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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain More data on 3a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-216190th year a no. 185 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon july 5, 1974 22 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c Dairy Coop involved Jaworski probing Humphrey fund new York a the finances of sen. Hubert h. Humphreys 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns Are under investigation by special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski according to lbs television. The network also reported thursday that sources in a Worsk i s office said investigators were concentrating on contributions to the Minnesota Democrat from figures in the Dairy Industry. A Senate watergate committee report has said Humphrey got $200,000 from the same Dairy sources who contributed to president Nixon s re election Campaign. Humphrey expressed the belief that he had not done anything wrong. In an interview at his Waverly Minn. Home Humphrey told lbs he lived in Wright county the largest Dairy county in the nation. A for one to say that the contribution in the Dairy cooperative to Hubert Humphrey was buying a Bill or a vote would be the same thing As saying a contribution in Texas from an in dependent Oil company was buying a vote a said Humphrey. Humphrey also denied reports that he accepted $50,000 in Cash from Howard Hughes in Exchange for helping the billionaire industrialist halt underground nuclear testing in Nevada where Hughes has extensive holdings. A emr. Hughes Man or. Maheu did present the Case to me a Humphrey said. A i sent it to the atomic Energy commission. The dec ruled against it and that was the last of Robert a. Maheu formerly headed the Nevada operations owned by Hughes. Humphrey said charges of other corporate contributions also were being in see Jaworski on 2a on Mideast trip Nixon s health endangered life key Biscayne. Fla. Apr president Nixon s doctor says Nixon was warned that a permanent blood clot in his left leg might kill him during his Middle East trip but that the president insisted on going ahead with travel plans. A the danger is now past a or. Walter r. Tkach said late thursday. Tkach for the first time disclosed Nixon has thrombophlebitis which he said involves the presence of a permanent blood clot in his left leg. A the clot is pretty Well fixed a Tkach said explaining it has attached itself to the Wall of a vein and no longer is Likely to break Loose and go to his heart or lung a development that Coull prove fatal. An army major general. Tkach said he considered hospitalization for Nixon at the time the president first told him of leg swelling. But he said Nixon who had kept the ailment secret from him for several Days was insistent on going Forward with his Middle East trip although a we told him what the potential hazards would be of a clot breaking off and hitting his heart or Tkach said Nixon informed him of the swollen left leg after arriving in Salzburg Austria on june Ioen route to the Mideast. For several weeks the White House has declined to describe Nixon s phlebitis As involving a blood clot but Tkach acknowledged the president has one. A the clot will always be there a he said adding that the swelling results from blood forcing its Way past the area of clotting. Tkach also disclosed Nixon was Given medication for a week during his overseas journey something the White House had denied repeatedly. He would not name the drug. The doctor said that by the time the president left for Moscow last week the danger to Nixon was not As great As during the Middle East trip. He declined to say whether he had advised see Nixon s on 2a Central prison forms a backdrop for Raleigh marchers a wire photo anti death protest has no incidents Raleigh . A a crowd that police estimated totalled about 4,000 persons marched without incident through the North Carolina capital protesting the death penalty. Black militant Angela Davis who co chairs a group that Calls itself the National Alliance against racist and political repression led the Independence Day March. It was held to spotlight the states death Row population highest in the nation. Miss Davis estimated that the crowd totalled 10.000 persons. In addition to protesting for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. 14 killed too wounded meeting people q. Would you print a list of clubs where unmarried people about the same age can meet each other. . A. One social club open to anyone of any age who is single or living alone is the Friendship club which meets at the Owca every wednesday at 7 . There is also the Phoenix club meeting at the first United methodist Church on tuesday evenings. The Friendly club at Wesley memorial Church is for Middle aged and older citizens and meets on the third tuesday of each month not in july or August in the morning with lunch following. Other than these the route to meeting people seems to be through pursuing interests and finding others who share them along the Way. For example taking Art lessons or dancing instruction Bridge classes Square dancing physical fitness programs at they a sports Tennis golfing Bowling leagues boating classes Volunteer work through the voluntary action Center signing up for a class at git joining a service club attending sunday school classes for adults