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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 188 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 6, 1976 26 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35 for vice president delegates like Brown Church gov. Edmund g. Brownjr. Washington a Jimmy Carter Isnit saying who is at the top of his list for a running mate on the democratic ticket but delegates to the party a convention name gov. Edmund g Brownjr. And sen Frank Church As their top choices for the second spot. The delegates who will meet in new York City next week named More than 50 politicians and no politicians As their Choice for vice president. A continuing associated press Survey of delegates found. Carter who has enough Delegate votes to win the democratic pres entail nomination says he will interview five possible running mates before the convention his first interview was with Maine sen. Edmund Muskie in Plains. Ga., on monday. Carter said this did not mean Muskie was his first Choice. The former Georgia governor who has not released the names of the four other contenders besides Muskie has said no one Speaks for him on this derision and it is Carters vote that will count at the convention in the past the convention always has approved the presidential candidate s Choice for his running mate. Brown who Defeated Carter in three late primaries was named As the Choice of 155 of the 988 delegates who stated a preference for vice president in interviews with the a. Another 153 delegates name Church. Who also Defeated Carter several times in later primaries in contrast Muskie was named for the second Post by Only 15 delegates of the 2,222 who have been interviewed thus far in the a Survey about 54 per cent of the delegates did not give a Choice for the vice presidential nomination when asked in the continuing a Delegate Survey. After Brown and Church in order of total number of Delegate mentions were sen Adlai Stevenson Iii of Illinois chosen by 115 delegates see delegates on 2a sen. Frank Church under new ruling 33 . Death cases sent Back for action Washington apr the supreme court today struck Down Oklahoma a death penalty Law the action followed the court s ruling last Friday that the death penalty is a constitutional punishment for murder but May not be imposed generally under Laws which make it mandatory in Friday s decision the court struck Down mandatory death penalty Laws in Louisiana and North Carolina ruling today in six Oklahoma cases the court set aside the death sentences of six inmates and sent the cases Back to the court of criminal appeals of Oklahoma the imposition and carrying out of the death penalty under the Law of Oklahoma constitutes a cruel and in for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the \ Illume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every of court costs q. How much Money is taken in yearly by the s3 that is paid in the court costs Lur the retirement fund for the policemen or . A a we did t know if you wanted local District or statewide totals so we touched All bases High Point records Are not kept separately but Are combined with Greensboro s Robab Neelley the accountant Tor District court said the total remitted to the Law enl arcement officers Benefit and retirement fund from Guilford county for the fiscal year sliding june 30. 1975. Was $170 429 in the la months since then the total was $164,423 and he expected the final figure for the fiscal year just ended would be about $178,000. Henry l. Bridges state auditor and sex offi Cio chairman of the Leombr fund said from All counties of the state the fund received $2 389,715 for the fiscal year ended june 30. 1975 while their books Are not yet closed he says it appears that total receipts for the year just ended will be approximately $2,300,000. Bridges says the funds received through court costs assessments Are used to supplement the retirement pension fund and to provide at no Cost to officers certain types of disability and death benefits All sworn officers employed by the state of North Carol a or any political subdivisions within it Are eligible for participation in the programs we asked him if the Money is invested and he said All receipts of this fund including court costs Over and above the Day to Day costs of the operation Are invested presently in corporate Bonds Only for the year ended june 1975, the average yield on the total portfolio was 7 of per cent no receipts of the fund May be used for any purposes other than the retirement fund and the separate Benefit fund said the t ask questions ii Why is a person charged More for a bus ticket to go to Asheville from High Point than from Asheville to High Point the bus is the same same Miles and the same Way but it costs More Al the bus station Here. Ii has happened twice and the bus attendant at Asheville said the High Point station was charging too much. We asked at the High Point station and were told to gel a round trip ticket at Asheville and they gave no reason. Will you find out Why there is a difference in the ticket thank you. Anon. A this is a Case where it s too bad you asked now it s going to Cost you As much to buy a ticket at Asheville the area sales manager for Continental tramways in Charlotte Thomas b Davis