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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot and humid details on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 195 tub High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 13, 1976 20 pages daily 15c, sunday 35fcarter expected to choose running mate today new York a Jimmy Carter was expected to decide on a running mate today after the democratic convention heard Keynoter Barbara Jordan s rousing Call for a new Quot National Community Quot to fulfil americans purpose. Carter intimates indicated he would make his Choice today although it probably wont be announced until thursday following Carters own presidential nomination wednesday. Speculation entered on Sens Edmund s. Muskie Walter Mondale and John Glenn As the leading prospects for the no. 2 spot. Also under consideration Are Sens. Frank Church Henry Jackson and Adlai Stevenson. Meanwhile the first real excitement of the convention was added by miss Jordan the Black congresswoman from Texas who brought yawning delegates to their feet with a speech that took some pages from the Carter style Book. Quot we must restore our belief in ourselves a miss Jordan said. Quot we must address and master the future together. Quot it can be done if we restore the belief that we share a common National Endeavor if we restore our sense of National Community Quot she told the cheering conventioneers. Quot we Are a people in search of a National Community Quot she said such a search is an attempt Quot to fulfil our National purpose to create and sustain a society in which All of us Are miss Jordan who had been mentioned in Early speculation Over a Carter running mate but had not made the list of finalists received a standing ovation before and after she spoke and upstaged sen John Glenn the other opening night Keynoter who is still on Carter s lists of prospects. Glenn had first crack at the audience in a speech declaring that Quot this is the time to erase divisiveness and build a nation of Justice a nation of Equality a nation of Opportunity in which we can be proud but the delegates who have lacked the stimulus of a nominating contest milled about the convention flour and chatted among themselves throughout the Glenn speech. It was a different matter however when miss Jordan the first Black woman Ever to keynote a major political convention Rose to speak Quot there is something different and special about this opening she said Quot i am a keynote since the first democratic convention in 1832, she said Quot it would have been most unusual for any National political party to have asked a Barbar a Jordan to make a keynote address most the past notwithstanding a Barbara Jordan is before you tonight Quot she said. Quot this is one additional bit of evidence that the american dream need not forever be deferred a after Glenn had delivered his speech gov Patrick j. Lucey of Wisconsin observed that it could be crucial in Glenn s chances for the vice presidential role. Quot i think that making a keynote speech is a very High risk proposition Quot Lucey said. There also were echoes of Carter s Campaign in Glenn s speech As he spoke of compassion of Public Confidence and of government grown so big and Complex it leaves its citizens cowed and powerless. The cure Glenn said Quot lies in renewed partnership Between citizens and their but he said it would take new leaders with vision Quot a democratic president and the next democratic administration Quot Carter finished a series of personal interviews with the potential running mates monday and said he would sort All the information and impressions he had gathered and make his Choice. Quot i Don t know How to describe the he said Quot except As a thought process. Quot it s undoubtedly the most important decision that i will make this year a Carter said Quot perhaps one of the most important in my whole Carter said he had discussed with each of the seven finalists Quot the fact that they might very Well be my successor because of something tiap pening to me during my term or if i should finish out my term that they might very Well be the natural next candidate for president. Quot so. I feel a very heavy responsibility on my shoulders in that i might very Well be helping to choose the next president of our country if i should be successful and be elected Quot Carter said Rosalynn Carter disclosed monday night that she has sat in on All of the interviews and that she also looked Over the wives of each prospective ticket mates one of those on the list took himself out of consideration monday. Rep. Peter Rodino of new Jersey who headed the House judiciary committee impeachment hearings on Richard Nixon said he withdrew because of a recurring glaucoma from which he suffers that left six. All members of the Senate. Carter revealed monday that private polls taken by his Campaign organization showed that Only two of these would actually help his chances in the fall. He identified them As Glenn and Muskie. No serious opposition expected to platform new York a democrats Are expected to give Quick approval tonight to a platform pledging a an orderly beginning a to National health insurance and a guaranteed minimum income the Only Ripple May be a convention floor debate Over abortion. A spokeswoman for the plat form committee said some delegates May attempt to change the wording of the platform Plank on abortion the Plank now opposes any attempt to Amend the Constitution to overturn . Supreme court decisions upholding the legality of abortion. Quot Many Many delegates for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Removing mud q. How can you get red dried mud off of a tent mrs. E. A. Use a stiff Brush to remove As much dried mud As possible a then learn to live with what remains. Neither a dealer in Canvas goods nor a scoutmaster thought you could get rid of the red stain. If