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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. Athe High Point enter prise Piedmont Center a High Point. North Carolina sunday june 2, 940 More about army chief continued from rage Siv i c Issi is the chief of staff did not say what the possible a dangerous developments in this hemisphere might be. But. Senator minion of Indiana the democratic whip had expressed belief to newsmen previously that the president might have in mind the possibility of having to occupy British. French and dutch possessions in the new world if the allies were Defeated. If need for such action arose Minton said regular troops would have to be used and the National guard called oui to Man defences Iii the Continental rutted states. General Marshall s statement failed to quiet criticism of the presidential request among Senate members on hearing of it. Senator Wheeler d., Mont declared Quot it Isnit any wonder that i am getting Many telegrams asking it it is the intention of the president and Congress to get us into War when statements Are issued indicating it May be necessary bet Ween now and the time Congress returns that the National guard be called to Active duty. Quot tills propaganda to Stampede the people of Thiv country into a War hysteria ought to be stopped Aud the people who Are opposed to War ought to let their congressman and the administration know about it a Sena lobs George to. A and speakers and teachers at institutes opening monday evening on the Duke University Campus Hie 22nd annual session of the North 4�?Taeolina pastors school Ami the seventh Annua session of the Rural 4�?Tliiirch Institute interdenominational will la held concurrently through saturday with let a. J. In. Ormond of the Duke faculty a Dean and executive Secretary. Pictured Abote Are Nome of the Well known speakers and teachers to a my Ai on the six any program. Scleral Hundred minis ters. Religious education leaders and laymen have registered for the various courses. Top left to right Bishop flare Purcell Charlotte Dean i heft Russell Duke school of religion or. Lands Wright president Baldwin Wallace College or. Roland k. So or Lakeville Conn. Rev. Deane Eduard committee on worship Federal Council of churches of Christ in America Bishop James h. Straughn Baltimore my. Bishop Yyi. In. Lovele Richmond to. Lower left to right or. Roland q. Cavell Home Mission award Southern Baptist Contention. Atlanta a. Miss Bartlett Sprat Gaffney a Or Wesley in. Carr Scarritt College Rev. In. Bari Cunningham Geneal lamed of education. Nashville trim. Nurs. You. To crash. Nashville Tenn. Or. Kenneth Clark Duke school of religion or. J. Emerson Ford Marion s. Coop men Aud 15.000 officers is distinct from the regular army Aud is supported jointly by fed t. I i ii la in by Iulius ice Austin both Suppi Libit Era anti 3tae governments. Of the presidents foreign to by Yea. Department officials said joined senators forecasting to iat that the president now had a cd ingress might remain in session i Hority to Call the guard to Active duty for either of two purposes i to meet a threatened invasion 2. To Deal with insurrection and disorder. La the event that Congress declared a National emergency to sex Quot if the president seriously in-1 tat they added the president can lists on this request. I think con und a a a Quot a a a <�?Ta11 he Gur 1 press will say a of. President it out for any purpose there is an emergency of this a president Roosevelt a request lure in the offing of which the Quot to Congress yesterday n a country now knows nothing we message recommending More than continuously As a result of the request for authority to summon tile guard to a it live duty. It. It emf it calling the request Quot apparently unwarranted Quot George told reporters will stay Here to meet i a billion dollars More for National Benami Republican Leader declared Quot i think we will be Here All summer before w there will additional divisions and some Spe-1 Elal corps troops we can avoid the necessity of utilizing the National guard at this time. Even if it w Ere found necessary to by lug the National guard into service it j in believed that for the present i Only a portion of the guard would be involved. However it is Essen tial in these Days that the War department through the commander in chief be in a position to act with rapidity and to flail with the definite Assurance that such plans can be made effective without Uncertain time is the essential Factor in those matters and the first requirement in any event would be the Opportunity for giving at least a portion of the guard intensive Alutin the Nisum defense was for authority to Call Austin me As. Mum Alrh portion of the a training and possibly some degree tonal guard As May be deemed of reorganisation. A hit a Mower i necessary to maintain our position no spread ave to be some Justl of neutrality and to safeguard the i although Many members of National Congress critic ised the president s request concerning the guard there was no indication that their critical attitude on this Issue was spreading to his recommendations to increase Aud equip the armed