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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 24, 1939, High Point, North Carolina A a -1 my Muu Mnuk Rte mum i enter no Industry Nlle la . It in j tilt ahu1,i, Page three state Rea App roves Randolph. Project and keeps its record clean allotment of $300,000 made project full approval Gien Randolph county electrical membership corporation religious Leader Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh. Jan. 24. North Arolina s Rural of authority often the target of Erbal slings and arrows from to Fedora i Fra and self styled opponents of the Power trusts to a gave its full approval to the Randolph county electric Mem Reship corporation and thereby Elf clean its record of never Avinor disapproved any electrical a operative upon which it has Aken final action. The Randolph project is one f four which were presented to in state Rea some twelve Davis to by Coop members and repro stat lives of the Federal Rea. It As been allotted $300,000 by the ederal administration. The state Rea Board met today accordance with the Promise Iven at the former meeting by a director Dudley Bagley. Approval of the project Means Tai any further delay Iii begin ing of construction cannot be barged to the mate body As it As now complied with the protons of the Law which require to make a Survey of every such project and to find that it is free withdrawn when the Federal folks preened the four projects they lusted that the state Rea give its a mediate and unqualified a Roval without the Survey North Arolina requires. When direct a Bagley and his associates de ined to do so three of the Appel Sion were withdrawn. These ejects for which Federal funds and Ber a allocated ate Anson Moo to Davidson $278,000 id Davie t $200,000. Reason assigned for withdrawal the applications for these three a objects were that Quick action is ices sary. Incorporation of the i Roe under the states Mutual iral electrification act is in proes of accomplishment for them. Odayl it action by the state Rea it Wever puts it much nearer its Al than Are any of the three Ithra w n. In View of this fact that there a concede Day More controversy or the Randolph project than in other it i apparent that Alt or would have been approved a id would have been approved to a if they had left before state unit. O it rth Eft Advani de rather ironically therefore in projects which were with Vawn in order to a get Quick Are probably behind the in left before the state Rea a a Tail they Are no further and med. Action in the Randolph Lase ought to in the total number a cooperatives for which approval irs been sought from the state a. In 13 Lases the applicant were approved while in the a Manning five Lases tile applies a us were voluntarily withdrawn. Ops which have been a oved Are Roanoke Wilson Decombe Bitt four county. Dmont Martin Johnston Rankin. Glenview stanly Carri and Randolph. The five applications with a Awn were Caldwell Rutherford non Davidson and Davie. These five have either been in plated or Are being carried a under the so railed Mutual it a in a -. I a a Noi a ii Caio nays statute Hooks before pass of the 1935 Rea act which r up Iii so ate it ira1 Klec Tufi it Ion authority. Chief difference Between the membership and Mutual acts is Tat the former provides immune y from Alt taxes. Including and Biol pm b vies tit a ii pity -1. A1 property of co Ops while the Multi exem to from All taxes sex ept and Valorme on the physical Rop eries. The membership also Ives lh1 Ritoh of Nimen to la ill to he a it r k azure is regarded As relative Nim pontaut. Crier the Mutual co Ops May e it up without tile -1 a t a a Rea living anything to a about the latter. Ender the membership eau tote Law requires that a Cee Fichte of a a feasibility he secured a of the state authority. Horizontal i 5 a scholarly head of the Catholic Church. 9 his family name. 14 practical 16 Antelope. 17 liquid part of fat. 18 weight. 19 nothing. 20 axillary. 21 Feudal fee. 22 trotting horse 25 Genus of 45 government rodents. Clerk. 27 gaelic. 47 turf. 28 vision. 48 to hesitate. 29 most excellent 49 Small Fox. 31 sea Eagle. 54 sums. ?2 vulgar fellow 55 Field. 33 Call for help. 56 personal 35 Call to prayer. 37 musical note. 38 Parent. 10 neuter pronoun. 41 to Harden. I2 bulb Flower. Answer to previous Puzzle it Sci arts vertical 1 measure. 2 animal. 3 devout 4 measure of cloth. 6 overlooks. 7 one that unites. 8 sultans wife. 9 to Bellow. Enemy. 59 epoch. 60 papal Palace. 61 he headed the to every. Papal la yoked. For Many 12 Lizard fish years. Pm. 13 into. 15 to Dine. 21 Iron. 23 Road. 24 Type measure 26 papal Church 29 curse. 30 venomous Snake. 32 Pussy. 34 Grain. 36 Bullet sound. 37 Normal. 