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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer Moro data on Pago 3a �?�8th year a no. 160 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon june 8, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation. $12-1719 classified ads .115-2177 All other departments 815-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c to As result of closings enemy firepower May be weakening for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the Notum makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. How do we do it q. How Long does it take action line to answer a question today is the 23rd and if i give my question today How Long will it take q. How do you pick the questions for action line s. E. Q. We were studying in school different matters end one was How this action line went about answering questions that they put in the paper. I wonder of you could help me about this and would appreciate it soon for we will soon be off for the summer. Thank you a lot. Girl. A. We believe you were scraping the barrel for a topic of discussion but it is that time of year when we Are All Down to the Dregs and Are eager to fill life a cup with a sport that wrinkled care derides. And laughter holding both his at any Given moment there Are roughly a thousand questions piled up we possess the desk with the most horrendous mess in the newsroom and something like 200 More come in each week. The daily number has ranged from a Low of 19 to a High of 110. That Day we nearly threw in the Towel. We try to keep some semblance of priorities and variety in choosing but sometimes selections Are made More in desperation than with judicious Ness for it Isnit easy to determine which problems Are More nettle some than another or which request is More urgent a especially when about 80 per cent want an answer a real the stated intent of the column when it was started was that you can fight City Hall or something to that effect. That a Why there is a preponderance of questions related to City services. These Are relayed to the City or other official in charge who reports Back after checking the complaint. When general information is wanted we turn like any student to the most Likely source for an answer encyclopedias books the Public Library an authority on the subject an Agency or institution the chamber of Commerce a the list is Long. We try to answer As Many As time allows by letter when a name and address Are Given in cases w nere someone May want a repeat of something that recently appeared or where they can find a service or item. People wanting to buy or sell something who have lost or found objects who have a personal notice or want a Job have a much better Chance with classified advertising. Some answers May come from a single phone Call others take two or three letters to different people some have required Reading whole books or condensing reams of material for instance past inquiries about Lindbergh the Berlin crisis the strife in Ireland. For this reason it s anybody s guess when a question appears. Also there Are times when longer waiting requests Are put aside to help with emergency situations that do not appear in the column. As proof of the time lags or discrepancies the first question above came in Jan. 23, the second on May 5 and the last on May 24. We even have a few lingering hangovers from 1971. By Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a one month after president Nixon ordered North Vietnam sealed off from outside military supplies defense department officials see signs that Energy firepower May be slackening As a result. While acknowledging they cannot prove any cause and effect link officials cite As possible indicators a a drop in the volume of North vietnamese artillery shelling in South Vietnam. For example fewer than 300 rounds hit the besieged City of an Loc one Day this week. Earlier North vietnamese guns pumped As Many As 7,800 rounds into that provincial capital in a Days time. A a decrease in surface to air missile firings. Pentagon figures indicate a Steep decline in Sam firings against . Planes throughout North Vietnam from 317 in one april week to 39 in a recent week. Senior military officers also suggest the mining of North vietnamese ports and intense bombing of Railroad lines from China May have caused enough of a Supply Pinch to delay the Long expected climatic attack on the City of Hue. North vietnamese attacks have been stalled elsewhere in South Vietnam in recent weeks. . Experts Are convinced that the North vietnamese had to stockpile substantial amounts of ammunition and Materiel in South Vietnam and the area just above the demilitarized zone before springing their offensive in late March. But officials say the cutoff of any major new Supply flow into North Vietnam from Russia and China and the systematic bombing of internal North vietnamese Supply lines leading toward the fronts May have prompted Hanoi a Field commanders to conserve ammunition. According to . Intelligence estimates the movement of fresh War supplies Down into the lower North vietnamese Panhandle has been slashed from about 300 tons a Day Early in the offensive to Only 18 tons a Day recently. It was just one month ago May 8, that Nixon announced he had concluded that a Hanoi must be denied the weapons and supplies it needs to continue the aggression against South Vietnam. On Nixon a orders entrances to seven North vietnamese ports were plugged with air dropped mines. About 25 soviet and other communist Flag freighters and fuel tankers then bound for North Vietnam were reported to have turned away. No ships have tried to run the mine Barrier since officials say. . Warships blocked coastal shipping and shelled military targets on Shore. North Viet namese Rivers were mined to hamper Supply Barge movements and . Warplanes have sunk or damaged hundreds of such Craft. The White House sent . Planes on up to 280 strikes a Day against North vietnamese railroads and Railroad Yards Bridges truck Parks Petro Leum storage dumps Power plants Barracks and other War related facilities across North Vietnam including targets