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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny More Dnton on Page a nth year no. U3 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2 1719 High Point n. A monday afternoon june 3. 1174 24 pages classified ads is 2177 other dept. Ms-2111 daily 19c. Sunday 23c open annual gathering governors claim National leadership by Carl p. Leers Dorf a political writer Seattle. Wash. A the chairman of the National governors conference said today that states have compiled a record Quot of decisive action in contrast to that of the National government a in hey areas ranging from political Reform to consumer Protection in the first of what is expected to become an annual Quot state of the states speech to the conferences first Daniel j Evans. A Wash. Said that in the past few years Quot it has been the states who have responded most fully to the problems of the Day Evans speech was prepared for a conference of governors who Are saying they Hope to avoid getting entangled in the watergate scandal while claiming they Are doing a better Job than the Federal government of meeting its problems it repeated his Contention. Given at a press conference sunday that Quot states have clearly Tak a National leadership Quot in the areas of Campaign Reform and governmental ethics. Gov. Daniel j. Evans Quot in state after state significant Sunshine Laws. And other similar Laws on ethics on Campaign limitations on lobbyist reporting open government have taken place while there has not been similar action As dramatic at the National level the opening Day s business sessions included Evans Quot state of the states Quot speech. A round table discussion with key congressional leaders of ��2��d for answers to questions or kelp with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Are they wed q. Is there some Way i could find out if a person who says they have gone to South Carolina and were married but won t show a marriage certificate really was married i need to know right away. Thank you. Anon. Woman a. You can write the Bureau of vital statistics state Board of health Sims building. Columbia. S. C 29201. The Bureau would probably require the Date of the marriage and the full name of both parties before a search is made. Sick payments q. What could be done when you buy furniture from a a and the refrigerator was too High to Start with a about Koo for about a 19-foot Box a and i got a stove there and paid Over $900 on All of it. They came and took All the furniture because we missed a couple of payments while in the Hospital. I just wondered if there was something that could be done about it. It was insured in Case you were sick and no insurance has never been paid on anybody from that place that i know of. I would like to know if something could be done to get part of your Money Back and if so would you please put it in action line pretty soon. Thank you. Anonymous Man. A it would have helped to know who you Are and when you bought the things so the store could have checked your account. We sent a copy of your message to the owners and Here is a general explanation. The store offers a guaranteed payment plan which a customer May choose for a fee the fee varies according to the amount bought and what is bought. Coverage for a color to for instance would be More than a sofa since it is More Likely to require repair service. The insurance is Good for the length of the contract of some hardship lasting More than 30 Days occurs such As inability to work because of sickness and the person provides proof from his doctor indicating when he came under his care the insurance takes care of the payment. Remember the plan takes Over Only after 30 Days. Of you had insurance and were disabled More than 30 Days and did t advise the company of your circumstances they know about your hardship the manager said at the moment he had 20 cards on file of customers whose doctors had certified they were sick and unable to work and in the cases where they had the guaranteed payment plan their payments were being covered supposing your hardship did no to last 30 Days or you did no to let the store know you were sick then they would normally go through Legal channels first you would be notified of a hearing before the magistrate. You a be Given about to Days to appear and explain the reason for the non payment of you done to show up for a hearing and again done to let the store know Why then papers Are served and the furniture is repossessed. From the stores Point of View they would prefer not to have to repossess it As often the merchandise has been abused to the Point it be sold for the balance due. Without knowing what the circumstances were in your Case the manager asks that you come Down and talk to him and maybe something could be worked out. It would be helpful to you to go to the consumer credit counselling Agency first. If As you said the refrigerator was Quot too High to Start with Quot you May have signed up for More debt that your income could Bear a even if you Hadnot been hospitalized. With some budget counselling you can get an idea of How much you could safely borrow and then keep your purchases within that limit. Both parties and a panel on health care the health care seminar featured sen. