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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four High Point Enterprise published Fie noon and sunday morning of or. Cranford. We applaud the action As Fine proof of the friendliness and helpfulness of its publisher. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina a mob j p. Raw pay. Publisher a Mem 1915�?1937 r. B. To Kuy president i. A. Rawley so cd a and treas. Hammett a. Cech Gen. Mgr. Ca pus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. Ii to six months. 9 5.20 three month. $ 2.60 one month. So one week. .20 carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks if s subscription for a longer period u desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein member of audit Bureau or circulation entered is second Nasa matter at the Post office in High Point n. C. Under the act of Congress of March b. 1872. National adv representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington Ava. New York City wednesday. January 17, 1940. Jhm Ujj and they spake unto him aching if thou Hilt he a servant unto this people this Day and Hilt serve them and answer them and speak Good word to them then they will he thy Are Annta Kunga 12 7, a a Reward a Good servant Well and rather get quit of a bad one than disquiet thyself with , Doi Guion s plan to quit Congress in a quiet Valley and on the Grassy slopes of pleasant Hills which Rise from that Valley Robert l. Houghton grazes one of the finest herds of beef cattle in North Carolina. The place is Laurel Springs the country Home of the congressman. Back to that scene to which the harried Man goes now As often As official duties will permit or. Houghton probably expects to retire when he quits Congress. There he will rest and Faith he will need rest after these years of chieftain ship in the matter of providing the a ways and Means of the republics most get in Sive government. Despite his year there is Little reason to believe or. Houghton a rest at Laurel Springs will be Brief. He is Likely to live to an extreme old age. His brother a a governor Houghton is considerably older than he and still going Strong. Their Mother died not Long ago about 95 years old we believe. The family is Long lived. This canny hard working North carolinian has distinguished himself in Congress. No Man there worked harder. Or. Houghton consistently beats other members to his office daily by hours. He will have his Days correspondence done before his Fellows have breakfast on an average. He never relaxes in his Job. Probably to the end he will be intense in All he does and Here is wishing him real Joy in that quiet and Beautiful Countryside to which he plans to go and Many years there. The mouse trap Ani the inventor Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with the following bit of Wisdom Quot i Trust a Good Deal to common Fame As we All must. If a Man has Good Corn or Wood or boards or pigs to soil or can make better chairs or knives crucibles or Church organs than anybody else you will find a Broad hard beaten Road to his House though it be in the the West publishing company St. Paul Minnesota in an advertisement of the National reporting system adapted the Emerson passage to read a if you write a better Book or preach a better Sermon or build a better Mousetrap than your neighbor the world will make a beaten path to your j. Robert fish Massachusetts inventor is authority for the assertion that the fellow who builds a better Mousetrap can no longer expect the world to beat a path to his door. Or. Fish has a reason for that statement and since a few High Point men have invented. And secured patents for certain mechanical devices to ease the lot of burdened humanity they have a right to know what or. Fish is doing to protect his rights As an inventor. The following editorial from the Hickory record should prove to be both informative and helpful j. Robert fish has organized a new method for Safe guarding persons of creative Genius. It is known As the research and engineering company the principal purpose of which is to produce perfect and Market inventions which fish and his associates Are working on. Thus he Hopes to thwart anyone from getting the jump on his patents and stealing the Market before he can get himself organized to reap the rewards which should be rightfully his. The reason the Massachusetts Man has gone to such great pains in providing what he Hopes will be a Safe method for perfecting potential patents is that he thinks he is about ready to place on the Market a new device which will not Only make himself famous. But also Rich. The record agrees if fish actually has invented a Carburettor which will As he claims give at least fifty percent More mileage on gasoline consumption he is entitled to All the Protection and safeguards that society can give hostess looks after the Comfort of the passenger from the time he gets on at thirty ninth Street until he reaches the end of his Long and tiring journey at Thrity Tho id or vice versa. But Birmingham is but postponing the inevitable. The trolley is going. The Only Way to meet Progress is with Progress not by giving a dying