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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 8, 1940, High Point, North Carolina fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no a High Point North Carolina Satu Nfay Jim s. 111f High Point Enterprise puhl1�hrf for Noons and Sun div Montne relied upon to match on anything Force alone of at least half a million men. There Are not half that Many j. P Rawley Publ i her m 5�?137 r p Terry president d a. Rawl fit Sec a and Tress Hammett a Cecil Gen mgr. Ca pus m Waynick editor subscription rates deity and sunday by Carrier in High Point and Newby town 1104 t 5.20 i 2 60 .90 20 la twelve month six month. Three month. One month one week. Carrier in nearby towns Are not per matted to collect for More than one we a in Advance camera in City a not permitted to Cal Lect for a Verlod of More then five week i a subscription for a longer period drs Refl payment should be made direct t office. The associated press is tilled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited it or not otherwise credited to this ppm a a cd Ai a 01 local news published therein. Member of avd it Bureau of circulation Plata office in hy0np0inln Cylinder the act of Congress of much a no National adv represents tie tur John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave new York City class matter at the saturday. June 8, 1940. Like even terms the fighting planes of an enemy would be a great insurance of National Power and of National integrity. This Man who has been clubbed heavily by government during the past few years remains despite his advanced age one of the company of producers upon which the nation would lean heavily of necessity in time of military crisis. To an extent never known before the weapon makers loom importantly when War starts. The weapon makers assume portentous shapes which serve practically to Dwarf the weapon bearers. The cry from the allies is for planes and tanks rather than for men at the present time. The forces driving almost irresistibly against Paris Are mechanized forces. These armoured divisions no longer Are composed of some to too men. They Are made up of about 11,000 men and the principal Power in them is derived from the machines with which the men Are armed. O Jhai uht bul i a unto you love your enemies bless them that curse you. Do Good to them that hate you and Pray for them which despite fully use you and persecute 5 44. A merely fallen enemy May Rise again but the reconciled one is truly vanquished. A Schiller. The protest among University Tiu Stees to he outbreak of criticism in the meeting yesterday of the trustees of the University of North Carolina against some of the manifestations of the institutions a a liberalism probably was not due to the personal discomforts of a Day of extreme heat. A quite genuine concern exists among conservatives in the state about the atmosphere and spirit of Chapel Hill generally but Wasny to much of yesterdays criticism directed to something less important but possibly More offensive than a atmosphere and spirit a Thurmond Chatham specifically denounced the political activities of or. Ralph Mcdonald assistant director of University Extension work while John Sprunt Hill of Durham spoke out against a liberalism gone the one had a special complaint the other a general one. Or. Frank Graham who declared that while he remained president the University is a a going to be open and free should bewail lest he preserve the Freedom of a few members of his faculty at the expense of squelching his trustees. The Cavalier dismissal of complaints such As that of Chatham pointedly charging that a political figure taken hot from the hustings is subverting his office to continuation of , self exploiting political activities is not in the interest of an a open and free institution. Similar charges against individuals holding definitely it political appointments stir the state and inspire Calls for investigation. Or. Graham cannot make himself or the University appear a stubborn fortress of Freedom and truth by holding in off act that there must lie no suggestion of rules or regulations bearing upon faculty to come out of his Board of trustee s. Challenging Ford to Mare Good England has been intrigued by the Henry hold boast that the Ford organization let alone by governmental agents and Given the assistance of a couple of first class flying men can be ready in six months the turn out standardized lighting planes at the rate of 1,000 daily. Washington also has manifested interest in the statement. Ford is not Given to bragging about what he an do. His record of achievement Speaks for him. He has Laid out a great task for himself in this instance but who is willing to say positively that he cannot perform it the government is turning Over to him a Pursuit plane for study and it May to that the Detroit manufacturer is to be challenged to make Good. Such production of planes