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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Published it Moom and gun Day ?.b ii Iun making ready to prevent just p up i t3 Tity i o it1 such complications As huge la in i to it l it i g til movements of civilians would cause. She has time enough to Engineer essential popular movements. The desperate plan to Arm All civilians and to accept the consequences of thereby making the entire Island a a military objectives seems to have some Merit but along with it should j. P Bailey publisher 1915�?1987 r r Terry president d a. Rawley see a and trea. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Capps m. Waynick editor subscription rates dully and sunday by cajole to blah Point and nearby town reports reveal a great increase in the number of part time Farmers. Key fact is this 71 percent of the a a Farmers reporting work off the farm classify their off farm occupation As nonagricultural Urban work. Problems that Rise from the City to suburb movement Are legion. Police and fire servicing embrace immediate and tangible difficulties. The average Southern sheriffs office can to give rows and rows of suburban Homes the police Protection that City police afford Urban residences and neither can the suburbanites obtain go Long sightedness respecting adequate fire Protection without the 110.49 9 5.30 twelve month is months. A a a i t three month. 2 a one month. A one week carriers in nearby town Are not per fitted to collect for More than on week in Advance. Carriers to City Are not permitted to col Lect for a period of More than five week Jet a subscription for a longer period Tai a a a payment should be made direct to office. Exclusively reasonable safeguards for women and children. The planning should be against the chaos that characterized the belgian and French scenes during invasion. Titled to theft use 3?republication or a crap us a it or n0��h� Wise credited la this and Al a a a local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a second Cli a matter at the Post office to High Point v. A. Under the act of Congress of March 8. I National adv represent tiv the John Rudd co. 420 Lexington a. New my a City tuesday june 18, 1940. O vhf Luthi for the poor always be have with you but me be have not John 12 8. Few save the poor feel for the poor. Al. E. Landen. Aspects of the French offer the War dominates thinking possibly undesirably. It is Dif a word Abolt c Campaign expenses solemnly legislators make Laws limiting Campaign expenditures and then proceed somewhat generally to violate them and to file Unea did reports about their own expenditures As they run for reelection or for other office. We Are pointing a Finger at no one candidate when we direct attention to the fact that the highest total expenditure yet admitted by any one of those seeking the democratic nomination for governor is $9,988.71 with donations totalling $2,2340. He was not the successful candidate but we repeat the one with the highest admitted expense account. The chances Are that several times that amount of Money was spent by any one of several can services of the fire department that efficient City governments provide. The fee system a a method of charging individual out of City Home owners for police and fire Protection a is a popular but not entirely practicable solution. If the City fire department for instance fails to respond to the pitiful plea of a non fee paying Home owner who lives on a paved Well lighted Street just across the City Boundary the City councilmen and the mayor Are branded As heartless parsimonious despots a arsonists after the fact. Nor can police prowl cars economically patrol a few dozen Homes of fee payers scattered in a densely populated suburban suburban area of 500 neighbouring dwellings. No City would have its policemen stand idly watching a trespasser prowl the Home of a resident who refused to his fee while the Homes of fee payers on each Side Are entitled to police Protection. Town and City governments Are resourceful. Some have found ways to meet their particular needs. Some City fire departments serve on a county level financed in part with county taxes. A few counties have Large Well organized police departments. Others help maintain City police departments with county wide jurisdictions. But these Are very few. The obvious solution is an Extension of City limits. Extensions of course were numerous last year in an Ach you re just seeing things under the bed limit to keep one s mind flee of i dates supporters and that Sev to citation of the census partly because now id if n Jomoc that la Uto q tny Al of of 8 fundamental Pride in big num it. The implications respecting Eilt a times that Laio a tote o but in Many More cases the pm our own future that Are in it Are deeply moving ones. We feel that we have a Large stake in its outcome. Interference with our manner of life to a great extent is almost inevitable. We face a new self discipline or a new discipline superimposed upon us. Each turn of the tide of the affair has a is tee a i significance for us. We speculate As to what is Forward today in the important theatres of the struggle. Frances offer to surrender with terms