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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 19, 1940, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise published for noon and sundae Moraine j. P Bailey publisher \v15�?1937 p p Terry. President p. A. Rawley. Sec y and treat. Hammett a Cecil Gen mgr. A pus m Waynick. Editor subscription Bates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town Velve month. 110.41 six months. F 5 20 a Bree month i 2.60 Doe month. To Doe week. 30 carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than on week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to col act for a period of More than five week la i subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The Assoc lated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All pews dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published thereto member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As ass Mahoi at the Post office to High Point. N a. Under act of Congress of March 8 in. National adv representative the John Ridd co. 420 Lexington a. Be Yoi a cry wednesday. June 19. 1940. At the same time indulge in to take Over in the event of i watchful waiting. We can be Vasion by forces of either Idolo wrathful without being consume by. Under a firm hand now Ger de by Wrath we can be courage Many has enough believers in Ous without being hysterical. Democracy or communism to de Theodore Roosevelt late presi luge the country if hitlers armed Dent of the United states said forces should fail. Men Are made a no Man is Worth much to the like that of diverse conceits. The Commonwealth if he is not Cap fifth column is everywhere. Able of feeling righteous Wrath and just indignation if he is not stirred to hot anger by mis doing the news and is not impelled to see Justice the Raleigh times says a Busi meted out to the wrongdoers. No Ness of War is a Case whole Man is Worth much anywhere if hog or nothing. We cannot Dilly he does not possess both and physical moral h a or no War marital troubles have no eni mistakes in marriage if recorded for the Reading Public would fill thousands of volumes. In War Dally with it stick our noses into european affairs and escape the whether we do or done to there a Likely to be some nose mashing. The nations population will exceed 132,000,000 according to and peace family quarrels go on the estimate of the census Efland county courts City courts and Reau in Washington. Hendrik courts of human relations have Van loan says that All the people about All they can attend to in and on Earth could be placed in an Justin differences which arise be area six Miles Square that tween husbands and wives. Sora would mean some two billion per tes said that whether a Man mar sons in 36 Square Miles. So conried or did no to marry he would be sideling the wide open spaces in disappointed. He had his Xan America and the people in Troub Trippe and Many Meek women led Europe we will have other have had their Jesse Jameses. Enough in keeping our population Over in stanly county there under 200,000,000 in the next is a Man who feels that a woman ten years. A a a a done him he is taking All the Scholastic scaffolding Falls matters into his own hands per the Lexington dispatch quotes s a ruined edifice before one single haps too late. We take the Story aggie Thistle Vaith a native and a Ord . Concerning the Many a attempts at citizen of England who visited readjustment from the stanly mrs. Z. V. Waker of Lexington news and press sunday As saying a i am Dis a stanly county Man walked into gusted by the Lack of common local store wednesday Afi a a Rwm to a. _ sense in an englishman dares to speak his mind. Not it Jihnu Tohl \ r.,\ i % ,h1 i i. In i i laughter thy Lith hath made three whole go in 4eace, and be whole of thy i dam ent bearing in teacher pay. Rising in Virginia but having a very definite bearing on Fis Al policy of this state is a Case therein the circuit court of apals holds that lower pay for euro teachers in the Public Hook than for White teachers f similar qualification is a Viola on of constitutional rights. A differential has been main ined in North Carolina a a sub Antral one and the effect of is decision doubtless will be its my Ulory elimination. The judg ent of the court was expressed judge John j. Parker of Charlotte reversing a District Urt decision in the matter. We assume the Case will go to e supreme court for final abdication. But we have Little it that the circuit court of appeals will be sustained. Judge Ker writes that the practice unquestionably discriminatory Between races violating not y the constitutional guar tee of Equality of treatment t the a due process require ent of the fundamental Law. The Urt held that the individual Acher could not lost his constr tonal Protection in the matter in by voluntary contract. One of the arguments