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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 29, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy worm Moro Doto on Pogo 3a 81th Yeap a no. Isi the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon june 29, 1972 48 faces Call us circulation. 812-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c88 5-20si for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action Lino in Core of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every com amp cutworms o. We have a very Small Garden just for our own pleasure and be far we be planted Corn five times and every time we Plant the Cern when it gets about an Inch High something is digging it up and what i d like to know is is there anything we can do to protect our Corn we have a scarecrow and we be tried putting aluminium strips All around but nothing seems to help. B. H. A. It May be caused by cutworms which feed Only at night and in a matter of Days can destroy Corn Cotton wheat tomatoes or cabbage. The worm is the larva of the Miller Moth a the kind you see flitting around lights in summer evenings. Control must begin in Early fall before the Brown and Gray Moths Lay their eggs. This they do in Early september attaching them to old stalks left in gardens and Fields. They Hatch in a few weeks move Down to the ground and feed on nearby vegetation. When cold weather comes they Burrow in the ground and spend the Winter As partially grown caterpillars. If the Field is slowed in Spring and planted in Corn the crop will probably go to the hungry Worms. Since they feed at night and rest in the Day you can look at the base of damaged stalks Early in the morning. If there is a Mound of beaded dirt beside a Small Hole dig it up and you la probably find a worm curled up about an Inch below the surface. Squash it. To prevent damage at planting time from Worms still in the soil wrap a strip of heavy Brown paper loosely around the Stem of each Plant As its set out. The wrapping should extend at least try Inch below the surface and fun Inch above. The paper can be removed around the last of june. You can also make a bait of Hardwood not Pine sawdust 25 per cent wheat bran 25 per cent molasses 50 per Cen plus enough water to saturate mixture. Scatter a handful around each Plant at dusk. Nie Sweet molasses attracts the Worms from the plants the bait clings to their bodies hardens by morning and makes them helpless to move or Burrow so be destroyed by Birds or Sun. It is not too per cent effective but it eliminates Large numbers of them. A ring of Wood ashes around plants also makes a Good Barrier against cutworms and slugs. If you think some other creature is doing the damage you can Call the county agents in Greensboro for advice. A direct line to their office is 888-9919, Extension 30.Casey s demise a. I would Uke to know wharf Cooey Jones Tho Engineer died in o train wreck. I heard on a program that he died in the Wabash Cannonball and i knew for sure that was t True. I went to knew the truth about where he died. H. R. C. A. John Luther Casey Jones brought into Memphis on the night of april 29. 1900. The new or leans to Chicago Cannonball the fast mail train of the Illinois Central. Learning that the Engineer of the southbound train was sick he volunteered to take his run. Early the next morning through no fault of his his train struck two freight trains protruding from a siding at Vaughan. Mississippi. Tiey found Casey a body in the wreckage of engine 382, one hand on the throttle the other on the air Brake. By staying in the engine to apply the brakes he spared the lives of his Crew and passengers. Ready gang sound your a Flat came All you rounders that wanted to hear the Story of a brava Engineer Casey Janes was the Rounder s name on a big eight Wheeler Beys he Wen his Fame. Casey Janes mounted to his Cabin a Tammy net a Miami sen learn Lemeran a \0wwqj to Lvi to life fw8 of hmm i 111 Hio Hohm a Casey Janes is unfit in his Cabin and he Leek is Farewell trip in that premised re action q. It is True the boats at the City Lake really do look As if they Are going to pot. I ought to know i am the boat Dock attendant. Lets look at this simple problem realistically. The City does no to dirty the boats a we clean them. If they re not clean its because i Haven to had time to clean them due to other trashy boats. Some of the fishermen take fish out of the Lake but they just flu not take their litter with them. I have found everything from Beer cans to Bass under to inches Long. Some of these people have used these boats for swimming platforms and Public restrooms. I have had some people complain not about the trash but about the people who do these things. Posting signs does no to help and if you ask them to take their trash out they want to beat you with their fishing rods. As