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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot humid and hazy Moro data on Pago 3a 88th year a no. 206 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., monday afternoon july 24, 1972 22 pages Call us circulation. 8i2-171f classified and. 185-2177 Aii of Hor departments 885-2hi daily 10c, sunday 25c��b for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Tired of Mother. 0. I remember the song Quot tired of i had an old 71 rpm years ago and played it often. Some of the words escape me but i have written Down what i can remember. Perhaps someone else can remember and we could get together. I would like to see this song revived. The words surely fit today More than Ever. . A. Thanks to you and a couple of others who took considerable time typing or writing All the verses a and to a dozen More who offered to let us see their copies Here Are All the words to the sad song. One said the original title was a a unwanted Mother and it was written by Rev. M. R. Harvey. It. 2 Box 115, Marion. Nc., in 1927. We got a Boot out of the Call from one kind but Anonymous lady offering her copy who said she was going to give Only her initials but we could find her number in the Telephone Book. Better make sure the family has read the rest of the paper first or it might get a Little Damp from this tear Jerker. A a it was when a northbound Southern stopped in High Point late one night that an aged and helpless Mother furnished there a pitiful sight. Lying on a cot so ragged she was lifted from the train not a single piece of baggage could this aged Mother claim. Loved ones there did Greet each other laughter loud with Joy was heard. But no one to Greet this Mother a could it be nobody cared did they know that she was coming did the sender notify. Or is this a plan for turning Mother out to Grieve and die she was carried to the depot where she patiently did wait for some loved one there to meet Here but in vain she tarried late. Then an officer did question As he Drew up near the cot a Mother who Are you expecting done to you guess they have forgot a now the name a unwanted Mother she did then and there obtain. For some reason then or other no me Ever for her came. Yes she once was Young and Welcome by her loved ones and her friends but she now is poor and helpless none on whom she can depend. A phone the Board of Public from the lips of someone fell soon a taxicab was sent they carried her to a hotel turned away she was not wanted had no room for such As she. Friendless penniless forsaken where could All her loved ones be a the Hospital was suggested then they carried her Down there someone s Mother just neglected someone surely did no to care. To was to the Guilford general she was taken late that night sadness almost like a funeral close accompanied that sight. A will you keep her til tomorrow then we know surely come a break this awful pall of sorrow take her to a Welcome then with kindness she was taken placed upon a cozy bed. She whom loved ones had forsaken having other cares instead. Soon the whistles were a blowing men began to Rise and stir then this Mother woke just knowing someone soon would come for her. Blighted was her expectation when she Learned they would not come a a we have made investigation you re not wanted in their a Are some of my people coming a asked the Mother with a tear. A no a the answer soon returning a you will have to stay up Here. Then she smiled right in her sorrow a you Are All so Good to me a and knew not that on the Morrow with the Angels she would be. A Mother Are you trusting Jesus a asked a minister and then Down her Cheeks rolled tears so freely As she grasped the preachers hand a yes. I m trusting Jesus brother How i wish that i could die. Then id see my precious Mother a she would meet me in the sky. So action line on s a s. Viets press drive bombers hit Hanoi by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a South vietnamese troops made major advances on two fronts today fighting their Way to the Walls of Quang tri Citadel in the Northern counteroffensive and recapturing a second District town on the Central coast. In the air War. American jets bombed the Southern sector of Hanoi on sunday for the second successive Day setting a Battery Plant on fire and triggering a dozen explosions the . Command reported. Associated press correspondent Dennis Neeri reported from Quang tri that government paratroopers pushed through a Hail of North vietnamese Artil Ery on the approaches to the Citadel then encountered withering fire through two breaches in the 40-foot Walls of the 19th Century pipe sitting it out with the temperatures hitting the 90�?Ts, sunday proved to be a scorcher for new