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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear to partly Cloud through monday Mill year a no. In the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation in Iti High Point. N. C., sunday morning june 30, 1974 in pages classified and 85-2177 other dept ,85-211 daily Ioc. Sunday lie Peron s wife assumes Argentine presidency Babel Peron Buenos Aires. Argon Ona map a vice president Isabel Peron too Over As acting president from her ail inn husband saturday so he can continue medical treat ment for a serious ailment she is the first woman to serve As head of state in South America Peron. Elected president in september in a dramatic return after la years exile was ordered to take a absolute real while doctors treated what they said was infectious bronchitis with heart complications a presidential press communique issued late saturday said Perrin condition had improved a a appreciably during the Day and Peron is confident of his Quick recovery to directly take Mer his usual government tasks again the to year old president transferred the mandate during a Cabinet meeting at his official mansion in the Buenos Aires suburbs he remains president but his wife has his full Powers until he takes them Back Isabel an attractive 43-Vear-old former dancer loins the ranks of other female government leaders that include prime minister Indira Gandhi of India prime minister Siri Mavo Bandaranaike of sri Lanka and Golda mete former Premier of Israel Isabel had a political experience when she became vice president but her current stint As acting president is the second time she has taken Over temporarily for her husband she ran the country under a similar Man Date for two Days when Peron took Brief trips to neighbouring Uruguay and Paraguay. She announced the step Over television with her face an emotionless mask her Chestnut hair swept up in an elegant bouffant a i have assumed this extraordinary responsibility under the upright inspiration of Genera Peron i Call for the Solidarity cd argentines and ask god for his she said. Armed forces and oppose turn leaders called for Universal support of the Constitution. Which allows mrs Perm to assume the mandate. But there was Little immediate Public reaction the Pero rust youth a let list group of 250 000 which has questioned mrs Peron s position in the past Anontine red its unconditional support for her however Ricardo a i bin the second most popular Argentine politician after Peron. Has said in the past a i will support the constitutional president whether in trousers or a skirt a Humours continued to Fly about Peron a health even Atter a medical bulletin Friday night signed by two eminent specialists who act As Peron s personal physicians the bulletin said Peron needed rest and medication but it did not say for How Long. Ami it gave no indication As to the degree of seriousness mrs Peron returned Friday night from a two week european trip which included state visits army has control in Ethiopia capital Addis Araba. Ethiopia f api a Ethiopia s armed forces put Addis Ababa under curfew saturday night and in effect declared themselves in control of the country. Dozens of armed troops gathered at the Airport telecommunications held quarters and the capital s two radio stations a former Cabinet minister was arrested but civilian authorities dented reports that prime minister Endalkatchew Makonnen and some members of his Cabinet were detained. The Cabinet held a three hour emergency session and named a committee to Confer with military leaders a a publicly unidentified group believed to include mostly Young army officers. No military activity was reported in the provinces there appeared to be no immediate move against Makonnen s Fourr Rulith old government whose slow Progress toward political and economic Reform has displeased military radicals but the soldiers evidently believed they could oust the is 52@� for answers la question or help with a problem Call or write action line la care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Leafy hazards checked q i an something be done about the Trees and Bushes at a a too a a rather than printing a handful of messages about sight distance problems created by flourishing vegetation at intersections around the City Well just mention that All a we a can t see to get out complaints of past weeks have been checked by the traffic engineers some owners were sent a a Bush letters other growth problems were put in the Lap of Public works for right of a Way clearance. The Queen can t jump q. In the game of Chest is the Queen allowed to jump Over her own Man a. No. They re watching now q. My question is about crosswalks. Aly understanding is that a pedestrian has the right a of a Way at a crosswalk and would like the police department to take note of the a terse lion of Broad and s. Elm. A question was raised when the intersection was made a few years ago about being Able to Cross there and they put a Light up there that flashes so when traffic comes Over the Bridge the blinking Light comes on. Here comes a car Over he Bridge at a High rate of Speed and the Odds Are that you can to see them coming. I think the police should be watching this intersection and give a few motorists tickets that come flying Over this Bridge at a High rate of Speed and catch pedestrians in the crosswalk and they refuse to give the pedestrian the right a of Way. Or. J. J. A. It. L. J. Boyd says he agrees with you on the danger to pedestrians at this intersection he has contacted the traffic Engineer who has promised to have signs Hung Over the intersection shortly. The officers assigned to this area have been asked to spend some time at this location to enforce the signs. Red Man suffrage q. When were the indians Given the right to vote air. D. 8. A. Since 1948, indians in All states have had the right to vote. B -1 g q what Are the dimensions of the Goodyear Blimp that flew Over Alay 28 shortly before noon