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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy. Ounce of showers sunday partly Sony monday. A a the year no. 166 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point. N. C., sunday morning. June is. 1174 124 pages classified ads is 2177 other depts. Ms-2141 daily lie sunday 2sc miss High Point wins Susan is miss North Carolina by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Susan Lynn Griffin. High Points reigning Beauty Queen was crowned the new miss North Carolina saturday night in Charlotte. Miss Griffin is the first representative of High Point to win in the state Competition. The 22-year-old Blue eyed blonde was awarded a $2,500 scholarship and $2,500 Worth of clothes for her Victory in the annual Beauty pageant. She has indicated plans to use her scholarship Money to Hart Ballad. Quot with a song in my which the capacity crowd at ovens auditorium received with warm applause miss Griffin is the daughter of or and mrs. Ervin Griffin of Mcguinn Street. She and her parents Are expected to return to town today her brother. Sid Griffin. I9, was the Only member of the family in town saturday night. He said. A i feel really great about it. It s a real Honor Quot mayor Paul Clapp said he was joining thousands of others in expressing gratitude to Susan Griffin and her accomplishment in winning the miss North Carolina contest a i am sure that All citizens of High Point Are very excited and proud of Susan s wonderful accomplishment. She is bringing Honor to the City. I especially liked the Way she introduced herself in the pageant i am Susan Griffin from the furniture capital of the world. High Clapp also noted that he had told the new miss North Carolina last sunday that she needed just a Little bit of Luck because she had what was needed to win the title. Quot and she did just this took place at the reception in miss Griffin a Honor held just before she left for the Queen City and the pageant. As miss North Carolina miss Griffin will represent the state in the miss America Eliest to be held in Atlantic City n j. In september in preliminary Competition Susan Lynn Griffin crowned miss North Carolina a wire photo study voice at the University m i t it. Of North Carolina Atassi Kcf to vex of Greensboro. First runner up in the pageant saturday was miss Raleigh. Vivian Anita Craig. Next runners up in order were miss Goldsboro. Karen Lou Wilson miss Gastonia. Teresa Elledge and miss Sanford. Joan Stoltz. Among the to finalists competing in the pageant was miss Randolph county Robyn Lisbeth Allred. The new miss North Carolina is 5 feet 8 inches 125 pounds and 35-24-36 for her Talent presentation miss Griffin Sang the Rodgers and Palestine question is Block to peace Sib defense altered for Ehrlichman for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Matronly Type q. What Are the requirements to become a Matron at the jail cell and do they have Black people i have been going up there for years and have never seen a Black Man or woman behind those bars that takes care of those boys and i would like to be one. How do you go about doing this and where do you go to put to your application thank you. Mrs. H. A. Guilford county sheriff Paul Gibson says if you will Contact him he will be glad to explain How to fill out an application and where to Send it a and will also Tell you How Many Blacks they have working in the jail. The sheriffs offices in High Point and Greensboro Are listed under the Guilford county numbers. No More parking q. We have a serious problem Down Here on a As people from everywhere come Down Here and Park on this narrow dirt Street. They work on their cars and drive All across the Street making noise and kicking up dust. Somebody is going to get killed. We want to Oil the Street but it won t do any Good because they take off with their wheels screeching and dragging. We have some old sick people Down Here. Please help to get a no parking sign on this Street. Anon. A. Traffic engineering checked this Street and a problem exist with parking on both sides. R. V. Moss says corrective measures will be taken to eliminate this problem it s in the deed q. When there is no Quot for Sale Quot sign of any kind on property that seems to be abandoned and vacated whom would you Contact about it if you re interested in this property the property in question is in Guilford county in Jamestown. Anon. A. You a go to the Register of deeds office in the governmental Center in Greensboro where the plat books Are kept and owners names recorded. The plats of property located in High Point township can be seen at the High Point tax office in the City county building Choo Choo tour q. Does anyone have any knowledge of a group which would sponsor a tour by train to Asheville during the fall season when the leaves Are changing colors a h. A. Sometime in the fall the Owca will sponsor a bus trip to the barter theater in Abingdon a. Plans Arentt Complete yet but keep an Eye out for announcements. There is also the autumn Leaf train excursion usually the end of october or first of november. The train leaves West Jefferson about 9 a. In. On a sunday goes to Bristol a. And returns about 6 p in. For reservations you can write the autumn Leaf train excursion West Jefferson n. 28694 or Telephone 919 246-4121. They should be made at least 6 weeks ahead. Another possibility is to form your own group and take the Southern from High Point to Asheville. Its a Flag Stop Here three Days a week a sunday tuesday and Friday a with a change in Salisbury. You can leave High Point at 5 09 p. Rn., arrive at the Biltmore station in Asheville at 10 40 p. In. You a have to stay Over until tuesday morning when the train leaves Asheville at 9 15 a. In. And gets Back Here at 2 38 p. In. Sound off my husband picked up an injured dog on the Greensboro Road near Mayfield and took him to a vet. It is a male mainly Collie medium size and appears to be about two years old. The vet says he was not seriously