yorkers. Many sat it out a at the Beach inside with an air conditioner or near any Cooling water. This Young Man sought Relief in the Middle of a Fountain at Washington Squire Park in Manhattan. A wir0�o scientists Happy Over spacecraft enemy gets Oil from chinese Lompoc Calif. A their Long awaited satellite tucked in a perfect orbit Over the North and South poles scientists Are checking out systems aboard the erts spacecraft in preparation for receiving first pictures of the Earth tuesday. The $176 million spacecraft was launched sunday from Vandenberg air Force base Here to begin a year of global environmental measurement that scientists bore will usher in a new Era of using space technology to Monitor Earth a natural resources. Erts which is Short for Earth resources technology satellite thundered aloft atop a White Delta launch rocket that flawlessly boosted the 1.900-Pound spacecraft 500 Miles above the South pole and into a circular orbit. A a everything looks Fine a in fact it looks said or. John Clark director of the National aeronautics and space administration s Goddard spaceflight Center at Greenbelt. My. The Center will control erts during the year in which the Kofoot Long satellite will Circle the Earth every 103 minutes. Equipped with three television cameras and a special radiation sensing device the spacecraft will photograph the entire Globe every 18 Days. Scientists Hope to use the pictures to Monitor natural resources such As crops forests schools of fish water supplies and grasslands. They believe the pictures taken through filters that measure radiation reflected from the planet can help in mapping spotting earthquake fault systems and locating Mineral and Oil deposits. A this is probably the most important launch of an unmanned satellite Nasa has Ever Clark said. A this Mission has More potential to bring direct benefits to the average Man than perhaps anything we be done so far in the unmanned space Washington a Pentagon sources report that fresh supplies of motor fuel apparently have started flowing into North Vietnam through a new pipeline irom South China. In addition . Reconnaissance planes recently located a new Petroleum storage depot tying into the pipeline. The depot is said to be relatively near the chinese Border which might inhibit . Bombing attacks against it. For weeks . Photo planes have been monitoring construction Progress on the new pipeline that could be vital in keeping North Vietnam a War Effort going. Recent intelligence reports have spoken of Petroleum products being discharged from Railroad tank cars at Ping Hsiang on the chinese Side of the Border. From Ping Hsiang the new pipeline runs across the North vietnamese Border and reaches Haiduong. East of Hanoi. . Minefields have stopped soviet tankers from reaching North vietnamese ports where they used to unload about 50.000 tons of motor fuel and Oil monthly. There have been reports that peking has agreed to allow russian tankers to discharge their loads at chinese ports for transshipment Overland to North Vietnam. While the new pipeline is considered unlikely to compensate entirely for the closing of North vietnamese ports to communist tankers. . Experts say it could keep North Vietnam a Supply trucks and armoured Battle vehicles rolling. The North vietnamese have been burying the four Inch pipe but surface pumping stations Well South of the chinese Border would be vulnerable to air attack. However the North vietnamese Are believed prepared to replace knocked out pumping stations with portable equipment mounted on trucks so that the flow of Petroleum products could resume. In addition intelligence reports say there Are signs the North vietnamese Are ready to Speed construction of an alternate pipeline East of and roughly parallel to the main line now believed in operation. These signs include discovery of stacks of pipeline sections awaiting installation. A a the North vietnamese Are funnelling their firepower into the gaps in the Walls and its murder in there a one officer said. Officers said the South vietnamese were taking substantial casualties but refused to say How Many. Neeld said the paratroops launched their assault at Dawn from a string of bunkers within 50 Yards of the Citadel Walls moving behind a heavy artillery and Aerial bombardment. The two breaches in the Walls had been made two weeks ago by . Jets with laser guided 2.009-Pound bombs. Meanwhile in Binh Dinh province on the Central coast More than 1,000 South vietnamese rangers moving on foot and by helicopter recaptured the District town of tam Quan associated press photographer Neal Ulevich reported. He said the North vietnamese put up Only Light resistance. Government forces were not so successful in the que son Valley 