39 to insult. 41 Maple seed. 43 you and me. 44 structural unit. 45 to become exhausted. 46 laughter sound 43 to accomplish. 50 Palm Leaf. 51 to soak flax. 52 Monkey 53 Tea. 54 three. 57 form of 58 Ell. A serial Story no time to marry by Elinore Cowan Stone copyright. 1939, inca service inc. Modern etiquette by Roberta Iee q if the wedding is to be to Small that wedding invitations Are not engraved How should the Bride and bridegroom invite their guests a. The Bride should writ each invitation personally. <4 which is the Correct form when a husband and wife Are signing a greeting card. Mary and John or John and Mary a. Mary and John is the Cor re it t form. Q. Should a woman include her husband s name on the invitations to a Tea a. No. Lessons English by w i Gordon Fred w. Wood funeral to be held wednesday Charlotte. the funeral of Fred w. Wood traffic chief Here for the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph company of l be held at St. Marks lutheran Church tomorrow interment will be in Gastonia. Wood who died yesterday had been in Charlotte hut a year previously he had been connected with the Bell company in Greensboro. Charleston s. C., and Columbia s. C., he recently completed 2. A years of service with the company. Wood was a native of Columbia. S. Csc St of characters Janet Dwig it heroine. She was engaged to handsome Young architect Lance Barstow hero. Lance had great dreams for tile future. So did can the i v Cantrell orphan Cal granddaughter of Grout a lint Mary Cantrell. Still another dreamer was Harvey Mcknight news let a it Crinan. But Barney was More than a dreamer. A yesterday at a party Janet finds Fiance alone on the veranda with another girls Cynthia. Slit flees in terror trips Over a Man Corning out of the House. Chapter Xiv someone caught Janet and supported her somewhat awkwardly until she regained her balance. Then Barney Mcknight exclaimed a a Janet. Why Janet you re shaking like a Leaf. What a a Barney a Janet beg cd. A take me Home. Please take me Home. Barney a. A wait a minute there seems to he More Here than meets the Barney slipped her hand through his Arm. And moved As if to stroll along the quiet veranda. But Janet held Hack. A no Barney a she said in a stifled voice. A not that Way i can to go Back a fall right this Way he reversed their direction. A now Tell Uncle Barney All about a no. Barney. In can to. Just take me Home a say listen Honey a Barney said. A i took a lady Nome from a party once because she seemed to think she had to go in a hurry and nearly got my fool Block knocked off by the boy Friend when i got balk. This Knight errant business can he pushed too far. I m not rescuing any More damsels in distress without Good and sufficient reasons. Whereas the fair haired boy a a a he so i done to Barney turned and stared Down the veranda a behind them for a Long moment and Janet Felt his Arm stiff a under her hand. Then he said his voice roughening suddenly a i get it. You be finally got the layout too. I think i knew All along for i never did manage to kid myself about Cynthia in any big Way. Okay Jan. Walt for me at the Side drive. I ii get your wrap and sign off with after they got into the car. Barney said. A How about driving around for awhile a a i Don t care a Janet said numbly. Quot talk to me Barney. Jus talk to me about a fall Light y of asked for it a Barney said As he turned the car out upon the Broad Moonlit Highway along Hie River. A the Man does t live who needs any More excuse than that to talk about himself. How about this for a Start in be got a swell new a a new Job a Janet echoed surprised for the moment out of herself. A but i thought you liked working for the a i should have said a special assignment. You remember i told you the other Day that i had the Lowdown on the Skidmore killing that is i know what s bark of it but i can to prove it yet. That s my assignment. Young Billings is going to handle football and College sports and pm going to keep the prize ring Angle and some others which will bring me in touch with a lot of the sort of people i need to know to get my other Story. In a to have three months to work on it. If i break it it May shake up the whole City government and incidentally mean a whole new Field for me. If i done to Well i May not eat for a but Barney it sounds not necessarily. No one hut the Boss and i will suspect what i m up to till its All in the bag. No one expects a sports reporter to have eyes for anything but fouls and so Barney talked quietly on and Janet listened steadied and quieted by the listening. To Janet a Surprise site Learned that he had been writing on current events for some time and had even had several articles published in current