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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Winner Mot data on rag 3a 88th year a no. 154 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon june 2, 1972 30 pages Call us circulation. 882-171? classified ads .1152177 All other departments 815-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c s-2@s for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Support in arrears q. This is real important. Please answer at once if possible of your sex husband is paying child support into Tho clerk of the court and gets Way behind How far is he allowed to get behind before to is picked up and who should i Contact anon. A. Get in touch with mrs. Cora Mabe at District court if this was a criminal not civil Case where a suspended sentence was entered. They do not Issue warrants unless they get a direct complaint from the wife. If it was a civil Case handled through an attorney with a support order entered you should see your lawyer. It is is their usual policy to wait until a father is three payments behind before issuing a capias because they could t handle the cases otherwise. A sing in on the mount n q. I d Liko to know when Tho singing it going to to on Grandfather Mountain. . A. June 25. They Shalt not swill q. It it against Tho Law for Tomono under la boart to go whore they toll boor a. Nope. Just so you done to drink it. Wrong number the Telephone number Given for those interested in forming a Model Railroad club was not understood correctly on the action line recorder. The right number is 882-3696. We Hope the party whose number was printed Wasny to inconvenienced too much but judging from the one Call we received noting the error the Model railroaders Are not too numerous. No final cigarette q. Please hurry and answer this question because somebody very dear to me May be in this situation of the draftee failed in report for duty ofter he has been drafted what exactly is the penalty during time of peace and during the War. Somebody told me it was the firing squad if they failed to report for duty after they had been inducted. Anon. A. A spokesman for the selective service Board says if a registrant fails to report for induction As ordered he is subject to prosecution by the United states attorney for violation of the selective service Law. Normally when a registrant is forwarded for induction he is sworn into service that Day and immediately sent on to Camp. If at any time after induction he were to fail to report for duty he would then be subject to military regulations. For your information or comforte understand that the last execution by a firing squad was in France during the second world War for desertion. A ants on the Side q. I have a problem with Black ants. There s a constant line coming from the Bottom of my House going up to the eaves. I have aluminium siding and i Don t know what to Spray or use to kill the ants so As not to damage the finish on the siding. I m desperate not knowing the damage the ants Are doing. S. G. A. Here a a collection of anti ant ideas from different sources if you done to want to use an insecticide. Sprinkle entry place with baking soda or Salt or use Cayenne Pepper. Cucumber peelings Cut in thin strips deters ants and crickets. Squeeze juice of real Lemon on Entrance Way slice Lemon and put peeling All arund the spot. Plant Tansy or use dried Tansy leaves around doorway or other places a it discourages ants and files. Sprinkle insect powder on a slice of raw potato and put in Comer where they Are seen. Food prices show surge upward Washington a a new surge in food prices pushed up wholesale prices faster last month than in March and april while the nations unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.9 per cent. The Bureau of labor statistics said today farm products Rose 1.4 per cent in May after declining the two previous months. Largely As a result of that wholesale prices of All commodities Rose 0.6 per cent after slight increases the two months before. The nations jobless rate failed to show any improvement despite a slight increase in the total number of persons holding jobs. The Bureau said 5.9 per cent of the work Force was still looking for jobs the same percentage As in april and March. Sen. William Proxmire d-wis., chairman of the Senate House economic committee called the 5 9 per cent Unema i o y in e n t figure a dismal a i Call upon the president a Proxmire said in a statement a to set a specific interim goal of 4 per cent unemployment set the Date when it will be achieved and push the policies to get the Job the wholesale Price news appeared to spell a setback for president Nixon a program of wage and Price controls. The wholesale Price Index Rose 0.6 per cent or 0.5 per cent on a seasonally adjusted basis. One encouraging note was the Index of Industrial commodities where controls appear to have the most effect. These Rose 0.3 per cent in May the same As in March and a Little below the 0.4 per cent of april. When seasonal factors Are discounted wholesale prices of Industrial commodities Rose 0.4 per cent the same As in april. The most discouraging news for Consumers was in the wholesale prices of farm products and processed foods and feeds most of which Are not controlled. These had fallen 0.4 per cent in March and 0.7 per cent in april but jumped 1.4 per cent last month. On a seasonally adjusted basis the increase was still 0.8 per cent. Farm products alone soared 2.6 per cent processed foods and feeds went up 0.8 per cent. Especially distressing to housewives was a 4.5 per cent increase in livestock prices renewing pressure on supermarket prices of meats. Sharp debate expected Nixon asks congressional approval of missile pact Washington a reporting that the Moscow Summit Laid the foundation for a new relationship president Nixon has quickly asked Congress for approval of the landmark superpower missile pact a to Check the wasteful and dangerous spiral of nuclear Nixon a plea to a half filled joint session of Congress thursday night where he hurried Straightaway upon his return to Andrews air Force base won wide Praise but enough criticism to show the Salt accords will face some stiff debate. Sen. Henry m. Jackson a democratic presidential contender said Nixon had confessed to a growing soviet momentum in Missi Lery. Rep. John m. Ashbrook a Republican presidential hopeful said the strategic arms agreements would allow the soviets a big advantage. But