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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round 4a monday january 28, 1974 the abortion amendment Issue one year after the United states supreme court ruled that there is no constitutional Barrier against abortion during the first three months of a pregnancy abortion has become a political Issue. Not Only in Washington but also in Raleigh and Winston Salem marchers last week expressed opposition to abortion and support for a constitutional amendment that would make abortion illegal. The Winston Salem marchers were also protesting plans of a group of doctors to establish a clinic for abortions in that City. It would be the second such clinic in North Carolina since the supreme court ruling. The first was opened in Charlotte late last year. Nationwide Church groups new right to life organizations such politically conservative bodies As the Young americans for Freedom and americans against abortion Are All joined in opposition to the supreme court ruling. They Are finding a Leader for their cause in North Carolina sen. Jesse Helms a Republican. Helms is the author of one of three anti abortion amendments which have been proposed to the foreign assistance act which would prohibit the use of abortions for birth control. Helms expresses his opposition to abortions with what seems to be the strength of simplicity. A a in a against murder period a he has said. A i feel sorry for the Little girls who get in trouble. But getting them out of trouble does no to warrant the taking of a yet in another statement sen. Helms reveals he is not so Adamant against murder after All and that there Are what projecting the news he considers justifiable distinctions in acts of murder. A a i also believe that a Soldier fighting in defense of his country and in defense of Freedom has the right a nay the obligation a to take the life of the enemy in Battle. But no one has yet defined the unborn child As a the enemy a a he said. The absence of precise definitions surrounds the act of abortion itself in medical Legal and moral ambiguities. There is considerable disagreement among medical authorities and religious leaders As to the moment of viability of a fetus that moment when it is recognizable As a human and entitled to the Protection of Laws. As for the moral values involved. Sen. Helms might Well Ponder the nature of that morality which would describe a girl who is pregnant As being a a in trouble and Burden her with such feelings that she would resort to abortion rather than give birth to a child. The matter of abortion is not easily resolved either by judicial decision or proposed constitutional amendment. We ourselves Are not entirely at ease with the supreme court decision of a year ago nor do we readily accept the arguments of those who advocate abortion on demand. In the balance we hold against abortion. More is involved than just the decision of the woman and the doctor although the essential responsibility is theirs. But we Are far from convinced especially by those who March and protest with such certainty that this responsibility should be rigidly circumscribed by constitutional amendment and the Law. Vietnam aftermath by Mary costello editorial research reports Washington a in the year since the Vietnam peace agreement was signed on Jan. 27, 1973, there has been no peace in that troubled land. American combat troops Are no longer there but the vietnamese people have found Little sur cease from the hostilities that have tormented Southeast Asia for three decades. As Many As 50,000 vietnamese on both sides government and communist May have died in military action in South Vietnam during the past year a More than the number of americans killed during the entire War. And still the fighting goes on. Moreover Saigon warns that it will intensify this year. Government officials have been saying that the enemy is mounting an offensive and will Likely open it in the Early Spring. Not All Western analysts share this sense of alarm but there is general acceptance of the idea that military activity will increase. And no one except on the communist Side working on those tangled finances by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the latest White House cover up is being directed behind the scenes by a distinguished Philadelphia attorney Kenneth Gemmill who has been working without pay on president Nixon a tangled finances. He is now trying to disassociate the president from an investigation into possible fraud in the preparation of his tax returns. Two Nixon associates former White House aide Edward Morgan and tax attorney Frank Demarco have admitted behind closed doors that they backdated the deed which gave him a $576,000 tax deduction. They explained to congressional investigators with two internal Revenue agents sitting in that the backdating merely formalized the presidents wish to donate his vice presidential papers to the government. The president had intended to do this before the july 25, 1969, deadline for taking tax deductions they alleged. Tax agents Are now investigating whether the backdated deed constituted deliberate fraud and tax evasion. Since the president signed his own returns he is legally responsible for their contents. But Gemmill has been mane vering frantically to exonerate the president. We have spoken to witnesses in the Case who asked not to be identified but who said Gemmill has been in touch with them. Gemmill rehearsed with them dates and details most favourable to the president these witnesses told us. Last june the same Gemmill arranged for the return of the $100,000 in Cash that billionaire Howard seems willing to Challenge South vietnamese assertions that thousands of troops from the North Are infiltrating into the South joining with native Vietcong units in communist held territory. The cease fire agreement left sizable areas of South Vietnam under control of the Viet Cong a the provisional revolutionary government of the Republic of Vietnam As it is formally known. The peace treaty envisioned some kind of political accommodation in South Vietnam Between the Vietcong