far As the water goes its in the Lake and not in the boats after i leave. That is the Way it is. In a not a Public servant Birt a Public maid. If some people would make use of the trash barrels an the Dock it would make things a bit More pleasant for themselves and others. James e. Heel officials shocked Raleigh a a . Supreme court ruling outlawing capital punishment a will Clear out everyone on death Row at North Carolinas Central prison the state attorney general a office said today. North Carolina has to inmates under the death penalty Central prison Warden Stanley Blackledge said. Blackledge a office said All had been sentenced for convictions stemming from murder or rape. One inmate John Lee Edwards also faced a death penalty for first degree burglary. North Carolinas state Law made first degree burglary arson rape and first degree murder subject to capital punishment. The prisoners were told of the courts decision within an hour after it was released in Washington. Deputy Warden Sam Garrison said there was no outcry from the prisoners but a they were very Happy and relieved to hear the gov. Bob Scott a office said he would have no immediate comment. Asst. Atty. Gen. Jack Safron. The capital punishment specialist for the state department of Justice said the courts ruling came As a Surprise. A a in a shocked. I was sure that it was going the other Way a he said. Safron said the decision a will Clear out everyone on death Row and apparently requires a the North Carolina supreme court has held recently that of the death penalty is invalid and that a the Only defeat the Man can be re sentenced without retrial a a run said. Five death sentences from North Carolina were set aside by the . Supreme court last year. In that Case All were re sentenced to prison terms. A it looks like we re finished with capital punishment a Safron said. North Carolina last executed a prisoner Theodore Boykin on oct. 27, 1961. Boykin a negro was executed for the rape murder of a Duplin county White woman. The inmates currently on death Row Are Ray Hamby admitted i960 from Lincoln county first degree murder. Craig Barry Chandler admitted 1969 from Lincoln county first degree murder. Roger Vernon Miller admitted 1969, from Duplin county first degree murder. Owen Swanson Doss admitted 1970 from Pitt county first degree murder. James n. Westbrook admitted 1970 from Mecklenburg county first degree murder. Johnny Frazier admitted 1971 from Mecklenburg county first degree murder. Danny Chance admitted 1971, from Cumberland county rape. James Waddell admitted 1971 from Sampson county rape. John Lee Edwards admitted 1971 from Orange county first degree burglary and first degree murder. Connell Carroll admitted 1972 from Johnston county degree rules aide can be questioned Washington a the supreme court today ruled a Federal grand jury May question aides of sen. Mike gravel Dalaska about arrangements for publication of the Pentagon papers. The 5 to 4 decision was written by Justice Byron r. White who was supported by Tbs four Nixon administration appointees. White said the Constitution does not immunize either legislators or their aides from testifying at trials or before grand juries when their a a legislative functions Are not under Challenge. For example White said if a congressmen or an assistant makes an illegal arrest or seizes the property or invades the privacy of citizen a cannot claim an exemption from questioning. By 5-4 vote High court strikes Down death penalty by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a the supreme court held 5 to 4 today that the death penalty As it is now used in the United states violates the Constitution and cannot be imposed. While the decision leaves the door open for Legislatures to reinstate capital punishment in some circumstances one of the last . Execution Luis j. Monge was put to death in the Colorado state Penitentiary on june 2, 1967. Monge was the last person to be executed in the . He was Given the death sentence for the killing of his wife and three of his ten children. This picture was made in 1963 As Monge listened to his sentence. A wire photo after sole by Farmer vegetables fruits put under controls by Bill Neikirk after dated Presa writer Washington a president Nixon brought fresh fruits eggs vegetables and seafood under Price controls for the first time today but Only after the first Sale has been made by the Farmer. Nixon signed an executive order removing the current exemption on raw agricultural products from Price controls after the first Sale meaning that it win apply primarily at the wholesale and retail level the action will have virtually no Impact on the Selling Cost of meat to Consumers. Processed meat such As beef and pork have been under controls since the inception of Nixon s Price controls last november for the first time however