says the Asheville agent was quoting fares incorrectly 40 cents below on one Way tickets 75 cents Low on the round trip fare. A opening businesses q. Who do you write to in the state of North Carolina and California about opening a business k f. A any Field office of the state Revenue department can advise you about the state privilege License you can go to the one Here on Boulevard the county tax office and City License clerk Are the other two to see if your business is to be located Here if you wish to incorporate the office of the Secretary of state corporations division 116 w Jones st., Raleigh 27603, can be contacted for information on licenses in California try their state department of Revenue in Sacramento the zip is 95814 usual punishment Quot in violation of the Constitution the court said the Oklahoma Law makes death mandatory for a limited number of crimes chief Justice Warren e Burger and justices Byron r White and William h Rehnquist did not join in the ruling on the Oklahoma Law but merely said they favored sending the cases Back to the lower court for further proceedings in Light of last Friday s ruling. In another follow up action to Friday s decision the court sent 33 North Carolina death sentence cases Back to the North Carolina supreme court for action in line with the Friday ruling also sent Hack to a lower court it further proceedings were three cast s from Louisiana the court refused to review nine death sentences from Georgia and six from Florida the court upheld death penalty Laws in the two states last Friday the North Carolina cases included that of Jesse Huurman Fowler the court heard arguments on the Case last term but failed to decide it then Fowler was sentenced to the North Carolina Gas chamber for the fatal shooting of an acquaintance. John Griffin in july 1973 other death penalty cases which the supreme court remanded to lower courts included those of a Kelly Dean Sparks sentenced to death for the murder of Gibsonville. . Police chief George l lash Ley who was shot to death june 30. 1973 after arresting Sparks for Possession of a sawed off Shotgun a Terry Selman. 24, sentenced to death in Louisiana for the rape of two Vicksburg. Miss., Sisters. 17 and 15, whom he encountered with their dates on a Sandbar on the Louisiana Side of the Mississippi River on sept i. 1973 a Richard Gordon sentenced to death for the murders of Steve Helton and Sharon Williams in Mecklenburg county in North Carolina on april 18. 1973 a Ernest John Vinson sentenced to death for raping Norma Colleen Ferguson of Wilson n con dec 5, 1973 after i my my her alone at a sporting goods store where she worked a Roger Lawrence Wetmore sentenced for the fatal stabbing of his fatties Edwin at the family Home in Salisbury no on feb 8. 1974 in Wetmore s Case. Justice William j Brennanjr dissented from the court s action and voted to hear arguments a Robert Gary Bock or. Sentenced to death for the fatal stabbing of Karen Stewart after a quarrel on nov 22. 1973. In Rural Harnett county Bock was 19 at the time a David Earl Dillard sentenced to die in Robeson county. No. Tor the first degree murder of his wife russians put men into orbit Moscow apr the soviet Union has launched a spaceship soyuz 21, piloted by two men. Tass announced inlay. The launch is the first manned space flight since the joint u s soviet Apollo soyuz operation last july. The cosmonauts aboard were identified As col Boris vol nov the spaceship commander and Engineer Vitali a Holobo they radioed Back that the spacecrafts inboard systems were functioning normally and the cosmonauts have begun carrying out the flight program. Tass said the spacecraft was launched at the Bai Konur space Center in soviet Kazakhstan 1,400 Miles Southeast of Moscow Tass quoted vol nov As saying the flight a opens a series of manned flights scheduled under the five year plan inaugurated this year. Arter la w Ith democratic governors at breakfast today in Center is Ray Blanton of Tennessee and at right is Hugh Carey of new York a w Rpp Hoto Mondale interview scheduled Hershey. A. Api Jimmy Carter said today he will interview sen Walter Mondale of Minnesota As a possible vice presidential running mate thursday he also picked up the endorsement of about 30 democratic governors meeting Here Mondale is the second vice presidential possibility with whom Carter will meet he talked with sen Edmund Muskie of Maine on monday governors give support to Carter Walter Mondale the Man who is virtually assured of winning the democratic presidential nomination next week has said he plans to meet with at least five vice presidential prospects before and during the convention Carter made his announcement about Mondale at a news conference held with democratic governors at the National governors conference where the former Georgia governor won near unanimous support for his Campaign for president about 30 democratic governors pledged their support in a statement which was adopted without dissent at the conference there Are 36 democratic governors Carter s meeting with Mondale like the one with Muskie was expected to be see Mondale on 2a> Hershey. Paap a democratic governors performed the rite of endorsement today pledging a your support and United efforts a to elect Jimmy Carter to the White House the