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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Sunday. January 31. I92t> Page i Uil Foci county Sanatorium report for past year shows Uch Progress is being made report of tile work done by Guilford county Sanatorium or the your ending december 31, allows that the work there has own a wonderful increase Over to corresponding year and also hat Liberal donations have been made. .1. L. Spruill superintendent of institution said in his report the work done there during lie past year had been very pleas my to him and expressed his appreciation for Tho cooperation that has Bern received during the year. His report follows a i submit herewith a report of lie work done by the Guilford Bounty Sanatorium for the year ending december 31, 1925. A a in presenting this report i wish 0 take the Opportunity of expressing toy gratitude to your honorable Loard for your Hearty cooperation my Wise policies which have and led much to the Success of the san rim to the honorable Board of Tity for their illegal appropriations for the Sanitorium they have withheld nothing needful and have shown that 1 hey feel that nothing is too Good for the sick of the county to the medical profession 0f Guilford county who have stood squarely behind the superintendent and riven him their United support in by. E. A. Bristow chiropractor office phone 2710 Over Hayes jewelry store too North main St. Bonnie Betty Beauty shop Over Wool wort b s marvelling facials. Shampooing Scalp treatments mar or urine. Hair dyeing and Cut Ting. Nestle i Anoil permanent waving f expert operators phone 2002 his work and assisted him in every Way possible to make the work successful and helpful in the Conn to to the various religious and civic organizations of the county for their valuable material Aid rendered the patients in the Sanatorium one of the clubs of Greensboro has sent a Large amount of clothing for the use of needful patients. And it has served a use impossible to mention also to Many patrons of the Hospital and other citizens who have donated substantially to its various needs. One patient who came Here in the hopeless stage of tuberculosis died leaving practically her whole estate of Over $6,000 to Tho superintendent As trustee to be used As he thought Best for the Comfort of the patients. A a a Man whose wife spent several months As a patient Here left a Check for $100. Fifty dollars Quot was donated by a lady for Christmas entertainment. Subscriptions to several magazines have been Given / and Many Fine books for the Library Many Beautiful Flowers and plants have been brought to the Sanatorium and during the holidays one of our Well known florists sent Large Bunches of poinsettias to brighten the patients and Gladden All eyes. Quot we have had the support of the whole citizenship of the county. The patients themselves their relatives and friends have cooperated so loyally with us As to make the work a pleasure. Every patient seems to feel that the institution is his. As a citizen and taxpayer and has done his part in making it successful. We have had practically no complaining or grumbling and everyone has seemed satisfied and Happy. A a we have had a United staff of nurses and workers and i wish to express my gratitude for their loyalty and support which has contributed so much to our work. A a during the year there has been added a building for the coloured help at a Cost of $1,000, appropriated by the county commission ers also a garage at a. Cost of j $400, for the nurses cars this 1 amount taken from the regular i funds of the institution. A a while i feel that the Sanator a him is doing Good work for those afflicted with tuberculosis still via have need for facilities of preventing the disease. As the infection usually takes place in childhood and since it is usually the poorly nourished and undeveloped child that develops tuberculosis in Early adolescence i feel that some thing should be done to prevent the development of the disease. I would therefore recommend that your Board take up the matter of building a department for the car-1 ing for the undernourished child who is infected with the disease j a children a building of not less than thirty Beds is urgently needed to take care these. A some months ago. I brought before the county commissioners the idea of their establishing a Dairy on the county farm where milk could be produced for this Hospital the county borne and the convict Camp. Also that a laundry should be established at the county Home to serve these institutions. As our milk and laundry Bills Are the largest we have i feel that a great Deal of Money could be saved and even better service could be rendered if this were done. I would therefore recommend that the Board of directors bring these matters to the attention of the county commissioners. Quot All of which is respectfully submitted. A number of letters written. 1,152 w. C. Patient in the Sanatorium january 1st, 1925. 