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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather cooler tuesday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 195 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon july 15, 1974 22 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily Ioc sunday 25c next to final witness judiciary hears Colson by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a Charles w. Colson once one of president Nixon a closest political advisers is next to come up for questioning by the House judiciary committee impeachment inquiry. Colson imprisoned for the part he played in White House efforts to defame Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the Pentagon papers appears today As the next to last witness the committee intends to Call. Herbert w. Kalmbach Nixon a former personal lawyer is scheduled As a witness tuesday. The committees crucial deliberations Are to Start next monday. A final recommendation is expected around july 30. Colson who held the title special counsel to the president promised to Tell everything he knows when he pleaded guilty june 3. The committee also will question Colson about his role in helping arrange for a political contribution by the Dairy Industry to Nixon a 1972 Campaign. One of the allegations the committee is investigating is whether Nixon raised the milk support prices in 1971 in Exchange for a $2 million Campaign pledge. Colson was the White House Contact Man for Dairy Industry representatives during discussions about the contribution. Nixon has said he increased milk prices because of congressional pressure. In other watergate related developments a sen. Lowell p. Weicker jr., r-conn., said he would vote for Nixon a conviction in a Senate impeachment trial if Nixon refused a supreme court order to give up watergate tape recordings. Weicker a member of the Senate watergate committee. Was interviewed in the lbs program a face the a the watergate committee issued its report Sun Day but did not draw conclusions about individual guilt or innocence. With that report the committee went out of business. A the House committee is expected to release More impeachment evidence this week. A the trial of California it. Gov. De Reinecke begins today. He is charged with lying to the Senate judiciary committee about his involvement in trying to bring the 1972 Republican National convention to san Diego. Colson repeatedly has denied knowledge of the watergate break in and he had left the White House by the time the cover up began unravelling in the Spring of 1973. The committee is interested however in the fact that one of the first things Nixon did upon learning of the june 17, 1972, break in at democratic Headquarters was to talk to Colson. The president telephoned Colson six times and met with him once in the Days immediately after the break in. The judiciary committee has subpoenaed tapes of All Nixon s conversations to Colson but has not been Given any. And none of the edited transcripts released by the White House Deal with Colson conversations. But those transcripts Are filled with references to the tall assertive lawyer who was quoted during the 1972 political Campaign As saying he would walk Over his grandmother to see Nixon elected. A i talked to him about Many Many political things a Nixon said in a March 21, 1973, conversation about watergate with his former counsel John w. Dean Iii. A a but i never talk about this sort of thing because he Suh very harmful. He must be Damn sure i done to know anything. And i Nixon also called Colson a a name Dropper and said he talked too much. It was Colson who got his National guard takes Over Cyprus Charles Colson Friend e. Howard Hunt jr., a Job at the White House and after Hunt had teamed with g. Gordon Liddy to provide political intelligence for Nixon a reelection Campaign Colson prodded the committee to make use of their services. 7 hostages escape convicts reject offer in g=2@�i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Better Safe than sorry q. Vie bought a camper and wondered if it was against the Law to ride in the Back part of the camper while it is pulled. If it is do you have a list of these states maybe South Carolina for instance or Virginia where it is against the Law to ride in the camper while being pulled on the Road we would appreciate your help. Mrs. . A. The Highway patrol office does no to have motor vehicle Laws of All the states but As far As North Carolina goes it is not against the Law. For safety a Sake however they done to recommend it. By James h. Phillips associated press writer Washington a two armed convicts today rejected government offers and pressed their seige in the . District court Cellblock even though their seven hostages had escaped nearly 24 hours earlier. The hostages fled sunday morning after enduring 68 hours of Captivity. The escape became possible when authorities smuggled a key to the hostages. Justice department spokesman Mark Sheehan said today that Frank Gorhamjr. Turned Down a government offer to Fly Gorham and his partner Robert n. Jones to Federal prison medical facilities in Springfield mo., or Marion 111. Sheehan cited no reason for the refusal but Gorham said in a Telephone Call to radio station Wash that the pair sought a prison on the East coast or a Lawrence coast a presumably meaning the St. Lawtence River. Before the line was mysteriously Cut off Gorham said that in addition to the geographical demand the pair wanted assurances they would not be separated and that they would not be confined to solitary. Negotiations Between authorities and the two convicts continued through the night and into the morning. Food also was sent Down to the prisoners Sheehan said. Earlier the government turned off the air conditioning in the basement of the courthouse at the foot of Capitol Hill and briefly turned the Furnace on. The temperatures outside hovered in the High 80s. At 