former Georgia governor promised them a place in administration counsels if he wins about 30 of the 36 democratic governors had breakfast with Carter and voted without dissent to pledge him their backing among the absentees gov Edmund g Brownjr of California still a candidate for the democratic nomination and gov Edwin Edwards of Louisiana who is supporting Crown. The other governors said Carter the virtually certain nominee a has demonstrated his ability to heal the divisions of the past and unify our National Carter told a news conference Here that he would interview sen Walter Mondale d-minn., on thursday in the second of his meetings with possible running mates a met with sen. Edmund Muskie on monday a Arter made an overnight trip to the National governors conference for the endorsement breakfast he also got a monday night briefing on foreign and Security matters from Cia director George Bush gov Reubin Askew of Florida who once opposed Carters nomination presided at the caucus and gov Marvin Mandel of mar la rid who had been sharply critical of the georgian sponsored the Resolution of support the democratic ritual was worked out in Advance. National party chairman Robert Strauss met with the governors monday to discuss the Resolution of support and talked to Mandel about sponsoring it Mandel agreed then Strauss took the package to Carter on monday night while Carter was promising cooperation and consultation with governors he stood by hts opposition to Revenue sharing with the states one of their favorite programs. He favors Revenue sharing with county and local governments but he said the governors a very graciously a did not bring up that Issue Carter said he favors a welfare Reform plan what s inside amusements. 6b Bridge. 6b classified ads. ____6-9 b comics. A crossword. He editorials. A financial. .2 a obituaries. .2b sports. 3-5b television. 2b women a news .6-7 a weather. 3 a nearly identical to one before the governors conference including a federally financed minimum income provision he has said a full Federal takeover of welfare expenses would by too costly. But with the minimum income plan he endorsed there would t be much More for the Federal government to like Over anyhow and Carter said he would seek to ease the welfare Burden on states As soon As that is financially feasible a a i want to make a new partnership with the governors to evolve Carter said Republican governors caucuses too. But they had no business to conduct so they campaigned against Carter gov. Dan Evans of Washington said Carter is like a skyrocket a a the s burst so spectacularly but hell go Down just As fast Evans said voters will turn to president Ford in the end a realize that solid accomplishment is More important Thor. Good Teeth and a smile a he said in a statement prepared for a closed door breakfast with his former colleagues Arter reminded them that not since 1945 has a former governor Franklin d. Roosevelt of new York i served As president father son events banned by sex regulations Washington apr Federal officials have decided that Public schools May no longer sponsor father son or Matherda uglier events because they violate new rules against sex discrimination that s the word quietly passed to school administrators in Scottsdale Arulas week More than five months after the officials asked if such activities were still lawful under regulations approved by president Ford last summer. In a letter cleared through Washington channels John e. Palo Nina of the san Francisco regional office for civil rights wrote to the officials telling them that a functions such As father son or Mother daughter breakfasts would be subjecting students to separate treatment and would not be and that decision applies said a spokesman at Washington Headquarters even if the school offers separate events with equal facilities for both sexes though no Public announcement has been made on the Issue the spokesman said the Palo Nina letter represented a policy ruling that had been approved by rights office director Peter e Holmes violation of the decision could Lead to a cutoff of Federal assistance or even court action by the Justice department the Palo Nina letter dated june 25 and addressed to or Ira King of the Scottsdale school system declared a if the purposes of such functions is to enhance Community relations As your letter of last february states they would be just As effective if they were student Parent affairs a such an arrangement would prevent a situation which would exclude a male student for example who does not have a father to accompany him to a father son the office for civil rights part of the department of health. Education and welfare drafted the new regulations last year to implement the title in statute passed by Congress in 1972 the rules have stirred controversy on several fronts but particularly in the area of athletic activities. Anticipating the Federal ruling on father son and Mother daughter events Arizona Public instruction supt Carolyn Warner cracked two weeks ago. A i suspect someone from the land of of is a orig to say some Day that celebrating fathers Day and mothers Day separately violates equal rights and the 13th of june is children s Day Isnit that discriminatory a

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