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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather considerable clouding and showers tonight and tuesday the High Point Enterprise High Point thu Center of Ihorn tial manufacturing enterprises vol. R�6�?n. 162 Membert associated i Lles. High Point n. A. Mom a i i i Knoon june to. 1910 Vea Kervick Price the cents uce plunges Italy into War democracy s place in world ill be appraised in speech night by chief executive Rench fall Lack slowly Leynaud says Premier in radio address claims allies strongest in Mediterranean a Ris. June up via rain a Premier Paul Reynaud in \ id to address to the French nation Lay said a your armies have rebated slowly and Only after dewy Tig All Points they have re squished a a and this is Tbs moment that in Trolini cd i tip France has nothing to say. I i Onik it a Lune of a Broca rat Ion of the allies with regard to a till it Are Complete or mini la of info mat Ion Delft Rod tonight and Britain and Ranee will a know How to meet he sword with the sword Hitler wires King Emanuele presidential Secretary describes talk a important posterity will he Able to of a Quot you know very Well that i id my predecessors have Aid prs is no problem Between Lance and Italy which discussion Phi not solve a this is repulsive to human net pies As Well As to Christian a the allies Are stronger Iii the edit enanian than anywhere pay Reyna and said. A the world will soon know that it Rel Force is a treat strength. A France has been through even Ater difficulties and it has Albeen at that moment that has astounded the entire birr Jailil said the French am Isador to Italy had a kid ital foreign minister Plano Why by had entered the War Aud it piano had replied that Italy Ras Only fulfilling her Axis i ii ii mss a Fiona defense Linister is killed meets death in crash of Royal Canadian air Force plane Ewton Ville ont., june to. Norman m c i. E to d Rogers pad minister of National de i crash near Here of a Royal i1 speeding him from Ottawa Toronto to speak on the Cancun Whiet fit i tint lit to i i tin be ter men were killed in the la. Eye witnesses said the plane Vic to in so t in a Quot ruled fund near provincial Highway 2 and burst into flames Mckage was strewn for Yards All directions. Early reports one of the bodies was badly rued. I addition to Rogers the dead two air Force men and a Ilian not identified Immell in. Guardia warns new York Ainscoe Muns rations new Tork ii m i Quot t Pic a minutes after Premier Vit isso i declaration of War Mas or ii Tut re it math a inn in div billed Broad at to Tver Latten inc today warning that he ii Lei not Tole ate Quot Demon t to is for. Of against Quot a foreign ver by any g cup in the City. To a voice tense with emotion Guardia addressed himself Par Ilary to the More than one lion new York residents who of italian descent. The mayor it to those who Are of american 1th, being one in Elf. I know re is no need for special Appeal we recognise no other loyalty. I x appreciating the privileges i rights of our adopted it nun air Force planes my German held towns oms in. J no it Nard Nientsu of German held Lens and Abbeville by the Tish air i orce during the past hours were reported tonight the air ministry insides the forays behind the Man lines in Northern France mint str said Royal air forces had attack d nazi Imma is in rhenish Prussia and the or. Herein Louii Iii. Up a Adolf Hitler telegraphed ring Vittorio of Italy tonight his conviction that a tile tremendous Tower of Italy anti Germany will gain Victory Over the enemy. A Providence Zimm willed Lylial we defend the free Tom and future of our nations in Battle against England and leaner against our own intention a Hiller told the King. In a separate message to Premier Mussolini the fuehrer said 11 Aly n plunge into the War had moved hint profoundly and added a accept Assurance of unbreakable comradeship in anus of Tierman Mople with the italian entry termed treacherous London spokesman says Kali ans Musi expect to be treated like germans London june 1<v�? Abs authoritative sources described the italian entry into the War tonight As a a treacherous blow and de dared that now that the italians Are in the conflict a they must sex Peel to he treated by us in exactly the same Way As the a if Italy accepted the True meaning of the this source i said. A she would he fighting on i the same Side As the Western civil i Patlon and would be fighting against nazi paganism and the Rie a dared enemies of the roman Catholic i the War he declared is Quot not a one which the italian people will he waging to defend italian Honor but one ordered by a Small clique i in Italy interested Only in the i fascist party. he said Peculiar position of by the associated press Washington june to. A Italy sentry into the War was