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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Shover thursday Mort data on Par a loth year a no. Iss the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon june i till w pages Call us Cirni Latsiou. I lilt classified Ada 881-2177 other dept. Is do daily Ile sunday 2sc bribery possibility panel hears milk evidence by John Beckler associated pre w liter Washington a the House judiciary com Mittee is turning to Prest Dent Nison s 1171 decision to raise milk prices to see ii it teas linked to a la million Campaign pledge from Dairy co Ops the investigation to Start today involves bribery which the Constitution lists Ai an impeachable offence moving More swiftly now that it has passed the tangled watergate scandal the com Mitten completed on tuesday the presentation of evidence on the settlement cd antitrust litigation against International Telephone a Telegraph corp it also decided to have its staff question Charles w. Colson but postponed a decision on whether the former White House counsel would be called As a witness before the committee. Chairman Peter w Rodino jr., . Who overrode Strong objection from members who want Colson called now said he would wait for the staff s report on what Colson says before deciding whether to have him As a witness. Colson played a major role in the White House s dealings with the Dairy Industry outlined in a summary prepared by the judiciary committees staff of the Case it will present the staff memorandum identifies Colson As the White air Force by bomber challenged in Senate Washington api the air Force by bomber is facing the next Challenge in the Senate continuing debate on the St a Bitton military weapons procurement Bill. Sen. George Mcgovern a s.d., called for a Senate vote today on his amendment to slow Down by development by cutting funding to $200 million from the $499 million the defense department requested. That would defer a production decision on the by from the fall of 1978 to 1900 meanwhile the Mcgovern amendment would require an Independent study of less expensive alternatives such As modified versions of the existing Psi and fbi1i bombers or the Complete Reliance on land and sea launched ballistic missiles without manned bombers. The Senate agreed to con Sider on thursday amendments by Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield a Mont and others to for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Instant analysis q. Is there any place in High Point you can get a blood test nod it will go through la the same Day p. Mcc. A. It takes Only 45 minutes at the Laboratory in the medical Center on Quaker Lane they do have to know who your doctor is who s going to do the physical. Emergency vehicles q. How Many police cars Are there in High Point and How Many fire trucks anon. A. The police department has the following vehicles 39 sedans 2 dog trucks 6 station wagons 8 three wheel motors 5 Cushman motors 6 two wheel motors i Paddy Wagon. Total 65. The fire department has 8 fire engines 2 Reserve engines 4 ladder trucks 2 tankers i Rescue truck 8 cars i line truck for communications and 8 fire stations. For Cycle riders q. Why does t the City make a place to ride motorcycles minibike and go karts because you can to ride in Parks streets or sidewalks without getting in trouble. Anon. Man. Q. A lot of friends and i have motorcycles and we All live in High Point and we done to have any place to ride them. Will the City please provide a place for us to ride them. G. M. Q. What can parents do for boys that have mini bikes and hondas to get a petition or get somebody to see where these boys can ride. They sell them yet they can to ride them. I think the City should provide land or some place where the boys could ride. Thank you. Mrs. C. A. By the same reasoning they sell surfboards but would it be the City a responsibility to provide the surf there a no question a Motorbike track would be welcomed not Only by the riders too Young for the roads but the citizens whose nerves Are raw from the noise of unruffled ones. A couple of years ago a proposal to lease some City property off Kivett drive was made by a private group who would operate a facility but it failed to get the councils approval. The major drawback to any City involvement is the High risk Factor and liability. You May remember Reading about the grisly Accident that befell one youngster in another state who went to a track after it was closed. In the dim Light he failed to see the wire or Chain across the Entrance and was decapitated. This May be an extreme example but researchers studying the severe injuries and fatalities of motorcycle riders have concluded there seem to be no a a minor motorcycle accidents. Metropolitan life a statistical bulletin of August 1973 gives some facts on motorcycles representing All two wheeled motorized vehicles including motor scooters