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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 16, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ming Roiner nay Nave been leached in economic history Wall Street and Industrial Community turn primary thoughts and Energy to Home front by Frank Mac Millen new York june 15.under cover of the exit events in Europe a change occurred this week in busies and speculative psychology which May Mark a turn Point in the american chapter of the economic history the world struggle. While Polit to i decisions of tin Vest importance for the Ameri people still Hook in the Baile there was growing evidence Wall Street and the Industrial irn tin Ity had turned their Prim creating the sinews of War. Industrial activity led again by steel and the heavy industries continued to climb and the retail Field began to show signs of thoughts and Energy to the i starting to catch up with Indus j try a climb As higher payrolls greater employment and an increased dividend flow found its i Way to merchants hands. Another Token that the War had lost some of its Power to i Shock the american consumer was the continued Rise in Home Buddie front where a $5,000,000.-arms program dominated the in Security markets where eve reverse of the Allied cause for its had been the signal for Rous Selling the fall of Paris 1916�?wars make political parallel presidential race like that 24 years ago Rob it who a in May reached the plight of the French defense met with Calm Price strength ill sections of the list. Tun re Mong business men was inking pre occupation with the dems of the defense program Frank admission in some greatest monthly total since the i summer of 1929, according to f. W. Dodge corp., building statisticians. Factory wheels were turning at j a rate equal to that of mid february which was a relatively Active period. Some observers thought that with the momentum raters that Industry had under-1 afforded by the huge arms spend d the a in eed with which Wash Jug Here for american and Allied ton was prepared to move in account it would soon reach the laugh in every heart throb. R when 40 society girls and 8 lonely professor get a bundle of Joy. And trouble. The Stork delivered by mistake Addis Pictor s grandest hit Eddie Cantor in Quot forty Little mothers Quot a with Judith Anderson Ralph Morgan Rita Johnson Bonita Granville today monday tif Ada v its a citizenship cancelled a a ruling by United states District court in san Francisco cancelled the american citizenship of William Schneiderman above Secretary of the communist party in California. Near Boom level of late fall after i the Start of hostilities. The associated press average for the latest week stood at 102.1. While the Peak in mid december was 112.1. Steel operations started the week at 84.6 per cent of theoretical capacity and Trade observer thought it was rapidly approaching it practical maximum which most set in the neighbourhood of 90 pet cent. Added Joy hit of it gang 4 of Al in a a Bubba no trouble a Looney Hak cartoon a pied Piper and Porky new of the Day la Rok steel orders a Factor in growing steel orders As Well As in Many other raw and Semi fun shed material lines was the fear Many a manufacturers shared that priority granted to government arms orders might make it difficult to get deliveries for less essential products. As one steel authority said a everybody is in a Harry to get his name on the Hooks a a the swiftness of Washington a moves into a position As number one customer convinced Many Hughes hns iness observers that the presidents Industrial advisory group headed by Edward r Shettl nuns. Jr., and Edward s. Knudsen had been Given a free hand and orders to a shoot the Rome of the Quick paced buying included placement of a $327,000,000 order largest in history for 22 naval vessels within a few hours of the approval of the appropriation opening of bids for big quantities of blankets and uniform material word that the Navy department was prepared to order shortly the entire 3, aircraft provided in 19 41 fiscal year appropriation. At the ame time came word from London that that govern i men wait prepared to go a fall out in a Supply purchasing Here and had freed funds earmarked for Purchase originally scheduled it months or even years from now. I the Allied purchasing by Willis Thor Vuk Nea service staff corte1pendent Philadelphia june 4 5,�? the democrats seem certain to re nominate the president preparedness is the order of the Flay. The country is worried shout for eign influenced activities. Mexico and German activities in Mexico Are a problem. The Republican have been unable to agree on a candidate. The president is being attacked As too pro ally Home say he is eager to get ii into a War. Others Praise him for keeping us out a but wait a minute this is 1940. And the sentences shove All describe the pre convention Day of the summer of 1916 that uncanny feeling of having seen it All before which afflicts american born before 1900, comes to the front in today s pre convention political a Tivin a strongly As it Daes in Reading the War news itself. The Fate of France Hung then on terrific Battles near Paris As it does today. And worry about the War in Europe with near panic Over american unpreparedness gripped the country then As now. Secretary of War Garrison had resigned unable to get presidential support of his a Continental army plan. And worried Over the showing of the National guard in the Villa expedition in March 1916. Parades meetings and propaganda were agitating tor Joe a red Ness. I gues was g. O. I. Compromise Nom in of. Everybody knew president Wilson would be renominated by the democrats. He said in february 1910, that he would run. After Bryan resigned As Secretary of state in a disagreement afer the Lusitania notes Wilson was in Complete command of his partly. The rep Hillran a old guard regulars were for Elihu Root the a Teddy Roosevelt progressive Wing hated Root. To get the party together a Compromise candidate i was necessary. He was found in Charles Evans Hughes who re a signed from the supreme court to run. Hughes Uke Tom Lowey today had gotten his Polit b Al j Start As an aggressive Public pro j Sec to tor. The Compromise worked led from the Start and on the third ballot at Chicago to 1940 funeral services prominent Denton Man this afternoon Cicero h. Surratt to be buried at Central methodist Church in Denton special to the Enterprise Denton june 15. A funeral services will be held at Central methodist Church at 3 of clock sunday afternoon for Cicero la. Surratt. 