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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page Trothe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Carolina wednesday january it. 1910 the War today creation of new japanese Cabinet under Yonai seen As sign of gesture of appeasement toward United states by Dewitt Mackenzie creation of a new and More Liberal japanese Cabinet under the premiership of the Able and affable Admiral Yonai is generally interpreted As a gesture of appeasement toward the United states and in that sense As tending to improve the not too Happy relations Between our countries. The nature of this unexpected a move is such As to make it Patent that it is a direct overture of sorts. The dominant military party whose chinese policy has caused the american japanese difficulties has been pushed gently or did it move voluntarily out of the Center of the spotlight. Tea for two both of Japan a great political parties have ministers in the new Cabinet to make it representative of the country As a whole. Admiral Yonai is said to be our Friend. In Short everything is set for Tea for two. This startling change however is achieved with a certain naivete which rather labels it As an expedient born of necessity. It conies on the eve of the expiration of the japanese american Trade treaty which we have denounced. Renewal of this agreement is vital to Nippon since under it the japanese have been getting some two thirds of their essential supplies with which to wage War against China. There is no alternative Market available. Change it it of tactics because of this and other circumstances of the quarrel i find difficulty in escaping the conclusion that Japan a change of tactics is merely a palliative to meet the crisis of the expiring treaty a an Effort to influence us to renew the pact. The change Isnit calculated to cure the fundamental cause of the malady. It will than Tea for two out of the Many grave incidents involving american citizens and property and rights in China. It was because Nippon gave no satisfactory indication of intention to abandon these practices that the vital Trade treaty was denounced by Washington six months ago. To expire this month. To stay in Hina the japanese have made it entirely Plain that they intend to stay in China unless they Are blasted out. They plan to control the chinese government and to keep All the chief economic endeavours in their own hands to the exclusion of foreigners. Japanese civilians Are pouring into China by thousands to consolidate the Conquest. The open door policy is of course the great stumbling Block to japanese relations with the Western Powers. It is highly improbable that Tokyo will recede much from the policy of exclusion which has carried Japan so far on the costly chinese adventure. What concessions Nippon is prepared to make to regain american approval remains to be seen. More about four speakers continued from Page one take More than Tea for two to creating a harmonious common remedy that. A 0f Kinsmen. Or. Munro said during the protracted and bit Rev. Or. Mccorkle spoke on ter warfare there have been in j and the world Christ Enumerable clashes Between Tho i Ian Mission and pointed out that japanese and Tho Occidental coun youth has always been a greater tries including the United states j Factor in religious activities than 3ur trouble with Japan has grown has been Given credit. Hamm was or. Tripp declared the a a Rural Church is the stepchild of Eceles Iasi Clem. We give it the handed Down things that no one else wants. We Are inclined to pass on to it the leftovers of time by the Field worker and the slightly worn remnants of leadership. We treat that Rural Church As we treat the Farmer in the Urban caught in the act Relief at last for your cough or emulsion relieve promptly because it goes right to the seat of the Ireail in litmus Iii me u. Trouble to loosen germ Laden phlegm or Jer. We exploit it in favor of the City Parish Aud then Grad soothe and nut my tender inf sni t. Nit Tanpa Afta i cd bronchial mucous membranes. Return a pittance of no matter How Many medicines you Annary Money a sort o. Yecies have tried Tell your druggist to sell Iasi Cal aaa payment one might you a bottle of or emulsion with the Call it. And there Are those w to understanding that you Are to like would plough under the country the Way it quickly allays the cough Church a or you Are to have your Money Back. _ a or emulsion about for coughs Chest colds bronchitis. A a Jones gaining or the theatres today Center a Gay sparkling modern. I comedy of love and marriage. Loretta Young David Niven a in a a eternally yours extra color cruise com my ally sing and Novelty. Broadhurst continued from Page one not Nisil much More than 30,-000 to 35. Too rot of behind la the i government. Jon is it Ink i lift it j Jones himself said there would j be a second primary and that he would be the Winner and next governor. Returns from 675 of the states 1703 precincts including new Orleans almost Complete gave Long 100.724 votes against 64,312 for Jones and 49.026 for Noe. James h. Morrison had 13,550, and Vincent Moseley 3,022. A a a a coyotes have special place to meet and sing their weird songs after Nightfall but they never use the same meeting ground two nights in succession. A a total of 1.783.257 rim were inspected in one month by the tire and rim association inc. Carolina Irene dunks Fred Mcmurray in a invitation to happiness Rialto Richard Ari is Virginia Bruck a in left pm Hauk it a Hust see stage attraction Friday a saturday in person a Moi s Hild Hovik actor. Billy Barty and his Hollywood revue Star of Many our gang comedies appeared in a a wizard of Ozz Midsummer nights dream a a nothing sacked a Gold diggers and too others Paramount weather today noon. 4 8 Low last night. 