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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair weekend More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 183 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation rn-171# classified ads. 885-217? other dept. 885-2181 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon july i 1976 48 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c Drunken Bike ride May take License Havelock a Marine sgt Tommy f Healey or says he s been victimized by the Law he has been convicted of Drunken driving fined $125 and stands to lose his Drivers License he does t argue that he was t drunk when he was arrested he pleaded guilty when he appeared in District court but now he says he a going to fight the sentence because he was t even driving a car when arrested he was Riding a bicycle Healey and some buddies from the Cherry Point Marine air station were drinking Beer at Atlantic Beach tray 9 a sunday Healey said he had guzzled about a dozen cans of Beer when he decided to ride his bicycle the 21 Miles to Cherry Point along the Way. Highway patrolman Hubert l Cox or arrested the Marine for heading West in the eastbound Lane of 70 a he was very highly intoxicated a Cox said when Healey appeared in court. Judge Herbert o Phillips Iii laughed when he realized that Healey was arrested on a bicycle but. He said the Law required the License suspension or operating a vehicle while drunk a a you la notice it says be Drunken on 2a women need no consent for abortion w Ashington it api the supreme court ruled today that states cannot require a woman seeking an abortion to get consent from her husband or Force All single girls under 18 desiring an abortion to get permission from a Parent the decision struck Down the parental and spousal consent provisions of a 1974 Missouri Law but upheld a provision requiring a woman to give her written consent before the operation can be performed. In its ruling on abortions for single girls under 18 years old the court said states cannot impose a Blanket requirement for parental consent but added it was not suggesting that every minor regardless of age or maturity May give effective consent for termination of her pregnancy a it struck Down the Missouri requirement because it a imposes a special consent provision exercisable by a person other than the woman and her physician As a prerequisite to a minor s termination of her pregnancy and does so without sufficient for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the . Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge even one raw milk sales if Why can to we buy certified raw milk in the state of North Carolina and what can we do to change the Law so we can buy if thank you or. Ii n. A a local milk distributor said you could probably get some directly from a Dairyman out he can to legally sell it to you we asked the state commissioner of agriculture whether a change in the Law would be up to the county health departments the Tate or the Public health service following is the reply from l f. Blanton Deputy director of the food and drug Protection division of the n c dept of agriculture the North Carolina department of human resources through its division of health services advises the local county and City health departments in regard to the ordinances which they adopt for the regulation of the Sale of milk All of these Are patterned Atter the Public health service Model ordinance of 1965 this ordinance covers the Sale of pasteurized milk and by its adoption the Sale of raw milk to the Public is prohibited Xii counties in North Carolina that have a milk ordinance have adopted this provision which prohibits the Sale of raw milk therefore at the present time in North Carolina the Sale of certified raw milk is not provided for. Quot a Short time ago. A similar regulation in the state of Georgia was overturned by the courts in a Case involving a Dairy near Atlanta they Are now allowed to sell certified raw milk in Georgia a since All of the local health departments follow the Public health service Model ordinance in the ordinances which they adopt it would very Likely take a change in the Public health service ordinance before the Sale of certified raw milk would be allowed county by county in North Carolina Quot since changing a ordinance would be an overwhelming Prospect for an individual we asked the county health sanitation officer Owen Brau Gider if the county ordinance could be amended. Several years ago Tarboro had a local ordinance allowing the Sale of certified Grade a raw milk within the City limits but no longer does Braughler said if you could find a milk producer in the county who would be willing and Able to install All the equipment and if you could convince the Dairyman the demand locally would be Large enough to make it Worth his while he would bt1 glad to get in touch with him and explore the possibility of legalizing the Sale of it within the county if they Felt it would by Safe for the Public the county cannot make regulations that Are less stringent than the states and they Are strict on certified raw milk i but apparently the Georgia Case indicates the states Are not bound to go by the Federal Model ordinance prohibiting its Sale As Long As the product meets All standards and is not shipped outside the state sound off the Stokesdale fire Community is going to have a summer festival fun Day Parade on saturday july 24 at la a m. We need a marching band of around 30 members to participate in the Parade. If anyone has information regarding a band or has a band we would be very interested in talking with them. Please Contact Handy Southard 643-3959, or Call monday through Friday from 8 30 to 4 30 at 299-4720, ext. 