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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy Chanco of rain sunday and monday 88th year a no. 30 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning january 30, 1972 124 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25e a Hijacker shot by Fri agent for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Where there s smoke. 0. Could you Tell me How to get rid of the smoke odor in my furniture As a result of a fire in my House g. A. The North Carolina adjusters Assoc. Directory in Guilford county lists under smoke odor removers Kirkem North Carolina and Handi clean products inc. Both Are listed in the Greensboro Section of the phone Book. Curious to know How they combat the smoke smell we asked the Kirkem company for an explanation. Contaminating doors cannot be washed away like dirt or soot they say because these doors Are composed of vibrant molecules that dig in and Cement themselves to buildings furnishings or merchandise. Unless the odor molecules Are physically removed prior to repairs they can reappear As a damaging reminder of the fire Long after it is past. Their process uses non toxic non staining chemicals to displace and neutralize them. The agents Are a dry fogged into the area physically displace the Maldor molecules by selective absorption they Are forced into the air As agents evaporate and High powered fans expel the Maldor molecules from the area. The Cycle is repeated until All traces of odor Are eliminated. They list several a do not so following a fire do not move or shuffle contents in a building or Home except to preserve the property from further damage caused by water or other hazards. Do not attempt to control odor by a per fuming which Only complicates the removal process. Do not Send clothing or other soft goods items out for cleaning if they were exposed to and contaminated by the odor. Do not plaster paint or otherwise renovate the building. Repairing Bridges 0. I would Liko to know Why Tho City of High Point does not do something about Bridges Street Between Salem and Putnam it has holes in it big enough to drive a car into. S. P. A. This will be scraped and properly stoned As soon As the graders can get a dry footing says Public works director wills. The unusually wet weather has caused the hold up. A a Melba Roe died 0. Please Tell me what happened to Melba Rae who played the part of Marge Bergman in a search for anon. A. According to a press release from lbs to miss Rae died dec. 29 of a cerebral Haemorrhage at new York Hospital. She was 49. Best known for her role on a search for tomorrow a she also had leads in such programs As a Armstrong Circle theatre a a Philco television playhouse a treasure men in action a a danger a and a famous jury she also was in Broadway productions of a Janie a a happily Ever after a and a Days of our a Utah native miss Rae attended Stanford University where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She is survived by her husband Gilbert Shawn and son Erie. On the show a search for tomorrow a the part of Marge Bergman which was played by miss Rae is not being recast. The shows writers have made Stu Bergman a widower with no specifics As to the time or manner of Marge a death. There Are occasional past tense references to her and to studs status As a widower according to Bailey Hobgood promotion manager for a my to. A a the late King Clark q. How Long hot Clark Pablo been dead we have had an argument Over this and sure would love to Settle it thank you. Mrs. . A. Gable died in 1960. A or Job has been done q. As a taxpayer i am anxious to find out Why the City has not been Here to take care of the damage the City truck did when they picked up the limbs on the front Lawn. The truck came after a rain and scraped out part of the Lawn leaving very deep tire tracks. When if Rains the holes stay full of water. I have phoned them twice wrote a letter to the Public works department and so far no one has been Here to take care of it. Hope you can get some action. Mrs. E. G. A. Landscape work to repair the tire tracks was delayed by the wet weather but Public works director Wius says the Job is Complete now. keep an Eye on it until the grass gets going. A a a calligraphy checker q. Could you please Tell me the name of the handwriting analyst and where he is located in Greensboro i would like this As quickly As possible. Anon. A. Greensboro chief of police Paul Calhoun says to his knowledge there is not an expert on handwriting in Greensboro. However he says there is one in Raleigh . James r. Durham of 519 Vick Avenue Telephone 787-3326 or 834-8068. New York a a former mental patient with a Long criminal record hijacked a transcontinental jetliner by pulling a pistol from a fake Arm cast saturday then was shot and captured at Kennedy Airport by an Fri agent posing As a crewman the Hijacker identified As Garrett Brock Trapnell 33, mo5t recently of Miami. Fla., was once declared insane in Florida and had a record of robberies and other offences. He boarded the trans world airlines Boeing 707 in los Angeles escaping detection of his gun because no Metal detection device was in operation. He commandeered the plane Over Iowa said Pilot Raymond Schreiber by claiming to have a bomb and removing an automatic pistol from the cast with a razor Blade. No bomb was found. Then in a wild seven hour drama he ordered the plane to land at Kennedy where he let the other 93 passengers de plane. Then ordered the