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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather omit warm More data on Page 2a soil year no. Iss the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2 Ith High Point. N.c., sunday morning june 9, 1974 132 pages clarified add. Is it other Depta ms-2111 daily i so. Sunday 25c trying to head off dead Ocic Ford defends stand Logan. Hah a vice president Gerald r Ford said saturday that he is trying to a head off deadlock Over watergate and said it should not be so surprising that he seems to support president Nison one Day and the House impeachment inquiry the next the vice president said he has been getting a lot of Friendly advice to Stop travelling so much and Mak ing so Many statements on the subject he said they have come in letters telegrams and in late night Telephone Calls at receptions from the news Media and even in shouts from passers by in Short. A he said a Why Don t i sit Down and shut up like a Good vice president should Quot Ford was commencement speaker at Utah state University where his son. Jack is studying forestry Ford was presented an honorary doctor of Laws de toe in the ceremony in the University s modern. Nightly coloured spectrum special events Center he said the first thing people want to know is Why he does t Stop flying around the country and making so Many statements instead of staying in Washington and doing watergate timetable not Likely to be met Washington api the chances Are growing increasingly slim that the watergate timetables established by Federal judges and congressional leaders Are going to be met both major watergate trials now Are threatened with Long delay s and the House judiciary committees impeachment inquiry already behind schedule has t yet settled the Issue of calling witnesses. Not yet confronted is the growing possibility that the trials and the impeachment process could conflict forcing a postponement in one or the other Here is How the situation has developed . Distinct judge Gerhard a Gesell told White House lawyers on Friday he is considering issuing a contempt citation As a result of president Nixon s refusal to let a defense lawyer accompany his client on an examination of White is House files the conflict Between Gesell and the president could delay the Start of the plumbers trial now scheduled for june 17. Gesell said recently that if the trial does t get under Way on schedule it could be delayed As much As a year. A the supreme court has agreed to hear arguments on july 8 on whether president Nixon has a right to withhold material subpoenaed As evidence in the cover up trial scheduled to Start sept 9 a court decision could take weeks possibly coming around aug i. Further delays could postpone the trial a Only two months ago. Congressional leaders were saying the House judiciary committee might report its findings Early in june but committee chairman Peter w Rodino jr., in j., talks now about the end of july. And still unresolved Are demands from the Republican minority to Call witnesses. His Job second. A he said. A if i must make speeches and permit press questions wherever i go. Why do i uphold the president one Day and the next Day Side with Congress which is Dobber rating his impeachment Quot i happen to think that what i am doing is my Job he said a i consider it my duty to try to head off deadlock and to seek a reasonable and prompt Resolution of the nagging watergate Issue that is sapping the valuable time of our elected officials and political strength of our nation a a Why is it so he said. That sometimes i voice the viewpoint of the legislative Branch of which i was a part for a Quarter of a Century and at other times see things much the same Way As the chief executive who chose me. My Friend for the same Span of two decades and a halt in All those years i have never seen a controversy in which one Side was All wrong and the other too per cent Ford said a nor have i seen a human being who was totally Good or altogether bad he repealed the philosophy he stated at his vice presidential confirmation hearings that truth is the glue that holds governments together Ami Compromise the Oil that makes governments go Quot so Long As i can contribute to the climate of truth and reason in this country. He said a i will remain my own Man. Fly my own course and speak my own convictions Quot for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one going to the zoo q. How do it of get to the North Carolina zoo in Asheboro anon a go to the b b Walker shoe co Plant on u. S 64. Turn right on Cox Road and continue on that Road for approximately 5 5 Miles if you come Down Highway 220. Get off the Raleigh exit which puts you in front of the Walker Plant. Does she or does t she q. Where is the nearest place you can Send Art to a Art critic to see ii you have any Talent . A. You might get an opinion of one or More Art teachers first you can try those who teach at git. Davidson county Community College. High Point College or Uno at Greensboro also the High Point arts Council might suggest a local artist who works in the same medium it s hard to say who would be Best not knowing if you re a Young beginning student or whether you be had years of lessons or practice and feel you re ready to display your works in an Art show or gallery. No business there q. I was at the Abc store at Jamestown monday afternoon and one of the City employees was out there in a City car a White Chevrolet and they ire supposed to save Energy. Why was he out there in a City owned vehicle Why did no the use his own we would like to have the answer very soon. Or. M. A. A visit to the Abc store certainly would t qualify As official business a Seal or code number on the car or a License number can Lead