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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather Cloudy and Rainy More data on Page 5a 90th year no. 26 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon. January 26,1974 16 pages Call us circulation8821719 classified ads .885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c consumer Price rises Likely controls on steel Cut by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a the Cost of living Council has removed Price controls from about 18 per cent of steel Industry production a move that could Lead to higher prices at the consumer level. It also granted steel companies a Price increase of less than one half of one per cent which is expected to bring in an additional $65 million per year. The increase was the third approved by the government so far this year for the steel Industry. The nation s second largest after the automobile Industry. Together the boosts permit steel companies to raise prices by 4.54 per cent for a total of $756 million. Steel companies had sought increases of 7.07 per cent totalling $1.2 billion for the same period. Edgar b. Speer chairman of . Steel said a the councils actions strongly suggest its inability to comprehend what is required for the viability of the Domestic steel Industry and its ability to serve the needs of the american but the key action by the Council Friday was a decision to remove All Price controls on products whose annual sales do not exceed $50 million annually. The Council said products qualifying for this Price exemption include much of the production of steel pipe and tube steel wire products and electro metallurgical products. If steel companies raise their prices sharply on these products the increases eventually could be passed along to Consumers. The bulk of steel production including most production from blast furnaces and steel Mills will remain subject to Price controls. The Council also removed restrictions on Price increases on individual products although the total increase for All products May not exceed the percentage increase approved by the Council. Previously a company could not increase prices on an individual item by More than to per cent above the Basic percentage increase allowed by the Council. Council director John t. Dunlop said the actions Are designed to provide incentives to steel companies to increase manufacture of products needed in the Petroleum and mining industries construction and agriculture. Through Argentine outlets Auto firms seek right to sell cars to Cuba lays Ford motor off 64,000 by Jonathan Wolman associated press writer Detroit a Ford motor . Has announced layoffs that raise to just Over 64,000 the number of Auto workers furloughed indefinitely by an Industry suffering from a serious sales decline. Ford said on Friday that production cutbacks to begin monday would Idle 13.000 workers Over the next two weeks 4,000 indefinitely. The firm plans to trim 23,000 cars from its production schedule during the period. Spokesmen indicated the cutbacks Are tied to a decrease in sales of Large cars. In Washington d c., labor Secretary Peter j. Brennan said Friday that his department has created a task Force to Deal with the increasing number Auto Industry layoffs. Brennan said the Force would comprise Chicago regional labor department officials and state employment officials from Michigan Ohio Illinois and Indiana. By Tom Raum associated press writer Washington a the big three . Auto makers have asked the government for permission for their Argentine subsidiaries to sell thousands of cars and trucks to Cuba the Treasury department says. A Treasury spokesman said Friday night that Ford. Chrysler and general motors have formally requested licenses waiving parts of the . Embargo on Trade with Cuba to permit the Sale. He said the licenses Are necessary for american citizens working for the Auto firms Argentine operations to engage in business with Cuba the requests were also confirmed in Detroit by the three automobile manufacturers. Automotive sources estimate the Deal could be Worth $150 million. The Treasury spokesman said no decision had been made on whether to Grant the licenses and he said there was no indication when a decision would be made. Although the proposed Sale would be part of an Argentine cuban Trade pact it still hinges upon approval in Washington. The Treasury spokesman said some of the requests Date Back several months. In Detroit spokesmen for the three firms said prices have already been quoted to Cuba on the vehicles. A pm spokesman said his company had applied for its License last fall. A that application is still pending As far As we know and our pm Argentina subsidiary still has t heard anything from the cuban purchasing Mission a he said. The Argentine government extended a $1.2 billion line of credit to Cuba last year a few months after re establishing relations with Fidel Castro s government. A Ford spokesman said that line of credit