and motorized bicycles the death rate for motorcycle Drivers and passengers tripled from 697 in 1961 to 2,410 in 1971 and is twice the fatality rate of those in All other types of motor vehicles. The automobile is the motorcyclists worst enemy because of his Low visibility and since the rider is unprotected by the Frame of his vehicle injuries in accidents Are usually More severe. Because of the Appeal of motorcycles to younger people about two thirds of the deaths occur in the 15-24 age group. Having a facility for two wheelers would keep the riders Safe from autos but with the risk of injury it would still require stricter supervision and control than the usual recreation programs or Arenas whether Public or private Call for. Require reductions in . Military forces overseas. By voice Volt tuesday the Senate adopted an amendment by sen. Joseph a Biden jr., a de declaring that defense budgets should not be padded to stimulate the Domestic Economy. Rejected by a 55-27 vote was a Mcgovern amendment to authorize a $100 million Grant and loan fund to help defense contractors convert their plants and labor Force to High priority civilian production in such Fields As transportation and housing when they lose substantial defense business. An amendment by sen Hubert a Humphrey a Man adopted 76 to 12 would deny the armed forces Money to use dogs in testing Poison Gas germ and chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials the Senate Defeated 55 to 33 an amendment to require Public disclosure of the Central intelligence Agency a annual budget sponsor William pros mire d-wis., said the Cia escapes effective congressional control because its funds Are hidden in the budgets of other agencies and Are known Only to a few congressmen. A special committee of 22 senior members of the Senate and House armed services and appropriations committees reviews Cia budgets one such member chairman John c. Steno is. A miss of the Senate armed services committee said the disclosure of annual trends in the funding of intelligence activities a would provide invaluable assistance to our potential House Contact for the associated milk producers Inland says in the Spring or summer of 1970 amp promised him $2 million for Nixon s 1972 re election Campo in on March 12. I. Former Secretary of agriculture Clifford Hardin set milk Price supports lower than the Dairy Industry wanted. Industry representatives called on Colson and other administration officials to be Hardin s order aside and Iii isolation big threat says Nixon by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Annapolis. My api a president Nixon told graduating naval Academy midshipmen today that a a new wave of isolationism poses one of the greatest dangers facing America. Defending his policy of detente the president said a a in our Era. American isolation could easily Lead to global Nixon said that the United states cannot Retreat into isolation rom world responsibilities because he said. The alternative to detente to a runaway arms race a return to constant confrontation and a a shattering setback to our Hopes for building a new Structure of peace in the but he cautioned that detente does not mean the United states should become involved in the Domestic affairs of other countries. In Clear references to the controversy Over emigration of soviet jews. Nixon said a we would no Welcome the intervention of her countries in our Domestic affairs and we cannot expect them to be cooperative when we seek to intervene directly in Nixon is seeking most a voted nation Trade treatment for the soviet Union but Congress is Balking in a dispute Over soviet emigration policies toward jews. His latest round in soviet Summit talks Are due to open in less than a month. Nixon spoke at the commencement and com Missig ceremony for 920 naval Academy graduates. A higher support level the memorandum says. The crucial part of the staff s presentation centers on March 23. 1971. When Nixon. Who had previously been informed of the $2 million pledge met at the White House with Industry representatives and thanked them for their rapport later that afternoon says the memorandum Nixon met with key advisers and decided to increase milk Price supports. Nixon has said his decision was influenced by heavy pressure from Congress for an increase die committee memorandum says no announcement of Nixon a decision was made and that immediately after the meeting Colton got in touch with the late Murray m. Chounce he had left the White House a few weeks earlier after serving As an ride to Nixon and was then representing the Dairy Industry. Later in the night of March 23, amp official and other Dairy representatives engaged in All night meetings. At which they agreed to Nudie political contribution to the presidents re election Campaign and to contribute $25 too by the evening of March 24.�?