expected to bring from president Roosevelt in an address at Charlottesville va., tonight a new appraisal of the place of a a democracy in a growing world conflict. This hint was Given by Stephen i Early presidential Secretary who told reporters or. Roosevelt had received w Ord of Premier Musso a Linin a declaration of War against Britain and France in a Telephone i Call from ambassador William c. Bullitt in Paris at 11 53 a. In est. Early noted that tile president was speaking at Tolje University of Virginia which Thomas Jefferson. I third president of the United Staten was instrumental in found i lug Jefferson Early said. Was cer i mainly a one of the first and one of the greatest advocates of he added that Quot democracy today set is to be the Issue i i Over which a Good hit of the world is clashing a or. Roosevelt had awaited Mussolini s scheduled address1 i w hich became a declaration of War before whipping into final form his speech at the University a commencement exercises twi cancelled while there was obvious concern among employees at the White aft French anticipated ducks entry with War preparations prlm1lr bin Ito till Sholin his word snit italian legions marching today into the hitter european War on the Side of his totalitarian Comrade Adolf Hitler. Decision to join it immediate re Hon of a Proi visit to Hyde after the it House Over a talk Germany the n suit was Ranee acted president Park new York after the a t gilds speech radios in the White House executive office blared is Mussolini streaking in Rome. Announced to the world his determination to Battle. Stephen Early a White House Secretary who made the announcement of the president speech unexpectedly last Midnight described the a peach As a a very important no hint we is Given As of us details. Hut there was speculation Here that the president might touch on the administrations to i hey of making military equipment we have the available to tile allies. Italy fighting i major broadcasting companies Turkey affirms Hull l0u6lts resolve to act Italy a action with allies Istanbul. June to to a turkeys resolve to fulfil Mutual assistance pact France and Britain wave by turkish officials in first action to Italy a her declaration of War on allies Turkey is bound by Mot a a dance pacts with Britain France to go to their Aid in event of an act of aggie leading to War in the Medit mean area. She is not bound to against soviet Russia Extension of neutrality Law expected within few Days Washington. June 10.�?</p or s. It i Clary Hull said today that a Italy s entry into the War would cd f a prove a great disappointment to i Peoples everywhere and a great of human the rec ret Ary of state held ills i press conference a few minutes i if tif Urmia in ii in mini had de l 1 red i alignment with Ger Many in the War against Britain bombastic speech by dictator puts italians on Side with germans promises Neutral nations will not be drawn into conflict Rome june to. A a a a Italy joined the War tonight at the Side of the German nazi legions which Are pressing Down perilously f on France and Paris itself. In Berlin it was announced that italian troops already had entered France through the Riviera notice of the plunge into hostilities after i months of teetering on the Brink was made in a wildly cheered bombastic speech by i Premier Mussolini from the Balcony of the Palazzo Venezia. His announced War Aims called chiefly for recovered control of the Mediterranean. He declared for preservation of peace in the Balkan and in Tut key and Egypt All factors in i Mediterranean control. A your he said. A is thai i Italy does not intend to bring other people into the conflict. A Yugoslavia. Greene Turkey and Egypt will take notice of this i he also mentioned Switzerland in this connection. Speaking from the Balcony to fascist Blac shirts crowded by the thousands in the Square below and i in other squares throughout the kingdom where loudspeakers were rigged up at Btl urgent Behest to i a listen Quot the Premier declared a we Are descending to Battle-1 Fields against plutocrats or reaction Ary \ slur if where Italy would strike its first blow he did not say. Hut it Long has been said in fascist Cir i Clos that the first act of War i i would he a Surprise sprung prob ably before the actual declaration i of War. 1st italian. Move made into Riviera trading suspended on bourse and indications Are that government might remove seat from Paris As nazis Thunder at Gates Paris june pjs the French High command had prepared in Advance for Italy a Long awaited entry into the War on the Side of Germany it was declared tonight. France Learned that Italy now is ranged alongside Germany against her As the great Battle of France apparently reached a critical stage. The German drive was being met on two sides on the Seine River West