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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Sunday. March Jio Iother Hatch Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Pace seven Sec. A hex Chris raw gossip by % Sud ays cd Wanda. On my desk in the mail saturday a. In. A letter from Down the Fountain of youth Way. be guessed was from mrs. Irene a Granny Albertson. She said the fountains weather w As too cold and Abe had to move on to so. Said All Aion she take it. She went deep sea fishing and said for a while she did no to know whether she was fishing for fish or the fish fishing for , this Mal de Mer. Jack Burris. Genial Host St Gate City motors. Is slightly indisposed with a sore Throat now that a a calamity for an automobile Man because he Bas to talk a lot. Dick Parker. Or. Parker s Good looking boy is Back Home at Gate City Dick is now new car sales manager and say he s going to slay there. Coy rhones. Popular Mechanic at levies chevre let or Snow he has a Supply of Ham on the absent minded professor. A a better a Davis parked on South main saturday night and left his lights burning. Who is the handsome Young Lochinvar who is doing such heavy courting these nights that he in t fit for work during the at furniture City motors. Johnny a a red Roost land Gordon slipping in the Back door. A chigger Quot Moffitt running Johnny a close second. Clayton Steele pretty Well bunged up from the basketball game the other night. Clarence a Ley. The country Bov who made wealing tile loudest socks need. Ever but they Are hot numbers. Harvey Embler running around calling attention to Clarences socks. Tom English. At English still on the sick list need. Is sorry to wait wait wait Don t buy a used car until a new worlds Low priced sensational used car proposition is offered by Gate City motor co. Phone 469.&Quot used car lot opposite Post office your Ford Mercury Lincoln Zephyr dealer invites you to try the new Ford ride English motor company authorized 201 a. Washington dealer High Point n. C. Phone 2191 most people like Black but there Are other colors Dodge distribution expert analyses color Ion smugness a whatever May be said or observed regarding trends toward Bright automobile colors the fact is that Black remains the finish most frequently specified a says Harry j. New director of distribution of the Dodge division of Chrysler corporation. A a Little More than 27 per cent of the buyers of 1940 Dodge cars Call for the dignified Black finish. Black is closely followed by the Grays of which we have two mainline Gray and gun Metal. Grays Are chosen by 24 per cent of the buyers. Next in color preference is Admiral Blue with close to 13 per cent. The line up then lists decreasingly lower percentages of preference for Lakeland Green Arbor Green regal Maroon air Cruiser red spar beige and patrol Blue. A the partiality of motorists for Black is undoubtedly based on the fact that the Black car can be associated with dignity which makes it the accepted conveyance in All Servie situations including some in which the car of brighter Hue might be regarded is unduly conspicuous. While a led car will lie proper almost anywhere there Are people who would hesitate about driving it to the opera or Church where the Black car is eminently in character. A in general it will be found that the younger motoring element goes for the brighter colors whereas our customers in the higher see brackets favor the staid colors such As Black and Gray and the blues. A in scanning our color specifications extending Over a year i see Little to indicate that the seasons affect color preference. The records show no Rush for Green ear in Spring when nature be decks herself in verdant colors. Nor Dees the preference for Gray take a marked leap in the drab Days of autumn or Winter. A the wide Range within which our factory lets the buyer pick the color of his new car. Calls for an intricate synchronized Assembly setup under which the Assembly lines deliver bodies of differ hit colors and h odos fenders wheels and other components in identical or harmonizing colors at the precise moment the Assembly Crew needs them. There is As far As i am aware no other Industry in which the problems of color synch ionization Are so Man sided yet so successfully Horace 0. Ilderton inc., Commerce at Willowbrook Street. Is local Dodge luxury liner dealer. Safety Comfort Desoto is ready for show debut roominess in new Ford automobiles the fact that this luxurious a a travelling court is among the perquisites of Michigan s ice Queen May help to explain Why Competition for the Royalty of is so keen. Two of the Young women who travelled in style during Michigan a Winter sports carnival held at Petoskey feb. 2 toll. Were Veron Rohde Lef Petoskey s own Winter Queen and Adelyne Eustrom of Boyne City who was selected As Michigan a official Winter Queen this year. Lyles Chevrolet company 731 North main Street Are local Chevrolet dealer. New Pontiac Are eas3r to operate report Boh