advanced Ven years ago against the a Mac Ean act centralizing responsibly for the operation of the pub Schook was that the Continua a of the diffusion of authority the schools was a Protection against the drawing of the Issue to race discrimination in Sal Les. We had boiled that North Tolina would approach Equality to is matter without juridical Impulsion. All Street ponders vents in the making pondering the latest Munich fair Wall Street today con jeered As to the Fate of the French spire and a feared that the dieters might pick the Bones so an that the French Economy iou id lie severely crippled for ars to map makers however Are say that a no boundaries will Jange officially until after the inclusion of the War and when Ace treaties in pc been May be that England will be the final say so As to those aties. The Survey of Wall Street was however goes on to say f the Axis Powers should absorb e entire French colonial do Ain which is second Only to that great Britain the feat would no As one of the biggest grabs a local store wednesday afternoon ordered the repossession of some merchandise purchased by his wife several months ago. Giving a motive for his act that was original to say the least. Quot the Law has done got my wife Quot said the Man. Quot she a doing 30 Days now and when she gets done with that she a got to be tried somewhere else. She bought a whole lot of stuff without my knowledge and it keep on coming in. I Don t want it can to pay for it. And ainu to Gonna keep the merchants accustomed through Long years of business experience to the ups and Downs of married couples were yet to learn something new As to the ease with which some persons May be duped. After the order for removal of the goods had been acknowledged and the husband of the erring wife had started out the door he paused on the threshold and added this startling bit of information a i did t know she was married and had three kids when i married reaffirmation of the doctrine Rome Bei Lin and other european capitals have received communication from our state department to the effect that the United states opposes any Transfer of sovereignty for the american possessions of european Powers. That is reaffirmation of the a Monroe doctrine at a critical hour. The question May arise As to How far this country is willing to go to a a implement its of it Osi Tion. The a a doctrine May be approaching a crisis where the world is to see whether it can stand alone or not. Be it remembered that it never has been called on to stand alone. As a matter of fact the enunciation of the a a doctrine was inspired by Britain and possibly would not have occurred otherwise. England pro so a nazi. Europe i ski with ode Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Walter winched on Broadway Ftp Ltd Mark Ftegi��-r4. . 14. Delly Myrrer caging father t or Lime d. Kearns Gilbert is general sales manager of Goddard a bakery 56 pleasant Street. Claremont new Hampshire. One Day he accepted a dare by one of his bakery salesmen. The bakery Salesman said he had a woman on i route who was a grouch and who would under no circumstances. But a cake. A loaf of bread. Yes. Cake never so d. Kearns Gilbert accepted the dare and said he would sell her a cake or die on her Doorstep. To Wen with his route Man to Call on the Good lady. He had a Good sales talk up his sleeve but she opened the door and said. Quot one loaf of bread gave him the exact change and slammed the door. Then he began in Earnest to sell her a cake. He looked up information about her and found that she was considered a very Good teacher indeed. So the next Day when he called and gave the usual loaf of bread. He said before she had time to slam the door. Quot i understand you teach a kindergarten she paused her face brightened. Quot yes i Quot if you Are not too Busy i d like to get some advice about she asked him in for this was a compliment to her. Advice on kindergarten Quot have you a child going to kindergarten Quot she asked and he said that he had. Then he said Quot at what age do you think it is appropriate for a child to Start in to kindergarten a she said that the majority of Chil new York heartbeat fare about town Ben Bernie drowning his sorrows at the w. 48th Street tavern a Ham and Rye. H. B. Warner the Star telling Lowell Thomas and Jimmy Cromwell that he is Quot i Tieric a at the mayan. Fay Bainter and Beulah Bondi trading smiles with mayor Laguardia at the British buttery a oomph begins at 40erich von Stroheim adjusting his monocle to Glare at Hugh Herbert and Maxie Rosenbloom in Leon and eddies a the door Man s Stork club. Buddy Ebsen the hillbilly Willkie. Hannah Williams the Reno bound wife of Jack Dempsey asking Armando psalmist what the future holds for her. Wythe Williams passing Wor s station just after resigning the Editorship of Quot Greenwich time Quot. Rudy Vallee