25 Miles South of Danang where the North vietnamese reportedly launched a series of heavy assaults. Field informants said an outpost called lion was overrun and two of the government defenders were killed 17 were wounded and 61 were missing. On the Northern front fire base Bastogne and three other positions guarding the Western flanks of Hue were hit by More than 1.200 rounds of hellfire. Field reports said la South vietnamese soldiers were killed and 22 were wounded. The air attacks on Hanoi a Van Dien Battery Plant were the first since the full scale bombing of North Vietnam resumed april 6. The North vietnamese foreign ministry said that Many factories and other economic installations and workers collective housing area were destroyed and Many civilians were killed. North Vietnam also claimed that 13 . Jets were shot Down saturday and sunday and at least one Pilot of a Navy f8 was captured. The us. Command reported Only two planes lost a Navy rf8 reconnaissance Jet downed saturday 35 Miles South of Thanh Hoa and a Navy a7 that crashed in the Tonkin Gulf sunday night. The command said the Pilot of the rf8 is missing and the Pilot of the a7 was rescued. Killing continues in n. Ireland Belfast apr a sniper killed another British Soldier in Belfast today while a civilian died and four were wounded in a crossfire in Londonderry. The Soldier was shot at an army Post on the Edge of the roman Catholic Bally Murphy District. His was the 473rd confirmed death in the three years of religious warfare in North president to meet japanese minister chances grow slim for miners Rescue Blacksville w. A apr Rescue workers today neared completion of a Shaft they were drilling into a burning Coal mine where nine men were trapped but Hope was diminishing that they would be found alive. A we have found nothing thus far. To give us any encouragement a said Hazlett Corch ran a spokesman for consolidation Coal co., owner of the mine. The Rescue Crews were expected to Complete soon a five Inch Hole into the mine. Drilling had been delayed somewhat earlier in the Day by equipment failure and when the bit became stuck. The bore Hole was at a site about a mile and a Quarter from the lire at a spot where the trapped men might have sought Refuge. Cochran said the Hole a will permit us to determine air Quality. And Tell us whether or not the air is capable of sustaining also microphones will be dropped into the Hole. In addition. Geologists spread a network of Geo phones around the area of the bore Hole. These Are Able to detect sounds or vibrations from deep within the Earth but at mid morning had picked up no sounds. Meanwhile a Bureau of mines spokesman in Washington said the mine is considered so dangerous that it requires weekly inspections. The spokesman. Who wished to remain Anonymous said Federal inspectors made the most recent spot Cheek at the mine thursday two Days before the fire broke out. The spokesman could not say Why the mine had been placed on the list of those that Are considered dangerous enough for weekly spot checks. There has been no word from the nine since shortly after the fire started. Officials of the consolidation Coal Biack Seville no. I mine said sunday night chances the men would he found alive were a quite Washington a new japanese prime minister Kakuei Tanaka has accepted an invitation for wide ranging talks with president Nixon in Hawaii aug. 31 and sept. I. No Agenda was announced for the meeting which the official language of a joint sunday night announcement billed As a an Exchange of views Between the two Pacific allies. Presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said there will be a a full Range of discussion of -japanese relations. Including Trade a the meeting will come less than two weeks after Nixon s expected nomination by his party to run for a second term. For Tanaka who was elected earlier this month the meeting with Nixon will precede japanese diplomatic talks with China and the soviet Union a we feel it is an appropriate time to meet with the prime minister a said Ziegler in response to a question following the announcement. The Hawaii gathering will be the second Summit for the two Powers this year. Nixon met in san Clemente Calif., in january with Tanaka a predecessor Eisaku Sato. The january meeting was intended to soothe the feelings of the japanese who were buffeted by the administrations announcements last summer of direct approaches to Mainland China and of economic moves sharply affecting . Trading partners. The administration last August imposed a 10-per-cent surcharge on imports without advising Japan the United states second largest trading partner. The new Summit is seen in part As a continuation of the january Effort to better relations that were ruffled by the moves of 1971.what s inside amusements a Bridge a classified adj 7-1 in comics 9a crossword a editorial a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3 so television. 