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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday Manuan 22. I Ojo the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Ross word Puzzle a serial Story blackout by Ruth Ayers copyright. 10s� Nea service inc. Uncle Ray s Corner horizontal 1,6 great inventor pictured Here. 11 browned bread. 12 Tam of Shanter. 14 spar Crane 16 formerly. 17 he invented electric Light 19 plateau. 20 to drink dog fashion. 21 to Dine. 22 to mock. 24 nothing. 25 one that immigrated. 28 rubber tree. 29 mail. 30 Church title 32 to rescind. 35 he invented a picture machine. 37 measure of area. 88 seed covering 40 promises. La King of answer to previous Puzzle Bashan. 42 fowl disease. 44 those who snipe. 46 flock. 48 to rub out. 49 lubricant 51 social insect. 53 faculties of sensation. 56 chaos. 57 he w As an by training. Vertical 1 Precept. 2 yarn spindle 3 hops Kiln. 4 Mountain. 5 very Dull of mind. 6 to go aboard a vessel 7 id ant. 8 to soften leather 9 Kiln. 10 unless. 11 As a youth he was a operator 13 Dye. 15 he invented the phonograph of a a machine 17 Vagabond. 18 Mineral Spring. 21 daubs 23 enriches. 25 Virginia Willow. 26 aperture. 27 children. 28 above. 31 musical note. 33 great Lake. 34 Row. 35 greater amount. 36 yellow Bird. 39 italian Coin. 40 Waistcoat. 43 prostrate. 45 overpowering fright. 47 Flat circular plate. 50 to rent. 52 pistol. 53 Southeast 54 Ell. 55 senior. 56 North America. Wmk Sun Breaks through uha powr xxv Mary Drew Hack with newfound strength. A Vincent you re playing the part of a fugitive. You la he hunted Down. Perhaps killed. In a willing to wait for you. You can to escape. You owe it to yourself to stay you owe it to me a he turned and there was something in his face sin had Uever seen there before. In review everything came into focus. She thought hot a a Soldier yes but willing to fight for the cause that pays most. He a likeable and charming but there a nothing behind it. No matter where he flies there la always be a Day of reckoning just Over the horizon. And some Day he wont be Lucky enough to escape it. A a there a not another second to spare. Coming with me Quot she stared at him. A a please for my Sake Quot she tried to say. He Shook off her baud from his Arm Long a he said almost jauntily Quot a love you but rallies face a firing squad than j stay Here a prisoner of you wont i go with me i m going As a Mechanic stepped out Oft the plane Vincent leaped in pull Ling on helmet and goggles. The plane taxied along the runway Aud i then lifted its wings a Sharp angles against the morning Sun. Standing there motionless Mary knew then that when he went. Some part of her of went with him. Always hied remember the he loved her a the Carefree he d smile and the crooked i Strong arms. A a in la have to so to Scotland Yard at once a she began in a startled voice. A it s my fault that Vincent got a come Gilbert said gently a although in be a Hunch you done to have to worry. The morning papers Are filled with your wonderful feat. You re England a heroine today and in a proud you have my she could Only stare at him All her heart looking out of her eyes. Shed wanted to spare him this hateful publicity a and Here he was glowing with Pride Iii her. In inspector Babcock a office it was As Busy As it had been hours before in the excitement of Carla Marchetta s capture. The inspector saw Mary and beckoned to her. A my dear i know what you re going to Tell me. Vincent Gregg got away but its not your fault. And it really does no to matter for the present. The Regency is saved and we be had a full confession from Felix the Marchetta woman a real Confederate. There s time enough to get the other members of the he leaned closer his eyes fatherly As they rested on her drawn face a because of the great service you be done Foi us we were prepared to do nothing worse to your sweetheart than to exile him. And now he s done that him you i self.�?�. A thank you Quot Mary a head drop broke Down in the com Ped no time now to explain to Protection of gilbert�?Ts1 inspector Babcock that Vincent a v lift of his Eyebrow. The Gay part of it part. She knew too that Vincent had planned All this. The borrowed car. The waiting plane. He d even used her to shield his getaway. Yes. Head rather die than be imprisoned. Perhaps he was in this spy plot deeper than she knew. But even if he were she could never hate him she could Only pity him. A a a turning toward Vincent s car Mary saw another Auto pulling Down the Tandy Road. Startled. She thoughts it was a Scotland Yard patrol instead she began to tremble when she saw Gilbert Lenox a red head. She ran towards him. Her arms outstretched. A ooh she cried. A a you re the one person in All the world i want to see most. Vincent a gone i Stop him a a i know a Gilbert put her head i d i against his shoulder. A a As soon As you walked out of the Hospital. I knew i had to follow you foolish. Loyal Little idiot that you Are. I kept track of you when