you scrub it with detergents or other cleaning agents you re liable to destroy the waterproofing. Car insurance q do you have to have insurance on yourself As Well As your car in order to drive in the state of North Carolina please print this As i need to know. Thank you. Or. . A to buy a License plate the state requires the owner to have liability insurance in Case you injure or kill someone or damage another s property. Collision insurance to pay for damages you cause to your own car and body is not mandatory unless you re still paying for the car in which Case the finance company would require it Bicentennial dolls q. We Are from South Bend and visiting Here for a few Days. We stopped in Rose s department store at High Point mall and saw a couple of Beautiful Bicentennial dolls on display. We wanted to get one but the sales girl was new and was t sure what the Price was or if they were for Sale. Could you i my out if we could get one there or from the person who makes them thank you. Anon woman. A. Rose s manager Carlos Mckee says they sell them As a favor to mrs. Edna Ruth Hussey a shut in from Thomasville who dresses dolls of different sizes in Bicentennial costumes he agrees with you that they Are Beautiful and you can get any number you want in any size from 12 inches to 36 inches getting in touch with Elvis q. I would like to know some Way to get in touch with Elvis Presley by mail. Mrs. . A you can write him in care of his manager col. Tom Parker Box 417, Madison Tenn 37115. Parker called a master promoter signed Elvis to Ria in 1955 and returned him to the Public a Eye in a 1968 to Christmas special Nipsey Russell who opened Elvis a first show at the Sahara Tahoe in Las vegas gave the promoter due credit saying. Quot every entertainer should go to bed at night and Pray be finds a col. Tom Parker under his bed when he wakes up in the morning a lyricist q. I received the Booklet for songwriters which you sent me and it was of great value. My problem is that i write Only lyrics. Could you please Tell me if recording corporations or popular songwriters accept or consider lyrics alone if so what address could this be thank you. . A. Melody for fee writers advertise in metropolitan newspapers and magazines but chances Are any really Good original Melody would be kept by the musician to publish and profit from himself. The advice not to waste your Money comes from one in the music business Jim Harris who also says the music publishers do not consider lyrics alone from an Amateur. The professionals work with other professionals and the amateurs Start with other amateurs he suggested that you get a Friend who is musically inclined willing to put in the time and work and who stands to gain As much As you do Between the two you might come up with a Good tune and even a hit. Its been done before. Are unhappy with that language although i doubt its a majority a the spokeswoman said. Among delegates disapproving of the abortion Plank Are members of the Missouri contingent who said today they hoped to Force a floor debate on the Issue by getting the platform committee to endorse a minority report challenging the Plank that would take approval by a fourth of the platform committee. If the report got to the convention floor for debate it would take a two thirds majority to change the abortion Plank something platform committee members see As extremely unlikely. But passage of the whole platform which also supports legislation to reduce unemployment to 3 per cent in Lour years was expected to go smoothly. Quot the goal of the new democratic admin is Loci lion will be to turn unemployment checks into pay checks Quot the platform document says the delegates Are Likely to approve Only one amendment to the draft approved by the party s platform committee in Washington in May. Tie amendment proposes easing restrictions of the Hatch act which bars political activity by Federal workers. The final platform is expected to propose that Federal workers Quot will have the same political rights enjoyed by other americans As a Birthright while still protecting the civil service from political abuse Quot the party has allowed two hours for discussion and approval of the platform a an indication of How swiftly party leaders expect the document to be approved the platform is considered a Compromise document that balances the sometimes competing interests of different factions in the party Jimmy Carter has said his supporters made a Quot major input into the exact wording Quot of the platform but other major elements of the party also seem generally pleased. Quot we have been successful in almost every item in the said Dan Dozier of the United Auto workers head of the platform committee of the labor coalition which represents 418 labor delegates at the convention. The platform also is pleasing to some for what it does t say. It does not mention Gay rights or capital punishment and makes Only a Brief reference to abortion saying the party would disapprove a constitutional amendment to ban abortions under convention rules the delegates will be allowed Only to vote approval or rejection of the entire platform and will not have the Opportunity to vote on individual sections Only the Hatch act proposal which was forwarded As a minority report from the platform meetings in May can be considered separately the platform supports mandatory busing to achieve racial integration in schools As Quot a judicial tool of last resort but says other programs to achieve integration should be tried first what s inside i amusements.9a bridge.5b classified ads.6-9b comics.10b crossword.5b editorials4a financial2a obituaries2b sports3-4b television .8a women s news8-7a weather.3a Barbara Jordan acknowledges applause at Madison Square Garden monday night the Black congresswoman gave one of two keynote speeches to the democratic National convention a �virpho�0> Mondale Muskie