and the government of president Nguyen Van Thieu in Saigon. But that expectation a if it was indeed a real one a has fallen far Short of fulfilment. It was to prevent the total collapse of the peace agreement that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and Hanoi s chief negotiator be due Tho a the two men who arranged the cease fire a met in Paris again on dec. 20. Except for an agreement to meet later there appeared to be Little Progress toward Patching up the battered peace Accord. President Thieu a reluctant signer of the peace agreement has made no Effort to disguise his misgivings a inc flour Irr Monr not Quot Mojik now. Dilator. Our file run Aren All that How Art Thev Hughes had intended for Nixon. The Money was delivered to the presidents Friend Bebe Rebozo who claimed he kept it in a safety Deposit Box for three years without telling the president about it. The Money was returned according to sworn testimony not by Rebozo but by an aide of another presidential Friend millionaire Robert Abplanalp. In making the arrangements Gemmill is quoted in the sworn testimony As telling Hughes representative a i do not care what you do with the Money after i deliver it to you but i want it delivered in footnote we placed several Calls to Gemmill whose Secretary said he had received our messages. He declined however to return the Calls. Sunny Side it seems hardly possible that Only a year ago president Nixon was celebrating his triumphant inaugural and the end of the american involvement in Vietnam. He had both the mandate and the favourable circumstances to overcome problems that had been building up during a decade of fruitless divisive War. Then it burst upon us that president Nixon a great electoral Victory was tainted by fraud and crime. Each Day month after month brought news of yet another moral calamity. The crimes that were uncovered were shown not As the isolated acts of a couple of individuals but As the deliberate modes Operand of the Nixon presidency beyond Washington corruption seemed to spread pervasively. Police scandals erupted in a dozen major cities. A string of corporation presidents pleaded guilty to making illegal political contributions. National labor leaders continued in their perennial predicaments a trying to get out of jail or resisting being thrown in. Soap Box fix sports fans were crestfallen to learn that Many of their dauntless heroes take the Field without being hopped up on drugs. Even the National soap Box Derby the quintessentially american homemade car Competition among 12 year Olds was won by a car that turned out to have been illegally wired up. Thus deprived of Trust in Man or boy a people already feeling twinges of self doubt were now stripped one by one of some of their most cherished illusions. Yet the people have not panicked our institutions have not collapsed and the wheels of democracy Are still grinding. Most government officials Are still men of integrity and Honor. Examples take for instance Russell Peterson who was Defeated for re election As governor of Delaware in 1972. He recently took Over the presidents Council on environmental Quality after amassing an impressive record of fighting wetland development on the Delaware coast. Russell train a conservationist with impeccable credentials assumed the reins at the environmental Protection Agency right in the Middle of the watergate mess. He has since stood his ground against the White House on several environmental issues. Sidney Jones became the Commerce departments chief economist last july and waded into the administrations economic problems. He was asked Why he took such a Job in the midst of a major crisis. His reply a a there a a greater need now for involvement in the affairs of our a monster last september the administration persuaded Daniel Parker head of Parker pen company to take charge of the Agency for International development. Parker impressed Congress with his background and intelligence. Since taking Over at Aid he has quietly begun straightening out the problem plagued Agency. As one old time foreign Aid bureaucrat told us with unconcealed exuberance a the monster has been in what was perhaps the Saddest moment of the watergate hearings last summer a disenchanted Young Nixon aide advised Young people to stay out of Washington. A great Many talented americans thankfully Are not taking his advice. A word edgewise changing positions defy history by John p. Roche King feature Syndicate if you stand Back and get some historical perspective on the present dispute in the Middle East several paradoxes immediately appear. The first is that Egypt has become a leading a a arabs a capital viewpoint state. A Quarter of a Century ago if you had asked an educated egyptian if he were an Arab he would have spit in your Eye. Egypt was an ancient civilization with its own traditions ant dating by centuries the invasion by Arab barbarians. Arabs were scorned As primitive types wandering around the desert on camels egyptians were members of a historic Urban even urbane tradition. According to Myles Copeland carnal Abdel Nasser a Mentor from the Central intelligence Agency it was his american advisers crisis something for everyone by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Assn. One of the most impressive events of recent weeks was the dimming of americans Christmas lights because of the Energy crisis. While the Energy saving is mostly symbolic in those areas where electricity is manufactured from Coal and where there is no real crisis it was an important Symbol. It testified to the Ordinary persons willingness to do his share in the emergency. Americans Are ready to do what has to be done. It remains for their leaders and for the experts to guide them truthfully and wisely. And therein lies a growing problem As we go deeper into the age of Scarcity How to separate facts from phoniness the crisis from a spate of one congressman for example rep. William h. Harsha r Ohio says he has discovered that at least one Oil company has too million Gallons of gasoline a hidden if so is this an example of corporate greed of hoarding in anticipation