products such As fresh vegetables fresh fish that has undergone some processing and other raw products at wholesale and retail will be subject to Price commission rules. These rules limit businesses profit margins and require stores to justify All Price in creases through increased costs. Donald Rumsfeld director of the Cost of living Council told newsmen that Nixon s action a cannot drive food prices Down Only increased Supply or reduced demand could do that it but he said the decision is designed to put discipline on Price markups and margins at each step of the food processing Chain Rumsfeld said Nixon a action probably will not be greeted with much enthusiasm at the wholesale and retail level. Nixon announced last week he is lifting meat import quotas for the remainder of the year in an Effort to slow the Rise in beef and pork prices. But the president has been reluctant to tighten the control program to make it apply to the farm level. Some of the products that win be affected include eggs in the Shell All fresh vegetables All fresh or naturally dried foods and All raw seafood products including those which have been shelled scaled skinned iced eviscerated or decapitated. Nine opinions issued by the court said the immediate result is to remove the death sentences from the 600 condemned inmates across the land. All nine justices filed statements of their views. In the majority were justices William o. Douglas William j. Brennan jr., Thurgood Marshall and with some reservations Potter Stewart and Byron r. White dissenting were the four Nixon administration appointees chief Justice Warren e. Burger and justices Harry a. Blackmun Lewis f. Powell jr., and William h. Rehnquist. Reversed immediately by the decision were two death sentences for non fatal rapes in Georgia and Texas and a death sentence for murder in Georgia. Here is How the majority was formed Douglas concluded capital punishment is incompatible with the concept of a equal Protection of the Laws. That he found to be a a implicit in the eighth amendment. Brennan based his judgment primarily on the theory that the death penalty a does not comport with human he also cited the eighth amendment. Marshall found capital punishment to be a morally unacceptable and a a excessive when measured against the eighth amendments prohibition on cruel and unusual punishments. Stewart concluded that the death penalty is now applied in a a a Wanton and a a freakish manner. White said the death penalty is invalid mostly because it is used infrequently and did not meet a any existing general need for retribution. Burger in dissent said the decision leaves Legislatures free a to carve out limited exceptions to a general abolition of the he said the court had gone a beyond the limits of judicial Power a but added a while fortunately leaving some room for legislative Blackmun saying he yields a to no one in the depth of my distaste antipathy and indeed Abhorrence for the death penalty a nevertheless dissented because he wrote a i fear the court has overstepped a a Powell said none of the five opinions by the justices in the majority a provides a constitutionally adequate foundation for the courts for the present he said the ruling a removes the death sentences previously imposed on some 600 persons awaiting punishment throughout the Rehnquist said a the court s judgment today strikes Down a penalty that our nations legislators have thought necessary since our country was he said the ruling had completely disregarded a judicial the Central question before the court was whether capital punishment violates the eighth amendments prohibition against a cruel and unusual Man arrested in hijacking Detroit a a 28-year-old unemployed Man was arrested at his Home and charged As the Airliner Hijacker who got $502,500 Ransom and parachuted Over Indiana last weekend the Fri announced today. Martin j. Mcnally 28. Of suburban Wyandotte was charged with violation of the Federal air piracy statute said Neil j. Welsh special agent in charge of the Michigan Fri. Mcnally was arrested shortly before Midnight wednesday and was held by the Fri in Detroit pending arraignment today. A spokesman said an Fri complaint would be filed today at St. Louis. A Hijacker took Over the american airlines Boeing 727 shortly after it left St. Louis Friday night in route to Tulsa okla. With 94 persons on Board. He forced a Landing at St. Louis where airline officials said the Man armed with a sub machine gun was Given $502,500 and two parachutes. He released most of the planets passengers and changed planes after a car raced onto the runway and smashed into the first Airliner. The Hijacker forced the plane with six hostages to Fly toward Toronto and he bailed out Over North Central Indiana. An american airlines bag containing $500,000 was found in a Farmer s Field monday and a sub machine