business a Little with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people w Underw Hatt Hose id fogies him. It is Gratifying to know that inventors Are again turning their attention to devices for giving motorists More Milos to the gallon. A few years ago automobile builders vied with each other in developing motors that were economical in their gasoline consumption. For the past few years however the Speed Complex has so mesmerized the Public that people generally have temporarily forgotten that for the vast majority the first concern should he How far will it run on a gallon of gasoline. A gift Book to you keep a scrap Book have you secreted somewhere in your personal quarters a collection of clippings which includes bits of poetry and prose which have lifted your spirits when they needed lifting and have challenged you into new hoi get and new Faith when that kind of gentle prodding helped Well most folks do keep a scrap Book or have stored away these emanations from the personalities of others. It is Fine to be Able to write a poem or a heart lifting bit of prose but a a fellow traveler a a Man who can appreciate it is blessed As Well. We have in today s mail copy of a neatly bound Book called a other Peoples Flowers a compiled and published by c. C. Cranford Well known business Leader and citizen of Asheboro. The Book is what its name presents it to be a collection of sentiments expressed by others. The authors word of explanation and dedication is his Sale contribution but he has opened his personal scrap Book to share his treasures of mood and mind with his friends. The Hook is not for Sale hut for limited distribution As the Gilt what name the Greensboro record is authority for the statement that it is Correct to designate an inhabitant of the Gate City As a the Fayetteville observer wants to know if it would be All right to speak of a resident of Hillsboro As a Dillsburg her a resident of Pittsboro a Pitt Burgher a resident of Carrboro a car Burgher or a resident of Roseboro a Rose Burgher. The observer is rather intrigued by those sonorous names wilsonian Kinston ians lumber ionians and Wilmington Najj. Pursuing the resident business a Little further it says however when the a a Ian follows a City whose name ends in a evil let like our own the result is somewhat unfortunate and misleadingly suggestive such As Fayette villian Ash evil Lian White villian Autry villian. By their names be shall know them we Hope so do we. In the meantime we would like for the journalistic lexicographers to inform us what name is right for a resident of High Point High Pointer or High Point Ian in vernacular such a resident is often called a High Pinter. In the news is the old fashioned trolley car of Birmingham ala., singing a sort of Swan song. The Winston Salem journal says a taking a Leaf from aviation a passenger service the Birmingham electric company is trying to inject new Appeal in its electric lines by putting hostesses on All cars and serving Coffee to the passengers. The at 314 South Alexandria Avenue los Angeles. Calif., lives a woman who. Four years ago found she had to earn some Money. But she had no Way of earning it. She had been a housewife for seventeen years and knew nothing about business had never had even a Days experience. In addition she had a son who must be educated. Here show Dorette Saltzman went about it she tried to get a Job. But when they found she was inexperienced. Well that was the end of that. She had to make her own clothes As she could not afford ready made clothing. And. She had to fit herself and there she was trying to fit clothes on herself. One Day As she was doing this an idea popped into her head. If she had trouble fitting herself there must be thousands of women having the same difficult y. She would try to work out a Way to overcome this. So she started out to make some sort of dress form that could be fitted to a woman and from which she could fit herself and do her own sew ing she brought in her friends and made them stand patiently while she worked Over her clothes form. It seemed impossible but she kept trying and would t give up. The idea was sound she must find a Way. And at last she did find it. She got a department store in los Angeles to offer it for Sale it was a Success almost from the Start. Women began to write in to ask if she could Supply them with materials so they could make their own dress forms. Dorette Saltzman thought about it. And finally worked out a kit which could be sold for that purpose. She wanted to Appeal to As Many women As possible and put a Price of $1.05 on it. The order came in first from los Angeles and near los Angeles then stores far away began ordering and now she has sold them to Liberty House in Honolulu Meyer Emporium in Australia. Hudson Bay stores in British Columbia. At first she handled All the work from her Bungalow but orders came in so fast she could not make the dress forms at Home so she rented a factory at 3706 West third Street los Angeles where her dress forms Are now let eing manufactured. She told me. When i saw her in los Angeles a few weeks ago that she had filled 70.000 orders. And she has