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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm and sunny details on Page 8a 92nd year no. 196 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882 1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon july 14, 1976 68 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c Carter s Day arrives nomination is tonight new York a Jimmy Carter reaches a crucial Milepost on his Long once lonely journey from Georgia toward the White House when tonight he receives the democratic presidential nomination. Not until he has that prize in hand does Carter intend to name his running mate. Carter began this Day of fulfilment by meeting a series of groups anxious to have his ear and also worked on his acceptance speech. The third session of the democratic National convention is to open at 8p.m. Edt and sometime before Midnight during the Call of the Roll of delegations Carter s vote total will top the 1,505 needed for the nomination. With that accomplished the nominee will Call the six senators on his list of potential running mates and notify them of his Choice. Carter then intends to announce his Choice publicly at a news conference on thursday considered at the top of that list were Sens. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine Walter f. Mondale of Minnesota and John Glenn of Ohio. Also in the running were Sens Henry m. Jackson of Washington. Frank a Hurch of Idaho and Adlai e. Stevenson Iii of Illinois Carters Choice will be ratified by the convention thursday night just before the former Georgia governor delivers his acceptance speech. The convention approached its Climax in an atmosphere of Unity with party leaders and delegates determined to do nothing to upset Carters careful plans to win the White House held by republicans for nearly eight years. Among the meetings on Carters schedule was one with democratic governors. Gov. Reuben Askew of Florida chairman of the group said the purpose was a to try to help him in any Way he feels he needs assistance rather than trying to lobby him on any particular Carter also met with nine labor leaders for what an aide described As a a get acquainted after the meeting a Carter spokesman said the Union leaders urged Carter to choose Mondale As his running mate Carter is one of four candidates whose names will be placed before the convention tonight for the presidential nomination the others Are rep Morris Udall of Arizona. Gov Edmund g. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every test q. Is there any place in the High Point area that would give that pulmonary test the breathing test that would detect emphysema if so would you please publish it for a number of people Are interested in this. Thank you. Anon woman. A. Persons can be referred by their physician to the inhalation therapist at the local Hospital. On june 4. We mentioned that another breathing test for the Public might be held in the fall therapist Tom Roddy says it will probably be the first of october before they la get the Mobile s marital status to. Is Elton John married if so to whom s t. A lie s not married according to a sketch published in biography news a year ago search for the Ark q. Have they Ever found Noah Sark anon. A the search for it known As Arke ology. Has been undertaken by Many Over the centuries one of the few things scientists and theologians agreed on was its size 450 feet Long half again As Long As a football field75 feet wide and As tall As a three Story building it weighed about too tons the first reference to the actual location came from a babylonian history compiled by a priest around 275 . He mentioned that parts still remained in the mountains of Ararat and some people were scraping off pitch to use As amulets a which proves souvenir Hunters have been around since time immemorial. Later stories Many greeted with scepticism include those of a persian Bishop who received a Plank a from an Angels a while on a pilgrimage there a Hermit who gave to a dutch Monk in 1870 a wooden Cross he Sci id he had carved from a Plank of the Ark an Archdeacon of South India who scaled the 17,000-foot Mountain on his third try in 1898 and a stood overwhelmed and awed As he saw the old Ark there wedged in the rocks and half filled with Snow and in tile summer of 1952, a mining Engineer covered the area from a helicopter and photographed a huge Structure protruding from the ice die photos were later lost and his plans to launch an expedition faded in the face of doubts from All quarters. An Earth orbiting skylab in 1974 took photographs at 450 Miles above Ararat and apparently pinpointed the location at 14,000 feet Elevation. Materials described As a clearly foreign to anything else on the Mountain and about the right size and shape to be an arks a were photographed in a Crevasse covered with transparent ice. These and the earlier lost pictures Are the most convincing evidenced its existence but there Are obstacles to further exploration it is a treacherous Glacier and the Mountain is in a highly militarized zone which the turks consider of strategic importance a few years ago some California High school students wondered what would happen if someone tried to build an Ark today. They applied for All the permits to build and Load it signing the requests Noah Lamec son. Noah was the son of Lamech the replies received from the division of highways fish and game departments is. Coast guard Bank of America and others led them to the conclusion Noah would never have been Able to put it All together today. Brown jr., of California and fallen Mccormack of Long Island . Udall doggedly but unsuccessfully pursued the nomination through the Long primary Campaign Brown entered late and Defeated Carter