7 . Sunday the convicts released a woman inmate Almeda Washington one of several prisoners in the detention Center caught up in the standoff when Gorham and Jones used a concealed .22-caliber pistol to take Over at 2 . Thursday. The convicts had voluntarily released one of their original eight hostages Early Friday and 14 other prisoners saturday morning. Gorham 26, a convicted Bank robber and one time Vietnam paratrooper was sleeping sunday morning while Jones 24, also known As Otis Wilkerson was on the phone negotiating. One of the hostages Deputy marshal Calvin l. Mouton had asked officials to smuggle in an elevator key in a sanitary Napkin requested by one of the women. The hostages a Mouton Deputy Marshall Joe Driskell 57 William j. Garber 46, an attorney John j. Hurley 61, an attorney for Gorham and Jones Ralph w. Swartz 38. A Justice department be 7 hostages on 2a Athens af1 a greek army officers commanding the cypriot National guard have seized control of Cyprus and toppled the government of president Makarios radio Cyprus announced today. Reports differed on the Fate of Makarios. Radio Cyprus announced newspaper publisher Nicholas Sampson had been appointed president to succeed Makarios. Sampson publishes the newspaper Machi meaning combat. The radio earlier reported that Makarios had been killed but did not repeat this report in announcing the appointment of Sampson. A turkish cypriot radio monitored in Ankara said Makarios had survived the coup and taken Refuge with the United nations Force assigned to keep peace Between greeks and turks on the Island. The turkish broadcast said Makarios appealed to Quot All Loyal cypriots to struggle to end the foreign aggression in our it said he also sought United nations intervention to halt a unnecessary bloodshed among in Greece a military source said the greek armed forces had been put in a state of Alert and in Turkey Premier Bulent Ece Vit cancelled a trip to turkeys Agean area and called an extraordinary Cabinet meeting. Ece Vit declared Turkey a will not let any alien touch the turkish Community a Basic rights on the the greek officers of the National guard were recently accused by Makarios of supporting the terrorist Oka a organization which seeks to unite Cyprus with Greece. Union with Greece or Gnosis had also been an Early goal of Makarios but he gave it up in favor of an Independent Cyprus because of bitter opposition to Gnosis president Makarios by the Island s Large turkish minority. Makarios 60. Was the political Leader for the Island s struggle for Independence from Britain in the 1950s and had been president since Cyprus became Independent on aug. 16. 1960. He had been archbishop and head of the cypriot orthodox Church since 1950. Britain s High commissioner to Cyprus Steven Olver reported to London that the presidential Palace in Nicosia was under attack but a there is no confirmation on the whereabouts of presi Dent Makarios a a spokesman for the British foreign office reported. Olver reported that there was fighting in Nicosia the nations capital and in Limassol. He said tanks had surrounded the Nicosia Airport and the rebel forces had taken Over radio Cyprus. Normal communications with the Mediterranean Island off the South coast of Turkey were severed and the International Airport at Nicosia was closed. Accord near in Baltimore others strike copyrighted pickles q. I want the recipe for the 14-Day pickles where you heat your vinegar nine mornings. I had one but lost it and would appreciate your printing it. Anon. A. The Home economics Extension agents sent us one but its from copyrighted material. If you la Call Back and give your name and address Well Type out and mail a copy to you. Just too Small q. In the paper today there is an advertisement for the one Price tire store and it has a guarantee that you cannot read. Is this the fault of the Enterprise or does the store not want you to know the real value of the guarantee will you Check this please thank you. Anon. A. We checked and it was just As Clear As a conversation with snoopy a buddy Woodstock. The advertising department says the ads come from the National office of the company. Their copy has larger Type and proportions than the and will have in the paper. In reducing it to fit their advertising space the Fine print of the guarantee becomes indecipherable. Even in its original format you a need a magnifying Glass to read it. We re sure the store will be glad to show you the guarantee in readable print and they might want to Tell their National advertising department that they could write the guarantee in old Norse or hieroglyphics for All the Good it does the Reader. Re action to clean mildew in a Shower if you will use Plain rubbing alcohol with a Brush it will come off. I am sure this will be cheaper and it works. Anon. Sound off mrs. Debra Collins escaped hostage holds daughter Tracey sunday in Washington a wire photo suicide attempted on to show Sarasota Fla. A a local television personality shot herself in the head today while her morning program was on the air. The woman Chris Chubbuck was in critical condition at Sarasota memorial Hospital. Officials for Walt to said that miss Chubbuck 30, suddenly announced on the air a in keeping with Channel 40�?Ts policy of having the news first you Are going to see another first a an attempted this is a plea directed to the person who came into posses Jack Hartley a Salesman Sion of my daughters purse Type Billfold on july 9 on tuesday with the station said no one morning. In addition to being temporarily inconvenienced due knew Why miss Chubbuck to the loss of valuable cards etc., including especially her registered nurse and Drivers License she is extremely heartbroken Over the loss of the Billfold which was Given to her last Christmas by my late husband who died of cancer about three months ago. Please keep the Money but search your heart and return her other possessions and i know