Vaughn. Charge de affaires on English used car lot. Introduced Quot need. To a charming lady whom Bob called his Bob said he was glad to Call her Boss. Honest confession is Good for the soul Leonard Atkinson motors,.has been on the sick list several Days but is on the Road to recovery. Earl Chulapa i gave me a ride in i Quot Bonita. Earl did no to give me a sales talk reason he said that Pontiac did no to need it because it would sell itself. But the real reason is he knew need. Could t buy one right now for Lack of Here we Are Hack on the subject of a Windshield for the fire boy at number four .it.,.the shield is still noticeable because of Ita absence. Maybe the City fathers done to read tills column is the reason that nothing a been done about really in a1 seriousness and from a humanitarian Point of View something ought to Bel done about that Windshield. Testing proves Energy saved to Drivers that the new cars Are easier to drive will be conceded by every Motorist but exactly How much easier remained a mystery until the other Day when Pontiac engineers pinned Down the actual Driver Energy difference Between the car of 19 40 and those of 1929. The Experiment was conducted at Genera motor proving ground. Its purpose was to determine How much Energy a been saved for motorists in the last to years through engineering refinement the no. 3 schedule at the proving ground was used. It is slightly Over 25 Miles in length and in one shift a Pontiac test Driver will cover it eight times or approximately 200 Miles the number of pedal operations gear shift operations and steering wheel turns necessary to negotiate these 200 Miles were carefully counted As was the amount of Energy required to Complete each operation. The results were then compared with the 1929 records. The Pontiac engineers found that the Driver of a 1940 Model car uses 7.533 less foot pounds of Energy of a 209 mile trip than did the 1929 Driver Over the same distance. With the foot Pound representing the Effort required to lift a one Pound weight one foot it can be seen that in 200 Miles of driving today Driver saves enough Energy to lift nearly four tons. Greatest Energy saving came from steering the engineering re j poll shows next was braking followed by clutch pedal Effort i and gear shifting Bon Nile engineers credit the easier steering 7340 Fot pounds less than in 1929 to link Patal Lelo Giam steering system which minimizes a wheel the worm and double roller Type steering gear which reduce friction and foaling King pin Huskings. Flexible steering wheels to j absorb Road Shock and higher i steering ratios also do their part. Gear shift levers on the steering columns and Booster action j which shifts gears at fingertip pressure synchro mesh transmit t Mona. Self cushioning clutch and self energizing Hydraulic brakes j which actually use the machines Forward motion to Stop it All Are added in by the Pontiac engineers to account for the fact that it is 73 per cent easier to drive your 1940 ear than the Model you i drove in 1929. To these. Pontiac Points nut must be added the intangible Energy savings resulting from the j sense of Security afforded by All steel bodies and Turret top safety plate Glass All around adjust j Able seats and Arm rests smoother engines improved seat Rush j ions and duplex rear springing All engineering dreams Back in 1929. Atkinson motors. 129-131 South Wrenn Street is local dealer for Pontiac. It is reported that by january. 1941, a stratosphere Airport will be constructed at Miami Fla. The Field will be the largest in the world having paved runways covering 4.4 Miles an oxygen tent made from a child Gas helmet saved the life of a three Montha Oid baby boy who was ill from bronchial pneumonia in London. After dark of. Rice this minuted by Howard mar thu Goodwill used cars build customer satisfaction ask the purchaser that a bought a Gar from i a a prove a it yourself that the i Sec Gar we sell Are better i wed Gars $565.00 $695.00 1939 Ford Coupe. Beautiful Blue. White Wall tires dual equipoise t 1939 Pontiac coach. Original finish Low mileage. Deluxe equipment. Glean As a new Jar 1939 Ford deluxe four door Sedan. Original finish. Low mileage. Traded from original we -,.r1 $595.00 1939 deluxe Chevrolet Coupe. Full equipment. Low mileage. Traded from original owner. Clean As a new car $595.00 1938 Oldsmobile. Trader from a reliable Aud original owner. Low mileage. Dual or $595.00 1 938 Plymouth deluxe Coupe a the car for the wife. Its clean As a new car. Full equipment. Low mileage. 