or the programs at the Public Library or events at the College open to the Public. Thailand is returning to Normal after riots Bangkok Thailand apr a woman passer by and a Young disaster Relief Volunteer were shot fatally just before dusk today As police and Young rioters exchanged gunfire for a third night in Bangkok a riot plagued Chinatown. The shooting broke out As officers tried to Clear the Street at a police station that had been the focus of fighting that began late wednesday night. Until the government claimed Early today that it had contained the violence officials said at least 14 persons had been killed and too wounded in Battles Between Security forces and rampaging chinese youths. Police said they had arrested More than 80 persons. The government broadcast that had contended the violence was put Down said a getting rid of fat q. I am 18 years old and for about two years i have been on a very unhealthy diet to keep fat off. When i was 16, i lost 70 pounds in to months by starvation. A year later i realized that i had gained a total of 20 pounds and i wanted to get them off. Even by eating Low calorie meals i just can to seem to lose weight even on starvation diets plus the fact in a a rather energetic person unlike the Way i was w Hen i was losing the 70 pounds. I was wondering if maybe i had messed up my body metabolism somehow and if so if i could get it Back to Normal. I read in a diet guide once that it takes 500 unburned calories to gain one Pound and 3500 burned calories to lose that one Pound. If i eat a decent meal say of 650 calories i gain pounds. Also i would like to know if there is some sort of surgery or medication w Here fat or fat producing glands could be removed or the glands made to Stop producing fat. A few years ago in the Reader s digest i read an article about How fat was removed from problem areas such As the thighs or hips for example. Please answer quickly if you can. Thank you. Desperate Dieter. A. Operations and starvation diets Are not the answer to weight problems. A change in eating habits is a which Means not just cutting out what is fattening and harmful but making sure you include what is essential to your health. We suggest you join a weight watchers program. Its purpose is to teach members to eat sensibly lose weight without starving and learn How to maintain that weight loss. Each is Given a prescribed eating program which Calls for three Well balanced nutritional meals a Day. Your weight is recorded privately each week you hear a talk by a trained lecturer who is a successful graduate of the program and you get encouragement from other members who share the same problem. Its a Good idea to Check with your family doctor first to make sure you have no organic disease. There Are weight watchers meeting at Lebanon methodist Church on thursday nights at St. Christophers episcopal Church on wednesday mornings and at first presbyterian Church on tuesday evenings. State of emergency imposed thursday a could be lifted there was no government reaction to the latest gunplay but hundreds of troops and police continued patrols through the upper Middle class District of Chinatown. The violence reflects Long simmering resentment by the City a Young chinese against thai police. A the people Here just hate policemen a said one police officer assigned to Chinatown the trouble began thursday morning subsided during the afternoon and then resumed thursday night. Most shops in the chinese Quarter were closed the streets were virtually deserted but were littered with rubble and the wreckage of cars and trucks the mobs set ablaze. A those kids should be killed a a said one angry chinese merchant. A a they re just gangsters trying to destroy our peaceful chinese tanks that had been rushed to the Royal Palace and other strategic locations were withdrawn to quiet rumours of a coup. But some 2,400 soldiers brought in from the suburbs remained on guard at government buildings communications installations and other key spots. Incoming trains were checked for smuggled arms. The first rioting developed so a Thailand on 2a what s inside . Envoy to Turkey is recalled Washington a William b. Macomber jr., the . Ambassador to Turkey has been recalled for consultation the state department said today. The move was regarded by diplomatic observers As manifestation of Washington Sanger Over turkeys decision to lift its ban on opium poppy cultivation. However the state department through press officer Paul Hare declined to go beyond confirming an Ankara news dispatch that Macomber was recalled. On tuesday John King another press officer had told newsmen the administration considered the turkish decision a breach of a 1971 agree ment the state s death How population of 45�?almost half the nations total the March thursday called attention to the state s total prison population of More than 12,000. Highest per capita in the nation and to statistics showing that fewer North Carolina workers Are in labor unions than in any other state. A a after meeting at a downtown auditorium where marchers were welcomed by Raleigh a Black mayor Clarence Lightner. The crowd walked to the Capitol. Miss Davis and the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy of the Southern Christian leadership conference spoke to the crowd at the Capitol then the March moved on past Central prison where men condemned to die Are