelps raiding the Kennedy station the three men furnished Bond and will be tried on Friday match 8, in Thomasville recorder court before judge c. W. Gilliam. After being Idle for in months. A British film studio Wil produce a new version of a Tilly of takes up duties Dunn. March 4. . Isabelle Smith of Bunnlevel has begun her duties As practical nurse a the Harnett county Home supt. Earl p. Byrd announced. National Bead to speak Kannapolis March 4.�?>p a National president Hugh c. Mitchell of Statesville Wilt speak at the Cabarrus county convention of the patriotic order sons of America Here thursday night. Scout Campaign Kannapolis March 4.�?</p> a boy scout Campaign in Cabarrus county slightly under it $3,000 goal will be continued another week. Side glances look and learn sugar interests of Manchuria ate reported to have purchased too tons of sugar beet seed Iii the United state. By u c. Gordon 1. What opera Star took the name of a City in Australia for her stage name 2. Whet did Jesus find the tribute Money for Caesar 3. What Battle in the american revolutionary War marked the fits bloodshed 4. What to the monetary unit of Greece 5. Where ate hip thousand islands located a new ebs j. Melba from melbourne2. In the Mouth of a fish. 3. Battle of Lexington. 1775. 4. The drachma. Pronounce Drak a first a As in at Seco i a As in ask unstressed. 5. In the St. Lawrence River. A War Tim restrictions ate Hen Felt economically in Jamar. A a can to you just go into Hie Bossy office without going through ult that preparation a

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