who invariably wears smoked specs at night a removing them at the Riviera when the line of girls pranced on a especially Lovely Arline Thompson. The a Man who was asked by a girl Quot what business Are you in a. Quot i sell was the retort proper. Hallie in our Alley George s. Kaufman was huddling with the Warner Brothers on production details of Quot Man who came to he recalled his experience while dealing with the Rockefeller for the production of the american Way Quot. Quot How Are they to Deal with Quot asked one Warner. Quot just like the Shubert a replied Kaufman Quot except the accent is different. Or. Me Osofsky was very proud. He was telling Ben Grauer. The a commentator Quot Val. I got fad Opp Vit Hull de tuck. Tuck. Tuck. So i enlisted Hin de Hanny a. Quot Are you getting a commission a asked Grauer. Quot nah Quot replied me Osofsky shrugging both shoulders a to Streeet Loh Hon straight menu of a Midnight or the few gaming houses left in this town Are folding fast. The state of the world it seems has even affected the gamblers who Don t give a Hoot about making an eight Quot the hard Way Quot. The reason Tommy Manville is so scarce in the joints is Quot doctor s orders Quot. Remember the Oldie Quot nobody a baby now Quot Rooney a new starts at the Ross Fenton farms on the 28th at his biggest wage. Tip to visitors if you re in a night club where the waiters Call each other a Moe a be careful. You re in a clip joint. .rn., is doctors Omen. Keme Moer the Oldie Nulod for the month of jul y now Quot Weil Quot he Rad it a noun lots ii his Way from Mickey until the hit picture Andy Hardy meets a Cebu mute Quot. Joe t. Lewis july cow delay in ship Ross Fenton farms on the 28th at his to Chest was. With Roosevelt Midtown Vignette it happened at Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street Friday night. One of those Birds was lopping off about everything. A Down he shouted and nobody bothered to turn around. A Down him a him slugged him. About people a i. Robert Collins of Winston Salem was a visitor Here today a mrs. Charles t. Ingram spent the morning in Greensboro. A mrs. M. D. Matthew is spending a few Days in Charlotte. A mrs. Lewis Teague has returned from a visit tto Asheville. New Brief a Dwight Morrow silent 44.000 in his senatorial Campaign. A Henry Ford will spend $30,-000,000 in expanding his Plant. A Josiah William Bailey s majority in the state is 70.367. Twenty years ago local news a tile Cut Over to the automatic Telephone system scheduled for the month of june has been r part of shipment of apparatus. A tentative plans for the City a Celebration of the fourth of july have been formulated. A the largest recent Deal in property was that recorded at Greensboro in which a lot on North main Street High Point was transferred from the C. Maxwell company to d. A. Stanton c. S. Grayson and a. Sherrod. I t a. Dren started at the age of five posed a joint declaration of policy Ueo a her which was tru that As her contribution to stemming his 0n was five and that friends had the spread of the influence of the criticised him sharply for sending holy Alliance and our government decided to act alone in 1823 Only after consideration of the implications a including the existence of British backing. The United states May face sooner than we Hope the vital question As to substantial support of the ancient Jjo Licy that has been subjected to amendments and interpretations through the years until it stands out now As our Strong protest against any Exten Sion or even important alteration u a european political control in edit and became the Western world. When Opportunity is knocking hand when human institutions Are broken. There is no shortage a a or history. The French Empire of a a rightists in France to Coop Wever is so far Flung extend elate with the conquerors in is As it does into the spheres of Crest of the United states and pan that some doubt if Hitler uld attempt to digest it at one 1 the end is not yet. As America is Forward with her prepared its program we can work and Tab Lishing order there was no shortage of a a leftists in Brave Little Finland to form a new government when Russia invaded the country. By the same Token there would be nazis and communists galore in the United states hound in the night in cafe Louis Xiv Quot and you can bet on this a a girl who wears Cotton stockings never sees a mouse Quot. At the Queen Mary Quot she a been in More triangles than a set of Pool balls Quot. At Lindy Quot i think a Leash would be very becoming on him. At the Zombie Quot he returned her affection a blow for blow a. At the beachcomber Quot she a the kind of a girl his wife a lawyer would like to catch him with Quot. At Armando s Quot she a Tnie All right a try a no touch a. In the Stork Quot he talks about himself a As though he just left the table. At the Village Vanguard Quot is