accomplished All this in four years. This should serve As an inspiration to other women who suddenly find they must support themselves. Mrs. Salzman took one of the oldest problems in the world a a woman trying to fit clothes on herself a gave the idea a new twist and is now making a comfortable living from it. And what is All the More remarkable she has done it All alone. No one to finance her. Or help her in any Way. So a Salute to a former housewife who established her own business Walter Winchell on Broadway tr4� Mark Fri Nirh cd pm Nam in. Dally Marr Ltd it the private paper of a club reporter How Folk were talking about the Quot gone with the wind Quot epic again last night and one of us insisted it was better than d. W. Griffith s Quot birth of a nation Quot. To which another listener hoped that nothing happens to anybody connected with Quot gone Quot such As occurred to or. Griffith whose riches dwindled fast after producing the famous film. A few veal s ago Hollywood tendered him a banquet. Nearly every big shot in the Industry attended to pay him homage. After a terrific buildup by the toastmaster who said he was the Foremost Pioneer in celluloid a the father of modern directorial technique etc., Griffith Rose to speak. Quot can anyone Here Quot he said Quot lend me $10?&Quot one of the better actresses who get a break out there returned to Broadway and. After two years of ups and Downs was contracted by a studio at higher pay than she Ever received. Quot the Way to make Hollywood remember she in tied Quot is to give them plenty of time to the new York movie reviewers Are passing Back because some of us hooted their Choice of Quot withering Heights Quot As 1939�?Ts Best film. They admit the first ballot stood six for Quot gone Quot and four for the eventual Winner. They claim Quot majority Rule Quot governs the pick. But these critics Tell their readers four or five Hundred times a year what s Good and what ainu to and you d think their minds were made up. Besides if a movie is Worth a vote when the polling begins what makes it less worthy when the wrangling ends. True murderers Are freed or indicted by majority ballot. But do critics xxx ant to be compared with Ordinary ladies and gentlemen. If so a Why critics add neat �quel�hen3 Winston Churchill a Quot he missed a wonderful Opportunity for keeping quiet a. Those who Are knocking the theatre because it has a Deal of Blush stuff should remember Woollcott s Quot nothing risque nothing gained Quot. Italy is aiding Tittle Finland against Quot the big monster Russia. Only a while ago the big monster Italy crushed Little Albania. One Gambler was grumbling that the horse he bet on was so slow a that they clock him with a Calendar. To the Broadway mob says Jack Durant the word loyalty is something radio announcers ask you to have for their product. Editor s note Dale Carnegie will appear in High Point at the senior High school auditorium february 1st. Sponsored by the a. B. Club c Harity fund. 3bdijuia w Here and How peace c an be found editor. The Enterprise men have experienced living under governments administered by men. Because they have become so accustomed to the results of maladministration As evidenced in poverty economic distress and strife it is almost impossible for them to visualize the blessings of a society where such troubles Are nonexistent. Though oppressed by economic troubles disheartened and discouraged. There is real Hope for there is a source of knowledge that sets Forth when where and How we Are to obtain Prosperity peace and happiness. These blessings Are coming when the present order which is now in the process of disintegration passes away. The coming new order will not be established by movements inaugurated by men nor will it come into being through Man made programs but it will be brought about by the establishment of the kingdom of god and his righteousness upon Earth when Jesus Chrisi shall take Over the throne of his father David and reign Over the House of Jacob forever and of that kingdom it is said there shall be no end. It is Only natural that men should desire to know How the kingdom will operate and what it will be like. For this reason the Bible depicts certain functions of the kingdom from which can be deduced the blessings that will come to Mankind when it is in full operation. The marvelous results of modern inventive activities Are Only a forecast of i he forces that will be released to Benefit men in the harnessing continued on Page by or. Me Osofsky waddled into one of the uppity hotels at Maimi Beach yesterday and was stiffly informed Quot we Are filled to the roof. Besides this hotel caters exclusively to a clientele of Quot of. Dot s All right with indifferently replied mrs. Me Osofsky Quot i Dunn to mind dem a i stay Hon de Beach Ull Day Quot thumbnail description of Frank Murphy tie president s newest apr Kwint ment to the u. S. Supreme court just before his inaugural As governor of Michigan gamblers came to his office put a package of Money $100,000 on his desk and told him it was for Quot not interfering with gambling in Michigan. Murphy later explained to chums that he Hadnot intended