in six states but the georgian had the nomination All but clinched before Brown got into the race. Mrs. Mccormack campaigned on an anti abortion platform. Rep. Peter w. Rodino of new Jersey who presided Over the hearings into the impeachment of Richard m. Nixon two years ago will deliver the nominating speech for Carter seconding speeches will be Given by Margaret Costanza vice mayor of Rochester ., and by rep Andrew Young of Georgia. Former special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox will place Udall a name in nomination. Udall has said he would release his delegates before the balloting begins. Cesar Chavez head of die United farm workers Union will deliver the nominating speech for Brown James m. Kill Ilea of Boston will nominate mrs. Mccormack. Some Massachusetts delegates wanted to place Alabama gov. George c. Wallace a name in nomination Ford very visible at All Star game Washington a he began his 63rd year today As an underdog slicing a birthday cake that urged him to a give Mem hell the birthday boy is Gerald Ford. The unnamed a a a Ems mentioned on the cake could be Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter or both Carter becomes the democratic presidential nominee tonight and polls show he leads Ford in surveys gauging their relative popularity with voters president Ford was to take his Semi annual physical today with Electrocardiogram and Standard lab tests by his personal physician. Rear adm William Lukash and that crimped an Early birthday Celebration. Ford was the pre game Star at tuesday night s baseball All stargaze and the Celebration of his birthday began on the flight Home from Philadelphia Fords staff brought out a birthday cake with five candles and the legend suggesting the presidential Campaign of Harry Truman an incumbent underdog who won Ford confronted with the birthday cake was reminded that he should not be eating prior to a physical exam turning to Lukash. Pm Ord asked a a could t it be postponed for 24 hours a a Lukash firmly Shook his head in the negative so Ford Cut the cake and passed pieces out to people Christian democrats try again by Edward Magri associated press writer Rome a Giulio Andreotti a two time Premier and fixture in Christian democratic cabinets began trying to form Italy a 36th postwar government today it will probably be weeks before he knows if he can succeed. President Giovanni Leone gave Andreotti the assignment tuesday night the 57-year-old Premier designate called on All parties for a political economic and social Solidarity a to help bail Italy out of its grave economic and social crisis. Andreotti said he would meet with other leaders of his own party today and begin talks with leaders of other factions Friday. The Christian democrats won 282 seats in the chamber of deputies 54 Short of a majority in the election last month because the party s leaders refuse to invite the second place communists to join the government Andreotti can Only get a majority by enlisting the support of the socialists who ran third and won 57 seats. The socialists have frequently been Cabinet partners of the Christian democrats during the past 15 years. But for More than a year they have refused to join the government unless the Christian democrats assured them of economic and social reforms by sharing Power with the communists on the plane. He did not eat a slice himself. As the democratic convention ground on in new York tuesday night. Ford tossed out the first pitch at the All Star game a twice first with his left hand then his right Ford strode onto the Diamond arms around managers Sparky Anderson of the National league and Darrell Johnson of the american league As a band played a Hail to the red White and Blue balloons by the hundreds were released from beyond the Centerfield Wall. Fireworks lit the sky and water fountains sprayed into the air Over a replica of Independence Hall. Before the game the president visited both dressing rooms autographed baseballs and Jawbone with Mark a the Birds a Fidrych of the Detroit tigers Fidrych. Starting Pitcher for the american league handed the president a Ball and Ford said i Hope he throws better than i a ooh. I m sure i will a Fidrych replied he was the losing Pitcher As the National league prevailed 7-1. Fidrych asked Ford s son. Jack who accompanied the president to the game about Tennis Star Chris Evert whom Jack dated last Winter a if you re interested. I la set you up a Jack told him familiar faces old villains stand to promote Unity new York a Hubert Horatio Humphrey who has wanted to be president since the articles of confederation maintained a stiff upper lip although the lower one May have suffered a slight quiver. His Reward was the longest loudest ovation of tuesday night s session of the democratic National convention from a party that once More had passed him by. By now the old Warrior must be weary of trying not to be a sore loser. He tried four times to get his party a nomination for president and got it but once in the worst of times at the worst of conventions. A i have Good news for you tonight we will have a Democrat in the White House Jan. 20,�?