forces. Authoritative sources pre dieted that the expanded program cation that does no to appear now before con ii willbe willing to general marshal pointed out in it. Iii it a statement to the press today \ not her senator suggested i i that the number of seasoned Reg v i Lei v re it so president might a available in the con-1 Prea Aing its in 5 Nero it i. l nlt.sum a. &Quot.im-1 for pro Pruzon the citizen soldiers id lips Effort to j stamp but alb ged Quot fifth column Quot i in k pay visions . Whip la guard. Quot we have hut rive pm a a. R idea yesterday would this senator ,.td he had heard Trench to Arkular division. With i about l,7li.00#.000. Report that of minium to and 4as-Ja sixth now in Proem of Orsahl br7n_, he Otai Jerense budget ctr activin., were widespread nation he said. I for the next Lacal year to 14.73. Within the ranks of the guard in these Are the army a Quot Stream. A a 1,352. Lined divisions Quot which have a other developments today Bear peace Lrae strength of Only 8.5uo i ilk on the defense program i men each. I eluded Marshall said that Quot we should i. Representative die d., make the preliminary moves in Texas proposed legislation to Dia time to be prepared against the solve the communist party Aud unfortunate Nece Woty of definite i the German american bund on lha i ground they were controlled from Quot the War department is of Moscow and Berlin. He suggested posed to ordering the National f guard out for Active Din v t1 he con. Min. I. .4 a. In. Apua quickly bail ditto up of the foundation of tatty Ted organizations one state which he did not name. The National guard which has a present strength of about 225, acid stomach ulcer pains bad for the nerves Ming after effect of acid Stom or Peins la the penalty they exact on the digestive nerve. To 25c Box of to Tina for Relief of vile stomach Psi Tut Tincu Gmima is pain p. A. A a. Heart Bairfi. Jna Rotax sensation,5 Moat i to lived and sit is Hope a re Ovner condition caused by excess acid Quot cd a Tablet must help or Money refunded at Good drug a Tores Ever whet a of lha regular army still available monday tuesday wednesday special any Plain garment dry cleaned and pressed Cash and carry Felt hats cleaned and blocked each Guilford cleaners main Plant 1808 English Street 611 South main Street also that president Roosevelt create a Quot Council of Home defense a to coordinate anti fifth column activities under Quot sane 2. After a visit with president Roosevelt senator Pepper d., Fla expressed belief that the i tilted states could turn the tide of warfare in Europe by permitting the allies to Purchase air planes Aud other equipment now on hand Aud which the army and Navy eau spare. Pepper is the author of legislation which would authorize the president to take such action. 3. The Federal Bureau of investigation announced the creation of a Quot National defense investigation a unit which among other things will investigate Quot fifth column and similar activities. 4. Secretary Hull disclosed assurances from european belligerents that a dozen danish ships currying american Argo would be permitted to sail Iii safety to eat in american ports. The assurances applied Only to a single voyage however. 5. Secretary Wallace announced that an arrangement had been worked out under which the red Cross would obtain american surplus food supplies for War refugees Iii France at about half the Market Cost. 6. Secretary a Woodring announced Tho creation of several new regular army units and the reinforcement of others in an expansion involving about 12,000 to 15.000 additional men already being recruited. Senator Pepper talking with reporters after his conference with the president said Quot if tile american people Wilt authorize their president whom they can Trust to let the allies have air planes and other equip Niento which we can spare i believe it will turn the tide in Europe. There is a change that it will keep Italy out of the War because the american people will he telling Mussolini that Hitler ism Aud All who defend Hitler ism must tie Flung Back to save our country and our kind of a More about Marseille continued from Page Oik Lurly heavy in suburbs whore Lac tor in were known to be turning out plane parts and motors. Basel residents saw bombing squadrons leave their German bases shortly after noon and return several hours later across the Rhine. One of two planes which came Over Swiss territory was brought Down by a Swiss Fig liter after failing to heed warning shots. Marseille is built at the foot of a Hill around which loftier Heights Rise in a Semi Circle. It faces directly on till sea. Its foreign Commerce is greater than that of every other port in France. Not of kit London. June in i in Quot we shall meet thrill declared Laird Gort commander of the British expeditionary Force on his return today from Flanders. Quot Tbs next Tim Victory will be with More about newspaper continued from Page one when i read the orders i caught my breath. Only two weeks ago As i had left Cambrel squadrons of German planes were bombing that same Airport on the outskirts of this town which was then being evacuated by the French. The night was