housed. Other speakers included Clyde Bellecourt of the american Indian movement. The prime cause of tension during the March was a group of 12 pickets from segregationist groups including the american nazi party the Kun flux klan and the rights of White people. There were jeers at the segregationists but no incidents. Conspiracy possibility is disputed Atlanta a. A the Justice department said thursday there is no evidence of a conspiracy in last sundays shooting death of mrs. Alberta King but Hosea w Illiams said he is unconvinced. Williams is president of the Atlanta chapter of the Southern Christian leadership conference. Meanwhile mrs. Kings family spent a quiet fourth of july Reading some of the hundreds of telegrams which have poured in from around the world expressing sympathy. In Washington. Deputy asst. Atty Gen. K. William o Connor said he has asked the Fri to Call off an investigation of a possible conspiracy saying a the evidence did not support any concept of Marcus Wayne Chenault 23, of Dayton Ohio has been charged with killing 69-year-old Deacon Edward Boykin and mrs. King. 70, Mother of slain civil rights Leader Martin Luther King jr., in a shooting spree at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. A there in t any group of consequence with which or. Chenault is associated other than a very Small religious organization in Winchester by. It s a group of four or five people which has no bearing on this o Connor said. Williams said thursday that although he disagreed with the Justice department s decision he was not surprised. A they be done the same thing before a he said mentioning rulings on the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. A and i la bet my life that James Earl Ray if he did pull the trigger was not acting alone when he shot or. King a a Williams said. Referring to Chenault he said. A i certainly done to think this gentleman acted alone. I think there is an Effort to Stop the movement to wipe it out and bring an end to those who openly oppose our present Williams said he was in the Atlanta jail from an arrest during a protest March when Chenault was brought in. Sulc president Ralph David Abernathy was also present when Chenault told them a you All just keep those reverends in front of your names the boys will get All of you a Williams quoted Chenault As saying. Mrs. King was gunned Down sunday As she played the Organ in her husband s Church. Martin Luther King or. Was holding up Well thursday and said he plans to deliver the Sermon this sunday in his Church a family spokesman said a constant Stream of friends filled his ranch style red Brick Home thursday As Well wishers continued to mourn the family a latest tragedy. Kissin i subpoenaed attorneys near prosecution end policeman pursues thai rioters. A wire photo amusements. 12b Bridge. 12b classified ads comics. .6b crossword. 12b editorials. .4a financial. 2a obituaries. 2b sports. .3-5b television. 5b women a news. 6a-8a weather Washington a the prosecution rested its Case today in the plumbers trial in which John d. Ehrlichman and three others Are accused of plotting the 1971 break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Ehrlichman and the other defendants Are accused of violating the civil rights of the psychiatrist or. Lewis j. Fielding of Beverly Hills. Calif. Ehrlichman also is charged with lying to a grand jury and to the Fri. Ehrlichman was expected to take the stand in his own defense later. Earlier today the White House asked that a defense subpoena for the testimony of Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger be quashed. To support the request for quashing the subpoena Kissinger presented a statement to . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell saying he had no information about the guilt or innocence of the defendants. There has been testimony in the trial that Kissinger was among those who wanted derogatory information about Ellsberg made Public after the former Pentagon analyst made Public the Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War. In court today Gesell called a monday hearing on the Kissinger subpoena Issue where defense lawyers would be compelled to disclose what they expect Kissinger to Tell the jury. Kissinger is on a european trip to inform North Atlantic treaty organization allies about president Nixon strip to Moscow. Ehrlichmann a attorneys also had initially planned to subpoena White House chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. To appear As a witness. However defense attorneys indicated today that Haig s appearance would not be required. Nonetheless the White House asked that a subpoena for Haig s appearance be quashed. A defense subpoena also is to be issued to Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. In Paris where Kissinger was briefing French leaders on the Moscow Summit meeting. State department spokesman Robert Anderson said today the Secretary would make no further comment on the plumbers Case until he appears before the Senate foreign relations committee. Kissinger has said he was not aware of the plumbers activities. Former White House special counsel t Harles w. Colson has testified at the trial that the president arid Kissinger wanted to disseminate derogatory information about Ellsberg. Testimony is expected to end sometime next week. \

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