of Paris and on the Bourcq River Northeast of the capital. A besides the germans on the North and East however i the French line had a new menace on the South. Till mediately after he italian declaration of War of was an a non net d that Premier Reynaud be to the von Ribbentrop says All Germany is filled with jubilant enthusiasm . June lha .4 a italian forces marched Toto French territory through the Riviera at approximately 1 30 p in. Tonight visions Emier would broadcast a tiles nation at 7 45 p. In. To Ding is Suen ded trading a suspended on the world famous Paris bourse today and there were indications that the government might remove from the capital As the germans neatly two million Strong Ham Tincu d at the defences guarding the City from the North. A from i he sea to the Argonne the Battle continue More and More Aid the High command s morning communique while More than iou German Diome 1.800,000 men tried Ion go to War a a mercenary of Hitler for aggrandizement of Germany entirely counter to the True tradition and destiny of the italian people. A never before have we been enemies. There is an intense dislike of fighting against the italian people. A nevertheless Italy has undertaken this treacherous blow and we have got to fight and win our War against Britain it was said did All in her Power to meet Italy a complaints and was a absolutely unconscious of any sort of conflict or difference Between Italy and Britain which justifies a we ate convinced a a spokesman said Quot that this will he a Long War unless there should be an unexpected collapse of Germany. A Italy therefore is undertaking a Burden of great sacrifices and the horror a Long War will the i were invited to carry the address throughout the United states front 6 15 to 6 30 a in. Eastern Standard time and it will he rebroadcast internationally in St languages. The three National Zetwo Nhuc lbs and lbs Aud t Short wave units were Clea their facilities today for the dress. The president Long Ano had expressed the Hope that he could Ven Leir ing adroit inned on a a Page two plane Carrier sunk by nazis glorious 22,500 ton Craft and two destroyers also destroyed Iii to Italy a declaration of War. Mussolini said had been handed to the ambassadors of Fiance Aud England. Mussolini told the italian nation a an hour important to the destiny of Italy has now Mussolini speaking from a Balcony of the Palazzo Venetia overlooking the Piazza Venetia Jam berate opinion hied with cheering shouting Italy into the members of the fascist Patty sol Aid he had Learned of a Hon Only from someone listened to my two i in i a a the radio Aud had not to study the address willed this quotation sufficient at the moment to the Del entry of War w in prove a Grea ment to Peoples everywhere and a great human Hull said the question of extending the neutrality act was considered within a Day or two after a country entered into War. He bulb ated perhaps a Day or two would elapse before the formal disappoint diets and civilians said army enlargement is Given approval regular army would be increased to 400,000 and for Given authority Washington june 1 the House military committee approved legislation today increasing the authorized strength of the regular army from 280,000 to 400,000. The measure also would permit the president to Call out the National guard during the recess of Congress for a use or training i within the United states or its i Possession. Before voting is to a to approve the National guard permit the committee Defeated 14 to to an amendment which would have permitted use of the guard any a where within the Western hemisphere. The vote of increasing tote strength of the regular army was said to have been unanimous. As now drafted the guard measure would provide that the troops Quot shall not be ordered beyond the Continental uniter states its Island possessions and the Panama canal the presidential authority is limited to the period Between the adjournment of the prof Cut con i Gre end the convening of the i next Congress in january. Bulletins Moscow Cool. Moscow june to. A by a a Italy a declaration of a a r against Britain and France was announced briefly by the Moscow radio tonight without comment. Official circles were silent on Italy s action. A Frontier closed Rome june to. A it 1> a the italian French Frontier was reported closed today and Telephone communications with France were Cut. A a a a a a Moscow to Heuy Belgrade june cin�? a if Yugoslavia s frontiers Are violated russian intervention is exacted on our behalf sources close to the yugoslav government said tonight a a a a stabbed in Back London june Ion a via radio a Alfred Duff Cooper great Britain a minister of information tonight declared Premier Mussolini a the opportunist had stabbed a an old Friend a in la Back by declaring War