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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Thursday. January 23, 19 Iother High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Page three Sec. R professor Hardre los club s speaker tells by France engaged Iii european conflict professor Rene Hardre of woman s Coll a of the i Nivoli qty of North Carolina greens liboro gave an enlightening talk to Quot the Ann n an business huh tuesday night on Why France i in gated in the present he to n de Franco prussian i it la lion Quot Ber willing with the Ai in ix7u he pointed out that Germany has always dreamed of world domination and the present Mullet is a continuation of that struggle. Frame he explain d. Had its Hest oppo Runitz of ent it ring Germany before the my r a my he i Eason it did no to was because of world cd Ilion prof. Hardre is a world War la to having served with How can i in wok Ash Gay u. How can i test milk if i suspect that it has been watered a. Dip a knitting Needle into the milk North Carolina shipping Point if particles adhere a information and wednesdays the Needle you May lie assured j gales on the principal wholesale that the milk has not been wat markets As reported by the u. S. Ere agricultural marketing service q How ran i i move i ease and Carolina department of spots from Wall paper. Agriculture. Prices Are confined a. Mix pipe Day and water to 0 the ranges at which the bulk of the consistency it Cream apply he pc j Stock of Good merchant to the grease spots and allow to remain for 24 hours. Latest farm Market report Mckenney on Bridge fruits vegetables to / tit Jan j j i j before Warren no Frump is bid look and learn lessons in English q. How can i improve the taste of cauliflower a. Try adding a cup of grated cheese to the White sauce for cauliflower. It gives a decided improvement to the taste. French army from 1114 until the armistice. In has a son in l a Nee who will soon be moved to the front with the pier h the army. Hie Quality and condition sold. Us kit potatoes shipments Jan. 23 la. I x. J 8 x. 3 s. 4 Texas i total 17. Cleveland Market Dull. Porto Picans u. S. No. I n. C., by. Baskets 1.25 to 1.40. Tenn. By. Crates 1.25 to i to. La. By. Crates. 1.60 to 1.65. Baltimore Market very Dull. Prices unchanged. North Carolina by. Baskets Porto Picans u. S. Straw berries new York Market slightly stronger. Fla 36 pint crates per pint Best 18 to 20. Poorer to cents some no. 2 s 9 to 10c. Green peas by we. F. Mckenney americans card \ it Bority this is Hie second of a series of six articles on tile Warren newi0. S slam bidding convention stronger. Florida Bushel hampers a 2.12 a to 2.37 4. Lettuce a hid of four no Trump always new York Market about Stoa gives the slam signal but should by on Southern Stock. Florida not be made without control in Eastern lettuce crates big Boston two suits. In addition the four Type 1.12 to 1.50 Romaine Type i no Trump bid must not be made 15 to Sac. Snap Beans new York Market Strong. Fla. By. Hampers Bountiful. 2.25 to 3.00, mostly 2.50 to 2.75 string less Black Valentines 2.50 to 2.75 Wax Flat Type 2.00 to 2.50, put it a to is Many High Point residents Are glad to Praise Gly Cas mrs. Vina Huffman Redding Street lady wants others to learn of this surprising remedy local lady feels Best she has in four years unless a contract of five Odd is Safe. The partner then responds according to the following simple schedule counting two Points for any Ace and one Point for any King that he holds. With i Point or less he bids five clubs. With 2 Points an aet or a five diamonds. With 3 Points to e and ring a 10 5 v q 10 8 6 2 a k 9 73 4 to 4 a a 4 �93 a q j 6 a k q j 8 7 5 n w e s dealer 4 9832 �74 a 10 8 4 2 63 2 a k q j 7 6 a a k j 5 a a 5 a a 9 rubber a. And s Vul. South West North fast 11 4 2 4 pass pass double 3 4 3 a pass 4 n t. Pass 5 4 pass 5 a pass pass pass opening�?4 6. 25 by v it. Gordon by. I ordon 1. Who was the first child born on the Earth 2. What and where is pall mall 3. What is the reason for the words often misused do not say a i shall Send you a postal is an adjective say Quot i shall Send you a postal card a or. I a pc Cai red appearance of the Sun when it j often mispronounced recon is rising or setting uniter. Pronounce Reko Noi ter 4. What is americans most in first e As in wreck o As in of. Important crop stressed principal accent on third 5. What Southern state was the Isle Aroostook coun no. I 75 to 8, ungraded to to j to Points. Maine demand mod j 60c ungraded Jersey Type 50 to Erate Market about steady. Car pc loads tuesday , shipping Pittsburgh Market about Stea Points based on delivered sales or a a five hearts by. Porto Picans in s. No. I. N. Less All transportation charges club. Baskets 1.15 to 1.25. S. J Presque Isle rate. Too la. Sacks. By crates 1.35 to 1.40. A. By. J Green Mountain in s. No. I 1.22 crates 1.15 to 1.25. La. By. Crates to 1.23. Maine Utility size a 1.23 i 1.60. I it. S. No. I size a mostly 1.38 to new York Market steady. 