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. American medical association president or. Russell b. Roth and Secretary of health. Education and welfare Caspar Weinberger. All but four of the nation s governors Are expected to attend the formal opening of the conference today. Goes John Burns of Hawaii. Boh Ray of Iowa. Francis Sargent of Massachusetts and George Wallace of Alabama have said they would not attend on sunday the conference s executive committee approved a Broad Resolution sponsored by goes. William g. Milliken. A Michand Patrick j. Lacey d-wls., calling for reforms Quot at All Levels of government the Resolution due for consideration by the full conference wednesday urges Quot loophole free Campaign finance reforms in Public Campaign financing strict ethics codes wider disclosure of lobbying activities and greater openness in government most of the questions at Evans news conference and during an appearance of six governors on no cd a Quot meet the press dealt with watergate and president Nixon refusal to Supply additional evidence sought by the House impeachment probe and special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski three governors from each party said Nixon should Supply the material sought by the House judiciary committee. Democrat Jimmy Carter of Georgia and Republican Tom Mccall of Oregon said failure to do so would be grounds for removing Nixon from office Quot he should give them everything they want or step Down As president. Said Mccall the Only Republican governor who wants Nixon to resign from office. Quot i personally believe the president is guilty and i think that the release of evidence will prove it Quot Carter said. Those who said they thought Nixon should provide the materials sought by the House panel were Evans and goes. Daniel Walker d-lll., Wendell r. Anderson a Minn and Wendell h. Ford. Day. Evans was asked at the news conference if he could foresee a situation in which Nixon would be justified in Balking at a supreme court order to Supply watergate evidence. He said the question was Quot too speculative a but noted any court decision is composed of a verdict and a written opinion Robin rules out further pullback by the associated press syrian and israeli generals have reached agreement on All essential Points of a plan for disengagement of forces on the Golan Heights and will sign it wednesday a u n communique said today the communique issued in Geneva said agreement also was reached on details for exchanging All remaining prisoners of War and the return of bodies the announcement came As Premier designate Yitzhak Rabin presented his new government to the israeli parliament and pledged that Israel will work for peace in the Middle East Quot but not peace at any Price Quot he said the truce pacts worked out by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger opened the Road to Fuller peace talks with the arabs but that Israel will keep strengthening its army and not withdraw to the prewar Borders of 1997 As the arabs demand Quot our policy is Clear we prefer peace to new military victories stable peace a just peace an honorable peace but not peace at any he said. Rabin said the disengagement pacts worked out by Kissinger Between Israel. Egypt and Syna Are Quot not peace agreements. Adding where do we go from Here. Quot the next stage on the Road to peace must be Between Egypt and Israel Quot with negotiations by Steps toward a full settlement he said Quot As for Syna. There is no place or an interim stage this was a Clear declaration that Israel intended no More withdrawals on the syrian front and that Only a full peace treaty would be considered. But be questioned Quot whether Syria is ready to sign a peace treaty with turning to Lebanon. Rabin said peace would be Quot easy to reach if Beirut agreed but he warned that if Arab terrorists continued to infiltrate from lebanese soil Quot the Lebanon government will Bear All the admits one charge a 2_ Colson pleads guilt in Ellsberg Case Charles Colson Washington Capi former presidential aide Charles w. Colson pleaded guilty today to a charge that he led an attempt to influence the outcome of the Daniel Ellsberg trial in 1971. Colson pleaded guilty to a one count grand jury indictment accusing him of obstruction of Justice other charges against Colson related to the break in at the office of Ellsberg s psychiatrist were dropped in the Surprise court development indications were that charges against Colson in the watergate cover up also would be dropped the new indictment said Colson attempted to get the original Ellsberg Case tried in tin newspapers Ellsberg a former Pentagon analyst had been accused of leaking the Pentagon papers to the press but Ellsberg was freed in Early 1973 when judge Matthew Byrne found misconduct by the government in the Case rating wiretapping and the break in at the office of or Lewis Fielding the indictment to which Colson pleaded guilty said he devised and implemented Quot a scheme to defame and destroy