High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1939, Page 7

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Saturday june . 1930the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Cen or of High Point North Carolina age seven notice delinquent taxpayers we win offer for a ale at pit bile auction in front of the City Hall in the Cit of High Point x. It at of clock a. Xi., on monday june 12, 1939 the following described real estate situate in the county of Guilford and in the c Ity of High Point x. And located in said City As shown below satisfy taxes for the year Ulm and other years where stated lated the following describe i owners of property in the City of High Point. To each amount of taxes shown below there will be added penalties accrued Date of Sale at 4 h % it or annul plus a charge of ft.50 representing advertising fee of one Dollar and fee of Atte for issuing certificate of Sale. This May 20, Piso. . City collector continued from preceding Page Talley Ray. Lot 626 Cable St. Taplin. A a lot Mendenhall lot English prop. Lot Sunset lot Oakland lot Franklin lot Ward lot rotary. Tate. A. A. Lot Moffitt a Forrest Iota 145. 147 a Wrenn lot Hamilton lot Willowbrook lot ring lot Forest Hiu a Hillcrest lot English lot ring lot Hawthorne lot Denny lot Richardson lot Hawthorne 2 lots Forrest lot 113 Edgeworth lot Forrest a Hawthorne bal. Tate. Or Bessie lot Steele lot Forrest lot Hawthorne lot Edgeworth lot ring lot Edgeworth lot Richardson lot Richardson Tot Richardson is Denny Tate. Mrs. Bessie special lot Denny a Hawthorne a a a a. Tate. Mrs. Estellef a 1-5 int lot Ward 1-5 int. Lot Ennis 1-5 int. Lot Springdale n., special lot Mont leu is sixth. A a a a Tate mra Harriett special lot Hillcrest drive vac. Tate. W. Lot 1000 Thussell St. Tatum. Mrs Robali blot 315 s. Wrenn St. Taylor h c., lot 633 Park St. A. Taylor mrs D. Lot 20 it Ennis St Taylor. Mrs. L., lot 703 Highland ave. Taylor not 503 Ward St ,. Taylor Stephen a lot 1611 Hamilton strict , a. A in. In a a. Taylor w of lot 704 Park St. Taylor w Mlot Cloverdale Teague David plot Carr a Hedrick its. Teague mrs C., lot 1536 main St Teague. Lewis a lot Oakwood St Broad Teague Lewis e. Is A. Davis lot 8 a. Kanoy land. Teague. R. L., lot Welborn St Tedder e Lot a Hamilton imps. Terry R lot Emerywood West. Terry. Mae Lot 915 Main St. Thomas. Claudia a., lot Izig St. Lot Hicks Thomas. No a lot Bradley St. Thomas. W. Lot 515 Oit Eray lot Ottery Veo. A a a a. A a a a a a 4 a. Thomas A pled Mant rubber co. Lot Phillips lot Johnson. A Thomas. W b., lot 622 colonial lot Idledale a Palatka lot colonial drive Thomas. W n., lot Hicks at Long St Thomason Adam lot 626 Park St. Thornton. W a., lot Mont leu ave. Tilotson. Garrett lot 403 Vine St. Tilloson I. Est lot 1107 e. Oreen St. Tomlinson. Or Fannie lot w Commerce Street. A Tomlinson mrs Naomi lot 70s Mont leu Avenue. Towery. A. H., lot 414 South St. Towery 8. Lot 8outh St vat. Trogden. T lot Centennial ave Troutman. R l., lot 582 Flint lot Ward St. Troxler a lot 1007 rotary drive Tucker. 8 a. Est., lot Porola St. Turner w Lot 515 Cable St. Tutterow. 8 r., lot Kearny St. Tuttle Clifford To Hamilton St Tuttle Etta m., lot 710 Mangum ave. Underwood. M p., lot 401 Cable lot Ora by St., vac. Urwick. Geo a lot iou club drive. Vail mrs Minnie a Ward at Vail lot 109 Perry bal Vaughn he Melvia prong lot off Lexington ave. Brach. a. Lot 906 Circle drive Vuncannon Mist Dora lot Granby St. Vac. Vuncannon Jesse o., lot Coletrane St. Wachovia Bank at Truat co. Fotr a Robertson lot iou e Green lot Cable St. Wad. Janie eat lot 1516 look St. Wagger. Mrs. R. J., lot Mont leu ave Wagger. Mrs Sarah lot Mont leu. Lot Munt item bal. A a a Wagger. My. Sarah. Special lot 317 Richardson St. A a. A Wagger mrs. Sarah special lot 302 Woodrow ave Wagner. E. Est. Lot Howard St Wagoner. Mamie lot 914 s. Main St Walker. Mrs Margaret Bencina lot 323 s Wrenn St. Wall Of lot Coletrane vac a. Wall h lot 510 Kearns St. Wall. 8. Iota 315, 317 Coletrane St. Wall. Matt. Special lot Emerywood. Walton. Robert lot 905 Highland ave warder blot 406 Kennedy St Warner. Mrs z Est. Lot 230 Willowbrook St. Waynock c m., lot English a College 20 it English St. Weavill. a lot Forrest . lot 45 Howell St Welborn. Carson Lot 302 Hicks Jot Hick vac. Lot state lot Hicks Ai Long lot Hicks St. Welborn. Dennis lot 319 Reed St. Welborn. Leo. Lot 712 Tate St Bai Welborn. Jake Lot Jake Welborn sub. Die. Welborn. Jot a. Lot 427 8 Wrenn St Welborn. J w a wife. Iou 119-21 Thurston Welborn or A. Lot 306 Elm. Lot Commerce 8t, Welborn. Mrs. J w special lot Carter St. Welborn. Roy a i. Emma a Nell Bower lot Westwood Welborn S. Lot w Lexington ave. Welborn w lot Dayton St., vac Welborn. Mrs a iou 518, 518 Denny lot Denny vac. Welborn w b a Daisy lot e. Lexington vac. 50 it Main St. Welch mrs a lot 1600 Johnson St. Welch. Caroline lot Johnson St. Welch. Dora. Est. Lot 504 Vail St. Welch Frances Ruth lot 232 Mont leu lot Hamilton a a. Welch. Or A a a lot 1301 e Lexington Welch Hal Cit. Lot k Lexington Welch. A. Lot f v. Welch land. Welch I a. v Welch Laud Welch. M Ernest lot a Hamilton 2 Iota Wrenn it. Welch. W a. Iou 2299. 