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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday january it 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three insurance fight looming As one of legislature s major b Attles old line firms Buck Hospital care group big health anti Accident companies taking cognizance of Competition by Lynx is but Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh Jan. 17.�?hitherto unpublicized but looming As one of the major Battles of the legislative session is a Knock Down and drag out fight Between old line insurance companies and the Hospital care associations. Reminiscent of the hitter contests involving Mutual burial associations. Which have Given insurance commissioner Dan Honey More headaches in the past six years than All his other problems combined the Hospital care associations Mutual and otherwise Are set to make him reach for the headache powders during the next few weeks. Practically unknown until just s few years ago this Type of insurance has become so popular that the biggest of health and Accident companies Are taking cognizance of its Competition. There have sprung up within the past five years a multiplicity of companies associations and groups All contracting to pay Hospital Bills and in Many instances other expenses of illness for a fee. Some of these Are purely Mutual and the a Premium a charges Are flexible others Are frankly for the purpose of making Money for stockholders and the premiums charged Are fixed so As to leave a Safe margin. At that it is relatively insurance and Low salaried Folk and image earners have spent a lot of Money for the Protection. Pow Elf i in Hhd although definitely insurance a Haines these associations Are of now under supervision of the Jato insurance department. That what makes the right imminent. Id line companies who have to Lect the rigid requirements of a Orth Carolina state Law do not pose to allow such Active com edit Lon to remain unregulated \ powerful lobby is being organized o look after the interests of the in companies and the pickings re too luscious for the associations for them to sit idly by. For years the Mutual burial As a citations thrived in this state without regulation or supervision y any state Agency. Some of them Here very Fine were financially responsible. And met Al claims promptly. Others were nothing but Chemes for energetic of Raizers of take Money away from a Gulli be Public the individuals among which did not like the idea of not eing properly buried when they red. Commissioner Honey inspired he legislation which resulted til in past two Legislatures in reason it Bly adequate supervision of the trial societies. Now when a Man Lins a burial society he can be confident that he will sometime e buried provided he keeps up s payments the present status of Hospital Are associations is that of burial societies five or six years ago. In Luibry at the insurance department esterday afternoon elicited information that the department As no idea How Many such avocation Are functioning what heir capitalization or responsibility amount to. Nor any other fact a hich a sane business Man would ant to know about a company in hich he invested Money for Sny purpose. Department officials were Onro Mittal about their attitude Ward proposed legislation but preventative of insurance com spies Are beginning to talk. He will head american bar Mckenney on Bridge it s Bridge magic making tricks that set contract vanish into air by William e. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league Nathan Tinkler of Brooklyn says that two of his opponents Are still looking for a vanished trick a fairly important one As it War the one they needed toll f a Eduado Surj 9 Susej a n 5 int ass do a w vr3 Muon ism Moos ins Spur Zzz of v a Cova 9 ,8rc> v 986 a Kab a ks960a Elf nominated for presidency of the american bar association is Charles a. Beardsley above of Oakland Calif. Nomination if tantamount to election. Lessons English by w. L Gordon words often misused do not say a emr. Brown is a smart Man a when you mean intelligent Clever or shrewd. Often mispronounced hous ton Texas. Pronounce Hus Tun. First u As in cube not Housetop often misspelled impair not impart. Synonyms lavish adjective excessive extravagant profuse prodigal. Word study a tse a word three times and it is yours let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s wind to of mensuration state of being equal in measure or extent. A fall fitness lies in a particular co mensuration or proportion of one thing to . How can i by Anne Ashley q How can i relieve a bad head cold a. A remedy that is often effective is to place a piece of camphor in an old Saucer set it on fire and after allowing to Burn for a few minutes blow it out and inhale the camphor fumes. Q How can i remove varnish stains from fabrics a. Saturate with turpentine rub Between the hands and then sponge with alcohol or chloroform q. How can i prevent raisins from clogging the food chopper a Sprinkle a few drops of Lemon juice Over the raisins before running them through the chopper. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee Sio a 986 r a Oita ask a of f Xvi a Al a a Chi v to fulfil the contract. The Ace of Spades was cashed then the Ace and King of diamonds and next a Small Diamond was ruffed by Declarer. Three rounds of clubs were taken followed by the heart King. As West had followed Stilt All along the question remaining was whether his Odd card was a club or a Diamond. Dummy a last Diamond was led. And Tinkler breathed a sigh of Relief As East discarded. He used his last Trump to Ruff then led the heart eight without a care As to whether it was won by the High heart or the High Trump. Defeat a Small slam hid. On the first analysis the hand looked simple its Success or failure depending Only on the location of the King of Trumps. The first trick was won with the Ace of hearts and the Spade Queen was led. West did not cover and Tinkler let it ride. The nine dropped ominously from the East hand. Another Spade was led. And the finesse of the ten revealed that West had started with four Spades. It seemed that the hand must go Down one there being a heart and a Trump to lose. Of West a distribution was favourable to the Declarer a plans however there was s Long Chance contract problem solution in next Issue South opened the bidding with one heart North bid two Spades South three hearts West four diamonds East six diamonds. South six hearts North seven hearts. Accord my to the bidding the Spade finesse should fail what plan of play must be used to make the contract a a q j to 5 3 2 a q 9 2 a none a ass Blind Blind a 9 g v a j 10 8 6 4 a 97 a k 9 duplicate a and s. Vul. Opener a j 17 first meeting of turkish Paella Niento. Notice lie headgear. Awkins is sworn n As hew chief Kernersville. Jan. It. A Illiam l. Dawkins of High lint who was elected As chief f police for the town of Kerners-11 in by the Board of town conv missioners in their recent meet a. A sworn in As an officer of p Law Here monday assuming s new duties immediately. Chief Awkins was formerly a member f the police Force in the City of High Point for a number of years Hief Dawkins and his wife Are Oving from High Point to Kernville this week and will Rede Here. Painters Are engaged this week painting the exterior of the Ine drove methodist protestant urch one of the largest Rural grebes of this Section. The urch is located two Miles North Kerner Sylle on the kernels Ile Belewas Creek Road. Miss Melle Linville who has ii ill at her Home Here for the 1st ten Days is reported slowly proving from an attack of in Penza. J. Barrow of Kernersville Ute 2, is serving on the jury iring a term of civil court in a Inston Salem this week. My and mrs. Kenneth Abels of Inston Salem. Were visitors at e Home of mrs. Abels parents r. And mrs. J. I. Idaville. Q. When a Young Man in a Public dining room persists in laughing and chatting with the waitresses what does it indicate a. It indicates that the Young Man needs a course in etiquette and that he is merely performing or trying to emulate what he think is a a Man of the world Type but which Isnit. Q. Which should precede the i Man or the woman when entering a Public dining room i a. Tote woman should go first following the waiter to the table. J. Should a girl Wear an evening dress to a dance when she knows her escort is going to Wear a business suit Kernersville hears High Point pastor Rev. Ii. L. Brill Speaks at Baptist Church Here Kernersville Jan. 17. Large congregations attended the sunday services at the kernels Ifie Baptist Church and heard Rev h. L. Britt. Baptist minister of High Point at la a in. And 7 p. In. The High Point minister was invited to preach at the local Church by the pulpit committee of the Church. Announcement was made at the evening service that Rev. Or. Britt had been employed As Supply pastor to preach two sundays each month the first and third sundays. Another High Point minister. Rev. C. A. Lain was heard sunday night preaching at 7 15 of clock at the Pilgrim holiness Church in Kernersville occupying i the pulpit in the absence of the j pastor. Rev. C. A. Brown who i preached at i n Ion drove Baptist Church at the same hour. Mrs Fred Beeson who has been critically ill at her Home on the kernels Vale Oak Ridge Road for j several months is reported to be i dangerously ill. Prof. Ii. G. Easley of Burlington a Blind musician Sang during j a special service observing a membership Day at the local methodist protestant Church sunday morning at la of clock. The pastor. Rev. C. R. Way delivered a special Sermon on the theme a the glorious Church. Professor Beasley also Sang at the special service in Observance of Young Peoples Day at Pine Grove methodist protestant Church at 2 a to p. In. Large congregations attended each service. Look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. Of what is White Gold com Posen ? 2. What president was elected by a plurality instead of a majority j. What is the Galle y of a ship i. What is the latitude of the North pole 5. What is the largest stadium of All time answers 1. When 25 per cent of Platinum or 12 per cent of palladium is added to pure Gold White Gold is produced. 