you joined Vincent at the tobacco shop. There were some awful minutes when i thought you might weaken and try to go with him. But when i guessed his destination was the air Field something told me would stay m a by toning was no longer her sweetheart. Her last loyalty to him had ended when he d waved Goodby from the plane. A Gilbert was waiting for her in his car outside. A fall set a and he was smiling. Joy at the sight of him overflowed in Mary. This red beaded doctor was so Strong of steady so exactly everything that a real Man should be. A a it a like coming she sighed As she leaned against him. A you bet it is a Gilbert said huskily. In be loved you right from the Start in the air raid that first night and from the minute you were brought into the Hospital As Anna annals name brought a thousand memories flooding balk. Anna Winters the dear gentle English girl who a died on the Moravia. But Anna dead had lived on in the happiness she d a last brought to the girl who a taken her name. No time for tears a Gilbert was saying his handkerchief patting her Cheeks. If All Scotland Yard had been looking from the windows he have cared As he Bent to kiss her. As if it had been a signal the Sun broke through the London fog a Happy is the Mary murmured a the Sun shines on no blackout could Ever blot out her happiness again. Tile end finns once lived in Volga River Valley Arrison in Hollywood his Young Man has bad Luck e looks like Tyrone Power Gladys George sniffs and swoons on set so Akim Tamiroff changes his perfume cranium crackers noted germs Germany was not always associated with War although at tin moment it is sometimes difficult to recall that this country was once an established cultural Center. All of the following persons were germans. From the list following each name. Pick the term that beat identifies person mentioned. Johannes Gutenberg a in writer by author of fair Yin inventor of printing i d a musician. Immanuel ran by surgeon Ltd it Phil junket Soldier the family doctor gout a Rich Many a disease now treated by proper control of patients diet a Howard Mirrium a clergy act operatic Gopher. To Engi Ltd it Painter. I Matt pm. Ducer 3. Huge Neer the i d a explorer. 4. Franz Liszt by composer it be Mist. 5. W i i h e i tit r Singer by biologic Cist id author. Answers on want and Page. I novelist teacher Iii Roentgen at act phys by Nib Harrison Nea sen be staff correspondent Hollywood Jan. 22 while King the other Day about the Happy ohm Unity of movie and ins i Hadnot heard about Well tailored handsome Young ,1 Low who crept into one of the employ meat Bureau near the Hii Evard and asked for a Job any sort of Job the girl who took his applies Ion said he was sorry but they Jan t a single opening just then Tepi a Dis washing Job he id Hod take it. The re i pro ated a Why. You ought t want by thing like that you ought to in movies. I think you look d like Tyrone a and that a said the Young tan sadly Quot is exactly the reason i by i m becoming a dishwasher. I does no to pay to look like a to vie Star in Hollywood. I used i be Power ass and speaking of Pearl diver. Tin celebrated hour Hull now working in my non my son a Hathi complaint to make of Hollywood a i came out Here to play Lincoln was tested for the role of Lamia Xvi and ended up plaiting the part of a Swiss Star grows faint i t not from kiss production has been at Low ebb for several weeks and studio pies agents have been hard put to dream up picture news to compete with marriages divorces and minor St sandals. I especially like the Story about Akita Tamiroff and Gladys George working in the Way of All flesh it seems that when the Star kissed the leading lady a miss George grew faint and retired to hey dressing room Quot she soon returned to the set. But after a second kiss a became so ill that she had to go however the Story continues. Miss George was affected not by the of curation but by the odor of a a liquid dressing used on Tamiroff a hair and next Day gallantly attempting to Render himself acceptably fragrant the actor doused hair and Beard with miss Georges favorite per lessons in English by w. I. Gordon words often i say a the receives dollars per of you insist upon sus a do not ten thousand say a a the latin per. By or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of ii Gaia the health Magazine tout has been called the Quot Rich mans disease it usually or curs in Middle aged men who Are overweight. For a while it was thought that gout had practically disappeared but now we know that cases occur and Are Likely to he overlooked because they Are confused with various forms of arthritis. Gout usually affects the joints of the big toe hut it May also occur in the knee joints and other joints of the toes. When a gout patients blood is examined a Large amount of uric acid is found in the blood and occasionally there arc concretions in the ears. These Are Small round collections of Chalky Materia deposited on the outer margin of the car. Since it