6b women s news Sia weather 3a pm Ireland and the 103rd British Soldier to die. British troops raided two Catholic housing estates in Armagh. Southwest of Belfast and arrested to persons for questioning. Sweeps in Catholic areas of Belfast on sunday turned up More than 700 pounds of gel ignite and other explosives. The casualties in Londonderry were passengers in a car caught Between British troops and snipers during one of three gun Battles in Northern Ireland a second City. Two other Battles broke out when guerrillas attacked army posts in Londonderry with Rifle fire and Nail bombs. The army said troops hit three gunmen and no soldiers were Hurt. In Belfast militant protestants stepped up pressure on Britain to hit Back harder at the Irish Republican army guerrillas they blamed for a weekend of bloodshed that left 18 dead. Leaders of the right Wing Vanguard movement called a civil disobedience Campaign including refusal to pay rents and local taxes. A spokesman for the paramilitary Ulster defense association which claims it can Muster 43,000 trained volunteers warned it would attack Ira strongholds within a week. There were signs the British government was also ready to take a tougher stance against the Ira. Britain a administrator for Northern Ireland William Whitelaw and defense Secretary lord Carrington had talks with prime minister Edward Heath and it was believed a new hard line strategy was mapped out. The talks followed the Ira bomb Blitz on Belfast on Friday and shootings afterwards in which 18 persons died. This raised the confirmed fatality toll in three years of religious warfare in the North to 472. Debating had big effect on Mcgovern editor s note this is the first of three articles or the life of democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern by Harry f. Rosenthal associated press writer Washington Apas a boy George Mcgovern was that Nice kid the one who preferred the piano and his stamp collection to playing kick the Tan. He was a shy one. In his neat Plain clothes and hand me Down shoes this slow speaking serious son of a minister. His shyness and a conviction that it was a fault to be con a u e r e d propelled Young Mcgovern into becoming a crack High school debater with its demands on logic and facts commitment and the ability to listen. And everything that followed sprang from that As if by some unseen plan for Ever widening horizons Mcgovern would learn to revile War while flying bombers he would try the ministry and be disillusioned by its Businesslike ways he would be a professor for the give and take with the Young. And he would turn a social conscience to practical politics first in the House of representatives. Then As a food for peace administrator then As Antiwar senator and finally in the shambles of 1968 Chicago de cide unhesitatingly that 1972 would be his year to Lead a dramatically different democratic party Back into the White House. The George Mcgovern turning age 50. Who stood before the democratic National convention in Miami Beach and said a come Home America a is the Issue and product of Small town Middle class America of the depression the son of a methodist preacher who followed the hard Credo of John Wesley. Joseph Mcgovern the father had followed the Dakota fever pioneers who settled the Northern Prairies he was so successful in a spiritual but Dot financial Way that lie built a half dozen churches in North Dakota. Josephus first wife died childless. He was 48 when he married again in 1919 to a woman 20 years his Junior and Frances Mclean Mcgovern bore him two girls and two sons. George delivered by or. James Hollingsworth in the bedroom of the Avon s d. Parsonage was the oldest boy. A the was a Bright and curious child and often wandered off from the others usually in the company of some stray says mrs Grace Kiehlbauch whose children played with George mostly those who knew Mcgovern then remember him that Way a Nice moral withdrawn youngster. George was 6 when the family moved to Mitchell a South Dakota town of 14.000. His father was a Stern disciplinarian one who earned respect More than love requiring that his children learn to read aloud from the Bible even before they entered school. It was in such an atmosphere that the future nominee spent his youth. In the first Grade although he could already read George shied from Reading aloud his teacher mistaking withdrawal for slowness almost held him Back. But As a High school sophists debating on s a Mcgovern As student

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