comes As a blow to american Hopes if not to her British allies. Speculation As to what will happen to the French Navy and air Fleet both of which Are declared a intact a is respecting what May be a Pivotal Factor. Why did not France instead of suing for peace and asking for terms permit the surrender of her armies in the Field while the government got out of reach that would leave France at War with Germany in Complete Possession of Continental France. The Navy and the air Fleet with the help of the members of the French Empire could cooperate with Britain to carry on the fight without a decent question of reprisals in France. Does retain handling of Frances Fate support the Rome charge that French hatred of Britain has become intense there was not a word in Petain a Public address cd out the ally. Does that mean total disaffection or was it nothing More than the avoidance of issues the Alliance might bring into the negotiations with the germans disadvantages in fighting at Home in both the world War and the present one the allies have based their strategy on defense the germans have based theirs on driving Power. We have a poignant illustration of the concept that the Best defense is a a vigorous Germany precipitated the Battle on foreign soil in every instance. In other Days when the most that an army in the Field could Hope to do in a Day was to Advance a few meager Miles there was something to be said for fighting on the Home grounds. In this Day of mobility and Speed the advantages Are reversed. Note the observation of French common soldiers frequently to the effect that the glutting of the roads with refugees handicapped them in All military movements. The enemy took no account of the difference Between one kind of blockade and another naturally the French had to consider the Fate of their own people in flight. The result was an inevitable Handicap. Ii England is to withstand donations was made. We doubt whether this statement can be controverted. We Are not charging a technical violation of Law in any Case we prove there is one. Flir themore we Are not being self righteous about the matter. But we Are saying that nothing like the Cost of political campaigning in North Carolina gets on the books of the Secretary of state. Tension elections failed to carry because suburban residents disapproved their being taken into the privilege of paying City taxes and in Many cases they brought pressure on Legislatures to kill Extension Bills in committees. In other cases City governments were reluctant to buy at fabulous prices the sewer electric water or Street systems built by suburban real estate speculators who walked when deals were proposed to protect the City. The Sibl ban problem in Carolina we have commented on the fact that much of the Home building in Urban communities of this state during the past ten years has occurred outside the incorporated towns and cities. The views of spokesmen for those towns and cities As to the effect of this development Are interesting. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people a girl thirteen years old was asked to recite a a piece in school. This pleased her immensely and she got out a Book of recitations and deed we get certain aspects of these e \ upon the famous old classic the in the current Issue of rattle of Blenheim. The big night came her father and Mother and Sis views in me current Issue Southern municipal news. The editor of the publication writes a the Bare fact of loss of population within the City limits because of developments of suburbs is not important. Population losses wont affect the economic strength of most municipalities since the suburban residents still work and spend in the Urban areas. Combined Urban and suburban population figures will generally exceed the combination in 1930. And this May be especially True of the that seems a logical conclusion. We quote further from the publication. What is important this movement of Urban population to suburban Sites is resulting in a shift of responsibility for Urban financing from a larger to a smaller number of taxpayers. The Burden of bonded indebtedness Narrows and the debt per capita increases the benefits of the City a fixed capital investments a a streets sewers water and Power lines and facilities for police and fire defense a reach fewer tax paying citizens. Scores of Southern newspapers recently quoted an article by Clark s. Hobbs in the Baltimore evening Sun entitled a a Maryland a second largest City a it has no writer Hobbs referred to Baltimore numerous contiguous developments where 150 to 200 thousand people dwell beyond the Pale of City taxes. Many another Southern City is in relatively the same position a towns of 15,-000 population with three to five thousand souls in their unincorporated suburbs. It is essential to keep these suburban populations in mind when the City a practical population is determined. Only with them car the chamber of Commerce measure buying Power labor resources and other economic factors. It must be remelt Breed also that the department of Public works and the traffic division of the police department Are concerned because the suburban population contributes to the vehicular