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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, High Point, North Carolina 940 department american legion convention opens Here today weather i a Inch Quot till ii Quot 1> rising temperature the High Point Enterprise High Point the Center of diversified Manu fact ii to off Kilter Prises of. 5<y�?no. 172 Mem heh associated press High Point. N. A sunday morning june 2x 1940 Complete Nea service Price five cents hard but honorable terms provided in armistice Between France and Germany pm to flu til raid on Berlin a this radio photo from Cor in shows Tho result of what the German caption said a a As a an air raid by British bombers on non military targets ear it is a a wrecked dwelling House in which three omon and one child were Churchill appeals to Rench to fight on Virgin wins n Runoff Lexington Man gets 20,739 votes Deane 16,138 in >95 out of 204 precincts Raleigh. June 22.�? Pic representative a. Q. Burgin Tim incumbent a renominated today of a c. B. Deane of Rockingham in a run off democratic primary in the eighth congressional Dis by Tel returns from 195 of the 204 a Gnu to gave Biti Gin 20,7.19 votes re Deane i to i its. St of the rasing precincts were in Wilkes Bounty where Burgin scented to Lead a by a bout tout to one the vote was fairly heavy a 1-Ho Iii a �1 Housam to t of wry in which five candidates Moi. In the first primary. May 25. O. Burgin received 18,94 8 urotes and c. B. Deans 16.1 1.1 ill in five Man t i continued on Page two prime minister says victorious Britain Quot will cherish cause of French people Quot London june 23�? Sun Day a i a prime minister Winston Churchill expressing British a grief and amazement at Frances acceptance of German armistice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration to Liberty. Declaring that the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the detain government a to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly despite the action of the Bordeaux government he said a victorious Britain will a cherish the continued on Page two Jap troop movement brings u. S. Warning b Washington june 22.�?i/p the United states government made Plain today As news dispatches from la Orient reported japanese troops were moving toward French indo China that it would regard any attempt to alter that Colony s status by Force at a tin eat to peace in the entire Pacific area questioned at a press conference about the reported japanese a. To Vilics Secretary of state i i ii 11 said he knew nothing other than the pro i Etui is but called attention to his previous statements concerning maintenance of the status quo in the Pacific. In the Field of foreign policy nearer Home Hull said that ail the to other american republics had replied favourably in principle to this governments suggestion that they consult shortly on problems growing out of the european War. He said to could not yet disclose when and where the pan american consultation would be held nor whether he would be the United states representative. It has been widely assumed that the coating would he about july 15 in Havana. I the previous statements on the Pacific to which Hull referred when asked about French undo i China were issued concern first i arose ii about the future of the Netherlands East indies a source of rubber and tiny vital defense materials for the United states. In one Issue last april it the Secretary said that this governments position regarding the Netherlands indies was based on a doctrine a which has Universal application and for which the United states unequivocally continued on Page two French peace awaits final italian terms guarantee required to help German Reich wage War against great Britain Burlin jump 22.�?< p France made a final surrender to victorious Gem any tonight signing in the Forest of comping be a peace based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler. It was an armistice still conditioned however on a second capitulation to Italy a and tonight men fought on in a conflict that was a War no longer. It was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their Terras with Premier Mussolini. Six hours after the notice of this second armistice a been received by the nazi High command the guns will cease to speak. In the same old railway car in the co Peigne Forest where the Kaiser a delegation bowed in defeat to marshal Kard Rand Foueti on november to 1918, two ranking generals at 6 50 p in. 11 50 a. Rn., e. S. To put pens to the French surrender of 1940, French weary the weary French delegation took a plane almost immediately for an undisclosed City in Italy to begin theft conversations with Mussolini. This French surrender at an old and bitterly remembered scene of German defeat the railway car in the Forest was signed by colonel general Wilhelm Keitel for Germany and by general Charles Huntziger for France. Juat what Fiance had agreed to at the end of a Short and bloody struggle which in 4 3 Days left half her country in German hands was not disclosed pending the italian negotiations. But when Hitler took his dictate to them yesterday he stated in a preamble to his detailed terms continued on Page two Glass marries second time weds latin and English teacher in impressive ceremony at Amherst saturday Amherst. A tune 2 2. To it with the same Lack of fanfare that has characterized their Romaine. Senator Carter Glass of Virginia and mrs in Ary Scott Meade High school teacher of latin and English were wed before the candlelit altar of ascension episcopal Church Here. It was the second marriage for both. The Rev. Zebarney Phillips Rector of Epiphany episcopal Church at Washington and for Many years chaplain of the United state Senate performed the episcopal ring service. The Rev. John Wellford Rector of ascension Church assisted in the ceremony. The senior Virginia senator w to is 82, and mrs. Meade who is about 50, obtained their marriage License Here wednesday night but made no prior