that could be Glt Ilford a guest Fok the Dav the Young Man who came to Guilford county today As the Honor guest of the republicans May he the next president of the United states. His chances seem slim at present but the one certain thing about politics is uncertainty. That a Why we have enthusiastic campaigns and elections. We do not expect the republicans to nominate Thomas e. Dewey if they think their chances of electing a president Are Good. Those chances Are Likely to be dotted up carefully about Conven ton time and if they seem on the Short Side the new yorker with the demonstrated popular Appeal May be chosen to Lead a forlorn Hope. He is not the Type the old line Republican would want in office certainly he is not the Type upon which Southern republicans have conferred their favor. Senator Taft would be much More attractive to the . Of the South. Vandenberg would please More of the membership than would Dewey but the Young Man has a following w hich might be calculated to cause some embarrassment to democrats expecting Victory and he May be used in such a a Shock troop capacity. But we repeat that such Are the uncertainties of politics the county May lie Host today to next president. Men in our entire regular army. We could not keep our planes in the air even if we abandoned every other measure of Protection. We believe that such a system of service ought to be introduced As an emergency measure to be abandoned if and when the present danger has passed. We believe that it should be so drafted As to provide training not Only for Young men. But for older men As Well. We believe that it should be accompanied by a Well considered but drastic kind of taxation designed to prevent a single Penny of excess profit from accruing to those manufacturers who fill our governments defense orders. This a time for Universal service. If it be said that this is an election year that politicians must be wary and that Congress is not yet in a mood for straightforward action of this kind let Congress go to the american people and let it ask them whether they Are not ready to defend against All possible risks and All possible challengers the Only Way of life which they believe to be Worth living. With Dole Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people travelogue amp so we say Coop by to the Are we to adopt total militarism Many europeans sought America As Sanctuary from compulsory military service. Some of our Best citizens Are first and second generations of germans who left their fatherland because of a distaste for militarism. This week the new York times editorially advocated Universal military service for american Young men and the president of the United states in a press conference gave a measure of his approval to the editorial. The following Are excerpts from the times on this subject the time has come when in the interest of self Protection the american people should at once adopt a National system of Universal compulsory military training we say this As a newspaper which has never been believed in the Wisdom of such a policy in time of peace. Vav e say it because the logic of events drives us remorselessly to this conclusion. The most powerful mechanized army that the world has Ever seen is now striking at Paris. We must consider realistically the consequences of that army a Victory. If we Are not to he caught without warning we must u face in All frankness the worst that can possibly happen. That worst is France Defeated and knocked out of the War England in no position to defend herself in 1940 owing to the loss of her supplies in Flanders Hitler becoming the master of All Europe. Either in Possession of the British Fleet or in Possession of shipbuilding facilities which Are Many times our own. In Germany Norway Belgium Britain Holland. We Hope that these things will not happen but we Are bound to recognize that the Chance of their happening is great. We must recognize that Hitler has always shown an Over vaulting ambition great daring and an amazing sense of timing. We have no possible alternative but to take advantage of such time As is Given us to strengthen our defences. Congress has taken the first necessary step by appropriating funds for the acquisition of Materiel but Materiel is of no value without men who Are trained to use it. We talk of an air defense of fifty thousand planes such a defens would require a ground a solicitor for Magazine subscriptions was tired out. It had been a Long Day he was weary. He was trying to build circulation for a Magazine published in Indianapolis called a the Ile stood in front of in office and thought of a dozen reasons Why he should not go in and make another canvass today. Quot feet tired he had done enough work for one Day wanted to get Back to his but he had a working principle which was Quot make one More he stood there debating with himself and finally he marched in. That decision to make one More Effort when he