traffic Load of City streets. Extra Urban population affects every City department and is the variable of calculations in the City plan. This is not an Idle Point. The suburban dwellers Are City people. The census reports indicate a Sharp increase in the number of so called Small farm in Ilia neighbourhood at a a a Ltd ? a a a Quot r Walter winches on Broadway _ Trad my 0pyrt�t. In. Daily mar rare or o ters and Brothers were there to see her do herself proud. But she did t do herself proud. She was so frightened that she became sick at her stomach and turned and left the stage in disgrace. Thirteen years later she was considered the most promising new actress in America. Her name Katharine Hepburn. She warned to become a movie actress but no Hepburn in history had Ever been an actor or an actress and none of her mothers family had Ever been on the stage. When the girl told them that she wanted to be a movie actress her family was shocked and horrified. What a a Hepburn an actress never she wanted to go to movie shows but they would not let her. Words flew and finally her family compromised by letting her go to see Western movies of cowboys. Her favorite actor was William s. Hart. And he was the one she studied and tried to emulate As a Model for screen technique. In other words she studied a Cowboy actor to become the Queen of emotional acting alter graduating from Bryn mawr College she heard that a Man in Baltimore was putting on a show so she got on the train and went to Baltimore and applied for the acting Job. And by a stroke of Luck she got it and began rehearsals. The play opened. The next Day she picked up the paper breathlessly to see what it said about her. And there it was just one word she got parts in three different plays a and was fired from every one of them for incompetency. She appeared in a few Broadway plays and then one Day received a Telegram inviting her to Hollywood. Hollywood expected her to ask $200 or $250 a week. This is the Telegram she sent Back �?o1 11 come for $1,500 a the movie company thought she meant $150 and wired to see if the Telegraph company had added a cipher by mistake. Her wire Back read a i am the one who made the mistake. Fifteen Hundred a week is too Well. She got the Job. And that is the Story of the girl who made such a mess of a the Battle of Blenheim that she ran off the stage. And ii of said let the Earth bring Forth gras the Herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind whose seed is in itself upon the Earth and it was 1 11. Things i never knew and still done to know that editor William Allen Whites Auto License number which he picked himself is 13-1313. His idea being that no one la steal a car with a number like that. That All the great Powers appoint thin men As ambassadors to Japan. By cause the japs done to like fat men. That in a philosophy for our c. E. M. Joad reports that when be praised the technical marvels of our civilization to an Indian Sage he received this acid comment a yes you can Fly in the air like Birds and swim in the sea like fish a but you do not yet know How to walk i it on the Earth like men. That married women in dutch Guiana have to Wear Bells around their necks. So their husbands can locate them when they want them. That Jascha Heifetz has an aluminium violin which he uses in Damp weather. And when the violin needs repairs. Heifetz sends it to a plumber. What sort of Guy sir Walter Raleigh must be been. He always wore a Corset even when he slept. He also wore Pearl earrings. That the Gold vaults of the u s. Treasury contain 300 tons of opium for emergency use in wartime. That Cecil Hunt s definition of a Friend is one who says Nasty things to your face instead of behind your Hack. That Queen Isabella of spam boasted that she had Only two Baths in her life a one when she was born and the other when she married Ferdinand. That Brenda Marshall though an established movie Star. Has never been kissed on the screen. That All the Page boys at die n. B. C. Studios in Hollywood must attend classes in acting and announcing. That 60 per cent of the women in this country Wear their stockings inside out. Because the Dull texture is More flattering to their ahem that Cholula Mexico is probably the most religious town in the world a there Are 365 churches there one for every Day in the year. That according to Edward weeks when Henry Ford was interviewed on his fiftieth birthday the reporter asked him. A emr. Ford what would you say Are the disadvantages of great wealth a Ford replied Quot Well for me it was when mrs. Ford quit cooking a that Reserve officers of Goering a air corps Are working As pilots for commercial airlines in South America and regularly Fly near the Vicinity of the Panama canal. That a new dry Shaver will be on the Market shortly which Doest require electricity. That prime minister Winston Churchill paints landscapes which he exhibits under the name of a Charles Marine. That according to Roger Babson the three stages of dictatorship Are hero Nero Zero. That the latest War development in England is Quot while you wait Gas mask repair shops. Children a masks need the most repairs because they use them for toys. That theres neither air nor water