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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair partly Cloudy More data on 5a 90th year a no. 193 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 13,1974 16 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Ehrlichman is convicted of plotting illegal search Washington apr John d. Ehrlichman once described by president Nixon As one of the finest Public servants he Ever knew has been convicted of plotting an illegal search at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. After a 12-Day trial a Federal court jury took five hours Friday to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge and of lying to the Fri and a watergate grand jury about the sept. 3, 1971 break in by the White House investigative unit known As the plumbers. Within minutes of the verdict Ehrlichman said his lawyers would Appeal the Case. Three other defendants were also found guilty of conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of the psychiatrist or. Lewis j. Fielding of Beverly Hills Calif. Until he resigned april 30, 1973, the 49-year-old. Ehrlichman was among the closest of Nixon a assistants. The former White House Domestic affairs chief now is subject to a maximum jail sentence of 25 years and fines of up to $40,000. . District Nixon s role cover up data not obtained Warren funeral services the Flag covered casket of former chief Justice of the United states Earl Warren rests on the transept in the unifying element Washington Cathedral Friday during the funeral services for the 83-year-old Jurist. See related Story on 5a a wire photo laotian Leader suffers heart attack at Home Vientiane Laos apr laotian Premier Souvanna Houma suffered a a a mild heart attack at his Home Friday afternoon and his condition has deteriorated slightly since then informed sources reported today. Souvanna is considered a key unifying element in the turbulent politics of Laos. The sources said the 72-Yearold Leader was attended by five doctors Friday night. Heart specialists from Thailand and the United states reportedly were coming to Vientiane to treat him. The sources said the attack occurred at about 3 . Friday and was confirmed today by an Electrocardiogram As being of a a a mild nature. Earlier diplomatic sources had said the attack occurred today. But this morning the premieres condition reportedly deteriorated. The sources said a there is still some cause for the Premier had recently been reported in poor health from time to time. Souvanna a lao Prince is Premier of the new coalition government that was formed in april. The government unites the Royal lao government in Vientiane which Souvanna formerly headed As Premier and the communist Patchet lao headed by Souvanna a Hal brother Prince Soukhanouvong. Under the agreements that now have virtually ended fighting Between the two lao factions the Deputy Premier from the Patchet lao Side takes Over the government if Souvanna is unable to carry out his duties. Nixon signs purse Powers legislation Washington a president Nixon has signed into Law a Bill that revamps the Way the National budget is created and increases congressional Power Over the purse strings. Nixon coupled the signing Friday with the declaration that a fighting inflation is everybody a he repeated his recent Calls for a limit in current Federal spending to about $300 billion and a balanced budget 1976. In under the budget Reform Law budget committees would be created in the House and Senate and be backed by a congressional budget office and expert staff. The governments fiscal year would Start oct. I rather than july i beginning in 1976. The measure requires congressional approval for a president to permanently withhold Money from its congressionally intended uses. Washington a asst. Atty. Gen. Henry Petersen who was in charge of the original watergate investigation has told the House impeachment inquiry he has never received any information involving president Nixon in a cover up. Petersen who testified before the House judiciary committee on Friday was described by some Republican members As the most favourable witness for Nixon the committee has heard in its impeachment inquiry. Rep. Charles Sandman r-n.j., said he asked Petersen Nixon granted Extension Washington a strapped for Cash because of his tax troubles president Nixon has obtained a six month Extension in the due Date of the final mortgage payment on his san Clemente estate officials say. Nixon faced a balloon payment of $226,660 due next monday with interest under the terms of his agreement to Purchase the Oceanside estate South of los Angeles. But his savings were virtually wiped out earlier this year when the internal Revenue service assessed him $432,787 in Back taxes prompting the presidents representatives to search for ways to delay the final mortgage payment. Under an arrangement being worked out by his attorneys the chief executive is paying $17,000 in interest plus smaller amounts on the principal and in a interest premiums and delaying until mid january the final mortgage payment. A similar six month Extension was obtained by an investment company formed by two of the