dark and moonless. And Only an occasional Star peeped in and out of the late Spring rain Clouds hanging Low Over the zone. The commander of the Squadron who Only two Days before had bombed his native Village in the ardennes now German occupied. Lent me flying gear three suits of heavy coveralls one heated by electricity fur lined boots. A crash helmet and thick gloves. When we reached the almost completely darkened Airport the plane already was ready. After a Quick handshake around the five of us took our places. A thin line of red lights flickered on the Field to Mark our runway. The first Pilot i was listed As a supernumerary second Pilot a gave the huge plane the gun and we lifted gracefully into the air closely circled the Field and then headed toward the Battle zone. Below us stretched the peaceful French Countryside. Heavy dark masses marked the forests while Rivers and highways appeared As Black ribbons. Some ten minutes before the front was reached it was outlined by flashes of artillery fire. Because of the Clouds we were flying Low Over French held territory hut As we neared the Battle zone the plane Rose to escape the fire of anti aircraft guns the French pilots have nicknamed the German 20 millimetre anti aircraft guns Quot Potis pout Quot and that is exactly the sound they make As the Sheila explode in the air. The heaviest anti aircraft fire was concentrated by the germans around St. Quentin and in Veronne. It is not exactly a comfortable feeling to be sitting in a plane while the Quot Posius poems a burst around. They explode on almost every Side at almost the same moment that you see the flashes on the ground. Unless they Are very close they give Only the sensation of a Gigantic fireworks display it takes a direct hit in a vital spot to disable one of these giant planes. Even a hit on the wings makes a Hole a foot Square. The plane jolts slightly and then drones on its Way. From the air at night the Bat Leline running from month Eric. Where it leaves the Maginot Lino through Ste nay att Lenv. 1 Neu chateau. Nizy la Fere Shauny Ham and Amiens to to Beville on life English Channel shows As a scarcely defined line. Of it were not for the Ais tie and the Somme Rivers which the line follows it would be difficult to recognize. Apparently heavy fighting was going on in the Amiens Albert Region where the French seem to have driven a salient. There the hash of artillery was heavier than at any other part of the line and there we saw minute flames which the observation officer said were from machine gun fire. Our plane was scouting to learn the effect of the bombing of the other planes. The Squadron already had bombed the Cambrai Airport when we arrived Over it. The Southeast Coiner of the Airport was in flames indicating that a direct hit had been made either on gasoline tanks or stocks of incendiary bombs. The Squadron skirted the zone where British and French forces were Quot almost Cut off in Flanders. It was Only a few hours before that we bad Learned there were belgian troops still protecting their North flank. From a distance flames could be seen raking the Channel ports which Are the Only Means of Supply and evacuation for the two embattled armies there. As far Inland As we were it was difficult to establish the line of the sea coast but flashes from what we believed were Allied War ships indicated the fleets were i supporting the Allied armies. Behind the German lines fast moving convoys were outlined As i dark blurs on the roads. Only of i Crossroads could their movements 1 he distinguished of was such a crossroad South of Abbeville that Bud been designated As the second i objective of the Squadron. From the air the effect of the i bombs dropping was almost in distinguish Abie. It May have been j because they were dropped from j another plane but the Only notice i Able effect was the blurring of an already obscure mass. Observers of the plane that i dropped the bombs however re a ported direct hits. The return flight was uneven i Ful except for the delicate task of setting the plane Down on an almost darkened Field. Even fully loaded Boodler Are Given Only a Brief Flash of Light As they Start to Settle Down. As fast As a plane landed it was taken in hand by expert Crews who worked in darkness to refuel it and reload it with bombs for the next flight. The French Are working at top efficiency in an Effort to make up for their numerical inferiority to the germans. Ort Flyn is downed London june 2, a sunday a lib a Reuters British news Agency from Baris Early today said the latest figures placed at 56 the member of German Plant s destroyed or damaged by the French air Force yesterday. Sixteen French planes Are missing. More about the end of a French Pursuit Brunt of German continued from Bago one against it. By Wes Supply food Low flying French planes Supply food and ammunition nightly for the Garrison. The French rearguard forces covering the Allied Retreat toward Dunke que slowly fell Back. The stand by this riddled Force made it possible a French spokesman said to save Quot Many More Quot troops than had been hoped for. Its own Fate however grows More desperate. In London the