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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Njus Fry High Point North Carolina thursday. January 25, 1940 rape Case due to be heard in Davidson two Thomasville men will be tried in Jan. 29 Superior court term special to the Enterprise Thomasville Jan. 25.�?al-ht�rt Hicks and Virgil Brewer both Young men of Thomasville. Will go on trial in Superior court in Lexington during the week of criminal court beginning Jan. 29. The men Are being tried on a capital offence rape and aiding and abetting rape. The arrest of the two men was made on Jan. 4, at which Lime two Thomasville girls reported that they were taken into the country near Thomasville a without their consent. Hicks is being tried on the rape charge and Brewer is being tried on charges of assault with intent to rape and aiding and abetting rape. Other cases on docket several originating in Thomasville include state is. Chris Kametches and old Cobb breaking and entering Herman Hairston breaking and entering t. O Hargett breaking and entering Frank Sullivan breaking and entering Mable Hairston Caddy murder Early Smith breaking and entering Eldo Pooch breaking and entering Bonnie Ratley larceny and receiving mrs. M l. Mccullom. Manslaughter Helen Hoover violation of prohibition Laws h w Spurlin operating car while drunk Odell Younts embezzlement Manle l. Byerly. Embezzlement John Terry Cullen breaking and entering. Roscoe Clements larceny and receiving b. M Bracken manslaughter Frank Jones assault with deadly weapon James e Byers reckless driving Sandy Ever the family doctor Strain of the times is reflected in loss of appetite among women a serial Story the captains daughter by Helen Worden copyright. 1940. Nea service. Inc. Cranium crackers by do. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of Ify Geia the health Magazine among the extraordinary conditions which disturb the medical profession nowadays Complete loss of appetite and failure to eat attract much attention. Many physicians believe the condition is on the increase because of the nervous reaction to the press and Strain of recent times. A British physician found that 90 per cent of the cases that he saw occurred in women. 70 per cent of them being in girls and Young women belch the age of 20, practically All unmarried. Scientifically this condition is called anorexia Nerosa which indicates a loss of the desire to eat with some involvement of the nervous system. The emotional instabilities of Young girls Are apparently in j portent in setting up the appear j Anco of this reaction. Sometimes Young girls have developed this condition simply because other people teased them about their plumpness. In Many instances however love affairs broken engagements school attachments and jealousies homesickness unhappy Home life rigid examinations and overwork seem to be associated with refusal to eat. 9e a a obviously when a Young growling girl refuses to eat the effects Are promptly seen in Lier appearance. Her face grows thin her body emaciated temperature Low. Sinh girls Are Moody engage in tantrums and break easily into tears. In most instances if the child is removed from the source of the psychological disturb Hance particularly when there is a serious Mother daughter relationship improvement will begin promptly. In some cases recovery is incomplete the weight can be largely restored and the appetite increased but the Marks of the condition remain permanently throughout life. Occasionally of course some Young woman carries on the starvation diet to a Point where her whole body is seriously affected and when the time comes for a turn recovery is impossible. Hart assault with deadly weapon Vance Hughes operating car while drunk d. W. Galley reckless driving Boley heed assault with deadly weapon. Hon. Felix Alley Superior court judge will preside Over file session while Hon. H. L. Koontz solicitor will prosecute the docket. Done to neglect slipping false Teeth do false Teeth drop slip or Wabble when you talk eat laugh or sneeze Don t be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. Fa8teeth. An alkaline non acid powder to Sprinkle on your plates keeps false Teeth More firmly set Olves confident feeling of Security and added Comfort. No Gummy. Gooey pasty taste or feeling get fas Teeth today at any drug store. Asheville Han succumbs to injuries from wreck Greenville. S. C., Jan. 25. Up a William Warlick of Asheville. N. died at 1 20 . Today in general Hospital attaches reported from injuries