on he Moon. And a Day Here is 14 times As Long As a Day on Earth. That in timor laut an Island near Borneo a woman must keep one Eye shut in the presence of a Man. Of she looks at him with both eyes she a branded As immoral. Why the British railways classify portable typewriters As musical instruments. ,. Whether bachelors in Maryland know thai the Law there says that six visits to the Home of a girl constitute a marriage proposal. That the system of House numbers in use today Odd numbers on one Side even on the other was originated by Napoleon. That in Washington d a. There s a Beauty shop for cats and dogs. That the average House Fly travels More than five Miles every Day. Gosh you a think they d get worn out. That in Maryland its against the Law to be cruel to oysters. And you can go to jail for it a but the Law Isnit enforced. That on the Island of Badu in North Australia the Law makes it punishable by Fine for any wife to nag or Cook badly. That a German on the death of his father recently put an Quot in mom Priam Quot and in a palier in Hitler land Reading. A Spray for the soul of Ernest Muller whom god has called to a better the next Day he was arrested for criticizing the government. That it was Teddy Roosevelt who dubbed the Capitol at Washington a the White before that it was known As the executive mansion. Whether it s True that whiskers Are actually a health Aid because they keep dust particles from getting into a mans lungs. That in Persia the Only men to whom women Are permitted to speak on the Street Are policemen. But most of the Guys gets around that by boing appointed Quot honorary that Adolf Hitler said. A if you wish the sympathy of Broad masses then you must Tell them the crudest and most stupid As Texas Guinan put it a hello sucker a. That there a a new substance which makes planes invisible at altitudes above too feet. That according to a recent Survey business executives prefer Brunette secretaries to blonds. That in Japan a after dinner speeches Are made before dinner. That according to news review a British weekly an undersecretary in Tho Hitler Cabinet has been assigned the special Job of directing German propaganda in the u. S. To keep f. D. R. From Bing re elected. The Many a name is Leo if Abight. That americans smoked an average of 1,300 cigarettes per person last year. That sir Walter Scott the author had such a bad memory that he once praised one of his own poems thinking that lord Byron had written it Pagin father rime ten years ago local new a the republicans Are Quot pledging an Economy program for Guilford county in Case they Are successful in the november election. A All City department Heads were reappointed last night by the City Council except City manager Knox and policeman k. E. Ellington the City manager re appointment was deferred w. L. Dawkins was appointed policeman. I hat when a Navajo Indian Squaw wants to get a divorce she simply puts her husband s Saddle and other belongings outside the door of their hut. I hat George Bernard shawls definition of a Pessimist is a Man who thinks everybody is As Nasty As himself and Hales them for it. That Ernst Henri s Quot Hitler Over written six years ago prophetically called the turn on practically All of hitlers moves to Date and according to the Book the u. S. Is next on the schedule alter England. The name is believed to be a pseudonym tor two German army staff officers. That in some parts of China when a Man does no to his debts his creditor has the right to remove the door of his House. Benjamin Franklin predicted the use of Parachute troops As far Back As 1784in Lancaster pa., the mennonites paint their shutters Blue to Tell the world that there s a Marriageable daughter in the House. That the most expensive car in Hollywood in t owned by a movie Star but by a press agent Alan Gordon. Its taken two years to make and Cost $8,000.that if a Mother mocking Bird finds one of her babies stolen and put in a Cage Shell bring it Poison fruit. Shed rather kill it than see it deprived of its Liberty. That the chinese cigarette girl in the sky room of san Francisco a hotel Empire Speaks with a Southern accent. That children in tile Gyp school in the Balkan Are punished by being deprived of a net Bruce cation finally decided Hsi about people a James. Lovelace is the new a. B. Club head. A mrs. Andrew Lindsay has returned from a visit to mrs. H. L. Shuey at her Home in Morganton. A misses Mildred and Dorothy Russell Are spending the week in Albemarle where they Are visiting relatives and friends. A mrs. E. K. Patterson of Greensboro is the guest of mrs. Dillard Ragan. New Brief a Dwight Morrow candidate for u. S. Senate has swept the new Jersey primaries. A state merchants Are strongly opposing the sales tax plan. A new York City will stage a great Celebration for Admiral Byrd. Twenty years ago local new a High Point will have a fourth of july Celebration. A the v. Vav. C. A. Of this City is preparing for a pageant a through the centuries. About people a miss Mary Sherrod has returned from Baltimore where she attended the commencement at Coucher College. A j. A. Smith has returned from a visit to Bessemer City. A mrs. Harold Horrox has returned from Asheville