bothering the gamblers a Only the corrupt politicians who permitted it. But he refused the bribe and drove the gamblers to cover. They had their vengeance however they used that same $100,000 to defeat Murphy for re election. Picturesque reporting Dan Parker s Quot too often in the fight Racket the clean liver winds up with liver trouble the virtuous one with virtually nothing and the disciples of righteousness with plenty of rights in his eye.stan Shaw in an interview with Quot candide Quot in then y. Mirror Quot i proposed to his wife about 300 times in five years a a tango was playing the first time. But when she accepted it was Broad Daylight in a taxi and there was no music a except in her a yes Quot. G. K. Chesterton Quot people generally quarrel because they cannot argue Quot. David Starr Jordan s Quot the world turns aside to let any Man pass who knows where he is going Quot. E. W. Howe a Quot a Good scare is Worth More to a Man than Good advice Quot. Irving Hoffman s Quot a Broadw Ayite is a fellow who is willing to drink to the other Fellows health until he ruins his own Quot. Francis de Crosset s Quot Gay plays Are made out of the inconstancy is of men sad plays out of those of a the detective suing Bob Topping Gloria Baker s Groom for shadowing his sex wife which helped win a divorce reminds us of the one about the Small town private detective who was hired to Shadow a certain wife suspected of keeping trysts with her Lover. The husband had to fire him the first Day. It seems the detective had trailed the sinners for Over a mile when they went for a stroll a and then lost them when they went into a moving picture theatre because he had seen that movie that one reminds us of the great exec who was boing interviewed. He was asked Quot How did you manage to become a great executive Quot Quot i he replied Quot not to see everything i looked Somerset maugham according to returning cel britons was visiting the Duke and Duchess of Windsor before they returned to England and they were playing Bridge. Maugham Drew the Duchess As his partner. In one bid. As she put Down her cards As his Dummy she said Quot in be got a very poor always the gentleman. Maugham remarked Quot not All. My dear you have some Kings and a to which she interrupted Quot yes but they re always abdicating Quot today on the presidents desk is a report by assistant Secretary of War Louis Johnson. It tells a gripping Story of the army air corps based at Lowry Field Colorado. It tells How a planets motors failed at 11.000 feet above a storm. At 8,500 feet the Pilot knew his ship would crash. He ordered the Crew of three to jump. At eight thousand feet the plane plunged into the storm. The Pilot counted Only two parachutes below him. He again ordered the last Man to leap at four thousand feet. The Pilot realized something was wrong with the last Man. Corporal Kenneth Seaman was dead. His Parachute Hadnot opened. But his officer did t know that and in the full tradition of the u. S. Army he elected to die with his command. He unbuckled his Chute and strapped himself to his controls. Down Down Down through the storm he dived a but his skill equalled Bis courage. Today uninjured it. Harold l. Neely of Huntington Tennessee stands saluted by his Superior officers As a credit to the corps to his stale and to the nation. It is such hero Catton paging a i Lier time ten years ago local new last night was tile annual ladies night for the High Point rotary club. A nearly 200 persons were present at the Ball held at the Sheraton hotel. The Wolf and Crane company of Philadelphia will locate a warehouse Here. A Lieut. Fred Johnson u. S. Army Reserve officer will give an air circus at the Lohr Field saturday and sunday. About people mrs. Farrell Gray is visiting relatives in Danville mrs. Roy c. Preston mrs. G. G. Chappell and mrs. J. N. Brady spent yesterday in Charlotte. A John r. Peacock is in new York on business. New Brief a eight persons Are dead As the result of a blizzard in Colorado. Sex president Calvin Coolidge is to write a Brief history of the nation for a it. Rushmore memorial Tablet. It is expected that the figures of Washington and Jefferson in the Black Hills project being supervised by Gutzon Borglum. Will lie unveiled july 4 Twenty years ago local new at a meeting of tile stockholders of the Piedmont building and loan association held at the Wachovia Bank last night it was pointed out that last year had been an unusual one in the associations activities. Loans to the amount of $91,200 were cancelled and $64,500 in Cash was paid to non borrowing stockholders. A the taking of the Federal census will begin Here next week. A c. E. Hayworth has bought the old Alma Plant on West High Street. About people a Joseph d. Cox has returned from a business trip to Memphis. Tenn. A j. A. Lindsay jr., returned from Baltimore. Md., this morning. A j. D. Brame formerly of Trinity has bought the Siceloff place. Parkway this City. New Brief austrian battleships to be turned Over to the allies in compliance with the terms of the peace treaty Are said to be badly damaged. They have undergone a second Quot Scapa flow Quot but on a smaller scale