she Dull Well they Call her Diamond Lull Quot. At Coq Rouge a til say Shes an atheist a she does no to even believe in a landlord. At Theodore s Quot he looks like something that somebody forgot to wind up. At the Lido Beach club Quot who am i Why i m the Milton Belle fan club a. At cafe Vienna Quot she has an exquisite Carriage but her face seems to be pulling menu mention the lobster Cacciatore at the Grot to Azzurra on Broome St. Want some sea food Momma try it As served in a bowl at the Riviera. The Way Sardis serves veal Scalio Pini. The Shash Lik and Cole Slaw at the Kaykas on 14th Street. The corned beef hash at the promenade outdoor cafe. The Stout sausages and baked Beans at the Rialto on Broadway Between 47th and 48ththe Dixie Kitchen for Bacon. Eddies Aurora on w. 4th at 6th a where the meat balls and Spaght Are the Best you Ever get. Broadway smalltalk Groucho Marx s literary lace in this week Quot wives Are people w to feel they done to dance enough. How to end a War in a hurry Dick Merrill piloting a War plane with Johnny Broderick the Broadway detective handling the machine gun. Beth Browne a piece in the journal Quot All give advice a Dally in a Field where pm so go to heaven Quot is being saved by co bless leaders. The cops raided a a a a bar at the pair and ripped the Bawdy cartoons from the Walls. Usa boy for the e. Shields the 54th Street Florist. The Mamma is Quot Chicks Brooks sex Zieg Fel Darling. Edith Atwater the girl Friday in Quot Man w. C. T. Dinner a has a new Beau a Edmund of Brien who played mercutio in the recent Quot Romeo and Juliet. The former Sheila Terry and h. Edward Manville jr., Are rumoured uniting when their divorces become final in september. Major John a. Warner chief of new York state police was a guest at the Quot so you think you know music Quot program. He was asked if he would arrest those heroes who kill heroines in grand opera. Quot Only a was his answer Quot for bad him to kindergarten so Young. They had said he should wait until the boy was six. Quot five is quite the acceptable age Quot she said and then went into details of Why this was an advantageous age. She was talking on her favorite subject he could hardly Stop her. Finally he got up to go. Quot i certainly appreciate your kindness and Courtesy in giving your time to explain this to he said. And with that he picked up his Basket and said Quot have you Ever seen this cake before a she looked at it and said Quot no but it seems Nice and wholesome id like to try it and if i like it i might want about people a or. J. J. Hamlin will leave tonight for Wrightsville Beach to attend the state convention of dentists. A j. E. Lyon. Jr., is spending the week end with relatives in Durham. A John Peacock will attend the convention of Rota nans in Atlantic City next week. New Brief a report from doom Holland says that an attempt to kill the former emperor of Germany William Hohenzollern. Was made today by a native German. A troops were rushed to Duluth minn., today to guard 14 negroes now in jail pending a hearing on the charge of their assaulting a White girl. A governor Bickett is Strong for William g. Mcadoo As president. Ten years ago local new a Rev. Ii. A. Bowne discussed the value of Public libraries before the local rotary club today. A democratic leaders Here Are expecting Good attendance at precinct meetings saturday. A mrs. Burnice Deaton left this week for Lake to Xavvax to attend the annual meeting of Industrial workers. The meeting is sponsored by the y. W. C. A. Bruce cation in Washington possibility grows Fob Early peace Between Al to Washington june 19. A some sort of peace Between the a. F. Of l. And the c. I. O. Is daily growing More Likely. John l. Lewis is As non Pacific As Ever but events have slipped out from under him so to speak. The c. I. Of Arch apostle of peace Sidney Hillman is now labors Man on the National de tense commission. Rumor is that a. F. Of Dan Tobin in also to get Quot some sort of White House i Job Quot he Sas peace minded As Hillman and the two work i Well together. Bruce Tattoo another significant Straw in the wind is the return of David Dubinsky a garment workers Union to the a. F. Of l. Dubinsky is also All for peace to get him Back i the a. F. Of l. Had to cancel its cent i a month tax which had been used to raise a War Chest to fight the c. I. O. I fair co operation i already exists More important than any of these a developments however is the dawning realization Here that an acrimony j ious split in the labor movement is just naturally too expensive a luxury to be carried through the big defense i program. Inside understanding is that the i first jurisdictional fight that pops up in any of the important defense in i destries will be the signal for immediate and drastic White House action a along the lines of a make peace boys or else. Meanwhile a fair