is possible to increase the uric acid in the blood by eating Large amounts of fat it is important to make certain that the uric arid increase is not due to such a Causa. The modern treatment of gout particularly involves control of the diet. In the diet for gout so called Purine substances Are reduced to a minimum. Thus the diet in gout includes Small quantities of milk preferably skim med to cereals with milk White bread with a minimum amount of butter fresh fruits with Large quantities of water. Lemonade. And fruit juices. The food must be free from Purine substances and Low in fat. But it should be easily digestible and relatively Small in quantities. This will enable the overweight person to reduce at the same time Titan he helps to control the symptoms of the gout. In order to avoid substances that Are Rich in purines it is preferable for the person with gout to avoid meat broths meat soups sweetbreads livers kidneys fowl fish oysters and similar substances. Tilts will help also to keep Down the amounts of fat. Fortunately there Are drugs which the doctor can give to con the word you Are about to look St in the split second that they hit your Eye form a new kind of reporting. Thu will Uke sixty second to read while you Are Reading these fact the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in on minute on Earth a world i in motion. Destiny unfold itself Start Reading the intelligence unit of America s Bureau of internal Revenue discovers evasions of income tax additional taxes due and $50 a minute to our government. In an article about the finns. A writer in a Large new Yolk newspaper spoke of Quot their mongolian ancestors a that does not seem to by a fair Way to speak of the finns it might make a person believe they Are of the so called a yellow some experts believe the finns had ancestors in Asia Long ago but so did tin people of certain other countries of Europe. The Early history of the finnish people is not Clear. The finns have been my ii mixed in the course of their history. They have some slavic blood and a Good Deal of swedish blood. Today about to per cent of the finns speak swedish. Many have fair skins and Light hair. The finns Are known to be related to the magyars of Hungary. At one time they lived in the Valley of the Volga River of Russia. In recent months people have been speaking about a Little Tim fact is that Finland s ure is by no meant Small. The country Bas More Square Miles of land than England Scotland and Ireland together. The population of Finland is not Large however. In 1930 the number of people was 3,650,000. Today the number probably is about 4,000,000. A country with that population coaids hardly be expected to stand up against the armies of one of Europe Large nations. Yet the finns have amazed the outside world by their defense against ii Ussia. The finn have been fighting to save Freedom they have had Only 2 1 years. During most of her history Finland has been a j part of Russia or Sweden in later stories this week we shall go Back into the history a bit and speak of the centuries of swedish Rule and the later period of russian Rule. Finland has been called a the land of a thousand the a Lapp baby aboard a Reindeer. Fact is that there Are More than lakes in Finland they were made by a great Glacier or , which covered Northern Europe Ages ago. Tho larger lakes Are nearly All in the Southern half of Finland. In the North the land ties and there Are mountains which Are much rounded at the top. The highest Mountain rises hardly four fifths of a mile Northern parts of Finland contain people known a lit ups. These people number Only about 2.ooo. And Are of a different racial Stoi k. Lapp also live in Northern Sweden and Norway. They have tame Reindeer Aud use them in much the v 1me Way As Cattie Are used Iii other lands. For general interest Seel in of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the b Aglet entitled a background of european War Quot Send me a so St Iii he if addressed envelope Iii care of this newspaper. A Umile hav. Tomorrow finns i uder Sweden. Mckenney on Bridge make opponents help you win forcing play avoids trouble by we. American k. Mckenney card authority Tom of the most progressive Luj lusting on Earth is a men a s i Airliner Industry a every minute of i every hour. Domestic and inter Rol pain in pout and to he a a a i no a Long a Pun. In the. United excretion of uric acid drugs however Are toxic in character they should never be taken except under the control of the doctor who will regulate the amount to prevent injury to the organs. Some people Ara particularly sensitive to the drug called cinch phen and respond to its use with inflammatory change in the liver. The physician who administers this drug can be aware of the dangers and do what is Nee Pessary to alleviate them. Complete the phrase annul. Mis pronoun e t him of ten pronoun in care. Often mom. Ibsen men t sgt Nony is Cist auction Moat. Word stud times and it crease cur a it ing one