the Public image and credibility of Daniel Ellsberg and those engaged in the Legal defense of Daniel primaries tuesday nominees for senator governors to be picked is Bill stall associated press writer the years biggest flurry of primary elections hits eight states tuesday when voters choose nominees to succeed retiring governors in California and new Mexico Ami a u s. Senator in Iowa also at stake Are nominations for senator and governor in South Dakota a Senate seat in California the governorship of Iowa and 79 us House seats in the eight states. Forty three of the House seats Are in California eighteen democrats and six republicans want to succeed cop gov. Ronald Reagan who is stepping Down after two terms and preparing for a possible White House bid in 1979 Public opinion polls indicated the Clear front runners were Democrat Edmund a Brownjr. 39. Son of the governor that Reagan Defeated in 1999, and Republican Houston i Flournoy 44. California state controller. Brown is California Secretary of state. In new Mexico six democrats and four republicans Are bidding for nominations to succeed democratic gov. Bruce King who cannot succeed himself. Iowa Democrat Harold e Hughes is vacating his u s Senate seat abandoning politics to become a religious Lay Leader democratic rep John c. Culver is unopposed for the nomination for Hughes seat. State sen George Milligan and state rep David Stanely. Who lost to Hughes a years ago. Are in the gop primary Republican gov. Robert d Ray of Iowa is unopposed in his party renomination bid there Are three democratic candidates in South Dakota. Gov. Richard f Kneip s bid for a third term is challenged in the democratic primary by it. Gov William Dougherty his running mate in the past two campaigns democratic sen George Mcgovern is unopposed for his party renomination while three republicans compete to Battle him in the general election including retired air Force Cert Leo k thorsness who spent a years in a North vietnamese prison Camp u s House nominations an at stake in a a Nomi offs on 2 a committee turns to itt by d. M. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee turns its attention this week to the itt antitrust settlement confident there s plenty to look at despite the special prosecutor s announcement absolving corporate officials of wrongdoing in the Case. Quot our inquiry is completely Independent of that Quot said chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., when asked about the effect of the prosecutor s finding John dear chief counsel for the impeachment inquiry said that Quot unless you Start with the premise that every allegation is True i Don i think it yanks the Rug out from under us meanwhile a committee member rep Jerome Waldie a Calil predicted Nixon would be impeached and tried in the Senate. Waldie appeared sunday on the lbs program Quot face the War medal Winner grows marijuana san Diego in addition it is alleged that perjury May have been committed by several administration officials during the Senate hearings on the nomination of Richard Kle Dienst As attorney general. Last thursday special prosecutor Leon Jaworski in a letter to rep j. J. Pickle of Texas ranking Democrat on the investigations subcommittee of the House Commerce committee said that part of the investigation relating to allegations of Federal criminal offences by itt executives related to is committee on 2a Fairfield 111. A Kenneth Kays is not your government Issue hero. His Victory Garden is full of marijuana and he is determined to keep it As a Symbol of his Freedom. Kays 24, won the medal of Honor and was honoured at the White House for his heroism in Vietnam. A draft resister turned medic Kays lost a leg in Battle in May 1970 but repeatedly crawled past his lines to Rescue and treat wounded comrades. Today his Battleground is a 1,000 Square foot Patch near his trailer in this Southern Illinois town where he farms the illegal marijuana plants for his own personal use. With practice ease he swings Down the rows on his artificial leg hoeing raking and tilling. A headband secures his Long Sun tinted hair which cascades into his Beard. Kays was raised in Fairfield population 6,000, and attended Southern Illinois Kenneth Kays University. He was discharged from the army in 1970, and has been living Here on disability checks since what he did in Vietnam and what he is doing now Are part of the same personal quest for Freedom and what is just even if it conflicts with the Law. Kays said Kays resisted going into military service when his induction notice came he left for Canada but unsure he was doing the right thing. He reported 31 Days late and volunteered to be a medic. The medal he earned has no value of itself Only the experience it represents and has often been a source of trouble he said brings him unwanted attention and Praise. Kays arrested twice and convicted once for Possession and cultivation of marijuana was sentenced to one year s probation. Two weeks after his first arrest the sheriff discovered Kays was still growing marijuana and arrested him again. The prosecutor is seeking to revoke probation. Quot i done to wish to fight but in