announcement of their plans for the ceremony performed at 4 30 p. In. Est today. Only members of the bridal Hurty were present. Trip referred because of the senators recent illness the couple deferred a contemplated wedding trip to Lake George and went to his country estate a Mont View not far from Lynchburg. The Bride who had taught High school Here for several years was unattended and was Given in marriage by a brother Landon Scott of Danville a. Senator Harry flood Byrd of Virginia was Best Man for his senior colleague. The service or. Wellford said was a a simple and required a about la friends of the Bride said she and senator Glass first became acquainted through mrs. Meade a sister mrs. Louise Joubert who was described As a member of the senator staff. The senator was first married in 1896 to miss Aurelia Caldwell of Lynchburg. She died several i years ago. Forty and eight meet is prelude Between 3,000 and 4,000 persons expected in attendance by John Mebane after a prelude of fun and frolic by la society Des Quarante Hommes it Huit Chevaux the forty amp eight last night the 22nd annual convention of the North Carolina department of the american legion will open Here today one of the most momentous conventions in its history. Coming As it Doe upon the very Heel of Frances capitulation in the second world War and in the midst of feverish defense preparations in tie United states the convention calculated to draw an attendance of Between 3.ooh and 4,-Otto persons is expected to prove of far More than casual significance. Cut ups and Capers fire crackers and frolic keynote the forty Al eight meeting yesterday afternoon. The members ran wild in the Sheraton hotel area a self appointed traffic officers halted automobiles questioned the occupants. Allowed traffic to run through red la glue and stopped those cars which had the Green continued on Cage two nazis brag on next Conquest news service voices opinion that England is Ideal subject for attack by the associated press Berlin. June 22.�?England is a Ripe for storming a Wall informed nazi quarters said tonight. As this View widened in Germany the Days communique told of in teased pressure against England from the air and on the sea. Nearly too bombers roared Over England coast communities last night in another mass demonstration of air Power. They will go Back. The German pres emphasized that adequately based planes need not fear sea Power. The news service Dienst aus deutschland declared that England is a an Ideal subject for attack in that it is a a a setup for Quick destructive air forty and for blockade. The news service added a England is bring Defeated by one of its own weapons moreover every hour of delay in the French decision at Compline Forest helped the German army to make Lite French military position More hopeless German sources said a the armistice is going hand in hand with the final collapse of the French army a was the Way one press report put it. Fine air bases Germany is in Possession of excellent air bases along the French and belgian coast Dienst aus Dut Sehland pointed out in developing its thesis that England is a Ripe for More than 30 per cent of All imports and exports of the British Isles have been stopped since the entry of Italy into the War and the collapse of France it said. Eighteen ships Are now needed continued on to two troops stand firm along Alpine front French government remains at provisional capital of Bordeaux Bordeaux june 22. Asp a Tho French government announced officially late tonight that France and Germany had signed an armistice providing a hard but honorable terms. A if the terms had not been honorable France would have been ready to fight on in her colonies a French sources said. The pries Adolf Hitler demanded for peace however will not be announced officially until after France reaches an agreement with Italy and the cease firing order is Given. In a heavy censored dispatch it was disclosed that the government remains for the moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital. Troops hold firm from that headquarter official spokesmen said a fresh French troop a were holding firm along Tho Alpine Frontier a beating Back attacking italians from Mont Ria it to the sea despite the menace of German pressure from the rear is the get Man were i tined As pushing a spearhead Down the Rhone Valley behind the Frontier continued on Page two republicans deny rumours hotel lobbies bars and restaurants jammed with delegates and party followers by Richard i. Turner Philadelphia. June 22. A i pm leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fam flying rumours of impending and looking Forward to the party a first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920. Wendell Wilkie. The new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District attorney. Who swept the preference primaries and senator Bollen a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges. Frank Gaudett and governor Arthur h. Lames of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up third quarters Here. With them came a t ush of delegates and party Camp followers who jammed hotel lobbies bars and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing endlessly about platform planks Ami candidates. False reports Dewey holding a press conference said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were teaming up with those of senator Taft in an Effort to a Stop asked whether he would accept a vice president nomination. He said a i Trust the question is at the same time platform subcommittees were at work behind closed doors including the group continued on Page two 40 a 8 dig nit a Kiesz shown in the photograph above third from left is James o. Sheppard of Edgefield s. Cd a chef de Chemin de for of the forty amp eight for 1909, who is among the outstanding forty amp eight members in attendance at the annual convention being held hero in conjunction with the department american legion convento. Or. Sheppard was met