thank you. Air. D. D. A. Charles Carmichael of Carolina tire co. Found out from the Goodyear people the dimensions of two of the three blimps they have flying the a a columbian a holds 202,000 cubic feet of helium is 192 feet Long 59 feet High 50 feet wide. The a a Mayflower holds 147,000 cubic feet of helium is 160 feet Long 58 feet High 51 feet wide. Snake victim of q. I would like to know about the Man that got bitten by the cobra. Did he live la. J. A. He did the Charlotte observer sent copies of the news articles relating the event which occurred March 29 Keith Benson 27, was bitten by an Asiatic cobra while handling it in an 8 by 30 foot trailer used As a travelling Snake exhibit. He was standing in a Glass enclosure at the time. An april 4 article reported he was in satisfactory condition at the Hospital and would probably remain there another two weeks. The owner of the Serpent rim Randy Gallagher said there were a thousand and one ways to explain Bensons being bitten. Quot that a the reason we re wanting to work on the psychology bit with snakes. To see How they react to certain things we need to handle the he added that Benson was anxious to help with this As soon As he got out of the Hospital. Prime minister of they wished a military statement delivered to broadcasters by an officer carrying a sub machine gun announced the curfew effective Between la p m and i a in the statement said the curfew was a to accomplish the peaceful completion of the movement started last a reference to a military Mutiny that toppled a 10-year-old regime widely considered to be corrupt soldiers told newscasters. A Elf you get any comment from the civilian government Check it with us the statement declared a the military action earned out at this time has been done to find a solution of problems for the whole country a the government said former foreign minister Arenassie Katie was detained at the Airport As he was seeing off his wife Iris a native of Baltimore. My she missed her flight and stayed in Addis Ababa a there is a distinct feeling that a military coup is taking place but this is speculative a an experienced Western Diplomat said a on the surface everything is peaceful president Nixon Brezhnev at Yalta Airport i to wire photo nuclear arms Summit continues by the sea Yalta. U s s r it apr it card Al Nixon and Leonid i. Brezhnev settled in As developed weapons we science adviser Dies Belmont mass api or. Vannevar Bush an Engineer who directed United states scientific efforts during world War la has died of pneumonia at the age of 84. Bush who had been in failing health for is months died Friday night at his Home. He was a science adviser to president Franklin d. Roosevelt and directed the office of scientific research and development which developed More than 200 new weapons during world War la after Roosevelt a death he gave the first detailed information about the atomic bomb to the president Truman and was a member of a committee which recommended using the bomb against Japan. Bush s efforts during the War won Praise from Secretary of War Robert p. Patterson who said Bush a helped shorten the War and saved american Bush had been professor and Dean of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of technology where he developed analytical systems that Laid groundwork for the modern electronic computer. He resigned from Mit in 1938 to head the prestigious Carnegie institution and in 1940 was named chairman of the National defense research committee As the Leader of a group of scientists and engineers who developed a National policy of weapons research starting in 1939, he mobilized a Force of 25,000 people to undertake such tasks As developing uses for atomic Energy. An Mit spokesman said Bush had been n failing health since december 1972 and suffered a cerebral vascular injury on june 3. The primary cause of his death was pneumonia. Services will be private. An Mit spokesman said a or. Bush memorial service is planned tor next fall. Hts studies at Mit led him to design machines to perform Complex analyses of Power transmission lines by 1931, he had developed a machine known As a differential analyser. Seaside neighbors saturday night on an estate that once belonged to a russian Czar it s now real estate of the soviet government the president and first lady Pat were assigned to a Dacha with eight bedrooms and a heated swimming Pool. Brezhnev was lodged in his usual vacation Dacha next door and newsmen wanted to know if this meant he and Nixon would be inviting each other Over a theres no Fence in Between. A a soviet official told them the Nixon and Brezhnev left Moscow in a Light drizzle earlier in the Day and came Here to continue in restful surroundings the talks they started in the Kremlin on curtailing nuclear arms. Nixon invited Brezhnev to san Clemente on the Pacific when the soviet communist party general Secretary visited the United slates last year and this was a return of hospitality. Minutes Belore their soviet Ilyushin 62 touched Down at Simferopol 65 Miles from Here the crowds that moved into place to Greet them were issued tiny plastic american and soviet flags to wave As the motorcade moved out of the City at the Start of the drive to Yalta the lampposts were Hung with soviet and american hags and banners were stretched across the route saying in both English and russian a Welcome president Nixon a Muggs. 