2320 English St. West Joe d. Lot e Commerce St Wheeler a. Est lot Oakwood court Wheeler. Mra. R. A. To. Blair St Wheeler. K h., special lot Hamilton a Farris lot Louise at Blain Wheeler. Van. Lot 313 Louise ave. Whidden. Mrs Alicee lot 318 Burton St. Whisker h a lot 707 Tate St. Whitaker A lot Johnson St. White. B alot a Hamilton St. White. Mrs c Lot Mont leu ave. White Will. Lot 736 s Hamilton St White. Mrs. Laura blot 307 Lindsay St. White mrs blot Lindsay a Church. White a. Lot 722 8 Hamilton St Whitesell C., lot rotary drive bal. Whitely a in. Or. Lot ate Edge Dale drive Whitlow. C Lot 1306 Oak ave. Whitlow. W a lot 1019 Asheboro St. Wiles. Amanda lot 718 Forrest F., lot e Commerce lot Carter bal. Henry. Special lot Tipton St. Williams. I r., lot u07 Richland. Williams. J g. Lot 502 Highland ave. William not 611 Wesley place lot 608 Arch lot Wesley place vac. Williams. T alot 1112 Adams St Williamson. S a. Lot uis Campbell St. Willard Daisy Burton lot Park. Willlard. Of. Lot 1102 Johnson St a. Williard. N., lot sixth lot Wren St. Willlard i. 1 a int lot w Ray Wilson f Lot 1228 silk St. Wilson. Geo fest. Lot a. State St Wilson. Gen. F., est., special lot Hillcrest 2 iou Barbee. Wilaon. Mrs Helen a. Lot Mont leu ave. Wilson h r., lot 513 w Green St. Wilson. A a lot Hillcrest. Winecoff A. Lot Newlin Winslow. A a. Est lot 307 Osborne St. Winslow. Thomas w., lot Sio Steele St. Wishart mrs a Lot 213 Steele St Wood Geo t., special lot Emerywood lot Franklin lot Chestnut lot Wesley place lot Rockford Road 7 lots Willbar Terr. Wood. Geo a wife lot Steele lot 318 Broad lot bldg Mcreat Worth prop. Lot West Emerywood. Wood or gee t., or lot oot Westwood lot Emerywood. Woodall. To amp. Lot Springfield ave. Workman. O., lot 1017 Adam St. Worth a s. Est., lot Winslow lot Arch St. Worth. Salt Cox. Lot Winslow St. Wray Alex lot Hamilton St. Wrenn F., it Al. Wrenn Columba bal Wright e. A., lot Burton lot hoi Tate St. Wright mrs. F., lot 215 Centennial ave far Borough. lot 1801 King St. Fazel mrs. Cora lot 625 Wesley place bal Fork. Alot 635 colonial lot Sunset lot Flint. Fork mrs. Mest lot 1208 Shelton St. Rork mra. Irene a lot. Westview. Fork. Jno. Q., special . I lot Hawthorn Ai Vina. York Jno special 2, lot English St vac. York Mabel lot Ward St. York. W. Clark lot 504 Highland. York. W clo Woodrow amp Forrest. Young. Jno. A. St son lot English St. Young a special lot e. Green St. Young. V. A lot hoi Jefferson lot Jefferson. Younts mrs. Effle. Lot 416, 205 Park St. Younts. Mrs. R. A lot Blain. Yow A lot 903 Lindsay St. Yow a lot 118 Hicks lot Long. Yow mrs. A lot 1006 Tipton St. Zachary e. A mrs lot 500 Cable St. Coloured Adams will lot 900 w Willis St. Adderson Melinda lot 302 Underhill St. Adderton Pearl lot Tate St. Addison. Sam. Lot 407 North St. Alford Mary a lot 1408 Lee St. Allen Carl lot 614 Gurley St. Allen e. A lot Wash. Terr. Allen. W of a a est lot 304 North St. Amaker. Henry lot 729 Fairview St. Anderson. Robert. Est lot 212 Beamon St. Anderson. Sidney lot 1117 Kivett drive bal Armstrong. Kula is Luke lot 1407 Lee St Armstrong Harvey est lot 821 Hilltop St Austin. Ernest lot 604 Vail vac. Lot Vail Street. 563 70 99 24 5.62 i 95 14 02 22 50 26 57 67 50 29 12 1.12 43 87 34 50 24 17 2365 1.12 23.62 40 77 42.22 22 so 30 17 69 92 33 75 174 82 380 10 12 82.00 146 25 174 45 572 17 77 33 75 42 22 41 70 56 25 90 60 27 so 337 9 00 20 25 �?�7 of 90 39 37 4 35 4 37 16 87 42 75 63 00 58 50 25 54.17 8 47 i 67 52 62 22 57 14 36 90 112.50 Baker. Chloe lot furlough St. Baldwin Oscar lots 705, 707 Wade vac. 19.37 lot Wade St. Barber Wade lot 806 Mobile lot Mobile St. Battle Mattie Lee lot 610 Tate St. 48.77 Beamon. Richardson a lot Hoover St. Black Melvin is Carrie Harris lot 308 Bynum St. Black. Willie lot 230 Reed St. Blair. Robert lot 612 Hulda St Blue Edith lot 813 Mobile lot Mobile St. Bogan Henry lot Olga St. Holer. Willie is Jane. Est lot 403 Loflin St. Bost Lewis lot 1426 Olga St. Bostic. Etta lot Pearson St. Boulware. Addle lot Thussell St vac. Boyd mrs A lot 232 Reed St. Bal Brevard. Carrie lot Hoover lot Hoover St. Brooks Daniel est lots 512, 767 e. Washington. Brower g. A lot Underhill St. Brown Nellie lot 1309 e. Commerce. Buckram. Rev Geo est., lot Olvett drive Bullock. Rev. 8, lot 700 e. Washington Burnette a cd a lot 1219>a e. Washington Burnette. A. D. Vac. Lot Normal lot 915 e. High lot 1207 e Wash. Lot 305, 307. 309 Normal lot 1501 West Burnette a a special lot 1219 e. Washington St. Burns Alice. Est lots 309-11 Taylor St.,. Burns Bessie lot Cross is Redding us. Burns. Jessie lot 609 Cross St. Bynum. Tom lot 236 Reed imps. Byrd. Thomas lot Amos land. Byrum. R a est lot 601 e. Commerce lot Reed a a a. Caldwel Lydia lot furlough St. Caldwell. W. A lot Leonard St. Imps. A Appel Bessie or Charles lot Wade St., vac Carter. D. a lot 1226 Hoover St. Carter Henry lot 1502 West St. Carter. Indiana lot 1218 e Commerce St. Chambers Clint lot 306 Wise St. Chambers Geraldine lot Fairview St vac. Chambers. Leslie Walden and Dallas Ford lot Hoover St. Chambers. Lola lot furlough St. Chavis Floyd lot 1227 Pearson St. Cheek. Mary lots 607, 226. 