2. Lincoln. 3. The Kitchen. 4 ninety degrees. 5. The circus Maximus at Rome built in 605 b. �?T., and which at one time had a capacity of 385.000. British Fleet ready for Mediterranean trip London. Jan. 17�?�?the British Home Fleet assembled at Portland today for the annual Spring cruise that will take it into the Mediterranean to join the regular one hut it coincides with Maneu vers by the French Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets off the african coast. There is More than usual interest in the Maneu vers because of the italian French dispute entering about Mediterranean colonial prestige and because of the Spanish insurgent drive along the coast with some italian troops in the insurgent armies. The Home Fleet has been distributed around the British Isles especially in the North sea off Scotland since the czechoslovak War scare last september. Some of the ships Are leaving Portland today for Gibraltar. Others leave later Iii the week. They join the Mediterranean Fleet at Gibraltar next monday. Father of mrs. B. W. Smith Dies in Forsyth county Guilford county realty transfers High Point township general real estate company incorporated. To aloy Alua f Schaeffner. Tract i on English Street gov. Clyde Hoey to Graham k Hobbs commit Mon of world War Verter in a loan fund tract on Wescott Street Morehead township h b Breedlove and wife to o w. Marley and wife tract adjoining prop i erty of a. P Kraev. S h. Barber and wife to Wilbur Clayton Lloyd tract on North Cedar j Street. Wilbur Clayton Lloyd and wife to j 8. H. Barber and wife tract on North Cedar Street. R b Hall and wife to o. R Mathews and wife. Tract on Freeman Mui Road. I b Gresham or. And wife to Harry j h. Clendenin tract on Greene Street. Pilot life insurance company to Max e Sands and wife. Tract on Buchanan Street. Alfred w Edwards and wife to William v. Baker and wife. Tract in the w a Edwards subduction Gilmer township j. F Stevens trustee to Gate City building and loan association tract Ion Mcconnell Road Brice township j. P Mede Arta and wife to a c. Mete and Margaret met tract adjoining property of George Parrish. John h Wuagon and wife to a c. Met tract adjoining property of n w. Osburn. Fentress township Tabor Hudson and wife to a c. I Pugh and wife. Tract adjoining prop erty of Samuel swat Greene township c h. Lumens and wife to j. C. J Bowman tract adjoining property of a Mike Bowman. Jamestown township Harry h. Clendenin and wife to w. I f. Ross. Five tracts in Sedgefield. Charles g. Mackintosh s father Dies in Brookline Richard b. Mackintosh 73, Brookline mass. Father of Charles g Mackintosh of 1111 Greenway drive this City died of a heart attack at his Home yesterday it was Learned Here last night. Funeral services will he held wednesday at Brookline. Surviving or. Mackintosh Are his widow one son Charles g. Mackintosh of High Point one daughter mrs. K. S. Homer of Brookline mass., and two grandchildren Donald s. Mackintosh of High Point Aud Nancy macintosh Homer of Brookline. Uncle Hay the land of the turks Llu Rise of the ottoman Empire from time to time great masses of soldiers from Asia have pushed their Way Westward toward Europe. These soldiers most often have been mongols. One of their famous leaders in the Middle Ages was Genghis Khan. The huge a a empires a of the mongols did not last Long hut their conquests were important in one Way or another. Seven centuries ago the so called ottoman turks were driven from their Homeland in Central Asia. Fleeing before the mongols they entered Asia minor and settled there. The ottoman turks were named in Honor of one of their Early leaders a Man known As Osman or Othman. He might be called a the father of Turkey a but several other leaders also helped build up turkish Power. Tha ottoman turks were relatives of the seljuk turks who had moved Westward in the earlier Days and had won Persia. Palestine and parts of Asia minor. After the ottomans came they took away the Power of the seljuk and became the rulers of the turkish Empire. The Empire kept growing and growing. The ottoman turks conquered Syria and Egypt. They also obtained sections of Northwestern Africa. For a time their warships were the strongest on the Mediterranean sen. Even More important the turks started to invade Europe. They obtained a foothold near constantinople and years later attacked and captured that famous City. Then they spread their Power northward and Westward. Two and a half centuries ago the turks were beaten at the Gates of Vienna. They had won the countries which now Are known As Bulgaria Greece Rumania yugoslavs Albania and i Hungary Austria might have fallen into 1 their hands if an army led by a pole had not come to the Rescue of Vienna. That was the end of j the Westward March of the turks in Europe. In later years there were wars for Freedom in the Balkans also warfare with Russia. Piece after piece of the turkish Empire was taken away. At the outbreak of i the world War Turkey had Only grand Sale tomorrow 3,000 Yards new silk i Rayon and acetate dress fabrics about As much land in Europe As it has today which Isnit a great Deal. The old turkish Empire was ruled by sultans with no Power in the hands of the Plain people. In 1908, however a turkish parliament was opened and the people obtained a share of the Power k to make their country a Laws. For travel Section of your scrapbook if you wish a copy of the Leaf t a flying machine a just Send a self addressed 3 cent r stamped envelope. Addles to me l in care of this newspaper. If Uncle Ray. A tomorrow Mustafa Kemah 500 Salesman a samples of about i Yard in great variety weaves and colors. 