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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 8, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday. June 8. 1939the High Point Enterprise pm Mon Center Point North Carolina Pige three Sec. A Here s a Story to hit us All Quot Bride on a budget n cast of Chaka icks has in Csc a Radiant Bride who thought love ramp or and Money could take rare of itself. A it Whittaker a a righteous bridegroom who looked at the Bank Book first and his wife afterwards. Chapter i at first when she saw the powder Blue gabardine suit. Iris did not think about Kart Whittaker. At first there was just the a hop window and the suit with the Rich gleaming strand of milk fur Flung carelessly Over one shoulder and the Long suede gloves on the f Ltd nearby. The suit did something to her. Cry atari Zed a desire that had lain dormant threading its uneasy Way through so Many things she had done up to now. It wan a suit year this Spring. Everyone wore them. Matrons slim schoolgirls business women career girls mothers. But Only a few wore them As they should be worn. Only a few had the slender Boyish figure the straight Square shoulders the Flat supple hips and the slim Waist that made a suit j rust right. Then Iris remembered Bart. Of he had to do something about Kart really. She had tried everything done everything a still they were boil where they were a year ago. Business was bad Bart was cautious Thrifty and too proud to marry when he Felt be support a wife. A to take it with me thank a Iris told the Salesgirl. And the Little Blue Book in her purse said a Cash $15, balance due $55, payments everyone knew Iris Ives knew she worked in the Deans office and was the beet dressed girl on the Campus the most popular. Few remembered that she had been the beat dressed girl in 1031. Or that she was the Belle of fraternity Row that year though. Only Iris and a tiny Calendar in her bedroom knew i hat. By the time she had discovered the tailored Linen Blo Nae with the French cuffs the Alligator pumps and the pineal purse the weekly pay checks of miss Iris Ives were mortgaged for six months to come. But by then Iris did no to care. By then he was sure. Bart would change his mind. The suit would do that. A you ought to Model miss Ives a the Salesgirl had flattered her when she tried on the suit. Secretly. Iris had always thought she should too. But models led precarious lives and a private Secretary while not getting anything glamorous in the Way of salary did have a definite sum to depend on each week. A do you budget miss Ives a the Salesgirl went on. Ii in nodded. She honestly believed she did. She honestly believed this was the trick in looking like a Debutante on a private Secretary s salary. At least she bought her clothes in budget shops agreed to pay so much a week and because she was a living Lovely advertisement for the clothes was Able to explain prettily to credit managers Why this weeks instalment would have to go Over until next week because she had to go to the dentist. Or the doctor or pay her insurance of which there was none Only it was a grand Alibi or anything else that occurred to her at the time As suitable explanation for robbing Peter to pacify Paul that night there were Many new things in the Little two room apartment where she invited Bart for saturday suppers. There a the deep lounge chair she bought because Bart liked to read the paper while she prepared the food she had purchased from mrs. Kemble s Home Kitchen shop. There was the smoking stand and both would Cost her but a Dollar a week and the set of glazed Blue pottery dishes included As premiums with the bargain chair. There was the food tempting because 1/te depends one be safety Firestone Champion tires Wilbur Shaw Lite 1939 wino on May Voth Wilbur Shaw drove to his second Victory in the Soo male Indianapolis race of Firestone c Hampton tires at an average Speed of 115.03 Miles an hour Hampton race Drivers whose very lives and chances of Victory depend on tire safety know tire construction. That is Why they select and buy Firestone tires Tor their racing cars. Get our Low prices on Firestone tires before you buy Ive Ace a merciless Sun heat Down upon the Speedway As Wilbur Shaw drove to Victory on Firestone c Hampton tires the blistering Brict of the main stretch and the Granite hard surface of the turns and the Hack stretch put tire safety to the test supreme record after record was shattered. Speeds reached As High As 160 Miles an hour on the Straightaway As 33 of the fastest Drivers in the world waged a breathtaking Battle for Gold and glory. Never before in All the history of the motor car have tires been put to such a torturous teat. And never before has any tire so firmly established itself As a Champion in construction and performance As Well As in name. Here is dramatic proof of the extra strength which the revolutionary new safety lock Cord body provides in Firestone Champion tires of the extra Protection against blowouts assured by the new and advanced Firestone patented gum dipping process of the extra mileage resulting from the toughen Wear resisting rubber compounds in the sensational new