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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday. January 31. 1926 Page begin Here today Barbara Hawley Sis Kilts Irick Reynolds her Fiance architect la Enuse she wants to see life. She gets a Job on the Telegraph. Bruce with manners Stone and Reynolds promotes Yale acres a civic realty project. To meets Lydia Stacy Rich widow who is attracted to him. Barbara meets Bob Jeffries to ice reporter and Jerome All Man about town. Barbara covering a suicide finds a red Scarf she links with a dress of mrs. Stacy s. Bruce refuse mrs. Stacy a attentions so site tells Andrew Mcdermott editor of tile Telegraph that Bruce firm is crooked. Bruce is indicted. Barbara unknown to Bruce who blames her for the publicity the scandal has received helps to Clear my by confronting mrs. Stacy with the red Scarf Anil forcing her to testify that it was a Pat Mer of bruces who was guilty. Viol Jetta Cranby factory weds Bruce after getting j vice on How to w in a a social Superior through Barbaraus lovelorn column. Mcdermott s daughter. Fancy comes to live with Barbara. Fancy slopes with Jerome Ball despite Barbaraus warning lie is frivolous. A Chih i Lorn to Violetta. Barbara jealous goes to new York it work for footlights Magazine. In new York Barbara meets lories now on a new Yor knew a Pak a and invites him to dinner. He brings a pretty girl to introduces As Annabella his Fiance. Barbara goes to interview Daisy Olivero actress and meets Maria Capri Greenwich villager who suggests Barbara move a Down among now it it on with the Story chapter l Barbara marvelled at the Complete friendliness of this Greenwich Village girl whom she had met scarcely two minutes before. Certainly All new York was not As cold and indifferent As it had been pictured. Maria was rambling on. It knew you the minute i saw you. You can to miss a real villager it you re a villager yourself. I said to myself a Maria there a a soul mate for a Barbara pondered. A where is this place you know of a a a a it a just around the Corner from Here in a House owned by a Magazine artist. The Little apartment that a vacant has two open fireplaces and old French furniture and a real Bath tub which Many Village apartments Haven to. Would not you like to see it a a they were interrupted by a Small girl who burst into the room. A a say a a she cried boisterously. A miss Olivero says to Tell the newspaper lady she can to see her this afternoon a cause Pierre a burned her hair something awful. She a crying Uke anything and cussing Barbaraus companion laughed. A looks like Fate does no to it Well lamps bring Chee it a Tilc or a floor lamp add much to the Charm of the Home. We have a wonderful selection of Beautiful floor Anil table lamps to choose from. Come in and select one or More and add to tilt11111 in. Yus cheesiness of your Home. J. Mkt Kester furniture co. 104 n. Main phone 2788 if Daisy a crying and cussing at the same t Ime we might As Well Clear i out and go look at that apartment. J she wont be fit to speak to for hours and hours. I pity Barbara Rose. A if this place is As j Good As it sounds i think ill take it. The actress who is subletting to me is in town again and would like her place Back. In a a bit tired of it an astute Landlady touched a match to some logs in the two fire places when she saw Barbara Aud Maria coming up the walk. The rooms were Bright and cozy when the girls entered. The Large front room had a loft-1 like Balcony with rough Wood beams and railings. A a can to you just see yourself up there with the old typewriter on that Louis Quinze table and the lamplight on those persian rugs a a asked Maria. A i j should think anybody could write i on a Balcony Uke that. I do free verse you know and novelties. In a Way we re sister Barbara studied Maria Morel carefully. Beneath the outlandish j hair her Fate was finer than one would have expected though thin j and heavily Rouge. There were i moments when her speech was less j Rowdy than usual. The Landlady was waiting. Bar-1 Bara looked again around the at-1 Tractive room. A look at those Book shelves a cried Maria. Barbara turned toward the woman. A til take the place a she said. A a it seems a sudden thing to do. But Why not i like it and its