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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 15, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. S. Government census 1923 22,279 High Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast partly Cloudy tonight slightly colder in extreme East portion saturday fair vol. 39�?no. 98 full associated press. High Point n. A Friday evening january 15, 1926 20 pages today Price five cents carols heard m Call Speaks of Smith claims he Bank True nature of application of the regional Federal Reserve Bank is considered she wont ride in an automobile l out of Richmond associated press at end of Leeice co operation is the spirit of j next january his term As the organization he tells governor of new York meeting both states appear advice As to service representatives of the Carolinas before the Federal Reserve Board business is boosted Groat Industrial and commercial change in Tho Carolinas Are stressed by tile states spokesmen Washington Jan. 15�? apr the application of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank for auth orly Ity to establish a Branch was be fore the Federal Reserve Board again today and arguments expected finally to conclude hearings on the question were presented by representatives of a dozen cities i in North Carolina and South Caro thirteen Hundred members make up the unique news gathering Agency comes to an end is puzzling followers whether his intention refers merely to state game is not known hews to truth line i presidential chances or. Mccall explains How the a. P. Serves the diversified interests of its Many members to keep All satisfied Chapel Hill Jan. 15�? apr cooperation or working together for the common Good is the principle upon which the associated press is based u. L. Mccall superintendent of the Southern division of the associated press declared Bere today. Or. Mccall spoke before the news paper Institute under the auspices his right to the democratic nomination has been increased by his Ite cent successes his friends believe ponzi has great what Fate awaits Florida acreage doctor who aided for an Experiment patients dope plans to come Back Iii the judge Henry a. Grady is will financial world by new ing to help restore Bow adventure Ling to practice $15 an acre is value it is up to Meekins Branch manager of the bos inspectors generally have tonian has been arrested been opposed to show for operations of mercy ponzi not discouraged i others received it mrs. James Parmelee prominent Washington society new York Jan. 15.�? apr finance barring horse drawn vehicles from certain reiteration by governor Smith of shown getting in Washington a Only surviving hansom Lina As to the necessity for the in-1 of the North Carolina press As Sti Sutlon i Socia tion and the University of today a hearings were in the a j North Carolina Extension division Ture of supplementary proceedings i a pm rement of journalism news As the Reserve Board heard the views j each of the t 30q member8 of the officials of the Richmond la Ink some months ago. In the previous hearing much of the argument again today was made in an Effort to prove that the business interests of the District would be better served if a Branch Bank were authorized. No decision by the Board a. Neared in immediate Prospect As Tho hearing got under Way and it organization superintendent Mccall declared and every one of the army of reporters a must feel that he has the responsibility of getting out the worlds news that he belongs to one great newspaper. A i have often been asked by persons who knew nothing of the As. Socia Ted press a where is it published a and it would be Well if was predicted that the Board would j members and their staffs could get indefinitely delay announcement of spirit of oneness that this query a conclusion on the Case. Suggests. Cooperation is the Princi the rapid Industrial and com a pee of Golden Rule applied to business in the modern world. It has Industrial and commercial development of North and 1 South Carolina was stressed by the t to speakers at the morning session Iwohn a. Law of Spartanburg s. C., and colonel Frank h. Fries of Winston Salem n. C., As the principal reason for establishment of the Branch Federal Reserve Bank in the Section. A each of Tho speakers gave detailed figures tending to. Show that great strides had been taken economically in both states but the it in complaint Aud far was that without adequate expansion of Section. Earn of the speakers a there necessarily would be created a dangerous Handicap to business. Or. Law a banker and owner of several Cotton Mills epitomized the situation As he saw it within the states in the statement that a Nie carolinian child has reached the stage in her development where she ought to set up housekeeping for herself.�?