39 in. Wide. Tomorrow piece. I a a. A a e a a a a a a a a i r i i i a a to Wear now. Us not i a a a a easily matched. To a a a a a a a a a 900 Yards Mill ends in the seasons newest fabrics Plains and Novelty weaves. Colors to i Yards. In Omorrow Vard 350 new dress lengths i1 Iii and Novelty weaves neat a a Arra of colors. Dress lengths 3 to i Yards. On Sale tomorrow Yard Salk main floor left aisle 29 c let urn ii Iii Iii Rackers a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a some of the following state a ments Are True. Some Are false. Wjk 1. An egress is an african Bird. R 2. A dudgeon is a prison cell. In 3. Henry Ford once drove Rte a a my autos. St i residents of l ister. Ireland. A Are known As orangemen a a 5. Buffalo Bui is buried pikes Peak in Colorado. Coming soon watch the Enterprise for the greatest White Sale High Point has Ever seen. Unusual Large assortments sheets oases towels spreads Fine household linens curtains dress fabrics in All the new weaves and colourings and All at savings that will Delight the Thrifty shopper. Watch for announcement _ a a n a a 3iarllee s of the leading Low priced cars i by Mouth is biggest 5 inches longer than one a inches longer than the other any Way you judge Plymouth is most for l w Price 1. Perfected Remote control shifting. 2. New Auto mesh transmission. 3. New Mola steel Coil Springs. 4. All Plymouth models hate the same big,82-H.P.�?~l-head�?T�?Tengine,giving full Power and Economy. 5. New a safety signal speedometer. 6. Time proven Hydraulic brakes. 7. New True steady steering. 8. Streamlined safely headlamps. Casy to own your present car will probably represent a Large proportion of Plymouth slow delivered the balance in Low monthly instalments. I Tam us c so father u Mii. B. W. Smith of this City. Died at his Home Winston Salem route 5, Wallburg Road at 11 50 o clock yesterday morning. Or. Hilton was born in Forsyth county january 12, 1883. Ile was married in 1905 to miss Mae Wilson who survives him. Other survivors Iii addition to mrs. Smith of High Point Are miss Gertrude Hilton of Winston Salem five Sones Carlton. Sam. Roy Bruce and a Lark All of Winston Salem five grandchildren Olin sister mrs. Katie sul of Indianapolis id. Funeral arrangements were not Complete this morning. Labor representative to assist in Campaign mrs. Sally Clinebell International representative of the United garment workers of America a f. Of Awill arrive in High Point this afternoon to assist in the organizing drive of the Central labor Union among overalls pants and shirt workers. Mrs. Clinebell will be the principal speaker at a special open meeting tonight for overalls pants and shirt workers at the labor Temple. The meeting will begin at 7 30 o clock la such workers Are invited to a tend. All Plymouth models both tile a Road King and the a rdc luxe a have completely rust proofed safety steel bodies. Go see them up would to i k Tokyo Jan. 17. A Ltd it Donie japanese news Agency said today Japan would like to make a Deal with the United states and great Britain on a open door principles in China in return for Trade and other concessions to strengthen Japan a International rotation. The United states Aud Britain would be informed soon of the japanese readiness to enter direct negotiations. Dome said there would he no conferences Only individual talks. This new Plymouth is not Only the biggest of the leading Low priced offers More qualify a More actual automobile value its the Only Low priced car with the marvelous Riding smoothness of Mola steel Coil Springs and floating Power engine mountings plus a big 82-H.P. A Al head engine that combines Power with Economy. You get a new driving a a feel with Plymouth a new True steady safety with time proven Hydraulic brakes. Take time today and see this big extra value Plymouth. Plymouth division of cur Psi. Or corporation Detroit Michigan. Tumi in Muon Bowes Amateur Nour. C. B. S. Network. Thursdays. A to to f. M., k. S. T. Coms swans Start at Start at is us Standard equipment Ltd no Udu luxe St no or Cost perfected Remote control shifting with Auto mesh transmission a delivered in Detroit including front and rear bumpers bumper guard Apar wheel tire and tube foot control for headlight beam with indicator on instrument panel aah tray in front and rear Tun Risor safety Glass Aud big trunk apace . It. Prices include All Federal Tate. Transportation and state local rates if any not included. Plymouth builds great cars be w Roa dring new a deluxe ii

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