702 Leonard lot 108 Eccles St. Clark. Arthur lot 104 North St. Cobb John lot 903 Hoover St. Coff eld. Joe. Lot Hoover St vac. Cole. Annie lot 1315 Olga St. Cole. Wm., lot Vernon St. Vac. Lot Olga Street. Coleman. May lot Hilltop St bal. Colston. Dave lot 1013 Hoover St. Cosby Jane. Est lot 512 Leonard St. Covington. Tesha lot 1309 Vernon St carve Albert a lot vac. Davis 2 iou West Street a a a. Craver. B a. Lot 402 Loflin St. Ere. Geo. Lot 809 Crews St. Cruse Eugene. Eat lot 609 Fairview St Cross. E a lot 920 Oreen lot w Greene bal. Crutchfield. Sam lot 1102 Adler curtwright. B lot 11 9 k Washington lot 103 Normal St. Davidson Zula lot 1015 Hoover St. Davis. Arthur lot Mobile St Davis r Lot 1201 Olvett iou 206, 208 North lot rear North St Davis Cha est. Lot 750 e Washington St Davis. Ossie lot 761 a Washington lot Leonard St. Bal a Davis. Rosanna g lot 822 Fairview St Day. Ellie Lowe lot Hoover Alley lot 708 k High St. Deberry. R. Lot 1409 Olvett lot furlough. Vac lot e 8t. Decaf Manuel lot 309 North St. Drake Charles lot 133 Underhill St. Dunlap. Will lot 1306 e Commerce lot Commerce vac. Dyson Ethel. Est lot Day St. Eccles. Baddie Tot 1014 e Washington Eccles Ida Tot 1003 h Washington Eccles p Est. Lot e Washington St. 67 50 i Elliott Lot 1217 Pearson St 16.73 Elliott. Mary Sharpe lot 200 Underhill vac. 61 87 i lot near Olvett or. Evans. Arthur lot 713 Spring 8t. 61 87 Evans. A. Lot 803 w Ade St. 4 75 i Evans e. Lot 40o Moon St. 17.10 i Evans. W Lot 1212 Leonard lot Francis lot Francis. A. Farrington. Daisy lot 1214 Sherrod St. Foster. Duette lot Elizabeth St. Foust. M is 8arah. Lot 620 e High St Friday. E a. Lot 405 w Wuu St. Fua Elow Joseph lot Mobile 8t118 07 Ltd a 6 75 Gabriel 7. K. Lot state St vac. 7.50 Gaines Ernestine b lot 712 Leonard St. I Gamble Ray. Lot Olga St., vac. Gamble Turner lot 1302 Olga St. 4447 Gannaway pah. It 718 Fairview St 20 57 Gaylord. Or c a lot 60o e we Ashing 2140 i ton lot Moon is West lot Moon lot College Heights 19 a 1 Gerry mrs. M. Mlot 120 Underhill lot 32 02 Underhill St. Vac Gibson. P lest lot 617 Mangum ave 114 9o Gibson. Weaver lot 226 Hobson 81. Gui. R Lot 1405 Lee St. 36 37 Gill Wilson lot Elizabeth St. 3 37 Goldston. Cella lot Mobile St vat. Good u. Lot 1202 Leonard St. 5.62 Goodman. Geo lot Cross St. 11.25 Graham. Hazel a Harry lot 308 Vail is. 10 72 Grant Ray. Lot Underhill St. Vac grave. Clar Nee Lot 214 w Willis lot 84 of 1 Hilltop St Graves. Emma lot Mechanicsville. 30 65 Graves while lot 812 Hoover St. 24 97 Gray Allison est lot Redding St. 6 75 Gray , lot Elizabeth St. 1125 Oray. Fletcher lot Grayson Alley. Gray Ira iou 207. 211 Taylor iou 401, 413 125. N w Wilna 22.50 Gray Laura lot Fairview. 3 37 Gray Milton lot 1504 West is. 3 25 Gray. Mary e. Lot Murray St vac. Vac. 6 77 near Underhill. Oray Paul 8, lot 413 Taylor 8 a 41.12 Gray Walter lot Elizabeth vac. 36.70 Greenwood a Mlot 500 Underhill lot 19 58 Hoover is Coolidge. 14 02 Greer Fannie lot 1307 e Commerce. 8 75 Gregory Reese est lot 1505 Vail St. Grissom David lot Welch St. 34 50 a 62 44 Hairston B. Lot 613 e Broad lot Olvett 11 40 drive 24 70 Haizlip Lewis blot 212 Vail lot 11 25 35 Fairview lot Vail St vac lot Roose 5 62 veil. Vac. Lot 605 Redding. 5 62 Hall. Kila. Lot 305 Moon St. 25.35 Hall. Frank it 1208 Day St. 112.50 Hall Jessie lot 1504 Lee St. 168 90 Hart Eugene lot 1202 Crawford. 25 35 Hartgroves Esther lot Leonard St. 29 66 Hartman Julia est lot 840 Hoover St. 82 90 Haywood. Nannie lot old . Circle. 13 95 Haywood Robert lot 1515 East St. 13 60 Henley Lot 1103 Washington 2 iou e 20 62 Washington lot e High St. Herndon Floyd lot Hoffman prop. 16 28 Hiu. Claude a., lot in Normal lot 214 e 5 62 Lee St. A a. 11.23 Hinson Charles lot 403 Taylor St. 14.57 Hinton. Albert est. Lot Coolidge St. Hinton. Archie lot Coolidge St. 45 00 Hinton Charlie. Est. Lot Downing St. 28 30 Hinton Ida est lot 129 Coolidge bal 36 25 Hinton Ida est is Mary Gunn lot e Wash 3 37 in ton St., vac. 67 50 Hoey Beulah lot 815 Hoover St. 175.50 Holmes Jackson lot 1414 Olga St. 187 Holt Bessie a lot Olga St. 34 00 Holt. Charlie. Est. Lot Normal fit., vac. 2.25 Hoover Amanda est., lot Hilltop St., vac. Hunter. Frank lot 116 Hoover St. 38 25 1125 Ingram june j., lot 206 Wise St. 22 50 Ingram. M d. Lot 1318 furlough St. 1887 a 3 37 Johnson Annie lot 1509 East St. 16 05 Johnson W is G., lot Wash. Terr. 74 99 Johnson de. Est., lot 209 Price lot Thussell 11910 Street Johnson Henry j., lot 405 Loflin St. Johnson Ida. Lot 619 Mangum ave. 123.52 Johnson James lot 830 Fairview St. Johnson mrs. Meadow St Pearl Hoover Pittman. Lot 708 e. Washington lot too e 212 57 High St. Jones. Ella 2 lots Adler St. Jordan a l., lot Olvett drive Jordan. Sadie lot Underhill lot Olvett vac 29 65 16 87 1607 41 12 45 of 96 69 1.12 28 of 3 97 2 85 2.85 150 00 32 55 60 45 10.12 5 62 17 73 13.50 