�. F. He added that it was natural and a proper that the Richmond Bank should keep a protecting As Well As guiding hand Over the proposed new banking household and that he thought it was desirable for connection Between the two institutions but a first let the District have the advantage of the Branch Bank which it so badly colonel Fries also a banker also suggested to the Board that there was now occurring a three Days delay in handling of checks As Well As expensive delays in the movement of currency. He said that the District because of the Large Cotton and tobacco interests was a Large user of foreign Exchange and Here again delay was encountered since the facilities of the Federal Reserve system were too far away. The proposed Branch would handle in the neighbourhood of $2,000,-�?T too too annually or. Law estimated. He declared that close proximity of a Reserve Branch therefore would result in a saving of important proportions to the business interests served. He asserted that by placing proper facilities at hand there would be a natural growth in the volume of business handled which would bring about higher earnings for the fifth Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond which cannot be contemplated. Mention was made by each of the speakers that the Federal Reserve system was self supporting and that the business interests seeking establishment of a new ranch in til Carolinas recognized that such expense As was entailed would be More than offset by the increased f earnings from a new Bank. Attention a ? called to the steadily increasing annual output of manufacturing in the two states and the argument was advanced that with a Reserve Branch nearer at hand to handle the business industries now planning to enter the Field would Lee encouraged to go through with their plans and thereby Aid in de ment of the Section. Taken 1900 yearn for us to find out that it is Good policy As Well As Good morals and Good ethics. A the founders of the associated press on this principle the Best ser announcements that he will retire to private life at the end of his present term next january has thrown a bomb Shell into state politics. What effect his decision will have on the National Campaign in 19 2� is a question receiving much attention by political followers. In Many quarters it is Felt that his chances for the democratic presidential nomination have been enhanced and that his announcement refers Only to state offices. Shortly after mayor Walker of new York had been elected chiefly through the vigorous support of the governor he made a tour of several Southern cities in which he pleaded for cooperation Between the Southern democracy and tammany Hall. Friends of the governor feel in line with this that he will be in a better position to accept invitations away from new York As a Privat citizen than As a Public officer tied Down by his duties. Democratic and Republican followers also Are Busy speculating on the effect his retirement will have on the fortunes of their respective parties in the next gubernatorial election. It is Felt that the governors announcement will silence suggestions Leader is up in arms Over amp recent Washington or streets including the Street she lives on. She is cab and declares that Law or no Law she is going to keep on using it. A Elf necessary Iti drive As near my destination As possible and walk the rest of the Way a she says. World court to reach vote soon advocate believe vote prevention very definitely shifted to the opposition it is his intention to continue to Market his land Linier his particular kind of realty contract License of or. Robertson was re stored to him by the medi Cal Hoard of the state after like incident Jacksonville. Fla., Jan. 15.�? apr Charles ponzi in-1 tends to continue to demonstrate Sruc u to Mountain youth who a shot up i by Selling $5-an-acre columbian i county land for $230 an acre town held in Gaston jail victim Alviti his Branch office Man r to it Quot of to to to j to i Aser a Boston on Blue sky Law of his escapade very tear death Raleigh. Jan. 15. A narcotic inspectors appearing in numbers so much larger than is their wont Ara his ability As a financial wizard j exciting local curiosity which has been wondering what the medical Board is going to do now that Federal judge Isaac m. Meekins and Superior court judge Henry a. Grady have recommended that the License of or. E. H. Bowling of Durham be restored. The inspectors have generally been against any clemency in or. Vice fur All big and Little would be i of pressing Charles Evans Hughes obtained. The inclination to get ahead of the other fellow is very Short sighted a it May work once hut it will be a Boomerang that will return to bring disaster another time to the one who follows it. A so i would say to All members of the associated press get the idea of using All the machinery and marvelous resources of the associated press into the very marrow of your editorial Bones and ways will suggest themselves for using these facilities that will help your paper As Well As others. Teach the Public men of your District in whatever profession they Are found How they can reach and Benefit the people by disseminating constructive