yesterday at the Davidson Guil Ford line by a police escort and a delegation that included Harry planking left commander of Andrew Jackson Post of the legion judge d. C. Macrae. General convention chairman a. Vav. Lull a fourth from left of Greensboro grand chef de Gare for 19, and Cecil p. Pate extreme right of Charlotte present Grande chef de Enterprise staff photo huge warship construction program is voted by House governor Hoey sends greetings to legion greeting to the North Carolina department of the american legion on the eve of it nil annual convention which open Here today were wired yesterday by governor Clyde it. Hoe to judge d. C. Marline convention chairman. The message of the governor to the convention follows a i extend greetings to tile mate convention of tin american legion of North Carolina. The whole mate place Strong Reliance Tim it ii lids Bod of representative North carolinian Feitli in the fundamental principles of our government. They a stand for the ideals of this Republic Aud they boldly assert their Faith int lie fundamental principles of our government tile stand guard against ult subversive doctrine and vicious propaganda and give wholehearted allegiance to the maintenance of the peace and Good order of society and the promotion of National Unity. I wish for you a most delightful convention meeting in High Foint. A Clyde in Huey successes Are reported British bombers Hammer away at military objectives in Germany Lundon. June 22 a the Royal air Force slanted countless bombs Down on the great g or in a n Krupp armaments work at Essen and the big Folke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen during last night s far ranging Aerial raid the air ministry announced tonight. For an hour and a half British he in bets hammered away at these and other objectives in Germany and the Netherlands touching Oft numerous explosions and fires while nazi attackers were carrying out their third major raid of the week on England. The nazi held wll Lemsford base in the Netherlands the Weiseler aircraft works the Rothenburg Ai drome and air bases at Kassel and North of Hamburg were among objectives of the r. A. F. Along with a number of other military establish ments. In a North sea attack the air ministry reported British reconnaissance aircraft Sank a Large enemy Supply ship. Severa i hits several hits were reported on the factory buildings of the Krupp group at Essen. Direct hits were said to have wrecked six Supply and ammunition trains Between Oan Abrury and Bremen and near the town of Rhein. Violent explosions followed direct hits on the Fouke Wulf Plant at Bremen the air ministry said. One Salvo of bombs a reported to have a completely wrecked a train at Furstenau Northwest of Rhein. Earlier the air ministry announced that Royal air Force planes raided Berlin. The humans said the raid which they described As the first of the War. Caused no material damage. The British previously reported a raid on the German capital British officials said the German. Attacking Eastern and Southeastern Britain in wave during the night killed three persons hut failed to inflict major damage. Final congressional approval of tax defense Bill and emergency appropriation by the associated pre Washington june 22. A a $4,000,000,000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional approval of a , tax defense Bill and a $1,768,913,908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the semite naval committee to confirmation or Colotel Frank Knox nomination to he Secretary of the Navy. Tile naval committee voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on i views toward United states policy and the War. One member who said he favored approval of the nomination told reporters continued on Page two Telephone wire Strung across Battlefield new York june 22.�? to a Over a Telephone wire Strung across a Battlefield where French and German Soldier still Are fighting the French emissaries to comping be fore discussed Dolf Hitler s acini to flee terms with their government at Bordeaux. German Amil Engineer Strung the line across a Bridge Over tile rivet Lance near tour where French Are holding Griot in along the Mouth Bank. The French hooked tile line to a French Exchange. Over that Hookup said William h. Shirer lbs not in a emf but in comping be Contact it is established by a German operator who called a hello Bordeaux hello. Bordeaux. Here i the headquarter of the tie Many Arni in com Pisegne calling the French gov eminent in Senate House Active before Brief recess Washington june 22�?t/t a Congress quit tonight for a one week recess after sending to the White House a billion Dollar tax Bill and Over $4,000,090,000 of appropriations legislation. A scattering of a a noes tame from the Republican Side when j the House adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july i. Acting swiftly Iii one item after another the semite and House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day including a $l,78l> 913,908 emergency defense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief the labor i department and the Federal be purity Agency. In addition to the direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government j agencies to enter into Conn acts totalling almost another i of 000,000. The purpose of this High Spee action was two fold to follow a interlude for the Republican no tonal convention beginning Moi Day at Philadelphia and to kit vital appropriation measures is acted into Law Well before Hie be fiscal year starts on july i. In addition to giving Quick Proval to Senate House i oui on misos on the tax and defense Bdl the two branches of con. Accepted and sent along to til White House a Compromise a 157.711,357 Relief appropriators Bill. As dually passed the do in tax Bill was shorn of a sense approved proposal ror a War in to Levy. It carries provision ii increase the National debt i in continued on Page two

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