included automotive vehicles. And a Chrysler spokesman said a we have submitted bids on a substantial number of cars and Are awaiting approval of the . Government before signing any the Chrysler subsidiary which appears to be the closest to completing a Deal could sell 9,000 Dodge cars to the cubans Over the next three years. The Ford subsidiary a Price quotation covered 800 Falcon cars and 200 trucks. Last month the general motors subsidiary announced it was close to Selling 1,500 cars to Cuba. A state department spokesman said Friday night a we know about the requests but no decision has been made yet As to what to do about some favor end Oil embargo policy splits Arab states by Holger Jensen associated press writer Beirut Lebanon apr some moderate Arab Oil producers favor relaxing the Petroleum embargo against the United states but others Are determined to stand firm on the Oil squeeze. Arab Oil ministers Are Likely to decide the future of the Boycott at a meeting of Arab members of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries in Tripoli Libya on artificial Eye tests promising by David Briscoe associated press writer Salt Lake City a two totally Blind men say they saw specks of Light like constellations of stars during experiments to develop an artificial Eye. A it was just a Relief that i could see a said Doug a 28-year-old graduate student in social work who lost his sight seven years ago in a Vietnam landmine explosion. A then it was very exciting. I wanted to kiss my wife. It was a hippy Skippy Type technical descriptions of the experiments conducted by a team of More than 30 researchers from the universities of Utah and Western Ontario Are in the Issue of the journal a a science released Friday. Theoretical plans for the artificial Eye were published in the Jan. 24 Issue of the researchers asked that last names of the patients not be used. The two saw the specks when they were plugged into a computer with 64 tiny Platinum electrode Points stimulating the surface of their brains. They said they were Able to recognize simple patterns including some letters and draw on paper what they saw. Although several key problems remain unsolved researchers estimate that an artificial Eye a a tiny television camera in the Eye socket connected to electrodes permanently implanted through the Back of the Skull a May eventually be built for $5,000 apiece plus $2,000 for surgery and related expenses. A much work remains to be done before artificial vision equipment can truly Benefit even a single patient let alone be mass produced for use by thousands of Blind people a said William h. Dobelle project director. He said about $500,000 has been spent on the project so far. Some of the problems include presentation of More complicated halftone pictures More work on stimulation of the brain Over a Long period of time and engineering problems associated with insulating from corrosive body fluids the electronics to be implanted in the head. Dave a 43-year-old electronics technician and Blind for 28 years said he had a feeling of satisfaction the first time he saw the tiny spots of Light a knowing that what id gone through was not in vain. Feb. 14. But the split among the Arab countries makes it hard to predict what will happen to the Boycott and How Long it might take to resume Oil deliveries once the ban is relaxed or called off. Abu Dahabi and some other Small persian Gulf producers Are known to favor relaxation of the embargo because they need the added Oil Revenue. Rapidly increasing prices for Oil shipped elsewhere kept their income High through the initial part of the ban but now some of the smaller countries Are beginning to worry. They Point to the egyptian israeli agreement to disengage forces on the Suez canal a worked out by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a As a justification for relaxing the Oil action. Sheik Zayed bin Sultan president of Abu Dahabi and the United Arab emirates has said the Oil cutoff was a wartime measure that should be discontinued As a a genuine response to the change in Middle East but some of the presidents neighbors disagree. Foreign minister Sabah Al Ahmed of Kuwait branded such talk a premature a pointing out that Oil pressure was exerted in the first place to Force israeli withdrawal from All the lands it captured in 1967. A the United states has not committed itself to pressure Israel to withdraw from these territories a a he declared. King Faisal of saudi Arabia Holder of the worlds biggest known Oil reserves and the acknowledged Leader of the Arab embargo is against an immediate halt of the ban. The Monarch who is the moslem worlds official protector of holy places is insisting on a timetable for israeli withdrawal from Arab lands particularly from the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem even egyptian president Anwar Sadat is not yet a supporter of ending the embargo. Ahmed Suwe Idi foreign minister of the United Arab emirates said thursday