not too expensive. When May i have it a a a in ten Days a answered the woman. A a there a some work to be done on it Quot in a so glad a cried Maria dancing about. A til come and see you sometimes shall i a a a of Barbara smiled As she would have smiled at a child. Miss Furnivall looked up expect Antly when Barbara entered the o free late that afternoon. A what it a she asked. A you look excited a a i am. I be just decided to to a villagers rented a cunning place with two fireplaces and old French furniture and found a. Pathetic Little child poetess with hair like a miss Furnivall leaned Back in her chair. A a what a she exclaimed. A exactly a a cried Barbara. A to going to see what there is in Greenwich. Ifs too stiff and Dull out Here. I d like a Chance to meet people who Are doing things and living As they want to lire and defying the world. They must be a Brave and Happy a and an unwashed lot a added miss Furnivall. A Why Betsy done to be a smug old stand Patter. You know lots of real people have come out of the Village. Look at Susan Glaspell and Edna St. Vincent Millay and Floyd Dell. And anyhow you should see my fireplaces and the Little loft where Iii do my miss Furnivall a brows were still supercilious. A did you look for cockroaches a Barbara burst into laughter. A dear me Betsy i believe you re jealous of the Village. You just done to want me to move out of your neighbourhood. Now Isnit that it Why done to you come and live with me a miss Furnivall Shook her head. A i fit in and you know it. These Twenty years have spoiled me for Freedom or fun. But in a really a Little anxious about this Experiment of yours Barbara. You May meet some of the real people but you la meet Twenty cheap imitations to one genuine article. The Village Isnit what it used to be when Floyd Dell and Susan Glaspell lived a Well i want to know what it is now at any rate. So you i he a w it Blanket 1 Maria a a appeared Miller gave b the leading stories m Las i is3.0 y t Tilry Barbara found Alt a seem i to glad to yield j Ting on t he piano when she i Pat strenuous assign ments t entered e carrying i or suit Case and i the relation. Biet Ween a Sandbox. The tanks had i Aire i tint adv uni Tontor Jioie j been depo sited in t he middie of the Barbara looke i Nival us door or a desk was hear her Nival a wraps w a rack she t re. A in at Maria i against time kit in piano. Me Down a a help r h a that in i or1 just Ca t to give e you a building with u by. A Sal Corner. Gaze to but Dot Daisy a took it. Contents streaming Over the searched frantically in the i stood open. It was empty. Sides to the floor. Barbara Oner Droner. Her ring Box its it i was away for the Day. Does no to it ooh Nice in your apartment. You a better just keep Barbara laughed. A i Haven Jone in for Petty larceny vet Maria. They unpacked Barbara s belong Ings. Her mothers Paisley shawl made a drape for the piano and her three or Mur English prints o77heh he dark Maria buzzed about making herself useful in Many ways. The apartment became More and More i Homelike. At dusk Barbara took off her apron. A this is the first time i a Celt at Home for Many Moons Maria. Its a Darling place 11 Hae you to thank for finding if for l Jashed a a done to men Mon it. I liked your looks. And you la probably get tired of me i hanging around. In a be Bere so much a where do you live. Maria Quot a. Barbara suddenly. Me of just anywhere. Present in a camping with Daisy. But Shes getting hard to live with my verse Hasni to gone so very Well bu1 some Clay it will. So i done to worry much. Barbara glanced toward the Back of the House. There were two tiny nooks of bedrooms under the eaves then so a spoke impulsively. A Why done to you move in Here for a few Days Maria until things straighten lout for you there s room Maria Shook her head a i Ess sick it z y0u i it awl Quot line have terrible moods no met i Mea. Lets go out to Din 0,.1 ii up led out a Coin purse and spilled some Nickels and dimes 11 can eat. 7 Quarter her map they went out together into the an0smyalftrheet Maria Ca de be i a Small boy. A gee \ j0vq i wow ifs Nice Only a in this town. Then it gets filthy like everything else. But ifs gorgeous while it lasts Caf?7 a a a a at a Russia. A j based a us to where tor the mini the