30 High yesterday. 45 cold a soviet bomber soars High Over a blazing apartment House in Salla Finland after the building had been set afire by an incendiary bomb. This unusual photo was taken by Erie g. Cale raft Nea service staff cameraman operating with the finnish forces in the North. Woman publisher gets jail term North Carolinas mostly Cloudy and colder tonight and thursday probably occasional Sno ably occasional Snow flurries in the mountains. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a moderate West and Southwest winds becoming Northwest Over North and Central portions partly j overcast weather tonight and thursday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras a moderate Northeast backing to North and Northwest winds Over North portion and moderate shifting becoming moderate to fresh North or Northwest Ovet South portion and overcast to broken Clouds tonight and thursday with local snows. Charlotte. Jan. 17.�? apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Inin the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. Re Fali Asheville. 45 Atlanta. 50 Augusta. 53 Birmingham. 50 Charleston. 50 Charlotte. 50 Chicago. Is Columbia. 54 Denver a. Detroit. 12 Evansville. 44 Galveston. 54 Greensboro. 43 Hatteras. 45 Jacksonville. 58 key West. �7 Little Rock. 53 los Angeles. 78 Memphis. Meridian. 54 Miami. 70 mils St. P. .�?2 Mobile. 53 it Mitchell .20 new Orleans. 50 new York. 30 Raleigh. 48 ban Antonio. 58 san Francisco. Of Spartanburg. 50 Tampa. 62 Washington. 37 Wilmington. 52 tanks and sewing machines alike fail to Stop finns 25 30 31 25 38 33 8 31 41 7 23 42 29 36 38 71 30 52 34 22 53 -16 30 13 36 12 34 31 48 32 42 24 37 More about fear of War continued from tune one Hon and not even in Harmony with the True sentiment of the italian people which have Learned not to forget the history which it has lived dramatically especially in these recent pernicious polic y Mutlos announcement said that relaxation of a Iamb a anti democratic Antl bolshevik and anti Bourgeois policies would be pernicious particularly at the present Mutt instructed i assistants j to keep themselves fully informed of the state of Public opinion in their districts both with regard to International and Domestic event. He told them they were to explain to the Public whenever be Cedar the reasons for such measures As food rationing and requisitioning of materials. This was necessary he said to prevent a incomprehension or useless w a a dairymen in annual meet leading businessmen ill address Pinehurst groups Pinehurst Jan. 17.�? up a the North Carolina Dairy products association inc., and the tar Heel Supply men a association j opened their annual conventions i Here today. On the opening program were addresses by m. E. Newson Durham banker and Forrest h. Shu Ford of the state labor department. Newsone a subject was a unemployment and farm development Quot Shuford so state and Federal hour and wage regulations pertaining to the North Carolina Dairy the suppl men a association of which Jack Hartmen of Charlotte is president will be Host at the annual dinner and entertainment program tonight. The meetings will end tomorrow with business sessions. Wpm a once rated among the ten Foremost business women of the u. S., Catherine Mcnelis of Wil Kes Barre pa., is pictured at new York Federal court where she was sentenced to a year and a Day in prison for mail fraud. As publisher of the now bankrupt Ower magazines she achieved meteoric Success. More about 5$ Senate fears t it it ii ii in Palace theatre Salem Street enjoyable Thomasville coming tomorrow a Joe and Edith Turp Call on the president also on the stage Quot Jack Alley and his radio review last times today a whispering enemies with Jack Holt a also serial and comedy admission r adults Loc children 2 for 25c except sat Khais Ioc Ftp of Mimi w i Home plate Choice Rochester n. In Jan. 17. A Jet a William a Bill Quot have an i Umpire in the Piedmont league i last summer announced today he would run for the state Legisla i lure of next fall Prima rip a i but he still does no to intend to for Sake baseball Iii general and umpiring in particular. A two men Bei Butko the local army recruiting office announced two new enlistments today. The new men Are Everett c. Phillips Gastonia. And la Eon o. Parham High Point. Both enlistments Are for the infantry at Camp Jackson. Thomas Jefferson bom april 13, 1743, and John Adama the Only presidents who signed the declaration of Independence died on the same Day. July 4. 