rear Admiral Sims today criticised the conduct of american naval affairs during the world War. He testified before a Senate committee. Beer flowed out of water taps in an Illinois City. This was hard on Barbers. Who keep customers from Licking the foam off their faces. Wednesday january it 191 Bruce Catton in Washington alaskan Highway seeded Washington Jan. 17. The movement to build a through Highway to Alaska is progressing in spite of the War. The War helps it in fact by stressing the hemisphere defense Angle. A commission rep a resenting Canadian and United states governments meets in Ottawa Jan. 24. Much exploratory work has been done and the actual route will probably be chosen at this meeting. Then ground parties will go out to determine osts. Congressman Warren Magnuson of Washington chairman of the commission Hopes a definite dollars and cents proposal can be offered Congress and the Canadian parliament within a year. Current estimates he says. Run to about $20,000,000 and Call for a 24-foot gravel surfaced Road tying u. S. Highways to the existing Highway system in Alaska. One scheme being considered is to have it Anada build the Road across Yukon territory with u. S. Funds helping on the 400-500 mile Section in British Columbia. A a Here the debt limit headache you could really scare yourself by figuring what might happen if this Congress should go Over the budget enough to Send the total deficit above the $45,000,000,000 debt limit without at the same time voting to raise that limit. Treasury then would be in the Jagt Ilion of being obliged to pay the Bills but unable to borrow a dime anywhere. Something less than two billion is available in the stabilization funds of course but Treasury lawyers say that be tapped without a special act of Congress rather More than two billion could be taken out of the lending agencies but they Dall have to shut up Shoji. Which would be rather bumpy. Some $900,000,000 in Silver certificates could be issued. And the Treasury Dot have the authority to Issue three billions in unsecured greenbacks. That really could happen by the Way. Inflation Isnit too far off. If Congress does t watch its step. A Hhd away from hitting Dies the administration May dislike the Dies committee but it does no to seem to want to make the front pages by fighting the committee s request for another year s lease on life. Arrangements were made recently for a debate on the subject Between congressman Dies and one of the top administration Flag bearers. Just As everything was set the Flag hearer withdrew a apparently by request from the White House. Dies. Incidentally has been a pretty sick Man. Overwork last summer and fall told on his heart. Rest has fixed him up. And hell be Back Here soon. I never saw a More tired looking Man than Dies was one evening last summer when he relaxed in his office after a Day Long committee session. Slumped in his chair he rubbed his eyes and mused. Quot Down in Texas in be got All a Man could ask a Nice Home plenty of air and Sunshine Hunting and fishing if i want pm. Lots of friends no telephones no worries. Isnit a Man a Damn fool to leave that for this kind of a Job Quot a new yorker said that a 100-Gal-Lon still found in his Home was just for his private use. Just in Case the water Supply runs out. The japanese Don t approve of the proposal to increase the size of the american Navy. They naturally resent our desire to protect ourselves. Those soviet officers whom the finns Don t Quot liquidate Quot Stalin does. What the government is trying to show is that in this democratic country with the assent of the people we can make and carry out All the plans which Are necessary to win Victory. Prime minister Neville Chamberlain of England. By Izzy keen with Hollywood s male eligible rapidly disappearing Romance struck gals Are being forced to concede that maybe the boy next door Isnit bad Pickin after All. Ism that makes National heroes. It is hoped that Congress will see to that. Robert h. Jackson a first Day As lawyer for the u. S. Govt provided this anecdote. A Young Man applied to the attorney general for a Job and said Quot i would like to work for you and i feel i am competent. I Learned All my Law from or. Justice Felix Frankfurter Quot Quot Well Quot said the attorney general Quot i will put you on if you will say that you unlearned All your Law and that you Learned your common sense from Chain stores hit seems like Chain stores air going to have a nuther fight on their of hands this Congress. Amp rep. Pitman is we warming up his Bill a Gin to tax Mem according to the size and number of the stores in a Chain. The plan sounds right from the standpoint of Revenue and Fer protecting the Little Feller. But on the other hand Chain stores sell the same kind of goods employ the same kind of people and pay the same kind of taxes Only they do it All on a bigger scale. They re a outgrowth of natural conditions. I believe paws bout right. He says Quot both kinds of stores air essential necessities. The big stores Fer Little folks at Trade at. And Little stores Fer big folks to Trade he \ z \ 4titv i

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