wort at Ipi e t he diff i hindi lied but saying p cedi narrow. In at. Not As present not presenter a use a word three is let us Birn Abilla v by master i eat ii Day today s word. Culinary pertaining to the Kitchen or cookery. Pronounce the u an in use. Accent the first syllabic i. A my culinary knowledge is de glances i fume who it ukr a ifiogg.? a no Mic mitc or off. This time it was Tamiroff became ill a scenarist is telling of an unusual a Elonce during i recent vacation. It a private Lodge near a secluded Mountain resort lie mid a movie executive the be it utile s wife and a Small party of their friends. When tile writer left Iii bigwig went outside with Blin and murmured a file a pal and done to mention a word of this to my girl Friend of she Beard that i was out with my wifi shed probably never speak to me it or aft Luck Veles Gin is Colony Mehesh laughs the swindling of imps Velez by a Fortune Teller who used the ancient package switch has Given the Ai Ker Colony one of its loudest laughs and mis veld Hei self is fit to lie tied these Days because almost every mail bring a package from some ribbing Friend. Notes say a put this under your Pillow for three nights and your wish will come the packages mostly contain records of Gypsy music the swindle have been so funny without the mexican actress Wise and violently aggressive reputation. There s the Story of How a bib Ulous babe insulted Johnny Xvi tvs Mueller at a part by declaring loudly that she did no to like his face his acting or anything about him. Ii said a ifs a Good thing for you in a not still married to la pc or shed puh out All your hair and Knock out All your Teeth a by Henry Averill Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Lilly obstacle Raleigh Jan. 22, Anre impede was t a thing surprising about i the formal announcement of c. B. Dean for Congress from the eighth District it had been forecast so Long ago that his state ment of this morning will not even create a mild Ripple of interest. All hands will join in the very fervent Hope that hts entry does not presage a repeat performance of the contest of 193 8 which ran on through the poll and into the courts to such an extent that Mere mention of Deane Burgin or Bur Gin Deane aroused a feeling of nausea. A a a if former governor Elmer Long of Durham formerly and for a Long time of Alamance should decide to enter the sixth District race All previous bets Are off and the newcomer would quite Likely be a decided favorite to win Over the present Field. Running or Long however be ins something like the old recipe for Rabbit Stew which began a first catch your rabbit.�?�4.�?�? skipping Back to or. Deane Aud his Congress race the Ric Monder avers he will Quot As before conduct hts primary Campaign Quot in a truly democratic which Means what that the honorable Joe had been placed in nomination. When taxed with the omission this presided replied Quot hell. He ainu to on the list Buck Atter Quot the skipper Quot As or. Coffin is familiarly know n to those who. As he expressed it. Have Quot got under foot Quot in the u. N. A journalism class had finished and sat Down Sanford Bill Horner president of the press association Rose to introduce a speaker but before doing so paid his respects to of car coffin in words to this general Tenor and effect a Oscar sure ought to know All about it when he begins to talk about controlling primaries and precincts and election and Ault a because its quite generally agreed that Oscar by himself put a congressman in Washington Iii 138.�?� a hands remembered the famous deadlock of the sixth District congressional committee of which coffin is the Orange county member i after the Den the of nominee judge Lewis e. Teague of hic ii Point. The deadlock was broken at Long last by selection of a Chapel Hill druggist Carl Durham. Of whom few people except or. Coffin had Ever Hoard. States Fly an average of 1.750 Miles they transport three passengers every sixty seconds a without injury. In one America s planes have an average combined Carriage of 50 pounds of mail 25 pounds of express and they re establishing a net mileage of 500 passenger Miles a minute the japanese Des Ite the chinese War. Are very Active in the canned fruit Industry for which they re famous. They re turning out three cases of canned mandarin oranges and three cases of pineapples every minute most of the air you breathe consists of nitrogen Gas. Yet its so much in demand that the nations on Earth Niue manufacture five tons of it a minute. Europe consumes More than half of it. Stop Reading. This is the eleventh of a series of 12 articles by Harry Elsh Bein and Robert Apple Yard of new Lurk. Holders of lie world master pair title. In the last two articles of Tho it ides. The champions Point out i that sometimes it is wee to give the opponents a Chance to hell you make your contract by allow minute Jug them to make a mistake. At least Yon Are entitled to give yourself the Best percentage play. Suppose that in today