to the Driver s identity if you will report it to the department head the City managers office or the complaint department at City Hall. A real crash q. In your May 28 column you mentioned that usually accidents were reported in the paper Only when there were personal injuries extensive damage or unusual circumstances which Are not necessarily a was spectacular As a car ending up in somebody a living in a sure a number of people who witnessed the aftermath of just such an Accident on a weekend at the end of March at Gilwood North apts Are wondering Why nothing was Ever said about it in the paper. The car was driven by a Young woman a the Girlfriend of the son of a prominent citizen a who said she was being chased by a red car. She drove the car obviously at High Speed right into the living room of her own apartment tearing out bricks the front door and some of the Wall by the inside stairway. It happened about 2 30 a.m., and there was no Lack of spectators after the crash As it aroused most of the people in the area who came out to see what had happened. The gaping Hole in the apartment building was boarded up the next morning and has since been repaired and the Young woman has moved out. Perhaps this does no to Quality As being spectacular enough to warrant coverage in the newspaper or perhaps to the list of what accidents Are not reported should be added those involving prominent families with enough influence to keep it out. Anon. A. The Accident of which you speak occurred March 31. The Driver of the car Joan Elaine Ward whose address was listed As the apartment which she hit was charged with exceeding a Safe Speed damages were estimated at $300 to the car and $5,000 to the apartment the residence of George Hutchens or. There appeared to be no attempt to omit or conceal the Accident. The Accident would come under the category of those covered by the Enterprise but apparently was overlooked. 103rd birthday Martha Nelson sits with her favorite doll in cottage 2 at Orient Ohio state Institute for the mentally retarded where she will celebrate her 103rd birthday today. She has been institutionalized 99 years at Orient. Shortly after she was admitted in 1874 a fire destroyed All her records and no one knows about the circumstances of her being committed she has no relatives nor close friends but Ohio gov. John Gilligan and his wife will be present for the birthday Celebration. A wire photo Secretary Henry a. Kissinger. Prince ramp Ari Aziz sign agreement 8 dead too injured Oklahoma is slashed by killer tornadoes Drumright okla api a tornadoes slashed across Oklahoma on saturday killing eight persons and injuring As Many As too the twisters struck first at Oklahoma City and in the next six hours hopscotch northeastward to Tulsa Ico Miles away Drumright a town of 3,000. Appeared to be the hardest hit in the tornadoes path gov David Hall s office said five persons were killed in the town 43 Miles West of Tulsa injury figures at Drumright vane the Highway patrol civil defense and other officials reported too persons injured. The Creek county sheriff s office reported 20 to 25 injuries but that figure appeared to be too Low at one Hospital alone authorities said they were treating 28 injured brought rom Drumright. That Hospital was in nearby Cushing and other casualties rom Drumright were being treated at other hospitals in the area including the one in Drumright itself in Tulsa police said three persons were killed roofs were blown off and some major streets were impassable because of fallen Trees and Power lines. The Drumright twister hit at 5 of pm. Cut. About 2�?� hours after the first tornadoes in the state were reported at Oklahoma City woe re 16 persons were injured. Never too old to steal Seattle a it a two men in their 70s were in jail saturday after being arrested by authorities on Hank robbery charges the Fri said the two men were identified As j h. A Blackie Quot Audett 72, and Gerard Peabody. 74 Audett is author of a Book entitled a wrap Sheet in which he records his Friendship with crime figures from the great depression Era. Including John Dillinger at Capone pretty boy a Floyd and baby face Quot Nelson a wrap Sheet Quot is a police term for an arrest record Peabody has a record of 15 felony convictions and Audett has been convicted of at least seven felonies said asst . Atty. Bruce Carter. The two were in the King county jail in lieu of $30 too bail for Peabody and $60,000 for Audett. Audett and Peabody were charged Friday in the june 5 robbery of the Ballard Bank of Washington in Seattle in which $17,509 was taken Peabody was also charged in an april 18 robbery at a Pacific National Bank Branch also in Seattle in which $1,122 was stolen. Carter said additional charges were pending against both men after raking Drumright the Belt of funnel Clouds continued their northeastward path heading for Tulsa about an hour later. Tulsa police reported that High winds had caused extensive damage at a Smalt Airport Light planes were a blowing like one officer said Tornado watches were issued for the remainder of the night for Eastern Oklahoma Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri in Emporia. Kan several persons were injured none seriously when a twister toppled Mobile Homes. Some Mobile Homes were overturned Northwest of Tulsa and at least one person was injured a Marina pier blew Over at Lake Keystone a fishing and boating resort 18 Miles West of Tulsa two ambulances were sent to the scene but there was no immediate report of casualties Amateur radio operators working with the civil defense reported earlier that the entire pier simply vanished into the Lake an corps of engineers Reservoir. Police said boats moored around the pier were smashed Power was out in the