that god will bless you and her father wont be Here to give her a gift next Christmas and by a initials Are m. B. Thank you so much and this is her Mother. Crime rises 15% Washington a crime in the United states soared up 15 per cent during the first three months of this year the Fri reported today. It was the second consecutive period reflecting a dramatic increase in the National rate of murder rape robbery assault burglary larceny and Auto theft a the crime categories measured by the Fri in its uniform crime reports. The latest crime surge strengthened the pattern forecast by the 16 per cent Over All increase during the last three months of 1973. By contrast the full year figures for 1972 showed a 4 per cent decline the first drop in 17 years and the figures for the first nine months of 1973 showed the crime rate was holding steady. The Fri figures based on statistics reported by state and local police agencies across the country Are not considered totally accurate by the Law enforcement assistance administration which has concluded from its own polling that the nation experiences at least twice As much crime As the Fri figures reflect. The Fri report showed that offences in All seven crime categories totalled 15 per cent More than in the same period a year ago. By Nick Tatro associated press writer National airlines and the Copper Industry were hit by strikes today but a tentative settlement was reached in the lengthy walkout by Gar basemen and other City employees in Baltimore. A Union spokesman said negotiators would recommend approval of the offer to 3,000 striking Baltimore employees some of whom have been off the Job since july i. A separate dispute involving City police remained unsettled with the Issue of reprisals the main stumbling Block. The National airlines strike involved mechanics. In the Copper Industry workers walked out on four major producers in a dispute that threatened to involve 3u000 Industry employees. Prison guards and other workers picketed a dozen state facilities in Ohio with employees at some state liquor stores vowing to join the Job action. The dispute Between the National football league players association and the nil management Council involving players rights entered its third week with no settlement in sight. The College All Star game already has been cancelled due to the dispute and the next casualty could be the july 27 Hall of Fame game in Canton Ohio which begins the exhibition season. In Baltimore Union spokesman Barry Able said Union and City negotiators reached agreement in the municipal employees strike at about 2 a m. Three hours later he said both sides in the police dispute reached agreement on economic issues. He said the negotiators would recommend approval of the offer if it included a pledge of no reprisals against striking police. Who walked out thursday night joining other City workers on the picket line. Able declined to discuss the details of either offer saying they would first be see Accord on 2a japanese Airliner hijacked Tokyo a a knife wielding Young japanese tonight hijacked a Domestic Japan air lines flight and threatened to kill some of the 84 persons aboard one by one unless a guerrilla Leader was released from jail and flown with him to North Korea. The plane landed at Tokyo then took off Early tuesday Atter the Man had bargained for several hours with officials in the control Tower. The plane had Only about an hour s fuel and the Airport Tower had warned against a take off. The passengers were believed to include two americans. Airport authorities said the jetliner was heading Back to Osaka the Point it had left when it was seized monday night. The hijackers demands were not met while the plane sat on a runway for about four hours and it left with All passengers and Crew members still aboard. Airport officials said it was not refuelled while in Tokyo and had enough fuel for a flight of about one hour. Osaka is 250 Miles Southwest of Tokyo. The plane took off without any clearance or word to the control Tower at the Airport disregarding Tower instructions not to take to the air. Airport officials said. Shot herself. He said she had been working for the station for about a year doing a regular morning interview show called a Sarasota Hartley said the station blacked out the screen and switched to temporary profs suicide on 2a what s inside amusements.6b bridge12b classified ads7-11b comics8a crossword12b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports3-5 b television .5a women a news6-7a weather.3a i nuclear testing seeded up Washington a most Pentagon research specialists Are satisfied the United states can adequately test several important new nuclear weapons including bigger multiple warheads before a limit on underground testing takes effect. Quot we can do what we want to do in that time Frame a said one official referring to the More than 20 months remaining of unrestricted nuclear testing below ground. This Confidence probably is based largely on an expectation that the Pace of testing will Speed up significantly. The atomic Energy commission reportedly has asked for another $89 million for this purpose this year. A new .-soviet treaty bans All underground nuclear test explosions greater than 150 Kilotons the equivalent of 150,000 tons of int after March 31, 1976. A previous treaty has forbidden All nuclear tests in the atmosphere in space and under water since 1963 both United states and Russia conducted nuclear weapons tests last week about a week after the new treaty was signed in Moscow by president Nixon and soviet communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev. A 400 Kiloton multiple warhead for the . Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile is among the weapons the Pentagon is moving to develop As Hedges against possible failure to achieve a Long Range curb on both . And soviet nuclear arms

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