1938 deluxe Chevrolet coach the finest bargain in High Point. Dual equipment. Low is $495.00 1938 Pontiac coach. Beautiful in every detail. Full equipment Low mileage. $495.00 $545.00 i we have any make or yearly Model you desire. Come Down and see for yourself a get your by ter cued car before tii buying Rush begins Trade with a Friendly people Jake Rio in Kari. Phillips w. F. Jones John at Stin Leonard Hall Pete Moore Gilmer Aycock Dennis Richardson Daye Neill Sale manager Atkinson motors 129 i. Wrenn St. Stat to j. C. Welch motor co phone j7m Yoch Pontiac dealer open evenings until i m of clock the word you Are about to look St. In the spilt second that they hit your eve form a new kind of reporting. The la will take sixty second to read while you Are Reading these fact the even to they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth a world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading americans use 12 Square Yard of rubber every minute a for their automobiles. Soviet Russia its shipping furs to America despite the War situation. Two Squirrel skins every minute. Raw Cotton a an incredible value to War stricken England for clothing and munitions. The United kingdom i now importing $500 Worth every minute. The soviet la buying $60 Worth of Good from America a each minute of each hour. Many countries make paper out of rags they get from Frame. Which ships out 200 pounds of rag a minute. Two thirds of Indian s Gigantic group of malaria sufferers cannot obtain quinine with which to Light the dreaded disease. ,. While you were Reading this column. Four persons in India died of malaria and that happen every time the second hand on your watch turns around just i once Stop Reading. 7 you drive. Off a ten Story building but hitting something at . Has just about the same result at night without traffic safety lighting you be obstructions too Quot Tate hit them at greater -i&iif5peed3 with More deadly Al impacts \ irow night driving \ tip tar Lim dangerous m Cit i Ford dinged bodies Are of All steel Type a determination to provide a maximum of safety Comfort and roominess dictated the design of the All steel bodies of Ford v-8 and deluxe Ford is cars for 19 10. All Ford closed bodies Are of All Teel Type not Only with an All steel Structure and sides but also with an All steel top and All steel floor. No Wood whatsoever is utilised in the body Structure. None is used even for tacking the upholstery into place a special tack retaining material being used. The steel top is a single stamping from cowl top to below the rear windows and from Side to Side Down to the tops of the doors. The top and body panels infernal Structure and floor Are welded into a single unit of tremendous strength and rigidity. Door panels Are welded to the door frames a feature of the doors being the one piece inside framing which materially strengthen them. Door Are equipped with friction Type checks. The Forward position of Ford v-8 engines in the Chassis provides More length for passengers and Luggage As the result of careful design and the use of the do Hie drop Chassis Frame the body floors Are close to the ground. This in turn permits placing the seats in a lower position without sacrificing leg room. The Over All height of the car can therefore be Low. Yet head room is not penalized. The combined result helps to make the Center of Gravity of Ford cars quite Low in Aid toward driving Comfort and safety. The Forward position of the v-8 engine also allows Large space for carrying parcels and Luggage. As Well As for tools and the spare wheel and tire. Luggage compartments Are provided with special locks and Are not accessible from the inside so that the Luggage is protected even though the ignition key May he left with a garage attendant or set vice Man the key to the Luggage compartment can he removed Only when the compartment is locked. English motor company 201 East Washington Street is local dealer for Ford. Powerful engines in 1940 Chrysler add horsepower gained it Lieut a Erifile More powerful High torque engines have been provided for Al the new 1 940 Chrysler models the engine for Hie Royal and Windsor now produces 108 h p. I at 3600 r. P. . The engine j for the traveler Saratoga and j new yorker is no rated at 135 h p and the Crown Imperial Power Plant offers 137 horsepower. The added horsepower for the now Royal and Windsor Power plants has been gained without sacrificing the Speed or the Economy for which this engine is famous. Bore of the Royal and Windsor engine is 3 3-8 inches and the stroke is 4 1-2 inches. Piston displacement is 241.5 cubic inches and the compression ratio with the Standard head is 6,5 to i. A special Cylinder head with a compression ratio of 7 0 to i is available a extra Cost in this and other High torque engine the use of Premium fuel will produce added Power Brake horsepower for the engine of the traveler Saratoga and new yorker is 135 at 3400 r. P. . Bore of the engine is 3 1-4 inches and the stroke 4 7-8 inches. Piston displacement is 323.5 cubic inches and the Standard head has a compression ratio of 6.8 to i. A special aluminium head with a compression ratio of 7.4 5 to i is available for this engine. The engine of the Crown Imperial Lias the same specifications As that for the traveler Saratoga new yorker series except that it has a Standard aluminium Cylinder head with a compression ratio of 6.8 to i. A special aluminium Cylinder head with a compression ratio of 7.45 