that Sadat has been asking Arab Oil countries to lift their embargo not on the basis of israeli withdrawal from the Suez canal but Only after Quot the first stage of israeli withdrawal is completed from the syrian despite two visits by Kissinger to Syria the syrians Are still refusing even to talk to Israel unless it pulls out of All captured syrian land Libya has announced it will oppose any softening of the embargo and its militant colleagues a Iraq and Algeria a Are Likely to take the same line. France bids a i a i a. I for Oil turkish Jet crash with arms t a. F _ sol takes lives of 61 Paris apr in a bid to get bargain prices for Petro Izmir. Turkey apr a with minor scratches Airport state Hospital of Izmir Leum imports France is step twin engine turkish jetliner police said. The. Ping up its Campaign to sell with 73 persons aboard crashed the in no a a. A arms to the world s Oil product and exploded into flames today a no apr 2ft in Surv in Nelv is ,nvesi8ated military me states informed sources shortly after Takeoff from in poker 28 in serv be Only six experts and airline officials Jiu informed sources months m Pas who Rush i l0 the scene. French weapons from one persons were killed the f pm f this Aegean nor the director general of Mirage jets to antitank rockets airline reported. Nov to Istanbul the turkish airlines. Sources Are Well regarded among third y Istanbul said they suspected engine world nations especially by according to Airport problems to be the cause of the those countries in the Arab per a sources the jetliner Rose about crash world news reports from Istanbul 450 Iff and then suddenly the crash was the worst Dis the French govern four a a a nth a Quot am a a Aster in the history of turkish ment has sold various Arma burst into flames. Ments to half of the 12 member so t do not of immediately trapping most of a a Netla of a a -1 a a t americans. They were not in which has been noted for its pc,�ro0f a 0r?a a a Quot a mediately identified. Lha be 0n Board Good Sal. Record i Petroleum exporting the military Field was used countries and it is of the 13 survivors. 12 were because the cite s commercial Izmir radio broadcast a approaching four others with in critical condition the air a Dort under amino a pairs peas lot blood for the discreet offers. Line said. An infant boy ? wounded. Hospital sources a the French need Money to wrapped in a Blanket sur the survivors including a said none of the survivors were pay for Oil a one source said Vived the crash and the Blaze stewardess were rushed to the in any condition to speak a and the Oil producing countries have Money and want arms. It s that defense minister Roger Galley says French arms sales abroad last year brought a record $1.6 billion and amounted to about 17 per cent of of the country a total exports. But skyrocketing Oil prices will require the government to increase its Overall exports by $3 6 billion this year. Prompting a drive to expand v a a i a the arms sales even More. A i have no intention of Stop Ping our Export Galley we to Quot told newmen he said that Wil France in fact must improve the variety of arms it has to offer foreign buyers. French arms salesmen clinched two lucrative deals with Abu Dahabi and saudi Arabia late last year. Abu Dahabi bought 32 Mirage jets 14 and King Faisal bought another 38 one Jet with spare v parts reportedly Worth $4 5 a a Jar a a million. As part of the Deal with saudi Arabia. France was assured 27 million tons of Oil Russell Means Marlon Brando Dennis Banks at trial Friday Over the next three years up wire photo sources said. King Faisal reportedly also ordered 250 _ # # jury selection continues of a much larger agreement / involving the delivery of 800a a on of 0 Omi n Tria i or aim leaders in recent months the sources said the French have by Gale Tollin Federal officers and to be members of Christian approached Nigeria which is associated press writer conspiracy. Churches. Said to be in the Market for 18 St. Paul. Minn. A prosecutor Richard . H h h b jets and Kuwait which wants the anal of two american in assistant . District attorney Honing for a number of i lither to buy 24 planes. French arms Dan movement aim leaders for South Dakota speculated _ d i .hn., Fth Quot experts reportedly also have on charges growing out of the Friday that the jurors finally he n. A pm sounded out Algeria and Iraq. Siege 0f wounded knee s d., accepted generally would be National director of social two countries which up to now will g0 into its fourth week Young and predominant welfare for the Amarin an i to tue Star a quoth in try selecti0n women lutheran Church As a the soviet Union for their arms still not Complete most of those tentatively a wounded knee during the 17 a eth is. A wino the. Iraqis Only two prospective jurors copied thus far have indicated Day siege and risked a jail i., were gown tentative approval during examination by judge term by refusing to testify a Complete Aims catalogue. Friday. They