was tired and discouraged changed his life and made him a Rich Man. The name of that Young Magazine subscription solicitor was Arthur f. Hall. The Man he called on was local manager of the equitable life Assurance society. In his presence Arthurf Hall talked with enthusiasm about the Magazine he represented. He saw that the Prospect was interested and he added More fire to his claims for his Magazine. The tiredness and discouragement he had experienced when he had stood hesitating in front of the insurance managers door slipped away. When he had finished his talk. The manager said. A a i like your enthusiasm and ill subscribe. But there is something else i want to talk to you about. Any Man who can make such a Good sales talk for a Magazine subscription can do bigger things i a ant you to join my Force and sell life insurance for Young Arthur f. Hall was surprised but he looked into it he was so impressed that he became a life insurance Salesman. And in Selling insurance he followed the same methods he had applied in soliciting Magazine subscriptions he could Endeavor to make one More canvass although he might be tired and discouraged just one More try. Business began to come his Way. Ile became a crack Salesman and All on the simple theory of Quot make one More a of unsuccessful organizers of a life insurance company in fort Wayne. Indiana could not secure the 250 applications for $5,000 each of insurance and soil $100,000 of Stock both of which were necessary under the Law before a charter and License would be issued they heard of Hall and hired him to Complete the Job. He did it in six weeks and so the Lincoln National Lite insurance company was launched. Hall was elected Secretary and manager at the age of 32. Now 35 years later he is chairman of the Board and the company has Over a billion dollars of life in Quot make just one More Quot make just one More what magic there is in those words what wonders can be accomplished by the application of the idea. Done to give up just because you arc tired or discouraged. Open that door walk in. Talk to your Man. It changed the life of Arthur f. Hall. It May do the Ami for you. Start so Kai Hook Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now ? Luxembourg Holland Al cum capital Short shots put Cryns Bureau sir Waller hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh. June 8 your reporter learns that wakes Raleigh senator l. Y. Ballerine has ambitions to be president pro tem of the 1941 Senate. Previously this Bureau had heard and reported that John d. Larkin of Jones and Archie c. Gay of Northampton Are in the Field for the place. It appears there will not be quite so Many Long term senators from the East in the next general Assembly As in some former ones although very few of those coming to Raleigh next january will he political or legislative debutantes. If sentiment expressed almost unanimously in Raleigh by important political figures is typical of North Carolinas feelings on the subject it would take very Little to lint the state up solidly for Active energetic Aid to allies extending All the Way to sending troops even. The decision of Federal authorities to ask bids on men of Quot concessions Quot on Ridge Parkway docs not n much favor in state his Mission circles where the eral feeling that ther stretches of the Parkway in North Carolina Lonj make any possible. Parkway establish the Blue Lect with Hway come is a Gen rare no constructed j enough to Maroo Ning a of motorists if the War goes on very Long we shall have some shocking internal political disturbances in the various european countries. A voice president James d. Mooney of general motors. In new Jersey a lawyer who does not believe in god does not practice Law and a Man who does not believe in god should not lie permitted to hold office or run for Thomas Brown Hudson county circuit court new Jersey. One often wonders if this political Campaign and convention thing had been done away with but it usually turns up on about Page six. Now that the allies Are through juggling prime ministers and generals maybe they can buckle Down to this business of waging War. In Germany ii is a Man an there to be one. Crime to Call a and also Over there Are numerous slate roads crossing the Parkway with tar heels ready and willing to give gasoline hot dog and other service and Highway commission authorities were rather counting on their getting the advantages of the Parkway Trade. Concession bids will be opened in Roanoke june 18 at 2 p. In. Program for the various safety institutes to tie held in the summer schools of North Carolina colleges w ill Center on discussion of three main questions according to director Ronald Hocutt of the state Highway safety division Iii what is the Accident problem i2t what is the state doing about the Accident problem and i3> what the schools Are doing and can do about the Accident problem. Congressman Graham Hap Barden of the third