to i is available and with this head the engine will develop 143 horsepower. All of the High torque engines of the new 1940 Chrysler have full length water jackets around the bores and a water distributing tube. This combination offers the most efficient Cooling and assures balanced temperatures throughout tile engines. This uniform temperature reduces the Power losses due to friction thereby insuring maximum performance under All operating condition. Chrysler designed aluminium Alloy pistons Are used in All of the High torque engines. These pistons weigh much less than East Iron pistons and Cut Down the Strain on the engine and crankshaft hearings when the car is in operation. This year the super finished pistons Are St anodized with a thin coating of pure tin to overcome scuffing and scoring during the breaking in period of the engine. Gate City motor company 115 South Wrenn Street is local Chrysler dealer. A a Wien 2.0 h wild Swan betaine Frozen in the ice near Copenhagen Denmark animal Prole Hon societies sent a Rescue party to free the Birds. This year models stand out impressively by. J. B. Wagstaff general sales manager do Soto division Chrysler corp. Each fall As the automobile Industry enters the new Model year the eyes of the entire country Center on this business be cause each year we have somehow achieved the seemingly impossible goal of offering More value per Dollar than Ever before. The 1940 de Soto is no exception to this Rule. After months of designing re designing building testing tearing Down Aud rebuilding the new models which will carry on a tradition of value giving such As no other Industry can approach Are aready for their debut at the automobile shows. The Best perspective on this years value is found in a glance at the offerings at automobile shows Only in years ago. In that year the average Cost per Pound of ail automobiles was 32 cents against 26 cents this year. Cost per horsepower to years ago was 816.70 against $9 today. And in spite of Uiese decrease in Cost Quality features unknown to years ago have been added including safety Glass silent gears and synchronized shifting double action Shock absorbers High com pression engines air intake Clear. Erg and Many others. It is this kind of Progress which has earned for the automobile Industry the title of Bell wether of american Prosperity and has expanded our business until it affects every phase of american life and Trade. Even against the closer comparison of last years de Soto which was an acknowledged value the 1940 models stand Obi impressively. In the first place. Prices Harp been lowered in spits of lengthened wheelbase increased roominess greater Power a cd a Complete re styling which Cost the Chrysler corporation some $12,000,000 for new Dies and tools. And in the second place these lower prices have in effect been made even lower by the addition to the deluxe line of to Vohol group of equipment item formerly sold As extras. This is the kind of value Glavind service which has been a feature of this Industry for 40 years. And it is also the reason that the automobile business Bas become Sui i a great Factor in our National life that Hie Prosperity of one is de a pendent on the Prosperity of the other. Furniture City motors 7 North main Street is local t Soto dealer. Hitch your License to a Star 1940 Chevrolet amp a Star for value t a be your Chevrolet dealer and learn hew v Eby Utt be it will Cost to own a new Chevrolet for id with your present car in Trade. Yes by v it Anil you allow n tire a Star for because a a Chevrolet first again a a 85-h. P. Valve in he six to Flint mtr Higan transport i or rail rate state and tora tax it exd it. Based on an optional equipment and Accel or is Ettra primers subject to change without notice. A general motors value. .659 a a Chevrolet a first again a Lyles co. 121-33north main St. Phone 4966 away with Winter lubricants fax trip of say when the Mercury rises a its time to Drain Oft those worn out Winter Grade lubricants and protect your car with Tough full bodied heat resisting engine Oil and gear lubricants let us prepare your Dodge or Plymouth for summer driving with factory approval lubrication. Horace g. Ilderton inc. Commerce at Willowbrook Street service phone 4213�? office phone 2129 this and it is Good for a free Wash and lubrication of your mine appears Herr miss Clara Cranford Trinity n. G. This week offer expires Friday. March service with a smile Stop in. For better Spring driving its As simple a 1-1-1 when you come Here because when you entrust your car to us you can bet that it will be ready for Spring there s no Fum. Blini no waste motion. We know exactly what to do and How to do it. What More we re property equipped to Render the most scientific service on any car. Well be looking for you Here furniture City motors 792 North main Street de Soto a i Lymo Ith v. L. Smith manager great Gars a Tel or ser let a a Square Deal phone 4376 worn Al

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