sen. Robert p. Griffin of Michigan the assistant Senate cop Leader reflected what appeared to be More widespread favourable reaction in saying a the president presented Congress with a Challenge to build on a solid foundation he has prepared. Surely the first order of business for Congress should be to indicate support by ratifying the accords reached at Nixon called congressional leaders to the White House today before heading for a Florida vacation. The Salt treaty on limiting defensive anti ballistic missiles Abms requires a two thirds Senate vote while the accompanying executive agreement curbing offensive missiles can pass with a majority in the Senate and House. Only 48 of too senators and fewer than 200 of the 433 House members showed up to hear Nixon As the president upon returning from his 13-Day journey transferred directly from his jetliner to a helicopter 3nd hopped to Capitol Hill. The heavy absenteeism in the House chamber resulted mainly from the fact that the presidents address was hurriedly scheduled. Most members did not know until after noon wednesday that Nixon had requested the joint session for thursday night. They already had made plans for political meetings and other president Nixon addresses joint session of Congress a wire photo legislative approval expected conservatives fear . On Short end by Jim Adams associated Pross writer Washington a president Nixon a report to Congress on the arms Accord Drew enthusiastic cheers condemnation from several democrats who saw it As a Campaign speech and general agreement that the Moscow accords will win legislative approval. A booming a Yea a primarily from the Republican Side of the House chamber greeted the president As he arrived to report to a joint session of Congress thursday night. In the Halls afterwards republicans and Many democrats said the president had made a balanced Appeal for congressional approval of the two arms limitation agreements. Other democrats expressed disappointment in harsh terms. A the had Good prime time to talk to the american Public with an Eye on the november elections a said House democratic whip Thomas p. Of Neill or. Of Massachusetts. A and he did no to Tell us a thing we did t already democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern campaigning in California said the absence of All but a passing sen. Mcgovern rated runaway in Calif. Baloney says huh crab Apple disease q. I have two flowering crab Apple frees in my Yard which have become encrusted with a White substance on some of the loaves and part of Tho limbs. I wonder what this is and whet can be done about it. It has the appearance of flour. Thank you. O. N. A. This apparently is powdery mildew which overwinters on the tips and buds of shoots infected in the preceding year. The mildew causes a White powdery growth on the Youngs shoots and leaves and older leaves become faint yellow in color. You can Cut out All mildewed shoots As soon As they appear or Spray with a Fulfur fungicide Early in the season each year. Sound off q. Help before a child gets killed in the 3000 Block of Sampson Street. Some of the parents up Here think the Street is made for playing. There Are Over 30 children in that one Block and it looks like a baseball Field double loaded when you drive Down the Street. Children Dart from behind the cars and when you almost hit one they look at you like you have committed a sin when you Are Only driving 5 Mph. Please say something in action line before a child is killed and i know one will be before the summer is Over in the 3000 Block of Stimpson Street. Thank you. Anon. San Francisco a sen. George Mcgovern is rated the runaway Leader in a poll of California democrats ready to vote in the states Pivotal presidential primary tuesday. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey called the Survey baloney. The California poll by opinion analyst Mervin d. Field gave Mcgovern a 20 per cent Lead in Advance of the primary an election which the South Dakota senator says is Likely to determine who wins the democratic nomination for the White House. Humphrey called the poll figures a nonsense baloney. A a 20-Point Lead at this time for a candidate is not possible a he said in Bakersfield. Mcgovern himself said he had not a Felt the margin was that even before the figures were published today the Mcgovern organization had made an Effort to play Down his Reading to avoid the risk involved in casting him As a landslide favorite. The poll rated Mcgovern at 46 per cent of the vote Humphrey at 26 and Alabama gov. George c. Wallace who is not on the ballot third with 8 per cent. A write in Campaign is under Way for Wallace wounded and partially paralysed in an assassination attempt May 15. Thirteen per cent of the vote was listed As undecided with the balanced scattered among six other entries. The 271-vote California nominating delegation will go to the statewide primary Leader on a basis. A new poll conducted by Mcgovern a own organization also rated him far ahead 44 per cent to Humphreys 28. Mcgovern and Humphrey both were campaigning in the san Francisco area today. They meet head on again sunday in a third joint appearance on National television. Humphrey said he would have a a few things to unload during that session. He say what. The Minnesota senator said he still expects to win on tuesday. But Mcgovern said in a television interview he expects to capture the democratic presidential nomination on the first vote at the National convention in july. Wallace a wife Cornelia plugged in los Angeles for write in votes for her wounded husband. A i done to think you ought to minimize gov. Wallace because hell have strength at the con a e n t i 0 a Humphrey said. A a he la have something to say about who gets the Mcgovern meanwhile said that he does not intend to make any deals with such politicians As mayor Richard Daley of Chicago or Wallace. Reference to Vietnam was a a painful weakness in the address. He pledged support for the agreements however. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy a Mas heading up democratic platform hearings in Pittsburgh also noted that Vietnam was barely touched on. Until the War is resolved he said a we have not fully achieved our goals for real peace in the Republican rep. John Ashbrook seeking his party s presidential nomination accused Nixon of keeping parts of the agreement secret. Detailing comparisons of soviet and american weapons capabilities growing from the agreements Ashbrook said the soviets a could deploy significantly More weapons than we sen. Henry m. Jackson a Wash who earlier had complained the Moscow agreements a give the soviets More of everything a called Nixon a nationally broadcast report a a Clever Campaign speech on foreign policy full of platitudes and generalities signifying leaders in both the House and Senate predicted Congress will approve the strategic arms limitation tasks a Salt agreements but set no timetable pending More information. A a we la wait to see the details a said House foreign affairs chairman Thomas e. Morgan d-pa., a especially what we gave up on the Salt Senate foreign relations committee chairman j w. Ful Bright. D-ark., refused comment on the presidents report. So did Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield. Engagements Back Home and did no to want to miss them. Seven states have congressional primary elections next week. House attendance was sparse All week. A Roll Call vote taken late thursday showed that 160 members weren to on hand. A the foundation has been Laid for a new relationship Between the two most powerful nations on Earth a Nixon reported to the unusual joint session in his nationally broadcast half hour address. A now it is up to us to All of us Here in this chamber and to All of us across american to join with other nations in building a new House upon that foundation one that can be a Home for the Hopes of Mankind and a shelter against the storms of referring to his peking trip in february As Well As his meeting with soviet leaders Nixon declared a the summits of 1972�?� Are a part of a great National journey for while deep philosophical differences persist and the threat of War has been reduced but not eliminated he said historians will record 1972 As a the year when America helped to Lead the world up out of the lowlands of constant War and onto the High plateau of lasting Nixon recited the Range of agreements on space cooperation joint medical efforts and other accords announced at Moscow and predicted the new joint commercial commission will reach a comprehensive Trade agreement later this year. A and most he said a there is the treaty and related executive agreement which will limit for the first time both offensive and defensive strategic nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the United states and the .s.r,�?� mustering arguments against conservative critics of the missiles accords Nixon continued a a hiree fifths of All the people alive in the world today have spent their whole lifetimes under the Shadow of nuclear War which could be touched off by the arms race among the great Powers. By Epa conditional Okay Given 73 Fords what s inside amusements. 12-13a Bridge. A classified ads. 8-15b comics. 7b crossword. A editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries.4a sports. 3-4b television. I3a women s news. Of iia weather. 3a Washington a environment protections admin a Trator William d. Ruckelshaus said today he will allow the Ford motor co. To produce and ship its 1973 cars provided initial tests indicate they will meet Federal ant pollution requirements in full scale testing. The proposed issuance of conditional certification would Avert a threatened shutdown that could have thrown up to 450,000 workers out of their jobs for a month or More. The threat arose last month when Ford notified Ruckelshaus that its tests to qualify Davis trial goes to jury by Edith m. Lederer associated press writer san Jose calf. A the Case of Angela Davis labelled by the defense As a a Gigantic hoax and a a sorry stain in the history of Justice in this country a goes to the jury today. Her attorney urged the All White jury to a be Black think Superior court judge Richard e. Ama son win Denver final instruction before the jury of seven women and five men begins deliberations. In an emotion packed final argument thursday defense attorney Leo a. Brenton said Only am a idiotic fool could believe that a Brilliant College teacher such As Angela Davis helped plan a disorganized courthouse escape attempt that ended in the deaths of four persons. Miss Davis is charged with murder Kidnap and conspiracy and faces a life sentence if convicted. At one Point bran ton stood by a Large easel ripped off a Large paper and revealed an almost use sized drawing of miss Davis a afro Hairdo Large glasses and miniskirts with heavy chains on her hands and legs. A if the prosecution had its Way that show miss Daffis would end up a he said minutes later Branton switched the drawing to one showing miss Davis with chains lying broken at her feet and declared a when this Case is Over you will pull away these chains. Because that s where the chains should be in this cases broken Bent and when Branton finished he walked behind the defense table and kissed miss Davis who had listened intently to his arguments. She delivered the defense a opening statement but did not testify on her own behalf. Prosecutor Albert Harris jr., who had the final word at the 13-week old thai asked the jury to disregard a emotional appeals a look at evidence fairly and a see that Justice is sea Davis an Page 2a Angela Davis its new cars for required ant pollution certificates contained errors and Ruckelshaus found he was unable to Grant certification. He told a news conference today that All of Fords test vehicles had received a unscheduled unauthorized and unreported maintenance to a degree As to make this data unacceptable for the certification. He said Ford was repeating the tests but this would take at least 34 months which would delay full certification until at least two months after Ford planned to Start production. Federal clean air Laws prohibit interstate shipment of uncertified cars Ami if this were strictly enforced. Ford would have to shut Down its Auto production for a month or More Ruckelshaus said. But he said the Law authorized him to Issue conditional certifications. He said he will do so if testing of vehicles up to 4,000 Miles of operation which will take to to 14 Days permits a determination that Complete 50,000-mile testing will meet the Federal standards. In mid May Ford told Epa its already submitted certification test results contained errors. Ruckelshaus aide George v. Allen said thursday Epa was investigating the possibility of criminal prosecution of Ford employees on charges of falsifying the tests. 1 i

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