of even higher prices or is it simple prudence what about those tankers said to be lined up for unloading at East coast ports two major airlines have announced they will ground to jumbo jets to save fuel. How much truth is there to charges that the airlines have merely seized the fuel shortage As an Opportunity to discontinue unprofitable flights according to business week Magazine a lot of people Are using the Energy crisis As an All a purpose Alibi. One Detroit restaurant for example no longer serves water with meals. The reason Given the ice maker takes Energy. The hallways of apartment buildings in Chicago and new York get vacuumed less often burned out bulbs go a replaced longer and hot water for basement washing machines is becoming a rarity. But even rarer tenants complain is the landlord who trims the rent to reflect these Quot crisis measures not Only Are some businesses using the Energy crisis As an excuse to Cut Back on services others Are using it As an argument As to Why they Cut Back. For instance the Magazine cites a spokesman for the National football league As saying that 1,800 television sets Burn enough electricity to Light a stadium. A crowd of 65,000 at a night football game Means that 24,000 to sets Are dark he claims and he suggests that even More Energy might be saved by scheduling More not less night games. A you also have to consider All those cars immobilized in the parking lot for three or three and a half hours a he adds. And so it goes. Even the Basic paper Towel has joined the Effort to conserve Energy and other resources. Georgia Pacific corp., one of the nations major paper makers has announced that All of its Towel production for institutional and Industrial Consumers will convert immediately from artificial White to the natural beige of unbleached cellulose. In addition to conserving Energy and scarce chlorine required for bleaching the change will reduce the loss of Towel strength from bleaching thus making them More usable in recycling and will a help slow rising costs to the luxury of Energy consuming bleaching a is something we think most americans would rather forego at this time a says the company. Why not Lucky strike Green went to War Why not paper Towel White just so we can go on immobilizing All those to sets and automobiles at night games. Senator soaper Many parents Are affronted by profanity on television. It sets a bad example for children if characters swear while shooting one another in the head. Who convinced Nasser he was an Arab with the Mission of leading the Arab world. Indeed one of Nasser a outstanding pronouncements a Power problems of a revolutionary government a was drafted in English by James Eichelberger of the state department and then translated into arabic. It is almost True to say that Copeland and Kermit a a Kim Roosevelt of the c. I. A. Invented Nasser the Arab. Their rationale was that Nasser could be a Force for stability in the Arab world. Analogy the second historical irony is the current egyptian claim that the Sinai Peninsula has belonged to Egypt since time immemorial. It is thus a matter of National Honor to get the israelis out of the desert. One should always cast a fishy Eye on historic claims to sovereignty. As i pointed out some time ago Panama s claim to the canal zone rests on a very dubious foundation because the United states stole Panama from Colombia to get the canal. The panamanians if the zone were turned Over to them would be open to attack from Colombia As receivers of stolen goods. Logically if the canal goes to Panama Panama should revert to colombian sovereignty. Interestingly enough the egyptian claim to Sinai is almost an exact parallel. Egypt it should be recalled was a British protectorate read Colony with some facade of self government. Until 1905 the Boundary Between Egypt and the ottoman Empire which exercised theoretical sovereignty Over the entire Middle East and the arabian Peninsula ran from Suez at the Bottom of the canal to Rajah on the Mediterranean near what is now the Caza strip if you look at a map you will discover that this is a very Small slice which among other things does not include the two key passes Gidi and Mitra. The rest of Sinai was part of the turkish province of Hejaz which was later incorporated into saudi Arabia. Then in october 1906, Egypt was granted administrative rights to the rest of Sinai to a line running roughly where the pre-1967 egyptian israeli Border was drawn. The turks however demanded and received from the British a statement that this a a administrative arrangement did not Compromise their Basic sovereignty. During world War i the British under general audenby conquered turkish Sinai and after the War it was turned Quot Over to British Egypt. In Short the egyptians have held title to the key area of the Peninsula for Only 55 years. Admittedly this is 15 years longer than the jews led by Moses who was seemingly a better Law giver than navigator spent in Sinai but what is is years against a background of perhaps three thousand stolen goods so in effect when the egyptians got turkish Sinai from the British they were the receivers of goods stolen from Hejaz i. E., saudi Arabia. Moreover their claim is based on the legitimization of ruthless British imperialism they can hardly claim the whole of Sinai without endorsing imperialist exploitation of Arab weakness. Which leads to a suggestion Cairo should return turkish Sinai to saudi Arabia with an apology. Then Israel and saudi Arabia might work out a scheme to maintain a Neutral Buffer zone. Those interested in further detail on this subject and in some remarkable prophecies about the future relations Between jews and their Middle Eastern neighbors should look up col. Richard h. Meinertz Ghana so Middle East diary a published in London in 1959. He was Allenby s intelligence chief in world War i and his predictions were positively uncanny in their accuracy. Luang Rabang Vientiane Laos Cambodia v phenom penh Saigon Hanoi North Vietnam a Thailand err communist i dominated la areas South Vietnam so too 150 Miles

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