14� few l3 u. 8. No. I 2 in. I Porto Picans u. S. No. I. N. Min mostly 1.53. I by. Baskets Loo to 1.35, mostly Pompano Fla. Lake Oke Echo 1.30 by. Crates 1.40. Al c. By. Bee Section loadings very Light baskets Loo to 1.30, a mostly 1.15 i account weather. Too few sales to North did not have much for he j one King. South therefore conto 1.25 by. Crates 1.35 to 1.40. Establish Market. Could not old freely Over West a j tented himself with a contract of Detroit Market about steady no a York Market firm on old i Over a two clubs but when five hearts. Many different medicines have berm introduced Here in High Point in past years but today there Are stores of Helgn Point residents and people of this entire Section who already realize the tentative at the Betts drug co. 109 North main or Fleet a my health problems began with a stubborn Bowel continued mrs. Huffman. A i simply could not get the regular action i needed and soon my digestion was upset. Constipation Eer wit i 4 Points a a a a a or a a a five Spades Iii p than one King the slam bid with 5 Points a a a or a a would be dangerous. Five no Trump. South therefore bid four no this is. His sign off old is five Trump to find out exactly what clubs on one Point or less and i North held. North a five club re for every extra Point he makes spouse was not a Cue bid in the the next higher possible bid. Opponents suit but Only a sign in today s hand South knew off showing that he had at most Porto Picans i. S. No. I n. J t0ck. Maine too la. Sacks Green by. Baskets and s. By. Crates. Mountains la s. No. I 2.00 to 1.40 to 1.50. S. By. Baskets 2.05. Market Dull on new Stock. 1.30 la. By. Crates 1.60. Cabbage Rochester. No y. Demand Good j Chicago Market slightly weak Market stronger. Many growers a for Colorado red Mcclure holding for higher prices. Car slightly stronger for Idaho rus table had its effect. Whatever i loads and truckloads . Usual set Burbanks in 8. No. 12�?Ts, prac ate turned sour bloated me and i terms and . Shipping Points really free from cuts and clip had that awful burning sensation tuesday based on delivered sales Ped ends steady for it. S. No. I. Every Day no matter How careful Bug All transportation charges and other varieties All sections by i chose my foods. Off and on. I danish Type sacked per ton. Few 354 cars on trick 77 arrived to had very severe headaches and sales. 18.00 to 23.00. Tai la s. Shipments tuesday �20 dizzy spells. My right Arm. Bark new York Market slightly cars. Sacked per cwt Idaho rus and shoulders ached and pained stronger on old Stock about Stea a set Burbanks. No i a i go to dreadfully. I could hardly raise by on Southern Stock Fla. I 4 my right Arm at All and i had been up hampers. Domestic round Type awake and unable to sleep at All 1.12 4 to 1.25, some 1.37 to 1.43 next finding an Ace. North showed a heart suit it seemed Clear that at least five hearts could be made. If North i Fla Quot but Quot Era Teal Las tri u in pits Quot la had to k,n8 whlc1 would have snows hem Western n. I s. No. I 1.60 to 1.75. I to be in diamonds and clubs., a Raleigh Jan. 25.�? up a slam could be made for Only the this weeks Snow will prove Bene Ace of Spades would be lost. If filial in some areas especially in North had the missing Ace the Western counties which have Sut Spade suit would he solid and feed from a Lack of rain an of North a losers in at least one of filial of the state agriculture be the minor suits could be discard apartment said yesterday. Slighted. Leaving at most one trick to damage was done some crops he be lost. But. If North had no said. Most important Battleground of the civil War inst ers 1. Cain. 2. A celebrated Street in London. 3. The greater depth of atmosphere through which the sunlight passes before reaching us. 4. Wheat. 5. Virginia. 