� the memorandum says. During the evening of March 24 Chotiner told several dairymen that former White House aide John d. Ehrlichman expected the Dairy Industry to reaffirm its $2 Mil Ion commitment in Light of the forthcoming increase in milk Prim. Which they did the memorandum says a thereafter an increase in the Price support level for milk. Was officially announced a the increase reportedly added hundreds of millions of dollars to Dairy Industry profits. Most of the evidence bearing on the Dairy Industry sea judiciary on 2a gubernatorial nominations Brown and Flournoy winners in California by Lee Gould associated press writer California voters will choose Between the Liberal son of a past governor and a Prince uneducated former College government professor when they elect a governor in november Democrat Edmund a Brownjr. The 36-year-old son and namesake of the Man Defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1966, and Republican Houston i. Flournoy won party nominations in California s primary election tuesday. Voters in the nation s most populous Suie also approved a Tough and far reaching political Reform Law. There were these other election Day highlights a Liberal Republican rep. Paul n. Mccroskey of California who has called for the impeachment of president Nixon was locked in a tight primary fight with conservative Gordon Knapp. A South Dakota republicans nominated former prisoner of War Leo thorsness to Challenge sen. George Mcgovern s bid for a third term. A James h Meredith who broke Down racial barriers at the University of Mississippi a decade ago was a Surprise Leader in a five Way democratic congressional primary in Mississippi he faces a run off election june 25. A congressmen seeking reelection in the eight Sites holding primaries tuesday had Little difficulty securing renomination by their Par Edmund g. Brownjr. Lieu. Many faced not or Token primary opposition. Flournoy. 44. Now Sute twi Trotier and a former slate legislator won the gop gubernatorial nomination in a landslide Victory Over la. Gov. De Rennecke. Flournoy who holds a pm d from Princeton is considered a moderate Republican. Heinecke once considered a favorite suffered a blow april 3 when a watergate grand jury indicted him on a perjury charge in the itt Case Brown 36. Was one of is democrats including san Francisco mayor Joseph l. Alioto and stale Assembly speaker Bob More i to who sought the democratic nomination. He had based his Campaign on support for proposition 9. A watergate inspired Houston i. Flournoy initiative that would Reform Campaign practices. The proposition was approved in a special congressional election to fill a vacant seat until the fall elections Democrat John l Burton was a runaway Leader in a Field of eight candidates. The seat was vacated by califor Nia s senior Republican congressman. William s. Milliard named u a envoy to the organization of american states. In South Dakota thorsness 42. Who spent six years in a North Vietnam prison Camp and who holds the medal of Honor said he did not see the War As a major election Issue. Thorsness who had announced his intentions to seek Mcgovern a seat shortly after returning to the United states last year said a the War is Over. I Hope we be Learned our lesson. I Hope we Don i have to re fight that War in this Campaign. Election highlights in other states Iowa state rep. David Stanley won the Republican nomination for the . Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Harold e. Hughes. Stanley who lost a bid for the Senate to Hughes by 6.415 votes in 1968, will be matched against rep. John Culver do Iowa in the general election. See Brown on 2 a tape erasure still mystery elderly Irish peer and wife kidnapped by Colin Frost associated press writer Dublin Ireland api police spokesmen speculated today that the kidnappers of an elderly Irish peer arum his wife were holding them hostage for five members of the Irish Republican army on hunger strikes in British jails. Three gunmen seized the 71yearold Earl of Donough More and his wife Early today when they returned to their 6 a face estate in county tipperary after a visit to friends. The kidnappers bundled the couple into a car and drove off in the direction of Dublin 120 Miles to the Northeast. Police today said they had rounded up three men for questioning. But they were released after several hours. A senior police officer said lord Donough More May have been wounded. A fresh bloodstain was found on the driveway and the son of the Early a chauffeur said he heard a shot fired. The police launched a search and set up roadblocks for a 30-mile radius. Police speculated that the kidnappers were spurred by the death monday night in a British jail of Ira member Michael Gaughan who had been on a hunger strike since March 31 demanding that he be classified a political prisoner and transferred to a jail in Northern Ireland. Gaughan was serving a seven year term for Bank robbery. Five