brought to 34 the red a doll of Sioux Falls before a grand jury about his one source said number accepted. Peremptory Sythat they Are members of conversations with aim challenges will Cut the list of j8 and frequently Amend members i Quot. J i will serve the Srna is Christian churches lawsuit Pas or what s inside must be chosen before Testi seek an injunction halting a of. . He Quot it. Kcalh0,1 in Mony beams the trial said aim had Church at wounded knee the m. Rev. Paul Man heart had be a. .4 at Dennis Banks 41, a min identified the main forces. A. Classified we "f01 Chippewa and Russell destructive to Indian people As a a0 use ?i.u.8t. He occupation editorials 4a charged with to counts each in eminent a testimony will come out obituaries 3a indictments returned by a despite this Banks told a re during the trial that we did no to sports 1-2b Federal grand jury in Sioux Porter Friday that he was a not seize the Church but were television a Falls s The counts include bothered too much by the fact Given Sanctuary there a Banks weather. A burglary theft assault of the prospective jurors profess said on refusal to surrender tapes judge seeks Nixon explanations by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a a Federal judge has asked president Nixon to state publicly Why he opposes turning Over five subpoenaed tapes to the Senate watergate committee. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell ruled Friday that Nixon a claim of executive privilege a is too general and is outdated by court rulings that led to surrender of most of the same tapes to the watergate prosecution. Gesell also threw out a subpoena the committee issued for All documents of 25 White House and Nixon re election aides bearing on watergate matters. The judge said the subpoena for the documents a is too vague and conc Lesory to permit a meaningful response. And is wholly inappropriate Given the stringent requirements applicable where a claim of executive privilege has been Gerhard Gesell Samuel dash chief counsel of t h e watergate committee agreed the documents subpoena was vague and very Broad. Dash said the committee did not have enough evidence when it Drew up the subpoena to be More specific about the materials it wanted. But dash pointed out the decision does no to affect the subpoena for the five tapes. And since the original subpoenas were served on july 23, the committee has demanded nearly 500 tapes and hundreds of other documents. Gesell asked Nixon to submit before feb. 6 a statement a indicating whether he still wishes to invoke executive privilege As to these tapes and the reasons that disclosure to the committee would not be in the Public interest. A this statement must be signed by the president for Only he can invoke the privilege at Issue a Gesell ruled. He said the statement would be made part of the Public record. The committee issued its original subpoenas at about the same time that the special watergate prosecutor demanded tapes of nine meetings. In response to both the prosecutor and the committee Nixon claimed executive privilege arguing that turning Over the tapes and documents would in Vade presidential confidentiality. The executive privilege Issue was decided in favor of the prosecutor and the tapes were turned Over. Four of the tapes sought by the committee Are among the ones Given to the prosecutor. Meanwhile the Justice department said another claim of executive privilege still applies to certain White House documents in the milk Case. Government attorneys presented that argument in asking a Federal judge to reject a motion for immediate production of documents Nixon referred to in a presidential White paper issued Jan. 8 consumer advocate Ralph Nader asked for the documents in his suit against the administration Nader contends a milk subsidy hike was approved because of political contributions from dairymen. Government attorneys argued a merely because the White House has acknowledged in the White paper that one subject was discussed in these documents in no Way suggests that the remainder of these internal documents should be committee chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., announced either Robert a. Maheu or Richard g. Danner will be the Lead off witness when the panel resumes Public hearings next tuesday. The three major television networks have agreed to cover the resumed hearings on a rotation basis. Abc will provide live coverage tuesday Abc will broadcast the proceedings wednesday and lbs will televise thursdays hearing Maheu is a former manager of billionaire Howard r. Hughes a gambling interests in Nevada and played a key role in transferring $100,000 in Cash from Hughes to g. A a Bebel Rebozo a close Friend of the president. Danner manager of Hughes Sands hotel in Las vegas reportedly delivered the Hughes funds to Rebozo after Nixon became president. Ervin said Rebozo will be called As a witness after Danner and Maheu

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