close to Hanoi and Haiphong the nations principal port. Using laser guided and other a a smart bombs perfected since the 1965-1968 air Campaign . Air Force and Navy Carrier planes have severed rail connections Between North Vietnam and China and Between the Hanoi Haiphong Region and the battlefields to the South. Starting May to . Pilots put 15 key Bridges out of commission and fanned out to hit dozens of other rail and Highway Bridges forming links in the transportation Chain. The North vietnamese resorted to ferries and Pontoon Bridges to bypass the wrecked spans. The North vietnamese got some of the damaged Bridges Back into use within to Days or so but . Bombers returned to Knock them out again. . Experts had anticipated that the russians and chinese see enemy on 2-a Muskie ponders move to Back sen. Mcgovern the terror of War napalm bombs explode and spread fire during fighting in Trang bang 25 Miles Northwest of Saigon today. The strike by a sky Raider plane was misplaced and Bottom photo shows Terri fied children fleeing Down route i followed by South vietnamese soldiers. The girl at the Center ripped off her burning clothes. She suffered Back Burns. A Wir photo it by Vernon a. Guidry or. Associated press writer sen. George s. Mcgovern a quickening race for the democratic presidential nomination was boosted today by the growing possibility that fallen front runner sen. Edmund s. Muskie would release his delegates and lend his support. Network regulation proposed the softballs q. I am calling in regard to our softball leagues in High Point which this year Are greater in number. High Point is participating in commercial softball slow pitch and fast pitch this year and we see nothing of the action of our people playing Ball in the papers or radio. Some people Are wondering Why Tho newspaper or radio stations that carry other sports events carry nothing of our own teams and All manufacturers that support teams each year and play softball. We wish you would try to find out Why we could t get something like a Box score that appears on regular baseball to put in the paper because there Are a lot of people interested in it and Don t have a Chance to see the scores. Or. R. M. A. The Parks and recreation department acts As the Clearing House for All softball and youth league baseball results. Information on games should be reported to the department which then turns them in to the Enterprise on a weekly basis. Jitterbugs avast q. I wonder of you saw a cab Driver throw a boor can out of a car should Tho police to told or what should you do it seems Thoro should to or is a Law against it. L. M. A. If you see the Driver doing the throwing you can get the number of the cab the time of Day or night and the place and give the information to the police. The anti litter Laws apply to everybody. Or which airline q. I am very interested in air Lino operations. I lust received a brochure from Tho Atlantic air Lino school which hat four locations. I would like or action Lino to find out How this school is rated compared with Tho other airline schools and what their Basic requirements Are before students Are accepted. Miss d. G. A. A set of reference books at the Public Library called a the College Blue books contains information on just about every school or training institution in the country including Entrance requirements. We have no Way of judging airline schools but expect they All provide comparable training. Washington a further Federal regulation of radio television networks was proposed today by a congressman who says americans Are being fed a a steady diet of violence brutality and a the portrayal of violence is one of the easiest ways to attract an audience a said rep. John m. Murphy d-n.y., a and most important of All it Sells soap. A and As Long As we in Congress give them the option of a doing better or making Money i am afraid they will choose the latter legislation he introduced would give theft ederal communications commission regulatory Power Over prime time programming by Abc lbs and Abc. While saying he has no intention of stimulating government control of to shows Murphy said he wants to encourage Competition and proliferation of network and non network sources of programming. Murphy a member of the House Commerce committee which watches Over the broadcast Industry added in a statement that the networks alone have a the capability to produce Quality television on a sustained basis. We need them. A my Bill would not take this function away from them it would Only make them produce programs More in the Public while claiming to oppose censorship he said a i do feel that there is a mechanism by which we can reduce the level of net work to violence by utilizing the concept of program balance As now applied to broadcast licensees by the acc. A if a broadcasters performance does not meet his Promise of programming in the Public interest on application to the acc his License is subject to revocation. Under my Bill if the networks do not meet their promises of balanced programming they Are subject to heavy they include fines of up to $10,000 a Day to a $500,000 maximum which could be levied on networks which done to respond to cease and desist orders issued by the acc. Sources indicated wednesday that the Maine senator would abandon entirely his Campaign and support Mcgovern. Abc and the new York times reported that the word could come when Muskie addresses the National press club in Washington on Friday. Muskies support and the 166 delegates his candidacy collected before it faltered could put Mcgovern within grasping distance of the All important figure of 1,509, the number of delegates needed to win the nomination in Miami Beach in july. Even before word of muskies possible move began to circulate Mcgovern was allowing himself the luxury of speculating that a first ballot Victory in Miami is possible after defeating his chief rival. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota in the Pivotal California primary As Well As three others tuesday. For his part Humphrey was acknowledging Only that his chances were a not what i would Call the he said he has a Good Chance on a Sec Ond or third convention ballot and would have a better Chance against president Nixon in november than would Mcgovern. Late wednesday the Public pronouncements from the Muskie Camp tended to the cautious with spokesman Richard Stewart saying the senator is still trying to decide. Stewart said Muskie and Mcgovern talked by Telephone wednesday but he did not know what was discussed. The Mcgovern Delegate count according to his Campaign director Gary Hart is expected to reach at least 1,335 delegates and possibly As High As 1,400, following the june 20 new York primary last of the Batch. While the Campaign focused on Washington and Miami Mcgovern was thinking in much broader geographic terms in a Flat statement that he believes he can personally negotiate an end to the Vietnam War. The South Dakota senator told a los Angeles news conference he would go anywhere in the world Hanoi if necessary to negotiate. As running mate Mcgovern considers Askew and Sanford by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Washington a sen. George Mcgovern planning a Campaign swing through the South says a Dixie running mate a would be helpful assuming he were qualified to take Over the White House without a major change in policy. Gov. Reubin Askew of Florida and former gov. Terry Sanford of North Carolina came to Mcgovern a mind in an interview the Day before he Defeated sen. Hubert h. Humphrey in the California democratic presidential primary. Humphrey in the Wake of that loss and Mcgovern victories in three other primaries tuesday also talked about a possible running mate wednesday. He reversed himself and said Alabama gov. George c. Wallace would be acceptable to him if Wallace endorsed the party a platform at the democratic convention in Miami Beach next month. In the interview Mcgovern now the Clear front runner for the nomination also named sen. Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut and sen. Walter of Mondale of Minnesota As potential Vic presidential candidates. Before flying Back from California to Washington wednesday night Mcgovern said he will make his Southern trip before the june 20 new York primary. Aides said that probably Means the latter part of next week. When asked about a running mate Mcgovern said someone a Well qualified to take Over the White House on a moments no Tice whose views Are in the a same Ballpark As mine is needed. In the interview conducted As he flew from san Diego to Albuquerque Enro Ute to a Fence mending Mission with democratic governors meeting in Houston Mcgovern was asked about the importance of geography in picking a running mate. A other things being equal a he said a if you could get a southerner i think it would be he agreed that Askews lawyer ruled unnecessary in lineup rules for questioning suspects Cloudy by Barry Schweid associated pros writer Washington a the latest supreme court turn toward the right in criminal Law appears to leave confused the rules for questioning suspects. According to a 5-4 decision by the court on wednesday police do not have to provide a lawyer when they put an arrested suspect in a lineup or a show up for identification. And yet under the 1966 Miranda decision the suspect is entitled to a lawyer from the moment station House interrogation begins. The two decision appear to be in some conflict. Presumably the suspect would be granted a lawyer when the interrogation began but if police chose later to bring in witnesses for identification the lawyer would have to step out of the room. A possible approach the police now might take in Light of the new ruling would be to put off questioning until after the lineup shutting out the lawyer until then. In the process they might pick up a solid identification. And that could be As valuable at trial As a confession. Complicating the situation still further is the 1907 Wade decision in which the court ruled 6 to 3 that once a suspect has been indicted he cannot be placed in a lineup unless a lawyer is on hand. What this decision and the one wednesday in a Case from Chicago add up to is this if the suspect has been indicted he is entitled to a lawyer at the lineup. Of he has been arrested but not indicted he is not entitled to a lawyer at the lineup. Add to this the fact that under Miranda he is entitled to a lawyer during interrogation and you have a complicated situation. In a dissenting opinion signed also by justices William o. Douglas and Thurgood Marshall Justice William j. Brennan questioned the courts logic. A fourth Justice Byron r. White said the court should have applied the Wade decision to the Chicago Case. It involved an arrested suspect Thomas Kirby identified in a face to face station House show up by a Holdup victim. Speaking for the majority Justice Potter Stewart concluded this 6th amendment right takes hold Only beginning with a formal charge preliminary hearing indictment information or arraignment. With the decision the court snapped a string of rulings extending the right to counsel. However in a Case from Tennessee the court settled on the Side of defendants. Struck Down see rules in 2-a Strong identification with the s c h o o 1-busing questions the governor unsuccessfully fought an anti using Resolution in Florida might be a problem but added a a in a very High on asked to cite others he mentioned Sanford beaten by Wallace ii the North Carolina primary last month. Mcgovern said Ribicoff and Mondale have been recommended to him. Ribicoff. 62. Is jewish and Mcgovern did poorly in jewish sections of California. Ribicoff has had Good relations with labor leaders and party regulars except for Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley. Ribicoff gave the nominating speech for Mcgovern at the 1968 convention. Mondale up for re election to the Senate this year is known to have his eyes on a race for National office possibly in 1976. He is 42. What s inside amusements. 1-fc Bridge. Ioc classified ads. 4-11d carnies. 3d crossword. Ioc editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 4d sports. 1-7c television. Of women s news.1-9b weather. 3a j

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