received in a sunday morning Accident involving two automobiles on the Asheville Highway 21 Miles North of Greenville. A a a still current in the West indies Are groats or British four Penny pieces which Long since have been out of use in the Mother country. Guilford county realty transfers High Point township Hewey r. Waldron and wife to l a Ashworth and wife. Plat on Elizabeth Street. Kock Creek township o. Marley and wife to Marvin e Sykes plat adjoining h. L. Rayle and others property. Gilmer township d. L. Donnell and wife to j. Dimer Horner and wife lot in Stratford subdivision. Morehead township City of Greensboro to Luther h. Butler. Lot in Latham Park. Friendship township j a. Inman and wife to m m. Nelson. Plat adjoining Oree Zaboro Airport property m m. Nelson to c. T. Boyd plat adjoining Greensboro Airport property. M m Nelson to Shell of company. Incorporated plat adjoining Greensboro Airport property. A Quot to Golden Crown syrup z of 0 bucket. Luk. 1 vile. Can. 10c l a r d 8 61 Libby a Tomato juice 50-19c cheese a 20� Vanilla wafers i a 15c sugar in 50= Libby milk. 8�?o�24c Pickle is e 12 = Cut Biti Wax paper 40"�?o 5c filth a Apple butter 38215c Coffee Maxwell o la. House 2 a 49 fun Fork sausage Pound 12c cherries can .9c evaporated peaches 2 pounds. 23c Yan l amps Hominy no. 2 can. 5c j a scr grits 2 pkg. 15c Sweet Meadow Corn &Quot.2 for 15c aniline Beauty Kraut i a a a. 2 for 15c fresh vegetables fancy inc intr lettuce 2 ads 15c Grapefruit 3 for 10c Florida oranges Doz 10c coconuts. 5c bananas la. 6c potatoes 6 lbs 25c rib Side meat Pound 9c Streak of lean Streak of fat fresh spare ribs la 15c end i it pork chops Pound. 15c pork brains Pound 12k in a lace Brand Bacon i la. Pkgs., 2 for. 19c sliced Steak Mackerel fish Pound.15c s. W. Hornes store Cor. Ennis and Tryon phone 6496 Corner Kalu and Brigg rho. 23m Richland Miu Phon. 7476 Fairmont grocery Hillcrest grocery Emma Mew Kiwi quod Pimm he. Us Psi apart Straits. A Plata til i cast of characters Mabie la a of tfx Model in exclusive dress Shoppe lives on a Barge. Dan Donovan Playboy son of a Rich irishman in love with Marie. To tiv Ryan Leader of the truckers fighting Marie s father. Lynda Martin society dub Tennte wants to marry Dan. Baptiste la Porter mar ies father owner of a Fleet of barges. 4>s yesterday Tommy and i or t crash again when Tommy arrest panics Marie Home. Marie tries to argue her father out of his belligerent mood with Small Success. Her Mother wants Marie to have a Chance for happiness like Lynda Martin. A policeman arrives to see Bat. Chatter Iii the Telephone rang in Linda Martins Library. Quot Dorrit a she called flinging Down the morning paper society Side up a will you answer that a it was noon. Lynda not dressed for the Day had on a Frothy Pink Chiffon Negligee. Rose tinted toenails showed provocatively through the Gilt lacing of Pink Satin mules. She yawned. A Are you at Home. A am a an English maid looked out from the bed room. A that depends on who it Dorrit picked up the receiver. I Quot miss Martins apartment. Might i h l the name or. Daniel i Donovan a. Lynda nodded. A yes sir. He if you la be so Good j Las to Watt he ill Call her. She detached a removable Tele j phone from the far end of the room and plugged it in at the baseboard nearest Lynda a chair. A hello Lynda a voice was eager. A i hoped you a Call. Varnett making me the most won j i Kerful dress for the party. Want a preview meet you at the Colony for lunch id love to then we can go to Varnett a i she Hung up the receiver and j raced toward her bedroom calling Dorrit As she went. The bedroom like the Library was a fitting Frame for her frag j Ile Beauty. Her father had handled the 17-year-old girl a Blank Check when he bought the Triplex i apartment on 5th Avenue and j said a go ahead baby decorating is a w Oman a Lynda had immediately turn i de the 30 rooms Over to de Lavigne new Yorkus most Fash to Nahle decorator. Newspapers put i i the Cost of old Man Martin s Home i at $2,000,000. Actually it set him Back $1,500,000. Lynda s private1 apartment was a copy of Marie Antoinette schambers at Verj Sailles. The Graceful decorations with their poetic touche of Pink and Blue enhanced her Golden i loveliness but they could not i change the petulant lines of her 1 pretty Mouth for Lynda was a i spoiled child. Mrs. Martin died when she was six. Her training had been left in the hands of fashionable private school head mistresses and gov Renesse. It was James Martins theory that Money would solve i jail problems. Ever time