plane and its seven Crew members aloft again. The plane circled the new York area for an hour while authorities tried to unravel the hijackers demands. Some of his talk by radio to the by congressmen increase of debt ceiling opposed Washington a five democratic congressmen called on their colleagues saturday to reject president Nixon s request for a debt ceiling increase unless Nixon presents proposals to plug tax loopholes which help the Rich. Nixon has asked a $50-billion increase in Treasury borrowing authority because of deficits estimated to total $64 3 billion in two years. It would be the largest single ceiling increase since world War ii. The House ways and Means committee opens hearings on the debt ceiling legislation monday with Treasury Secretary John b. Connally and management and budget director George p. Shultz As the first witnesses. Congress has always approved debt ceiling increases in comparable circumstances. Rep. Henry s. Reuss a wis and four who joined him in a letter to colleagues wrote that Nixon a economic policy represents a different situation from the past when a Many have been voting for increases. As the responsible thing to do the government must be kept a the deficits Are in Large part due to or. Nixon a refusal to plug existing tax loopholes and his encouraging of new ones a they said. A until there is a serious attempt to plug loopholes in the Federal income gift and estate taxes this country will continue to suffer from inequitable taxation unemployment and unsound budgetary practices. Experience has shown that loophole plugging can Only be accomplished with presidential leadership. None has been ground was broadcast live to new yorkers by webs radio. He was shot in the left shoulder and hand after the plane landed at Kennedy a second time at which time the Hijacker was saying he wanted to be flown on to Texas to consult a psychiatrist and get a Friend out of jail. On the ground near the hijacked Jet was another Twa jetliner which had brought Nathaniel Barone reported to be an attorney of Trapnell a from Miami. Trapnell and bar one spoke to each other Over the plane radios during the drama. Trapnell was described in Good condition at a Queens Hospital where he was taken for surgery. Die $306,800 Ramsom which the Pilot said Trapnell demanded while the plane was Over Chicago was the amount Trapnell last year told a Miami court he paid for a yacht the Fri in Miami said. He was trying to claim the yacht at the time. Trapnell s other demands during the Hijack included Freedom for Black militant Angela Davis that he talk to president Nixon and that a fresh Crew a with no heroes be supplied to Fly him at first to Spain he said and later to Dallas. Tap Nell is White. He was shot by one of two Fri agents who boarded the plane posing As members of that fresh Crew. When they got on Board the Hijacker stood near the doorway with a fully loaded pistol in his hand said John Malone assistant director of the Fri in charge of its new York office. He dropped his gun momentarily and one of the agents fired wounding him. The shooting ended the drama that started when Trapnell slashed open his fake plaster Arm cast. Other passengers said he made a superficial but bloody Cut on his Arm. Captain of hijacked plane left talks to newsmen a wire photo democrats Eye budget As Issue Washington a democrats thought they had found their big election year Issue last week. Ironically it was the one that helped defeat them in 1968 a alleged mismanagement of the Economy. President Nixon handed the Issue to his rivals in a red inked bundle. It was a fiscal 1973 budget totalling nearly a Quarter trillion dollars gift wrapped in the two biggest deficits since world War ii. The spending package was designed to expend most of its stimulative Impact in the next five months the remaining portion of fiscal >972. So a Multi Bil lion Dollar portion of fiscal 1973 outlays arc being hustled into �?T72 the aim is to Jolt the Economy into High gear in Hope it will keep on gaining momentum. And incidentally help the Republican chances in november. Nixon recognized the Hazard of a political backfire from the budget. He tried to put the spending Monkey on Congress Back. Minutes before his blockbuster budget reached Capitol Hill he issued a statement calling for an ironclad congressional lid on spending to a halt these raids on the the democrats swiftly counterattacked and their assault was still in motion at the weekend. They accused the administration of financial irresponsibility Lack of credibility and Lack of concern for the 6 per cent of workers who cannot find jobs a Call for a tax increase a if not this year then certainly came from the chairman of the House appropriations committee. George w. Mahon d-tex., who quickly summoned Nixon a budget advisers into hearings. Keep pressing pow s families wanting results it i mrs. Evelyn Gribb holds picture of husband a wire photo she runs pow families Washington a Evelyn Grubb who runs the Headquarters of the largest organization of prisoner of War families is one of the most tragic cases of the Indochina War. Mrs. Grubb is National coordinator of the National league of families of american servicemen captured and missing in Southeast Asia. She also is raising four sons who Haven to seen their father in six years and done to know for sure if he is dead or alive. Air Force capt. Wilmer n. Grubb of colonial Heights va., since promoted to major took off from Tan son Nhut air base near Saigon in the