on France. Add notified Washington june Ion Ute a Telephone Call from ambassador William c. Bullitt tit Paris informed president Roosevelt at 11 i a. In., . Today of Italy s declaration of War. Gas masks Given Alexandria june c/4p a the egyptian government tonight ordered free distribution of Gas mask to tin civilian population and increased from in fit i of 0 to a a. I .000.000 a pc Clad appropriation for defense. I pm be sink in aft car London. June to Britain announced today in of the 25,500-ton a tier glorious. The 10.8 40-ton transport drama and he presumable to. Of the Deal to vim cast and ardent and the Tanker Oil Pioneer. The Olanta formerly has a liner in Britain a service to the far East and was the namesake of another auxiliary British War vessel sunk by the germans in the world War. Two destroyers. Amnia and ardent presumably were lost along with the Tanker Oil Pioneer am the ships were m rom Pany of the glorious in not them Waters. The admiralty announcement faded to say How Many men were lost in the sinking. The ardent and a Ltd Mih were i .j?50-ton ships of the a to class and carried a Normal cum pigment of 138 men each. They were among eight ships of this class built in the program of i si27. The Oil Pioneer a of 5,666 tons and had been in the dutch West indies Trade. Identifying the of Pioneer As a British a naval Tanker Quot the germans also announced yesterday that she had been sunk off Narvik along with the drama. Lions convention hears gov. Hoey judge Hastings proclamation extending the Neu hit la frailty act to apply to Italy. The neutrality Law put purchases of belligerents on h Cash and carry basis. American shipping also would be banned from sea adjacent to the belligerents. In this Eon be lion Hull said All phases of the new situation would he examined including the new limits of the zone prohibited to american shipping. The Secretary said that latest a your conscience is perfectly the crowds in the Piazza roared approval. A nah Hie world knows a he said. A that Italy has tried in vain for peace. A the allies should not have repulsed the peace offers made by reports showed Fiat about is american ships were in the Mediterranean on saturday. The ques 4 out Blued on Page two he shouted a but All this is a fact of Hie past a he continued. Quot now we Are ready to face All the risks Aud sacrifices of the again and again he was interrupted by roars of the populace. A a great people is ready to face its destiny and Mark its own history in the future Quot the Premier said. A we want to break the chains that suffocate us in the Quot this Gigantic struggle 4 11 30 a. . It this information was Given reporters by authorized source at a conference at the Berlin foreign office railed by foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. Information concerning the italian invasion of France was Given out before a statement by von Ribbentrop. The foreign minister declared All Germany was Lam enthusiasm Tervi tiou and said nazi and fascist forces would fight shoulder to a Lio Ulder until a the rulers of England and France arc ready to respect the vital rights of both our he read this statement which a broadcast throughout Germany Quot the Reich government and the entire German nation is deeply moved to have just heard the word of la Duce of Italy. A fall Germany at this historic hour is filled with jubilant enthusiasm that fascist Italy of its own free will is coming to Germany a Side Iii the Light against the common enemy England Aud France continued on Page two norwegians forced to give up Narvik fight Durham. June in i business session Tanto the second Day of the Lins convention of l members Here. The meeting opened with a memorial serve members who died Dun year. Speakers a win Hoey and judge g. H of Winston Salem. The annual Distri banquet and Hall to to i will end i he conv my Der to Wells of new Dent re linn5 i n i a a i speak tomorrow nigh a a a today Caro club he i or it of melt to Pron Stockholm june German troops in Northern Norway saved from what appeared to be certain defeat by the withdrawal of Allied forces and the resultant capitulation of the norwegian army moved Back today into the battered Narvik area from which they were driven a her a siege of several week. Tin Berlin the German High command said the nazi Swastika once More flew Over Narvik hotly contested Northern Ore poli t reports from Norway said the allies who began their withdrawal in deepest secrecy last wednesday left considerable quantities of War materials although they i rendered much of its useless. German report a a a lies but the destruction of the planes indicated the British were unable to return them to England. Norwegian troops were ordered to Lay Down their arms last Midnight. King Haakon. Vil had secretly left Tromson last Friday for England