presidents friends to help him buy the 14-room, Spanish style estate which Nixon named a la Casa Pacifica a Spanish for a House of whether he had Ever received any information up to the present moment indicating Nixon was involved in covering up the watergate scandal. A the said clearly a not a Sandman told newsmen after Petersen a closed door testimony. The boost Given to Nixon a impeachment defense by Petersen a testimony was offset in the View of some members by the conviction of former White House aide John Ehrlichman on counts of perjury and conspiracy in connection with the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. The operation of the special White House investigating unit known As the plumbers which conducted the break in is one of the subjects under investigation in the impeachment inquiry. Rep. Robert Mcclory r-111., said Ehrlichmann a conviction a does no to help. The fact someone so close to the president was convicted in a watergate related matter that is also the subject of our inquiry is going to have an Adverse effect As far As the president s welfare is judge Gerhard a. Gesell set sentencing for july 31. Until then the defendants remain free. The other defendants g. Gordon Liddy and Miami ans Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio r. Martinez could receive maximum sentences of to years in jail and fines of $10,000. Those three were convicted last year in connection with the 1972 break in at democratic party Headquarters in the watergate Complex Here. A member of the jury who asked not to be identified said there was some heated discussion at first about Ehrlichman but then the jurors began a review of a series of White House memos included in the trial evidence which helped Settle the Issue for them. Associate special watergate prosecutor William h. Merrill had built much of his Case on the memos in which Ehrlichman gave his approval to a Covert examination of Ells bergs psychiatric records. On an aug. La 1971 memo Ehrlichman had written beneath his initials instructions on How the operation should be carried out. A if done under your Assurance that it is not traceable a Ehrlichman wrote to two White House aides. Ehrlichman testified he had nothing illegal in mind in fact never considered what the plumbers specifically planned in proposing the operation. The jury member said once a review of the White House memos was Complete and they were in turn compared with testimony of the 25 witnesses in the trial it took Only one vote to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge. A second informal poll was taken later to verify the first the juror said. The jury voted to convict on two of three counts charging Ehrlichman with committing perjury before the sports a a grand jury plus another count which said he lied to rep. Hamilton fish r-n.y., a Republican who is considered a possible vote for impeachment said he thought an acquittal for Ehrlichman a would have been a setback for the but Nixon a lawyer James d. St. Clair disagreed. A i just Learned of the verdict a he told newsmen As he emerged from a committee session. A i done to believe it has any effect on these Petersen a statement that he had no information inking Nixon to a cover up was received with scepticism by rep. George Danielson a Calif. What s inside amusements. 8b bridge.3b classified ads.4-7b comics8a crossword. 3b editorials.4a obituaries.3a television.3b weather.5a the Fri. He was acquitted of lying to the grand jury about who had custody of the plumbers files. Almost All of Ehrlichmann a defense against those charges amounted to a claim of poor memory. A the jury had difficulty believing there could be that Many lapses of memory a the juror said. The jury found that Chruchman bed to the grand jury on May 14,1973, when he testified that he knew nothing of an attempt to obtain from the Central intelligence Agency a psychiatric profile of Ellsberg who leaked the secret Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War to the press. Ehrlichman had sought to have the trial moved from Washington where he said the majority of citizens Are Black democratic and preoccupied with the watergate scandals. Outside the courtroom he made it Clear that Issue would come1 up again on Appeal. A was you know we have been concerned from the very beginning about our ability to get a fair trial in this District a he said. Watergate committee disbanded Washington a the Senate watergate committee is officially out of business its Farewell marked by a voluminous report and some words of admonition from chairman Sam j. Ervin or. A the lust for political Power of the presidential aides who perpetrated watergate on America blinded them to the Laws of god As Well As to the Laws and ethics of men a the portly North Carolina Democrat told newsmen Friday. Beside the chairman whose Folksy manner and Sharp parries were witnessed a a watergate on a hostage barter continues 7 4 inmates Are released Washington a two armed convicts renewed their efforts today to barter seven hostages in the . District courthouse for Freedom but Justice department officials said they released 14 inmates in detention cells As an act of Good