71, one of Denton s most prominent citizens who died lain Friday night after two weeks illness. He was the son of the Daniel Aud Julia Myers Surratt. He was a former town commissioner and at the time of his death was clerk of the recorders court a Justice of the peace and a notary Public. He is survived by his Wile two sons. Rev. N. F. Surratt of Windsor and c. It. Surratt of Denton three Brothers m. K. And j. R. Surratt of Jackson Hill and w b. Surratt of Lexington three Sisters mrs. A. M. Hamilton of Salisbury mrs. George Loflin of Alleghany and mrs. Jesse Gal More of Jackson Creek. The body will lie in state at the Church for an Hoar before the funeral services. Andries Weideman a Farmer near Petersburg South Africa while weeding in a Field fetid that a Snake had crept up his leg hut retaining Prescord of mind lie pulled the trousers tight and with a kick sent the Large reptile flying. Wilson As expected was nominated by acclamation at the St. Louis meeting of the democrats. The platforms were very similar. Moth promised strict neutrality without sacrifice of american rights both adhered to the Monro doctrine and promised better i. Am Rio a relation. The. Oil f pts term in differences were on tar-1 diff mid minor matters. President Wilson during the Campaign Felt called on to disavow specifically the support of a a hyphenated citizens. To Jeremiah o Leary who had written him a note of condemnation for being a pro ally a Wilson publicly replied a i would feel deeply mortified to have you or anybody like the vote was so close that a1-j most ail democrats conceded. A full week was required to j certify the county of 276 to 255 electoral votes and 9,116.296 to j 8.547,474 popular votes the Clos est result since the disputed i if ayes Tilden election of 1876. I 666 Check malaria in 7 Day and relieve colds liquid. Tablet Salve. Nose mop symptom five to Day try web self tiny a a a wonderful liniment foreign policy keeping out of War and a a Are lean ism were the democrats got Peate votes though the democrats did not specifically Promise to keep the rout Campaign issues. There was country out of War under any Aud All circumstances Many voted for them believing their votes were listed. Wilson roundly condemn a peace in Suranne. Cd a mail alliances and combinations nevertheless the result was Cabot individuals in this country of j whisker close. Had Hughes not no a fifth column in 1916 by that name hut the same problem won easily. Is such a Compromise Gap candidate appearing today in such a form As say Wendell Winkle Al whatever nationality or descent i ignored governor Johnson in Cal who agree and conspire together j Ifor la. Thereby alienating for the purpose of embarrassing or weakening the government a progressive following there might easily have won. His he go id d up it it sits i Trees by p. C. Thoman extensive mining operations Are underway in Rich North Carolina deposits a Fabling a weak trek the following Frost bkg to the principle of cabling a tru it Focally weak ire la intended a a criterion which it is Hoyh d aril Able the tree owner having cabling done to determine orb or not the work is being Proi Mission executed. The great strength revealed it had received delivery tree it Jue to its flexibility Lerica s first and greatest Glamour girl the Queen of them All the life and loves of the woman whose beamy had the world and its famous men at her feet colourful spectacular entertainment tile magnificent successor to a Alexander ragtime band a f Darryl f. Zanuck s production of so bib in on approximately 8.o00 of the 8.00o planes it has ordered Here since last fall and said it was prepared to spend a Many millions More immediately for additional aircraft and supplies French order tricks buyers Here for the French group this week ordered 10,000 j motor trucks valued Al Between j $16,000,000 and $20,000,000. The British were said to be inquiring i for a similar number. In Wall Street analysts agreed that Security prices appeared at. Least for the time being to have Cable As High above Ilia discounted the possibility of or pm a a French collapse repeatedly during the week Wall Street heard uniformed rumours that France had sued for peace. Or. Irvin m. Weir has moved offices or. Irvin m. Weir. Physician and surgeon has announced the moving of his offices to the crossing of highways 311 and 81. Archdale. Or. I Weir stated that his new offices Are larger and More completely equipped than those he formerly occupied. On in y a her wetly of a and is in a the Ann in cabling a tree Tbs structurally weak is to take Vantage of and allow for this flexibility of the living Wood rather than attempt to Guy it rigidly in position. For this reason Cabin should be installed Burely taut rather than putting them in extremely tight with the use of blocks and tackle nor should a tree be Guyed to a building or a neighbouring tree if it can possibly be avoided. One of the Basic principle of effective cabling lies in installing Crotch possible