injured and is All right. We Are boarding him there for a few Days hoping someone will claim him or want him for a pet. We already have a dog or would keep him ourselves. Of anyone would like to make a Home for him please Call me at 882-4580. Mrs. Nolan Williams. Washington a former White House aide John d Ehrlichman plans to seek written answers to questions from president Nixon and to subpoena Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and White House chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. To testify As defense witnesses in the plumbers trial a Well informed source said saturday. Ehrlichman once Nixon s chief Domestic adviser goes on anal june 26 with three others on charges of conspiring to violate the civil rights of or. Lewis Fielding psychiatrist to Daniel Ellsberg. Ehrlichmann a plan represents a change from previous defense intentions in the Case. The source disclosed that earlier this month Ehrlichman had subpoenaed Nixon Kissinger. Haig and White House counsel j. Fred Buzhardt a chief Legal adviser on watergate to Nixon to testify As defense witnesses. These subpoenas were returnable on june 17 the original Date for the trial to begin. But on Friday . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell set a new trial Date of june 26, making the previous subpoenas moot. On thursday Buzhardt suffered a heart attack and is expected to be hospitalized for about a month. This was cited As the reason for Dropp ing plans to subpoena Buzhardt the source said. The reason for the change in approach to gaining information from Nixon could not be Learned but in a California prosecution of the same Case which has since been dropped. Ehrlichman subpoenaed Nixon to testify. On Jan 30. A White House spokesman said Nixon s lawyers had advised him to Quot respectfully decline to appear. On constitutional the Issue became moot when the state prosecution was dropped in favor of the Federal Case. The source said that the watergate special prosecutor would be Given Access to any written interrogatories submitted to Nixon and to any replies from him. No president has Ever testified in a criminal Case but in 1807 chief Justice John Marshall sitting As a circuit judge ruled that a president can be subpoenaed to do so. In a March 15 news conference. Nixon said Quot i believe that for the president of the United states to appear in a court of Law any court of Law for the purpose of testifying would be setting a precedent that would be most unfortunate. I believe that any information that i have has been made available which could affect the guilt or innocence of the individuals three weeks earlier Nixon had told a news conference he would be willing to respond to any written interrogatories that the special prosecutor would be willing to submit. Those subpoenaed could move to quash the subpoenas or Gesell could Rule the subpoenas Are not relevant and quash them. Damascus Syria a the stars and stripes fluttered Over the syrian capital for the first time in seven years saturday welcoming president Nixon for an unprecedented visit that sources said could Herald the resumption of diplomatic relations Between the formerly hostile nations Nixon told a state banquet saturday night that a cultural Exchange program with Syria was being reestablished. But neither he nor his Host. President Hafez Assad mentioned a restoration of the diplomatic ties broken by Syria in the 1967 Middle East War. Syria has had close ties with the soviet Union. The two presidents were to Confer privately before Nixon goes to Israel on sunday his fifth and last Stop in the Middle East will be Jordan. On Nixon s arrival in Damascus a the first syrian visit by any american president a he was greeted by an unexpected escort of soviet built syrian Mig jets a Hearty handshake from Assad and the Waves of a crowd of 450 -000 waiting in the sweltering heat. But As at his last Stop in saudi Arabia where he promised More military Aid to King Faisal the reception was More subdued than the frenzied Welcome that millions gave him in Egypt. A Force of 5.000 soldiers and 2,000 plainclothes Security agents was on hand in Case of trouble. At the banquet Assad became the third Arab Leader in four Days to Tell Nixon that a lasting peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved until the palestinian question is resolved. The american president replied that Quot i understand your concern about Palestine Quot but he said that Issue As Well As the question of israeli occupation of Arab lands and Quot other matters Quot must await future negotiations. Quot i would like to Tell you that i had an instant solution tor these very Complex Nixon said a but you would know. That i do not bring any instant solution Quot he described the disengagement of israeli and Syria troops along the Golan Heights As Quot a beginning a and a Good beginning Quot he added that Quot now we must move Forward step by step As each Case permits. Until we reach our goal of a just and equitable peace Quot at Damascus Airport Assad left greets Nixon a win a of Pat keeps Low profile on tour by supreme court grand jury s on president finding released Washington a the supreme court released on saturday a watergate grand jury declaration that Quot Richard m Nixon. Was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct at the same time the court agreed to consider arguments by White House lawyers that the grand jury exceeded its authority when it named Nixon by a vote of 19-0, As an a indicted co conspirator in the watergate cover up. But it refused a motion by both special prosecutor Leon Jaworski and presidential attorney James d. St. Clair to make Public the entire portion of the grand jury proceedings which were attached to its listing of Nixon and others As among those responsible a but not charged in the conspiracy. The one passage Public said made Quot on feb 25, 1974, in the course of its consideration of the indictment in the instant Case the june 5, 1972, grand jury by vote of 19-0, determined