gear grip tread. No longer can there be longer it question of w hich tire is Sal tit. One tired and Only one provides these exclusive safety construction features. One tired and Only one has been on the winning cars at Indianapolis for 20 consecutive years. Motor car manufacturers enthusiastically adopted the Firestone Champion tire for their 1930 models. Order your new car equipped w Ith this amazing tire. Or drive in and let us equip your present car with a set of new Firestone Champion tires the one tired safety proved on Tho Speedway for your Protection on Tho Highway. Pm it Rejto tire in the i retinue Factor. And Pinic Ilow building at no a it York world4 Fannion rim the fireman Tut i hit it the Milden Gat inter National expo Triton at san f ram lieu. I a men Tath voice of i Moue with he hut j Violaa my or to speak and the f t r e St a n s no p h a by on he to. Under the item him of Allied Wool no in monday evenings or i nationwide . Red no tuck North main at Church Street phone 4588 the Only tires made that Are safety proved on the sit Twat for your Protection on the Highway by old fashioned Home cooked baked Beans from a huge Crock mrs. Kemble cooked each Satur a and hot crop Rolls and Brown bread. There was the salad Iris assembled from lettuce Apple rings and a Jar of mrs. Halves of canned pears and s Home made salad die. Ing. There was the Steak. And a Strawberry Shortcake because it was late May and berries were in from Florida and a Box of prepared Shortcake biscuit required Only a bit of milk and a hot. Oven to transform it into a delectable dessert. But the Steak a the main item i men loved Steak Iris knew. She had Learned Long ago. She had Learned How to Cook it Long ago. Too. A Gamma Epsilon boy from Wisconsin taught her. The heavy Iron Skillet the deep hot fire and the Iron smoking and Blue hot. Then time the Steak. Exactly so Many minutes for each Side. And it a a dish i fit for an epicure. Even Bart raved about it. J a Good Steak feed costs you j $1.50 apiece these times and you Cook one for a fraction of that Iris. I done to see How you do Iris never told him. Bart was a hound for figures and if he knew How much these saturday j cupper Cost her there a he a riot. Too he thought she cooked the things herself. A a nothing like Home cooking a he was always saying. A now take these Rolls and baked Beans i la bet there Isnit a House on j family Row that has anything secretly Iris speculated on to touch them tonight. Immi a a she could do to improve him Grant Cook sat Dav nights off Yaj who a really quite handsome. And their minds Are on the hot quite to tall Ai some of the clock and their dates not the Glamor Hov Ahe had known from fraternity Row but Well built. He Iris kept her own secret Conn it had excellent shoulders Broad hello summer we re ready to meet you with washable Bemberg Rayon sheer frocks $3.98 be and tried not to worry about the two dollars or three that each supper hit out of her pocketbook. Home cooked Rolls were .15 cents a dozen Brown bread 25, fruit for the salad 20, Mayonnaise 25. Lettuce 15, beak 60 a Pound and it came to 94 Centi and so on to the berries that were 35 a pint and the half pint of Cream 25. Still it was Worth it. Bart had his own Little radio shop. And was coining along Fine. And he waa by far the most attractive Man she had Ever known. Though he had t reached the Point yet wherein he realized the value of dressing to look the part of s Suc and Square and a Flat stomach and lean hips. Long legs. And a Graceful sort of swagger. And his features were excellent. Thick dark Wavy Brown hair and Brown eyes and a big Mouth that did t smile often hut revealed St t Ong. White Teeth and a definite Charm when he did break into a Grin. A sturdy dependable Young Man. Barf Whittaker. Ambitious Thrifty. A Good catch. And when a girl was sliding into the 26th year she had to consider Aitch things. A the evening paper was folded on the smoking stand and Iris stood behind the new c hair Wear a earful is sin Young business Jar the new Slipper Satin House coat the zipped to the very floor Man a what for. Irish a he argued land made her Waist look not an when she mentioned a Sale on Inch More than 2d inches. Bart men s suits once Why should i j Flung open the door and grinned mortgage my future just to keep j a Chi. Honey a he greeted her up with the Joneses this suit is j not noticing the new House oat Good enough for me had it three j which had coat 111. And was pal Yeara now. And there a still plenty eat Lilac Satin with a Sash of deep of Good Wear left in it. A Man Royal purple noticing Only the has to think of his business these new lounge chair so Dee p and in Days can t put it All on your Hack voting and comfortable looking. And have anything left to snap up and the paper on the smoking bargains j stand. So he Hadnot bought the suit a they what is this. A wifely specials touch or do i notice a Little solid Comfort offered the tired business Man a a goof a Iris chuckled but secretly her mind was winging Hack to the new suit spread out on the bed. And the new fur Scarf and gloves the handmade Linen Blouse. After supper she d put them on to Wear to the movies. After she