a not going to quit Quot he said. Quot i will Trust to the courts to see that Justice is done. My Only weapon is the truth. No Man has the right to dictate to nation Quot with fellow committee member Lawrence Hogan red Hogan did not agree with Waldie that Nixon would be impeached for obstruction of Justice in the watergate cover up. But said that if impeachment does come Quot it will come in the areas related to on the West coast six governors interviewed on no cd a Quot meet the press Quot said evidence sought by the committee should be released by Nixon. The six attending the National governors conference in Seattle were democrats Jimmy Carter of Georgia Daniel Walker of Illinois Wendell Anderson of Minnesota and Wendell Ford of Kentucky. And republicans Tom Mccall of Oregon and Daniel j. Evans of Washington. Carter and Mccall also Saul failure of Nixon to Washington Iai up the evidence should be Many cell Lens called or jury ground for removing in jul y j frustrated by in re he a to phase of the impeachment inquiry the conv in one Nunt ask Usu me and. Mitten is investigating the mind Strallow s allegation that an antitrust 7 suit against International a casting jurors time is a Telephone and Telegraph Clear Cut example of the corporation was settled in criminal Justice systems in return for a pledge of Finan difference to the needs of Cial help toward the Cost of citizens said administrator conducting the 1972 Republic Donald e. Santarelli. More can National convention in attic sent court operations can make jury service More. Attractive and meaningful to i those who serve Quot what s inside i Santarelli said the it amusements.6b ice nay recommendations j2u proposed by the researchers classified and 7-11b could save the nations courts 950 Milhon annually. Crossword12b the director of Leaai a re editorials4a search Institute Gerald my a financial2a Caplan said the courts spend obituaries 2b some $200 million a year in sports .3-5b juror fees television 12b the Survey of certain state women a news8-9a and local courts in Georgia weather 3a Maryland Minnesota Ellsberg m appearing before u s District judge Gerhard Gesell. Colson said Quot my motives and purpose were to neutralize or Ellsberg As an Antiwar speaker it dude t matter to me that he was facing serious criminal charges Colson said Over the last two years he has become acutely aware of what he had dime i now know what it is to be a defendant in a criminal Case Gesell set Colson s sentencing for june 21 the maximum penalty for the one count India ment is five years in prison and a $5 too Fine charges were still pending against Colson in the separate w watergate cover up Rase but Deputy special prosecutor William s. Merrill said he would ask that they also be dropped they Are one count of conspiracy to obstruct Justice and one count of obstruction c Olson had pleaded innocent to those charged Merrill said the Fielding break in was Quot just an Extension of an attempt to get dirt on Ellsberg a Colson s guilty plea would appear to Lessen the possibility that other defendants known As the while House a plumbers a in the Fielding break in Case could use National Security As a defense. They Are former White House aide John d. Ehrlichman and three men convicted in the first watergate trial g. Gordon Liddy Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio a. Martinez they. As Colson was originally Are accused of violating Fielding s civil rights Ehrlichman also faces a perjury charge in the plumbers Case in a letter to Colson a attorney David i. Shapiro special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski said agreement to Colson a guilty plea Quot is predicated on the understanding Quot that the coverup and Fielding breaking charges would be dropped in the letter. Jaworski also said Quot this understanding is also predicated upon the Faa that or. Colson will immediately provide statements under oath and will produce All relative documents in his Possession upon the request of the watergate special prosecution Force. Quot he May be required to testify As a witness for the United states in any and All cases with respect to which he May have relevant in leaking the Pentagon papers Ellsberg was accused of stealing government documents and breaking see Coison on 2a jurors frustration pointed up study Colorado new Jersey Texas and Michigan was conducted by Bird engineering research associates inc. Of Vienna with a $157,395 Leaa Grant. The researchers urged several procedural changes including staggering trial schedules rather than starting several trials on the same morning and notifying jurors in Advance of Days they need not report for duty. The Survey said Many citizens summoned for jury duty Are distressed at being told to report to the courthouse daily then forced to wait in a Dingy lounge until they Are ultimately selected for a trial. The study estimated that two million persons Are summoned for jury duty in the nation s courts annually and said Quot it is important that these citizens find their participation in the judicial process meaningful and useful Quot

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