11.25 3.37 25.12 25.35 5 62 46.75 48.75 41 07 28 12 1500 10.12 2 85 9 16 14.10 40 3 25 5.62 13.30 12.15 3039 14.10 14.10 15 22 2 25 24 00 17 42 9 00 3 00 900 13.00 22 50 7 12 2 25 5.62 9 85 3 37 i 87 3 85 5 43 87 22 2.25 900 5 62 135 00 7.50 86.25 18 75 38.35 1.50 16.87 28 82 23 26 40 2 02 18 81 1.72 20 42 19 87 so 15 55 2 40 2 25 5 62 15 22 63 12.25 15 46 3 02 1972 660 526 14 62 1972 6 75 10 00 40 9 07 28 12 8.02 17.17 95 25 19 72 i 12 48 82 16 57 Lewis Nancy est., lot 302 Moor. 8t. Lindsay Furney lot Moon is Sherrod. Lindsay Minnie lot 1020 Leonard St. Little Clifton lot 503 Mobile St. Lowe haute. Est., lot 221 Willis St. Lytle Charles lot Brooks St. Mack Garfield lot 500 Vail St. Mackey Alonzo lot 808 France St. Martin. J j., lot Mobile St. Martin Ola is Joe lot Leonard vac. Lot Wash. Terr., vac. Lot Leonard vac. Lot Wash. Terr., vac. Lot 609 e Washington Street. Maston. Marlon lot 745 Wash. Bal. Matthews Thomas lot Maple is Decatur Mebane. Robert lot furlough St. Melton Rev. A lot 814 Fairview St. Michael. John est., lot 204 North lot near North lot Davis a. Miles s. A lot e Washington lot Olga lot Moon lot Moon amp Elizabeth its. Miller estate Ada. Lot 830 West Green St. Miller Dan lot 607 Fairview St. Miller Arabella is Frank lot Vernon St. Miller Lot 204 Underhill. Miller James lot 403 Woodberry. Miller. Mary est., lot 213 Beamon St. Miller Roosevelt it Woodberry is Olga its. Mobley. Eliza lot Vail lot Loflin. Mock Ervin lot 507 Moo not. Mock. Queen lot 610 Mangum ave. Moffitt Ell a lot 801 Redding St. Moore Jane lot 304 North St. Morgan or a lot 121 Underhill lot 800 e. High lot Moo not 1202 West lot e. Wash. Bal. Murdock Etta lots 306, 312 Loflin St. Mccallum. Gurney lot Olga St. Bal. Mccombs Luke. Lot 228 Reed St. Mcconnell Ophelia lot 1106 Olga St. Mcdaniel Leo. H., lot 512 Underhill St. Mcdonald. Effle. Lot 404 Taylor bal. Mcdonnell Flot 1300 Leonard St. Mcfadden Frank lot 505 Gordy St. Mcrae. Minnie lot 618 West St. Nelson a Tel in Mclver lot 222 Underhill Nichols. Julia lot Day St. Nightengale. Elot 1206 Crawford St Norfleet Jacob lot 304 Underhill St. Owen. Gentry Lot 1103 Hoover St. Owens Washington lot 1106 Downing Owens Allen. Lot Padgett David lot 507 Cliffside St. Palmer Rufus lot 1203 Pearson St. Palmer Sallie est., lot 603 Leonard St Palmer. Zillah lot Olvett vac. Parker John lot furlough 8t. Parker L., lot Eccles St. Patterson Archie lot 817 Hilltop St. Payne Geo., lot 1306 Davis lot Davis St., vac. Payne. R. A. Lot 812 Fairview St. Pennington Jno., lot 128 Underhill. Perkins jas., lot 307 Moon St. Perry Mattie lot 1119 Olvett or. Pike. Clark Lot 1505 East St. Penn Brinie of iou Hoover St. Pinnix. Annie Owens lot 1503 Kivett imps. Pitts Columbus. Est., lot Mangum ave Bessie Cross lot 914 g. Green St. Portee. Fletcher est lot 206 Underhill St. Pryor w a lot Wiley St. Ragan. Clark. Est. Lot 1408 West. Rankin. We so Beatrice lot 705 Hilltop lot sch w Willis. Reed. A. We. Lots 406 Vail lot Mobile lot Vail bal. Reid. Geo., lot Underhill lot Wash. Terr. Reid James e is Lillian lot Underhill St. Rice Dorothy lot Wash. Terr. Richardson e a lot 1339 e Wash. Iou 1212. 17. 15 Hoover lot West St Richardson Lillie lot 606 Roosevelt lot 216 wee. Robbins. Lodaskia lot 901 Leonard St. Robinson. Cyrus lot 102 North St. Robinson c w.lot 110 Normal lot 218 Underhill. Robinson. Glady lot Pearson lot Vernon lot vac. Davis lot Hoover St vac. Robinson. John est., lot 606 e. Washington St. Bal. Robinson Robert lot Taylor St vac. Robin on. Walter h lot Downing lot 409 Fremont lot Vernon vac Jot 306 Willis lot 319 Taylor Ltd 608 Hulda 2 lots Ward lot e. Washington vac lot 419 Fremont lot Hobson is Richardson St. Bal. Rucker John lot 803 motile 8t in lot cloudge is Hulda lot imps lot 832 Leonard lot 305 Tot cloudge. Lot 227 Reed lot lot 225 Reed lot Woodberry plot 1207 Edmondson Charles lot fur lot College hug. D so a lot 716 a Washington St. Sanders. T English Normal Hilltop is fur Salters. Salters Salter. Robert lot 140i Sherrod St. Saunders. Ernestine or brother lot fur 7 i Saunders. Norman lot 201 Normal lot Moon St. Vac Shankie Mattie lot 1408 Leonard lot Wash. Terr. Pink is Hattie lot 213 Taylor 8t. Of e lot 1201 Downing St Rev. Z. Eu., lot 604 Fairview 8t or Scalice lot 604 e Commerce 18 i5 36 37 40 66 13 37 45 92 13 of 8 47 22 50 16 87 13 5. 