a Quot Ord car it a Reata Rau meal they were served with euro Pean delicacies and with trifles of nuts and sweetmeats for dessert fore Bara had never tasted be i Maria ate hungrily vet with a certain Birdlike dainties a a a a guess to not a very spiritual pet a a he said. A i love to eat. And in cart 0 on moonbeams and a replied Barbara. A i find that the Best Aid to inspiration is a Good thick Beefsteak sa.o�."r00m8 a a la hmm a replied Maria a Ord i? e Ca Lar a 1��?o serves world a Quot the Azaad in a i then you re a True villager suppose and a True poet As Well a Maria would not let Barbara pay the Bill. A Wirg dutch treat it a at811 Gold "7 ,0�?� As 1 a a a it at ail. And when i can to ill null of my Belt a Mien end in miss Furnivall. Attitude toward Jou whee she refused i o go to lunch when Barbara asked slime tilt j diced. The fir ment were ii glowed in a i room. There was Barbara Wen put the Tea took off her she passed band stopped 1 As she went. The door closed altho j open that to she opened dressing table windows met her g ors were standing c j contents streaming i to tits floor. The iof the table were aside her Little apart lighted and one lamp Corner of the living no sign of Marin t to the Kitchen and Kettle on before she hat and coat. Then or the fireplace again to look in the Lames to Fie out inned tri state tobacco growers reply to Bill of charges chiefly association defended its retrying policies i High i Ere assailed a r. Patterson and jr., made Large per a necessary charged commission in its i alleged activities of tobacco company tobacco company a operative movement the full facts where not Tho co operatives Ive ail the evidence favored the Assoc a a stain St. The tobacco made an exhaustive Ito the affairs of the Point out alleged a nth when the Pur investigation As set fess was to invest cities of the tobacco their dealings with it cited evidence in Raleigh Jan. 30.�? apr a the answer of the tri state tobacco growers association to the j charges made against it by the fed eral Trade commission today was in the hands of its membership in a ten thousand word statement last night the directors of the Assoc a a Hon took is in. With their carried its Ca ver the sides i for judgment. Tides on to chiefly the arranged and j its retrying i the hearing White to is said tended to show collusion t it Ween the Tobare co co in pan if a a inst the interest of the co of Erat be movement and which it de Clare d the Trade com Mission a lie d to publish. It traced the mov Emer it or or a period of four yearn exp Aine d the retrying policies As ing it possible to handle tobacco for retrying at a lower Price thai i if handled with outside red tying concerns despite the profits Nat by the two offi cers and a it and up with a state meat that tiie Pitt re drying Active Hies had been c conducted honestly and in Good fait h and the association Ite Lieve ii the e present policies were for the bes it interests of the growers. Williams second Jln Nual cruise sailing Date changed now from Wilm i Noxon n. 0. Saturday feb. 13, 1926, at to a. M. On the British a is. S. Fort Hamilton of the Furness Bermuda line. 12,000 tons�?425 feet Long twin screw Oil Burner. Specially chartered by Williams travel service. Charlotte n. C. Eight Days four Days at Bermuda rates 3 in inside stateroom $135.00 each Ferson 2 in inside stateroom. $150.00 each Ferson 3 in outside stateroom $150.00 each Ferson 2 in outside stateroom $175.00 each Ferson the above rates include berth and meals on ship deck chair and Rug hotel accommodations with meals four Days at the famous Hamilton hotel at Bermuda drive to St. Georges 24 mile admission to the Crystal Cave a boat trip to the Coral reefs viewing the Coral submarine gardens from Glass bottomed boats. Special new feature past engers May sleep aboard the ship at Wilmington Friday night february 12th and will be served breakfast the next morning All without extra charge. For illustrated literature giving Complete information about Bermuda rates and location of staterooms on ship write Williams travel service Charlotte n. C. Many prominent people Haye made Reserve Atio Severy Day suits cleaned and pressed its genuine laundry phone 393 phone 393

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