where she attended the convention of the n. C merchants association. News Brier a presidential candidate Harding says that he would be glad to submit the peace treaty to a referendum of the people. A a general Advance in the Price of ice has been forecast for North Carolina. A the new York world says that president Wilson has regained his strength and vigor of mind. Bruce cation in Wos Hinloi we Washington. June 18. A so of the most High powered polite mane vering seen Here. In Many a has been going on in connection the drive to Amend the Wagner and and the end is not yet by a Long of so far the High command of a. F. Of Has out mane Vered rivals in the c. I. O. Scene of will be thee. Next Man Euver will be the s \ and so far ifs a body a game. At moment a fair Bel that the Wagner will be amended not quite along lines recently Jcj in the House. One in the a e i or it. I. I the skirmish began Early a Spring when f that something to. Be Dom to clip the labor boar wings and tone Down the act congresswoman Mary Norton of Jersey head of the House labor cd Mittee shaped a set of Amend Ira to meet the administration s id these involved chiefly increasing Board to five members protect Craft unions and providing that a plovers could petition for an elect if they got caught in a Jam bet it two rival unions. The c. I. O. Promptly declared on these amendments. The Admi t rat ions thereupon went to the of l., which welcomed the Arm ments with a whoop. The admin ctr Tion figured this would head off drastic amendments and the a. Of Figured it would be one in Eye for the c. I. O. Amendment disowned the c. I. O. Saw it just the v the a. F of Did and began to the heat on. It did this so effective that mrs. Norton presently disown a her own amendments. About this time congressman he Ard Smith of Virginia got Busy on own Hook. He went to preside Green of the a. F. Of To see if t i number of talks got nowhere finally broke off negotiations. Then a fellow member of stud investigating committee Congress Routzohn of Ohio came to the reset through him. The broken begot tons were resumed and in the there was an agreement Smith a it drop some amendments which the f. Of Leaders just Smalld and would put in the ones the a. Of Especially wanted a and in turn the a. F. Of l would supp it the rest of his amendments. Hur prime Kok mks. Norton this left mrs. Norton High and nowhere. She thought the a. Of Was Back of her and not urn the debate was in full swing did the result was a rout with the is a. F. Of Amendments passing huge majority. By ii Glt a Milch i i to in a than the a. Of Really wants. Current Issue of i a f of Weekly news letter admits much and says that a the federate will now strive to have the Send eliminate certain features of the n which Are considered objectionable chances Are pretty Good that federation can do this. Of it Succi the Bill that will finally become will be just about what the orig Norton amendments provided for. Men on the Board instead of thi from being swamped and drowned Waves of Industrial unionism and my employers the right to Petit for an election when there is dog As to who represents whom. The professor who la run for governor in Arkansas will give Parachute jumping exhibitions during his Campaign making him the modern Arkansas traveler. I Don t think any president shot commit the destiny of the Ameir people on War or peace without re Clarence of Congress. A Glenn frs g. O. P. Program committee chair to would take 2,000.000 years All the water in the seven seas to Flat Over Niagara Falls but would British admiralty stand for it the Southwest reports a spider t barks. It follows of course that spider won t bite. Us Izzy rec there Are those who now think maybe it Wasny to a gag when adopt gave the world 24 hours to get out. Folks still Aren t convinced it was an error when the bandmaster at a Midwest College graduation announced the next number would be the schools Alma mater song and then the band broke out with propaganda hit seems like they s so much alike one Kain to hardly is after the Flower of our youth had Laid Down their lives and if the War lasted Long enough we might ultimately get around to equipping our armed forces with something like what a sensible Bandit would use if he were going to Rob a filling station. A representative Ross Collins Mississippi. Their cigarettes in other words ifs like taking cigarettes away from a baby. Whether the Industrial school journal of Lancaster Ohio does t offer the right formula a for eating Grapefruit keep your eyes shut and your Mouth open. For Success reverse Hie Tell news from pre Oganda. Fact is the p r o p o g a Ida writers and speakers aim to make hit look like news. We had lots of it during y the world War and \ they s plenty More a Coo in in now. I mind what a pics intent politician said once a the de people Are like d cattle. They whoever they re As i see it the old world the common people driven to the Slaughter by pol Ilicia while in America they a Lead to t same Fate by propagandist. Like said once a the most what you hear is aimed at a opera purpose Frum whats mentioned so Dally if hit s a stranger wish a Bel Volent

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