District made one of the Best cracks on record about the deportation of aliens who have engaged in subversive activities. Quot in a in favor of sending them Back across the Ocean a he said vigorously or taking them just half Way across would be All in View of the impression that theres bound to lie a very Tough four year period ahead few people really envy j. M. Broughton for being nominated governor. In fact there a a Strong belief that the Luckiest of All the gubernatorial candidates were or. Clarence Poe and Willis Smith who never did get round to putting up their $105 filing fee. There is More than a Little wonderment hat commissioner of Revenue Allen j. Maxwell Wasny to taken to the Hospital much earlier than was Hie Case. La May by a bit hard boiled bul them la already much speculation on a practical Man after Thomas a. Edison had invented the Ordinary Pear shaped Glass bulb for the incandescent electric Light he desired to ascertain its exact contents and gave the problem into the hands of several eminent mathematicians. At length they worked out their answers and brought them to Edison who after checking them Over exclaimed. Quot i am sorry gentlemen but you Are All and then he proceeded to explain the simple method he had employed to find the Correct answer. The ingenious inventor had devised a series of tin cubes forming a nest each but slightly smaller than the one enclosing it. He had then filled a bulb with water and poured it from one cube to another until he found one which precisely accommodated the contents the inside measurements of that cube provided the required science Monitor. The solution for five or six Days he had been digging in the Garden for an air raid shelter. What with the rain and Clay he was not in the Best of humor. Suddenly an old Friend looked Over the Wail and said Quot hello digging for your shelter a Quot no Quot was the reply. Quot As a matter of fact. I bought a swing for the kids and the ropes Are too tit by is. Non plus i lira among the features of a new York business show was a Bolike contraption which records both ends of a Telephone conversation and eliminates the necessity of taking notes by Busy executives. But the height of efficiency will not in realized until a similar device faithfully reproduces the hieroglyphics and designs with which each speaker decorates scratch pad and blotter during the course of the Call. Oetting up artist Quot my most difficult task is usually completed Indore Friend Quot you work before break fast a artist Quot no. I get out of Rustige Sachse. Brevi ties of course the boys each in were driving 1937 mod car that begins with f t ind. I news sent Inch you can to fool us Fiat yorker. The investigators ran pass up the lathing beaches in their quest of fifth columnists. Swim suits being what they Are there is no place where Hie Aqua spy could stuff secret papers and still keep them a secret. One can readily see the need for emergency National defense measures when it comes out that the u. S. Has nearly All the Money in the world and Only a to cent lock on the vault. The u. S. Now has More than 19 billion in Gold socked away. Game is 25. And then the world picks something for a new Standard to Trade on. Separate ears s of a lighter fort was be new the one most obvious present War in Europe ii the Factor of Speed. Roosevelt. Expiration Date Quot i in hol lowing your Patent leather slippers for the dance Quot Why Quot Quot because the Patent has expired on Quot income tax problems Are always Complex a sighs the indicted film Mogul probably figuring it would be simpler in the Long run if the government took it All and issued dividends. Movie horsemen Are organizing a cavalry to be used in time of emergency. Even now we can see our favorite screen Cowboy hero Riding up in the Nick of time to save the Damsel about to be run Down by a Blitzkrieg. Comes now to Light the californian who raises Worms for a living. This time it is the belgians who Are issuing a White paper on the invasion beating tile nazis to it for once. Who la be the next commissioner of Revenue based on the belief that or Maxwell will never recover certainly not enough to go Back to duty Oil and the transport on the Side of the Albe lesson of the it the value of a president ton of Oil ate James a. You cannot keep anything precious in this world unless you Are willing to die for it. Dean Virginia Gilder sleeve of Barnard College. What Hitler is now after of course is the British Fleet. A lord lot ban British ambassador to the u. S. This government must necessarily insist that european Possession in the Western hemisphere shall not become the subject of barter or Conquest Between rival european Powers. For the first time in our history we Are actually trying to prepare for War before actually becoming involved. A chief of staff Gen. George c. Marshall. A nations military Power depends upon its industries and the training of its officers. A