had fed the brute she d Spring the new suit and it would do what the Lilac Satin House coat and the Good food and the comfortable lounge chair had failed to do. It would make Bart realize she was an attractive girl. Make hint see she would t languish around unnoticed unappreciated forever. Over the Shortcake. Iris mentioned the offer the Dean a wife had made her. Quot they re going to Jat Utti for the summer vacation. Batt and they want me to go along too. He plans to do a Hook on his travels a Bart began enthusiastically a Chance of a lifetime for Coil Honey. Nothing ilk Navel and with All your expenses Iris cleared away the things stacked them in the sink. She slipped out of Lite House Cost and into the suit. Then she came out quietly so not to Rouse Bart front his paper. Standing before him she swept the paper snide and watched recognition leap alive in his face a you see she told him then she remembered Bart. She took the suit so much Down so much a month. Regretfully. A i might not Conte Hack to Linwood after a trip like that. Though of course there s a Chance i might decide not to accept the offer if. If. Quot a look Honey a Hart began patiently a i m barely Clearing $50 a week now. Thai run a House and pay expenses. So you a better a a the Richness of the Wool gabardine Turtle her Eyen to deep Violet Aud the Mink added entrancing shadows to her Lovely face. Quot i m making $25, Bart. That s $7 5. And we re not growing any younger. If we can manage As Well Are apart now we could save by pooling expenses and income. I know we could. There Are his Brown eyes studied Lier excitedly. Then a big Grin broke Over his face budgets it would take a girl like Iris to know about budgets. Sensible she was smart. Elgine every Penny. Quot in be ii suit Bart i have to buy Aux thing a i should say not it s a knockout Honey. But let s figure to he out Lilied summer essentials that will make you Welcome warm weather charming in soft impeccably de. Tailed Fesse that remain fresh and Cool. And they tub with ease Lovely Multi color and Monotone prints in flattering a expensive new prints and shades. Sizes in a to a jul. L Harllee 5 a Iii to War Sarona mom a a a a a a veal Chicken chops u Ilc Small lean put re chops Western beef beet roast u 14 c croaker fish 6 lbs 2 Etc Bacon Rind 3 lbs. Off 59c salad dressing quart 19c boiled Ham sliced la. 31 in sausage la. Kab dried beef sliced la. 35c veal roast la. 12ic spare ribs 2 lbs 25c Streak of lean and fat meat 3 pounds 25 Thomasville sick ust Thomasville. Juno spool it a hoary l. Goodloe. Administrator of the City memorial Hospital reported that practically every room in Tho Hospital is filled Thi week. The lint of patient include j. M Beld of Thomasville. Route two or. A a Skeen of Thomasville. Route two i Mamie water of 506 Lexington Avenue Thomasville or. Betty Jane vote of 106 Johnson Street Thomasville Elizabeth Ann Gordon of the Mill Homo roil Jean rive of the Mill Home or j ame Cook and son of la Chi malt Street Iii Thomasville or. Gertrude Hunt and on of Lexington route two or. Bertie Hunt of Trotter Street in Thomasville i Lena Johnson of Thomasville Dexter l. Kennedy of 102 Ingram Street in Thomasville or Ernest Kennedy of Thomasville route two zen its ionian of Thomasville miss kale rumple of Thomasville route two mrs. J. G. Hitch of Khz Firth Avenue in Thomasville miss Madeline bet in of 315 Kendall Street in Thomasville mrs. K. C. Bland of Gastonia mrs. Lame colled of Trinity route one Roy Eddinger of Trotter Street mrs. Bertie Flynt of Thomasville mrs. Odell Hill of 18 Morrison Street Aud son or Allie Leo Hancock of Thomasville route two and miss Viola Hughe of Lexington route t to. Recent patient discharged include mrs. J. E Blalock or. Harvey Causey and son or. I tither mod Feltor Ollie May Dai-1�\, Doh k Finch Winfred Fine l. Gordon mrs Clara Harris Ernes Hunt mrs Ollie Lindley and son mrs. J. Roy Proctor Aud son mrs. Alite Parrish Kathleen Sykes mrs. T. W. Sullivan and Bert Yates. $3-75 scoop Friday up Sci Al a Purchase genuine panamas just Al of these owe by raw favourites three lifter cot brim styles. Contracting ribbon trim a verified $7.50 \ Aine. La Allee s millinery a five Kim evil second it a Mph Imp go s pure hog lard 3 lbs 25c larg head lettuce 10c 3 for 25c these prices Good All Day Friday and saturday United Market nearly 800 delegates attend retired railway men s meet Charlotte june 8.�? Ltd a nearly Sou Delegate were present today at the opening of the annual convention of the National association of retired hallway employee. The convention a welcomed by mayor Ben Douglas. Other speaker were associate Justice harlot Clarkson of the North Carolina supreme court. J. W Murray of Raleigh and Francis Clarkson of Charlotte. Senators Reynold of North Aronina Aud Mead of new York originally were programmed to speak but were detained in Washington by the visit of the King and Queen of England. In r amp in r Eltomi till i Lei % e/1 Vii 06 North main Street phone 2900 statistic show that Only one of every letter mailed in the touted states is lost before halt v a v bread. Makes All foods taste better

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