magazines. It was almost five when they finally drove Home. Lance was sitting in the living room White and rigid. While aunt Mary knitted quietly in her Low chair by the fireplace. A Well i must say. A Knight a Lance began his voice tight with anger a you and Janet have put me in a pretty spot. Can to you imagine How i Felt after Hunting All Over the hotel for you Janet to be told that you a gone out hours ago with another Man and your aunt has been frantic with a i have not a contradicted aunt Mary flatly a been at ail frantic a especially after i Learned that Janet was with Janet who knew this was a High handed prevarication almost smiled. Lance flushed with annoyance and turned Bick to Janet. A i thought Quot he began icily a that we agreed it was Hest just now to he seen together As much As possible. What will people think a a a now. That is an important Barney interrupted smoothly. A if does no to matter i suppose what you do in private Well that ought to go both ways ought t it a a please Barney a Janet broke in before Lance could reply. Then he turned to Lance. It would have been More decent of course to have had this out with lame alone but Ainee he had raised the Issue it. Might As Well. Lie settled Here and now. A glance a she asked quietly a what difference can it possibly make what other people think about us when Alt this time neither of us has seemed to have any idea what the other was thinking i understand now a lot of tilings that have seemed strange to me these last few see i was on the veranda. Too tonight and of. There Isnit any use talking is there wont you just a go away Lance a a a after a moment Lance said in a smothered voice a a you la be sorry tomorrow Janet. At least we might do this thing with some Janet even smiled a Little at that her eyes very Bright and dark and steady in her White face. A dignity a she echoed. A what a funny word that can be and somehow just now i d rather be honest than dignified. I wish you a go Lance. And please done to come then Lance did go without a word. When Barney lunged about As if to follow him. Aunt Mary quickly turned the key in the lock and planted her Small person against the Hall door. A ooh no Young Man a she said. A turn Here to see that he Hup at least five minutes Start. I m not going to have you a knocking his Block off a As i suppose you would term it on my Doorstep. This family is gelling enough publicity these Days without a and suppose i just lift you out i of the Way a Barney suggested glowering Down at her As if he were seriously considering it. A i a said aunt Mary a should i scream for tie police As loudly and Long As i could. And if you i done to think i have Good Stout tilings just Start i Barney continued to glower for a moment and then dissolved into laughter. A now that a being a pal a he said. A if you knew How Long in be i been wanting to push that lizards i face in. You a give me a i when Barney too. Finally went j Janet said her fingertips White a from gripping the Arm of her chair a of course its better to find out now All at once instead of afterwards., aunt Mary. I i m almost glad i lost my a now that ifs aunt Mary said bluntly a turn free to say that i think it s Worth it at Jany late next Day Cynthia came unceremoniously into Janet a room. she began sitting Down Aud nervously stripping off her i gloves a a there a something in be i got to talk to you Al it out a to tic t North Dakota is the Only state in the Union that never has re corded an earthquake. Registration Law catches regulars As Well As Tor duration lobbyists i Enterprise Bureau sir Walter botel Raleigh Jan. 24.�?North i j Carolina s lobbyist registration Law catches the a a regulars As Well As the a a duration pressure boys according to the interpretation of Secretary of state thud kure with whom they Are required to list themselves. This seems to lie slightly different from the intention of tile Assembly which framed Tho statute which was designed to get put into Black and White the amounts being spent by special interests to influence legislation affecting than. It was not thought or instance that former state senator s. Gilmer Sparger permanent i Secretary of the North Carolina i Petroleum industries committee would come within the Purview of the lobby Law even though he is one of the most regular of the j Quot regulars w Hose duty is to pro a Mote better Public relations for j big groups. This because of the j fact that or. Sparger is a full time paid official of his concern and gets not one cent More Dur i ing the legislature then out of j session. I on advice of Secretary kure however he has registered As i have several other regular full time employees of various interests to whom the session Means