86-degree weather prevailed at the russian Viera for history a second set of Yalta talks both the soviet and american parties proceeded to their Dachau at Oreana on what once was the country estate of Czar Nicholas la and is favored by Brezhnev or Seaside vacations Yalta which the locals pronounce with the russian equivalent of a hillbilly twang was crowded with communist party workers on vacation at Camps or in residence at the numerous health Sanatony in the area Moscow Summit new economic treaty signed Yalta user it api a after signing a new economic agreement in a drizzly Moscow president Nixon and Leonid i. Brezhnev brought their nuclear Summit saturday to the Edge of this Black sea Sun resort famous for its controversial world War ii diplomacy Nixon was welcomed by the biggest crowds yet of his second visit to the soviet Union As president people gathered in clusters to wave plastic american and soviet flags wild Flowers and clumps of greenery plucked from nearby Fields. Meropol. Then the soviet american entourage drove 65 Miles to Brezhnev s vacations a Nikon Iai Cia role tied to breaking Washington a the Central intelligence Agency received a report on the watergate break in from an associate of one of the conspirators within a month after it occurred Dut did not immediately pass it on to Federal investigators an informed official source said saturday night the source said that the report on the june 17, 1972 breaking was filed by Robert Bennett on july to 1972. Bennett son of sen. Wallace Bennett. A Utah was working in Washington for Robert r Mullet co., an International Public relations term previously disclosed to have had at that time a contract to provide cover Lor Cia agents overseas. Convicted watergate conspirator and former Cia agent e. Howard Hunt or. Also was working part time in the Mullen firms Washington office and with the White House special investigations unit Al that time on july i. The Federal Bureau of investigation had begun a nationwide search for Hunt who had gone into hiding after his name had been linked to two men arrested inside the democratic party Headquarters. Hunt had agreed on july 7 to meet Federal investigators. The details of Bennett i report could not be Learned but among those in the Agency who saw it was then director Richard m Helms now ambassador to Iran a Bennett did pass to his Case officer some information it was looked at and Helms was one who did look at it a the source said. The two leaders were reported to have gone into seclusion from each other saturday night in neighbouring Dachau on a seashore estate once owned by a russian Czar and now used by the soviet government a soviet of i let Al was asked earlier if the proximity of quarters meant Nixon and Brezhnev would be meeting frequently whip Here to continue their talks on nuclear arms curbs. He replied a theres no Fence in Between a White House spokesman said there were no meetings Between the two saturday evening and that the president and mrs Nixon dined alone Nixon then met with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger White House aide Alexander m hug or. And press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler the spokesman added he said there was no fixed schedule for the president and Brezhnev for sunday the two leaders signed the fourth agreement of their Summit in before taking off from Moscow in a soviet jetliner it was a 10-year economic agreement negotiated in detail before Nixon left on his second a journey for peace within a month. The first three agreements were signed Friday and they Deal with u. cooperation in the development of artificial hearts earthquake proof Homes and Energy. The plane carrying Nixon and Brezhnev arrived at Sim inside Reading cars and in Colson s conversion Page 2c population standstill Page 2a classified. Fag 7-22c 4a women s new Section b sport Section d television. Page my entertainment Paget 13, 14. 15d passengers also irked stewardesses upset by ads Washington a the sexually suggestive and campaigns of two major airlines have sparked a new juror Over whether such Selling techniques Are a sellout of female employees. Already a Union representing stewardesses at 20 airlines has threatened a a spontaneous Lack of enthusiasm unless nationals Quot Fly me and Continentals a Well really move our Tail for you ads Are withdrawn. The controversy could escalate further in Light of reports of a new Campaign featuring a stewardess breathing to the to audience a a in a going to Fly you like you be never been Bown before a time Magazine claims the and makers Are telling nationals stewardesses to say these words Quot like you re standing there Stark naked. National declines comment on its new Campaign the civil aeronautics Board which regulates the airlines is steering Clear of the dispute however its office of consumer affairs notes that complaints on the two and campaigns outnumber complaints received on any other facet of the two airlines operations. That office says it received 54 complaints against Continental last month and 44 of the letters dealt with the and Campaign the remainder were directed toward Day to Day problems such As improper reservations late flights or impolite service National recorded 73 complaints in the same period with 22 of them dealing with their a Fly me ads the association of flight attendants which is leading the fight is worried that the commercial Success of nationals Campaign May spawn imitators a we Are concerned that if Steps Are not taken now to curb such campaigns our Industry will find itself waging an All out inter airline War of bad taste a said Kelly Rueck president of the 20,000-member association. Quot according to Federal Law flight attendants have but one prime Mission aboard airlines to insure the safety of their passengers in the event of an emergency a she added. Not All flight attendants agree with their Union however. Two Continental stewardesses interviewed in advertising age said they support the Campaign. A sure you can Zero in on said fond the Tail thing a stewardess Joan adding she Felt it was clearly a reference to the a proud Bird with the Golden Tail slogan Continental has used since 1965 she wondered Why pan american flight attendants were not up in arms about their slogan a world s most experienced airline or Delta a female employees not upset Over their company so ready when you Are slogan. Continental stewardess Sharon Baker said if the Campaign made Money for Continental a a in a completely behind it because its Job

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