favored by delegates in Survey new York a waiting for i Timy Carter s vice presidential Choice continues to be the Only game in town and the former Georgia governor took some time today to consider the possibilities. Some delegates to the convention meanwhile appear to be leaning to Sens. Walter f. Mondale. Frank Church and Edmund s Muskie. Carters press Secretary Judy Powell said the former Georgia governor Quot wants to do some working and thinking Quot about a running mate after completing interviews with seven possibilities aside from a morning meeting with the new Jersey delegation to the convention Carter s schedule was fairly empty. A random a Survey of delegates taken monday showed that in most cases Mondale and Muskie were the names most often mentioned by the Man turns himself in after seven Are killed at Library Fullerton Calif. Apr the picture of a quiet clearcut loner troubled Over breaking up with a wife a bit younger than himself has emerged As authorities try to pinpoint the motive for a shooting spree that left seven persons dead and two wounded. Edward Charles Allaway 37, turned himself Over to authorities shortly after he allegedly shot Down nine persons monday morning at the California state University at Fullerton Library. The shooting spree left bodies strewn throughout the basement of the Library building one policeman said later a a it was just too Damn gruesome. It looked like authorities said Allaway a custodian at the school failed to report for his regular 6 a m. Shift but turned up about three hours later allegedly carrying a Rifle. Quot in a Gonna get you sobs for Messing around with my wife a Alia Way purportedly shouted seconds later he allegedly opened fire. Within five minutes the nine victims were Cut Down. Those killed were identified As Paul Herzberg 41, of Pomona an employee in the Library a instructional Media Center Donald Karges 41, of Santa be Springs a custodian Bruce Jacobson 32, of Pomona an Media Center employee Deborah Paulsen 25, of Anaheim a custodian Stephen Becker 32, a Library assistant Seth Fessenden 72, of Fullerton a professor emeritus of speech communication and Frank Teplansky 51, of Anaheim an Media Center graphic artist listed in serious condition at St. Jude s Hospital Fullerton were Maynard Hoffman. 64, Fullerton supervisor of custodial services and Donald Keran 55, Fullerton a Library employee. Quot he was a quiet Type Quot said Ainoi Navarro a chief custodian who said he had known Allaway since he was hired 18 months ago Quot whenever he went on a break he would go alone and he never seemed to eat lunch with anyone he always seemed to want to be Navarro said Alia Way Quot never cussed had a Good attendance record at work and was Navarro added however that Alia Way had been troubled for the past few weeks Over the separation from his wife Bonnie 22. Bonnie Alia Way is employed at the Hilton inn in Fullerton. After the shooting her husband drove there from the Campus and spoke with her before telephoning police to turn himself in. A i think they a been married two or three years a said Mary Ferguson mrs. Airway s supervisor at the Motel Quot and Bonnie had recently filed for a the apparently did no to Tell her anything about what went on at the school a mrs Ferguson said of his visit with his wife after the shooting a she did t realize what had happened until the police arrived. Then she just backed up against a Wall and started crying Quot delegates queried the two Are among six listed by Carter As possible running mates some backers cited them As liberals who could provide a balance to Carter others viewed them As More experienced than sen. John Glenn of Ohio considered another of the top prospects. Church who also got a number of mentions in the a Survey was second in an Abc poll of about a third of the delegates. The poll had Mondale first and Glenn and Muskie tied for third. The race lost one candidate monday when rep. Peter Rodino of new Jersey considered a Longshot pulled out. Carter also disclosed that sen Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut had also been on his list but had declined to be considered Carter meanwhile met with Church and sen. Adlai Stevenson Iii of Illinois last of the prospective nominees to be interviewed he told reporters later that in the poll of possible vice presidential candidates he conducted Stevenson Quot was one of those candidates who did not Cut Down on my Lead against a Republican candidate. And he said Church was Quot at or near the top on his running mate list. The Nomine to be also said the decision on vice president is the most important he will make this year Quot and perhaps one of the most important of my whole he said he plans to look at notes from his interviews Quot and think about the different Guilford woman Carter fantastic new York a Jane Patterson was a Jimmy Carter Backer before she met with him on the Issue of women s representation monday in new York. Afterwards she was More convinced Quot he was fantastic Quot said mrs Patterson a Greensboro realtor and chairman of the Guilford county democratic party mrs Patterson was part of a Small delegation of women who reached a Compromise with Carter Over the Issue of guaranteed representation for women in the 1980 convention and in a possible Carter administration the Compromise Falls Short of the mandatory quotas of 1972 but it does require the party to Quot promote Quot equal representation of women mrs Patterson said the democratic women a caucus would be foolish to turn the Compromise Down. More important to mrs. Patterson and . Rep. Bella Abzug were Carter s pledges regarding the role of women in his Campaign and his administration. Ile promised to appoint women to Cabinet ambassadorial and judicial posts he said he would have a women a strategy committee work with Hillman the Campaign

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