53 5 patients admitted during the year. 94 25 american theater starting tomorrow pictures will be hailed with great Delight by the younger generation As Well As those who have seen the play years ago. To make a Complete Bill one that will Appeal to the children As Well As grown ups one of those exceptionally popular Quot our gang a i comedies will be shown entitled i a one wild every boy and a girl it is said looks Forward to the coming of a your gang a comedies j with much Delight and they Are i promised a genuine treat in this latest a your Fox news events of la the program gang Dep Rei Easi Ting to will a a be w news be on or. Whitely returns a b. Whitely has returned to High Point from Haines City. Fla., where he went some time ago to install a pipe Organ in the famous rocking chair Church i. The Church which is considered one of the most Beautiful in the South is equipped with rocking chairs and hag been Ivetti Wido Public Ity throughout the country As it is the Only one of this kind in the world. The pipe Organ which is one of the Best that can be built a especially tuned by or. Whitely. The by the i cd for More planted 1925. Sewanee River made farm Gong soon May be a me electrical Power. Than by be too. Iring que Femc value Conrad hag and Eleanor Boardman in Quot memory Lane 147 30 patients discharged during the year. 94 patients in the Sanatorium december 31st, 1925. 53 i patients discharged were women. 47 14 patients discharged were men. 47 8 outside examinations made a patients from this county. 647 35 patients from outside. 103 2 no. Of cases found positive Iso lax Ray pictures a White and col. Chest films of san. Patients. .135 More Eto come Chest films of outside patients. 194 pictures of other parts. 8 not classified. Not tuberculous. 3 0 discharged w. C. Apparently arrested. 21 2 quiescent. Improved. Unimproved. Died i nit to ,.,. Not tuberculous. 2 0 not classified. 94 21 total number of patient Days. 18603 1701 a. Length of stay. 198 is total no. Of lbs ga�?Tl.io72 28 a. Gain for All weighed. 13u 4 no. Who gained. 13 4 no. Who lost. 8 3 no. Not weighed or Rem a stations. 13 14 one coloured patient was Dis special attractions provided for Broadhurst patrons family insight 337 condition of patients discharged during 1925 a admission w. C. Incipient. 14 i moderately advanced. 30 17 far advanced. To 17 plotting i Dobbin s downfall in 1901 gasoline one year $3500 w in �?�de4 a the beit thing on Whitt. A a nothing to watch inf the Bead % thu grateful Anet practical automobile will do the work of ii Homes at an average coat of $35.00 a year Miles. Board alone for one horse costs $ 180.00 a year so the Economy is very evident. The Oldsmobile at hts the satisfaction of knowing his machine is always reads its practicability a demonstrated by Quot a Lait our exhibit at the new York Auto. Show and see How the i re Cut Olds nubile is built to run Ako noes it Call on any of oar fifty eight agents or write for illustrated Book and information to department g us Island and Chicago jul endurance connects and the new York a non reliability Hun i a its working mechanism is simplicity itself no complications nothing to go wrong operated entirely from the seat always under instant control every part easily accessible. The Olds motor works a Ahsing Mick a ssh jts Cai. Curr arses a Nhsn tto compare the Oldsmobile of 26 years ago with Oldsmobile of today charged in same year special treatments and operations pneumothorax a no. Patients from Sanatorium. 14 no. Times administered. A Ray therapy a no. Of Sanatorium patients no. Of times administered no. A. Tuberculosis of Throat. Enteritis ,. Sciatica. Eczema. I 33 general radiation for pleurisy. Stomach trouble bladder and nervous disorders. 8 192 18 419 aspirations a no. Of patients. 8 no. Of aspirations. 42 patients sent to Gen bos .6 o. A treats 4 8 5 4 78 i 31 family night at the new Broad Hurst. It is said has proven one of the big events of the week. Hundreds of families came last monday in response to the rare offer made by the management of the House. Tomorrow night will be made one of the biggest nights it is claimed since the House opened when the finest love Story known for fifty years will be viewed in pictures a a East Many of our older citizens remember the Beautiful old drama a3 it was presented for so Many times 93 j on the stage. Now William Fox has made this Sweet old love Story into moving pictures and it is said that it is one of the finest features of the entire year. It is claimed that no picture so far featured on family night will compare with Quot East the scenes Are gorgeous and the acting is splendid. Such Well known stars As Edmund Lowe who delighted throngs some time ago Here in Quot the fool a with Alma Rubens and a Large cast Are seen in the production. It is a picture that can he viewed by All people aiidc�.,j, they May come with the Assurance South Wrenn Street it is claimed that nothing will be shown that will offend. These charming old dramas made into at Chrysler �?o58�?Ts&Quot electrifying new Low prices it would More than Ever be a waste of time to attempt to match such values. Nowhere can you find anything to equal Chrysler �?o58&Quot Quality performance and Beauty at figures like these touring car s845 roadster special 890 Sedan club Coupe 895 coach 0 a 935 995 rut wheels optional Hydra slip four wheel brakes at slight extra Cost. A la Price f. O. B. Detroit rub feet to current Federal excise tax. Chrysler sales corporation Detroit. Michigan Chrysler corporation of Canada. Ltd. Windsor. Ontario Chrysler Gate City motor co. Jack Burris manager straight talks with aunt emmy on How to leave an estate phone 2639 it in 1 Hudson super six a fac you know aunty a said Helen As she accepted a cup a of Tea from aunt emmy a i feel terribly sorry for mrs. a yes a agreed aunt emmy a it will be hard for her. She is such a dependent helpless Little a ooh i done to mean that a interrupted Helen. A her feelings Are so Hurt because As she says her husband publicly insulted her by not