376. Thank you. Justification for the restriction Quot beyond suggesting some forms of consultation Between Parent and child might be permissible the court adored no specific guidelines the ruling was the courts first major decision relating to abortions since it ruled 7-2 in 1973 that states cannot regulate abortions during the first three months of pregnancy the 1973 ruling also blocked states from prohibiting abortions until the fetus is capable of a meaningful life a outside the mothers womb which generally occurs during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy archbishop Joseph l Ber Nardin of Cincinnati president of the National conference of Catholic Bishops said a the supreme court has compounded the tragic error of its abortion decisions 3 years ago and struck a serious blow Al parents and families a a noting that for More than a Century abortion was a socially abhorrent the archbishop and led that a today s decision makes abortion More constitutionally significant than the rights of parents to rear their restraints end children it gives abortion precedence Over the right of husbands to participate fully in All decisions affecting their marriages a a Bill Cox. Director of the National committee for a Hight to life amendment. Said the decision a is very distressing to us a a he said it underlines a the need for a human rights amendment to the constitutions to protect the unborn in addition to the consent provisions today s decision struck Down a part of the Missouri Law which prohibits abortions by injecting a Fine fluid into the amniotic Sac. The court upheld reporting and record keeping requirements imposed by Missouri for abortions but not for other medical procedures and upheld the Missouri definition of viability the Point after which abortions May be prohibited the Missouri Law defines viability As the stage of fetal development when the life of the unborn child a be continued indefinitely outside the womb by natural or artificial life supportive systems Oil decontrol effect unsure Washington of a congressional opponents say the end it five years of Oil Price controls today could add $128 to the annual Cost of heating a Home with the fuel but the government says it might result in lower costs for Consumers the restraints ended at Midnight after the House and Senate wednesday failed to Block an administration plan to decontrol the Price of heating Oil and diesel fuel a veto by either Rham Bei would live been sufficient the House failed to halt the Federal Energy administration jew Opsal on a208 194 vote rho Senate Effort fell Short 52 to 32 congressional opponents of decontrol including Hep John dinged . Said the action Means the Cost of Home fuel Oil could use As much As eight cents a gallon dinged said that each cent per Galion increase translates into $16 a year on the average fuel bid supporters of the administration plan including Hep Clarence j Brownh Hio said decontrol is Likely to bring prices Down Brown said the system of Price and allocation controls kept distributors from buying supplies at die lowest possible competitive prices that belief also was expressed by Fea administrator Krank Zarb when he proposed decontrol in mid june the Fea said Zarb did not expect Price increases to result and that costs might even go Down controls were first imposed As part of former president Richard m Nixon wage once control program in August 1971 although controls on the rest of the Economy eventually were lifted those on Petroleum remained when the Arab embargo of 1973-1974 created shortages in the United states prices and allocations involved in the controls have varied among regions of the country according to demand distributing costs and other factors the Fea has said that Petroleum imports to the United states a now adequate and that continued controls did More harm to Oil prices than Good because retailers and wholesalers were locked into buying from past suppliers instead of being allowed to shop around Tor the Best Price the action did not lift controls on the Price of gasoline but sen Henry m Jackson Dwash. Said that was the next step to be proposed by the Kea inmates set fire fatal to 4 Marion. No. A authorities said today that inmates angered by removal of two radios from their dormitory deliberately started a fire that raced through a Mcdowell Bounty prison unit late wednesday killing four prisoners and seriously injury my 25 the investigation at this Point indicates it was a reaction by at least one individual that set it off a said w l Kautzky assistant director of prions for the state a then it became a group react the fire was started in a pile of mattresses and bedding in the Youthful offender dormitory of he minimum lockup facility apparently As a protest against disciplinary action a two radios in that Side of the dorm were picked up because they were being played in violation of policy a Kautzky said. A was minuscule As it sounds the inmates confirmed that s what did it Kautzky refused to identify the inmates believed responsible for the Blaze or to say whether any of the four dead men were directly involved he said the state Bureau of investigation has been called in to the investigation a there s a possibility of arson charges manslaughter charges or possible murder charges and that of course Ste inmates on 2a balloonist picked up by soviets new York a Karl Thomas has been picked up by a russian ship after failing in his attempt to Cross the Atlantic in a balloon the coast guard said today the soviet ship was reported to have told the Federal aviation administration that Thomas was in Good condition when he was puked up wednesday and would be dropped in Rotterdam when the Salvage tug Dek brisk arrives in Holland next thursday there