which prevents the top from getting started to Sway dangerously and thus forestall any extreme stress or leverage that might be exerted on a weak Crotch As the tree whip wildly to and fro in a storm. In a situation where four or More main limbs or trunks Are involved the Box or circular system of cabling is Moat effective. In this method the various parts Are joined together Wleh Short lengths of Cable in in h a Way that when the Box or Circle is completed each part of the tree top helps to support the rest similar to the manner in which a hoop around a barrel supports or holds together the stave that Coiler Halifax searched for prison Escapee Wade Blackburn still at Large after sawing Way out Raleigh. Jim 15�? and three packs of bloodhounds a cd 100 men searched in vain through Halifax county today for Wade Blackburn 27, who escaped from but there won t be t he Pell Quot pro a on Cage truck near Enfield Nell. Heil Foi leather Rush of �?T49 thursday. Blackburn was serving i of 98, experts say. Instead the 20 to 30 years for robbery with by Hoke Norkin Raleigh june 15.�? of a nor ii Carolina once this country a greatest producer of Gold is going after the yellow Metal again. Government sources Here re a sealed today that extensive mining operations were already underway or were planned in Rich deposits which were worked full blast before the ringing cry of a a Gold came out of the West in 1849. A Cru he will have the quiet of a scientist peering through a Microscope at a Rock that looks like Well like just another Rock. For the prospectors of 1940 Are geologists and metallurgists backed by sufficient capital to insure that of a Deposit is Worth the Effort. It will be exploited fully firearms and kidnapping Eddie to Obb 30, who escaped with Blackburn and was recaptured yesterday refused to Tell officers How a Hack saw was obtained. With which a Hole was Cut through the top of the truck. Cobb. Serving 30 to 40 years for burglary with explosives and pop the Golconda mine in rather-1 a Quot Lon of burglary tools is being held at Central prison Here. Meanwhile prison officials Here reported that two men have escaped from the Jackson county prison Camp. They were listed As Waddell Felliou Getup serving 10 years tor aiding and abetting in manslaughter in Carteret county Ford county is being reopened. This is near and in the same lode As the Iola mine. Which from 1902 to 1916 was the largest single Gold producer East of South Dakota. Near Rutherfordton two Canadian Brothers Are mining with Modem methods and planning to Hugh Karrell serving seven dig to a depth of i too feet to join years for larceny in Clevo determine whether North Carolina an county. Details of the break Argentina has agreed to convert 240,000 head of cattle intuitively form the barrel 18.750 tons of canned meat and ship to Britain. Two cables placed of an Angle should he used in supporting any Palace theatre monday a a chump at Oxford with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy tuesday a forty Little mothers the Eddie Cantor wednesday a the Saint takes Over with Geo. Sanders and Wendy Barrie a of serial and comedy thursday a convicted woman with Pricilla Lane Friday a Jesse James with Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda saturday Hiyo Silver a also serial comedy also serial and coined late show Susan and god with Joan Crawford Fredrich marry admission adult i5c 2 for 25c children. Ioc except Katuria a veins Are deep. Canadians for years have been working in North Carolina because the geology of tile state is similar to that part of Canada which is a heavy Gold producer. Bere Raj Placer deposits in Nash county in Central Eastern North Carolina Are being worked extensively and it is said that one of the largest Placer operating outfits will move in Oimmediately.�?� the Ore in this area is said to average from 50 cents to $5 a cubic Yard which compares favourably with the Type of Ore this firm has worked hitherto in the West and Alaska. A group of canadians has been Active in the old Howie mine in Union county which in Pat years has been a Good producer. Recent examination by Core drilling by which a plug of Earth is removed much As you would take a plug out of a Watermelon has Hown this mine still to hold Many thousands of dollars Worth of Gold. The past had been marked mostly for the Lack of trained personnel and capital available to miners. And consequently Gold mining suffered but now. With what seems adequate capital and personnel Chanco Are the developments will have of degree of permanency. Weak limbs that for one reason or another cannot be included in the circular system of cabling. The greater the Angle at which these cables Are placed the. More effective they Are in preventing dangerous Side Sway of the Branch they Are supporting. Criss crossing cables Are never permissible As in a situation involving four parts with a Cable running Between each of the parts. Such installations Are less expensive to be put in since Only two cables Are used in plies of the four that would be needed in the More effective Box system thus a saving of both time and material is effected. This is however false Economy since such a risk Cross two Cable system does nor prevent Side Sway and therefore gives incomplete Protection. Were not available Here mrs. Charlotte Robishaw 99years old. Of Little Rebston Rug Laud famous for her daffodils has turned her acres into potatoes and is working hard not Only i directing cultivation but doing some of the digging. Japan a 1939-40 yield of whale Oil from 9,600 whales in the Antarctic represents an int tease of 44,000 tons or 33 per cent Over i the preceding seasons total and a Large part of the production has been sold to Germany. 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