1 modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q. What sized tip should one give for services in a Beauty Salon ? a. If tile services do not exceed three dollars 25 cents is Suffi-1 band or a w Ife to make fun Dent. If More than $3, one May apply the to per cent Rule. Q. When eating in a Public ii Gly it is not Good form. Often misspelled permissible two i s and two so a. Synonyms envious jealous covetous grudging begrudging. Wold study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Clay. Today sword determinate having de fined limits definite. A eloquence rests on Laws the most exact and . A Mexico has a Boom in the construction of apartment buildings. Place and the waiter passes a dish should one say a no thank you a or merely a a not a. One should say a no thank Courtesy is never out of place. Q Isnit it poor taste for a Hus the other when in company a. Yes even when done Jok Throat got a cold every Swallow seem to scratch your Throat till its rough and raw get a Box of Luden s. Let Ludens special ingredients with Cooling menthol help bring you Quick Relief from itchy Touchy a sandpaper Throat a / copy. 1940 Luden s. Inc. For two and three nights at a time. Red Typpi 2.25 to 2.75. Savoy Type but recently i Learned of Gly Cas m0stiy 1.37 4. No y. 50 la. Sacks 1.90, mostly 1.80 in 185 la 8. 2 a 1.50 to i 60 Colorado red Mcclure i car. In 8. No. I 1.55. Neb., 75 to 90 per cent no. I Bliss triumphs washed Best 1.80 to 2.00 fair Quality 165 unwashed i car. 1.55. Minn. Red River mrs. Vina Huffman gtd and bion dizzy spells. A it the body. Nor or night rising a i Hope this about Gly Cas of helping a and began using i danish Type. 40 to 65 cents. It was truly a pleasant sur a Philadelphia Market stronger prise that awaited me with the on new Stock slightly stronger v Alley Section. U. 8. Commercials use of this modern capsule Rem on old Stock s. I 4 by. Ham triumphs. I car. Lio. No. continued mrs. Huffman per Savoy Type few.1.00. I soon sin sales reported Market a for in if very Short time my Bow kale leis were regular and once Given Virv. Market Hull uhf Al he a Quot the the .0&Quot 1 wlfo1 vt., barrel. I Solo Rentable Iii indie a a a is Heth or Han i had in a sets 65 at without that awful distress i Ooi la it do following my meals now. Head not a York. Market due in it a. Aches and dizzy spells Are relieved 0jk Section a barrels. 1.12 4 Hes and pains in my of j .25 by. Baskets 40 to 50c. Spinach new York Market about Stea vat different from Gly Cas tuts compared with Many other medicines tried before. It has surprised Many in the want Gly Cas has eliminated foul clogged intestinal impurities which often is the real reason All along for awful Gas Amaneh indigestion Hes and pains Over oust ass. Headaches is Are those a inns and Back. I even raise my tight Arm about my head now something i had b statement Roll no Arabia to do j a a n for months before. From All my experiences with different medicines. My one Choice of them All is Gly cd. And i do so Hope that other profit from its use a steady on new Stork. , track sales Fla. Bliss triumphs in a i no. 1 washed very few sales 1.85 per crate a Man dubs nation a the most Lawless on Tai thursday Friday a saturday 145 s. Main St. Might pcs Civco to limit quantities it of Ipi it. Mrs Vina Kauffma Street High Point known and hit housewife who a a tin flier of Yea talking with the Illy Aid i i have 917 Redding the special Gly Cas represent a a w Ell tat Ive is daily meeting the local in re sneered Public at the belts drug store. Led Here for 109 North main Street High recently in j Point where he invite people to rail and see him Repi baskets Savoy Type fair to Ordinary Quality. 65 to 90c. Broccoli rare new York Market Stead 8 a Eastern lettuce crates. 1.25 to so k a dish he. New York. Market slightly weaker. South Carolina Eastern ail local lettuce crate bunched mostly 1.25. F i is a re to focal Scheldt speak Monarch . Food store self service formerly Beeson s super Market 1536 English St. West end 30c 22c -73c pure hog lard a a 59c i i it. T til. Coffee la. Oven Glo self pricing or Plain flour 24 la. Sugar to la. Bag 50c matches 6 boxes 15c Salt 2 5c boxes 5c Beans pintos la. 5c Luthern Bell Oleo la. 10c wheaties or Kix 10c i in to it Happy Vale peaches 2 25c Sweet Meadow Corn 3 lit i lit Wax paper 40 roil 5c Ood string brooms 19c jello All flavors pkg 19c top notch Macaroni 6 of. Pkg.3c Cobbler i. S no. I potatoes to Tbs. 25c no.? cans 17c fancy vegetables Alif. Iceberg a a Litigen head a lettuce 13c canc Florida oranges 3 doz.25c Large Grapefruit 3 for.10c yellow Globe coconuts .5c onions 3 lbs. 10c new u. 8. No i potatoes 7 lbs.25c a Olden rim bananas 4 lbs.19c new or White cabbage 4 meats Small i Jean Center cult pork chops Pound 17c end it lit pork roast Pound 13c pure pork sausage la. 10c Palace Brand Bacon la pkg 16k Good heavy Fatback lb.6c full Ream cheese la. .20c Spanish Mackerel fish whole. 