news through your association. A explain to them How important it is to give out Advance information of their activities and abstracts of their Public utterances. Educate them in preparing these abstracts so that they will save the time of your editorial staff and also give wide distribution to the ideas they wish to broadcast. If there is an unusual situation in your news District any movement for the Public Good or any event that will make interesting Reading take advantage of the mail service and Tell it to the world. A thus you May be helping to bring about the millennium. These things help us All to get better acquainted and that is what we need to bring about world peace. If every part of the world could get better acquainted with every other part world peace would not be an impossible superintendent Mccall said that the associated press satisfied the diversified interests of its membership a by hewing always to the line of truth accuracy and impartiality by bringing in the news promptly and berlins decline to see French reporters into the breach to oppose him for governor. Or. Hughes had been considered most Able to combat the governors huge personal popularity. The spotlight so far As the next democratic candidate for governor is concerned has been thrown on George v. Mclaughlin who recently resigned As state banking commissioner to become police commissioner of new York City under mayor Walker. Others that loom As potential democratic candidates Are Franklin d. Roosevelt and Owen d. Young. In Republican circles the name of colonel Theodore Roosevelt Defeated by the governor in the last election plays a prominent part. Just what business governor Smith plans to enter is not disclosed. He was president of the United states trucking corporation before he accepted the governorship for the second time. A i left $200,000 in new York to com up Here and get $40,000,�?� he said yesterday referring to $10.-ooo a year As governor and $50,000 a year in the trucking business. E Stock j. T. Welborn discontinues connection with prominent furniture firm Washington Jan. 15.�? apr unless opponents of the world court Are Able to continue a barrage of oratory in the Senate they May be forced very soon to permit a vote on the Resolution proposing american adherence to the tribunal. Opposition forces led by chairman Borah of the foreign relations committee have been notified that upon them rests the Burden of continuing debate unless they Are willing to vote at once. Senator Lenroot Republican Wisconsin leading the fight for ratification. Issued the ultimatum and sought late yesterday to Force the Issue by insisting that the chamber remain in night session. Tho Challenge found the opponents ready after momentary uncertainty. After a Roll Call at senator Borah a request to determine if a quorum existed senator Blease Democrat South Carolina took the floor for a half hour attack on the court following which recess was taken until today. Concluding senator Blease said he was a a Good Soldier and obeyed and that he a might find it necessary to speak again on this chairman Bora la who earlier in the Day delivered his second argument against the court was expected to take the floor again. Senator Lenroot declared opponents of the ratification Resolution had been a very lenient and indicated that argument from that Side was nearly All in. Before a vote on the question can be taken however various reservations proposed must be disposed of and the court protocol read to the chamber in his speech yesterday chairman Borah declared the policy a now about to be adopted reversed a policy followed by the Republican party for forty years. This was disputed by senators Lenroot and Bingham Republican Connecticut Writh contentions that for More than Twenty years the party plat a form had favored creation of a world court. Gastonia Jan. 15.�? apr Jesse Yan Dyke 35 year old Butcher of Cherryville is held in Tho county jail Here without Bond As the result of his wild escapade last night in Cherryville when be shot officer Painter and seriously wounded another Man named Farnsworth. Pointe is in a serious coalition and Van Dyke will be held pending the condition of the wounded officer. Dyke claims that he knows about the whole affair that he was too drunk to know Liat he was doing. Violation charges. Ponzi is using As a base for his operations in Florida six tracts of land in Columbia county comprising a total of 1,000 acres. The Lane in question described in Ponzio a advertising As being a near Jacksonville is roughly speaking some 65 Miles West of Glt a last night he was found to be Here. It is what is commonly known drunk. Many thought last night As a a scrub Oak and Palmetto land. Victim of Young Van Dykes wild pistol is recovering from a wound in ids Abdomen. When the bold bad Man was arrested in the Home of his Mother in Law mrs. Lester Dellin that he had gone crazy. Local residents said this morning that Van Dyke had shown signs of craze before when he had taken several