that there is probable cause that Richard m. Nixon among others was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct Justice charged in count i of the instant indictment and the grand jury authorized the special prosecutor to identify Richard m. Nixon among others As an a indicted co conspirator in connection with subsequent Legal proceedings in this the High court ruled that a other than this disclosure the sealed record shall re main sealed a the june 1972 Date is when the jury was Impan eled in agreeing to hear St. Clair s argument that the grand jury overstepped its authority in naming Nixon the court fixed Oral arguments for july 8, the same Date it is scheduled to take up the dispute Over whether the president should turn Over 64 More tap recorded conversations to Jaworski. The Brief order noted that Justice William h. Rehnquist took no part in consideration of the Case. No dissents by any of the other eight court members were noted. The list of co conspirators was sealed by order of the . District judge John j. Sirica who will preside Over the watergate cover up trial a a grand on 7a Damascus Syria a Pat Nixon has played a Cowkey role with Only Brief and carefully protected Public appearances As she and president Nixon hedge hop across the Arab world. She was scheduled for hour Long excursions on her own in Cairo the saudi arabian capital of Jidida and in Damascus while her husband talked with the rulers of these countries. But mrs. Nixon was not attracting the crowds or attention she has received on other world travels since she became first lady. The Security for her was tight including in Jidida two red jeeps with mounted machine guns escorting her motorcade. Mrs. Nixon appeared less animated than on previous trips and she turned aside questions from reporters on such topics As the palestinian question and women a liberation. Women traditionally have played a minor role in society in some Arab lands. Many of her activities were ceremonial and social appearances with president Nixon at nightly dinner parties and she often was secluded in the fabulous guest palaces put at the presidents disposal by the arabs. Little information could be gathered about mrs. Nixon a non Public activities at the palaces including a very secluded dinner Given by saudi arabian Queen Riffat at her Palace overlooking the azure coloured red sea. The first lady a press Secretary Helen Smith was travelling aboard a Back up presidential Jet and arrived in most places after the press and official party she was largely out of touch with reporters and had Little information beyond the official schedules. Mrs. Nixon appeared to be a Little tired As the presidential journey moved into its fourth country on saturday with the torrid heat adding to the discomfort of travel. In Jidida taking a tour of the souk a downtown Market with stall shops in winding covered alleys. Mrs Nixon said it was fascinating array of goods from All Over the world and Quot you could spend Many Days Here a in Charlotte last week she copped the top Talent award Friday night with a performance of the same number she Sang for the statewide television audience saturday night miss Griffin studied voice with Howard Coble of Wesley memorial United methodist Church for several years. Graduating from High Point Central High school she attended Milligan College in Tennessee she is presently employed As a Secretary for Morgan fiver in. Post and herring Law firm for her appearance in the Talent Competition she was attired in an Aqua evening formal made of Chiffon trimmed with rhinestones in the evening gown portion of the program she wore a Kelly Green gown accented at the Waist and cuffs with rhinestones a Pink swimsuit for the swimsuit Competition completed her wardrobe in other awards made at the pageant saturday the fave Broyhill award for the most talented no finalists went to miss Forsyth county. Dee Stout. Miss Shelby. Deborah Dianne bums. Was selected by her competitors As miss congeniality. Each received $250 crude Oil Price Cut is vetoed Quito Ecuador api a v Venezuela apparently vetoed on saturday a proposal by saudi Arabia that would have decreased crude Oil prices and eased the financial Burden on Oil Consumers according to sources at the Quito meeting of major Oil producing countries. The reports could not immediately be confirmed the sources at the meeting of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries open said the v venezuelan move came Dur ing a secret one hour meeting of the 13 National representatives at the conference open rules Call for unanimous votes on such matters As Price cuts. Open members control 80 per cent of global Oil exports. Saudi arabian Oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yama had proposed that the prices be reduced somewhat to ease the economic effects of High rates on both Industrial societies and developing nations. But there never was significant support for the proposal some states have been reported lobbying at the meeting for a Price Rise. The secret caucus followed the opening session of the three Day meeting of 13 Oil producing nations at which Jamshid Amouzegar the open president called for a new International economic order he gave no hint of easing any prices tor Consumers. Quot the developing countries As producers of raw materials can no longer continue to exist As helpless bystanders watching the galloping inflation of the Industrial countries Quot said Amouzegar. Amouzegar finance minister of Iran said Oil prices should be set in relation to the inflation of the Industrial economies which would mean an increase to Consumers. He told the session that the organization was Quot being faced with a crucial test Quot an apparent reference to the saudi proposal. Inside Reading salvaging youths Page id drown proofing Page id Chicano take Over Page Ioc 3-18d 4a women s new Section b sport Section c 20b entertainment pages 19, 20,21 b obituaries Page 2d

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