with the Crown Prince and the entire norwegian government. The King landed at a not Hern British port today and took a train for the South. It the Allied withdrawal apparently came to norwegian soldiers a a Shock just As did the previous withdrawal from Narn so. Down hic coast from Narvik. As late As Friday morning it was reported. British and norwegian troops captured 200 German the want respect a German and italian Soldier i will now fight shoulder to Shoul Der until the rules of England and France Are ready to respect our vital interests of our two nation a Only after this Victory of holing National socialist Germany land Young fascist Italy will it he possible to secure also for our i Peoples a Happy future. A the guarantors of Victory Are is Only he uncontrollable Power of the German and italian Peoples and the unalterable Friendship of our two great leaders. Adolf Hitler and Benito the foreign office conference room a booked up directly with the italian broadcast and the shouts of the Dalian multitudes could be ii card even a the information was Given out Bere that Daly had marched against France it a stated further that Italy had selected Ber attack route through the Riviera in preference to moving through Switzerland. The conference room was to wrest Victory from the stubborn Polios at one place they had driven an armoured wedge into the lines within 35 Miles of Paris. The French were resisting powerfully All along the front As Tbs Battle went through it sixth Day. In the titanic struggle to ave their Homeland against the biggest German offensive of the War filled with just a the French had dropped Back yes Over Italy in Joe Day to a main line along the heavily wooded Bravata River which empties into the sea at eur a line extending through the Oise Valley to the Marne Plain South of Aisne. Today the Center of the Vyvey Gand line was still falling Hack to meet the threat of is left flans from the mighty German tank column which Bloke through to the Seine. But the right flank was reported striking Hack around the Argonne. The germans were using not Only masses of infantry and their Force or armoured vehicles hut were drawing on their strength to the full with big guns Aud dive bombers and Parachute troops trying to smash the French line with All the ferocity and skill at their command. Strengthening indication of a possible withdrawal of part of iii5 government was Premier Reynolds cancellation of a Cabinet meeting scheduled for tonight in Paris however ibis morning the ministries still were functioning in Paris. Already of Ved some important files and papers of the government have Al t on tinned on in Hrc Roo bombs dropped on German formations seventy five tons of explosives dumped yesterday it of a Cray further reports that the British it for nine i destroyed 30 modern Pursuit i prisoners in fighting along if the last i planes gave credence to Germany a Narvik Railroad. Governor report that the British aircraft press dispatches said the French Hastings Carrier glorious had been sunk in be fan Iea Vang their positions a North sea engagement. British authorities called the continued on Page two Alexat t # a full Pae map of probable italian operations 1 i in the Mediterranean is on Page 5 Pahls june i ,�?4.1 a a jammed As the italian broadcast i ministry communique today began. French artillery fire sets off three blazes in nazi fortified area Basel. Switzerland Lune to up three huge lire blazed in German villages today after an intensive French artillery bombardment which apparently scored hits on three separate Milieu in Oil and gasoline storage tanks in the German fortified zone. German shells in turn apparently set on fire some building in the French Alsace Village of Burg Felden but it was impossible from Basel to determine what had been hit. The fires Iii Germany were at Hajtinger within a mile of the Sui bus#1 Rock Forte War announced that 75 tons of bombs were launched on German formations yesterday and last night and added that More than 30 German planes had been brought Down in he Battle North of Paris. German troops Aud armoured columns on the March were Especial harassed. That War ministry Aid. Particularly in the areas of Soissons Fontal Ort. Bour and Cornin. There were Quot Ion important Breaks in Hie communication lines the ministry said addin that several Bridges Over the Oise were reported wrecked. One French Pursuit Squadron alone brought Doyn 12 German planes in the Cise sector without suffering a single loss itself the communique said. French reconnaissance planes flew constantly Over German at Frontier at Stein near the tack Points and the rear by k fortress there and in i bringing Back report for in ennui b of Road Lunuel the Tuli Ugen rail i High said. Command the War

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