drinks. About 7 of clock last night the youth who is an sex Navy Man started Down South Mountain Street twirling a pistol in his hand. Every now and then he would tire i into a House in Tho air at the Cherryville n. Jan. 15. Ground and even at passing men apr Jesse Van Dyke who and women. But few passed after covered with thick growth of Palmetto Aud other weeds. At least one firm of Jacksonville realtors have land of the same Cal i Ibre in Columbia on Sale in ten acre tracts at $15 an acre. The processes by which ponzi financed his real estate operations and by which he made his land into a sub division Are simple. The subdividing work consisted of making plats of the property and driving Bowling s Case but judge Meekins who tried him twice in Federal court and judge Grady who heard the Appeal from the state Board were not impressed that or. Bowling was worse off in practice than the five others some of whom were charged with worse offences than. His. Judge Grady in hl3 most recent visit to Raleigh indicated his purpose to help in the restoration of or. Bowling a state License. When the physician came to Raleigh to surrender his narcotic rights to collector Grissom that official declined to accept the tender. Judge Meekins later let the Board know that he thought or. Bowling should have his right to practice renewed. Or. Bowling tendered his plea to threatened to a shoot up the town the word got around. Chief Painter issewho6 Herr last might and who caused the was called and when he came Tow who tight. I meet >4 bailed to convict. And residents along South Mountain Arri Van Dyke the youth turned Street to seek cover was arrested and shot him Down in his tracks. At la of clock lust night after he gave ills pistol to his wife. Chief of police a. L. Painter whom the Drunken youth shot last night before he could be arrested lies dangerously wounded this morning in the Lincolnton Hospital. Physicians fear for his recovery a Bullet having entered his forehead. Horace s. Harmsworth another no one dared go near the to Hor Man who was thought to be dead. The motionless body of the officer Laid on the Street while the shoot ing youth loitered around the place. When he wandered away a physician called an ambulance and re Surv the wounded policeman to a Lincolnton Hospital. Dyke is in the Gaston county jail. Half h. P. College City nurses kept fund is reported Busy during 1925 drive is to continue until All of $25,000 is definitely pledged annual report shows 2,846 persons were vaccinated during the past year Reynolds profits new Youk Jan. 15.�? apr net income of the r. J. Reynolds tobacco company for 19 25 was $25,221,579 after interest depreciation and Federal tax s equal after preferred dividends to $7.44 a share on the $60,000,000 combined common and class b Mon. This compares with �?T,716, or of Bine against fore .99 a share a is in 19 24 surplus was $39 $29,732.s14 the Cherbourg France Jan. 15. Map a a swarm of French English and american newspaper men boarded the Leviathan As she came into Cherbourg to interview Irving Berlin and Las Bride the former Ellin Mackay daughter of Clarence h. Mackay. The reporters were doomed to disappointment however As Captain Hartley informed them that the couple were in their Cabin and refused to be disturbed and would see no one. They would stay on the liner until she reached Southampton England. A they Are the most unobtrusive passengers we have had aboard in a Long time i Only saw them on deck a few times a the Captain volunteered. He refused an opinion As to whether their seclusion was voluntary or due to the elements although he admitted that the Leviathan had encountered a rough i passage especially for the last two 523, i Days the announcement made yesterday of the withdrawal of j. T. Welborn from his association with the Welborn furniture company and a slight change of management in that store will be of interest to people Here. Or. Welborn who for years has been connected with the furniture game has sold his Stock in the company but As yet has made no bodies of four found in mine at Farmington Fairmont w. Va., Jan. 15.�? apr the bodies of four miners including a father and his son have been located in the number eight mine of the Jamison Coal and Coke company at Farmington near Here which late last night was the High Point College drive which was put on yesterday netted a total of More than $12,000 which is considerably less than one half of the amount to be raised. The Teanis worked enthusiastically during the entire Day and Are still at work. The exact total could not be Learned but the chairman of the Campaign John Peacock feels certain that $18,000 will be listed before today ends. The drive is to continue for several Days and it is believed that loca1 citizens will put behind them this obligation which has been a sore spot with Many who dislike the idea of having a debt unpaid. Is Orth carolinian pair burned to death today in car is ear Macon a. Vaccinations were Given to 2,-84 6 persons during