11 75 22 95 24 62 7 85 12 35 40 05 25 17 i 72 40 42 14 32 3.25 3 37 16 87 i 05 17 16 17 simmers Simmons. Simmon. Simpson Streel Smit Smi steel Stein Ste of Stric strop h us tic Pmj it w ode Mon land i or w a a lot lot i Fairview St 215 Reed St. It Cloverdale 1302 fur 1102 Downing lot 208 Vail lot Saint 1102 Downing St and . Lot 208 Vail St. William lot 307 Loflin St. Or k so Annie lot 1203 Kivett Willi St Mph 88 95 26 17 a 49 14 02 17.99 221 2 25 Simmons lot Underhill St. I Tate Jennie Allen lot North St. Terry Walter lot so Mobile St Thompson. William lot Soi w Wuu St. I Tillman. Ida lot Wash a Harrison bal Tillman. Neal lot Hay St Tipp Mary lot 1502 Leonard St. Tipp. T Lot 1500 Leonard St. Torrence h Lot 1306 Leonard. Torrence. Minnie Green lot Crawford St. Turner soph ran . Leu 1427 fur. Twitty. Zillah lot 218 Bynum St. W Wade. J h lot 101 Normal lot i Washington Walden Leslie chamber lot 109 Ball Wheeler. Samuel est lot 702 Hilltop White Fred Lot 201 North lot Kivett White Hanes. L., White Susie lot Whiteside Rufus Whitten. Or c Park 1200 lot 114 Brook St 310 Bynum St. Lot 313 Normal St. T lot 1206 Day St Wilder. Ledla Mccoy lot 304 Moon lot 1617 West St. William. Daisy lot 721 e Washington 13 97 i Williams Eva lot 1204 Olvett lot Downing 8 16 87 3 92 16 87 5 62 25 35 an 562 3 37 76 80 18 45 17.55 7 87 51 62 3 37 35 05 17.32 9 of 3 25 15 72 115 22 7 87 35 27 20 25 11 42 5 62 13 50 18 87 17 37 207 45 9 47 42 45 21 47 4 50 4 50 6 22 172 37 so 12 25 677 1 12 2 25 2 25 400 17 87 18 91 20 25 2 85 22 50 7 75 34 20 22 97 Street. William. Fannie lot 210 Underhill St. Will Tan on. R Lot 201 Underhill St. Willoughby Othear lot 205 Bynum St. Wood. Armand lot Griffin Park Woodruff Albert lot 910 w Green St. Wooley John lot 1104 Olvett drivel. W right. Grant. Ext lot Elizabeth St. Wright Victoria Lot 624 e. High St. I Young. Young. Either lot 408 Leonard St. Joe lot 220 Hobson St corporations Beeson Howe co., special lot Maple lot Hui a e Russell iou h top Sicore lot Ward St. Lot Brentwood lot k Russellsr Pershing lot Woodrow e Lex lot Arch lot Richland lot Lex lot Circle drive Brown Pat. Inc lot Forrest lot Tabor sub div. Bal. Bldg. Is inv co lot Edge Dale. Lot Millis St bldg. So English St. 67 50 15.06 3717 33 75 i 12 Carolina casket co achy is land Central Stone we lot 2005 bal Dinard milling co bldg on a prop. Commercial Nat Bank Jno. D Briggs receiver. Lot 422 w Broad lot w Lex lot Farris lot Oti Eray 22 it s main Hui veil. Prop lot w Lam bal consolidated veil is panel co lot 608 Mangum land bldg is achy Crescent lumber co., lot a a 6 s. Hamilton 8t. Denny veneer co land a bldg. De on const. lot Fairmont Park in a. Dixie Oil co lot Greer lot Ward a order lot Grimes lot 8. Main is Taylor lot English a Kennedy. Ellis St Sale corp. Tot Hamilton lot Anderson. Lot Green. A. Farmers Natl Bank a Trust co lot e. Green is Hamilton Sis. It. Colot 1312 Bench St. ., lot 117 Briggs ave. Lot 205 Burton St. Lot 508 Carter. Lot 521 Cable St. Lot 520 Carter St. Lot 807 Carrick. Lot 607 Vav. Farris. Lot 1809 Franklin St. Lot 1900 Franklin St. Lot 703 Granby St. Lot 1441 Hamilton St. Lot 701 Highland ave. Lot 103 Hood St. Lot 1418 Johnson St. Lot 1810 Johnson St. Lot 413 Kearns St. Lot 620 Kearns St lot 622 Kearns St. Lot 1502 Larkin St. Lot 1509 Larkin St. Kearns Alvin est. Lot Anderson. Kilby John lot Hobson lot Leonard lot e. High 2 Iota Reed lot e Washington vat lot Leonard lot 608 e Washington lot 804 Leonard St. 339.52 Riser we. a lot 1018 Leonard St 13 50 15,35 Lander f l., lot 203 Underhill St. 50 19.40 Lassiter Vest., lot 1303 e. Washington Street. 25 35 132.92 Leach Henry lot 1009 Hoover St. 25.89 16 87 Leach Mayfield lot 208 Normal St .17.87 8.47 leak. Edgar lot 318 Taylor St. 23 3. Leak. Ruth lot 413 Cable St 1125 6.75 Lee Maude lot Vernon St. 1.12 Gen Gen. Gen. Gen. Gen. Gen. Gen Gen. Gen. Oen Gen Gen. Gen Gen. Gen. Gen Gen Gen Gen. Gen. J Gen. I Gen Gen. Gen Gen. Gen. Gen Gen. Gen Gen. Gen. Gen Gen. Ion Gen lieu. Gen. Gen. Realty realty realty realty realty co., realty co., realty realty realty realty realty realty realty realty realty realty realty co realty co realty realty realty co. Realty co realty realty realty realty realty realty realty co. Realty co realty realty realty realty realty realty realty really co co. ., co co., co co. co., co co., co. co co. . co. co co., co., co., co co Rococo lot 1600 Larkin St. Lot 1506 Long St. Lot 507 Mallory St. Lots 802-4 Martin St. Lots 803-5 Martin St. Lots 807-9 Martin St. Lots 819-19�?TMartin. Lot 1003 Mont leu ave. Lot 1223 Ragan St. Tot 1225 Ragan St. Lot 1105 Redding St. Lot hoi Smith St. Lot 304 Springfield ave. Lot 1500 Tryon St. Lot 1501 Tivoli St lot 618 e a Lushington. Lot Iii Worth St. 11.25 20.72 11 25 14 65 11.25 2.07 12 62 12.25 8 25 101 27 13.14 2.25 2.02 33.13 19 20 57.37 19 72 25,35 2.25 17 65 14 87 562 2.95 1.27 952 65 18 59 900 114 32 28 20 2.25 7.87 17,40 17.25 21.22 16.22 1.50 14 02 18.52 2.25 16 87 13.67 2072 20 85 11 65 13.19 5.62 5 62 2.25 13 00 10.75 11.12 38 83 23.72 12 32 22 87 11.85 21.00 7.50 900 14 62 16.87 7 50 14 40 26 32 36 63 Drunken Drivers i sub diver s costume is cumbersome permit revoked but makes for action efficiency special the Enterprise Thomasville. June . A Walter s. Jones ., of Greensboro was found guilty of Drunken driving when tried in Thomasville municipal court Friday. Jone was ordered pay a Fine of $50 and the court Cost. His Drivers License was ordered revoked for a period of twelve months. Lizzie Brody negro. Was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon on Harold Thomas. The defendant was Given a two year sentence which was suspended on payment of the Cost and with the understanding that she he of Good behaviour for five years Moss negro was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and was Given a 60 Days Road sentence. The pistol was ordered confiscated and destroyed As prescribed by Law. Jack Hargrave was convicted of speeding and was taxed with the court Cost. Hilliard Douglas was called into court but failed appear on charge of falling secure Auto and dog License. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Willie Johnson was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and was ordered pay a Fine of $5 and the court rout. Jesse Chandler was convicted of drunk and disorderly and was ordered pay a Fine of $10 and the court Cost. Notice of Appeal was Given and Bond was set at $150. The following were convicted of imbibing too freely of alcoholic beverages and were taxed with one half the court Cost Charley Sugge g. Felts Oscar Alford Albert Williams Charlie Sechrest and Hobert Cranford. Combined earphone and mouthpiece attired in nearly 200 pounds of equipment this diver is dressed like those doing Salvage work on sunken submarine squalls. Abels indicate various parts of complicated diving rigging. Randolph county commission approves 2 15 s6.783 in expenses Al 57 23 35 3 Isis 43 05 40 35 35.71 3 92 76 48 6 29 190 32 5 62 62 07 15.70 562 30 85 20 32 27 37 19 72 58 80 7 22 690 16 87 2 83 14.77 12 37 38 47 3.50 30 in 33.75 10 12 15 92 4 97 23 34 4 75 8 35 8 47 11 85 900 5 82 25 Asheboro. June the Randolph county Board of commissioners have approved county disbursements the amount of $6,783, covering total expenses for the month of May. The largest single payment was $574 56, made the Randolph county health department covering maladies dental clinic Medicine and drugs Telegraph Telephone and travel. Other Large payments were $342.40 Morgan for salary and Hoard of prisoners. $300 Randolph hop for operating fund for Charity patients of the county and $250 E. King salary As sheriff. By aka service Portsmouth. Hin daily descents the floor of the Atlantic divers doing Salvage Woi k on the sunken submarine squalls Are carrying 190 pounds of equipment with them yet going about their task with Speed and efficiency. The squalls lies 240 feet Down but As they did in the earlier Rescue of the Crew the divers Are heating previous handicaps which made it impossible for them work fast think clearly or stay at auth a depth for More than a few minutes. The trick lie in sending a mixture of oxygen and helium Down the diverse airlines in place of undiluted air used and the idea belongs . Charles Momsen. Inventor of the famous Momsen a lung a a Momsen has worked out percentages of the mixture which Are Best at various Depths. has devised a regulator which blends the two gases in proper proportions As they pass into the divers airlines. Getting rigged up for a drop into the deep sea location of the squalls makes hopping into a full dress suit look easy in comparison. While the diver is getting his heavy equipment on helpers tie a rope around him. In Case he accidentally goes overboard this a safety line can he used haul him out. By Kath is k Abi by Indhar water under terrific pressure Depths a divers blood nitrogen from undiluted h Al Al it Ian a Kab into place that big helmet screw onto a Metal Yoke or shoulder plate on the divers costume. Theres a device in Back which locks it into position so it wont come unscrewed while he a fathoms Down. At great before the diver puts his feet absorbs in the water helpers put Down a air. It a descender line a a rope with a flashes of lift by the associated press 42 22 1 72 7 87 70 42 8 95 12 07 12 23 53 20 20 25 67.30 33 75 16 87 22 37 24 77 2 25 10 12 28 12 3 37 27 00 11 25 17 62 261 07 31 28 16 87 818 71 16.65 115 99 490 72 763 90 11205 233.47 69 97 121 87 121.18 393 75 16 87 50.62 16 87 25 35 25 35 26 55 45.00 67 50 22.50 13 50 42.22 22 50 21 75 25 33 15 22 50 13 50 16.87 16 87 25 19.72 16.87 16.37 22.50 13 50 13 50 13.50 13.50 50 62 15 00 15 h 22 50 1972 24 75 19.72 16 87 14 02 20 25 Kight i aka wrong diagnosis Buffalo Y. When Maurice Ronan complained of headaches he was advised he needed glasses he tried them. But the headaches continued. A Ray examination finally showed his trouble pertained Glass All right an Inch Long Sliver was removed from his Scalp. Ronan was in an automobile Accident in 1913, when i his injuries were listed As a Scalp in his gon k blk by a june pics. A. Martin. Tax enforcement agent i convinces All it irs efforts base gum the dog. caught i mongrels thursday hut during the night someone Fred them fifty two were recaptured yesterday. Last night someone let them All out again. Nati he note Weatherford okla. Elmer Smith tells this one. Without even a Trace of a smile a a Rabbit took after in a Cotton Field. It kept jumping against pants leg making a purring noise. I kept pushing it Back with Hoe it made feel so funny seeing a Rabbit take after a Man i could bring myself Knock it in the head finally it got tired and beat easy profit g i i i a okla. A cilia klatch tried quit wheat farming hut nature interfered. After last year Harvest he dam idol Plant Alfalfa instead. Kilt his Volunteer wheat was in Goth he had Cut it. His main was the first sold Here this Spring. J makes him feel As slow Mot iou picture his mental and physical processes after a few minutes of work under such conditions the diver has be lifted the surface so that his blood and tissues can give up their nitrogen Content. 