a Termine of Jan. 26, 1966 in an unarmed Rf-101 reconnaissance plane. While flying Over the Quang Binh province of North Vietnam Grubby a plane was shot Down. An electronic signal indicated his Parachute had opened. The next Day the new China news Agency reported a plane was shot Down and the Pilot captured alive. Grubby a had been the Only plane shot Down that Daw on feb. 3 and feb. 7, 1966 radio Hanoi broadcast statements alleged to have been made by Grubb. On feb. To North Vietnam a news Agency announced Grubb was a prisoner and a photograph of Grubb in Captivity was released through a japanese source. Other photos were released on feb. 16 and 21. They continued to appear in publications around the world As late As aug. 25, 1969. Prisoners released by the North vietnamese confirmed that Grubb was a prisoner including the last three released by Hanoi in August 1969. But in june 1970 an american pacifist returned from Hanoi with a list of known prisoners. Grubby a name was not on it. In late november 1970, Cora Weiss of new York co chairman of the committee of Liaison with families of services a she on Page 11-a Washington a families of . Servicemen captured or missing in the Indochina War Are hopeful that president Nixon a new peace proposals will bring results but they done to intend to let up the pressure on anybody Dor a minute their National leaders says. Evelyn Grubb National coordinator of the National league of families of american servicemen captured and missing in Southeast Asia. Said in an interview with the associated press that nothing will really give the families Hope until their men Are Home. Mrs. Grubb wife of an air Force officer the North \ Iet namese first said they had captured and then reported As dead said the families of the pos and the mias for missing in action think the Nixon proposals at least should open up the Way for positive response by the communists at the Paris peace talks. But she said the league which represents most families of the 1,600 americans captured or missing in the War. Would continue its program to hold All presidential candidates to Public accounting on what they plan to do to bring the men Home. Questions and answers q. What do you think of the president s new peace proposal what Hope does it offer to families of prisoners of War and missing men a. Nothing will offer us Hope until we find the men look at their faces and say a a they re but i feel the majority believe that the president has tried to get it off of nothing into some kind of positive response. It was a comprehensive program. And it had a lot of room for negotiations. It was what the North vietnamese requested it puts it directly into their hands. Now they be got to come Back with either a response or have world opinion against them. Q. Is there general approval among the families then of the presidents action and his peace plan a. I think there is general approval of the presidents making of the offer. Now i really done to know How the families feel about the plan. Q some critics among the families have said the proposal has too Many strings attached to it. A. Some people Call them strings and other people Call them negotiations ways to negotiate. And i would rather think he put those strings As possible negotiation Points. Q. You mean like asking for More than you expect to get so be pow on Page a a a a wage hike limitations removed Washington Al tie Cost of living Council saturday removed restrictions on wage increases for workers making less than $1.90 an hour. Tile action Drew prompt congressional criticism. Some 15 per cent of the nations workers Are affected the Council said. Its decision established $1 90 As the hourly wage rate level below which wages May be raised without regard to the 5 5 per cent wage Standard established by the pay Board. The Council had proposed the $1 90 Cut off earlier this month but the pay Board recommended against it. A source said a majority of the Board Felt the figure should be higher. The Council said it acted in accordance with a 1971 Law in which Congress said there should be no limitations on wage increases for those whose earnings Are a a substandard or who Are members of a the working the Federal minimum now is 6ii an hour was c the level below which rates Are substandard piously the Council has that wages below that minimum were exempt from controls. Rep. William of Ryan d-n.y., author of the congressional provision for the working poor said the councils decision on the $1.90 level a is totally inadequate and a flagrant violation of congressional intent and Law a Ryan said in a statement that Congress intent was to exempt All workers with an annual income of less than $6,960. And said he has asked the president to rescind the councils def Short. Failing that Ryan Saki he would take the matter to court. A the effect of the councils decision is to freeze millions of working americans into he said. The pay Board had been asked to recommend a cutoff figure for the Council but never could agree on a definite figure. Some members insisted that Congress meant the level to be As High As $3.35 an hour which would lift controls from about half the rank and file workers. Vage. Item As wage pre ruled inside Reading Beauty Queen Page 2-a baseball returning Page 1-c bail operation. Page 1-d editorial. Women a news. Section b sports. Section c television Page it entertainment pages 14-15b obituaries. Page 7-a classified pages 3-1ed

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