embarkation from Dunke que was called the greatest Rescue in military history. From 100,000 to 140,000 men were saved from a trap that a few Days ago seemed a break a Hie. It tile Retreat in the North was facilitated by bad whether and fog which slowed Down the German air attack by the work of the British air Force and Navy by calculated flooding and by stubborn fighting by outnumbered Allied troops. The German Effort at Dunke que today was reduced mainly to operations by bombing planes launches and mine layers. No attack attempted French military advices were that no nazi land attack had been attempted against Dunke que. Tile port is almost completely surrounded by three feet of sea water which was admitted to the ancient swamps. In a n i e r mechanized units were almost useless under such conditions. The Fate of general Rene Jacques Adolphe Prioux and his Iso i lated rearguard units in the North remained obscure Here. The other divisions which composed the rear guard were reported to have reached Dunke que at least in j part. Although the French have not Given up All Hope for Prioux and his men Little admittedly is known. Their position is roughly about 15 Miles from the sea in a Hilly area at the Edge of the Flanders Plain. Reports from Dunke que said the City had been in great measure destroyed. Approximately 250 acres of docks Dave been bombed so steadily they Are largely useless. Flames finish the Job that nazi gunnery began on this Morane Type French Pursuit plane according to German caption. No location was Given. More about withdrawals continued from Page one caught one pair and sent it turn bling into a backyard. At a station a Shower of postcards flew from the windows. The spectators scrambled for them and found that they carried messages to the families of wounded men a hard faced scotch private pounded a smiling French Poilu on the Hack and swore at length. Quot these Little so and he roared. Quot they get in a position and you can to get them out. This lad Here would be there yet if we had t Given him order. Save them hell Quot just Miling and shooting they were. And giving Jerry proper a Lance Corporal spat and said j Quot the Jerries drove women and children refugees ahead of them j and we had to hold our fire. We j got a Chance and went at them with Bayonet a. Quot Jerry a no fighter. He has to have ten to one Odds before he attack. Give us More machine guns. More tanks and More planes and we will run the lighter into a seventy year old naval pensioners James of Neill a came Hack from embarking the Allied troops at Dunke que by Motorboat with the comment Quot la was real hell Over there the old Man was suffering Shock and exhaustion because of his frantic service with a git it up of volunteers who crossed to Dun-1 Perque with six motorboats yesterday to Load troop into transports. A was we approached the Dull j Perque he said Quot gee j Man planes were bombing and machine gunning everything and everybody. They were like flies in the air. Machine gun bullets i and bombs were falling like Hail around the destroyers and other Rescue ships and around the j troops massed on the Sands and it waiting to be taken off. 1 Quot i drove my boat ashore to j the nearest group. In a licensed j to carry Only 12 passengers. I j had three or four times 12 in my i boat besides their equipment. And i before i could say Jack Robinson i others came with their rifles and tin hats and tried to scramble in. Quot but we had to Tell them to wait for the return. We had to be cruel to he kind. Quot All the time Jerry was roaring overhead dropping his bombs and machine gun bullets after putting the men on warships we dashed Back for More. Each time j we returned men were waiting some up to their Waist in water we hauled them in alway loading nearly to the sinking Point. Quot it was really hell Over there. But our boys Are All cheerful and i still full of fight and waiting to j have another go at Jerry and so am hide and seek with death More about fascist group continued from Page one Spanish news stories disputing the British right to Gibraltar a Spanish military Mission passed through Milan on its Way to Berlin. This was part of a party of 30 High ranking air Aud Navy officers w to came to Genoa under j the command of general Rada. I important was attached to the Cabinet meeting next tuesday. A the facial press indicated also that the conference at German Western front Headquarters be tween Adolf Hitler and italian i ambassador Dino Ai Fieri w As i perhaps fateful the government provided for Motif to month financing of its needs by the Iague of Treasury Bonds. Groups of italians continue to Volunteer for service in the Quot coming War liberation Quot from Allied control of the Mediterranean. Heir messages poured in on my i Solon a. Crown Prince Umberto and marshal Graziani co commanders of the italian ranted forces went to Genoa for a 3-Day rally of Grenadier regiments. The Prince is going to an infantry regiment rally at fiume june 8 to to. Dewey moves Campaign into West Virginia new York. June b Headquarters for District attorney Thomas e. Dewey said tonight he would carry his Campaign for the presidential