� shouted the Man who won t be that Democrat and the crowd shouted Back its approval. A they say go slow not now. No no veto. We be had enough of that defeatism. If America ceases to be Good. America ceases to be at the end. Muriel Humphrey took the hand of her twinkling husband and led him off the platform and he was gone reluctant but smiling a vivid memory in a baby Blue suit. He came and he went in a Long procession of the party s familiar faces and last Hurrah the former heroes and the forgiven villains the widows the passing symbols of profound change. The delegates also cheered George Mcgovern in apparent forgiveness for the disaster four years ago. He issued a strenuous Call for the defeat of those other Fellows and then he. Too was gone with less than 24 hours to Wear a title nobody remembered titular head of the democratic party. De Muskie appeared attempted a casualness tried a few jokes and then with great Effort sounded the Bugle for a cavalry charge that fell somewhat Short of the Light brigade in oratory. John Glenn and Muskie two out of the three men believed to be Jimmy Carter s top choices for vice president have now failed to Light up the sky. The chairman introduced a a very special person for whom All democrats have a special affection Quot and there she was rising demurely from the vip Box. Waving and smiling in her tentative Way Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the convention came to its feet turned to its right and cheered George Wallace a appearance tuesday night was framed in irony. He was preceded on the platform by the Black mayor of Detroit in whose office there now works one Rosa Parks. It was Rosa Parks the Alabama seamstress who began the Montgomery bus Boycott which ignited the civil rights movement in the South and the emergence of Martin Luther King. Tuesday night they cheered George Corley Wallace who once stood in the school House door and now sat in a wheel chair a gaunt face behind the microphones. A some of you used to laugh at me a he said a but Many of you Are now saying the same thing those bureaucrats in Washington ought to have their briefcases thrown into the unseen hands pulled Back George Wallace a wheel chair and he Sank from the View of delegates on the Way out. He Shook hands heartily with Coretta King. The widow of the civil rights Leader. Nobody could remember whether her husband was Ever invited to address a democratic convention. She did tuesday night to a loud ovation As a we shall overcome swept the Hall. There were cheers too for Lynda Bird Johnson Robb whose father has scarcely been mentioned in the last two democratic conventions and also for Richard Daley the lord mayor of Chicago who could t get a seat in the convention four years ago in whose City Hubert Humphrey s one race was flattened four years before that Jimmy Carter meets with his Campaign staff at new York s americana hotel tuesday from left Are Pat Caddell Jerry Rafshoon Carter his son Chip Jody Powell and Pat Anderson with Back to camera a wire photo confusion persists on 2nd spot the cat s still in the bag by i Olson associated press writer new York a Jimmy Carter s prolonged search for a running mate has generated the biggest suspense at die democratic convention it also has produced some confusion Over statements by Carter and his spokesman about that search Carter is to notify his prospective running mate tonight and then formally announce die candidates name thursday culminating a selection process that was pushed into High gear after Carter emerged the Clear front runner when the primaries ended june 8 the Carter Camp then let it be known that 13 men and one woman were being considered for the no 2 spot on die Carter ticket the list gradually shrank to six senators Edmund Muskie Side ration just hours before Walter Mondale John Glenn the convention schedule will and la i Stevenson Henry compel him to make a Jackson and Frank Church decision but confusion arose tues last sunday Carter told Day Over whether the list of television interviewers there the half dozen had been were Diree persons on the top trimmed further or whether his list indicating that the Carter was keeping All six list of six had a pecking under equally Active con order a further sign that Carter was gradually winnowing the list of prospective. 1 running mates came tuesday what s inside when he told reporters he i had narrowed his list of six possibilities a a amusements.6-7e but Judy Powell. Carter s news Media spokesman classified ads4-8d later told reporters that comics,4e Carter had not reduced his crossword so list at All editorials4a referring to Carter financial 2a Powell said a the has exclude obituaries .2b de no one a he has made no Sportsi-4c decision Quot television .9c that statement sparked a women a news1-8b series of sceptical questions weather.8a one reporter asked for a clarification a the governor himself is quoted As saying i be narrowed it a bit a now you re still telling us that he has t eliminated Powell a i did not hear die quote i Don t know what his reference was but i do know what he told me just a few minutes the questions continued a a rent to we getting into a semantic Waltz Here in die sense that even if he did admit he was still keeping an open mind Why he have refined the list that a just hard to Swallow a a Powell there a no reason that one s thought processes have to operate like a Beauty pageant where you come Down to five and then have Diree runner ups i think it s just As logical to look at such people and select one out of six without having to rank the other five a question a its very difficult. To understand the tandem statements that Are coming from him in the morning and you in the afternoon. Yes i have no he Lias not narrowed a. What the hell is he saying a Powell a its a tremendously Complex process that you Are talking about at any Given Point you can say with some truth that there May be this one or that one or two or three but there s very much a difference Between that and eliminating a deciding not to consider one or two or three this is what he has said Over and Over Aga in and what i am saying Over and Over again that he has not done dealing with speculation and rumours it is an established fact that he has certainly told no one of his inclinations in that regard a

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