the year by miss Doris Crook miss Mabel Patten and miss Anna Saunders City nurses for the welfare Board of the City of High Point according to statistics for the past year recently compiled by that department. The report also shows that typhoid clinics were held at different Mills in the City. The City nurses Are also employed As nurses for the metropolitan life insurance company and made 2,016 visits during the year in the service of this company. Following is the Complete report for the year 1925 May find their lots. He to amp Kly. States there Are no on the property. The Atlantic coast line Railroad runs near this property although there is no station there. Ponzio a financial scheme so far has withstood the acid test Given by such agencies As the state chamber of Commerce the Jacksonville real estate Board City authorities and state and government investigators. His scheme apparently has solved temporarily the problem of embarking on real estate operations without capital. His first step was to Issue unit certificates of indebtedness at $10 each promising a 200 per cent dividend in two months time. He then acted As trustee for the Syndicate thus Farmed and As lie said purchased the Best land obtainable for the lest amount of Money. In a statement to the Public he said that his sub division including the Cost of the land subdividing advertising office rental and salaries Cost him $40 a i acre. Then the acreage was staked out in lots 25 by 50 each or 23 lots to the acre. These were offered to the Public at $10 each. Or a retail Price for the acre of $230. Then follows the matter of the 200 per cent dividend to the unit certificate holders. If the Cash is available and ponzi claims it was when the first dividend was paid recently the holders of the $10 unit certificate received $30 for each $10 certificate. They May if they wish accept three $10 lots in lieu of Cash. If there is no Cash ponzi provides that the certificate holders receive three $10 lots for each $10 certificate thus disposing of the dividend problem judge Meek est to believe that the Issue of Good Faith had been so Well met by the Durham doctor that a conviction would have been difficult. However the state Board restored the License of or. Robertson of Durham and put him of probation. It dealt differently with or. Bowling. The trial of causes in Durham for six months convinced judge Grady that the greater punishment Given or. Bowling was not justified and he said so. The petition in or. Bowling s behalf therefore has judge Grady s support. But the narcotic men Are Here and their presence is not understood. There is a fear that they Ara going to make it hard for their old Friend who after a mistrial came in tendered his plea and took a hard punishment which he would not have received in the court8. Broadus h. Glover of Nash who spent the Day in the City says the failure of the Whitakers Bank and the arrest of cashier d. B. Gaskill. While a Shock to the people will not materially affect the morale of the Community which for the first time in years has found itself financially Calm and contented. Or. Glover says the position of or. Gaskill in the Community was so High that the Public was poorly prepared for any such development As the failure us the Bank. Many persons who had Given their notes to the Bank and paid them Are now confronted with the fact that second payment May be necessary. The Bank had sent these notes to new York and other markets and after paying them Many of the makers have not received them can ponzi then further announced celled. This May work hardship adjust where the profit is made. Total Cost of land $40 per acre in partially wrecked by an explosion announcement of his plans for the j there Are still 34 men Unac count future. J de for in the mine. The store will continue to oper the condition of the bodies ate under the same name and Tho i badly burned but not mutilated led same policies of the past. It will be operated by the owners g. V. Stroupe w. M. Barker and j. A. Marsh. Include u. S. Treaty s Geneva switz., Jan. 15.�? apr the United states government has notified the league of in ton. Nations that it is willing to trans j unit to the league All or aties and j other International agreements contracted by the United states and 1 that it has no objection to their inclusion in the leagues treaties series. Minors and some of the rescuers to express the Hope that at least few of the men Are still alive. Two of the bodies found have not been identified. The others a. Those of w. E. Myers 53, and Bison Herbert Myers 27. Both of West Chester a town mar farm Macon a. Jan. 15.