Drumright area. Emergency generators portable lights and drinking water were dispatched from tinker air Force base at Oklahoma City. Medical personnel and equipment were rushed to Drumright from Tulsa. Oklahoma City and Stillwater. Economic Aid pact is signed w Ashington i a i the United states signed on saturday a wide ranging economic agreement with saudi Arabia designed to help the Oil Rich but Feudal monarchy move into the Industrial 20th Century. Beginning next month teams of american businessmen scientists educators agricultural experts will shuttle off to the persian Gulf to expand production of fertilizer establish University science courses and otherwise assist a in the realization of saudi aspirations Quot a joint statement a Secretary of state Henry a. Al Finger and Prince fahd. To fior minister and Likely successor to King Faisal. Also promises to keep the saudi armed forces up to Date state department officials said Survey teams already in the kingdom Are Likely to Forward specific military requests from Faisal one item May be phantom jets these officials said Washington is prepared to work out similar economic alliances with other Arab countries Egypt already is a candidate and Jordan was said to be a potential one the agreement made no mention of Oil and the Boycott saudi Arabia and other Arab producers imposed against the United states last year. However by helping to create what one . Official called a an atmosphere of the United states Hopes to assure itself and the West in general a continuing and adequate Oil Supply inside r he s making films. Reading Volunteer . Meter less parking classified. Page 3-18d editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Page 14c entertainment. Obituaries. Mrs. . Rowley is dead at 86 monetary Reform set Washington a the Western worlds top trading partners Are to apply the finishing touches this week to a new International monetary system that probably will guide the overseas value of the Dollar a and hence the Cost of imports a for years to come the outline of the system will be issued by the committee of Twenty of the International monetary fund which has been at work on it for two years a final three Day meeting is set to begin wednesday with each government represented by its top finance officer. Treasury Secretary Wil Liam e. Simon is the . Delegate and Host. The system will not be the Complete monetary order with fixed rules and responsibilities that was envisioned two years ago. The instability in world Money markets caused by inflation and High Oil prices have upset original plans but even though it is in most respects an interim system it will contain the Broad concept of a final agreement monetary officials say and it probably will last for a number of years stress will be placed on flexible Exchange rates which Are the values of one currency expressed in terms of another such As in the number of japanese yen a Dollar will buy of the Dollar will buy 300 yen for example it Means a japanese tape recorder would Cost one third less than if the Dollar would buy Only 200 yen in stressing flexible rates the new system will Only confirm what already exists since the flexible or partially floating Exchange rates have been operating since the old system of fixed rates collapsed nearly three years ago c Jeremy Morse chairman of a committee of deputies of the if com Mittee noted the Exchange rates will not float completely because the governments insist on safeguards against wide fluctuations in the value of their currencies a what we will not have Are either rigidly fixed rates or freely floating rates a Morse said the new system also will incorporate the so called special drawing right sir As the Basic unit of International value replace my Gold mrs Minnie Mccoy Rawley. Widow of Joseph p. Hawley who was c o publisher of the High Point Enterprise for 22 years until his death in 1937, died saturday night at High Point memorial Hospital. She had suffered a cerebral Haemorrhage at her Home. 509 Mendenhall re in Jamestown in mid afternoon and died in the intensive care Section of the Hospital at 6 p in she was 86 she worked closely with her husband when he became publisher and general manager of the newspaper upon its Purchase from j j Farriss in 1915 that association continued when or Rawley and r b Terry joined in 19121 to buy out other interests the Enterprise has continued since that Date in joint ownership by the two families and mrs Rawley continued an Active interest in its operations for Many years her son d a Rawley with whom she made her Home is co publisher of the Enterprise and her grandsons Joseph p and David a Rawley jr., Are Active in its management born in Charlotte on March 28, 1888, she was a daughter of Mary Mckamey Mccoy and Marshall a Mccoy. Her father had been a Captain in the Confederate and was a prisoner of War during the last two months of the civil War after her marriage in 1907, her husband became associated with the Charlotte observer where he worked in the circulation department from 1908 to 1912 they moved to Greensboro in 1912 where he was circulation manager of the Greensboro Dally news and then to High Point in 1915 mrs Rawley lived on Johnson Street prior to moving to Jamestown when or and mrs d a. Rawley built a Home there in i960 she was a lifelong member of the first Baptist Church in High Point and was a member of the United daughters of the confederacy surviving Are her son d a Rawley of Jamestown two grandsons David a Rawley or of 1200 Chestnut or and Joseph p Rawley of 1002 Johnson stand five great grandchildren funeral arrangements Are incomplete but services Are tentatively set for tuesday morning the body is Ai Sechrest funeral Home

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