degree of of i operation Between the two labor or j a animations already exists. Labor Secretary Perkins not Long ago named an advisory committee of a. F. Of l. And c. I. O. Men to meet with her i once a week and study ways by which labor can co operate effectively in the defense program. This group is meeting regularly and harmoniously i messes. Green and Lewis Are absent \ but through their subordinates miss Perkins is getting what she wants. A a Renate shifts on Aid to allies profound shift in sentiment in the Senate on the Aid the allies question j is indicated by a loll just taken by a i private research organization. This poll a which covered All but two of i the 96 senators a showed Only la i who can be classified As old line Isola i zionists. With a dozen More in a rather More moderate position working for Quot strict neutrality a the remaining 71 were listed As favouring the Meas j ures Short of War policy to defeat Hitler. A a mail tells Congress to stay on Job i chief thing that knocked the Bottom out of the administrations Hope i for an Early adjournment of Congress was the members mail from Back Home. Thic mail has been coming in floods lately and the overwhelming major j Ity of letters have urged Aid Lor the allies a which is right Down the administration s Alley. Most of the letter writers however added the injunction a Quot and stay in session during the a lot of members got j so Many letters like this they began figuring it would really be political i suicide for them to go Home. There Are other factors of course. One is a lingering distrust a still fairly widespread a of what is considered the impetuous nature of the presidents handling of foreign Seldom discussed but quite potent is the realization that a num 1 Ber of pending Laws we hich would die if Congress adjourned in june can probably get passed if it stays another month. These would include such important measures As the wag Ner act amendments and the Walter Logan Bill. I we should have known that Worl peace was impossible without a Stron world order with its own police fore a George v. Denny jr., president c new York s Tow n Hall. A regular customer. Or. Gilbert won her Over by something that is irresistible asking her for advice. Everybody likes to he has special knowledge. It Cost her nothing and it gave her a feeling of the opportunist is always at importance. Or. Gilbert was sincere in wanting the advice because she knew we hat she was talking about and he not Only got the information he wanted but he also got a regular customer. I am very very suspicious that attempts Are being made somewhere in this government to repeal the Johnson act. A representative Johnson author of the act which forbids Loans to defaulting government. We stand Ever ready to defend our glorious country against All enemies. A italian american War veterans organization. In Berlin shoes Are made from old bicycle tires hats remnants of silk stockings and old leather leaving unsolved Only the used razor Blade when Benito got together with Adolf he should have consulted Primo camera who found out that managers take Ait the winnings in the end. New Yor rold the new ditty a rendered by Gray Gordon screw Quot i am an american a a thriller with swing to it. The smooth chanting of the Quot smoothies Quot at the beachcomber. Lbs new Quot lecture Hall of the air a informative chatting by Intelli gentlemen. Connie Boswell a recording of Quot never took a lesson in my life Quot. The editorial cartoon in sundays times showing a citizen Quot isms a holding a smoking Rifle Quot civil liberties Quot while Uncle Sam holding i. Bullet pierced hat in hand says Quot you forget gun was Given you to help protect me a the americas must not be caught unprepared in a Blitz peace. A James Monroe Bragg. For us to abandon democratic processes at this time would be a Paradox. A Wendell Willkie. G of. P. Presidential candidate. That Broadway Casanova says the Quot honeymoon is Over Dean when he make Yon feel that he is stuck with you in Lead Ai on you. Whatever setback there May be there still is Hope for free men and women. A mayor Fiorello la guards of new York. Subsidy hit seems like our government Aims to keep old world politic Outen t h e Western hemis a we a phere after the War. According to the papers a group of government Lead. Ers held a Confer i ence and proposed a 4 billion Dollar Trade Agency financed by the government to buy up South american exports which ainu to in Competition with our a. As i see it they a got the same kind o exports we have and some More. What the americas need is cheaper production so they Kin compete with world Trade. Like Uncle Doc said when he went to the old countries that time a if the american people tried As hard to git something Outen the ground As they do the government they need no

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