was no immediate explanation on Why Thomas recovery was not made known sooner hut the coast guard said the soviet vessel was having communications problems Thomas had taken off from Lakehurst. No last Friday in an Effort to become the first person to Cross the Atlantic by balloon several other balloonist died in previous attempts the pickup was made 360 Miles North Northeast of Ber Mua the Rescue came As a major search was getting under Way for Thomas ten aircraft were scheduled to take Alf today from the United states Canada Bermuda England and Spain to look for the 90 foot balloon what s inside i amusements.3d bridge.101 classified ads .3-91 comics.8c crossword.41 editorials.4a financial.2.4 .21 sports.1-7c television .2d women s news see. B weather.3 a Chave lifts cast Iron time capsule to main floor of i a of tol a a Wessela Centennial time capsule opened Washington a twentieth Century americans will get their first look at some l9th-<.enturv photographs of two presidents and portraits of two others when president Ford opens a Centennial time capsule the cast Iron Sale being opened today for the first time since it was stated in 1879 also contains autographs of thousands of prominent americans of the Day. A Silver Tiffany in stand and j pen dedicated to the Era s favorite american poet. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the inner Glass doors of the Safe Are being unsealed in a ceremony at the Capitol s statuary Hall where the Safe was closed and locked in an 1879 ceremony attended by president Rutherford b Hayes his Cabinet and members of Congress mrs Charles k Diehm a new York publisher and collector of the Memorabilia of a generation of americans who celebrated the nation s tooth birthday in l87n, had asked that the Sale be opened this july fourth by the nation s chief executive because of the press of other Bicentennial events however it is being opened three Days Early die Safe was exhibited at the Centennial exposition in Philadelphia where visitors were asked to autograph the pages of Large leather albums to be stored Tor posterity when the exposition closed. Mrs Diehm poured the country to obtain photographs and signatures of leading figures in politics business and religion As Well As orators and poets she then put the articles in a Centennial Safe and persuaded Congress to store it untouched for to dec Ades the Safe contains a Stiver Tiffany in stand used by those who signed the album and the pen dedicated to Longfellow used by Many signers of the Book it also contains portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in addition it contains a photograph of president Ulysses s Grant who was in the White House in 1876 and a photograph of Hayes whose Fust year As president began in 1877 the first year of the nation s second Century the thick Iron outer doors of the Safe were opened last january during ceremonies marking the beg inning of the Bicentennial Congress some of the contents of the Safe have been visible through the lot iced inner Glass doors of the vault one Book in the sate gives some idea about the growth of the Federal government in die past Century it contains the names of die 80 too government employees on the payroll in 1876 there Are now More than 2 8 million civilian Federal employees in Memphis Case rapist s Fate kept secret by Law by Kay Pittman Black press scimitar staff writer Memphis a on die morning of april 30, a Young Navy wife heard noises in her House and half asleep went downstairs. An Arm went around her neck a 15-year-old boy also a resident of Memphis naval air station threw the woman to die floor and raped her holding a 9-Rnm automatic pistol to her head throughout she said the housewife said the attacker left taking several household possessions and told Ner Quot of you Tell anyone what happened Iti come Back and get you a since the incident which she reported immediately to her husband and base Security the woman an 4-student in her third year of accounting Lias had to drop out of College. She is undergoing psychiatric treatment and her husband a career Navy Man has had to take a part time Job to pay for it she is unable to sleep wondering if her assailant is going to return the couple has bought two dobermans for Protection but that s not die worst of their ordeal the hell of it is we can to find out what has happened to that 15-year old a said her husband we Don t even know if lie is in jail or running Loose no one will Tell us they say it is die Law tile Man and his wife Are caught up in the juvenile Justice and delinquency prevention aet of 1974 the Case of rape involving the 15 year old buy is the first such ease handled in Memphis Federal courts since the act was passed according to officials at die local . Attorneys office. The officials said the act requires secret trials for accused Federal offenders under 21 years old and seals forever the record of those juveniles the act also forbids the news Media from printing die name or photograph of the accused juvenile no one will Ever know the name or the disposition of the Case the youth was tried by dist court judge Harry Wellford on rapt and burglary charges no one connected with die Case will discuss it for fear of being held in contempt a i can understand his the husband s concern a said atty Thomas Turley. A i can certainly see Why the wife is under psychiatric evaluation it s a horrible thing but i can t reveal the record under die Law a that response has t satisfied the couple a Why does that boy need Protection Quot die husband asked a How Many More like him Are being protected across the country we can to even learn if lie is in jail or not what about our peace of mind a is that Justice

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