his Dan-1 Gater failed in her studies he put her in a More expensive school j she left the last one just after her 16th birthday. Once out of school her father j regarded her education compleat Jed. Indulgent but abstracted he gave her an unlimited Hank act count and let her go her own Way. J just lowlife revolved for her i around Dan Donovan the Best catch As far As Money and looks went in new Yorkus younger i crowd. He also had brains but j no one not even himself had discovered that yet. His trouble like Lynda a was too much Money. On the other hand Money had Given him certain advantages four years at Harvard English f clothes Graceful manners and friends with expensive tastes. His father Mike Donovan liked to j boast about the a things. He liked to say that he was self made but he d started his boy out with the Best foot first. A with your Money and my brains and the training he a acquiring now. There a no telling where our boy will go a Danes Mother was constantly telling Mike. Donovan ignoring the initial dig would reply. A a you re right Katie there a no Tel Una where he a going unless he settles Down. Why at his age in that s As far a he tot. Mrs. Donovan would either walk out or interrupt but neither Side Ever gave in. Is today Danes parents could they have seen him would have seethed with conflicting emotions. Mrs. Donovan would have been j proud of Dan s acquaintances. Or. Donovan would have sputtered because Dan a not downtown at Donovan amp company a look around to Dan could hear his father say. A do you see a real Man among those wasters except perhaps yourself and Only Belauh you re my Dan glanced in the Mirror opposite his chair and wondered if he looked like a waster. Try As he would he could never Brush his red hair so it would stay Flat. Of another thing his face was too freckled. He did no to have the sort of complexion that tanned smoothly. A week end on his fathers Houseboat off South Carolina Hadnot helped. Besides there was a carelessness in his Demeanour a gaiety about nothing in particular in his Green eyes which none of these Birds around him had. His self analysis was interrupted by mrs. William Martin. Lynda a mrs Martin was a woman of authoritative presence. She carried her weight gallantly and she had a nose like a parrots beak. Whatever her clothes they always suggested Armor. Today the resemblance was More pronounced. Her Gray dress and coat had bits of steel trimming. She tapped Dan on the . A my dear boy. I hear Lynda a bringing you to my Little party saturday. In a so her manner was Arch. It implied More than her w ords. Mrs. Donovan had she been present would have beamed. Mrs. Martin had a definite place in society. If anything it had been her Bright Black eyes and moved on at a gesture from the Headwater. A ooh. Dan a Lynda a soft childish voice sounded in his ear. A i am so sorry hut you know what the Telephone is or Don t you. I simply could t get away Dan squeezed her and guided her into lunch. A never mind. You re Here at half past three Varnet himself was bowing the pair to the main Salon. Lynda settled Hack in her chair and puffed on the cig Aret Dan had lighted for her. A Varnet i thought m. Donovan might get a kick out of seeing your place. He Tell me he a never been Here Dan dropped his coat and hat on a nearby settee. A a in a not entirely without experience a he laughed glancing toward the models. A i have been backstage at a couple of he Drew his chair up beside Lynda. A a we re ready. Whereas the show a Varnet clapped his hands. The better before she married James i customers on the opposite Side of Martin s brother will. But it i the room to whom the models might have been , her were showing the eol Leeton had friends said for will did have j gone. For the moment no sales Money and he never forced him woman was in sight. Self on anyone. J at the sound of Varnet s Sig a yes in a meeting Lynda Here ital the enormous White velvet for lunch a answered Dan a bit1 curtain at the far end of the self consciously. Room parted and Marie la torte Marine Orts mrs. Martin nodded Pride in stepped slowly Forward. She was what do von know about the wearing the gown Lynda had u. S. Marine corps outside d chosen. Her Young body moved j the fact that the a marines hav with passionate Grace beneath sleek shining Black folds. Lynda gave Dan a Bird like glance her face paling. A i wanted to try it on myself. Varnet a she said sharply. A the girl Isnit exactly the Marie paused. A perhaps miss Martin would like to up on the gown now a she suggested to Varnet. Entirely self possessed she had not looked at Dan once except for the first casual glance when she entered the room and yet she was actually aware of his eyes. Dan leaned Forward. A a done to change it. I have a Good idea of the that night when Marie left work Dan was waiting for her. To be Contin fed landed and the situation is we in hand test yourself by Dot signalling the following state ments As True or false 1. Each capital ship in the Navy carries a detachment c marines. 