1826, the anniversary of their act. The word a Beefsteak a a borrowed by the Spanish becomes a Bee stay Quot spelled a Glass is handled like Hay with a Pitchfork Al a factory in Newark o. Continued from Page one Capitol it appeared that the Dies committee which passed out of existence january 3, would be recreated next week. Speaker Bankhead said the House rules committee would meet monday and he assumed it would approve a proposal to give the committee another year of life. The House was expected to give it approval a few Days afterwards. Upholds Trade plan Henry f. Grady assistant Secretary of state upheld the reciprocal Trade program with a Chart supported argument that millions of Dollar had been added to farm income during its existence. Leaders said there was grave doubt that Congress would vote further financial Aid for Finland. They reported that a Good Many members feared additional assistance to the Little Baltic Republic might involve the United slates ultimately in Europe a wars despite president Roosevelt a Contention that the Extension of credit at this time would neither constitute nor threaten such involvement. To Bun Foh sen ate Albemarle Jan. 17.�? in a r. R. Ingram has announced hts <>1 when freezing red troops fled or died on the cold snows of Northern Finland they left behind much equipment. Light tank above is one of pieces of useless War material taken out of action by finnish forces since War began. A a a if buttons fall off those russian Greatcoat now ifs just too bad. For finns have captured the red army a sewing machine seized in a truckload of useless War material when Supply column was Ambi hed. A a a a a a among miscellaneous items in this Heap of finnish Booty were band instruments and saddles captured from Defeated soviet troops on the Northern front where the weather is too cold for Horn playing and the Snow is too deep for horses. Khay infant special co the Enterprise Thomasville Jan. 17�?the three Days old child of or. And mrs. Reginald Bray 509 Randolph Street died at City memorial Hospital last night. Funeral services we Ere held this afternoon at 2 of clock at the Gren funeral Home Here. Rev. W. J. Mcgee pastor of the first Baptist Church presided. Burial was held in the Clarksburg Church cemetery. T. It. Hood Hites Smithfield Jan. 17.�? a funeral services were held today for t. R. Hood 82. Past president of the North Carolina pharmaceutical association who died yesterday. More about two men continued from Page one had been traced to revolt plotters or sabotage groups. Most Distant report of the Shock came from lakehurst�?65 Miles away. At Wilmington. Del., however. Only 13 Miles away few heard the blast. On. A in. G. Links a company official said the dead men were in or near the Small unit at the Center of the detonation. It was part of what employees term the a in. G. Line a a scattered Row of Flimsy by Cou a rusted buildings where nitroglycerine is mixed. At least 20 persons have been killed in other explosions Here. The most serious explosions damaged the Plant in january May and october of 1916�?taking is lives. At Wilmington del., the do font company issued this statement a an explosion about 10 30 of clock this morning wrecked one of the units used in the manufacturing of Nitro Glycerine at the repino Plant of the do porn company at Gibbstown. N. J. 6,000 pounds exp coded a about 6,000 Pound of Nitro Glycerine exploded it is estimated. A a Check is now being made to find out of there were any fatalities. Two workmen it is believed were in the House when the explosion took ambulances were sent from Philadelphia and other cities. Meanwhile the Federal Bureau of investigation and new Jersey state police started parallel investigations. Agents were dispatched to the scene. There was no comment however on any possibility of sabotage. Workers in factories along the Pennsylvania Side of the River said they could see a Cloud of smoke rising from the Vicinity of the powder works. Kelt Over m Ide Abea thousand of Telephone Calls showed the Shock of the blast was Felt in Philadelphia and for 15 or 20 Miles around the Plant. Windows were shattered in South Aud West Philadelphia Homes and in residence Section through the factory districts stretched along the Delaware River from Philadelphia South to the Delaware line. The Gibbstown Plant manufactures High explosive Lyes acid Quot and other products of the e. I. Dupont de Nemours company. It employees several Hundred persons in the town of 1,500. More about a Cudahy t Akes continued from Page one freeze which improved the i trenches Gen dents said. Comforting asked about the finnish War j Gen. Denis said it was comforting for Belgium and similar countries to see it demonstrated that a Small country and a Small army of adequately equipped and commanded could face a much stronger enemy. A it proves to us a he said a that we made no mistake in our armaments and no one is better equipped than Belgium against Tanka thanks to our 4.7 antitank Gen. Denis said that the defense against air attacks had been bettered and added that a we Are spending a lot of Money on he referred to a new appropriation of 130,000.000 francs about $4,330,000 in the supplementary budget. Weed exports show decrease i in manufactured Leaf drops fifty per cent in 1939 Washington Jan. 17.