prof. Marston t. Bogert Columbia University. There can be no explanation for the taking of too Sticks of lipstick by a gang of Boston thieves. Now had it been Rouge we would say they had a lot of Cheek. Vacation is that two week period spent in relentless activity and worrying about the state of the world As reported on the portable radio the effects of which one Doest recover from until late october. Bruce Cotton in Washington cuban scientist says Island Ripe j for totalitarians Washington june 8, a Unla the United states soon prepares Al puts into oblation a Broad Gay a program for new world defense economic cooperation the Republic Cuba will Prescan be wholly Dom mat by fascist nazi forests bitterly posed to every the the United stat stands for. This at any a is the warning go by a distinguish cuban scientist w is now visiting Washington. S i n he is about to ret to Cuba he a a Rute cation thai his name not used. He is however a Man of Stai ing who is in an excellent position know what he is talking about. His size up of the cuban Pic Tun which has been brought to the att Tion of government officials Hereof interest not Only because of cub nearness to the United states also because to a certain extent Elj is going on in Cuba is symptom of Many other la tin american Lions. Spanish families pro fascist according to this source then is the picture All of the did conservative. Ish descent families in Cuba ate de in fascist arid anti american in a it. Their link with the overseas Dic worships is principally through Spanish phalanges and general Foj co the phalanges itself is very str it in Cuba. General Batista the Boss Man Cuba wants to solidify his own Sonal Power and does not bother no about any ideologies a few years he was playing Ball with the Lasij groups when the u. S. State dept ment frowned he swung More to left and Imlay draws support to from liberals and conservatives the end he is Likely to string a with whatever Side looks like the Vij Ner be it american democracy or to Pean totalitarianism. But if there is a Strong anti Den cratic pro fascist Bias among conservative and wealthy Cia among the Masse there is a lib tradition dating Back to the id struggle for Independence which still a Power. This tradition could mad dominant and Cuba could cemented solidly into the new Wol democratic bloc if the right Stimus came from Washington. Mil atry Mission first step what should that stimulus be cording to this cuban it should Bej with the dispatch of a High Power s. Military and naval Mission to it to reorganize the cuban defense so tem. Immediately following this that should by an economic Mission to organize the country a Economy. Tying both moves in together hell. Vav overwhelming popular up could by gained particularly if at t Sam time Batista could be Persat to clean House throw few Grafter and extremists in i and demonstrate to All cubans to laddies were to be honest Hen Forth. A this would Ive intervention says this cuban Stenti a but it would la intervention in interests of the people of Cuba a1 of hrs would re it a it Uch. Would la an intervention of Demoe tic diplomacy instead of Dollar Plo Macy. If something of this sort la ii done soon. Cuba Wilt Drift into q fascist for the lug invasion nazis Are to be contemplating towing ire i drawn trailers. The trailer was that was needed to make this Mech sized War Complete. No More Quot i hear they be taken the Eai morning bus off your line. Do miss it much a Quot not since they took it two Bells. Moffatt. Chairman Texas Oil co. Of the California what we had in mind was that people would like to pay for the extraordinary armament program. A Treasury Secretary Morgenthau. Our democracy if it is to survive must be thought of every hour of every Day. A gov. Herbert Lehman new York. I think that we Are going to see the labor movement of the United states free of All tricks free of All Crooks free of All communists and free of All fifth of labor Frances Perkins. Italy orders that no More automobiles shall be used by the Public. Can this be the first step in the Long predicted decline of civilization fair inference Quot what makes you think the goddess of Justice is plump a Quot she always blindfolded when Harc Ait Scales around Izzy keen on the carpet hit seem like the political itchy anon is a bout settled. Senator Pat Harrison notified his state miss Democrat chairman to endorse the thin term Fer Roosevelt Harrison and the president Hainet been egg aptly agreement All the time a name Sal Tion jest a bout takes the last or of uncertainty Outen the Campaign if they is a Campaign. Quot the nation now confronted with grave inter i senator stated. And. Quot i believe imperative thai Lite president be elected Quot i did no to say nothing bout drafting to i be necessary. Like maw bout that gras Widder Quot i never Hea leu of one Rufu am a Utiler proposal in v i i m in i in. Or l

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