2. The marines Are headed b a major general commandant who gets his orders from the Secretary of War. 3. Recruits for the Matin corps Are accepted Between the Ages of is and 28. 4. The Marine corps was formed in 1775 by the continent Congress. 5. The chief function of the Marine corps is to Supply a Bod of highly trained land auxiliaries to the Navy. Answers on want and Page. Headaches try a Quot both next Tim a headache is pounding away. When used As directed we think you la agree that Quot by works fast and relieves in a hurry. Also relieves neuralgia muscular aches and functional periodic pains. Consult a physician when pains Morsut or recur frequently. 10c, 25c Sixes. Jzl.1 a Mutt at .uttui., a Terne Okoh fort due to to Mea cent to a pm now com my i co it a Abo a so . Mem a ,&Quot a no c assets Cut a to Oak Btu grocery Lambeth grocery Comer Battah and Barton Boa 1045 713 map Fui shoo 4367 Foh the Best in a Kodak finishing Call 2758 Smiths studio a we Call for anti delivery we in an Kodak Winter needs for the Home Good Equality 4-string Broom 15c Xii Corn Straw Broom with Blind get ii sanded handle. 4-sowed. Tried actually Leas limn Cost. For i xxx window weatherstripping 69c americans finest. Bronte. Perfect Seal. Easily applied. For ish by n foot windows. Poor set. Hih1 Furnace scoop and i Tell Ltd Stool rugged steel Blade. Hollow Back St in. Socket sin my Bandit. Type. A s ii Tough 3 a bound Fulton axe 98c forged steel head. Perfect i Char thened. Bead for use Good Quality Hickory handle. Solid fast Iron Chicken Fryer sj.29 for All deep fat f r y i n g. Lasts a lifetime. Ground and polished la a Iii in e red design. Has self fasting Rover. Driving Allstate traction grip tires reinforced knobs Wear 39% longer 25\ Trade in allowance at a or Gre the Road Here ii is Sears new. Improved ills aft traction grip ukr. Sturdier Musher than every will pull it of through Snow. Mud. Sand in All kinds of weather. Huy a set today at Sears Savins drive All Winter free from worn of not Basing tile chains guaranteed 18 months Radiator cover Radiator alcohol 59c covers front of your Grille help your engine warm up in a Jiffy. Model for most All cars. Gai. Lon in your car a con tuner. 18% proof. Non rusting. Have your Radiator checked today. Trade in your old Battery on a new Cross country 2.00 Trade in allowance guaranteed 24 months i Iff Wen r rubber separators release full Quick flow of Power-15 Standard size plates. Grid specially moulded to hold Large quantities of suitor Active oxides. Radiant Type electric Heater at you. Torii and plug on eluded. Electric heating pad 98c i Fine for sick room. Thermostat controlled to under writers approved. Silvertone radio 1-tube table Model Reg. Price $29.95 $24.95 aft Down in Mont ii Small carrying charge a 2 dual purpose tube. Gives 9 tube performance. A automatic push Button tuning a new improved us or Heterodyne circuit All Wool Boot socks 69c heavy re hard i top Boot and Hunting socks. Loo a Wool. Fleece lined sweat shirts 69c heavy Cotton flirts. Knit Collar ruffs and Waistband. Black japanes Coal Hod 29c Corr u gated for extra strength. Sturdy Hail h a n d i e. Fla Gisl base. 5-Gal. Oil can 9nc heavy galvanized. Leak proof and rust resisting. Asbestos roof coating and 75c repairs Small cracks leaks in your Boot. Ber Galion. Handsome full enclosed circulating Oil Heater heats i or 2 rooms Reg. Price $24.95 $19.95 92.50 Down ski month email carrying charge. Thia modern design air of flame Oil Heater is finished in dark Brown crackle trimmed with Chrome steel. All working parts Are compactly closed. New improved 7-Inch wordless Burner. Triple Woven Asbestos lighting rings a Tatlo nary Chrome steel Burner tubes Needle Type valve fuel control leg levelling it Crews. Savi Money on so too items in Sears Catalon Usi our Catalon order service Sears Roebuck and co. Sears sell anything and everything totalling to or More on the easy Rayment plan i 319-323 North main Street phones 3435-3436 High Point n. C

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