Faith. One woman inmate remained in the Cellblock officials said. There was no immediate explanation. The prisoners in Handcuffs were loaded into two White . Marshals vans two sedans and a station Wagon and driven away from the courthouse at 8 35 . Behind a group of police motor scooters with sirens blaring. Chief . District judge the Road to watergate Vii 1except for Sirica the cover up might have held the watergate Taga continues to unfold but for Ahe of the participants a j he Stuart Magruder a the Story has been told. Today he it in prison for crimes he committed und helped others to commit. This series of seven articles is hit version of u hat happened and Why excerpted from Quot an american life one Many a Hood to it is reprinted by permission of athenaeum publishers by Jeb Stuart Magruder North american newspaper Aba net on the afternoon of Friday March 23, 1973, i received a Call at my Commerce department office from Van Shumway Crpss press officer. A have you heard about Mccordis letter a he asked. A ooh my god a i said. A what letter a a the wrote a letter to Sirica. Its in this afternoons Washington a what did he say Shumway read me the letter. In Brief Jim Mccord the Crpss Security chief until he was arrested inside the watergate charged that he and the other watergate defendants were under a political pressure to plead guilty and remain silent that perjury was committed at the trial and that higher were involved in the break in plan. Mccordis charges were of course Correct and i had to assume he would name me As one of the higher in the plot. I had no reason to think that Mccord would protect me. Two months earlier when the Washington Post had run an article on me Mccord had bitterly told John Dean a i m going to prison and Magruder a getting his picture in the Mccord was fighting for his Freedom and by implicating me he might save himself. Judge John Sirica by threatening the watergate defendants with Long sentences had cracked one of them and that was the beginning of the end for the cover up. Except for judge Sirica i think the cover up might have held. We had come a Long Way from the time the previous year when Sirica took the watergate Case and John Dean commented a Well i done to know much about him but he a a Republican so hell probably be i went to Fred Larue a watergate apartment that afternoon and again the next morning and at both meetings we tried to evaluate the situation As Best we could. The More i thought about it the More i was convinced that Mccordis testimony by itself would not be fatal to us. All Mccord could know was whatever Gordon Liddy had told him a presumably that Dean John Mitchell and i had been in on the break in planning a and that was secondhand evidence or hearsay. So Long As Liddy remained silent Mccordis secondhand information could not convict us. The problem was that Mccordis letter would almost surely cause the. Grand jury to reopen its investigation and i did no to think the cover Story could survive additional scrutiny. Also the Senate hearings were about to begin and they posed another serious threat to our fragile cover Story. I should have realized by that saturday that the coverup had been shattered that see except on 5a George l. Hart who is responsible for the building looked on along with Deputy . Atty. Gen. Laurence Silberman who helped negotiate the release. Justice department officials said the inmates who had not joined the rebellion but had never been labelled hostages by the convicts were taken to the . Jail . General Hospital and two other jails there was no indication however that any had been harmed. The inmates had been caught in the Cellblock when the two convicts took Over about 2 . Thursday. The Promise of their release had come before Dawn today in negotiations after the two had rejected the governments offer to Transfer the pair to a Penitentiary in Oklahoma. The Justice department said it had no explanation for the number of inmates released and its earlier reports that a dozen inmates were being held. As the anticipated time of release passed with no one let out of the basement Cellblock a Justice department spokesman said a i done to see How they Are going to arrange it that negotiations continued on a Frank and open basis he said but he gave no indication when the release could be completed. A . Marshals Van pulled up to the Back Entrance about 7 45 ., but no move was made to Load it. Authorities still made no move to give the two men the plane ride out of the country that they had demanded since taking control of a basement Cellblock about 2 . Thursday. The convicts Frank Gorham 25, and Robert Jones 24, who also uses the name Otis d. Wilkerson had never described the inmates of the detention cells As hostages. Gorham and Jones had threatened late Friday to behead a hostage with an a unless the government became More responsive to their demands they also threatened to kill the hostages if police stormed the Cellblock in the basement of the courthouse where the watergate grand jury investigation and trials have been held. Prisoner Gormanos Mother Ltd it Ano sister a wire photo

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