�? apr two persons identified As or. And mrs., j. Belcher of Leaksville n. C., were burned to death this morning three Miles from Macon on the Clinton Road when a Small roadster automobile in which they were travelling overturned and caught on fire. The car bore a North Carolina License tag carrying the number individual instruction in prenatal eluding All expenses net retail care 222. Value of the Twenty three $10 lots prenatal visits 210. On each acre $230. Visits to babies under two rears thus if there is no Cash for div-1 319 a a i i ends each certificate Holder gets tuberculosis j three lots. Four certificates at $10 bedside rare or demonstration i Fath taken care of by twelve of the Twenty three lots in each acre equalling the Cost of care or demonstration in Homes 216. Instructive Home visits 825. Examinations secured 147. Sanatorium treatment secured 39,251, issued in july. To worn by the Man showed t was manufactured by a Tai company in Baltimore my. Born the name j. Belcher. Snit it it ring and Only one Case tried in municipal court huge Home for Plages. London Jan. 15.�?the largest Only one Case was tried in Munei pal court this morning the docked being unusually Light. Probable cause was found on f. E. Creelman Home slightly damaged f. E. Creelman a Home. Main Street was slightly d shortly after noon today w roof caught from Sparks for Chimney. The Blaze was exed with chemicals. Damage estimated at $25 by fire offi obstetrical visits 1,629. General nursing visits 5,132 typhoid fever visits 87. Total cases during the year 2 �27 total number visits made 7,2 7 2. Typhoid clinics held of different Mills in the City. Numb r vaccinations give. A 2 s 16. The City nurses Are a played As nurses for the met Tan life insurance company visits made for the metro wore 2,01 6, the land and leaving eleven lots or the Cash equivalent thereof for Ponci s profit. Ponzi claims to have sold seven thousand lots during his Brief period of activity. Oin it Oli the Itanen the to the anguish a were rials. H. W. Spies accepting position in Atlanta on a he 4 French reporter asked Wyeth profit or or. Berlin had rendered any of ,154,29 3 his musical selections on the piano fear be a during the ships concerts. The Cap i Tain answered in the negative. Building in the British Empire is 0 be jnt5 charging Andrew mob to be erected at Karachi India. It will House the giant dirigible that England is about to construct for the inauguration of an Airship ser a vice Between London and India to Start late in 1927. Ley with forgery. In each Case he was held for Superior court under Bond of $500. The Case charging c. J. Swift with non support was continued until february i. World drama next Paris Jan. 15. A dramatists from every country in the world will attend a novel convention Here ext Spring. T French playwrights society has invited repress or Alives from the world to Exchange ideas and discuss royalties h. W spies who for some time has been publicity manager for the i Point amusement company of the City has announced that he is leaving High Point for Georgia where he will nested with the Faraoue and Paramount moving or queers. Or. Spas just it Nily married Atlanta be con it players picture Queen Olive of this City. Chateau Frontenac is destroyed by fire Quebec. Jan. 15. A i the old Eastern Wing of the picturesque hot a chateau Frontenac overlooking the St. Lawrence River s in ruins today destroyed by tire. Smoke and water did consider abl1 damage to other parts of the i i building. Five firemen were injured by falling Walls a and one i guest a travelling Man named Boyd i suffered part. Asphyxiation. None of a he other 300 guests of the i hotel v. Injury d. The Canadian j Pacific railway which owns thei hotel rushed 25 sleeping car to j Quebec to accommodate the Home j i less guests last night. The loss to the building is estimated at $2,- 0r 0,000. I the fire which started at 5 30 i p. Rn., raged for nearly five hours before it was finally brought under i control. Dional to the one now endured by the failure of this institution which had run about 20 years or. Glover says that for once the Blue sky artist a done no vis sible damage to the Community. The Bauk does no seem to have loaded up on this worthless paper As Many of the smaller institutions in the state had done earlier. District attorney Irvin b. Tucker has to Raleigh from Wilson where he attended Federal court this week at hich term Hibi tion violators to prison Haiti of violators to prison. A it was an Ideal term of court the Best that i have had since i became District lotto Rev a or. Tucker said a you ought to have heard judge Meekins hand it to e big ikes <1 Ava there. The one of defend Low a ence i took t nothing his a the a caught had it. To w s a up adding Fel Nan who had much Melq the com inuits. When he a Sta j and said he knew about the liquor found in in and Ltd her places about a judge Meek ins told him a posit it , i he Pat his liquor in the in cellar and w Hen it admitted that he would have sufficed ence stows that you r t Rith Fine a but this evidence were blockading and you Hae come in Here aul denied that you know anything about it. A a a when you to a jail the folks in your neighbourhood will talk about it but they get about the Little Nigger who goes so i am sending you to it jail for the full continued on Page 7 j

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