1 Momsen suggested that a lighter Gas than nitrogen might overcome this difficulty. Working with three Navy doctors he finally hit i upon the oxygen helium mixture in experiments Here the formula was found practical. More tests Are due off Portsmouth this sum Mer sluggish As a heavy weight on one end and con books retards needed the boat at the other end. The diver slides the Bottom along this rope. An exhaust valve on his uniform controls the air pressure in the suit lets hit expelled breath out. Another valve known As the a elementary a is there in Case the other valve fouls. When he wants Rome up the diver twiddles the air control valve so As increase he amount of helium oxygen mixture he is getting. This partly inflates his suit and causes him float. Then he takes the descender line and slides up the surface again. has he careful not do this too fast of course or he gets the agonizing once in a while a Novice diver does Trust this system of see lug Daylight again. So he hollers through his Telephone and they pull him up with a Cable. The Only trouble is it takes a couple of men on the pulling end which does increase the divers popularity. Two Way communication system that Telephone by the Way. Is one of the most interest parti of this diving business. The phone system works off a regular 110-Volt circuit from the ships Power system but dry cell batteries ate kept Handy for emergencies. The tender stationed on the Rescue boat can both talk and listen the diver through a Oliver transmitter unit on deck the unit has sort of a miniature switchboard thus two or More divers ran be Down at once All plugged in on the system. The operator can Transfer their Calls give directions and enable then talk one another if Neces nary. The diver s receiver ran smitten is Atta Hod into the Side of that the helmet. When he s Longini straight ahead it s at his ear when he wants talk he turn his had the left and its a his Mouth. The air Hose and Telephone Cable Are done up in one tube which forms the divers Only connection with the upper word. Tbs tub is designed resist break ing strength up 22u0 pounds. Latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables North Carolina information and on the principal sets As reported shipping Poi fridays sales wholesale nearby the United May move Squall s soon Portsmouth In. June . A up a Labouring Snake out an obstruction which blocked Tun peaches tiding work just As it neared com new York Cletion Navy divers we Ere confident today that the sunken submarine squalls would be ready soon for its first movement since tragedy sent it the Bottom May 23. States and North Carolina departments of agriculture. Prices Are confined the ranges at which the bulk of the Dock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold it com Herb new York Market about steady. North Carolina 5-Peck hampers 1.50 2.00. Pickles 1.75 2.25 South Carolina . Baskets 1.25 1.50. Dew it Kaki in new York Market slightly stronger. North Carolina 2 4-quart crate per quart Hest 13 cent poorer 7 cents. Philadelphia Market about steady North Carolina 24-quart crates 2.00 2.50. Sweet potatoes new York Market about steady. North Carolina by Bankets Porto Picans. In s. No. I 135 1.50. Pittsburgh Market steady carlot arrivals. By. Baskets ils . I Porto Picans 1.35, processed 1.40. New York Market Dull. North Carolina by. Baskets yellow crookneck i of 1.25. Italian Type 1.50 2.00. Washington Market steady. North Carolina by. Hampers White wrapped 75 cents. Snap Keans new York Market stronger on Good Stock Dull on Ordinary Stock North Carolina by. Hampers. Bountiful 1.00 1.25. String less Black Valentines 1.50 1.75. Wax 125 1.50. 5-Peck hampers Bountiful. 1.25 1.75 string less Black Valentines 1.75 2.25. Wax 2.00-2.50. Washington Market weak truck receipts Liberal. North Carolina by. Hampers Green Flat Type 50 65 cents. By. Hamper. Black Vaun Iliavi 1.00 round wingless 90 new York Market finn of old Stock. Dull on new Stock North 4�?Tarolina, stave by. Cobbler in s. No i 3.00 3.50. Mostly 325 100-. Sacks 1.50 i 75 size b 90 cents 1.10. California 100-. Sacks i a dig Whites 2.40 2.50. Baltimore Market weaker of new Stock North Carolin Star bbl cobblers in s. No. I mostly around 2.75. 100-Lub. Sacks Early Kales. 165 Iso late sales i 50 1.60. % new Stock Market North Carolina Cobbler u. S. No. Stave bbl Pittsburgh about steady 100-. Sacks a 1.90 2,00. South Carolina 1x5 2.00. Washington North Carolina cobblers u. S. 1.75. Stave bbl . I 2.75 3 Philadelphia 100-. 3.01 a ack Market 100-. No. I i cobblers of Market Dull weak. Sacks. 