10c the t tufted states was characterized As the to Lawless nation on Earth by Edward Scheldt agent in charge of the Charlotte Bureau of the Fri in a speech be fur the Monarch club Here yesterday. Or. Scheidt speaking on a crime prevention and crime said that an average of 4.000 felonies ate committed in the United states every Day with an average of 30.000 Law infractions per Day. The South seems to be the worst part of the United states insofar As major crime is concerned As climate apparently plays a Large part. In crime prevention the two most important things Are Quick detection and Swift conviction for these Are the greatest deter ers to crime. Since the passage of that Lindbergh Law about four years ago there has been practically an elimination of kidnapping of the 158 kidnapping reported since that time. 156 have been solved although the other two Are unsolved the Fri never will completely discard them. Bank robbery one of the oldest crimes in the world during the past five years has been reduced 80 per cent. An adequate police Force is of or rest value to a Community and it is false Economy to reduce the appropriation for it for the saving offsets it. The Fri s service to America will go Only no far As Public opinion will support it. Only the highest Type of men Are accepted for training and they must have had Legal or accounting training Aud be College graduates. After their acceptance they Are put through a rigorous training course at the Fri Academy in Washington. The Fri Welcome inspection by the general Public said or. J Scheldt. Or. Samuel Vav. Gra Toliu Well known youth worker from White Plains no no spoke briefly to the club in which he said that discipline is the training which makes punishment unnecessary. Cop captures negro in hot foot race sprout to the Enterprise Thomasville Jan 25. A Constable a a Bucko a Kennedy of Thomasville township was Victor in a speedy foot race which was Beld on West Guilford Street wednesday afternoon. The race track reported the Constable was rather snowy and rather Slick but the Law came out ahead. Kennedy was coming into Thomasville on the Lexington Highway when he met a negro walking in the Middle of the Road in a Drunken condition. The negro Lawrence Phillips. Was arrested by the Constable and the trip was started to the Thomasville jail Phillips gave no trouble in j til he came within sight of the i City jail and when he did he jumped out of the car and made j for the negro Selt Don of the j City. Kennedy was out of the j ear in hot pure Uit after a Short Chase the negro was recaptured and offed. He was placed in the pm jail and will. He Given a Healing Friday morn i aug. Pkg. Too paper napkins 8�?~ Glass Orange Reamer 6c anti Colic baby nipples Woodbury 10c facial soap limit 4 Hills 30c Cascara quinine tablets Waldorf toilet tissue limit i Phillips 50c milk of magnesia limit i 25c granulated Chad your Walgreen drug store maintains a constant Check Over the freeness and Potency of All the drugs in the prescription department this extra carefulness insures the effectiveness of your physician instructions camphor Lytus Lough syrup to me. No pics Groves nose drops 30c Iii Holly ,.of cd Rem for coughs regular soc Ute Settle. 4? Orlis Antiseptic pint bottle. A 49c Zymola Trokey 23c time. To Ai o take vitamins 500 kleenex tissues 28 a Quot it Dowells Oia sea cod liver Oil pit. 69�?~ Ota san Coo liver Oil tablets 68 Attila too atol Giorl capsules attn too c the fun of a % a a a a Kina a ass ssh Rivir r thermometer Sui Piso cough syrup 26 halibut liver Oil of Gay. With Volt rot. Ola fun. 25\ Squibbs a Dex tablets too a zoo to Tahiti. Park Davit i Radol a regular 11 ounce Lite cod liver Oil tablets soc Mccoy bom of . 59e magnesia Carton so get your Book fresh matches a Quot owe. To Sec a a pm Livi at Walgreen con to path Dpetro Syl Lium Safe. Piea aant. Natural Relief 89�?~ Box of too poker chips 29c pint Call a Itlay Gardenia Oatmeal soap a Laski aet cakes cd \ Vav it a h pkg. Of to sparkle bulbs in of. Size Squibb cod liver Oil i 79c delicious ice Cream carryout o Quot to quart. A Delic iou a Fla corf us extra savings a modern Kitchen Helper the sensational now 2-Speed electric wonder mix St 7.50 ass on punch value o curd plan a pulverize a stirs a crushes a Mathos a liquefied a churns a whips a beats with amazing Speed and ease a i i Jet playing cards 23c Leo taur Quality 10�?~ Ivory flakes 3125 of. 21 hot water bottle 98c guaranteed 2 yrs 2-qt atle. Amazing flew Cue dental liquid medium size to others at 23c amp 39c 1.10 size wll Root hair tonic i Segui. An. I4�-c4lc Bettl Eurt Vasi Kew Soavi Csc size Mystic hand Cream

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