other Ira members serving life terms in British jail for bombings in London also Are fasting to press the same demands Gaughan made. If the kidnapping of the do enough mores was politically motivated it was not apparent Why they were the targets. The Earl was a conservative member of the British House of commons from 1943 to 1945 but has not been Active politically since then he is grand master of the free masonic grand Lodge of Ireland and a prominent owner and breeder of race horses. The iras official Wing was reported preparing to retaliate for Gaughan a death by ending its two year cease fire in Northern Ireland and returning to the Battle alongside the Ger a a elderly on 2a Earl of Donough More by Mike Shanahan associated Prest writer Washington a after seven months of work a court appointed panel of sound specialists has left undetermined who is responsible for an is a minute erasure in an important White House tape recording. A questions of who maw the Buzz or when or Why did not come within the scope of our investigation a the group said in releasing its Inch thick report tuesday. Instead the Pawl focused largely on the tape itself. The report repeated the panel s earlier conclusion that the erasure was the result of manual operation of the record and Stop buttons on the machine that conclusion was contested by the White House and its own tape report. White House lawyer James d. St. Clair charged that the panels report a creates the false impression that All portions of the erasure were done manually and veto proof Congress gof accused of scare tactics by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Seattle a the chairman of the nations democratic governors has accused republicans of scare tactics in warning that democrats could gain a a veto proof Congress in the november elections. Quot the term veto proof Congress is merely a cynical ploy to detract from the most important issues of 1974, gov. Wendell h. Ford d-ky., said tuesday As Sharp partisanship broke out at the 66th National governors conference. The conference ends today with the annual business session at which the governors Are expected to adopt a Broad Resolution urging Campaign Reform and other measures to Deal with watergate Type abuses Steps already taken by Many states. The conference also is expected to elect gov. Calvin l. Hampton a Utah As next years chairman succeeding gov. Daniel j. Evans a Wash. The partisan verbal Battle began when Kenneth r. Cole jr., president Nixon Stop Domestic policy aide said during a panel discussion tuesday morning that elec tion of a Quot veto proof Congress might doom the Revenue sharing program. Then gov. Winfield Dunn r-tenn., chairman of the Republican governors association said in an interview he was frightened by the thought of a Congress so heavily democratic it Quot would give George Mcgovern and Hubert Humphrey the Opportunity to run our country which they did no to get in the 1968 and 1972 presidential Quot i take Strong exception to a thread of political propaganda which has run through this conference from invited members of the present National administration a Ford told a news conference. He said he considered it a no less than a rude assault against the integrity of All democratic members of Congress by implying they will always vote a certain Way he said he Hopes the democrats attain a two thirds control of the House and Senate that would give them the numerical strength to override presidential vetoes but he said he objected to gof efforts Quot to use the term to scare deliberately. The White House sponsored report says the Gap could have resulted from mechanical malfunction. Nonetheless the White House sponsored report prepared by the Stanford research Institute said it was in a general agreement with the court appointed group president Nixon Secretary Rose Mary Woods has testified that she May have accidentally caused four to five minutes of the erasure by keeping the recorder on through the use of a foot pedal. Miss Woods was transcribing the tape which included a conversation Between the president and his former chief of staff he Haldeman on june 20, 1972, three Days after the watergate break in. The panel s seven major conclusions the same As those delivered in a Jan. 15 preliminary report were backed up this time with More than 50 pages of technical documentation. The six members selected jointly by the White House and the special watergate prosecutor said they had considered several challenges to the original conclusions but had not changed their minds. Miss Woods attorney Charles s. Rhyne declared the six members of the court appointed panel to be unqualified. What s inside amusements ii Bridge. 17a classified ads .17-21c comics. 14c crosswords a editorials 4a financial a. 2a obituaries.2c sports3-6c television a women a news. Sec. B weather a a a a Ca

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