making her executrix and trustee of his a Good gracious child did she say that a exclaimed aunt emmy setting her cup Down with a bang. A yes she did aunty a said Helen enjoying the sensation she had made and determined to make the most of it a and in a sure i agree with her. The idea of that old Man appointing a Trust company to look a a after mrs. Strong a Money. It Isnit j no one without a thorough Knowles though there was t plenty of Edge of business can undertake. Richest h450 1650 1165 Quot it Brougham Sedan 7pam. Coach an prices freight anti tar extra the Emder beautify finer lower Price / by Cue but a three ski coach a a a i the new Oldsmobile is Only $300 higher than the old two seater of 1901 with the Side Cranker and the plow handle steering Rod. Compare the two c. F. Farley motor co. It. The Strongs Are the people in town i a Well for mercy a Sakes a cried aunt emmy disgust in every syllable a if it done to beat All you Are As big a fool As she is then a a what do you mean. Aunt emmy a asked Helen with dignity. A i think it nothing Short of disgraceful for a Man to show that he has no Confidence in his wife by putting his Money in strangers hands to be doled out to her As they sea a you never thought that up Helen a said airs. Strong though she was living in a Story Book poor silly Little Helen blushed and aunt emmy went on a do you know what it Means to administer an estate especially a big one like or. a Why no a stammered Helen a but it must be aunt emmy sniffed. A simple let me Tell you a Little about it. Quot in an estate like or. Strong there is sure to be a certain amount of financial negotiation that demands banking knowledge. Then the executor must pay claims against the estate in the order of precedence Laid Down by Law. Also you know state inheritance and Federal estate taxes must be met promptly. Finally after the estate is settled As to claims it has and claims against it the executor must see that the various bequests Are a Job aunty done to Tell me any aunt emmy a that so a a never thought that there she always talks As i were a a Manx complicated things to a be done. Poor mrs. Strong never knew a thing about a emr. Strong knew that a remarked aunt emmy dryly a and Don t you suppose he had his children in mind too he wanted his estate handled so that the children and mrs. Strong would be protected and assured of a Good comfortable living All their lives with something to go on to the grandchildren. Even it or. Strong were a business woman no Hud son and Etc x Ca Roca be bought for a Low first payment and convenient j Emison balance Fuji of super six srm when a Man Dies the things he one could Tell How Long she would owns cease for a time to be any a i Jive administer the estate he body s property and become his is knew that the Trust company would Tate. Toe property passes from his not diff nor lo8e if faculties Quot nor control on his death naturally and j b9 influenced by personal feeling a his estate it is controlled and 80 that it might he unjust to some 334 North . Phone 8204 supervised by the court which will be in charge of the estate for Many months probably. First this court j finds out whether or not there is j a will and if the will is valid. Then i it must find out about the executor j if the will is properly drawn and valid it will be a admitted to probate. The persons who witnessed it must be found and examine. A the executor must satisfy the court As to fitness and willingness to perform involved. Perhaps he will have to furnish a Bond to assure the court it his financial responsibility. He must assemble All the so called assets have them valued and file an inventory and appraisal of them with the court. A the debts against the estate must be collected. One and that it represents some of the Best business and banking judgment in a Well i guess old Mao Strong knew what he was doing a said b. Aymes. The More recently adopted meth j of of killing the common Barberry which spreads Black Stem rust of Small grains is by the Usa of such j chemical As Salt and kerosene act in Many arduous duties j cording to the department of Agri a j culture. These methods have ser i Erat advantages Over the digging method formerly used. They Are less laborious cheaper and More certain. This is especially True if i Bushes Are growing in Stony ground where digging is difficult department circular Sod tells All about Bank or in ten years of value leadership Hudson super six performance Quality and Price advantage have never been so outstanding As today. The Beautiful Hudson Brougham illustrated above. Has All the distinction of finest custom built cars at a Price based on the world s largest production of 6-cyl.nder cars. With the Sedan it gives Hudson the same unrivalled positron among luxurious cars that the coach has so Long held in the Utility Field. And in the Low priced held Essex shares All of Hudson a famous qualities in design materials and workmanship. For Little More than Low priced a a fours you get its 6-Cylinder performance Comfort Good looks and Pride of ownership. Come take a ride. \ full like All Essex gives and does. Payment and terms make it Why be Content with less Essex coach a a six built by Hudson a $ t Rice Low la As easy to of 765 freight and tax the settlement Cfall claims against How to us this method person and corporations is a Job i former. Worlds largest Selling Sixes motor service co. Of 201 East Commerce Street High Point n. C. A l

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