a hand club tricks and then shift to a Spade. West will win with the Ace and now the average player will Lead the third club to Ruff in Dummy take out the Trumps and when the Diamond finesse loses Down he goes. Our champions say that the right Way to play the hand is to take the Diamond finesse before making any other play. If it wins the game is easy. If it loses As it does there to still a Chance to set up the Diamond suit using the High Trumps for entry. Suppose that South leads a second Spade after winning the Diamond King. West wins leads a Diamond to the Are in Dummy a q 10 9 2 �8 76 a j74 a q 6 2 duplicate South West i a in pass 4 a a 543 a a q 4 a a q 9 8 6 a 8 5 a j 8 6 �52 a k 10 2 a a k 9 7 3 neither Vul. North East pass v pass pass opening a q. 22 end ruffs a third Diamond. Then lie rasher three Trumps winning the last in Dummy and discards his losing club and losing Spade on the Good diamonds. It is True that the opponents can defeat the contract by leading a third dub but there is the Chance that they wont and you should give yourself the Benefit of the safety Factor. Nix it Luck is important. Remix Al Jine 16-m Asheville. Jan. 22. <.4v�? Asheville a 13th annual Rhododendron festival has been get for june 16-22. Modern etiquette by Roberta ekk it would a How do How can i q. When a girl is dined to a Man that she a met before mention this fast to a of she is not sure he better merely to say. You do or. y when a Man is dining with a woman in a Public place i it permissible for him to suggest something on the menu a. Yes. If his companion seem undecided. Y it is customary for a Man to take any part in i wife a Quot at Home Day a. No. Being Intro she believes should she children a theatres with staffs of professional actors composers playwrights and artists Are being established in Many cities in Russia.0��?. Jesse James notorious outlaw was killed april 3, 1882. American hid Canadian fishermen take an annual haul of approximately 3.300.000 too pounds. A a a the r. A government printing office normally employs an average of i too persons of took 4o years to the Day to build the mormon Temple in Salt Lake City Utah Walter Johnson pit died no hit game july i 1920. One int getting behind the limes a b. Done to even know what kind of a figure a mans supposed to Admire a As Well As Dinovi world Christoph discovered the Pines ii landed at Quad iring the new r Columbus pole. In Hoies i o u pc ill the a St indies and found the fruit native of Hie Western hemisphere naming it Pine fruit lie cause of its resemblance to a Pine Cone. Governor Clyde r. Copy is get Ting along All right at the Durham Hospital but if he keeps on trying to dictate All his mail at one time thereby a taxiing his strength too much Secretary Bob thompson4 is going completely nuts. Bob remind much of a Mother Hen with one beloved Chick to look after. A a a a a a a a a a a Oscar coffin professor of journalism at the University of North Carolina carries one of the keen est verbal Blade in Christendom and when he thrusts he usually scores a neat at Chapel Hill Friday during the a knows i room clinic Quot of the press association sessions he Learned there is a n a1 Sung in deft riposte. Near the cud of a talk filled with the usual quota of barbed a coffin wit he illustrated machine political control it tar Heel precinct meeting by telling How Josephus Daniels once missed being named Delegat. To the state convention because the presiding of i Beer quite limply if nor to the fact by 4nne Xii la Ley y How can i remove Kais Omine from a Wall a. Dampen the surface thorough with water and then Brush off the Kals Omine with a stiff Brush of the water does not often the Kals Omine sufficiently add a very Small amount of hydrochloric acid to it but in that Case the Wall must be washed afterwards with Clear water to remove the acid. Q. How can i revive Cut Rowel a a try plunging the stems into boiling Waler his will Aid great in in reviving the Flowers a How tan i make smooth fudge ? a. A Pinch of Salt add to to the fudge will make it smooth when poured and cooled. Thirty two countries joined in the boy scout movement originally with Italy and Germany dropping out a ter and 20 new countries joining Tbs movement. Look and learn by x it. Gordon did i. Who is the author of a a Rover los 2 what country produces nearly half the steel of the world 3. What is an Amulet 4 what old lady denied Stonewall Jackson ? 5. In what country game of Polo originate answers 1. Solomon 2. The United state. 3. Some Small object worn i Lim in against evil. 4. Barbara Frichie. 5. India. A Chicago judge once ruled that it was Perm i is Hie for Polk a Meir to swipe an occasional Apple from sidewalk nut stands. The feelers found growing on the Heads of insects air sensitive to vibration of other of the isms species. A just wait a til i get too big to Wear pyjamas with fort on a pm it a then we aet who abut the window every Momin a a

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