Nomin i action into West Virginia and i North Carolina next week. Leaving Here thursday a letting june 6. Dewey will Stop briefly at Washington i. P., and arrive Friday morning at Charleston w. Va., where he will speak that night under the auspices of the regular Republican organization of West Virginia. He is scheduled to speak at a luncheon in Greensboro n c., saturday june 8, and broadcast an address arc red network 8-8 30. Est saturday night at Winston Salem n. Cd returning to new York via Washington. Sudden storm saves lives of religious sect members Odessa. Tex., june i to a a sudden wind rain and electrical storm enabled officers to Rescue 50 religious sect workers from an angry crowd tonight which had threatened them for refusal to Salute the Flag the group had taken Refuge in a ranch House after the irate citizenry broke up attempts to distribute literature on the streets. Several fist fight occurred tile literature was seized and burned. Tile rescued sect members were brought to the county jail Here w Here 20 of Liers had been held since the earlier disturbance. County attorney o. K. Gerron said All 70 would be held Quot until they Salute the american no formal charges have been filed. Negro woman shot husband is held bulletins belgian of Xvi Vohs arrive in America new York june p fifty eight survivors of the Bel Gian liner Ville Bruges foe us re the United states lined president Harding which in bombed and a link off the Ive Gian coast May 14, arrived Ted Day on the Cunard White Suh liner Samaria. -. A \ Mer Han it lighter leaves Norway new York june p the american freighter Chai in r. Mccormick whose $2j 000.000 cargo was seized of germans during the invasion Norway left Bergen today a hic i oiled states the mat department informed her Home office. A a Irish respond to defense Dublin june of thousands of irishmen have answered the Call to arms to Dot fend their country. Army officers amazed at la response of men of All agcy Call it the greatest outdo Iurii of patriotism since 1916. Gimurtu new rumanian foreign minister by c Harest june Sion gift Virtu minister of cot Nill meat ions and close Friend the German government ame rumanian a foreign mini ter today. Ile replaced Grigori Gafencu who has been Energy the ally pro French and prot a British. A a a a a More about Berlin newspaper continued from Page one 26.000 frenchmen had been Tien a prisoners. The plight of the Aine Aroi Dunke que was called Quot the my horrible event of the coincident with German pro indications of the approaching fat us Ive toward Paris the i command reported the South front came to of a again after Era Days of comparative quiet. A French tank attack failed Abbeville an army communal said. And the germans count attacked and gained ground. Xii Force troops i h Ibeh at e the air Force cooperated ground troops by bombing Liers concentrated in forests the South of Abbeville. At Eastern end of this 185-ti Southern front the germans they had driven the French across the canal Des Arden no Dechesne. The French had holding a Bridgehead on North embankment there the newspaper a in bul Fth my Englutt said the a Lim lion Quot i hic Northern Allied Ai Quot created a platform for a new Tensive which extends from Mouth of the Stonnie Over Amiens a anal Between the Kij Somme and Alane and the cd of Bethel and Mout Medy to tact the German went Wall ail Southern tip of Luxembourg Quot advanced pots on this to Between lion and comp Igne less than 62 Miles from Pat the paper said. It was from Laou that big berths of the a world first fired into Paris. Tile paper enumerated to reasons Why Quot it would not surprising if the weight of ing decisions presently town on Hie Flench Coj these were i that fortifications of Extension of till Maginot lit Northwestern France Are hoi Hind the germans giving Quot untold possibilities Quot to by through in relatively open rain 2. That general Maxim Gaud can hardly foresee the decisive German press up extend. 3. That Yve Gand does no to the number of first class re necessary to Back up the length of the front successful moreover the paper said i French defense ii Quot Eno rat i complicated Quot by the Realis that Italy has reached Quot the ing Point in its position to it the they have seen the sight feared by Tho thousands of refugees toiling along Belgium s roads a Lei mar warplane in the sky above them tire bicycle with their scant belongings is abandoned As the two Mer Tumble into the Roadside ditch. The old woman still Wear Reg her Kitchen apron clangs fearfully b the protective trunk of a huge tree. Photo passed by British censor. Rosa Belle Russell negro woman of 511 Grayson Street was taken to Burma memorial Hospital last night for treatment of wounds said to have been inflicted in an affray and her husband Robert Russell. 3 2, was jailed on an assault charge. 1 a a athe incident happened Ai Hie Chi St hut appeared not to b Hora of the couple at Iii Gray la a a j son Street shortly after Midi police said they had not Able to learn tile details cot ing the tight and shooting. Hospital attaches said thi Man was wounded in the a

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