nothing in the Way of extra Cost to the interests concerned. In other words the kure interpretation seems rather More inclusive than was originally the intent of tile legislature. It spreads a wide net. Kannapolis Han shot in Holdup by negro Kannapolis. Jan. 24�? up officers hunted an unidentified negro today who shot and seriously wounded j. E. Knight. A storekeeper Here last Niht and robbed him of his Wallet containing $65. Police said the negro tried to lift the Wallet from knights hip pocket while the Merman was pumping Gas from a tank in front of his store and when Knight resisted the negro shot him. And fled with the pocketbook. Knight shot in tie Hack just under his left shoulder Blade. Was reported to he in a critical condition at a Kannapolis Hospital. Altar Mony years of operation the famous 64k Avenue elevated trains Ore no More. Harold Square is now of peaceful of a posture or almost. And every room in the hotel Mcalpin is a restful room. This is of course still another reason for you to stay Here when in new York. Big Beautiful new rooms with Bath single from $3 double from $4.so i Block Horn Goon St Ottoo 7 menu of to Crone control i. I o but top of door a a Gri at hot Iel tips Ith 2 Purilar Phu kit restaurants hotel Mcalpin Broadway at 34th Street new York Tosca Knott j. Wolf of Etc tips the world contains 35.000.000 Ephone subscribers. Air is a poor conductor of Clee Init v. Fever wonder Why you re constipated do you Ever have Days when you just have to drag yourself along when you feel tired sunk be cause of that constipation then Why not find out the real cause of your trouble what have you had to eat lately just things like meat bread and potatoes if that a it you May not have to look any farther. Ifs Likely your trouble is you done to get enough quo bulk. And a bulk a does t mean a lot of food. It Means a kind of food that in t consumed in the body but leaves a soft a a Bulky mass in Hie intestines and aids elimination. If Quot bulk is what you Lack. Your ticket is a dish of Crisp Crunchy Kellogg s All bran for breakfast every Day. It contains the Quot bulk you need plus nature s great intestinal tonic Vitamin b. Eat it every Day. Drink plenty of water and join the a a regulars made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. N it words often misused do not say. A a your assertions Are contrary with a say a contrary to often mispronounced Ghoul. Pronounce goo of As in tool often misspelled impel one i. Impelled and impelling two is. Synonym kindle Light fire ignite inflame. Word study a use a word three times and it is yours a let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word clientele a body of customers As of a theater hotel Etc. Pronounce Klien Tel i As in lie. Last syllable As Tell. Accent last syllable a the clientele of tile theater was known for its look and learn by a c. Gordon 1. Which is the larger Alaska or Texas 2. For what did Ponce de Leon seek in Florida 3. What source of Power is j Call d w Hite Coal ? j 4. Who was the author of a a Gulliver travels 5. Which is the Only land mass extending around the Earth answers 1. Alaska is about twice As Large As Texas. 2. The Fountain of youth. 3. Water Power. 4. Dean Swift. 5. Antarctica. How can i by Anne Ashley he q. How should buttons j sewed on sheer material i a. Reinforce the Back of the fabric with tape. If a Button tears off leaving a Hole sew the Button to a piece of material a Little larger than the Hole ti4n whip to the wrong Side of the garment. Q. How can i make a remedy for an inflamed nose a. Equal parts of Witch Hazel and pure alcohol is often found to be an effectual remedy for an inflamed nose. A How can i remove discolorations from China and earthen w Are a. Scour with baking soda. A Salt and vinegar solution is also excellent. Buried treasure shipwrecks lost coins and the simple Wear ing away process have combined together keeping an Over steady Stream of Gold going out of circulation. Ii Hight combination is Chesterfield ii in you re by i Fly for afo 1>> combining blending together tile right kinds of mild Ripe american and aromatic turkish tobaccos Chesterfield brings out All their Fine smocking qualities and gives you a cigarette that a outstanding for mildness for taste. When you try them you will know Why Chester Fields give millions of men and women More smoking pleasure. Why they satisfy the blend that can t be copied. The right combination of the world s Best cigarette tobaccos the colourful p. Hal Sims master Bridge authority and player says Quot it s the right % combination of keen bid to Ding and skillful play of the i a a a amp it it i cop ugh 19 9, a i a mtg Toa Aclo co

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