gun was found about five Miles away. Law enforcement officers speculated the Hijacker was m >1 Art Iii j. Mcnally Jared in the jump since airline said he demanded and was Given instruction on How to operate the parachutes. The Fri said extensive investigation by agents in Missouri Indiana Illinois and Michigan developed information that led to Mcnally. An Fri spokesman said Mcnally was divorced and unemployed. A neighbor in Wyandotte said Mcnally stuck pretty much to himself and had Little to do with neighbors. The Fri said Mcnally was arrested by Fri agents Wyandotte police and officers of the Detroit police department with assistance from the Wayne county sheriffs office. Wallace to stick with democrats through Miami what s inside amusements so Bridge so classified ads 4-11d carnies 4d crossword so editor leis 4a financial 2a obituaries 11a, so sports i so television so women s news. Sec. B Waelder 3a Washington a Maverick Democrat George Wallace will stick with his party through the convention where hell demand adoption of a platform echoing his views says the Alabama governors Campaign manager. But after the convention said Charles Snider it would not be out of the question for Wallace to run once again As a third party presidential candidate if the democrats act As expected and reject him As their nominee Snider would not speculate on Wallace a strategy if the party platform adopted next month at the Miami Beach convention displeases the governor. Snider talked with newsmen after conferring with Wallace at holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring my. Copters land South Viets by Richard Blystone associated Prest writer Saigon a . Helicopters landed More than 1,000 South vietnamese marines on the seacoast of Quang Tri province today As 20,000 other Saigon troops pushed North toward the enemy held provincial capital Quang Tri City. The South vietnamese counteroffensive was reported meeting Light to moderate resistance in its second Day from North vietnamese forces who have held South Vietnam s northernmost province since May i. The heavier going was in rolling terrain West of Highway i military sources told associated press correspondent Michael Putzel. A a they re doing very Well keep your fingers crossed a said maj. Gen. Howard Cooksey senior . Military adviser in the Region. Marines and armoured forces advancing up the coast from the my Chanh River reported killing 70 North vietnamese wednesday and military sources said paratroopers West of Highway i had killed 23. Four South vietnamese paratroopers were reported killed and 13 were reported wounded. Far to the South on the Battlefront North of Saigon the South vietnamese command reported 61 enemy and 14 government troops killed about three Miles South of an Loc. The command said the enemy forces fired 150 artillery and mortar rounds to Back a ground attack on South vietnamese units trying to open the Highway to an Loc. In the air Campaign against North Vietnam. . Fighter bombers concentrated wednesday on Supply and antiaircraft positions in the Panhandle above the demilitarized zone but Navy pilots attacked the Hep Airfield 30 Miles Northeast of Hanoi. The command said 240 strikes were flown. The . Command also reported that the Carrier Oriskany and the Supply ship Nitro collided wednesday evening while the Carrier was taking on supplies East of Danang but it said there were no casualties and neither ship suffered Senous damage. The party a front runner sen. George Mcgovern waited today for the conventions credentials committee to resolve a Challenge that could Cost him nearly 150 Delegate votes. The Challenge involves californians Winner take All primary which added 271 votes to the Mcgovern column after his june 6 Victory there. Supporters of sen. Hubert h Humphrey who ran second and seven other candidates on the California ballot claim the delegates should be apportioned according to the popular vote to conform with party rules. The test comes at a time Mcgovern claims he is just 20 votes Short 0# the 1,509 needed for nomination. The associated press Delegate poll gives him 1.367.9, or 141.1 Short of a majority. Humphrey who trails a Distant second Clung to the Hope that delegates would turn to him As the candidate a Best capable of beating or. he blamed his own mistakes and a flawed selection process for wilting his candidacy. Nevertheless Humphrey said a i believe that i am the candidate that can build the coalition that will defeat or. Nixon a meanwhile. Wallace s Campaign manager phoned the outlines of the floor fight shaping up Over the platform. Denouncing the draft prepared by the platform committee Snider said a we re going to Miami to fight it with everything we be got available to fight with. We Felt like the people sent see Wallace a 2-a

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