�?f/p a exports of a manufactured Leaf tobacco from the United states dropped almost fifty per cent during the first eleven months of 1939. The department of Commerce reported today. The 1939 Export value of $72,-429,249 for 327,551,760 pounds of All types compared with $ 139,417,688 for 434.876.447 pounds during the first eleven months of 1938 and $113,748,-552 for 374,332,349 pounds during the same months of 1937. The sharpest decline last year was Iii exports of Bright flue cured. Which were valued at $58,995,401 up to last december i compared with $123,941,-121 for the first eleven month of 1938. There were approximately 1 15.000,000 fewer pounds of flue cured exported in 1939 than in 1938. The Export valuation of other types of Leaf held up fairly Well during 1939, although a decline of thirty three per cent in the value of dark fired Kentucky Tennessee Leaf we As reported. The value of manufactured tobacco tobacco exports during the 19 39 period was $14,093,374, an increase of approximately $600.-0 0 0 Over 1938 and $1,500,000 Over 19 37. More about writer sees continued from Page Ona finns pointed out tracks in the Snow to show where a russian patrol had fled into the Forest Tai escape Back to its own lines. Leaving finnish troops billeted in a camouflaged tent in a series of dugouts and in a sheltered farmhouse i was taken on the narrow Road by automobile past a Village of which Only blackened chimneys remain. We crossed a Bridge which the finns were mining and transferred to a Low two passenger sled for four Miles More. Towed officers men on horseback towed their Captain and adjutant who were on skis. Low branches brushed at us and one could have trailed a hand in the Snow from the sled. A biting wind swirled the Snow at intervals the soldiers paused to rub Snow on their faces As a Frost bite preventive. On the Border the party stopped at a farmhouse while ski j troops fanned out to reconnoitre i walked with others for a hour through a tree blocked Valley. Past finnish dugouts and through gaps in barbed were in i tangled cents. The finns had felled the Trees to make Way for artillery action the stumps and loge remaining to guard against Rua i Sian tanks. On russian soil we prowled tor More than an hour in a Clearing beside a Frozen Lake. In wry Nav description of the location indicates this probably was Tuuli Jarvi a narrow Lake about five Miles inside Russia although there was a skirmish Here two Days previously no warlike sounds broke the wintry silence that greeted us. Fed in bed the sickly Sun faded Early and we made our Way Back by the dim Light of a Quarter Moon. Back at the tent that was Headquarters. My Captain Host served a dinner that included cocktail beef stewed with Macaroni and Coffee followed by cigars. The staff lolled on blankets toasting their Hare feet at the Camp stove. Still farther behind the line at a modern military base i had breakfast in bed served by two blonde dark eyed member of the Lotta Svard the finnish women a auxiliary corps. Missouri Pacific to be reorganized Washington. Jan. It a the interstate Commerce com Mission approved today a plan of reorganization for the Missouri i Pacific Railroad system. I the plan Calls for consolidation in a new company the properties of All of the 26 debtors composing the present Missouri j Pacific system except the mis i Souri Illinois Railroad company j no plan was approved for the j latter company. There would be a reduction in total capitalization from $671. 205.641 to $560,478,900 Aud a reduction in total annual charges from $29,108,019 to $21,965,499. Fixed interest would be reduced i to $7,286,804 from the present $24,770,052. More about Norb charged continued from rage one was not dated said that the Mil plants were controlled by to it Brothers identified a a the Ham Rick a who a control the count officials the sheriff the Loc police Force the represent Lvi from this District the last mentioned being their counsel in the a their major Mill property i policed by two deputized officer whose salaries they a the let ter reported. A and they Contro about a thousand Mill hands control their bodies and mind their living and Whittemore wrote that a Ythi Ham Ricks tried to a a break a local Union of workers by starting Fellowship clubs in each Mill. A thugs and fanatic preacher herded Union members into the the examiner wrote. A i was a Clear Case of a come to Jesus a Brethren or 111 blow you guts a since the end of the world War nearly 4,000,000 new Homes have been built in England and Wales. Sixty eight per vent of the world s 43.81 9,929 a u Lomo bile Are driven in the United state. Candidacy nomination a tor. For for the 19th democratic District sen m ath head Speaks Chapel Hill. Jan. 17.�? up a or. Colomon legs Hetz. president of the american mathematics society spoke at the University of North Carolina today. Dad stays by daughter mrs. Lucille Marie Swail 21, Mother of a 6-year-old boy goes on trial in Belleville iu., circuit court on charges of fatally shooting her husband Herman to while he slept last november 25. Mrs. Swaps is shown with her father Jacob wittauer. Heads pres Rytky Dunn Jan. 17.�? pm i John m. Alexander of Fayetteville has been elected Moderator of 1 Fayetteville presbytery. Port Meirion North Wales la great Britain s Only privately owned Seaside resort an architect s dream created an Ltallan-1 Type Village there. It it Kyj a pm a a next Tim Jet Stanback youll like the Quick gentle Relief Stanback Jive from headache neuralgia and similar pains in use 25 years. Millions used yearly try Stanback lot k 25 snap Jeu ack a Tiff Vin no a ice a

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