65 u of of St Ihde. North Birds s. No. Sets. 2 in min. Bushels 2 u in 2.25 a Inch Squash Market about Carolina. Red i is by. Bas-1.124 1.25. min1.75 min. 1.50. 1.25. Other cents. It Ita is shipments june 8 total in s. 1,324. Total North Carolina 504. To Date. 1,666. Other principal states Alabama 126, California 268, Maine Illinois South Carolina 29. Shore Virginia 50. Washington. No And Eastern lies i 50 2.00. North Carolina Pointe hauling snap Beans 60 heavy. Demand slow Market slightly weaker. Carloads B. Usual terms and shipping Points based on delivered sales let All transportation charges 100-Lub. Sacks cobblers in s. No. I mostly 1.30 1.35. Many shipments ruled unsold. Old Stock slightly weaker new Stock. North Carolina 100-. Sacks cobblers in s . I. 1.65 1.80, mostly u75, size a 75 85 cents stave bbl few sales. 3.00 3.25. State a Hon a Ink eth Goldsboro Cash grower 100-. Sacks in s. No. I cobblers 1.15 1.25. By hampers fair Quality snap Beans 40 cents. Squash. 25 50 cents. Wallace. N cd Market about Meleady. 24-quart crates strawberries 1.25 2.25. Dew Ber by. Hampers 1.00. Squash 50 60 cents cucumbers 75 1.00. Mount Olive A Market about steady. By. Hamper snap Beans 40 85, mostly around so cents. Buckle de berries 1.25 60 cents berries 4 60. 1.30. Gen. Realty co lot 408 Worth St. 19.72 Globe mortgage a realty co., lot Ennis lot Cassell vac. Lot Ward lot Cassell lot Olvett a int. Kearns 1 a 4 17 Greensboro rest cottage lot 1003 Park vac. Lot Park St. A. 14.17 builders Supply co., lot Moon Walter plan Nix. 4.05 Gary beverage co., Iota 1537-39 Main St. 204.97 Ins. Is real est. ., 2 Iota Willow bar Terr. Lot Greenway lot fourth St. 29 50 realty is inv. ., lot English is Phillips lot Park vac lot rotary drive 66 60 Realty St inv., special lot Tipton 2 lots Hedrick 2 Iota Carr bal 72 83 Home owners loan corp., lot 407 Willis Street. A a a 14 02 Home owners loan corp., lot 824 Fairview Street. 19 72 Home owners loan corp., lot 1411 North Hamilton St. A a a a. 2 Homestead realty co lot. N Park St. 3 37 Jackson hos. Mills. Land. Bldg a achy. 608 91 Lowe. Geo. Winc., lot Anderson hts. Lot Bench not St. A a a a 37 Mutual bldg is Ass Lot 1224 silk lot 1314 theirs lot 305 Underhill lot 1207 Park lot Vail lot 900 Park lot 1236 d o o alot 507 Long lot fifth lot 705 Thussell lot 300 Point lot 410 Park lot 803 Vail lot Fremont lot 912 Asheboro vac. Lot Ward lot 402 Ridgecrest lot 1220 Ragan lot 218 Hobson lot 615 w Oreen lot. Byrum. Vac bal 390 98 Mutual b at assn., special lot 1404 k. Green St. 18 87 Mutual At Assn special lot Woodrow a Trust co., land Sio w a. Bank Broad ,. Mutual life inc. ., lot Underhill St. Stat Imp. . Lot Edge Dale or. N state Imp. ., lot Hillcrest or. Plymouth hosiery Mills lot 8 Hamilton. Land. Bldg. St achy. Roland real est co., lot Wiggins lot Wesley . Lot Kearns lot fur. Lot Johnson lot Park. S Simmons Mills co., land bldg. At machinery Smith Supply company lot Ward by. Sou Oil co. Of C., lot Highland lot e. Green lot English lot Main by. Sunset dairies lot Kimmons land lot Prospect bal. Tate furn. ., land bldg. At achy Terry hosiery Mills lot 600 8. Hamilton Reed St. Thomas. Perley a. Car wk#., land bldg. A achy. Lot Tryon is. United holding co., 4 lot e Gree if Tot e. Lex. Lot Lex. Lot Oakland lot Krenn. Howell a Hamilton lot Chestnut lot Russell St. Washington Terr. Hosp., lot Wash Terr Whit. L., inc lot w Green a Ward lot Ward lot Carter St. Lot discoveries 1938 Brown. A p., 5 Iota Forrest a. Faucette mrs. E. Block on Fairfield . Mortgu or Ticla lot Welborn St. 22 50 60.00 3 37 45.00 22 50 256 92 22 50 240 in 8437 498 46 32.63 1.559 16 287.87 346.57 7882 675 25 8? 28 12 7.50 1.72 Rankin. A. M. Special lot a int. Gordon land. 42? Robertson. Walter h lot Imp Hobson St. 13 so Tearney Helen Phillip lot 302 Pickett by. In 87 Vail. Mrs. Minnie pimps on lot Burns Hui 9 of Wrenn. T. F., lot Commerce Woodberry. Furlough lot Olga St. 1012 1937 Anderson. Mrs. Myrtle lot Miller Clodfeiter i 80 Johnson Aest lot 78 Downing St. 2.25 Lilly Samuel Iota 130-31 Wash. Terr 2 25 Tate a. E. Of wife lot . 5 Smith St i 50 Wrenn F., lot Commerce. Woodberry. Furlough lot Olga St. To 12 1936 Anderson mrs. Myrtle lot Miller Clodfeiter Johnson. W. A. Est., lot . 78 Downing St. 2.25 Lilly Samuel lots 130-131 Wash. Terr2.25 Tate a e. A wife lot . 5 Smith St. A 150 Wrenn Lot Commerce lot Woodberry lot fur. Lot Olga. 10.12 1935 Anderson. Mrs. Myrtle lot Miller Clodfeiter 1.92 Johnson A., est., lot 78 Downing St. 2.4g Lilly Samuel Iota 130-31 Wash. Terr. 2 40 Tate. A. E so wife lot . 5 Smith St i 60 Wrenn. T f., lot Commerce lot Woodberry lot fur. Lot Olga St. 10 80 1934 Anderson mrs. Myrtle lot Miller Clodfeiter i 98 Johnson A., eat lot 78 Downing by. 2 47 Lilly Samuel Iota 130-31 Wash. Terr. 2 47 Tate. Aea wife. Lot 5 Smith St i a Wrenn p., lot Commerce lot Woodberry lot fur. It Olga by. .13 1933 Anderson. Mrs. Myrtle lot Miller Clodfeiter 198 Lilly Samuel lot 130-31 Wash Terr. 2-.7 Tate a. E q wife lot 5 Smith i 65 Wren. T Lot Commerce lot Woodberry lot fur. Lot Olga St. is

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